The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1897
Page 7
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IflfSSX' 1 *" •^•""•yf "*"" ^' ^" ! -- ft - ; ' "* tm PPPfflt PBS it fi« a* 6 aidfc in *ny fcifid ef ID keeps dott t6 God will » tWr* 1S * < ' *! A Welcome fof tfee preacher. ' * takes make people go blind than filling their eyes >f a man is oufof the miry clay he knows to stay frit. IB always hope for the man *«« taught what a fool he has mistake.—From the Yarn's the Noted the Omaha *U ThUK6fai« M»n *.-,- Ho»«- , V__-* the unfortunate—Ke»« ' and tteipihB used in DlitreM. »j^&^1S£a~ fc^Sv^^ip« ffiSSXS^^Jti^ 3 V D JJt***^ •"-• unfortunate many sick ^^^^S^wly^totev« Jay cneenuuj«_,_,.,„. h , caf , eg .free of A Spring safety valve tor beer cast! iftfe just been patented. A new spring seat-post lot bicycles hks an al| chamber inside the tubing, htb ttfcfg&ftfo saddle-post projects. skates that are locked on the feet by pressing the heel of the Shoe into the Heel-plate of the skate have Just been patented. one of the latest designs in incandescent lamps is formed by placing the wire between two sheets of glass set in a flat ffaifie. A handy heater for curling-irons can be attached to a gas-burner and has an opening surrounded by jet orifices into Iwhich the iron is thrust. Detachable hardened steel points for ipicks, recently patented, will not wear out as quickly as the Usual points and can he^ 1*8010X0(1 : . f of. sharpening. A newly patented car brake consist* of a steel shoe fastened to the cat: above the wheel so that the weight of the car helps to apply the brake to the wheel. A handy device for lifting a burning stick of wood or coal is a shovel with a projecting prong over the blade to be pressed down by tho hand and hold the coal in place. To protect the trousers from wearing by contact with the shoes a cloth-covered metal guard is attached to the shoe inside the upper and projects down around the outside of the shoe. A removable tire for bicycles to be used on the ice, recently patented, has metal teeth or corrugations on its running surface and clamps to fasten it around the tiro, and rim of Ihe wheel. lw ,iA¥tNes— ON f HE tJIAMONB He* ln*tl*ct<S* «» U«ii»lM» ** **»* Ndtlohal LMgtie ftnd Atttefltan Aite- cbtttdn tttttlinw ttU Waffc—Tlte l&t* Font*. OHtf B. DAY the position o* "in formally accepted spector ot Payers and Umpires" tendered him by the National League, and expresses blffi* self as gfcuily pleased,, with, his appbtn&U&t. •"*?•' , duties have not a^%.t^ £ J league has .the matter Jn hand fit hoffifc lii tte outfield ftnd ftf st to. ft tfrfta Ms talUe &fi & batstflftti that m- LL WCUS JUID TO.IWO w»* — i*.-^ l£Jh&4 A4V&H after his eft6c«t6n«sB a* & pitcher past, Font* was o«e ef the «*•"** ett of fr^^^jJtS. ing, and whether on of oft the was always ft gefttleman. Aa a —- agef he was not successful, owing to his leniency with players. Last ye&t the Brooklyn players added to his troubles by constantly violating the rules; but Fouta, though his position had to be siiffendefed because of the team's poor showing, stood by his men to the last. He was respected by players, magnates &ttd the public, and his loss will be felt in all cities where base bail is popular, bu, ' bag, 90C-; 2 feu., $1.66 J 6 .i $7.60. bu. feet ^.^.T^ay Medical Co., Omaha, Neb. Out ot Key. -The cashier of the coal office has lost his told his employers Cioe' fortune Seeking K.... 0 — Many a poor family that seeks the western wilds m the hope of winning a fortune is preserved from that insidious foe of the emigrant and frontiersman-chills and fever—by Hostetter's Stomiwh Bitters. Ho effectually does that, iueomparible medicinal defense fortify the system against the combined influence of a V'" 1 " 10 ".,»*•?*' iihere and miasma-tainted water, that pro tooted by it the pioneer, tho miner or the tourist provided with it, may safely on- counter the danger. . Not TaUl to Perform. • "Did you see that Mrs. Uolintb, the > wifo of the strong man, while walking with her husband last night, was knocked down ant robbed, of her purse 2" "Why didn't he help her!