The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1897
Page 5
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' , ' * s • ~\ ,|""-" * * *.•-' - ' >f' *"- t -Iprf s 3 s, ^'~''i f ' - \* Ji \ > *' ?,*",' ' r * '"' •'*"•,'''"'',„ ' i ' •»- >J " * " < 14 f 1897, f-y^w;4"/«ffs "-'•'": :^*!%> THE BPW» DBS MOttfffiS: -sale *i° e - • • • — — hildren's Siiita Grand Openin SPB1NQ AND STJMMEE Sale! Oloeks ®iven Away on this occasion Over 1-2 oif w Men's Hats- •We have the largest and best se, * A i line in Northern Iowa, and s that will .fVPRiL 15,16,17,1897, , - 45o ' 8 $2.00 Fedora hats.. 96o Men"'s $2.00 Derby hats 95c Furnishings- linei«.our,furnish^g a de g - et ^^tee ^^ people who were attracted to our in m5rtd the dat6 ' Thursd ^' Fnday ' and e u o" This, our third semiannual sale, will be the greatest sale We have^yet the way of extremely low prices, and greatest in the number one day only, but owing to the fact that we were only able to ,^ * vs the bargains offered, we have concluded to continue this one for three days. ft ou'/buyer went into market for spring goods he bought twice ^ ota ™.. and as a result he got prices in proportion. For some time £^ P X±^^^^ ,„.-._, KRAFT CLOTHING COMPANY. we ,We have pfboufed Bp'eciallf this occasion a number of h^ftttt: brdnfce clocks worth Wott $4.0( $7,60. These clocks M* » «*! *gg an teed, and we are |olHf to Pg them away during this saie> febs^ lutely free. Call at 6uf aMfe f« particulars. :—- '" i '*"•I Miscellaneous- 76o Shifts at 60c Shirts at • 880 Shirts at * • •»• 76c Overalls at... ••««••• $1.00 Cottonade Pants at, $2.60 Pants at>»•...••••• $3.00 Shoes 'at..... i. ..••« $2.000 Shoes at. • 250 Underwear at,......- 76C Gloves at............ 600 Neckties at 26c Neckties at »• 15c Hose at •" • Work Jackets at........ 35oCaps at.......... *5 lOc Handkerchiefs at.. w* nU11.1«nH)a rllinlf BllUfl at. *' M to make this the greatest Children's duck suits at. Children's knee pants at... Boys' Overalls at. Late, nobby $1 Shirts at... Ask for our $12.50 Suits at, COWLES' BLOCK, ALGONA, IOWA. us impress upon your mind that this sale is made as an , . a nmfir maker The proof of what we say Is in seeing our goods and prices."^ advertisement and not as a profit maker, me proo / - 0* MEXICO-lte^^H^SSiH^K cliff, but portions opera house said to be nearly 200 years yiiu, «j"« r« i t , inMrrnct-. at.n.arn in tno IMD Q^ B T0 SOETHOT EYE "' I SSff.5tff.SS Bd Sd. ln m ' kl ° e ' ° ld ' claiming the largest stage in tho orld and seating 8,000 people. NEW DEAL FOR THE POOR, DE. MOEBE TO ATTEND THEM ALL. Since M uch Changed Cortez-Love -Other peculiar Notions the Days of Methods ,, of those who would Historv tells us that at the time of Cl , imina i 8( who instead a J ... . . i en tirely | tenced to a term in the ap- were by dikes supplied with used in the pro- proaches bridges, which were tection of the city against their en- teS=yi« tered in every cuy ^ with not understand the languBge, I ^te&^&SS£&&3& sen- tings were very crude, their costumes the plain, their acting poor, while a conception of an American Indian was ludicrous in the extreme, in that v,« wore bloomers and a "nto 1 ™*re-rallies) is composed of-those who" F. H. VEBPB, . were formerly brigands, and with whom has arranged to quit otherwise of being jail or in Gets°$800 a Tear for the Work- Some criminal Costs-Record of tbo Board's Doings. cents for Cent ad dttlonaYfor every 100 feet up to 1,000, and one and one-half cents for every 100 feet thereafter. A full contract was drawn up and signed and adopted by the board. The prices are the same as paid