The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 5, 1897 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1897
Page 3
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- •«.:• »-., i '''" ' * " "' MM ALGONA tOWA. WEDNESDAY. MAYA M* totttlon l^ne first child of t people always have small n did coat is usually found Upon an whisky costs more than a '"*"bo a lira for a da y would spoil L sheep forever. Ittbltt are the ruts worn In a road fc'hitbally traveled. The secret of a secret Is to know how M When toJcjHt. i *,.. »bove class of scientists „_..._ I %Ao repeatedly borne testimony to tho I'Sf Wfostetter's Stomach Bitters us ' ffl f.$edr and preventive of fever and TrbeumatiMii, want of vigor, liver .,,6. rheuma ^^ ttilmetlts ati ,i in . i'tions of the system. Experience . A n ,* e ,-Sn haVe tnttgnt thefri its value. l"" 10 ^ echo the verdict long since Wort hv the public mid the press. Only i .^iisniBlitecl no ware ignorant ot Atner[SK tonic aiKlalterative. Recognition. i first trninp-Dese railroad monopolists I Jmw to be Rrabbm' everything;. •*£5md trwnp-Dori't be too hard on' em, nlner Ueru freight trams saves us lots | „{ \valliiug. The Idenl Lliie. Tho members ot the Baptist Young Peo „,!', Union who contemplate attending a *lonBlmeeting of that body in July, nrinmlud.thatthoreisno better lino from the Knst, North or -, than tho Popular ,t>ig I-our i Cincinatti or Louisville. All ,..,,,<r,, ,,assen«or trains on this lino are Sule'd eq,,ippo«l with Buffet Sleeper*, •mining Cars on day trams. At i direct connection is made in tho jt with tho Queen & Crescent E&K'z^'trs.s I will) the Southern Railway and the Louis- vI e ft Nashville, via Mammoth Cave and LXoslivilie, allowing stop-over at both theso n'be'fnre from Chicago will bo extremely I low- For rates, timo card, etc., address J. I? Tucker. O. N. A., or H. W. Sparks, T. P. |i'., JIM Clark St., Chicago^ •riiore may bo religion in^art, but there is I no art in re'%ion.^ Sim It o Into Your Shoes I Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the foot, lit cures painful, swollen, snmrtniK feet and I instantly tabes the sting out of corns and I bunions, it is tlu) greatest comfort chs- I"overv of the age. I Allen'*Foot-EaBe makes ItiElit-fHtitig or new tdioes feel easy. It is |.R. 0 rtftin cure for sweating, callous and I not, tirod aching foot. Try it to-day, hold Iny nil druggists nntl Khoe istoros. By mail |for 25e in stumps. Trial package *il^1 Address Allen B. Olmsto^d._,L 1 ^Kov, N. Y. • Tbo principal damage to the battleship I Oregon scents to be iu her treasury depart- Itiicnt. <• A Unrwiti of InroCiuaMon. A busy man Wanting some in forma- Joli concefning tt special taHroad train which was to leave Now York next day iried the telephone. When ho looked !or the railroad station in the hook he :ound only otic number. This. h.e callttl .ip and, finding the line worked Well snd that he could hear and be hcafil iistinctly, he said: "C!ah you tell me at what timo tho special train on which tho general man- tger is to convey Mr. So and So and )thor guests over the road ns far af. 3 will leave the station to-mor- :o\v?" The answer came buck very dear rind listlnct: We can't tell you anything about it This is the bureau of information." xchange. Ko i .._.. . Traveling in a second class carriage a gentleman had n, little misunderstanding with a lady, the only occupant besides himself, with reference In the opening of :i Window. "You don't appear to know tho difference between the second and third class," said the lady, cuttingly. "Oh, madam," replied he, "I am an old railway traveler; 1 know the claan distinction. In the first class the passengers behave rudely to the guards?; In tho third clatm the guards behave rudely to the passengers; in the second"— with a bow to his fellow passenger—"Tho passengers behave rudely to each other."