The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1897
Page 7
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WPEK MS8 M01NES: IOWA. WEDNESDAY. APK1L7. ISO? like a in to S8e iris to-day. 1 ' 8nid her for did > ttrfn6d ' AND pout/rut , A Sure method scrap elling me to paste tt.«m A liiow Ifl the _i called on Miss Fit* last night but AM it was such b bring ttef6r»» Need Mor Tlifth a Odjr heiii'6b!but,'njd'ft)fe ittWrays more Sod lasting when they proceed r tegulat ity tts ft consummation. * of the i observant afcong us can have f«i to notice that perfamnentty healthful the human system are not abrupt andMolent means, and u are the most salutary medicines hh art progressive. HortetWre Btom- h Mtters is the chief of these. Uyspep- to a disease 6t obstinate character, is ob i. . _i..«1 V»«r ifc ! » CHAPtEfcS READERS. fencccimfnt frtti-mtrs Opcrntft Depattmont ot thfe rarm—A *•*•» MltttS ns to th6 Care ot Live Stock •fad Poultry. a paper reatl by Prof, before Farring ton > the Nation- nl Creamery Butter-makers, lie said in part: Only six years ftfesnlt* Ih Oh Jan. 8 tfe put tiinety eggs in a. first-class incubator, and oft Jan. 12 tte set fifteen eggs under a large Stiff Cochin hen, making ft total of 105 eggs set out for a midwinter hatch, *™«* U. B. Geer in Texas Farftt hnd Ranch. Of the incubator eggs, thirteen tested out the first tefti, ot flVe days after ttt«y were started. Of the 15 under the hen all tested fertile. Ton days later, five more came out of the incubator, ana five others were marked "doubtful*' leaving sixty-seven good and strongly impregnated eggs in the machine, in the meantime, the hen had brokett one egg, leaving 14 Under her that still A Bargain. !. Younghub—Oh, preddy, I have such . s Younghub-Yes, dear. See this aaHlttledoK I'bought for us—only *10 Ptted45S&er W »5-antedWm to be a | pure mongrel. ,non't Tobacco Kplt and Smoke Your life Away. To quittobacco easily and forever, be mag- full of life, nerve and vigor< take No- onder-worker that makes weak All druggist*,, fiOc or $1. Cure guaranteed. Booklet and sample free; ndd.- I Sterling Kemedy Co., Chicago or New York. Eaual parts of houey, olive oil and pure I home-in ^e wine made from grape juice or currants, is both soothing and strengthening for a bag cough. "STAB TOBACCO." As vou chew tobacco for pleasure use Star. Ills not only the best but the moat lasting, and, I therefore, the cheapest. , The population of the earth at the time of the emperor Augustus is estimated at M 000 000. It is now estimated to be about 11,400,000,000. . Mrs. Wtiuilow'H Sootmng Syrup illJrenteelliinst softens theKimiB, reduces iullniu | Hullo* allays pain, cures wlnil colic, saueuls ii bottl« i All the inhabitants of the deep devoin- each other and not one of them lives on [ vegetation. permanently cured. No fits •. Kline's Great Nerve o and trcatiio. . , Philadelphia, Pa. A French chemist has invented a blue wap which renders Unnecessary the use of I bluing in laundry work. i Hccciuun's Camphor Ice with Glycerine I Cures Chapped Hands and Face, Tender ov Soi-u Keot, J Sains, Hies, &c. C. G. Clark Co., Now Haven, Ot. There is more snuff used in Boston tliun I any other city in the United States. Edncate Your Bowels With Cascarets, Candy OalharUo, euro constipation forever. 10o. If C. 0. C. fail, dmgKlsts refund money. Europe has four times us many cities as It had in 1881, and the United States fourteen times as many. _ • . Piso's Cure for Consumption has saved | me large doctor bills.