The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1897
Page 7
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the tdeni tttc. ottbe Baptist Yotmg Petf- contemplate ftttefidiflg a of thftt body ifl ^nlt, "rnind that ther'e is no better u«» from the East, North or than the Popular Big Font rmciflatti of Louisville. All .SHrer trains oa this line are jlSttlwea: with Buffet Sleepers ••-"1" wUiis- nars on day trains. At [ % toecfconnection fs made in the i"«rtT with the Qneen & Crescent "•" the short; line *° Chdttahooga, via tbefomotts fflg 1 Railway and the Louis"" "- sou *iue"vift Mammoth Cave and owing Stop-over at both these fnre from Chicagb will be extremely SESTH^VH^* The It Was a S*l»c* Vou know Bebiey? Wbll he has with aU that moW his father A New Botanical Discovery, the Wonderful Kava-Kava Shrub. —flature's Cure for Diseases ot the Kidneys, Rheumatism and other maladies caused by UHe Acid In the Blood.—A Blessing to Sufferers. SEttt FRfcti TO PROVE ITS POWER. A few %veeks ago we told our readers of the new botonical discovery, the KaVa-Kava Shrub, or as botanists call itj PiFEtt METIIYSTICUM, found on the Ganges Kiver. East India. This wonderful shrub has proved to be a true specific cute for all diseases Caused by Uric Acid in the Blood, such as Kidney and Bladder disorders, Rheumatism etc. tt was no dotibt used for centuries by the natives as a specific remedy for 'jungle fevers, miasma, and other maladies, when it was required to clean out the poisons from the lUood through tho i. . . -*• action of the Kidneys. European physicians p r o MiSCfeLLANfetJUS NOffeS SPORfS Aftfc PAStlMES- A JJcw Outvie to He flayed »« tPhceM —The ftew Static* ot the Jockey Club-Tile *. M. fc. A. itt Athletic* Alimtt Contrwertlfaie tjeaf Cttt ' 0cl u " 0009 !? tube i la inflamed you t have a is ,\"S e or imperfect hearing, and sound, or imp deafne g -J 9 th e will orc Jwyed toreverv r "whfch Is nothing: but fnTn'named condition of tho mucous sur- Hundred Dollars lor (caused by catarrh) v^^ Hal' Catarrh race=. „, „(,.„ nnp HUncreu jemima i"» B^^ c-^^l^g^rTo^o. o. „' *•.„,. mndelrom camel's milk is said to be*" an eTceediugly rancid flavor, no matter how fresh. ' est medical boon since the discovery of quinine, which, like the Kava-Kava Shrub, was first found in use among „-. ,«.-. the natives by THE K AVA-KAVA SHRUB Christian mission- (Piptr ifethytticum.) aries. It is a most •wonderful discovery, with a record of nearly 3,OUO hospital cures in less than two months. OMB cycling genltts into an athletic league ---of the growth and fteofle 6f their ,_. ical work. It is no* proposed to combine with all-around gymnastics and athletics what physical directors technically term specialising. That is to say. if a man has developed a certain degree of proficiency in exercises calculated to test strength, speed, agility and endurance, he may then elect to concentrate his attention upon some special exercise tor which he to best . , _ .. „ t 4i .j it _i. n v« rt ftQ M1 rSl I has lately evolved, a game to bo played on wheels, which promises to become a fad. It is called the "royal" game, and requires a court or field divided into alleys. TWO teams, of nine riders each, take part, and the field is divided Into a right and left field, with the courses chalked our plainly. An alley-way, constructed of ropes or cables, extends from the upper to the lower field on the division line between the right and left field. Cables also form two upright sides, between which the play wheel rolls, and is driven backward or forward by the riders in passing at any point between the .. «_i-i rnt.n «1nV \VnGGl speca exercse fitted, both by inclination and natural r endowment. In every case, however, he must meet the general test before taking up his specialty. The Pro«ot- ers of the league also feel they will be enabled better to retain their own athletes instead of having them desert to other athletic bodies as fast as they become proficient. There are many other advantages that seem to bp apparent to the league's officers, and they will spare no pains to make it a ««"cess.—illustrated 'American. nfmatice ol tnis runenuwi «*«!•«*"—•'—- .»<*,.«.«,..