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The Press Gazettei
Hillsboro, Ohio
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1 29th VOLUME HILLSBORO OHIO RIDAY SEPTEMBER 20 19'46 i NO 63 ire Destroys Conditions in Europe Related Carload of Mules i9 By Roy Battles in alk Here Shipped from Here all estival The (Continued on Pace 2) (Continued on Page 2) Show Property a persons the mishap were from Lynchburg pletion aught said JtpOty eoncebsioRs including rides rr till 4L Stole unds (Continued on Page 3) (Continued on page 3) According to reports the fight AfarnLCf94acres in airfield Gustin Monday afternoon at pub from with ON EDERAL GRAND JURY Mrs aris is serving on the United States Grand Jury In Cincinnati this week Man Attacked In Alley Here NEW LEGION OICERS New officers of the Leesburg A car load fit mules was shipped from Hillsboro Tues day This is believed to be the first car load of mules ever shipped out of Highland County although many car leads have been shipped in The mules were raised by Harrison Grove on his farm near Boston There werey 24 of them each four years old Grove' sold the mules to Whitlock of Oak Hill Va but they were shipped to Bristol Va They will be sold to coal mine owners and cotton growers Mr Grove has been rais ing mules for 15 years Sev eral times he has shipped truck loads of mules but this is the first time he ever ship ped a car load ot them RABBIT BREEDERS NOTE All breeders of meat rabbits should try to understand their basic He emphasized the fact that few Americans except those who served in the armed forces in Europe can really appreciate the destruction the poverty misery and hungerthat exists across the sea i Orphans and widows number in the thousands While America lost 300000 men Poland's 30 mil lion population was depleted by 6 million persons mostly men the speaker pointed out Cities were literally blown off the map par ticularly in the battle area Pas toral sections more or less were spared In reference to the UNNRA pro gram of providing food and other materials Battles said he was con vinced that in most instances the program had been beneficial He explained briefly how it works The goods are turned over to the government of the country when they arrive This is rationed out at prices to the natives They must buy the goods The funds derived are then used for rehabilitation such as road build ing repairing buildings etc Bat tles was convinced the UNNRA To Hold ederal Hearing Here On Rocky ork Lake October Creek The reservoir will be en tirely in Highland County with its upper extremity about 95 miles above the dam site The pro posed dam will have a top eleva tion of 9065 feet above mean sea level and will be about 520 feet long at this elevation The dam will have a gate controlled spill way with a crest elevation bf 880 feet above meansea level A per manent conservation and recrea tion pool having an area of ap proximately 2000 acres will be provided to elevation 880 feet above mean sea level the spill way crest elevation Such a pool would be about fifty feet deep at the dam site The storage provid ed between the spillway crest ele vation and elevation 900 feet tha maximum flood control pool ele vation will be used forflood con trol purposes The volume of the conservation pool will be about 36500 acre feet while the volume of storage provided for flood con trol purposes will be about 61000 acre feet The area immediately surrounding the reservoir will be employed for public park purposes except during times of flood lood Control Act approved De or the first showing the orum presents Roy Rogers in I "Heart of the Golden arid Judy Conova in a companion feat ure entitled Saturday and Sunday continuous shows will be run starting at 1:30 aught announced Sched uled for these are OldCalifornia" starring John Wayne and Binnie Barnes and Great To Be Young" 1 Admission prices will be 35 cents for adults qnd 16 cents for children or next Tuesday Wed nesday and Thursday the twin bill will feature "State and "Dressed to Kill" These shows will start at 6 The orum per sons aught said Opening of the South High Street theater was de layed until new projectors arrived but these were installed early this week New sound equipment and a'new screen have also been in stalled and aught promises ex cellent acoustics and mechanical performance American Legion all estival Pursuant to instructions "receiv ed from the Office of the Chief of Engineers and under authority of the lood Control Act approved June 28 1938 the district engineer has been directed to prepare a definite project report Jor Rocky 'ork reservoir In order that the required re port may fully cover the matter a public hearing will be held by the District Engineer