last year. SEXTON IS NOW A VOTING PEBCINOT. Sexton petitioned for a polling place all moneys in Wesley cemetery fund to the treasurer of the cemetery as- 80 V 3. Burton to report x>n bridge on and gets it. The 1-2-11-12-13-14 and voters on sections ,i-m-*«-™- east half of 10 in The county board has cut the Gordian Irvington township will vote at Sexton knot. It has hired a county doctor. I hereafter. It had bids in for 16 townships under HAIL SUFPEREBS WANT REBATE, Claims for rebate from taxes amount- pay as Barton $19.48, the district plan, and taking the lowest «'«»^TO wS« "panted by ., :„ *„ «nnn fm> t.Vm vear. That ,_,, „*„„„ miffnvora last summer in in- n r there except in large ditches, aiuoun t they were making as robbers. April 23. h^h Surround and drain the city. These are pointed^ the elite of the c must have is tl i e . Stors 0 aTelll built of stone bri^^Sd^S^^ %S£ {T^on ? C re offeri^tile or adobe and are so arranged that I ch an arraQKe ment. eveAefore They have also reduced wh en completed each block presents ,--,,- fcb on . 86wer . 20 per cent . lowe r , continuous wall entirely surround- AJsit^Mexico wo ^ Gu& ^ than last year.-4t2 I™ "i. ™. TT-i! i. ou,.;«^ <n Movinn." - one uv"» SV.HQI. laCbOrV UI11000 U110 vioiuu «««—---i. it and with an entrance to an innei ^^ ^ The Holiest Shr ine in Mexico these came to $600 for the year. That meant $1,200 or more for the county, if it could get the remaining townships cared for. Then it asked Dr. Morse what he would take the whole county for. He said he wouldn't do it for less than $800. Then it asked him if ' would do it for $800 and he would. In fifteen minutes was settled and Dr. Morse after attend the paupers. He furnish all his own drugs and county free of all expense for the V_ j ., rtf.lini* rl hail storm sufferers last summer Prairie, Irvington, Cresco, etc. The board alter considering the matter refused to allow the rebate asked. SOME GENERAL ITEMS. H. be I said he | he matter | will here-! is further aid for six end of six months advanced if needed, months, more At the will be He says he will get the other doctors to assist ss»-?sS.Sl!l.... ubted the story of the _. , emptied the flowers f^the talma and and take them to his priest message that on that spot ii-uu, and each indi '" " ' ' ' ' """" like a stone fortress, as^ waee^i. ICt'ch^^angementja.nag-1 - ;j^nYbad gathered them there • against 'the depieda^ | aDpeaped on it a ploture of the_ Virgw. ( lant.) his church lately church MIXED flowering gladiolus bulbs at 15 cents a dozen at Heise & Bremer s barber shop.—4t2 LOST: A plush lap robe, between Thompson hill, south of Algona, and the old Thos. Collinson place, west. ••„ i man has trouble with his eyes tho l^en getting help from the county for ! 6 Mat. Holzb'auer is retained as janitor i of the court house at tho same salary „„„„„. him in neighboring towns ° J ™ co $25 a month in summer No more competent man for the place. g { winter. The court house could have been selected, and the board ^^ , t t alons without Mat has taken the easiest and cheapest way| ^° .. K ._..._,. _..^^,^, for the county. SOME CRIMINAL COSTS been considerable discus- costs of the county. Below are the bills allowed at this meeting on such cases. The fees here paid by the county are in cases where pttlU U.y """ ^ •» „„,,, v,-ir t.VlO men •„,., ns just as in the | uuu B »"« t- -• ----the building of the not n « eut new has but recently been completed i &f ter the 400 ye O f P iBconceVned'it appears to necessary in this day and age» as former to protect against the t.i disposition of the ordinary Even the barring of the winai .. .p 10 i uru muor »uu-^« '--•; ~ „ _.,ua o sufficient and many of them are further P gtU1 bright and f ol . mB quite a protected by a wire netting -to P""™" contrast, with those around it, said to the use of poles with hooks or a kind of h ° n ; r ^ een paint ed at a much later date. tbeuseoipoie wMch they throw, ha v^ oeeni ld whl , e The its ex- . Finder please leave at this office. A FORETASTE of spring today aj Grove & Son's. SSS^S^SS.