—.Tit-Bits. In Trade. Mrs. A. Quit—"So yon cleaved that poor M. Liftem from tho charge of stealing that turkey? Well, I'm glad of it, but he's such a worthless character thut I don't believe you *,vill ever ?et a cent for your pay." A. Quit (the. famous criminal lawyer) —"I may not, but I've got u blamed ?ocd turkey out in the woodshed."— Truth. Tommy— i !s woman? Papa— Woman is no part ot speech nt all, my son. She is tho whole of It —Leslie's Popular Monthly* FLOTSAM AND JETSAM.: There tire nearly 30,000 trees on A Ix hundrcd-ucvo crab applo farm, said ;o be tho InrgcRt in Iho world, near ..cavenworlh, ICas. An Auburn (Me.) man has devised >. cook stovo cm trucks itutl has laid n Lraclt on which to move It between tho itiiiimcr i-uti.1 winter kitchen. A few years ago Alfred V. Cftlvart, !he inininf; king of Went Australia,' re- itiHcd ?5.00(),000 for his mines. Tho ither day ho sold the snmc mines for AN GRANT tHE HERO. Magnificent Trllmte to Mm iremrtry of tlit Dcftrt < Ni'.w Yotiir. April is.—Tho imposing majestic mausoleum in which the ' of Gen. IT. H. Orniit will her.o- aflcr rest were dedicated yesterday. The ocrcuionics were ppeoinpanicd l>y the greatest land and xv.-ite.r parade in the country's history. It is estimated that fully half a, million strangers were in the city lo witness tlio dedication. The republic was represented by its chief executive, tho members »of his cabinet nud the representatives of the people in the senate and house, of representatives. Kvory foreign country joined tho solemn ceremonial, thVotig-h its accredited ambassadors or ministers in Washington; or where such representative was Inciting at the capUa-l, as wiys tlio case with Oroeeo. through its consul general in this city: while in addition England, nearly ovory JSuropenn country* 'China and Japan were represented by warsliips dispatched to these waters for the occasion. Twenty states, more or less, v.-ero represented through their governors, and confederate veterans, who were among the httrdent fighters against the forces of Grant during' the war, •marched shoulder to shoulder with tho boys tha.t wore tlio blue. H was such a demonstration as tho new world lias ucvcr seen before and possibly will never sec tieain. An address was made by President MeKinley and the funeral oration WHS delivered by Gen. Horace Porter. Mayor Strong, in a short address, nccepted the monument ill tho name of New York. A WOIAN^ BODf,' Wii&t Ita jevegiect Leads td. S4ra i . A woman's tyxly is Hie retailor/of I tnoat delicate mechanism in tlio Wiiuix j~g ! t-ealnl of creation* and yet indst WtaftbVr,^ ! will let it get out of order and IteBJ) tfdltH '' order, .lust;{; if Jt xvei'e oi ho <s»isemi&iiee. Their backs &<Vho and heads thtmi Sfta burn; they have Pandering pains, lioW liefe, now there. They experience cJttrcme that doii't-caro and want-to-toe-left-alohd excitability, irritability, nervotisiicss, steeple*** ness and the blues, yet they will gd at)mit l tn6H i Work until they can scdreeiy Bland on their* pot* i swollen feet, and do nothing to help themselves. •These Ate the positive forerunners of (serious Woml) complications, and Wttlesa jfiven immediate attention will result in untold inisefy, if not deafchi Lydia 15; Pinkhanvs Vegetable Conipoutid will, beyond the question of & doubt, relievo all this trouble before H, becomes setiotis, aiid it lias cttrea The Compound should be taken immediately upon tho appcat-anco t»" any ol these symptoms above enumerated. It is a, vegetable tonic which invigorates' and stimulates the entire female organism, and %vill ^produce the same toe»e«- ilcial results in the case of any sick woman as it did with M&s. GiiAS. KiNd, 181& Rosewood St., Philadelphia. Pa... whose letter wo attach: " I write theso