* anA te iti itself* Sv?n1?t$H W-fcfc k is an established fact. Disturbance of tho meiisti the blood. In. young 1 girls ---^ latent inherited tendencies to ? '1 ^* . -'tl v • ^.dtate Me wor'ld. Bind their _.. Cent in another column of this paper. Amv-Mabel, do you ever think about j\. HJy~~^m-1**•*»/• j " f Yi» * * - — — •* ««-io TrM* marriage'! Mabol—II it. I worry. WO IHUlluiia. Tho Blrongest testimony ,IJ given by ministers of tho gospel, doctors, business men and others who liavu been rcitorwl to health by the use ot Alkavls, the new remedy prepare;! li-jim Ihs Kava-Kava Bhrnli. The New York ihrlsllan W ttncM of Feb. luth, tells tbu story ot Itcv. .lolin II. Watson, ot Kuiittut Texas, s:rlnki!ii down by Kidney dlsensi, after thirty years' sui-vico as minister of Inn Kp s l I01 < Blvon tin todU'bvt,voex.ellent doctors, and finally fet"re to health and t. hi. rcll B loUs duties by Alkavls Itev A. C. iJarling, of North Conslantm, \ V whoso' eafo' Is doserlbed In tho Christian Advocate of'jan'. 30, hart lost eonlldeneo, as ho says, 1, man and medicine, and was preparing for death when lie learned of thl» wonder.ill remedy, took It and was healed. In his svilVcrlugs hi was ofteii compelled to rls* ten times durlnu tho nlpht from weaCes "of the Bladder, but Alkavls quickly cmed him Many cases of Brlghts' Disease have been prom)."y cured by this wonderful shrub, as test Hed to 1 the New Y.,rk World, of March U, by Hon. K D. Jackson Governor of Iowa, and others. Many ladfes aiso" IncludlnK Mrs. Alice Evan., of Ball more Mil., Mm. Mary A. Layman, of heel. West M ., twenty Tearj a snffereri and Mw. I.. K. topeland. 1.1k imor, II,,,, Inlii In tebtllyliiK to it) wonderful curative po-ver I 3 ,? various forms of Kidney and allied diseases mfl of other troublesome atlllctlons peculiar to womanhood. It Is truly a wonderful uiscovery and "_...-,.» wlt |, blessings to afflicted humanity. ... „„.,«. *»,„ r*Yin*<n)i Wlilnwx' P.nvf no name for i, had one black eyo design. . rhecko d or striped cheviot skirts are to be worn with shorts jackets of aaolid color. m passing ui any yumi. «~lower and upper field. The play wheel is a single bicycle rim, having a four und one-half inch pneumatic tire. 'I he idea-of the game is to drive this play wheel from the center of the field, through attack of opponents, to a goal ahead, the riders using sticks especially made for the game. The ends of the alleyways are the goals for the respective teams. Players ride in single file and always circle to the left. Thus the two trains are constantly meeting and passing each other in opposite directions on the upper sides of the alleyway. Royal is a game requiring swift riding and much skill, and a novice would scarcely venture to form one of a team. nv uiKlit with essngs o ac . Up to tho present the Church Kidney Cure Comna- v«» Fourth Avenue. Now York, are e are *o anj ; IN LARGE ! BOTTLES . OR SMALL i WAND-.... aHIOIIT'* BI3EAS UHIWWW WSOBDtRt, FtHALB COMPLAINTS GUidULDcmUTV ^MALARIA. _ LuniEiasArccuBE \=ss-4S« Owing to the many requests from Its patrons, Warner's Safe Cure Co. have put on the market a 7 smaller slzei bottle of Safe Cure which can now be obtained at all druggists at half the price of the large bottle. Fourth Avenue. Now YorK, tho only Importers of Alkavls. and they uro to anxious to prove Its value tlmt for the sake of Introduction they will B ndafrcelioatmcntoCAIkivvl* prepaid by mull to evory render of this paper who Is a sufferer.from any totmot Kidney or Bladder disorder, Briefs 1 )lwn.»e Kho-unntlBin, Dropsy, Gravel. 1'ivln In Back, lemiUo Complaints, or other affliction duo to improper notion of tho Kidneys or Urinary Organs. We advise all Sufferers to send their names and address to the company, and receive the Alkavis free. • It 4 is sent to you entirely free, to prove its wonderful curative powers. rfhrcwil Wny to Pay Clerical Dobtu. The Rev. George W. Brown of White county, Illinois, made a curious revelation to his congregation on a recent Sunday. Complaints have been made that he was paying more attention to horse trading than to preaching. He felt called upon to give an explanation in his sermon to the effect that although he confined himself to preaching, he had sunk $1,500 in debt. He said that he had a dream to the effect that if he would go into horse trading he would remove his debt. He borrowed $200 from a friend, and inside of six months was out of debt. He suggested that it was a mighty good business. It had helped him, and it would kelp them out. Convertible Bicycles. "The question of the value of convertible bicycles," says an expert, "has been once more pushed to the front at this season's shows. Theoretically not much can be said in favor of the convertible. A purely family bicycle is out of the question under ordinary conditions. The men and women prefer their own bicycles; but, nevertheless some of the new convertibles are remarkably clever in construction and seem to fully meet the requirements 01 machines of the