-C. L. Baker, 4228 Regent Sq., Philadelphia, Fa., Dec, b, '05. ago the analysis of milk was almost entirely confined to the chemists' .laboratories, but at the present time thousands of people who possibly would not have a clear understanding of the expression "milk analysis" not only comprehend what is meant by milk testing but can make the test for you and from their own experience in testing milk find It an interesting subject of conversation as well as discussion. At nearly every .meeting of cow owners, or dealers in milk and its products, some persons will be seen comparing notes with each other on their own practice in the work. Of the 205 students connected with the agricultural department of the University of Wisconsin during the past winter only one has been reported as haying never heard of the Babcock milk test before coining to Madison. Other institutions could doubtless report the same familiarity with the subject among their students. A thorough course in milk testing is generally considered an important part of the instruction now given at all dairy schools, as well as in the agricultural departments o£ all American universities. At the Wisconsin Dairy School about one-third of the students' instruction is devolM to mik testing, or laboratory work of which this subject is the principal feature. It consists not only of the twenty-four lectures given by Mr. Babcock, the inventor of the process, but about six hours each week of actual work in the milk testing laboratory. The students' work begins with all the apparatus, acid, etc., in as nearly a perfect condition as we can supply them. After they have become acquainted with the eight different testers, which wo have this winter, and are sufficiently familiar with the operations to become confident they can make accurate tests when every thing works right, they are given a drill in the various conditions which are found to give inaccurate tests, with instructions regarding the best way of overcoming milk testing difficulties. In this department of the dairy school they arc also taught how to use the lactometer in connection with the milk test, and by its use to determine the total solid substances in milk and to detect the adulteration of milk which has been either skimmed tested alt right, then cattle the terribly cold weather of the latter part of the month, that sent the temperature in the room where the incubator was away down near to zero. Still the ' ' Slit PbllCB tit Sfr**uf6 Mak6 aft ftftp6tt Ant Cftptnr*, On Monday thfe 15th. Harold Mat qnisee, o) Utica. N. Y., was arrested in Syracuse. N. f., ofl « warrant sworn out by the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., charging hita with f or* er y . On the 1 Bth of December Mafqm- see visited •» photo-engraver in Byrneuse, ~"" stood at ' It made it so cold for our hen, how* ever, that we moved her and her nest into the back kitchen. The eggs in the incubator were a. little slow in hatch* ing, some of the chicks being twenty- two days in getting out. In all, there were forty-six chickens hatched from the total of ninety eggs put in. or a fraction over GO per cent. A good mans fully developed chicks died in the shell just at hatching time. This we attribute to two causes; imperfect moisture and chilling when it was absolutely necessary to open the incubator, the weather was so cold. In due time the hen came oft with her chickens, and there were fourteen chicks, too— one chick for each egg. Do we condemn the incubator? No. We are well satisfied with our midwinter hatch. It has done better, much better, and it will do better again. Circumstances were against it. And yet the results were satisfactory. ' Who would not give two eggs for a chick- In the month of January? We are very sure that we would every time. We put all the chicks in a brooder. We have lost seven, of which the most were small and weakly at first The balance are lively little chaps that it is a pleasure to feed and look after. WilHaW Medicine.Co., ftnd arranged for the mo king of a full set of plates for the direction sheets, lables. 6tr.. of the famous Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. News of this reached the liorue offlee, attd no time was lost ih arranging tor Waal-rest when he should return for tho plates. He f etutned on the 16th ahd was ncc.ordmglj arrested and is now ih jail in Syracuse awaiting oxainihation. This arrest proves to be «n important one. Itt addition to various plunder, such as Medical books, typewriters, rugs, etc. foutod ia Mafquisee's trunk whett arrested the police also found counterfeit Coin botl to the trunk and on his person ; and it a search Of his apartments at tjtca found , dvctwiWete .