few lines, thanking you for restoring iny health. I or twelve years I suffered with pains impossible to describe. I had bearing-down feelings, backache, burning sensation in iny stomach, chills, hcndache, and always had black specks before my eyes. I was afraid to stay alone, for 1 sometimes had four and live fainting spots a day. I had several doctors and tried many patent medicines iTwo years ago I was so bad that lhad to go to bed and have a trained nurse. Through her, 1 Commenced to take Lydia E. Piuklmm'a Vegetable Compound, and I never had anything give me tho relief that it has. I have taken eight bottles, and am now enjoying tho best of health again. I can truthfully say it has cured ine." ., .... Sensitive. __ _____ Piso's Cure for Consumption is our only ito for |Beltz,4a'.)Bth e or o Imeiliciito for coughs, and coldti.— Mrs. O. h avc.. Denver. CoU Nov. b,M)o. . Tho ruilroud ami gold mining shaves Imvo fallen in tho London market. siuco F18115 05 per cent, tlio total loss being ?>1UU,- I 0)0,000. , KOK HUNT::'. improved farms, tO. S» nnrt KO acres for'-!, of crop, also ;WO iiuros «if now |an<J will Hi vu crop Tor m-oulilnc. J'linrt In \\ooaijuij I raimly, town. ,1. .Mtilhiill, WauUojtun. 111. The new mavor of Detroit 1ms begun his I official career 'by lopping iS.500 from tlio j expellees of liis own office. (HilTAK AT~HJM!IIT, iin.V ana van play I (luiikhcrfK A. B. U. Alotliocl of Cliorrts fciil. posi- mlil fur M)c. .1. U. Boll. MiisiolJt'iilor. Kan. t.ity.Mo. . No woman over ronll'y thinks she is homely and no man ever really believes lie is tint. ^ 'TO CUKE A COI..U IK CKi'E DAY. TilUn Laxative 13romo Q'uinhw Tablets. Al. Druggists refund tho money If ii latin U> oure. 2oc Tlio nvernge nmn's idea of luxury IH to own u house with a billinrd table m 'he I basement. .__; Uo-To-HiU! for Fifty Cont«. . . (Jr.iiViiiilci'd tol'iirao habit, euro, nuikos wo... ilioif, blood pure. Mlu, St. All ilruitgist*.. I • Christian science may be (til rieht for dyspepsia, but the believer in it generally J studs tor a regular physician wnoii lio Has I ft carbuncle. | The present kin?' of Groove, Ueorge 1, camo to the throne'in 13133, nt tho agn of 1 (. "Do you think it would hurt Maud's reelings if I should speak about your breaking off the engagement?" "Ob, yes. Wait, until she becomes y.igaged again."—Truth. MKllffl The papers'arc foil of deaths from Heart Failure Of course the heart fails to act when a man 4ies, •but '* Heart Failure/' 'Co caU?d( nine times out of ten is caused by V)«c Acid to the blood wJ4cU the Kidneys fall to remove^ and which corrodes the heart until it becomes unable to perform its functions, '.. Health Officeni »Q many cities very . properly ?efu» to accept w Heart Failure," as a cause of death, It p frequently a sign of ignorance in the physician, or may be given to cover up the real cause. . .- :• ' • C • A Medicine with 20 Years of , , Success behind it , , will remove the poisonous Uric Acid by putting ths Kidneys in a healthy condition so thafc v t&ey will paturally eliminate M« An Ill-TImetl .Jest. The man with a florid complexion on :tis nose was evidently in an irritable mood. "Not on your life!" ho exclaimed, im- •ip.tuously. "Oh, of course, sir!" answered the mavo'insurance agent; "not on mine, : nit on yours!" Tho rest, of the conversation amV •iort" especially that part where the in- utraru'c man hit the sidewalk by mean!; if his left ear, was too painful to dwell ipon.—Baltimore News. ;it Was 11 Dojtert. A. mother was assisting her little ay with his geography when they amo to the word "desert." which ho ould not understand. His mother ex- lainod it was a barren place—a place vhere nothing could grow. Tho boy's aco brightened up at her words, and, oellng sure that he had solved the difficulty, she asked him to explain tho nuanlng and the prompt answer came: •My father's bald head!"