-' . "Oh, his terms are £20 a nl^ht" Kducato Your Bowels With Cnscarcts, Oindy Cnllmrllc, euro constipation forever. 10o. t?C.C. C. fnll^iBBlsl^ro£'^_'ll^ y - makeV V regvila e r e iy B f or' this time of the year." he takes wants to eradicate, u. !•««»»—~i the scenes which have been enacted on the diamond. I shall probably do a great deal of traveling during the com ing season. If a player uses language which is not becoming to the game or creates a disturbance of any klnd.I shall make a full investigation and render an impartial report to i-resi- denf Young, and. it .may be that he have such control of affairs that he be able to fine'the guilty playei — niavprs in which case a. stop wouio. a on^e be put to all rowdyism.on the field. In case a homo or vis ting club mafc* a complaint that the umpire is favoring one or the other,_ It _will be my business to pay a visit to that city and make a full Investigation, reporting, as in the case of the players to President Young. I am pleased that Mr. Young and I are to work in concert as the entire responsibility of investigating and. taking summary action would be altogether top great for me." VYbrk'ttefftld: f. A. *° Aueu of W ErtfoMyh baSi*- bfcll club, who returned the other 4*9*™*™ National league meeting held at Baltimore recently, said to me: As at present constituted the National board could not be stronger, It is composed of the brainiest men in the National league, who Will not allow league politics or prejudices to interfere with the trial of any case of appeal which may come before it." I asked Mr. Abell if the Brooklyn club intended to play 25-cent ball this year, and he answered in the afflrma- tive. "The Brooklyn club stands just where it did before the late meeting, he continued. "We.made a statement to the lea'gue that we wanted to charge 25 35, 50 and 75 cents for admission during the coming season, and you can put It down as a certainty that tho Brooklyn club will charge 25 cents this year. teana o . "Howwasd&t?" - • "WidQUt it'Struggle." MI ftflf* acre itl IOW l fl r ~*wG SOU -— ibffil 3 bV $5.00, Get yottf to order with you. Cnt thl» turtles hot and send it to The John A. salzef seed dd., Wis., with your order to-day, seed catalogue, Be. postage. to the tftBt. Who are injured by the use of coffee, fleeentiy there has been placed in ttU theitfrocery stores a new preparation S\e g d[ GRAltf'O made of put* grains, that takes the places of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few • cab tell It from coffee. It docs not cost over X as much. Children may drink It with great benefit. 15 ets. and 2° cts iJ?£ l package. ^r|t__Ask_foi' OIIAIN-O, A Draw Game. He-You girls seem to be awfully fond Of 8V She~Andyoumon scorn to bo nwf fond of' sours. §SM!^ * attut ttttlon. It ACTS DIRECTLY UPON THE KIDNEYS AND LIVER and by Cure ITorevcr condition, *•••!*"' •nd pain from the ...irim bottle or now ntylo grSfile? ono. « yV drugging "• TcBbtttatlon— Twenty yeam SSSRt^ngtoi^ •ystem. amall its Tr< Of BUCCONIf ln »»«r wm»iu<j«rj» Wntnnr'a Bold Oof* Co., Jjpn doS! Uocherter. FMukfotl, Mel' 3 bourne, Toronto. ihrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm A'$ "For ."some years I was } I quite out of health, and ; /took much medlcino / which did me no good. 11 f was advised by a friend to! / try. . Ayer's Sarsapavillal /. which I did, taking iv dozen! /or more bottles before stop- /plng. The result was thatlX /felt so well and strong\ /that I, of course, think thero isl I no medicine equal to Ayer's Bar- ( /saparllla.and I take great pains I to tell any suffering friend of it and / what it did for me."—Mrs- L - •*•• MUBBAY, Kilboum.Ws., l r cl>. V t >V I WEIGHTY WORDS FOR *™ a *^ afi Ayer's Sarsapanila. 