>0ttWt.- * or <.«,«»intt«»HtHg . c sistln'g brcirucibles, bollo*6Y' nickel.' l& bismuth, antimony, a, small blacksmith forge, a charcoal' furnace, and several piaster-of-paris molds. The United States Marshals want him just as soon as the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co. are through with nini, aiid, no doubt, be will be sentenced Tf$• ft euft hath for i-heumatlsm. fry huttefftilk iot removing tan and freckles. fry BwalloWlhg salita when troubled With sour stontach. Try a wet towel at the back of the neck when.elesejitess. Tty snuffing "powder bora* for catarrhal cold in the head. fry a cold, wet cloth around the neck at night for sore throat, fry to cultivate an even temper and don't borrow trouble ahead.. Try a hot dry flannel over the seat of neuralgic pain, and heat often. fry a newspaper over your chest as a chest protector in very cold weather, Try walking with your hands be* hind you it you find yourself bending *-«<n«H» t'fkrtflrtrt 1 . Aft Mi** «f f'toftt tt.<» liootti: Alftrt ttoihrtei- tff tR« l)lit»*cn» : Williams' Pink Pills for his counterfeiting operations, he showed his knowledge of the proprietary medical business : for these pills are in such great demand that they are easily sold at any drug store in the l Uii,i i ted.Stft1| \vas to work the country druggists and sell his imitations at a discount of from 2 per cent to B per cent., explaining the reduced price by the fact that he had picked them up in small lots and at a discount from dealers who wore over-stocked. 'By working fast and nmkitig long jumps, he would have secured many hundreds of dollars in a Hhort time. The proprietors of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are most fortunate to have caught the rogue, before ho had fairly started, and to have thus kept these spurious goods out of the market. SOME POINTED PARAGRAPHS. Tliul ftfo (if Ointment* for £nl:u-rl Contain Merctttjr as mercury will surely destroy the sense <if smell uml completely derange the whole system when entering It through the tnli- uous mirfaees. Such urtlc.loH uliottld never be used except on prescriptions rroltrrcp* utablc physicians, as the dahiaRe they will do Is ten-fold to the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's. Catarrh Cure, manufactured by l<\ J. (.'henry & Co.. Toledo, O., contalnx no mercury, u.tid IB taken Internally, uotlttk -directly upon Iherblood. and.muqo.UR Biirfaqps or the system. In buylhfc HHI1'S J Catarrh | Cure be sure you K«t the genuine. It Is liiken Internally and iTiado In Toledo, p.. by F. J. Cheney & Oo. Testimonials frco. ' Sold by druggists, price (5c per ootlle. Mall 1 * I'-amfly Pills are the best, A Cloldou Opportunity. She— The janitor has boon intoxicated all tidy. ' He— Is that so? I'll go see him tit once. Perhaps I can get him to do something for us before ,ho sobers tip. The most valuable fur is that of the sea i otter. A single skin of this animal soine- I times costs as much as a thousand dollars. , Mrs. Susan Stewart.- of Wichita, Kan., [ has a f nll'set of natural and perfect teeth, ! and her age is 08; WOMAN'S .POWER. IT SHAPES THE DESTINIES OF MEN AND NATIONS. Where Men Are at u Ulti»dvantag«, and "Only it Woman Can Understand ti Woman's Ills." Woman's beauty-, lovo and devotion, rale tlie world. Grand women; strong mentally, morally and physically whose amM >netio influ men to deeds and heroism. are all-power tionaudmag- enco urge of grandeur Svieh women ful. Weakly, Bicl ailing 1 women have little ambition; or watered. This, together with the instruction in testing the acidity of milk and cream, occupies, as previously stated, about one-third of the dairy student's time at