The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1897
Page 5
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THE -OVim BESS MOINES! AT.BONA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY, APRIL ?, 1807. Suits— * suits we have a 11 Wool worsted. CO QK • ~ i(T VUtUw worth" $?»oOi at......,. > > < • Children's Suits- our snap In, children's suits He a heat all wool $2.60 at,.,................. ine »f men's, boys' afldchil Ulouo suits will be a continuous line of bargains on this occasion. Over 1-2 off on Men's Hats- We have the largest and best se' lectedlinein Northern Iowa, and are going to quote prices that will interest all hat buyers: Men's $1.00 Fedora hats 45c Men's $2.00 Fedora hats 95c Men's $2.00 Derby hats, 95c Furnishings— Every line In our furnishing de nartment will be full of bargains but the half has not yet been told Grand Opening Sale! .....SFBING'ANP SUMMEB,,,, 16, 17, 1897, This, out" third semi-annual sale, will be the greatest sale we have yet W3B we are prepared to cut a number of them in two. We make no id e boasts, and when we fay we are prepared to bargain sale ever held in Algona, you may depend on it that we will have proofs that are convincing. th! " *" ****** KRAFT CLOTHING COMPANY. Qi?§n Away We bate frfodiife'd fiffttf&tto Id* this bctiasloh a hufflbe. t of bmtiMM bronze- clocks worth ffom .$4,60 to 4160. These docks are all f " aflteed, and we &f <§ gotfig; to them away duf lag this sale* i lutely free. Call at otff st8f§ fdf ¥60 Shirts at.. 60c Shirts at.. ^60Overalls at..,,....;..... $1.00 Cottonade Pants at..... $2.50 Pants at,........,..... $3.00 Shoes at. «•. $2.000 Shoes at.. i.,...,..«< • 26c tfflderwe&r at............. 76c Gloves at.............. n 60c Neckties at. 26o Neckties at IBoHose at... . »<• •"" Work Jackets at. 36oCaps at..........'•» lOc Handkerchiefs at........ Children's duck suits at...... .47 Children's knee pants at..... .13 Boys' Overalls at............ ,19 Late, nobby $1 Shirts at..... ,49 Ask for our $12.60 Suits at... 7.76 us impress upon your mind that this sale is made as an a dvertisement and not as a profit maker. The proof of what we say is in seeing our goods and prices Grand Opening of our New Stock of Spring and Summer Goods. Stocks in every department complete for spring of 1897. General Dry Gpods, Carpets, Mattings, Curtains, Drapery, Gloves, Notions, Parasols, Cloaks, Capes, Waists, Skirts, Wrappers. CLOTHING. Men's, boys' and children's suits cheaper than ever. Underwear, hats, caps, ties, cuffs, collars, shirts, trunks, valises, rubber boots, mackintoshes. BETTER LIGHT IS WANTED. ELEOTRIO IS THE ONE PREFEBBED Committee Appointed to Go to the Bottom of the Matter—What Emmetsburg Is Doing. A complete and'well-selected stock with the latest styles and best makes and lowest prices. A.special invitation to all. Yours for trade, KELLIHAN IS GUILTY, He Is Found Guilty of Murder In the Tlrst pegree-rTbe Jury Was Out SI Hours, When the evidence was all In In the Kellihan trial at Fairmont Judge Qulnn Instructed the jury that the prisoner must be found guilty of murder In the first degree or be acquitted. After 21 hours the jury returned the former verdict, with a recommendation of clemency. The Fairmont Sentinel reports the trial at length, .From ^Its columns we clip a few items .calculated to show the character of the prisoner. The Sentinel sums It all up by saying: "He has certainly not been acting, but is either dull of understanding or hardened evil doer." - , . The first Interest he showed at any time was when the foreman announced that a verdict bad been agreed upon, He looked up-quickly and there was a lively twitching and winking about the eyes and he was all attention until after the verdict bad been read, when be looked down again and seemed »s unconscious as ever. Sheriff Hill broke the news of the verdict to Kellihan in the iail before going Into court. The prisoner smiled, without manifesting »be slightest interest l» t be * nf °J m ?T tlon, On returning to jail, after hearing the v§rdlot, Kellihan smilingly **• marked; " Well, we are through with this, "monkey business for a while. While examining a juror Friday «.«« Hff_i.i j A «1.