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Oakland, California
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MONDAY EVENING Dakland Tribune AUGUST 10, 1925 ARRESTED, BOOZE SEIZED IN JOINT DRY RAID Federal and County Officers Combine in Drive on San Lorenzo Resort. Four men were arrested, more than 50 patrons, including four women and several boys, were found in an alleged gambling Joint near San Lorenzo and a quantity of wine and contraband whisky, together with an auto, were seized in biggest raid in Alamedal county by combined county federal dry forces. County Detective George Helms, who led the raiders, said the place appeared to be well patronized by both men and women. contained bar and devices for gambling, Helms said. Theodore Rossi, Amedia Maggiora and Carl Lagerquist were arrested and charged with the illegal possession of liquor.

Frank G. Moitoza was charged with conducting a gambling game. Three jugs of wind and whisky were in the automobile confiscated by the raiding officers. The machine was standing in front of the place, Helms said. Dry Officers Plan to Padlock Beach Resorts SAN FRANCISCO, Aug.

Plans for the prosecution of the proprietors of Tait's-at-the-Beach the padlocking of the seaand "Shorty" Robertst, cafe and for elde resorts under the prohibition abatement law, were under digcussion by Prohibition Chief Charles Goff and District Attorney Matthew Brady today. The evidence procured by "dry" agents in their raidg Saturday night, when eight men were a arrested and "private stocks" of liquor seized, is be used in a determined effort to close up both places for good, Goff announced. Three of the eight arrested were still in jail today, having failed to obtain bail. They were: Bert Williams, 28, a hatter, living 1420 Sixteenth street; Charles Schuster, 36, a mechanic, of 1363 Seventh avenue, and William R. Kelly, 35, a Southrn Pacific clerk at Belmont.

The others arrested were George McPartland, 29, a merchant, of 1544 Green street; Roberts, 38, of 942 Silver avenue; Fremont Cummings, a Los Angeles musician: Samuel Mussbaum, 40, a merchant, living at 2526 Great Highway; and Bert Mauley, 20, a clerk living in Sacramento. Santa Clara Posses Raid Vice Resorts SAN JOSE, Aug. their efforts to keep San Jose and Santa Clara county free- of vice, gambling and bootlegging, Sheriff George W. Lyle and Chief of Police J. N.

Black conducted three raids early yesterday and arrested seven persons, one of them being charged with striking Deputy Sheriff Geo. W. Pyne while resisting arrest. The first raid was made at what the sheriff referred a "little Tiajuana" at Alviso. Here 150 men and women were found engaged in gambling.

One of the white visitors, E. Welch, struck Deputy Sher1ff Pyne, one of the raiders in the face with a brush as the raiding party entered the door. Welch is held without bail. From Alviso the raiding posse went to the Meridian pool hall, Saratoga avenue, seizing a slot machine, but making no arrests: Acting on special orders of Chief of Police J. N.

Black, a squad of police raided 123 North San Pedro street, arresting Mrs. E. Salenzo on charges of conducting a disorderly house and illegal possession of liquor, Miss Emma Bowen as a visitor at a disorderly house. $29,723.45 Damage Suit Goes to Trial Damages for permanent injurles are asked in a suit which went to trial today before a jury in perior Judge E. C.

Robinson's court, in which A. Maffeo, Berkeley baker, is plaintiff and the Southern Pacific is defendant. Matfeo asks $29,723.45 for a fractured skull and other injuries. He charges that an auto, which he was driving November 24, 1923, at Shattuck avenue and Woolsey streets, Berkelev, was run down by an electric train. SKINNY MEN Thin Men Run Down Men Nervous Men You know that Cod Liver onrobably greatest flesh producer in the world.

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ment. New Home for Women's Apparel Shop Architect's drawing of new building to be constructed at Fifteenth and Broadway, the major portion of the structure will be occupied by S. M. Friedman's firm. OAKLAND PICKED BY MERCHANT FOR APPAREL STORE Following an extensive personal survey of eastern, middle, western and Pacific coast cities, S.

M. Friedman has chosen Fifteenth and Broadway, along Pedestrian way, next to Kahn's, as the site for the new home for his apparel shop. The store will move from its present location on completion of the new building, which is to be constructed by Money-Back Smith. Friedman's will occupy about 16,000 square feet in the new building. This is approximately six times the space of their present shop.