the Wisconsin Dairy School. The remaining two-thirds of the instruction is given in practical and theoretical butter and cheese-making. The necessity of thoroughly and properly mixing a sample of milk before testing it is clearly demonstrated by comparing the tests of the top and the bottom of a quantity of milk about ten inches In depth that has stood quietly for about fifteen minutes. If a ten quart pail is filled with milk and allowed to stand undisturbed for about a quarter of an hour, it will be found that tests of the top layer of this milk will be perceptibly higher than those made of the last inch of milk left in the pail after the bulk of it has been poured out. Neglect of this simple precaution of a thorough .mixing of the sample before testing it, and failure to remember that some of the fat globules will rise to the surface very Quickly, are the causes of many surprises in | milk testing. Anyone familiar with milk will also understand the necessity of pouring it from one vessel to another in order to evenly mix the fat globules throughout the whole sample. If milk is stirred with a dipper or put Into a covered vessel and shaken tor the purpose of evenly mixing t h< * to 1 it very often happens that some of the fat is separated by this churning process and an accurate test of this milk is impossible, as any amount of pouring will fail to evenly distribute this churned fat throughout the milk. This property of the fat, to separate by agitation, should always be remembered Habit and The poultry editor of the Farmers' Review has been forcibly struck for years by the extent to which habit exists among fowls. It is a factor of considerable Importance, and one that no poultry raiser can afford to ignore. Especially is this true in regard to the food that the birds eat. Sometimes it is important that fowls .be taught to eat a certain food. They may. at first refuse it, but if given the food repeatedly will in many cases come to like it. One winter the writer had a good many beets and tried to feed them out to the poultry, first chopping them up. The birds refused the proffered dainty with scorn. So the beets rotted in the cellar or were thrown out into the snow, there being no other use to which they could be put. • This winter the writer has again had an experience in feeding beets. He tried some chopped,and the birds did not care for them. They An egotist is a man who believes exactly opposite to what you do.—Florida Times-Union. The man who talks to the point should know enough to keep quiet after he has made it.—Adams (Mass.) Freeman. While a little learning is a dangerous thing, it sometimes makes one happier than a great deal of It.—Dallas News. Be good and you will be happy, after you die, is about the sum and substance of most of the sermons.—Washington Capital. An unworthy alderman always has the consolation that it was not his fault alone that he was elected.—Sioux City Tribune. One who has watched it says marriage is the process by which a woman deprives herself of an escort.— Blakely (Ga.) Observer. A girl with a new engagement ring reminds you of a man who always keeps his overcoat unbuttoned when he has on a dross suit.—New York Press. The man who hoped to marry an Ideal ought to be satisfied if he discovers, after the honeymoon, that he has Won a 'true woman.—Boston Home Journal. Coughing I^cadH to Connumpllon. •Kemp's balsam will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Large bottles 2C> and 50 cents. Go at ouce; delays are dangerous. "The country ever bun a lagging spring. Waiting for May to call its violets forth.' To Cure Constipation Forever Take Cnscarots Unndr Cuthurtlc. lOooi-SSe, C, 0. C. 1'ull to ouro. druggists refiinil munuy. Nature fits all her children with sonic thing to do. — Lowell. t^ftopT^A iJftftfftii* OWtftfiNt* Omaha, »SK, Mute* tt, 1*fc«t *gS pleasure in commending Dr. B. J. Kay Am his work JH". Kay is well khotm in this, and ttiRhv other states Hi the Ji|»or^ IW llevehfiii to lai ntt hontet & H «j^°$°J J?Ju itiati. olio thoroughly worthy ol tne ""^Kr I ilence of th«> jiMJpld.' Those seSaing ™**?X in T)i- KHV mftv rest ossflreo tnAttney win - roVelveriSe mwlidne orteWd. flois ft pto* I ffiBsed clirifitinit. attd t believe ft t fu «! ?