Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California on June 6, 1976 · Page 168
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Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California · Page 168

Santa Ana, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1976
Page 168
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BOOK REVIEWS Cancer Cure Breakthrough Needed By EMORY NORRIS THE CANCER BLACKOUT AMENDED. By Nat Morris Regent House. Los Angeles 199 Pages $2 95 On Page 186 of his 200 year history of hard hitting attempts by the medical profession to bat down any endeavor to introduce a possible cure for cancer. Morris gives his reason why efforts to change the status quo are resisted. •‘Surgery." he emphasizes, "is the ideal treatment for cancer — from the standpoint of the surgeon.” In other words, it is the most lucrative approach Is there any other? Henry K Wachtel. a New York City M D. who ran into a buzzsaw of opposition for his endeavor to link cancer with the endocrine sys tem, apparently did not believe so He accused his enemies of belonging to the international drug cartel Wachtel contended that the same Mammon who lures the surgeons seduces the members of the cartel. Morris' theme of opposition because of possible financial loss to the establish ment is repeated time and again As another example he cites the fate of Dr. William F. Koch, who sought to fight the disease by injections of Glyoxylide Koch's alleged nemesis was a large pharmaceutical firm. Aiding the surgeons and the drug combines. Morris states, are the medical societies and government agencies. These forces do their utmost to reinforce the concept that surgery. X rays and the drugs already on the market are the l ***************** ‘Screwtape Companion Enjoyable W ork Bv STEWART ROBB SUREWTAPE WRITES AGAIN, by W alter Martin. Vision House Publishers. Santa Ana. California. $4 95. This slim little book by one of our best Biblicists packs a wallop An addition to the original Screwtape Letters by Chris tian apologist C. S. Lewis, it is a worthy companion of the earlier book and any one with a library of Christian literature should include this wise, witty and in depth sequel. C S. Lewis does not object As before, devil Screwtape (sounds like Watergate!) is writing to his nephew Wormwood, giving this earth roaming ugly one advice on how best to seduce Christians hellward An entirely negative theme, one might criticize; but no. what emerges is something very positive, the cast or pattern of a true believer, It has been said that the New Morality is nothing but the Old Immor ality. Well, this entertaining sermonette in reverse is the Old Morality in 20th century garb, evincing once more the superb soundness and everlasting truth in the old tried and faithful teachings in the best of all Books. There is humor and wit in this work. In one amusing section Screwtape becomes so annoyed at hearing a slanderous report from Wormwood that his Satanic majesty is an ego maniac that he is unable to finish his letter. It a devil is annoyed at someone he curses him with "Go to Heaven’” Epigrammatic comments are amusing; "What he (the Christian) must not uncover is the truth that it is better for him to spend a little time in church with some of the hypoc rites than eternity in our Father’s house with all of them’” Within this framework of orthodoxy Reverend Walter Martin's often original thought ranges freely over a host of topics. All actions and inactions are important. Each tends hellward or heavenward. Even procrastination slides dow-nward on that gentle slant And even right thoughts and actions improperly balanced or emphasized are wrong thoughts and actions, for the real Christian is a man of balance And there is an excellent section on the balance between faith and works. At last an orthodox Christian talks sanely on this subject. The number of topics covered in this 150 page book is surprising. I am reminded of a statement by a religious writer: "Be of good cheer, the warfare with one's self is grand; it gives one plenty of employment." My own theology differs some from that’ of Walter Martin, but scarcely in thfe areas covered in this book. I could recommend its perusal to anyone of any Christian sect or denomination — and of course to non-believers as well. A couple of differences the author seems to slight the importance of environment in shaping right and wrong character. Yes. despite the most misera ble circumstances decency and goodness can flourish in certain individuals. But take this hypothetical case, which nonetheless could be a reality. A Jewish infant is left at the doorstep of a fanatical German Nazi family, and they bring him up, unknowing of his origin When of age he will heil and gousestep with the worst of them The author is harsh on Houdini, who becomes a tasty morsel for hungry devils, and although as a psychic researcher 1 have found the evidence for a Hereafter to be simply overwhelming (— and some of it mediumistic evidence) _ i cannot be too hard on that wonderful magician who, unknown to most people, did believe in a life after death. The unpleasant thing about him was that he was after publicity fie was once caught m the act of trying to frame a medium Peace be to his ashes. The secure orthodoxy of Walter Martin shines at its brightest in his literal interpretation acceptance of that most wonderful of all the world s prophecies • The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.” Screwtape writes to his sub verting nephew; "Your patient must never, never learn under any circums tances that death is not the friend of man but his enemy — in fact, the last enemy to be destroyed — and that the Enemy did not place His church on earth in order to suffer martyrdom or to long for death but rather to proclaim His message and resist us. The grand illusion is to convince our patients that death is a natural friend of man. a fact that agitates the Enemy no end The Enemy’s Training Manual goes to great lengths to point out that His loves "casts out fear” and that death itself will inevitably be swallowed up by life in His projected victory over our Father below.” Verily a warm hearted Testament by a happy warrior! One reason 1 was attracted to Screw­ tape Writes Again, by Walter Martin, was because I knew’ C. S. Lewis, author of the original religious classic, The Screwtape Letters. In fact I knew him years before he produced his slim masterpiece, having elected to take a course under him while at Oxford. 1 had been sent to the University from the University of Manitoba on an 1.0 D.E. scholarship — "Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire,” British equivalent of the D.A.R. and after one session under him — a class devoted to the Medieval writers referred to by Chaucer, decided that his course was a must. As a teacher Lewis was a genius. best ways to treat anybody diagnosed as having cancer. And what of the patients and their many forms of cancer? The patients, for the most part, die, and cancer remains the great unknown while money con tinues to flow to those whose philosophy is "soak 'em for all they're worth Amounts of money involved are astronomical In addition to the take by the surgeons, pharmaceutical companies and X-ray practitioners, some 160 million a year is spent for cancer research. And to what avail? Besides the failure to find a cure, there has not yet been found. Morris says, "a single reliable method of detecting cancer . . . except the Papanicolau test.” However, Morris ends on a hopeful note The public, he reveals, may be about to join forces against the en trenched opponents and demand an end to the obfuscation, chicanery, character assassination and downright skuldug gery that have kept the facts about cancers and their possible cures from being known. 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