class. To be sure, certain family conditions obtain to the extent of creating something of a market for these goods. The man of the house may on account o£ work or business, be entirely unable to ride except during the evening hours, and his circumstances may not admit of his providing separate machines for himself and the feminine members of his family. In such cases the convertible, as a woman's wheel by day and a man s wheel by night, may be of direct advantage. Ordinarily, however, it is not wanted. Official Startcf of the Jockey Clttb. The Jockey club has secured for the coming season tho services of 0. T. Pettlngill as the official starter. Tlie starting of race horses is a very ticK- lish job, besides requiring an irre- nroachable Integrity. Honest men are much easier to find than good starters, tor your starter must not only bo honest, but cool as a cucumber and as quick as a flash of lightning. Mr. Pet- tlngill has had much experience in this kind of work, and his success was what caused his appointment. He is fifty years old, a native of Maine, and was one of the boy soldiers, served through the hostilities and not mustered out till 1866. He then settled in South Carolina, where first he was a merchant, and then an assessor oMn- revenue. He became interested ce horses many years ago, and T went regularly into the business. n« has owned several good ones, such, for instance, as Fair Count and the Duke of Montalban. As a professional starter .he has'served at Gloucester, ^^tfS&^WXi S-T^'^T.^SK*-; and have a good color I am regularity. Words cannot " " • your kind advice and The famous Bohemian quartet -will not visit America this season, as at first intended. Mrs Corrlne Moore L.awson has just returned to New York from a successful western trip, including recitals at Baltimore, St. Louis and Cleveland. Miss Geraldine Morgan, tho violinist will leave for Europe in May, and will play in some of the prlnlcpa1 c HOB abroad, including Londonnnd Beilin. Ho I^ost Ills Job. •Have you B teum hent!" asked tho iiros M Andree, who means to try for tho north pole again next summer, has had the size of his balloon increased by 300 cubic feet, which will enable him to take along 400 pounds more of dead We Raising onions In Kansas is better than growing corn to burn. A farmer of OsLloosa, Ka«., got 200 bushels of onions from an acre of ground last sea- B0 n, and has just sold them for $1.20 bushel. IV It? '**£ <$ 'VX ll\$ ;S« uor, "revival," could onl steam pipes."; There IB a Class of 1'coplo Who are injured by the use of ooftee. Rpocntlv there has been placed in all a new preparation C. T. PETTINGILL. ajpt—^^ur '-11*1* "*>!••• ~ is not only a scientific vegetable preparation and does all that is claimed for it, but it is the only Kidney and Liver medicine used by the best people of four conti= nents. A medicine that bears the stamp of the world's approval, and maintains Its position for a fifth of a century, must necessarily possess peculiar merit, Merit Wins. The invention of Alabastine marked a new era in wall coatings, and from the standpoint of the building owner was a most important discovery. It has from a small beginning branched out into every country of the civilized world. The name "Ualsomine" has become so offensive to property owners tS manufacturers of cheap kalso- mine preparations are now calling them by some other name, and attempting to sell on the Alabastme company's reputation. Throili e»tattlv »avort««!r and personal .», U» .»erlt».of «*>*>»*£ bs^^Mr r^r^sr^is lt brtrLtSrt,»t zz wins and that manufacturers of flvst- class'avticles Will ^ supported by the people Tlu> Y. M. C. A. Athletic Loil K iio. Mention was made recently in this department o£ the organization, during the past year or so, o£ two new national athletic bodies. One of them is the Athletic League of Young Men s Christian Associations of North America; the other the National InterscholaBtic Association, and some account of each may be not out of place, la the United States and Canada there are about 1,400 regularly organized Young Men 1 -luu regiuU'i'j' "it," Christian Associations. Although no actually federated, they have stood foi tortv-flve years virtually a unit, maintaining clearly defined principles and operates harmoniously along carefully chosen lines. Their membership aggregates 200,000 men, making a very strong organization numerically These associations own property valued at S less than $18,000,000. About 560 of them have well equipped physical departments, including gymnasiums bowling alleys, baths, etc. Most of thVse have trained