The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1897
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AMONA, IOWA, * 4 1 -3RS - «-.i,:' ; 4 TO-DAY THE TEMPLE AMMDMMT, OAtTSB Of A B£i)-H<M? What tile Proposed Law Reall? ts- Getieral tteBttitte of Work of the Week. DBS MoltftiS, April 13.—There was a great debate in the senate oti what Is known as the Temple amendment. The Temple amendment is an amendment containing the new features, cutting down the staff of the got ernof, defining the duties of staff officers and putting them on the merit plan* 4- 4- 4- It continues to he the general opinion that the legislature wilt adjourn about May t The principal work 1 of the session has been performed. SEMMOOAtrtiEWS and Green Vegetables at Qeo. C. Call will address the Odd Fellows at Humboldt The Independent says: " Mr. Call is. one of those orators who always pleases his hearers New M. Z. Grove & Son's. 102 E. State St. TBDBPHONB 19. GEO. L. CALBRAITH & CO. CARRY A FULL LINE OF ets, Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods, Wall Paper, Window Shades, Hats, Caps, Gloves, Mittens, Under- C _ . . , t 1- _ _1 '_ _ £,un«. wear, Gents' Furnishings, and in fact everything to be had in a first class store. Our prices are the lowest. WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD. G. L. Galbraith & Co. IF YOU NEED A NEW COOK STOVE, Pump, Barb Wire, anything in the Hardware line, or in the . way of Coal, come and see me. Don't Forget that we always have on hand- all kinds of grain and ground feed, bran, shorts, and oil meal at reasonable prices; also W. H. JONES, HOBART, IOWA. •«•———• The Standard Bred Trotting Stallions of nil Mnds and grades, Goods delivered to any part of the city Sired by Axtell, 5183, record 2:13, and PHALIO, 26150, Sired by Phallas, 1446, record S:l3Hi . , will serve alimited number oj approved mares wbile in training at tiie fair grounds, Algona, owa, after July I,! 88 ?For particulars address J, P. KENSFICK, IOWA. C, & N, W, Elevator, PR, L. A, SJOTTZ, Drugs and Medicines Full assortment always on hf»aol S^fi Pines, and pure liquors tor m " PWPQ^es, pnly, M, V. HAGGABD. G. V, PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones * Smlth.l Abstracts, Real Estate,-*®* Collections, ALGQNA, IOWA, proposed to the railroad law by which a railroad employe, if he belongs to a " relief society" composed of the em- ployes of the road and accepts its benefits, in case of injury, can afterward sue the road for damages just as if he did notbelong to the relief society. The only railroad relief society in the sttiteis composed of employes of the C. B. & Q. The amendment passed the house a long time ago by a very large vote. So the fight was all centered in the senate. The question came up in the senate on Wednesday. The senate committee, by a majority, had roported a substitute, which had been framed by Senator Berry, which gives the employes of the railroad 80 days after an accident within which to decide whether or not they will accept the relief society's benefits or whether they will elect to sue the road and take their chances on securing a judgment. After long debate, occupying an entire day, the Berry substitute was adopted. the vote being 28 for to 19 against, three not voting. The debate was one of the most interesting of the entire session. The 10- minute rule was in force and the senators demonstrated tbat better speeches are made when the time is short. The Burlington Belief association, according to Senator Pusey's speech, has over 2,000 members in Iowa and a majority of them have belonged for eight years. It was freely charged by senators who favored the Temple amendment that the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy coerced men to belong to the relief association by employing those who would agree to join in preference to those who would not agree to do- so. Those who opposed the amendment argued that employes of a corporation ought to be permitted to enter into such contracts as the relief association offered if they desired to do so. It was evident that the fight upon the Burlington Belief association was being, made by the various "brotherhoods" of railroad men working on the other lines. The "brotherhood men" regard the Burlington relief association as a menace. The brotherhoods all pay sick and death benefits and are largely held together on that account. Take away these benefits and the "brotherhoods" would so to pieces. The debate was participated in by the following senators Hobart/Irewin, Ellison, Harper, Druet Healy, Carpenter, Garst, Upton, Pusey, Kilburn, Byers, Bowen, Cheshire, Waterman and Berry. The vote above given will indicate the positions