«J3 . tiTTa »n timi T doctor first thought he would outgrow It, but he has not. He has never seemed bright since. Minnesota Is a hanging state, but >s sentence will probably be tYQllluau D POUVUM^'-' >• imprisonment for life. THE undersigned has opened a shop for painting, trimming, and furniture upholstering, and solicits the patronage of the public. Room in the G. M. Johnson^ building, west of the court house, JL, A. fBBbSiaiiK. Notice. Property owners are hereby, notified to remove all rubbish, garbage, ashes or manure from the alleys and clear same of all obstacles and obstructions. OMBB of failure to comply with this order should be promptly reported to the city The committee appointed by Mayor Chrischilles to Investigate into the electric light question consists of F. W. Dlngley, Alex. White and Dr. Sayers. It has gone at the matter with a view of bringing the lighting question to a settlement. There is a very general sentiment In favor of doing something for better street lights. As to private use there is some diversity of opinion, although the merchants have quite largely agreed to take electricity. Whatever is decided on The UPPER DES MOINES hopes that it will only be after a thorough investigation. The committee can well afford to visit Estherville, which put In its plant In connection with the water works, and which furnishes lights at very low cost: and also Emmetsburg, which is experimenting with the new gasoline light. Below we republlsh what the Emmetsburg papers say about the new system. If they are correct It is certainly worth careful looking over. An expense of $50 or $100 in having the committee know all about city lighting before anything Is reported or agreed to will be wisely made If it is needed. The committee is made up of careful business men and 'we hope they will be authorized to visit neighboring towns and make thorough Investigation before anything is done. EmmetsburK'B New Light. For the time being all talk of electric lights has ceased at Emmetsburg. -The Dooley block and Shaw & Kent's hardware store have the new gasoline light, which is so much cheaper than electricity, that the public Is waiting. Following are the newspaper comments. The Tribune says: The big street lamp hung in front of Smith & Benda's store is a light equal to anything in the electrical line—just as powerful, much cheaper and more penetrating through distance. The cheapness of this system Is one of its strongest recommendations; the light is much easier on the eyes; steady, and the system simplicity Itself. A, store or residence can be lit up for a trifling, expense after the plant is paid for, and it is said the saving will in a short time pay for the expense of putting it in It must be safe or the state would prohibit Its. use, This means of .illumination will soon have a fair test in Emmetsburg, as In addition to those plants now in operation others will go in this year. One or two fine residences will go up here, which will be lit up by this process and the system will be utilized also for cooking. The Keporter says: In front of the store Mr. Dooley has placed a large the west side of Lake Okoboji. A line Is to be built from Hampton southwest to Webster City. Why not stir up the Belmond line to Algona? • PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Prof. Skiff, son-in-law of Mrs. Klnzey Carlon, was in town yesterday. Mrs. Alex. White Is home from her visit with her parents in Sao City. W. L. Joslyn accompanied Judge Carr to Des Moines Friday evening. Cyril Hay is home from the Illinois school he and Fred. Clarke are attending. Miss Edna Mclntyre is out from Chicago for the spring SOMOU at Taylor's. Mrs. I. M. Finnell went to Corwlth Friday to attend the sick bed of a relative there. Mrs. J. W. Wadsworth enjoyed a visit from her nephew, Button Watkins, over Sunday. Mrs. W. W. Wheeler Is up from Des Moines with her two daughters visiting Mrs. Milton Starr. C. W. Plumley went to Des Moines Friday to take some final action with reference to the Corwith homestead that has been so much contested. The Des Moines Saturday Review has this note about a nelce of Mrs. D. S. Ford: Miss Helen Stilson has entered the Drake Sanitarium Training school for nurses, and is expecting to take a two years' course there) after which she will take up the study of medicine. When the Sun, Shines Again You will need some paint, and remember that the Sherwin-Williams has the reputation the country over of being the best ready-mixed paint made. Two coats of their house paint will make your property look 50 per cent, better. , • Paint Your Barn too at the same time with their Creosote paint. Floor paint (dries overnight.) Buggy paint, Wagon paint, paints and enamels in small cans for the 101 small articles about the house whose appearance can be changed to look like new for a few cents expense. We have pine white lead, and nothing but the best boiled linseed Do your painting now before the dust flies. oil. O. -M. DOXSEB, TAYLOR'S have opened the millinery season, with a rush, '' t^"-!WW! B -! ..... l., 1 "^.