Concerning the decision on the part of Friedman's to move into the new location management said: EAST IS SURVEYED. "When greatly Increased business made it necessary to move from the location Friedman's has held for many years, Friedman made an extensive personal survey of cities in the east, middle west and Pacific coast. Comparisons were so favorable to Oakland that Friedman did not hesitate to negotiate a lease for the largest feminine apparel shop in the city." new building is being constructed by Reed Corlett. It is the property of Money-Back Smith. In this connection Friedman said: "While the new edifice does not rent for much more than the old structure, Mr.

Smith's civic loyalty and his belief in Oakland's future have led him to erect a building which will prove a credit to the city." S. M. Friedman and the realty firm of Maiden-Rittigsteln conducted the negotiations. THREE STORIES HIGH. The building is to be three stories high and the foundation will be so built as to allow the addition of three stories.

It will be finished in terra cotta and richly decorated panels, It will follow the Adam lines, with large windows framed in metal gills. The steel frame is constructed to give the best results in airy spaciousness. Light will come in from three sides and it is said that the building will be one of the best lighted and ventilated in town. The cellings are to be unusually high with few columns, in order that the light from the three exposures may not be obstructed. The structure is designed as a woman's shop primarily.

Reed Corlett are the architects and Fred Muller is the bullder. Friedman's will occupy five-sixths of the building--the two top floors and a section ground floor, then with the mezzanine. Boys Fined, Jailed For Film Show Row SAN LEANDRO, Aug. first step toward stamping out all alleged rowdyism in the local inotion picture theater was taken today by Judge William J. Gannon in passing sentence on two youths brought before him on a charge of disturbing the peace.

Manuel Perry. 28 Dabner street, was sentenced to five days in jail and his brother, Miguel Perry, WA.3 fined $25. Joseph The Duarte, complaining a special witness officer was hired by the management of the Palace motion picture theater. Postal Supervisors Honor Oakland Man Charles Harkenham of Oakland was elected president the California State Association of Postoffice Supervisors at the annual meeting held In Fresno. Harkenham succeeds Lester A.

Dunlan of Berkeley. Other officers chosen were: Frank W. Cardwell, assistant postmaster of Fresno, vice-president J. L. Sullivan, San Francisco, secretary and treasurer.

Captain Dean Will Lecture on Liberia ALAMEDA, 'Aug. Harry Dean of the Habashi Nautical college will give an illustrated lecture at the city rooms at 8 o'clock tonight. The subject will be "Republio of Liberia and Its Resources. Colored. lantern slides will deal with the and the BRYAN CALLED AN HONEST MAN' BY 1'ADOO EULOGY Los Angeles Man at Memorial Pays Tribute to Sincerity of Commoner.

HOLLYWOOD, Aug. was "thoroughly misunderstood" by. great numbers of his countrymen, William Gibbs MeAdoo declared at memorial services for the commoner here last night. The wartime secretary of the treasury cited Bryan's resignation from the Wilson cabinet as a. case in point.

Both Bryan and President Wilson, he said, "were animated by precisely the same purpose--to protect American rights and to avoid by every honorable means armed conflict with any of the belligerent powers during the European war." Their differences were merely differences opinion 29 to the best method of accomplishing this purpose, not a fundamental clash of ideals. "Mr. Bryan was an honest man," continued the speaker, "a man of unimpeachable integrity. There is no blot upon his escutcheon. "In these days of low political morality, what a glorious encomium it 1s to be called 'an honest "And he was a Christian.

He defending his faith-died, no doubt, as he would have chosen if he had' been permitted to make the choice." CHICAGO, Aug. John T. Raulston of Tennessee has paid Clarence Darrow in his own coin, right in the lawyer's home town. In a dramatic eulogy of William Jennings Bryan at memorial services here Sunday the judge who presided over the recent Scopes trial fired a bitter verbal broadside at Darrow. Moved at times to tears, Judge Raulston professes his faith in God of Bryan and denounced the "agnostic lawyer who tried to destroy Mr.