•**>• ( KB has linen justly .Mrtod rot DM PjJJ}"" I tlifopic and ciiHstiuii .Work. His |IIt8 en different times through liro lira have BBW almost prifieeijv tjjhvp ^™J™£5!J? B4 £S believe tliiit the Dr. Kfljr « "^j^SJgL ?85 Dr. Kay's Liing Balm, wh'ch h6 sattkes ft»i sells, are valuable to those who fi«e»»«»« us 1 have seen them apod with ottelifrht fe- siili3 Mr George W< Hervey< editor OT the" Omaha Weekly Wtt'' 1 *-"*^, jBttd rttitte a number of other Oiuaiitt peopie tmve been cured by theso tfi'oftt i-eoiMueBj I. -write this WBlimonlftl becatfsfr I 8«twiflly heltevo thttttt is deserved. SlttcerolJ-, J'ftstor People's Charles w. 61 Church. OtnithU, Nebi Ifroo pamphlets will be sent by -.---,to Dr. B. .1. Kay Medical Co., Omaha, Neb Bonet In a SlUer Vfchu , If the find of a Colorado silver miner, made half a doaen years ago, be taken, uto account, there la but little doubt ;hat the human race existed on thitfi continent as long ^go as the tlmo wluhi' the sllVer veins were in process of for-l matlon. In the Rocky Point mine, at 1 Oilman, 400 feet below the surface a. number of human' bones were found' Imbedded in the silver-bearing ore. When taken out over ?100 worth of tha ore still clung to tlie bones. An arrowhead, made of tempered copper and four inches long, was also found with the remains. __ A negro doctor in tin Alabama town ha* ; the top oi his profeswionnlcnrd, "no pay tit no cure." TO CUUI5 A COLD IN ONI! DAY. . Talto Laxnttve Urouio Qululno Tablets. Al Druggists refund the money if It fuila to cure. 2W Lumber tolherainoniit of ia.OOO.UOO square feet, wan last year imported by .China, most of it from Oregon and Washington. W. N. U. Des Molnes. No. When AnswerlnK AilvertliomoiiW Kindly Mention '.Thin I'aooi'. Right off, to any, even | I the worst of SPRAINS, apply Hard rubbing is the sleight of hand.;; A.prompt cure is I! The Magic. simply looked over fhe brightly colored nile and went away, apparently convinced that nothing of that color could be good to eat. A few hens, however picked at them daintily. But the food was offered them again and again on consecutive days. The last day a half basket was offered them, and though they had an abundance of uneaten food they greedily devoured the chopped beets, and when t'iie feeder went to get the basket not a scrap remained. The birds had come to the conclusion that the chopped beets were a first-class food. The writer is now lamenting that he lias not a good stock of beets to be used in this way, and determines that next 'year he will lay in a good supply A similar experience was undergone In" feeding oats. At first the fowls seemed averse to eating them, but now they seem to like them better than any other food, possibly excepting corn. We have heard some poultry raisers say that they never feed oats because they have tried them sometimes and the hens will not eat them. Try them again and keep trying. Ponder Over It. A prominent building owner, with Tnu DpoTon-"Ono layer of aper ia b»d nough, you here ! Tns DooTon—"One paper ia bad enough, ••^ifcl-W'4*^ ALABASTINE. IT WON'T BUB OFF. ^^^^K^^' 0 ^&^^^^1 ia a pure, permanent and artistic wall-coating, ready for the brush by mixing in cold water. For Hale by Paint Dealers Everywhere. A Tint Owd showing 12 desirable tiuta^ttlwAlabaBUne . -, their own troubles oc- persons sending samples of milk cupy their thoughts, and ' mall or expre ss to be tested at some it i . i. __,^.1T •'"' ' I )* _ ir»T _ 1. « mm •**nnr-itimr\ TY1 f\ Tl V theip ono object is to get well.. other Place. We Jmve many - ~ir «-»*r ^-^tw~ -M »~- p, i- r • U^,flCJl JJ#UW^>* • • — T ---- . They have no confidence in them' ch S amples and almost always find Wjves, and;only too often lose faith in lump ot butter floating on its surface theip physicians, when the sample arrives. If the test AH irregularities, whites, bearing of 8UC h, a churned sample is very im- down pains, nervousness, headache, portan t, apd another one cannot be oh- IID/.I,«.I... «i.i — « ,T!