^s^s^ pull through the window with acoia. The social conditions, so far as they apply to young " ople, are so country the ordinary IS ll'ttllUCU- Y< *«*-»• WV-- C3 - _ above the head hangs a crown recently made at a cost said to be more than a million dollars. -i- -J- •*" Guadalajara, a city of 80,000, founded tata jsn8aris r 'iiisf 1 '«si i s coast, from whence, comroumca- In Wisconsin. The Northwestern line (C., St. P., M & O. By.) has over 400,000 acres of land for sale in northern Wisconsin at very low prices and on easy terms. Land seekers' excursion tickets on sale the fines were not paid by the men tried in justice court, and also in county cases. The list is as follows: E.H. Clarke ............................ $ J DO E.W.Palmer ........................... 43 23 J.O. Raymond .......................... J B | 0 E.H. Clarlte ............................. £3 g 0 E.H. Clarke ........ ................ ..... £ 2 73 E.H. Clarke ............................. °^ 0 Wm. Shultz ............................. 040 Calkins is authorized to send Arthur Hosz to the feeble minded asylum and pay all necessary expense. The board rescinds its_action in ? 10 to help decision of the John Mack of Greenwood" abated for 1894, erroneous. Tax of 1896 on lots 20 and 27, block 277, Call's addition to Algona, abated. Auditor ordered to re-transcribe plat books 1 and 2. % Members of the board draw follows: Hollenbach $17.44, $17.68, Smith $16.12, Burton Wetsbrod $18.28. A BIG BAPTIST MEETING. Tomorrow and Friday to Bo Devoted to n Missionary CoMlorence- Able SpenKers Will-Bo Hero. The northern association of the Baptist church will hold a missionary con- I ference in Algona tomorrow and Friday The purpose is not to collect money, but to educate tho churches and people on tho subject of missions and missionary labors. Collections will not be taken except to defray incidental expenses. Some of the ablest men in the denomination in Iowa will attend and speak. Following is the program in full: TIIOIISDA.Y AJTTEUNOON. Devotional exercises led by Rev. ofRenwlclc.^ atlinvvme _ Wrignt of 3.QO. ' April 20, May 4 } iviay t and 18, at very low rates. For particulars inquire of nearest ticket agent, and for maps, descriptive of lands, etc., address G. W. Bell, land commissioner, Hudson, Wis.—4t4 10 8 70 A GOOD assortment fish at Grove & Son's. of dry and salt be seen. plaza, flowers arid her flowers, sing or play after such probation as he has serious designs upon S orange;trees, U,aTstand Implements. If you need anything in the imple ment line you will save $ by looking over our new goods and getting our new prices. Goods delivered at your station.-ltf OV>ed Robinson .1 B.F. Grose ••;; i 0 00 G.O. Austin,., 6BB1 P.M. Trimble.... 03 B5 B.W. Barge. 7 80 F.M. Trimble ; 1145 F. M. Trimble B 00 B. W. Barge 7 10 E. H. Clarke 710 E.H. Clarke.... 