The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1897 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1897
Page 4
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THE tiPPER Km M01NE8! ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. APRIL 14, 189?. THISff A'WARREN. f«tifiB to Subscribe*-*: rwoft Ofe6 ¥&&;.•• ....*..........;....11.60 »wpr,*i* month*....... 76 " ~"~r«tMe6 taontti. 40 j »nr address at above rate*. B«mit bydraft, money order, express order, . Btt*sot»<lt<*rtl6ttig«siiton application. TflE State Register says the present Btate binder has used a "rottener" grade of leather than his predecessors, afid invites THE UPPER DBS MOINES td inspect some samples in its office. Tbftt is unnecessary, as ouf county auditor has a lot of the state census books that were sent out before this discussion began. The board of super* visors made it a point to look them over at the meeting last week, and found that to the non-expert they seem as well and an substantially bound as Other books of like kind. The Register is not borne out in its claim by the expert evidence. As we recall Mr. Curl's testimony after he had made an examination of the documents in the State house—and Mr. Curl is probably as competent a judge us there is in Iowa—he stated that the work of Mr. Young was fully up to the standard of the binding heretofore had by the state. All there is of this matter is an attempt on the part of the Register to condemn Mr. Young for using a grade of sheepskin that all his predecessors have used and that was used in the documents of 1886, by statute made a pattern for subsequent binding, with out having, the other state binders brought in. If that isn't taking a mere technical advantage of Mr. Young, devoid of right and righteousness, what is it? SENATOR FUNK, and Representative Mayne supported what is known as the Temple amendment. It provides, in brief, that a railway employe may accept the benefits of any protective association the railway company shall organize without giving up bis right to sue for damages in case of accident. The debate lias been heated in both houses and the end is not yet. There is merit on both sides, but on general principles all legislation which encourages men to give up legal rights is wrong, and the principle of the Temple amendment is right. SENATOR ALLISON says the new tariff will be passed by the senate as early as June 1. NEWS AND COMMENT. The Chicago & Northwestern railway has just announced a subscription of $80,000 to the stock of the Trans-Mississippi and International exposition to be held at Omaha next year. The Burlington road more than a month ago subscribed $30,000. The Bock Island and Union Pacific will each subscribe $25,000; the Missouri Pacific $30,000 and the Milwaukee $20,000. The total stock subscriptions now amount to $438,480, and the promised subscriptions of the railways will raise the total to $528,480. Z. T. Lindsey, manager of the department of ways and means, expects to secure at least $1,000,000 in stock subscriptions. The Capital says the great pity is the Dingley bill cannot be retro-active three years instead of three months. Congressman Clark tells his constituents that all postmasters of all grades will serve their full four years with the single exception of such as have by bargain got in to succeed those whose resigned on purpose to let them in. Such will be removed, He says postmasters will be appointed upon the recommendation of the congressman of the district except at the home of a United States senator. There the senator makes the selection, Where a postmaster fails to do his duty formal charges must be preferred based on specific facts. This is absolutely the only ground on which a proposal to drop an official short Of his four year term will be considered. THE BABBIT PEST, It is but a few years since rabbits became very plentiful in northwest Ipwa, No longer ago than toe year 1855 it was a rare thing to see a rabbit of any kind in this county. There were a few small white rabbits in the timber south of Algona, but they were of a variety that never increase to any great extent and I think they have 8)1 been destroyed, After the most of the foxes and wolves had been killed the cotton tail rabbits began, to come here, and at the they are here in thousands, • are great breeders and the time will pome when they and the jack rabbits will be the greatest pest we have in this part of ijje <?ojiBtry< The fpod that they thrive 1 over northwest Iowa so anywhere- Hardjy any iimtt tw are safe at the present time from " - '- wprfe of the pptton-tail >ewhen there are as there are a,t |j^l^aB4tft#iw}iitoe before ten first |to'fjpr betep hM 1M+41 £'•••• 41* «M V «*k *K 1kl.f u M there are 10,000 jack rabbits in KoSsnth county. I do not think they breed as fast as the cotton-tails, bat they are great breeders and the time is not far distant when their destructive work will be found fa every grain and corn field in this part of the country. They will eat almost as much a* a Sheep and destroy a great deal that they do not eat. 1 think the Jack rabbits follow along the railroads from the west, as they like to be near the railroad on account ot the feed they find. A great deal of Stuff is thrown off the trains, which they like to eat better than prairie grass. It seems to me that some measures should be adopted to destroy both the jack and the cotton-tail rabbits. Other countries have had great trouble with rabbits and now fitad when it is too l»te that they cafinot exterminate them. If we take the matter ill hand at once We may keep them down, but if they once get the tipper hand they will have their own way. Jack rabbits are now found as far east as Floyd county and south to the south line of the state. The cotton tails are found in every part of the state and their destructive work troubles the farmer very much. JOHN G. SMITH. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Germania is an independent school district now. G. S. Angus will build on his farm near Burt this summer. A bright little girl is reported at C. J. Button's Irvington home. Marshall Hays will put up a $2,000 house over in Garfiold township. The Whittemore creamery has secured Geo. Hanna for butter maker. Blue Earth City went no license for the first time in many years last week. The Wesley Reporter says Dr. Morse will earn his $800 salary as county physician. At Sanborn children under 17 must be in before 9 o'clock in the summer and 7:30 in the winter. The bell will ring for them. W. E. McDonald and his mother have sold their hardware store at Burt. The Monitor says Will has not decided what he will do. Z. S. Barrett & Co. are putting in a grain warehouse at Hanna—half way between Corwith and LuVerne—for the purpose of handling the grain trade next fall. Sioux City Journal: Speaking of good roads, Judge Quarton adjourned the term of district court to be held at Pocahontas last week because there were none. Frank Byrne of Bancroft, who was acquitted lust week in court,.has leased the hotel in Wapello, Louisa county. Mrs. Byrne's brother, Grant Hawkins, edits the paper at Wapello. Bailey: Algona is deepening her city well. It failed to furnish sufficient water for culinary use and some of them drink water over there when they can get it since the last revival. Armstrong Journal: E. H. Bacon of La Crosse, Wis., Amie Peugnet and J. K. Walker of Algona came to Armstrong Friday for a couple of days' hunt at the lakes. They returned on the noon train Monday with a sack full of game. 1 As Ole Munson was working at his barn in Brltt a rifle bullet dropped on his head, going through a thick cap and cutting into the scalp. It was thought to be from a rifle fired at geese somewhere, No shot was heard in town. R. M. Richmond made connections between the Burlington and Northwestern road one day last week. He walked on the Burlington ties to the crossing and then on the Northwestern ties to Bancroft. He was on his way to Algona. Walter Richmond, son of the pioneer of Armstrong Grove, was married to Miss Grace Clark, March 30. Many congratulations go with the happy couple. Mr. Richmond is brother of the Miss Anna Richmond, so well known in Algona in former years. 'Lloyd Light, the youngest son of Algona's former landlord, has gone to Des Molnes to accept a position with Harry Gutman, a leading furrier and milliner merchant of that city, Lloyd will have charge of the arranging of millinery and window decorations. The Emmetsburg Democrat says of the big gasoline light: The fine four- lamp light in front of the Dooley block pleases everybody. It is conceded to be as good as most arc lights, and can be run for a cent an hour. The city should by all means have five or six such lights, The Blue Earth City Globe says the Bancroft races don't have big enough purses to succeed; A local horseman says that the idea of a three in five race for such small purses will not meet with the satisfaction of owners of good horses and that no good horses can be expected to participate in the longer races, Bro. MoMullen, who is a good Meth- pdiet, eays in the Wesley Reporter: An ex-priest and ex-nun held forth at Algona Sunday last. Ten to one nobody was made any better by listening to tpem, 'As a rule such specialists can sow more seeds of discord in a single night than a dozen ministers can eradicate in ft year, Bailey: In Kossuth county they are cutting down teachers' wages and cgr- tailing gehool house taxes. This is a poor place to begin retrenchment, Better cut down oroei&l salaries, kill the lawyers, and make sausage of the tramps; this would eave some, They might also suppress all newspapers IWB the churches. I,owa Fftlle SentJpe.1; A man named uh-es, who Hyeji up ja,t }e a jpjgtJty.flUBteF, has hit upon, for stealing marches upon ga p .J»'flu|to,M gffwtlvg w*. n EOOD BIUYS TttB COtJRf OOtJlff SEAT fittt fO tirts lii kossnth at One -tcrm-iiispositioa Ot Cases -Thns Far tried. ,XJ'A-' sr>'>7** ! Slf^SfW?'-.-^r"-^TT»- ,,.«.