*?". 11 ! 1 IIL - 1 'NOTICE: Those owing n account are to call store IYU. .uuujoj' HBO p»M,uw-» « -~- 0 :lamp containing four Wellsbaok burners with a capacity of 240 candle power. This light is a very strong one and lights the street to a considerable ex tent, two,blocks away. It. is brighter and more steady than any arc light that we have observed and can DO operated at a cost of one cent per hour If there were six such lights in tn< business portion of the city It woulc be sufficiently lighted for all purposes There is considerable talk of othe firms putting In a plant, and if this I done the question of electric lights in Emmetsburg will be settled In the negative, for the patronage left will not be sufficient to Induce a company to put In a plant. ___„__ QATOHES TIBJISBBRMM. Commissioner Dolevan Swoops wu op «»e AJg<m» Offenders »n4 Cateftes a Lot gt Tftem, Fish Commissioner Peleyan came to town yesterday morning looking as genial and contented as usual. Yesterday afternoon 'Squire Clarke's court began to grind and ran Into the evening, Ten unlucky fish spearers bad teen mulcted m and costs, to a» $* each. It iasald that be has. 5Q or The, - AMONG THE ADVERTISERS. Spratt, the noted horse buyer, will be at the Brown barn Friday to take all the horses that, are offered. Owners of horses will do well to be on hand. Remember, at Brown's barn day after tomorrow. ° J. G. Johnson has bought out the Sharp shoe shop and is now in sole charge. He has worked in the shop for years and is a first class shoe maker. Old patrons will be attended to promptly as formerly and new ones are invited. •• ON April 10 the Flint & Pere Marquette Steamer line will resume regular service between Milwaukee*' and Ludington, and the Crosby Trans. Co. D. G. JBw&<M.v-Steamer line) will re- lume regular service between Mllwau- cee and Grand Haven. ' . FREE PIUS. Bond your address .to H;,E. BucWen & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample box of 3r, King's ifew Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits. These pills are easy in action and ere particularly ef- 'ective in the cure of constipation and sick leadache. For malaria and liver trouble ;hey have proved invaluable. They are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken by their action, but by giving tone to stomach and '. — i_i_.», • ' • * - • **"• 1QQ-7 Millinery Department ' • Now open for business. Tf\YLOR. IfYiUg V****w vw wvvi—— —«•— —•• UUWCID B.O^V.J invigorate the system. Regular size 25o, per box. Sold by Dr, L. A. Sheetz, druggist, 4 Those who have used Dr. King's . Discovery know its value, and ^hose who have not have pow the opportunity to try it free Call on the advertised druggist and get a trial bottle, free, Send your name End address to H. B; Bucklen & Co., Chica- and cost you no drugstore. hing. AMIGA SAI^VE, The best salve in the world for bruises, outs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter; chapped bends, chilblains, corns and all sWn eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. It U guaranteed to give lerfect 'satisfaction, or money refunded, ^rice 35c a box, Sold by L, A, Sheetz, JUST RECEIVED., At the Cash Grocery A crate of Mekin's plain white ware, (perfect shape.) Our prices are unusually low on these goods. Seven }tjch p ates per, ,se$. 39CJ Dandled tea cups and saucers, per set, 47c; four inch fruit sheers, per set, i8c, We are selling all ' ' .... Package Coffee 15& per Ib. - i A «««, brand (Nugget) Laundry Soap, two bars for jjc, All Cp J, a C 7 ANDERSON & CO, SOUTH OF COURT HOUSE. Honors—World's Fair, PR, at to njlknt?" Aqfl effefa 91 JHW QuaKer B»t» Something, new, novel, cial. Cures rheumatism and benefi- colas, etc., . , and prevents disease, Best thing on the market today. Algona people who have used It are JB, V. S wetting, B, W, Rist, G. F, Peek, Auditor Calkins, Sheriff Samson, and Clerk Grose, and they willingly testify to Its benlfleent results, J&>, Or Isagentin Algona A, Snap for e and two lots for sale In west part of Algona, Good cellar, cistern, well, and a lot of nice shrubbery, A small payment only is required dpWB« Inquire at this offlce.—83 , our new pattern In orookery, '. M, 2. GBOVH ft SON. ^wrWW^ft. fe'cl tnTormaflonr He also has, on band and for sale, pr, New York re9Q»wends it W 8 , A GOOD assortment' 'of '"dry flsh v$ Grove & Son's. POBBTASTH & SOB'S, . of Spring ' WHAT you at

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