Bryan politically and in every way he could." The speaker, who was the object of an attack by Darrow during the trial at Dayton, for which the lawyer afterwards apoligized and was forgiven, carried the meeting by storm and it was an hour before he could leave the hall after the services, SO many persons wished to shake his hand. At times during his speech Judge Raulston wept, especially when moved by his own reference to the possibility of his parents having sprung from lower forms of animal life. "Mr. Bryan didn't believe in evolution and I don't believe either," the judge said. "I 'don't believe God made a miserable monkey let nature do the rest.

I believe in a God that can answer prayers in a real God, not a wooden God." Aug. Jennings Bryan are considering the erection of a suitable monument to replace the wooden slab that now marks his grave in Arlington National cemetery. The will of the commoner, probated Saturday in Miami, brief provision for "the use of such sum as my wife and children may deem proper for the purchase of a monument to mark my grave." That this request, however, will supplemented by contributions from his many friends and admirers seems most probable, especially in view of the announcement in Chicago yesterday of the launching of a national -wide movement to obtain funds for the erection of a memorial. Miss Dionessa Bryan Evans, goddaughter of the Commoner, in making the announcement in Chicago, said a site had been donated for the monument at Clewiston, but it was the belief here that this plan might be changed or another move started to aid erection of a shrine to Bryan in the capital city. Gasoline Stolen at Alameda Hangar ALAMEDA, Aug.

R. Davis, owner of a hydroplane hangar at the north end of Jay street, reported to the police yesterday that he had found boys in his hangar who said they had gone in there to dress for swimming. Davis reports tsat sixty gallons of gasoline have been stolen from him in the past six weeks. Two Plead Guilty To Robbery in S. F.

Stanley Gleason and Emmanuel Robinson, charged with robbery and arrested with William Rhinehart and Patrick Haughey, for the murder of Police Sergeant Michael Brady, pleaded guilty to the robbery charges today and will be sentenced next week. SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. Blotches agly and embarrassing can usually be dispelled by a few applications of Resinol Ointment so don't let a pimply, anattractive skin shut you off from admiration or pleasant associations. The healing ingredients of Resinol help it to soothe away blotches, redness, toughness, so quickly and easily it has become a standard treatment for those in search of skin health. At all drug stores Resinol TWO TO-NIGHT for harmful constipation, biliousness, sick headache, bad breath coated tongue, poor appetite Without griping or nausea CHAMBERLAIN'S TABLETS Set your liver right only FOR SALE BY OSGOOD.

BROS. Both Sides of Evolution Theory Told by Speakers Dr. Jordan Declares Science Elder Nichol Talks to Seventh Never Claimed Monkey Day Adventists on "EvoMan's Ancestor. lution Exploded." "No sclentific theory has ever been given out claiming that we originated from monkeys or apes," said Dr. David Starr Jordan, chancellor emeritus of Stanford University, at the First Unitarian church yesterday, speaking on "The Origin of Man." "No one with eyes open to the facts of life as disclosed all around us can look an animal in the face and question the truth of evolution," said Dr.

Jordan. "The term 'evolution' is unfortunate since it means an unrolling. An unrolling connotes something rolled up. Science is concerned with facts and where facts stop, science stops, or thereabouts. scientists deal with facts which.

we can find out, and no one can tell us what we may find out. We are primarily concerned with nature, we must study what nature teaches. "Evolution brief means orderly change. Your dog changes. If you have a series of pictures of yourself in various periods of your life you will note changes going on in yourself.

Nothing in nature is not undergoing change. "Darwin was not the first to suspect the truth of evolution, but he was the first to know just how evolution worked. There are many people now claiming that Darwin is a back number, but in the same sense Jesus Christ is a back number, and go are all the great men who have blazed paths of truth through the jungle of ignorance." Dr. Jordan told of the development of life from the single-celled denizens the sea, demonstrating the fact of natural selection, the persistence of the strong and cutting off or destruction of the weak. Whether in the plant or animal kingdom he declared that life did not fit into the scheme of things, that was not adaptable to conditions, died off.