_i..~i.. j!,,« unntot.v. 1 . ..3 ca some" Combs. years of experience, gave the following instructions to his architect: "1 have had my experience with kalso mine and other goods claimed to be just as good as Alabastine. I want .you to specify the durable Alabastine on all my walls; do not put on any other manufacturers' dope, if they furnish it for nothing. Alabastine is right, and when I cease to use it shall cease to have confidence in my self or my own judgment." An Old Typo. Sixty-five yi-ars ago Hiram Lukens entered the Intelligencer office at Doylestown, ?a,, to learn printing, and he is there yet, setting type as fast as anybody around the place. His record of continuous service with one establishment is probably unequaled in the business. Much Worse. He—It must be dreadful when a professional singer knows she has lost her voice. She—But it is still more dreadful when she is not aware of the fact. WEHAVENO AGENTS but have sold direct to the consumer fur 24 years, at wholesale prices, saving them the dealers' pro- flttt. Ship any where for examination before sale, Kvery- . thing warranted. 100 Biyles ol' Oar- , DesH. 'ropIlu(rgle8Ralow aaim. 1'liaetons aa low as (M. Spring Wagons, __ . ____ 8nrreTH.rnoM-PriasSIC.00. Iload Wngous. otc. Bend No.MO. Surroj-Prloewlthourulni, lampi, »ua- B0 7/ B ^ ar °V!e|iV"or » for lurgo, free Catalogue. rt»d«, .proa «nd fenderi, $00. A. BOO* ««U« for««X ELKHART, IHD. ELKHART CAUBIAGE AND HARNESS MF«. oo., w. n. PUATT, sco'n TlilH K<1 will appear lint ont-c tlilg month. backache;" blues," distaste for soc sounds in ears, palpitation, eroacia^ tion, heavy eyes, "all gone" feeling,'. evil, sleeplessness, oj , ether to the , 1 . ,..3 thin lumn of butter can some Umes he dissolved and mixed with the milk by adding about a teaspoonful then by corWpg but, than should at.once be removed ami , h b ^ tle an d, shaking; it Until te'r dissolves In the ether, This ethei solution of the fat will mix fairly well with, the milk, and it will probab y rep- Sent more dearly the original mixture of thu f»t In the churned sample with a , ..,.._ _..,.. ., ,. of the milk Vy tne •«M*wg of the vfoinb and leucorrhcciv, I en . pr in the testing, » '^""'" v ' tn A\ R . *«> »»!„«« »* o, ,,* .1»i ^-sf4r,«Ts r Cu±. 9°» vo . " * r, ,. „<• »<n1nf* fiainnlei Vigorous JiealtU asswed. Lydia, E, pinkham's Yege-tublo Coin pound, has for twenty yours siwcd Women from $11 this, Jlofti- this WOT »an speaU :— H t wisli tp puulish what Lydla- Pinkham's Vosetable Compound and lluul T \vojnao, I suffered dreadfully , With, Buob, dyaggjng p^ins iu, tho lower Bait qf ^e baol<;and oxtonding around we body,'iwltati$ou of tlw Waddor, Dain whe{j_\vftjki H& und pivinful mon- gkewed t^vi'lbly, I liad f - throo doctors wjtlip\»ti feelp, ^4 it only took -five • -• " ' -' tju-ce All this trouble of Qbwnlng fn bStles co Ul d be avoided If the se»the bottle The agnation by ^* apt chui-n out the fat whw the ic , f,,i i fphis simple precautioo pf coro- SeSly SSg Vbottle when jnilk £ Sit foSr pvttw «w testing will churning and paye n, W a In a recent walk through South Water street, Chicago, the writer was forcibly struck by. the gveat number of fowls that had had their combs frozen. Booth after booth was passed where all of the chickens had their combs frozen down to their heads, So uniform was this circumstance tnat one could but help wondering at the barbarous treatment so universally accorded the fowls. ,lt Is not likely that the fowls are subjected to such severities of weather after coming Into the hands of the commission men, for there had not been weather for three weeks of the time that would freeze combs.' The dilapidated appearance given to the heads of «ie, birds made them very uninviting to the purchaser, and we doubt not had •something to do with lowering the price, Be this »s it may, feelings of .