—Scottish \M ghts. Compolloil to EconoinUc. Mrs Hicks—"I seo that there iegolns be'au auction of tlie AVcntwortha' furniture to-day. . bon't you think I had better go and seo if 1 can pick a (able for the parlor? You know we •aid last night we needed one. Mr Hicks-"YCS.SO we do.but I guow l-ou mul better go and get one at the 5 Times are pretty hard just and we really can't afford to pay auction prices.»-0omorvlUo Journal. >'o Criterion for KcntnrUy. The' Gentleman from Kentucky^Is this a good article of writing pa- Krom thu HcrnUI, Snuk Centre, Wlnn. Tlio following communication was recently reciitvnd by the nmutifiic.ttirorK ol Dr. Williams' 1'in'k Pills for'Vale People: "Dr. Willimns' Medicine Company. "J w(i3 born in Ournmuy und am thirty sovcn voai'B old. IHvowlth my husband on :i farm. For ton years 1 suffered with li'iicorrlHHM HO that I was u burden to my friends and myself also. I hud tried u. I'Ti'Ht muny doctors and different kinds ot mediciuo without securing any benefits. My condition had become fio tloplorublo that I Imd alinoHt given up hope of recovery, ono dtiy luuw in tho Souk Oontro Horiild an advertisement of Dr. AVilliums' Pink Pills,.and :w 'a drowning person catches at 'u straw, 1 KO 1 Ki'aspwl: this cUaucO't\nd-.pur- i-liivsed from Hanson & Emcrfion a box o£ Hnk Pills. .1 oominonced taking them in March. 1SUG, and after taking one box .1 I'olt BO much improved thut I bought more. 11 \ftor takiuK them for n time I found to my" surprise that 1 was entirely curort. 15ver since (hen I havo bonn as strong nnil \voll as 1 over was, and am able to do tuc arduous duties which full to tlio lot of 11 farincr'B wife without fueling tlio least lutigue or inconvenience. ;i l hope this will bo tho menus of placing your wonderful pills in the luinda of. sonio sinter HiitVerer, who umy rejoice with mo. I am satistlod thut no woman need nuller tis 1 did, when fiitoh an oflicicnt remedy is no cloKis at. hand." (Sienod) ISfits. H. STKNEIISAOKIJ. Hubsnribetl before mo this 1'Jtu duy of HocembBr, 1801). ... ... Cn\'.<. P. HKUUIY, Notary Public, ' ilinnesotit. . Dr Williams' Pink Pilln contain, in a condenspd form, all the elements necessary to givo new life and richnoKH to tho Wood and reHtore shattered nerves, fhcy are r.lsoa BpecWIc for troubles peculiar to ic- -.imlcti. unch as suppressions, u'roKulnritics and all forms of weakness. Tboy build up the blood, and restore th« glow of health to n-vlo and sallow cheeks. In men they cn.ect )i radical cure in all cases arising from mental worry, overwork or oxoetises ot whatever nature. Pink Pills arc sold in BLOCKS THE PATH. Stopn Great Urltalti Sny» the Triuisvuiil tlio March of l*roR;ross. London, April 30.—Three batteries of field artillery have been ordered to ombark for South Africa within a fortnight. Great Britain's last requnct or de- Sumi'ty. Dobson—AVhnt has ItnsKla to do with this Crete (luestiou. anyway{ Blobson—She'H egging Greece on to opt o^c the powers. Dobson—Then whoro does Turkey come Blobson—She furnishes the eggs. isot, Mkiily To. Ho--!! 1 should steal a. kiss would you miss it; ., Who—No: I wouldnt miss n kiss for the world, Ooorge- ^^ oe car- and can judge from the water marks." The l Contuckian--'<Watermark, sub No «uh! Show me something -uh "-Cleveland Plain Poaier. -1 uent u dollar last week," said the Thing- "»n <"»wcv to tliat ftdv , e! " ua ,Jnt offering a method of saving one-bait my gna bills. in a scrcp bool:."