He spoke on the influence of heredity unhesitatingly declared that the world is getting better. used to teach that man was evolved from the monkey direct, but now they strenuously deny this, and say that apes and monkeys are our cousins, we land known they having ancestor," a common said but Elder un" Francis D. Nichol of Mountain View, A at the Seventh- Day Adventist camp meeting last night hefore an audience of 5000 persons, speaking on the subject of "'Evolution Exploded." "This I claim." continued Elder Nichols," is adding insult to injury. First they injure us by saying that a monkey is our father, and now they insult us by saying we don't who our father is. knees "Examining the four lines of alleged evidence for evolution, we consider first, the origin of life.

The only fact about this is that life comes only from pre-existing life, and this directly contradicts evo'lution. From comparative anatomy (the comparison of similar structures) we see no evidence of a descent, but rather a master mind designing a single plan that, by suitable variations, perform the same service different animals. As for example, in the work of man, the highly developed aeroplane engine is not evolved from a simple pumping engine; but we see the same design in each varied according to the service required. The evidence from embryology has been repudiated by some of the foremost embryologists of the world as too uncertain and equivocal to be conclusive." In this connection In paying his respects to the claims of the evolutionists that the appendix and other portions of our bodies are merely vestigial remains of former used organs, Dr. Nichol said that formerly the thyroid gland was classed as such a vestigial remnant.

"This almost gives one a cold chill, because if the doctors had worked on that theory and removed that gland from our forefathers, we would not have had any illustrious ancestors, for they would 'have all died in the home for the feeble-minded." 'Queen California' Will Rule Diamond Jubilee SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. popularity contest for the choice of a young woman to be crowned "Queen of California," has been announced at the headquarters for California's Diamond Jubilee celebration. General Thornwall Mullally, chairman of the committee for the opening ball, made the announcement, and stated that the contest would be opened in the near future. Mullally said the contest would be "open to all." Word has already been received from commercial, industrial and fraternal organizations throughout the city that they plan to enter candidates in the race. It is announced that the contest will not be confined to San candidates Francisco, all but the will be state.

open to over It is stated that the coronation Alameda Children Are Given Picnic ALAMEDA, Aug. picnic and outing was enjoyed by the children of McKinley park under the auspices of the city recreation department. The children were taken to the inner harbor under the care of Mrs. Emilie Christian, who was in charge of the program. A dramatic club is being organized for the children of Lincoln Park, under the directorship of Gladys Dunn.

HONOR PASTOR AND WIFE. Members of the First Baptist church plan a reception to be given next Wednesday evening after prayer meeting in honor of Dr. and Mrs. John Snape, who have recently returned from their vacation in Alaska. MAN RUN OVER BY TRUCK ABSOLVES DRIVER OF BLAME San Franciscan Takes Onus of Accident That Broke His Leg.

Knocked down and run over by an auto truck while he was ning for a street car, Joseph Wiskovitch, 3186 Twenty -fourth street, San Francisco, assumed all for the accident and absolved the truck driver from fault. Earl Ant drews, 3922 Twenty-sixth drove the truck which struck Wisk ovitch at -second and Val encia streets. Wiskovitch's right leg was broken. Wiskovitch's accident was one only four in which persons wee injured by automobile about tie Bay yesterday. The list is believed to be a new low record for Suing day in recent years.

J. E. Christal, 30, of 340 East Fourth street, Los Angeles, experienced a miraculous escape from death in Berkeley yesterday when his machine was struck by a Santa Fe train and carried two blocks on the cowcatcher of the locomotive. The accident occurred at University avenue and West street. Edith Stanton, 9, of 320 Duncan streets, San Francisco, sustained lacerations of the body and a dean scalp wound late yesterday when she was run down by a machine driven by Dr.

Ursula Greenshaw, an interne at the San Francisco hos pital. The child, according to the police report, ran into the path of Dr. Greenshaw's car. automobile skidded and crashed at Sixth-first and Col. by streets, Berkeley, early day morning Ralph Hammond fered severe lacerations and bruises.

He was treated at Berke ley General hospital. WILSON CHANGED MIND ON TREATY; SO BRYAN QUIT DES MOINES, Aug. (AP)-The Des Moines Register today published a copyrighted article, based on an interview with H. C. Evans, editor of the Yeoman Shield, saying the resignation of William Jennings Bryan from President Wilson's cabinet in 1915, was due to failure by the United States to ratify a proposed treaty with nations stipulating that each would wait months after any difficulty arose before declaring war.