7 10 E.H.Clarke 1780 0. A. Molinder 3095 E.Sanford SQ go Obed Robinson 4841 F. M. Taylor SCHOOL LOAN INTEREST TO BE PAID, Auditor Calkins will notify all bor- .:;""„* c^hnnl funds who are in at G. M. JOHNSON. **-Bsf»SSSiSrsj)sfeBSgE5 WE have what you want in dry and salt fish. M. Z. Grove & Son. LOOK over our large line of capes and jackets before you buy. We have some big bargains e * . GALBRAITB & Co. and when the young nsea lady attends church he may follow at a ance ^« t « nde0 respectful distance, sf^ssfJK^^ by a chaperon, who might make such vancement of their people -i- H- trf may accept and further "negotiations, however, \o invite her amusement, which, she provided he also invites aw family, including the brothers sisters; -To this whole arrang. the American has applied toe "Playing Bear." -i- -?- -*Tho streets are all well stone dressed to a smoothness anything I have ever seen in an Amei loan city. All the accumulations are We reached Guadalajara late in the A Snap for Somebody. House and two lots for sale in west nart of Algona. Good cellar, cistern, well, and a lot of nice shrubbery. A small payment only is required down. Inquire at this office.—23 SEE our new rowers of school funds who arrears for more than a year that if Sr^r»« g v Mf oS± proceedings. RAILWAY ASSESSMENT. The Milwaukee railway is assess 3d at $6,000 a mile for 24.35 miles and is divided up as follows: *% A "TO& Wesley. '•• "'75 * 4500 Wesley IDO -•££ 7 ' i5 oo Wesley ind i-'S-, 7 gao Prairie r 95 20,700 Irvington |' OQ i!3,360 13,480 18,060 25,140 18,300 in an appeal from the -,. Polk county courts that cities are not liable to the one-mill county road tax. The matter will be fully tested The Rock Island railway brought suit and won its point. The railways in Algona have never paid this tax. NEW GRADES AND BRIDGES. John G. Smith is appointed a committee to report on a bridge on line hntween 9 and • 10, Port and township; SnlSe between 29 and 32-96, 29, on road petitioned by G. A. Greenfield et al: to repair bridge between 13 and 24 in Union; to report on bridge between 4 and 6-96, 29. H C. Hollenbach is appointed a committee to report on bridge on east line of 4-95, 27; on the east line of 33-96, 27, between 4 and 9-96, 27; between 20 and 29 in Buffalo township; on grade between 32 and 34 in Portland. L. Barton is appointed a committee to report on a grade between Kossuth XJ.UULWOM ^-w i . — • ---- _^ Some missionary facts by Rev, 4:15° Addresa—"The Ages," President H. THURSDAY EVBMINO. 7-15 Devotional exercises led Donovan of Thompson. Address—"The Completed Plan," dent A. B. Chaffee ofPella. Purpose of the L. Stetson of Des by R'ev. Presi- i uon\j A. jj. vjum"'" "" -— — . „ ..-, -., T Address—" The Great Commission," F. W. Parsons of Marshalltown. FIUDAY MOKNINO 9:00. Bible reading, Rev. Whittemore. A Fallow Mission Field, Bellman, Rev. Stiles of of R^ZeUbpejerrdTatriot missionary. MONEY to loan%n town property and farms. Thos. F. Cooke.-31tjanl NOTICE: Those owing the undersigned on account are requeBted o call o r andHumboldt counties; on line between Sherman and Irvington; on grade between 34 and 35 in LuVerne; on bridge on road east and west in 6-94,28, on bridge between 19 and 20-94, 28; to ?eplank bridge between 18 and 19 in CABBAGE, rutabagas, Grove & Son's. and onions at THE best place in town to get canned goods is at Grove & Son's. WE'RE right in line on the grocery g M. Z. GROVE & SON. and walk fronting his own bouse, Oppo»J| parks and at ^e crossings the Beeping is done by prisoners was an one an American owwd and that every of them was proud of that fact., To KODAK fiends: We now have what you want— mounts for your kodak pictures, card board made i solely for that purpose. Call at this office. FOR. time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank, Algona Ind •• Cresco ."• VVliittemore-.... ..