The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 28, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1897
Page 7
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•;•<:*: v »."r '—-••' r.- >->"•."•* ' "• ^ _ ' -«, . * ^^*a*s J a y n >v ^.".!'•.•',-& JPHSR MM'MOIMM; At/rr**»*»* im-^iiOT II \tnmii\mimmmmmammim residence, The tines, his ftEWSHRUBTHAT IS ARfeMECV* . Snfre Cure to? Kttltiey Disuses ftntl Llfld has corn- Cental tnuslc for the ... ue Alchemist," which is t nig week in Birmingham, 5101- General William L. been selected tti deliver oration next Juno Will be read L, Harvard, '60. of the appreciation hi was given by the fcf.^ e ,ilu« f reeeftt B8i y£ e rby, by gi r T. Laurence the picture was sold for $395 osecfans, now retire L'-i m' California at the age of 78 T B Thus concerningthe arbiti-atioi fl »I hall as the rainbow o e the noble Inspiration of arbi frttlon In' Place of war." Te old Washington Hall in Dur il which is supposed by some t R £n the seat of George Wash I Ton's ancestors, has been bought b Knierioan for only $2,000. It is CtDrtaiua and full of rheumatism. Me revival of the night-cap is tak- • n very seriously in England along h other early Victorian revivals. A of silk or lace, with ribbon bows, In in the shape of a half-handkerchief Ld having a "curtain" behind, is said |o be the most popular, tt 1ft no doubt true that next to con utnpticn, more people die ynarlv from Iseases of the kidneys than from any other cause. In eome respects Kidney disease is the most dangerous of all maladies, because it Usually has mado much progress before the victim is aware of its existence. It is, there" lore, with great pleasure we commend :o our readers the recent discovery In East India cf the Kava-Kava shrub, Which has proved a most po-.Verful remedy for diseases of the kidneys. rheumatism, or other ailments caused by uric acid in the blood. The cure» **£ V*»*V^ CLV.1V1 111 LllCi UJVUV»» * I4W v — - i wrought by this new remedy are indeed chinist, also?' , . _• 1 m-«__i..>__»__ M This is the sort of an Interview which may be expected when motor carriages come Intd general use: "You advertised tor a coachman.sir? said the applicant. "I did," replied the merchant. Do you want the place?" "Yes, sir." "Have you had any experience? "I have been in the business all my life." "You are used to handling gasoline, then?" "Yes, sir." „ "And you (ire Well Up in electricity? "Thoroughly." "Good! Of course, you arc a ma* tnost remarkable. Many who have suffered from the most severe forms of the . _ , disease, have been completely cured In cer's certificate? "Certainly." "then I presume you have an engin- froni twenty to forty days by the Kava-Kava shrub. In the New fork "Of course. "Very well. You may go around to ixava-ivava snrun. in me INBW iuin. rvij ,.i.u. *~.. —* =- Weekly World of Sept. 10th, the testi- the out-house and get tho motorcycle mony of Rev. W. B. Moore, D. D., of ready. My wife tells me she wishes galns something whbn she is Ciaa n Washington. D. C., was given, describ- to do a little B hopplng."-Toledo Blade. ! plnk Velvctj and this becoming matermi . . ' ' ° _ ^_. » _ • , _.,,_». i*. _..*,?