taken by these senators. The question is not entirely concluded in the senate and will cause a warm discussion when it comes up again. Enough is known, however, to indicate that the Temple amendment will not pass the senate. The house members appear to be determined and say that they will have the Temple amendment or a further contest. -5- -j- -i- The revenue bill has now passed both houses, but the house amendments remain to be considered in the senate. •+••*••*-• Some radical legislation has been enacted in the new insurance law. The changes are too numerous to be described in this letter, but they are all of a radical anti-monopoly nature. •f H- •*• Every thing pertaining to prin ting am binding at present is in the hands o the house printing committee. -5- -i- -*J S. Emery of this city is heading a movement asking the state to issue bonds to the amount of $450,000 with which to erect a beet sugar factory at the Iowa Agricultural college and farm. The bonds are to run 20 years and to draw four per cent, interest. Mr, Emery desires to make a great sugar producing state out of Iowa, His bill was drawn by Hon. A. B, Cummins. But Mr. Emery overlooked the fact that the state of Iowa cannot have_a bonded debt over $250,000 except in time of war or public danger, Since Jan. 4, 'l897, State Treasurer Herriott has paid $514,886.49 in state warrants that have been drawing interest. -He has cash, on hand to the amount of $144,867.10, It is estimated that half the state debt, about which so much noise has been made, will be paid bv May J. It will require between $90,000 and $100,000 to pay the members of the legislature when they adjourn. The other, expenses of the session are being paid right ftlopg. So the state of Iowa is all right after all, •' -ir -r -*The bill authorizing the printing an.d annotating of the code prepared by the joint committee of the two houses came up in the house on Saturday and was referred to the judiciary committee. There will be a strong fight on this bill, but it is believed that it will finally pass and that the state of Iowa will edit, annotate and print her own code, " without asking the consent or other nation on earth," ae Bryan and gives them" something to think over that will be of benefit to all as well ae members of the order." This is the 78th anniversary celebration, and a big gathering is expected, • -»- -*• Sugar Bailey credits F, H. Vesper with the statement that the Mexicans use the Tropic of Cancer as an irrigating ditch. He adds'. That ought to be stopped by international agreement. It's our cancel-just as much as Mexico's', putting water in it may warp it. -s- -4- 4- A big 13-pound girl has arrived at the Glen. Brilnson home in Livermore, and A. A. has been wearing a smile here in Algona that no one knew the TRY IT. special reason for. The Gazette says: This chubby specimen of angelic humanity tipped the beam at 12 pounds and 18 ounces, avordupois, but this seems to us to be incorrect. A druggist has a right to use troy weight, with 12 ounces to the pound, and allowing Mr. Brunson this privilege, we have the weight of the child a little over 16fr pounds. He has just cause for feeling proud. -i- •+• -»The Garner Signal says that during the high water Corwith tied the nearest house to a telegraph pole, and then all the other houses to that. When the waters were highest/passing 'b6at- men saw what looked like a long .train of cars. It is now Cor with's turn. -*- -*- -*Frank Curtiss of Nevada, father of Attorney Curtiss, was in Ledyard last week with a carload of cattle for his ranch north of S wea City. The Leader says: Mr. Curtiss is a very extensive real estate owner in this and Story counties. He is a very pleasant gentleman and we would like to see a good many more such men get hold of Kossuth county real estate. -s- H- •*• The Spencer News comments on the Algona fishers as follows: " State Fish Commissioner Delevan has had P<bout 50 Algonians arrested and fined *5U each for spearing fish, which is pretty high priced ' sport "arid 'brain food. Editors can afford no such luxuries." And the Esthervllle Republican says: "Among the number was a city councilman, a constable, a railway agent, a deacon, etc. Oh, that Algona is a From. Chautauqua County, New York. Absolutely Pure. ••». Langdon & Hudson. TBI/EFHONB KO. 16. $3.1 PER ACR 1 can't And Ten Years' time in which to pay for it. Of course you buy improved farms for that, but the Northern Pacific Railway Company has hundreds of thousands of acres of wicked town, mulct." even if it hasn't the in Central Minnesota, which it is selling to actual settlers at from $2.50 to $3,00 per acre, on TEN YEARS' TIME. The prices are Cheap, but The Lands are Good. Fine soil, splendid water, best of markets and near churches, schools and railroad stations. The famous Red River Valley lands at $4.00 PEESOHAL MOVEMENTS. Miss Mate Smith is visiting her! brother, D. T. Smith. Miss Ada Smith has been spending her spring vacation at' home. Harry Neilander of Lansing is visiting his sister, Mrs. J. T.