•••• •• WWttemore inc , The Northwestern railway is assessed at $4,710 a mile, as follows; LuVerne ind .""'I'SS LuVerne too i-x? Sherman S'S? Irvington. ?•§§ Algona ind.., t' 00 13 29 and and Oresoo Algona..... Algona ind Plum Creek Algona ind and sprinkling from the jails Burtind Burt ino Greenwood.,.. THE newest novelties in ladies' and Bancroft ind. men's fine shoes at the very lowest Bancroft inc... prices. GEO. ^ GALBRAITH & Co, Leayara d , OPFUMH, » H '*VU; foiiowinff afternoon, i-Bttvwsw wy B ty»'B "V" s liinvimillian, Dana w»» ^v vt*» »«• -"", -•-, / nnm that UUw49»only *p ^tttbSwfve, ootiepte«W^^JMStJF'iSfl a tee. peppendipular rook,,te tW W W TO « ^^ »_we puU«4 Wl «.1*S Quaker Something new,"novel, and benefl, al Cures rheumatism, colds, etc., and prevents disease. Best thing on the market today. Algonat people who have used it are E. V. S wetting H. W. Bist, G, F. Peek, Auditor Sheriff Samson, ana 283 6,885 31,875 15,110 6,217 4,710 8,101 3,816 24,445 2,214 2078 16,863 4851 4,808 14,036 , Oalkina, Clerk Orcse, and Sheriff Samson, an er , they williPglytWfy to ite benifloent ona Ledyardin Springfield The Minneapolis & St. .80 9467 47B7 0,123 J4780 6,181 5800 27,742 is as- w. u. *^UV^M is appointed a committee to report on grade between 10 and 11-98, 29; on grade between 30 and 31-100 28; to build bridge and approaches on line between 31 and 6 in Hebron and Lincoln; on grade on 34 M 9 'Weisbrod is appointed a committee to report on grade between 13 and 14-97, 30; on grade between 21 and 22-97, 28; on grade on south line of 10-97, 30; on grade between 14-98, 30; on grade between 32-97, 29, ROUTINE REPORT. Official bonds of W. H. Beard, E. W. r VanDorston, Bobt. K. Turner, Axel F Johnson, W. F. Hale, D.- T. Owens, B. A, Lyons, approved. Tax for 1896 on ne sw 35-98, 27, refunded, tree claim. , , ,, Dog tax of 50 cents refunded to M. Lynch, e'rronious assessment Tax of 1896 on question. TWO LIVES SAVED. Mrs Phoebe Thomas of Junction 111 was told by her doctors she S^tw?oS£.^TS«lrf. New Dfc- ^™&*^^&$S$ City, had con- tried without result everything , bought one bottle Dr. King's New Discov ery and in two weeks was cured. Natura}- lv he is thankful. It is such results, of which these are samples, that prove the wonderful efficacy of this medicine wi colds and coughs, Free trial bottles at Sheets'. Regular size 5Qoand$l. P 0004-*-*^** **• block 4, Wesley, It*A Ul 4-UUU w** «*« — -T- -7 - - - abated, property of widow of old sol- PKOPIE. Old people who require medicine to reg late the bowels and kidney; will find, fl true remedy in Electric Bitters. TWs we ieiwdoes not stimuftte and gooWnj whiskey nor other intoxicauv, ouv atonic and alterative. It acts j the stomach and bowols, aqaipg and djer, .• . . , 8 essedat$3,523a mile and is divided up as follows: LwVei-ne. LuVevneind mverneino Oorwitli ind results. for the JM .A, Orr la agentin Algona r Bath Qabioet, ap4 will information. He also 4650 4388 5490 > 01 Taxes of 1896 on lots 3 and 4, block 73 and lot 3, block 3, Algona, and lots 6? 7 and 8, block 9, Call's addition to Algona, abated owners unable to pay, Frank Miller of Gerroania is approved flftycperbott'' drug store. e H and road in both ends ised at $3,514 i ag follows: ax and 4, blook W i« Algona- are abated, the property be- ftogtaj to AQ old man unable lo pay, Taxes for 1893-94 on nw 34-98, 29 amounting tp $19.46, refunded, being erroniously assessed. by xRNlOA SABYE •,Uo world for ,,\t riieum olulblains, coma 9f New ow »T| Owk across Jte* Moinei A, young woman recenc I passenger on the wwtog U»«w «est Wednesday A, §Ue was m

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