-. •>•• , <• ^l^2!S$ MoiiieB last IK^pM^^^"* 0 ^^^ 1 '^ Judge Quarton Went down to Eolfe to hold court at Pocahontas, but found the roads so had that he didn't try to go over. Pocahontas still holds the belt for being a county seat without a railroad. Such weather as this makes it impossible for witnesses and jurors to get to court. The judge came back and both he and judge Thomas tried cases until Saturday, when the former went home. Court will continue this week. This morning the Corwith-Lu Verne school district contest is on for hearing. The jury was excused last night. District Court Notes. Mr. Pearson of Fort Dodge, Mrs. J. P. Dolliver's father, was in court a day. Lawyer Faltinson is sick at Armstrong and the prosecution of Carlsberg of Swea City was put over till next term. Judge Thomas held in a foreclosure case that a mortgagor cannot stipulate in a mortgage to waive his year of re demption. Lester Stevens pleads that he has married the girl and is acquitted. He is the man Sheriff Samson had such a time with at St. Louis. The N. J. Skinner case was continuet till next term. A telegram announced that his former typewriter, an im portant witness, could not be here. The Followay outfit was found guilt; of, stealing wheat. Geo. W. Pangburn of Buffalo Center made an able defense but the men were too much known Their mother is a sister of the McKays in Cresco. Sentence will be pronounce" tomorrow. The evidence against Frank Byrne charged with stealing household good when he left the hotel at Bancroft flatted out and the judge took the cas from the jury. It is rumored tha Frank will bring a suit for damages fo malicious prosecution. Sullivan & Me Mahon are his attorneys. While here Judge Thomas rendere his decision in the injunction cas brought to restrain Will Bender from putting in an elevator at Spencer. ' H issued apermanentinjunetion. Bende sold, agreeing to stay out of the busi ness. A. C. Parker was his attorney Clarke & Cohenour for the petitioners The preliminary hearing was held in Algona some months ago. Two of the Russ-Lund land case were heard by Judge Thomas. Swetl ing and Taylor defended in one and J W. Cory of Spencer in the othei Neither one had any bearing on th question of title of Kossuth holders The judge decided for Russ. It is un likely that any of the cases Kossutl holders are interested in will be hear this term. Clarke & Cohenour repre sent Mr. Russ in all. He was out from Chicago last week. The long standing prosecution c Baker and Keller, charged with sellin^ stock the sheriff had attached, was end ed yesterday forenoon. J. W. Sullivan assisted the county attorney and Barne, Kelley was with E. V. Swotting for th defense. Before the case got to th jury the defendants agreed to pleai guilty to petty larceny and Judg Quarton fined them $6 each and costs The evidence seemed to bear out thei claim that they did not understani that they were violating the law. •The long standing suit of the as signees of Carmichael of Tama Cit; against Mike O'Rourke was tried Years ago O'Rourke took $1,000 stool in a furniture factory, the understand ing being that Carmichael would hoi him free of any risk. Carmichae failed up and his assignees had to pay all outstanding claims against the fac tory. Then they sued the other stock holders to contribute, Judge Carr rep resented O'Rourke and Geo. E. Clark was with Judge Struble of Tama City for the assignees. Judge Thomas BUS tained a demurrer raised by. Judge Carr but on the final trial held agains p'Rourke, taking the case from the jury and giving judgment for the claim $400 with interest. W. P. Boyer mortgaged a lot of cat tie to Geo, C. Call, He gave anothe mortgage to Judge Quarton, When they went to get the cattle and protec themselves they found that a De Moiues man named Miller, who own the Boyer farm, had driyen. them off The Call mortgage was brought befor Judge Thomas for foreclosure and in the same action Miller was. sued for wrongful conversion,* Lawyer Miles o Livermore appeared for Miller ant asked to have him dismissed from the case, as the action to foreclose was in equity while a suit for wrongful con version was in law. Geo, E. Clarke and E. V. Swotting resisted, and Judge Thomas sustained their view that Mil r being a party in interest was rightly made defendant and that the conver slon thereby became an equitable matter, Miller has now answered claiming that he furnished the money for the cattle and that Boyer never owned them, BE4QHEP were ftt the funeral. Mr. LftMfy has ne brother and two sisters living, and hree brothers dead. Mis father was rowned when he was very young. Her. Landis of the Baptist church was called to Bart to preach the funeral sermon for "Grandma" Davison, who led at the W, A. Cbipman home Fri- ay, April 2. Mrs. Davison was born n Clinton county, tt. Y.* Jan. 21, 1806, making her past9lyeatsof age. Three hildren lire in Kossuth county, R. E. )avison of Bancroft, D. J. Davison of 'ortland, and Mrs. Cbipman of Bart. Another brother lives in Clarke county, lire. Davison was a woman respected .y all. fiii ^^^ si ^^^ ODD FELLOWS AT WESLEY, This District Will Gather June 3- Secretarr of State McFafland One of the Orator*. WESLEY, April 13.