20 Years Experience] In cycle building has made The Sumo'.Old Alison. Captain Anson of the Ch oago team eaid in a recent interview: "Do I think we will have a winning team this year? Well! if I had not some well founded hopes you can rest assured that the club would not send the men away from home to get them in condition. There is no great change so far in the Personnel of the nine, and that fact I think to a great extent rather improves our chances. The men are all used to each other's style of play, and Better-twiffli work can be attained. In the pitcher s position we are bound to show improvement. We have two good acquisitions in .Densel of St. Paul and. Callahan of Kansas City. Both have excellent records in the Western \League, and' great work has been predicted of them. The staff of pitchers will be as numerous as heretofore and considerably more formidable. I have not decided to put Everett in the outfield, nor will I do so until someone can be obtained for third, base who is stronger in that posit on than he is. You can't tell anything about places on the team now because the preliminary work at Hot Springs may produce a good catcher out of a fielder and other changes that are entirely unlopked. f or.; Decker will •probably be able to play at the outset of the season and will likely accompany us to Arkansas. I received a letter recently from a friend of his, who said that the broken wrist was nearly as strong as ever Just now I cannot say how many will go South. Nearly all the men, without any solicitation from, have volunteered to go, and.the remainder will be .heard from shortly." What Dave JToutse Did. David L. Foutz, ex-manager of the Brooklyn club, and famous old-time pitcher of the St. Louis champion Browns and the Brooklyns, who died unexpectedly recently, was born in Carroll county, Md., September 6,1856. When 22 years old he drifted West, and f of a'time worked in the silver mines near Leadville, Colo. It was while here that he first showed promise of the greatness he afterwards re perec n o. The school children of Sweden plant 000,- . U. DesMoines, No, 16. Mind this. It makes no difference, i Chronic, J Acute, or I Inflammatory of the Mxisclcs, Joints, and Bonesisouredby ATCHISON GLOBE SIGHTS. FEMININE FANCIES. *-.(j • )" F A. ABELL. "Yes, the Brooklyn club has several deals on for players. One IB likely to be closed whereby Rltchey, the shortshop whom we drafted from Buffalo last fall, will Cincinnati. Other deals are on, but there is nothing to be made public yet about them. «I see that Cincinnati is having trouble signing Tommy Corcoran I trust that the Cincinnati club will discipline this man, as he is a disorgan- izer and a trouble-maker, and two years out of base ball would do him a world of good. We expect to decide upon new grounds this week, but theie Is no particular hurry, as we can play the three games we have scheduled for Brooklyn before May 31 on the old grounds while we are fixing up the new ones." It is not the love of money that is the root of all evil so much as the love of hearing one's own voice. Talk is the most treacherous of all a woman's capabilities. It seems as though the fad for the antique was carried'out even In handwriting, the average fin do eiecle penmanship being woefully suggestive of hieroglyphics. Woman's passion for petticoats is responsible for many lumpy figures. One under a silken-lined outer skirt is all sufficient if the feminine form is not on the skeleton order, \ Wall paper of the very newest looks exactly like the designs shown in blue and white challies. Stylish in the latter, it is enough to give one the nightmare in the former. The fortunate woman bicyclist who bestrode a man's wheel in France can not bring herself to using the woman's wheel which American custom forces upon her—poor thing!—Philadelphia Times. • —. When a man is young, he can feel rich on very little capital. t No great man has time to play checkers in the middle of tho day. . Times are 'never hard with a man who has something to sell tho city. There is no fun equal to going to bed at 10 o'clock, and sleeping soundly until morning. As a rulo, a man who can tell you all about the problem of life, can't work it himself. _____ An Unusual Cum— I'erbups. Mrs. Hicks-Don't you dislike to have your husband spend t,o many of bis even- '# pleasanter at home "Beauty lies within ourselves, After all tney say; And bo sure the happy heart Makes the happy day.