The article said that after Bryan had convinced President Wilson that this country should sign the treaty also allow Germany to sign it, he filed a cablegram informing the German government of the progress being made. A few months after he had filed the "cablegram he received a telephone message from the president saying he had changed his mind and that this country would not ratify the treaty, the article says. "After I have urged this treaty on Germany and have completed the preliminary arrangements I can't say we will not go on, 60 if that must be said, here is my resignation," the article quoted Bryan as having replied to the president. WOMAN FIGHTS ADMINISTRATOR; REFUSES ESTATE SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. Mrs.

Elizabeth S. Heyan of 4203 Lusk street, Oakland, is one of the heirs cf her sister, Miss Amelia Marjory Sefrin, who died here July 24 of this year, it became known in the Superior court here today when Judge Themas F. Graham admitted the will to probate. Another sister, Mrs. Emma Atherton, of Orange county, created a scene in the court when she objected to the appointment of Louis White as administrator without bonds.

She mentioned White and her sister in a manner that drew fire from the court. "Shame on you for making such a statement about your dead said Judge Graham. have no shame. I want to tell the truth," replied Mrs. Atherton.

Continuing, she said she wouldn't take a nickel of the estate if White was administrator. The estate is worth $30,000 and only $500 was willed to White. Under the will Mrs. Atherton, a brother, Edward Setrin, and Mrs. Heyan are to share the rest the estate.

STEAM PROVES POOR SCREEN TO RUM STILL Steam proved a poor "smoke screen" for Frank Sassa, 1425 Eighteenth street, arrested today on a charge of manufacturing and possessing liquor. arrest came about when a passers by saw steam issuing from the roof of Sasso's house. The stranger, thinking the house was on fire, turned in A fire alarm. Assistant Fire Vhief W. G.

Lutkey responded to the call. He found that there was 110 work for the firemen. The source of the mysterious steam cloud provided a case for the police partment instead of the Tire department. He called police headquarters and Patrolmen Richard Feeley and Harry Evers raided the They arrested Sasso and confiscated 45 barrels of mash. BLIND DOG WINS DEATH DUEL WITH BUCK SAN FRANCISCO, Aug.

Bay district Nimrods are today sounding the praises of Fannie, a blind deer dog, who succeeded In tracking a wounded buck to a canyon in Marin county, between Taylorville and Tocaloma, and winning a duel to the death. The deer weighed 150 pounds. Fannie performed the exploit after nine other dogs had lost the scent and given up the chase. Fannie is the property of L. Dulucchi, 45 Silver avenue.

According to Delucchi, Fannie has tracked and captured at least one deer ench year for the past six years S. F. GANGSTERS KIDNAP. ATTACK MARRIED WOMAN SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. Four men and a woman were arrested early today on complaint Emma Skelling, 28, here, wife of a city employee, who charges that she was kidnaped by the quintet and taken to a lonely spot near Salada Beach, where she was attacked other WOman looked on and laughea at her cries for help.

Those arrested were Alma Thorne, 24, 1366 Broadway; Stanley Fletcher, 550 Pacific street; George Beixotto, 270 Eleventh street; Joseph Chio, 354C Franstreet, and Charles Piro, 382 Francisco street. The five were identified by Mrs. Skelling, who wasabrought from a San Mateo hospital, where she is confined. Sheriff Thomas McGovern and Corporal of Detectives Alex McDaniel say the five have admitted that they participated in the attack. All are charged with statutory offenses.

According to Mrs. Skelling she was waiting 'for a jitney bus at Gough and Market streets, when a large touring car drew up to the curb with the door open and the driver hollered: "Jitney." Seeing another In the rear of the car she entered. She was immediately overpowered and the car raced to Salada Beach. A fifth man, said to have been the perpetrator of the attack, is fleeing to Santa Rosa, according to police. Civil War Veterans' Daughters Organize ALAMEDA, Aug.