—The Odd Pel- ows of Wesley have decided to celebrate the V8th anniversary of the order lere June 3. Invitations have been sent to all neighboring lodges in the district to join and help make it the >est ever held in this district. Secretary of State McParland has been se cured as one of the speakers, and R. L, Tilton, P. G. M., of Ottumwaasanother We have been informed that Dr 3has. McCormack intends moving his family to Wesley soon. F. R. Amesburg has rented the wes store room of Ed. Kunz and will move his stock of hardware into it in a few days. The wet weather has put a stop to the seeding of small grain at present. A little boy of Z. C. Galer has been very sick with lung fever but is better Dr. Galer of Belmond, the little boy' grandfather, has been attending him. Thos. Tobin loaded his farm ma chinery and household goods into a ca Friday and shipped them to Minnesota where he intends making his futur home. Ben. Hopkins, our genial depot agent has been visiting with his wife's folk at Cylinder for the past few days. The terrible condition of the road has made business slack of late. G. S. McPberson, who has been try ing to close a deal with C. C. Crum since last fall to trade his meat marke for • land in Dakota, has finally sue ceeded in closing the deal. Mr. Crumb takes possession of the market and Mr. McPherson steps out of the business. J> J» Wilson's It, LBP try's Mother, anrt jn,a» pavJeoja 9* Bwp* J9l« Wprd reached Algona last week •Tuesday that Albert Bovee bad Mgjjday ty h}g Wi^OHS^ bPW«- If till ,8§*t May hs weirtfl have Jjjjtil ty fce was about in i Wls,, IftB i 'week by tne * T*?^4 r p*!ff* fyrlvfWVTftJ*m 'WW* W8$Mf'§to«l years You will want Before you do coal We have Blue Grass, White Clover, Medium Red Clover, Alfalfa, and Alsyke Clover, and We want to sell them. See our seeds before you buy. Lenette W. Butler, .Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. When the Sun Shines Again PATTEESON INSUBANOE CONTEST. Testimony Taken In Algona to Defeat the Life Insurance Policy Held by the Late Alex. Patterson. A contest is being made by an eastern life insurance company against the policy held by Alex. Patterson, whose suicide at Madison, Wis., will he recalled. The company claims that he was not in good health when hesecured the policy. Testimony was taken Friday before B. W. Haggard, as commissioner for the company, and E. H. Clarke, as commissioner for theestate. It had to do largely with Mr. Patterson's health while a resident of Algona. The attorneys were Burr Jones, a former congressman and author of several well known law books, and A. R. Bushnell, both leading attorneys of Madison, Wis. BAD AOOIDENT AT LEDTAED, A North-western Brakeman Loses One Arm and Part of His Other Hand. A Northwestern brakeman named Chambers was trying to pick up a pin under the cars at Ledyard Friday morning when he got caught in some way. Three fingers were mashed on his right hand and his left arm was mashed at the elbow. A special with Dr. Will was sent from Eagle Grove and the injured man taken to Elmore. Monday another special took him to his home in Eagle Grove. His arm will be saved and possibly all but one finger. He is a young man just married. THE MONTH'S MAqAZINES. The number of Scribner's Magazine appearing at Easter-time is always particularly bright and attractive both in contents and illustrations. The April issue this year contains two full page compositions by Gorguet, called "A Roman Easter;» a portrait by Howard Gushing: the transformation scene in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, "by William Hole; Albert Herter's illustration for "Cor Pecoatrix," and Gibson's "Lond|p" as some of its artistic features, • -*- -f- -s- The April St. Nicholas covers a wide field in the interest of its boy and girl readers. The frontispiece is a picture of a puppy and a kitten, "Chums," from a painting by J. H, Dolph. Woloott Le Clear Beard tells of " Moses," a tamo eagle that was his pet when he was engaged in engineering in the Arizona desert. "Seeing and Believing," by Harold Wilson, M. D. is an illustrated account of some strange optical illusions, CALL on Grove & Son today, You will need some paint, and remember that the Sherwin-Williams has the reputation the country over of being the best ready-mixed paint made. Two coats of their house paint will make your property look 50 per cent, better. Paint Your Barn too at the same time with their Creosote paint. Floor paint (dries over night.) Buggy paint, Wagon paint, paints and enamels in small cans for the 101 small articles about the house whose appearance can be changed to look like new for a few cents expense. We have pine white lead, and nothing but the best boiled linseed oil. Do your painting now before the dust flies. G. M. DOXSEB, Special Discount Sale Carpets, Mattings, Curtains, Draperies, For- tiers, Ladies' Capes, Skirts, Wrappers. Ten Per Cent. Off for one week only, commencing Wednesday, April 14, and continuing until Saturday night, April 17. John Goeders. Algona, Iowa, Nothing but Hardware. THAT'S OUR BUSINESS-And if there is anyone in this community who thinks he can buy better or cheaper than he can here we want him to come in and we will show him that it Can't be done. make a specialty of the best gpods to be had the prises for same quality of BOSS Machine, Call and §§§ it at ^V ; %%fc'<•-.'.' v. , ' _^^. ' J \A/ P*}

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