-humanity should lead pne to protect- their helpless anl mais from unnecessary Buffering. Cold Soil—What is usually ca,!!<?,( "cold" soil is dye mostly to excess o water, which finds no outlet by sink ing into it, and is forced to evapor&t from the surface. This takes so much heat from the soil that vegetation will not grow readily In it, Hence the pold soil is very often thin as well, coming aulckly to the clay on which it vests. If this clay is underdrained air and frost >vW pulverise it, enabling deep- X*1 pints to penetrate the soil — THAT gl'ljBHOtt) COFFEE. Mr. Goodman, Williams County, 111., writes us: "From one package Salzer's German Coffee Berry I grew 300 pounds of better coffee than I can buy in stores at 30 cents a pound." A package of this and big seed catalogue Is sent you by John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crpsse, Wls,, upon receipt of 15 cents stamps and this notice, w.n. Real mis*. ;l l've discovered why the Greeks wero such a htippy people." "WhvisiU" . . •'They didn't have their clothes wade to fit," ' ;", • . • SmoUlUK ?fotvt Without Fire. It may sound absurd to wake a statement about '-smoking me»t without ft fire," for StUifl well known saywg that "whore there is smoke there must be _ fly?.' 1 J-ne - of scienpe, liowever,: h»g wad.e, this -'-- rind to-day wptUe,use,of r'ExtracV 'of Brooke 'it' is pine knot—the tallow • candle—the oil lamp —gas— -these are stages in the evolution of illumination, which today finds its highest expo' . nent in the electric light. Similar and no less striking has been the evolution of grain and y. In J83J the scythe and the cradle were superseded by l ^^^^T^^^^S& until now we have that model Harvester and Binder, the WlcgornwK Kigni Hand Open Elevator, and that veritable electric light of mowerdom, the , possible to quickly, pconpnucBlly and r successfully smoke lueat witjout ft fire, ihit liquid'extract is made by distilling the smolVfrom hickory wood &4 i« f^ harmless. In fact, meat smoked by tb" method has R genuine smoke flavor, re mains moist and soft, ;mci w not infested with insects. Every obJeotio-B o^ the old method is overcome, every trouble ended B th? unsightly , . about New 4, ft is not only the handsomwt mower ever fetiUt, fcwt it is, jn every sense of the wprd, the M-an4 if yow experience has tawght you anything, it is that there's potftiag cheaper tfan tbe beat* McCormlck Harvesting Machine Campany, Chiceso. ifPVWiiM vi. ? _ ^ E | evatqr ji OT vester, Kh?. U B."'IW?HK McConTiTckVe?trcaTc$rn Binder and & "nfts Mcconnick Pn|sy Reaper for sale ?verywher^ enriPh it- &P 1W S *s soil is rilied stagnant water it will only-support- ferns an4 mpeses, whose rppts run near the house is a thing of the P^st. Krauser i Liauid Extract of Smoke long ago pftssed the age of e*pei'iinent. and thousands are Heine- it to-dav with profit twd saUsfacwon, B^vi-Hing I K» ! a««er& pro., MiUon, P».. fuqw who w'tatwwteS ow secure free pf charge instrvictive printed matte; metbodB Pf curing ap4 wnoktog all Where a wan keeps 9 hundred, bens " ut QVOl ' y If the male ig net pur,e.b,refla " "Tliink bow theyuaed to tortwte me» m the old days p| the iiwuusltion." , "They even p»t orftojser t-rumbs W 4 made people '" HALL'S Sicilian HAIR RENEWEB Beautifies and restores Gray Hair t9 its. Qriglnal colpr and vitality i prevent? baldness;, eyres itching and dandruff, A fine hair dressing. w R. B Hall & Co.,yroRs.iwashijftt N«$! 4»< F; •**"a,,i'fi liV' n.11 DruitulStS, YOUR RULING PLANET DISCOVERED Bv Astrolo till? »t l'*0(, O. W, /^ —- ' L , ^, ^ ' f* J *- .! ' T '' .^^V"^'"! % J fl u'-'l"*^ 'V & '^'t^i^^^li^r fur Fl(|y Win, tlio hoKwuopns ot Itvf All orm«g*w»y, pwv, yvw, ww«wi «wt« ftWl. 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