«»»» tnv> nnrt.v EOwns Pat-Oi want to get a pair av shoes I foor th' bye. Clerk-Certainly, sir; French kid? Pat—No, soor, he's an Irish kid. The John A. • Salzor Seed Co., La Crowe, Wis., are making an « n P rec; r dented oiler of 3 bbls. of French Artichokes, sufficient to plant 1 acre, which can be planted as late in the season as June 1st. and will yield a bountiful harvest the first year, at but 554.00 lor the 3 bbls. This is a rare chance for the former to get an acre of this great hog food. It is the best thin? m the world to keep hogs healthy, fat and in good condition, as it is the best preventive for hog cholera known. Send them an order to-day for 3 ubls., remitting- but 84.00. You will bo delighted with the results. Time Is Short Washington, D. C., was given, describ ing his years of suffering from Kidney disease and Rheumatism, and his rapid cure by Alkavis. Rev. John I-L Watson of Sunset. Texas, a minister of the gospel of thirty years' service, was struck down at his post of duty by Kidney disease. After hovering between life and death for two months, and all his doctors having failed, he took Alkavis. and was completely restored to health and strength nnd is fulfilling his duties as minister of the gospel. Mr. U. C. Wood, a prominent attorney of Lowell, Indiana, was cured of Rheumatism, Kidney and Bladder disease oE ten years' standing by Alkavis. Mr. Wood describes himself, as being in constant misery, often compelled to rise ten times during tho night on account of weakness of the bladder. He was treated by all his home physicians without the least benefit and finally completely cured in a few weeks by Alkavis. The testimony is undoubted nnd really wonderful. Any of our readers who tiro BO unfortunate as to suffer from Kidney disorders or Rheumatism should write to the Church Kidney Cure Co., of 422 Fourth avenue, New York, who will gladly send them free by rnai! prepaid a Large Case of the Kava-Kava Compound, so that they can test, its valun for themselves. This generous free offer is made to prove the wonderful curative powers of this new botacly discovery. RAPS ON THE ANVIL. An afternoon gown fs of pale „ sloth, with a little pointed bolero coat made of foee velvet braided In stfipes of gray, but uncovered where it « turned back t6 show a soft frotit of white chiffon attd butter-cdlored lace. A frock of lavender China crape has jne of the much worn accordion-plat- xl Bktrta, With waved ruchittgs of chlf-- ?on and a pouched bodice draped over i tiny white vest, with a waterfall of -hiffoh and lace at one side of the front. The wide belt is of deeper-hued mlrolr relvfet. 4 t .Very picturesque is a gb*n of black glace silk with fringed flounces over which comes a pointed bodice w h the littlest of plaitittgs, finished with an Elizabethan ruMe at the throat. A pale blue sash caught Up on one side of the Boaice has a pink rose tucked intp a ihott of soft silk. It is said that tho prettiest woman gains something wh,n she is clad in The famous feoh&mian quartet * not visit America, this season, as. al first intended. j Mrs. corrine Mbore LaWsdn has jus) years I He said thiitl had an the womb, Avid told my an tumors iti the womb* attd it xVas a case of A Simpletons Subject. A gentleman was riding on the outside of a coach In the west when the driver said to him; "I've had a coin guv' to me to-day iOO years old. Did you ever see a coin 'JOO years old?" "Oh, yes. I have one myself 2,000 years old." "Ah!" said the driver, "have ( yc? and spoke no more during the rest of the journey. When the coach arrived at its destination the driver turned to the other with an intensely self-satisfied air and said: "I told you as we druv' along I had a coin 200 yours old." "Yes." "And you said to mo as you had one 2,000 years old." "Yes, so I have." "That's not true." "What do you mean by that?" "What do I mean? Why, it's only 1897 now."