- Chrisohilles. Mrs. Frank W. Dingley will spend part of the summer at her old Ohio home. Thomas Sherman of Bancroft started for California last Thursday. It is a business trip. Miss Swisher of Iowa City returned Saturday after a week with her school friend, Miss Jessamine Jones. A. L. Goddard went to Mason City Monday to be gone about two months. During his absence his son, Horace, will attend to his work here. Many old time friends enjoyed Mrs. V?' W. Wheeler's visit last week. Among other social attentions a large reception was given in her honor at the Gardner Cowles home. Miss Flo Laird of Des Moines, a friend of Mrs. Geo. S. Foster, and a kinder garten teacher of experience, is contemplating getting a summer class of little folks in Algona. and railroad stations, to $8.00 per acre. a, Stop ZFa^IrLg* ZE3erLt I Be XrLd.epen.cLerLt! For maps, prices, and terms of sale, call upon DINGLEY, COOK & CO., Local Sales Solicitors, Algona, Iowa, or write to IF. WM. H. PHIPPS, Land Commissioner, Northern Pacific Ry. Co. Eastern Land Agent, N. P- Ry>, 82'. PAUL, MIJSTN. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, J, H, FINGER, Prop'r, Best of service at all hours. Private din ing room if desired, Fine Cigars and ®. Confectionery Our Specialty: SUNDAY DINNERS, 250, Boston Block. *"« Yt* ~ Motto: J, H. FINGEB, Proprietor, LE&AL NOTICES. ^^ xx- ^ N- «^-xx<-'^>^^~^^^^^-^»^^^-' NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL. STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS, —District Court in and for Kossuth County. To whom it may concern: Whereas, on the S9th day of March, 1807, a paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Julia A. Walston, late of said county, deceased, was filed in my office, and was by me opened and mblicly read; and the 35th day of fiay, 1897, iimointed and fixed as the time when the same will come before the court, at the May term thereof, then to be held, as the duly executed last will and testament of the said Julia A. Walston, deceased, at which time all persons interested may appear and show cause why the same should not be admitted to probate. Dated this 30th day of March^SQf,^^ St3 J3, r. UJ£UD.rJ| Clerk of the District Court, Free MOST PERFECT MADEA pure Qrape Cream of Tartar Powder. ., from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant, 4Q YPARS THE STANDARD SHEUY * PETTIBQNE, MARBLE t Head Stones, Monuments^ SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice is hereby given that J>y. :*""•—ft,E transcript execution to me directed by the olerK of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, etc. of E, O. Roberts, Arena Roberts. Thos. Roberts, Tillie Roberts, Bradley & Nicpulin, Patterson & Sarohett, and State Bank.of Bancroft; defendants, in favor of Qhas. A, Palmer, plaintiff, •! will offer at public sale, to the highest and best, bidder for cash, at the door of the court house, in the town of Alsona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on t>he Btn day ot May, 1897, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. ro. and 4 o'clock p. m, on said day, all of said defendants' right, We,and Interest in and to the following described real estate, situated in Kossuth, county,. Iowa, to-wtt; Commencing two rods west of, the east (matter post ofSeoNo. 3, Twp, 85, Range 29 west of, the5thP.M.Iowa, tfience weft eight rafts, south three rods, east eight rods, north three rods to place of beginning, being &9***°\i> Auditor"^ plat or northeast quarter of south" westauarter of Seo, No. 3, Twp. No.. 8.5,"««»« west ^alfer of S^Na-3, Twp:No. 96, Rft No, SO, Kossuth county, Iowa, and feot. No- Block No. 0, qall'S third add-on to Algp WATIR OR NO PAY, ore you contract. A fine toe of suitings for spring a.n.a summer feas lust-amVed, Come a.nd take youv choice. Sv,tts a Repairing neatly Acne '•lJKIi RIGHTS &A, IP Saie to commence at the hour 9l 3 o'plwfc *nd tbis W day of Apjtl, U. U. PA«*R*y*M Sheriff Kossuth Oounty, Iowa. DR. PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Senator Bwry'a njQtioa to capital punishment reo,eiy§d but eight voles in tfce ee naje.. ^htte 84 Sstit. ThVl or * will fee eon>in»ed ia jo w» ftteU oae time, yeajeagov &&4 soon Operations perlo. _____ tve,ftted. S£6_o,ta.9le.s,ff py Will be jit Alggna ilQfldj^

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