- Culver. wimtovci iin-ui***'. - - —•- •- --boxes (never in looso bulk) ut fill cents a box or Bis boxes for aS.flO, and luav bo hod ot nil drnggistK, or direct by mail from Di. Williams'' Modidno Comyany, Bchcnoc- 1,-idy. N. Y. MOUNTAINS OF COLORADO. Whom Are Vou (JoliiB This Suinuior? Now that summer is hero, and warm weather is near at hand, the great, number of people who have acquired the habit of spending the "hot spell" in some cooler place than home, are beginning to plan as to where they will *o It has been demonstrated that people living In high altitudes should 20 to the seashore, and people living in low altitudes should go to tho mountains' and "the mountains" has come to moan Colorado, because there is found more In the way of recreation ivnd pleasure than In any other, locality. It would fill much space to name tlio many places which possess attractions, but any of tho many points on tho Denver & Rio Grande railway will bo ou ndpleasing to tourists. Trout fishing is probably the inost enjoyable stiort to be pursued, because it can be had with loss trouble, annoyance and expense than any other, but the sport*, man who is willing to undertake> tho extra hardships of going after beta, deer, elk and other wild an mala that abound, can satisfy his ambition to tho fullest extent. Those who prefer lest, aborious amusement for tho summer, as a visit, at the springs, resorts, etc.. •can be equally well pleaded at the numerous places of the kind. For Those who wish to unite business with is open the opportunity of g or Invosting in Colorado mines, and in lute direction no place promi es such flattering returns. Tho 1 interests, while having already enormous wealth, are only in their infancy, and every day shows the aiflcovery or rich values never before minripcted and U.-}H'jfc#.c0intng..pyo>'er->.. S'uu!t^"tclud e rfoot'';;striko S it" as frequently as the pract. cal m nor. The latter looks only tor tho particular rock tb at ho knows -twa-fruit, while the former tests everything Ua finds and often discovers the mineral Uero the "old timer" has run over it. You will make no mistake In goUig to Colorado for your PRESIDENT KRUGBR. mand o"I the Transvaal was the repeat of ths Transvaal immigration law, which demand President Kruger refused. The Birmingham Post, the organ of Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state for the •colonies, in an angry article commenting upon the dispatches, refers to the Transvaal government as shuffling in a position from which it must he ejected by force. llon'l Tolmno Spit mill Smnkejonr life Away. To iittit tobacco easily and forever, be magnetic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No- To-Bnc, tho Wonder- worker tliat makes weak i nen sti oiic. All druggets, BUe or *l. Cure Kttnrauteeu. Booklet uuil immple free; nan - tSterliiiR Kemedy Co.. Chicago or Now York. A few women have.fierveil an letter riers in Kn'pland for several'years Imvo given general satisfaction. A puckago'o'rFKiuiVJANA. tlio best kiduov cure on earth, suut VKEK to any sufferer it written for promutly. reruvinna Remedy Co.. liSIl Fifth St., Cmcluatti, Ohio. Sow Orleansls situated .100 milos nbove the mouth of tlio Mississippi. Plro. Wliislowu Mootl»i«»S Byt'tip .inuiloiv';\llii'.vsi"iln, I'lima vlml uolli-. •.•:>ootit»ttljutll« There IK one Unit? about a crop of wild oulK—it uurvehtsi Itselt. _ Hecciuim'B Camphor Ico with - -„ 'ruii'urhmiiii'U Iliiinlunnil Fai-i;. Tonrter or Koiu t'cct, ClillblnliiH, J'llcn, *i-. (.'. O. Clark Co^Xuw Huven, Cl. Schrader. tho "divliio hcnler," is in a dime luuKoum in Allejf.hauy^rouu. PITS I'oriiianciit.l.vCiiTO< tirst diiv's 11*0 «.f Dr. Klino'B Omit Nui-vo Restimir. SCMII! forPUKK 8'i.OO trial . I "", l , 11 °. 1l "i' l1 'I'',", 111 ,?.';' 1)11. K. H. liLlxci J.ta..tiai Arcli bt,., l'liilinlcl))lnu, 1 n. It the nooiflimi only Insle.l a few days UniR-ui'. Noah's wife would probably insisted on honsocloiming. You'll feel better— J look better— woik better— ride a Columbia- you'll be proud of I your wheel, its the! best. Columbia Bioplesj Standard of tho World. 