— Tit-Bits. , IS much in evidence for party gowns it present. One pale rose Velvet dinner Jress is trimmed with real lace, lightn embroidered in silver. The folded bodice finishes at the waist and the sleeves are a soft drapery of lace. "So-smart" is the newest adjec, vo, arid is applied to some of the bewilder- Ingly pretty spring gowns. A contused check In a flannel-like material has a Bkirt made In the very new plaits anu a band of darker check near the hem, which is raised toward the back to form an apron-like effect; the little blouse-like bodice Is finished off with an exquisite blue silk, showing through a coarse guipure, and arranged in picturesque bows at one side, where it is fastened with shamrock-shaped buttons o£ dar^_ErennJadejond_ brilliants. The Ideal Lino. The members of tbo Baptist Younz Pco- ple's Onion who contemplate attending a national meeting of thut body in July, Bhould boar in mind that there is no bettor equipped line from the Last, North or balttrabre, St. Louis Aftd dlevelaftd. Miss Geraldine Morgan, the violinist Miss Sibyl Sanderson and Van Dy the tenor, have been received coldly St. Petersburg* their voices not""; strong enough to fill tho Imperial Marti .. ± ^ ope . Theater. .. rated Upon Mme. Carfena is a singer as well as t ^^ tmt ifc pianist, and has sung in Italian opera ^ Mot seem with Tietjens Stt London, attd ih r««ew to doine any York mstde a successful debut as &er- ^ ^ Mfldc Una In "bon Giovanni." she_-w saw too we?1 to be a gracious woman and charming conversationalist. A fragment of an opera begun bj> VVagner In 1833 and never finishe^, BICIIU ^_. called "Die Hochzelt," has been bought j also stl ff cl . by an English woman for $500. Wag- ed ^j^ ti ie ner wrote tho libretto and composed 6ick ij Ca a ao he an introduction, a chorus, and a septet votn iti n g but stopped, as his sister did not like ^118, back- the plot. . I ache all the With the leu coi'rhoea st iB plot. auuu u." ""^ , ... Mr Anton Seldl was presented with time, terriblcpainiiimyleft, a massive sliver loving cup by his fel-1 i«. „* ntmntlto. and could low members of the Lotus Club of Ne ^ Vnrtr nr their last "Saturday Night. , jj V iun **• * •«•»• •-«» - ... .„.,.„ MfseUll win direct one or more per- pound, some Liver !• Us andBusing your "Something," said tho Cubau leader, "has K ot to be did, uud that V retty .Boon." •'Why thtsliBBter asked the subordinate "The baseball season iu Amoriea iu u few weeks." Developed. Iu I'leceH. "She is always giving you a piece of her luiud in tho rudest wuy." "You can't wonder. She has no education except of the most fragmentary sou. TO CUKE A COLD IK OSB DAY. TaUfl Luxalivo Dromo Quinine.TaWetM. AI. DrugglslB rcJunrt tho money if Utaila lo tui L. ~oi One of tho cranks elected m Austria f n- vors the abolition of the Christmu religion nnd n return to the worship ol tho auwout Teutonic- deltim. The giants who frighten us most, Dften turn out to be common-sized men i stilts. Nobody ever goes to a ball-room jompanion for comfort when there is •leath in the house. The Christian should always be found doing something that the devil •lon't want him to do. When we bring our lives into harmony with God's will, he will sec that our rights are protected. Let all who claim to be on the Lord's jltfe he there in reality, and the powers of evil will soon be routed. Teach a boy no higher morality than •hat honesty is good policy, and he will inly be -honest when it is policy, Northwest than the Popular Big 1'oui Route via Cinciuattl or Louisville. All ihrouKt L nawwMser traius on this line are P t Sleeer* ocore those years I did not feel as well as I do at the present 1 ime. I wish that every woman that is troubled us I was, would try that medicine. Ohl ft is HO good to feel well, and it is all owing to Mrs.. Pinkhain's kind advice and medicine. •— Mas. JAMES Conine AM, 884 Center St.