^ •& I The Best Saddle Coat. SUCKER ^Bicycles! Hartford f79. *9Q, *W, $#». POPIMFfi,C5,»Harlfqril,Conn, 4 ?> Hre, prbyrosU^I Sunday O nines at Cleveland. A dispatch from Cleveland, Ohio, says- "There are breakers ahead for the Cleveland club. President Robison decided some time ago to play Sunday games at Cleveland, and after-negoiiat- Ing for grounds in the suburbs with unsatisfactory results, he announced thai they would be played on the Lexington avenue grounds. Sunday games in this city have been provided for In the schedule. President Robison announced that if the Sunday games were prohibited he would transfer the club' r to another city. There is a state law prohibiting base ball on Sunday. .Ibo police authorities say they must enforce that law if citizens request it. On March 1 the Congregational ministers met and adopted'a formal protest against Sunday base ball. The following day Presbyterian ministers did likewise. Other church bodies will undoubtedly do the same." How'8 Tills! & Marvin, • Wholesale Tiaifn'r^fffarrl^Cure IB taken internally. Half a dowm A&, who were rolling in wealth in tbe -$reSperous 184(1 period ^are now inmates of the Ban Francisco .poor- bouse. ^ Don't Tolmeto Spit mid Smoke Your „„,, »n»,, Toquittobaeco easily and forever, be mag. ._..!,? f u n of life, nerve and vigor, taise «o- .' .aS8SBBB!S«iS»WI0«^ •' W. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOE IN THE WORLD ' For 14 years thin ahoo, by merit nlone, has i d ffi?I?d a by 0 §vS- e i[ooo,OOqweorera astbo i best in stylo, fit and durability or any shoe I ever offered/it_$3. l Op. i .. Amrnlp nTr41 n, s and f Glints. Corcoran, Irwin, McOleery and Clarke are among the players who refuse to sign contracts with their clubs with the Bay Pity, Mien., team. •JS»llw>4'»ere-.ttnttrW.W;' -wftw be went to St. kouis. Hi8 career with the I st Louis Byewns was a succession of 1 a - ne rankea SB one of ° e ra« 8Ss5A«!TSi»«ft* •rue WM".*""- c l ub will give the veteran, Pete Browning, a trial at umpiring its exhibition games during vne.: preliminary season at borne. Outfielder Slagie, who was drafted from the Texas league by the Boston club has been transferred by the latter \Q tbe Grand Rapids cjub of the Western league. -. The Brooklyn club officials are not saying a word about Sunday games at home during the coming season, They will have something to say on that sub» jept when the proper time arrives. 1 bv President Von der Ane from the Minneapolis club of the Western league, now objects to going to St. 2!JJ, P e W B that « e P re * ers to P lft y with a mJGQr league team, It woujfl not J?e muvrfelng « of tbe inaianftpsUs league s?JwW J ~ Doesn't make no dlffi'uuco now Ef it's sun or rain; Qroun'-bog he oiii 1 got no chance Ter try bin luck qgain.^ •'STAB TOKACCO," As vou cliow tobuoco for pleusuro use Star It is not only tUe Desi but the mostlusUug, ana theretore, thejiUeiuost. Travelers in the Arctic roRions have frequently found that the moisture } u .* Ue ' lf preath drops to the earth in the form of snownakes. , Winslmvs (SootlMitg li'ell t&ulhlll ullsys pBiu A stooping position nwutained_for length of titne, tend^ niore tbeTheaith .thanJsgeneral^B J^^^l?m 9 ^w^W^^^ W^'lvfel^^^^ £|4 V t*M»*i»v "T * '"^ and every house,, .-, T3 races inhabit tbe worldT »nd use 8,(HH different tongues. There are ubout l.OUQ .rsllglPflfr ^ mB» smrt Win, J, UryjiW. Prlno. BP Ulld $1.00, McohUnfe- to blnSlDtf. PROF, t, 4 Chicago. HI. Walter" filker & CQ,^ /*"** ' , H ' V , \ V-V, »E§a^Tj^4fwiy%^¥w^» ww '-' L"n *'OT me >"""'iiujtJ "*F H •'/ >i> "' r* ^m PI SO' S C U R E I Q K N SUMPTION '/$&*£ •.v'vwi p^fs, tov&&&-

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