physical directors, '- many of them have commodious of the Y. M. C. A. Athletic in New Jersey; at Chicago, LouisviHe, Washington, New Orleans, and other places, and is now regarded as the safest and best in the country, in this particular field. Motor Cycles. "Quite a number of electric 'buses have appeared in the city recently,'' says "Sporting Life" of London, and piled for hire. They have been well 'mtroniml, it is said, doubtless because of their novelty, and there will be people congratulating themselves that they will be able to boast in the future of hiving ridden in almost the first pub- I'o vehicles of this description to appear 1 * ° _ ... ji A « n n f\ \ f\ On T l>UUu l>t*ixco u**" j-- ^ss^^s^r-r.'? from coffee. It does not cost ovoi ,+ ssa^rTJKS i »*j? package. Try it. A Good Way- saving doctors' bills. wa,: "Don't a As Had as Kvor. yearn ago. BEST IN THE WORLD. MISCELLANY. A New York woman lawyer has a law class of fifteen female pupils, yoruy^'t™ I Their average age is about twenty>...« \*it iiipritftlOllvi I iy the phar- 1 OOO.OOo" weft'rera as L tfiebXt in »»;!?. «} fe und ' auvabllIt ot »«,«»•„, •, onaa town civen axolua- i?o B.n"u«a aJver. tUed I" local paper on'ecelW o£ reason- Jible orilor. Write for cataloguo to W. I" IM>U«>'AS, he morphine habit. Dr. Naneen pronounces his name as if it were spelled "Naunsen, and the name of tho Frarn as if it were spelled "Fraum."-New York Tribune. those of post seasons. FEED B, PRATT, League of North America.) athletic grounds. It has been said oy competent and unprejudiced ob- se y rve?s that the Young Men's Christian Association is contributing inore largely than any other organization toward building UP o£ sound bodies among the young men of America. Hitherto the associations have confined their efforts to the production of good, all- around body building, and have not Sought to develop men o£ special abil- in one or more kinds of sport, such am-inting or Jumping or weight roilS AB a result, comparatively I | e i association athletes have entered re veniuicB ui LIUO "-"-—-i on the streets o£ London. An accident occurred the other day which points to a vpry misguided opposition to the electrical-buses on the part o£ drivers One of the 'buses appears to have endeavored to cut between a couple of vehicles to which horses were attached, whereupon the drivers of the horses apparently performed a feat familiar to any one who has driven in town- by drawing In from either side and Shutting the 'bus out. If the latter had itself been drawn by horses, the unfortunate steeds would probably have been grazed, and their driver would have had to draw them back on tholi haunches, with no good effect either to he steeds or his temper. But as It was the electric 'bus simply chipped some nieces out of the quadrupeds that were nulled around into its path, and their drivers immediately realized that one of their time-honored methods of procedure had failed them." In France motor vehicle races are becoming commonplace, and in Paris the motor cycle has ceased to be a novelty. TUo Mexlcttrt Situation. "A E Trachsel, of the City, of Mexico "'says Ed. Sooner, "was a recent vTsitorT this city, and ^hile here talked entertainingly o£ the racing situation in Mexico. The Mexicans are nxious fov some o£ the Prominent American racing men to pay them a visit, and Mr. Trachsel thinks that a. side trip from the southern portion of the national circuit, after the manner of the Canadian trip o£ the 189cv circuit, would be .a P^-'^^fflg! the circuit chasers. There is a JU8t SSiiilLE^ s ° r When IlaiulH «ro KlonW>nt. man. m**«^*^$*$£W™&$S- ^SS^^^^ X AJ-S^^ig^^J^^ strong, IKES otbeeK HALL'S Vegetable Sicilian HAIR RENEWER Beautifies and restores Gray Hair to its original color and vitality; prevents baldness; cures itching and dandruff, fine hair dressing. * =S GBI/ I II Tf#fffm*F f ^r '• '' »' ; ^ ' The Man who is Rais^ £ JlSffi \^^:&^™^ iSawitioa trftttiea m^ tove ftip_ yaaja W!*IX« t A* the. 5 coll6gea. and-,atMsilc. ico and good racing there would be supported Racing in Mexico is conducted without the semblance of official control, but the National Cycliste Union controls the track and practically manages the sport in that country. The only table of records is kept by this club and the Mexican marks are so easy that any good jna,n go^S i» there would have them at his jnevcy, tU61p ° vecpva U 8*88-6, wO, the. "-' it^tftg.-ftpmffb^l M M^ ,om P r^ ff^£^^& The mile recprn 19 4\wy»i WH COJpuetiMve WU9 fttt^4e!'R9BW??3 ne«r 8:i3- M9»t« $$$>,M$m%2

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