* Jamaica I'lain, Mass Mr O'Toole (ruefully)— "Thetis the last shirt Oi aver takes to Missus Plan- uigan! Sure thot. sign av hers don t tell no He, at all." S112O1 Li ttiin V" «•••*•» •••— B^Sasa«ts?&K*S fr n rrs.°r^s,"r' 1< ?,J"=» Rolite, the short llnb'to :'• Gliattdnooga, via. The famous High ' Bridge. At Louisville with the Southern Railway ami the Louib- villo & Nashville, via Mammoth Cave and Nashville, allowing stop-over at both tho.o •"•ICfare from Chicago will bo oxtreinoly low For rates, time card, etc., address J. D Tnclw, O. N.'A., or H. W. Sparks, T. V. A.., 284 Clark St., Chicago^ " GEMS OF THOUGHT. ?To man Is good enough to govern mother man without that other's con- lent.—Lincoln. The secret of life is not to do what >ne likes,'but to try to like that Which me has to do; and one does come, to ike it—in time.—Dinah Muloch the season in June for a limited number of concerts, remain in Switzerland during the summer nnd return to the United States in September. Henry Martcau is now playing through Switzerland and tho southern part of France with groat success. The press ranks him among the foremost violinists of the time, and crowded audiences greet him everywhere with enthusiasm. He is particularly praised for his finished tectmlc. charming tone and maffiro' 1 style: He is working -up oa a new repertory for his American tour next year. Ills Symputlietlo Wife. "Tho days lire getting longer," remarked Mr Vlvvios, whose habits have developed a v'oiii of snrcnsm in his wife. "Yos The suu rises much enrhor. And I'm really Korry, for your EUke." "It compels you to hurry so us to get homo before daylight^ TliotTropliot's EBoapo. "No, 1 ' said tho whale plaintively, "I not Hick at heart exactly; to toll the truth its quite another foolmz. Lxcuse me— Growing 'suddenly pale uuder the gills ho made for shallow •—• PILKS CUIUCD. Trial Dox of Pu,K-UA{,M. C iind bleeding Piles. Write today, Dr. H. Whiltlpr, lOW. Otn^'..Kn- In 1S90 calves killed iii Kansas ~ cattle nnd ])£?& \Vinalo»"H Hootiii*i{5 yy**l' KorcliiUrunm«ililiiB,BoJleii8tli«Kiiin».rcilm!i'Blnflam inuliorv alluya iialn. nuruB.wtml collt '; ga u>: '" 3 " Blotting paper is mado of cotton raft- boiled with soda, In the oldest and. best. It will bvnvlf up ft cold q -:lctei than luiythluts else, It la ulway g reUabl". J ry it. Infectious. disease.* Greenland. are iiuicnowii i» Hall's Catarrh Cure Is token Internally. Price, 75e, A Delicate Distinction. "Now" said the experienced statesman to the newly elected senator whom he was instructing, "there is just one more point concerning senatorial courtesy to which I feel It my duty to direct your attention. It seems a little hard, but all dignities have their drawbacks." -What is it?" ' . „ »It IB considered , very bad foim ...-,,u a ralleaewo is delivering a apeecli tow to sleep without leaving tho room."— Exchange, j.u rule one's self and subdue one's jassion Is so much the more praiseworthy as few know how to do so, ana n proportion ns the causes r.hat ex- :ite our indignation and desires arc nore just.—Gulcclardini. Thcro Is a Class of 1'copio' Who are injured by the use of coffee. Recently, there has been placed in all the grocery stores tt new preparation ., b i r<n A r-KT_/-4 mnrln nf nurO Cri'dinS, At tho Viiiulovllle. "Isal.el. how can you wear a.lareo hat wheu HO much has been said against it >. -Why, ir that, way 1 may preserve the morals of sojniBj^er jvoma^Hhiisbaud." No JT1ICB on Him. V—You a member ot the Society for tho PrevBiitlon of Cruelty, dock your hoiw* I want to protect ,ENSIONS, PATENTS, OLAIM8. 