5(00 To ALL ALIKE. Next Best, ss, $sa>> $4^ POPE MF6, GO,, Hartford, Conn. ' Cualoguc free from any Columbia uxalei; by mail! | (or one a-ccht stamp.. l "?? Jf« nl ft * 11 utml bii'Uliim 1 , .-rffb Hd'l|)isun oi Ihu Vnmiiwm) B I » I i'iii«nliil«n<l Intel minimal . _ tr Kjiinslllo-i, to ui) hclit ao 854 n NMhvlllo, Tei-n.,.M.tyJ»i'«» ' Oi'l. Mill, Ilia 'NntUnial i rvi.nt of 1HH7. can I") ublaliu il l.y Hall's CtitarrH Cure IB a constitutioiiiil'ciire. Price, Tuc. Probably the roascnr why babies learn to talk sooner is because they 1200 Buohels I r'iil i vlanlc.1 ii'al<'slt»iid lo wan don't tli ink TV/0 KILLED; FIVE INJURED. tittiittwlia Viillny Kawn.lH Wrecktul l.y Jtollcv JixpLoBlon. Plttsburg, April 29.-A boiler explosion at Alderman's sawmill in tho ICanawha Valley, West Virginia, last night killed two men and seriously injured live more. The killed arc; PERRY DBAVKRS. GEORGE CON LEY, Injured; 3. W. Hickman. Thomas Hickman. William Balton. Vinton Alderman. John McCauley. Tho three tlrst named will probably ale. The mill was badly wrecked and the loss will be heavy. the \vomou ure.guying thorn. JOHN A. ;;iliicnt.« Your ( IIIH'V Ciillinrllc. II r. i'. c. lull. ili-u I!o\v«l« With I'liru t(iii»tll»attini i-'Kihth rudinil iimn t'oruvor. lllil. Inidurstiuidu:,; » \voniuii ifi easy pured to knowing wliothor itis timo tlio furnace go out yot. to lot o.. 2t> )lio:vrt»nv.;\'o\v VdrU SV. N. U. 'OssMoJnes. When Aiisweriii: No. j\ilvci'tlsouiciHH Kiuilly .Mention This Piunir. ^iivvA^wwvwvwvw'y^v^^ THE MAIN MUSCULAR SUPPORTS OF THE BODY WEAKEN AND LET GO UNDER OF7 LUMBAGO. TO RESTORE, STRENGTHEN, AND STRAIGHTEN UP, USE •you we ctorgea vltb assault anil gald the magistrate. >Vomon In Convcnllnn. Chicago, April 30 — Wandel hall was a -mass."of color Wednpsaay afternoon. From stage to gallery it was crowded with brightly dressed women who hart florae as visitors to tho fourth annual convention of tho Woman's Catholic Order of Foresters, Tho delegates number 150, and represent eight states. Tho convention will last three clays. It is uxpected that the. constitution of tho society will be revised in several points where it conflicts with the state ir-- surance laws. The reports submitted yesterday afternoon showed the society to have a membership of nearly 9,000 and to bo on a satisfactory financial basis. _ _._ Urge* » Spuody Cowforoncp, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 1 ,-Commis- ex• S P Whson, of tho Cincinnati Freight bureau, has received a from Martin A, Knapp, o« *e state commerce commission, ing "MB ooperatlon in a movement to bring about » speecly Jolwt conference between business men, railway man, aeers and inenibors of the interstate commerca commisgion to m alee a complete revision of the interstate com, merco law and recommend the of tUe same by congress. IT WON'T RUB OFF. Wall Paper is Unsanitary. KA^SOMIWR IS , II'QXS, ,B ! tj J < J ^i 2 For Sale by Palnt.PcalCTS f ATInt Cird Bhowlne J9 desirable tinta, also letter inter-' WhcolSaw -your advertisefflent I thought that it was probably like the yew ever made for it« This is the condensed essenw Camey» d Washington Court Hoys?, Q f? • v Many ft siUy~woawio Ufts boeu able to lead H wise uw» at'oundl by tho_nojie. \vlll uoyei fl* '" igyjos?iWo IP \\lio aro injured Vy the »so of coneo. lleoeutly tl»e''0 h a § ^WQ placed, i» ail * stores » wow prepanitwu " ol pure grains, VUVIP ittt^D tho pla 0 ^ of soffep, Tin i«ost d4icato »^vW»j ?S«» *S5IS'.* j* *<»*?&,%*!'. ra$. AS much, for April 28.—A dispatch re' celved at one of the embassies here from Athens says that King George of Greece way at any moment he deposed PV aseasgjRated, and that the mob Is Ufcoly te take possession of the city. The dispatch adds that ttt,e worst ^ feared. want wiU «*st v nioiw uwt's aft glad you paid the

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