Alameda tent of the Daughters of Civil War Veterans is to be organized. Mrs. Ada Fox, department organizer, 5957 Shattuck avenue, Oakland, is in charge of the work. She wishes all daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters of Union Civil War veterans, of the age of 15 or who are interested in the instituting of the tent, to communicate her as soon as possible. Her telephone is Piedmont 3410.

Dr. Gray to Talk on "Physical Freedom ALAMEDA, Aug. John R. Gray of the Oakland city health department, will talk before the club at tomorrow's luncheon on the subjeut of "Physical Dr. Gray sayg that physical freedom is gained by correct by day living rather than by spasmodic courses in physical exercises that cost a lot of money.

Emory Hunt will be chairman of the day at the Rotarian lunch meeting. Seaman Sentenced On Burglary Charge Charles Jones, seaman, recent arrival from New Zealand, today pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary when brought before Superior Judge Fred V. Wood and was sentenced to serve from one to fitteen years in San Quentin. Jones admitted having broken into the office of Robert Annis, 2175 Allston way, Berkeley, May 11 last. Dr.

Yusuke Tsurumi To Talk at Mills Students and faculty of Mills college are to hear Dr. Yusuke Tsurumi, one of the main speakers at the institute of Pacific relations recently held in Honolulu. Dr. Tsurmul will speak on Monday, August 24 at 12:35 p. m.

in Lisser hall. His topic will be "Japan at the Cross Roads." MISSIONARIES INVITED. SANTA CRUZ, Aug. F. K.

Camp, owner of the terraced gardens at Brookdale Lodge, and Mra. Camp, have invited the women of the Home and Foreign Missionary. societies of the First Methodist church to be their guests Thursday afternoon at the lodge. Four Hurt in Crashes On Altamont Pass Way ceremonies of "Queen California" will be the most brilliant feature of the opening program. After her coronation, a wave of her sceptre will be the signal for the week's program to start.

The coronation ceremony will take place on the night of September 5 in the Exposition Auditorium in the Civic Center. The crowning of the queen and the wave of her sceptre to start the celebration will be followed by an electric parade, dances, musical events and a pot pourri of colorful fetes. "Queen California" headquarters have been opened at room 545, Phelan building, and candidates will be registered there: The steel die from which the souvenir fifty-cent pieces are to be struck was scheduled to arrive from Sacramento today. Funeral of Mrs. Day To Be Held Tuesday Funeral services for Mrs.

Ada Jessie Day, wife of Captain William I. Day, will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from an Oakland undertaking parlor. Mrs. Day died Friday at Pacific Grove following a brief Illness. For more than thirty years had made her hom eat 1514 Twenty-first avenue.

Besides the husband, Mrs. Day is survived by three children, Florence E. Day, Margaret R. Day and Robert W. Day.

GRAY TO ADDRESS SCIOTS. City Attorney Leon Gray will be principal speaker at tomorrow's luncheon meeting of the Sciots at the American Grill. His subject will be "Street Expansion." Four men, including two from Oakland, injured in motor accidents today on the Altamont Pass road. H. M.

Duckworth, 528 Fiftyeighth street, was the most seri ously injured. He received a frac skull and internal juries, when a motorcycle, OR which he was riding with Earl Moore of 1974 Seminary avenue. collided with an automobile driven by George Rodgers of A A A Pleasanton. Moore suffered concussion of the and possible internal Injuries Rodgers received severe, head body bruises. The three men were picked by Joseph Peva of 645 avenue, and taken in his auto mobile to the Judson hospital Livermore.

Shortly after this accident George Amaral, Livermore rancher, was forced off the road In Altamont Pass by a motorist who cut in too closely in front of him His car overturned. Use Lemons to Whiten Skin The only less way to the skin white to mix the two lemons with three ounces of Orchard White which any drug gist will suppli for a few cent. bottle, and Shake well a have a quarter pint the most wonderful skin whitener softener and beautifier. Massage this sweetly fragrant lemon bleach into the face, neol arms and hands. It can not tate.

Famous stage beauties use it to bring that clear, youthful skin and rosy- white complexion; as freckle, sunburn and bleach. You must mix this markable lotion yourselt. It not be bought ready to use becaui it acts best immediately after I prepared. 8 "The little fly upon the wall Doesn't stand a chance at all." PLIES are filthy insects. No spray.

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