'joHfifcta^'f'^ra the ttios. •• , A CluiiiB« of TlioUK'ik '•Is MttiulHtill thinking oE joiaius a re Antlseptl "Why" he demanded, desperately, the prln- c«, somewhat argumentatively, "pro- »orvo my composure. The knight laughed a harsh, crepi- ro ost delicate stomach receives it with. :uit distress, and but few can tell it Crom coffee. It does not.cost over ^ is much. Children may drink it with reat benefit. 15 cts. and 25 eta per package. jTryJt. Ask for ORA1N-O. In Great Britain during the present con- •mv seven instances have boon reported m .whfch the bride has married the best man tiy mistake. NEW DISCOVERY; ,, u | ( .kiull«f anil cm™ \v - nrf nifHI miioly. Rondfov".W01iiventlonHWftiiled." 6ET RICH KdBiii Tirto *. Uo.. 2« Brimdwav.Now York.^ H B.Wll.LSON&OO.,Wivs1i- msU>i"D.O. N« fo» till jmlunt cuveil. '»N-liats<> I*"** O-co. new iJK'ylo'" 'lYnlv trrout in tl)« man who i.-ii.n become famoul wHhout malclug any oE tho noise himself. , \\. N. U. Des ftlo'mes. No. 18. — 1897. Nothing pleases a mau so much us to bo coaxed to do a thing he wants to do auj- way, _______ __ To Cuire Constipation Vorovcr Tuko CasearotH Candy OntlmrUo, Woor *io. 0. o. c. lull 10 unre. dniiu<l»t» ref"" 1 ' i"ouoy. Posts planted iu the earth upper end down Just much lon t in the posltiou uw storage process," ho murmured "will preserve anything." Trmmoning her slaves.she bade them put Him outr-Detroi^Tribune. Ju»t Motweon IfrlemlH. Ml«s Older—"Men must be growing more" polite. I get seats in street curs oftener than I did a few years . Uon'l TolJiKfTipit mid Sinolto Your Life Away. To quit tobacco easily and j°«*er, be mag- letic full of life, nerve and vigor, take ^o• ro'Bae, the ^ouder-workerUmtmaUes NveaU lien Btiong. All drugeists, 60o or SI. Cuie ruaraiiteod. Booklet nud sample free; ndd.- IterliuK KepiedyCb., Chicago_orNew\ork. =AND= PAINS! St. JaCObS Oil the foil. Use it and promptly feel the cure. That's all, but that is something sure. ago, BP «NoT!t K 'only makes it more watery." —Leslie's Popular Monthly, Miss Cuttlng-"Well, it's a mighty m oln'man that will let an old'lady stand."—New York Journal. How SUB Kciiaoiioa It. .< M y dear," said Mrs. Fosdick to het C-year-old daughter, "you *hou d not 'teethbrush.' You should say , HUl „,„ said the little girl, Sh aU my teeth with U."-N«w Tribune. you vo •a'n«t Uuolo— "Bobby, I suppose been a good little hoy." Bobby -"No, I haven't.' Unde-"Why, 1 hope you haven v o; ju.t comfortable."- Jjor sLfjfs. v'&;»a"s«r™ - Patents are issued by 04 governments in ihe world, ^ I never used so quiek a -Jure for Consumption. J.--. ----. U71, Seattle, Wasti,, Nov. 'A>, IP»'>. Castile. N7Y., has voted no license for mloous, drug^or^s^udjliotels^ Eilucnto Yo^r Bowels WltU Cascnrots, randy Catlwrtlo, cure mnfellputlon forever. Wo. if0. y, 0. full, dmimisis refund inoiiej • Many fortuneTu^eTi'eou'lost iu hunting iu easy job. ~fHE APVANCE AQEMT OF HEAI.TH j 897 Models, 5% Nickel Steel Tubing-, Standard of the World, have no eqxuil, $WO, $75 $65 1896 COLUMB8AS Models 40,41 and 44, known everywhere and have no superior except the 1897 Columbuis, Model 42, 26'inch wheels, Hartford Bicycles Patterns 7 and 8 reduced from $75 to $60 P?r *rns 9 10 s>vv *y>? Fauul to any bicycles made except CoUimbias. W« Sk oxpchs to e-Numine them piece by piece. Other Hartfords, ^50, $4S, $40. AT BARGAINS. "I fear your wedded happiness will ! be of short duration," "I Hope so, voung S FUR , candidly confessea th* to weft tUe »uU - Walter Baker & Co.'s Breakfast Cocoa, t«d Tr«FK» ; TftuWw ty*J M -W fi w 4?'^^»^ -wid ", v ^K1 1 ,wA» 5 ?h!r

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