in the court room of the Court House Hills boro at 10 A on Oc tober 1 Detailed investigations and stu dies recently completed have re sulted in a plan of development for the Rocky ork reservoir These investigations have been made for the purpose of coordin ating and combining the conserva tion and recreation plans of the State of Ohio and the flood con trol plans of the federal govern ment The proposed project provides for the construction of a combined flood control conservation and recreation reservoir on Rocky ork The dam site is located about six hundred feet above the existing McCoppin Mill dam and about eight miles above the junc tion of Rocky ork and Paint Boards of education of several Highland County schools are working on plans for rehabilita tion of buildings and facilities and three of these schools have receiv ed state aid for their programs Weaver Williamson county uperintendent revealed today New sanitation systems are in the offing at Sinking Spring and Concord Schools The state board of health has been asked to make a survey of the buildings to deter mine the school needs i At Marshall Buford and Sink ing Spring surveys are being made wwn a view to installation of new lighting systems At Carmel the board of educa tion has approved a new heating system and will submit bids on the project soon Williamson said The project calls for furnace heat ing Jackson Local School also plans to improve their heating plant and to redecorate the school build ing Part of this work has already been completed Acoustics of the auditorium gymnasium will also be improved it is renorted and outdoor toilets replaced with in siae facilities Of the schools mentioned three have received state sid under a bill passed last year by the Leg islature calling for the distribu tion of surplus funds These schools include Carmel Sinking Spring and Marshall Exact amount of the financial assistance was not revealed Other county schools have applied for the funds but none have been forthcoming to date Three Lynchburg Persons Involved Two persons were injured i third escaped injury in a lision of two automobiles proximately onfe Lynchburg on ollowing reports of shooting in the vicinity of the 131 Club on Court Street Wednesday night a police patrol discovered Donald Barney 22 city lying in the alley between the cafe and the Express Agency with his face badly man gled evidently from a beating He was booked on a charge of in toxication after Dr Hoyt had given him treatment He told police that he had been squirrel hunting Wednesday afternoon plaintiff to the defendant which he prays judgment Anta Accident Suit William Whitley asks for a judgment for 1267 against High land County am Bureau Co op Association The plaintiff claims this amount is due him for dam ages he sustained when his truck and a tractor trailer of the defen dant collided onAug10 1946 cn Route 50 near Milford The plaintiff says 'that the accident was cause by the defendant oper ating its truck at a high rate of speed on its left side of the road The plaintiff claims his truck was "damaged in the amount of $800 and he suffered other" damages amounting to 420 Two Cognovit Judgments Spencer Wise has secured a judgment against Olin Rumtield and Jessie Rumfield for 575 on a cognovit promisbry note Welfare inance Corporation se cured a judgment against Grover erguson for $18360 on a cog novit promissory irate Student Council Is Organized At Hillsboro High Student council of Hillsboro High School was organized Tues day Walter Shannon principal' announced with James ord senior president of the student body as presiding officer Other officers elected included Robert Miller junior vice president Margie Ison eighth grade sec retary Richard McLaren senior treasurer Each home room organizes elects officers and selects repre sentatives to the council which is the student governing body set ting general policies for school activities Among topics discussed at the organizational meeting were safe ty patrols publication of a stu dent handbook possibility of re vising guidance program and fund raising Other members of the Council representing the home rooms are as follows: Robert Bums Harry Holladay Ronald Waits George awley George Baker Juanita McCoy Robert Miller Jewell Penn John 1 gictnicd Bryan Philip Roush Klzzie Rob 'erts Robert Holladay' Jack' Dun can iuaicj intuy lu JTUJdUS a aiuinjiiv viiiMjUJig 11)01 Wlin neglect of duty The parties were married on Oct 1 1942 and have one duld aged two years and Mrs says she is pregnant She asks for the custody of their child and unborn child Mrs Smith filed a motion tor temporary ali mony which has been set for hearing: bn September 20 Alberta Huffman asks for a di vorce from Wayne Huffman gr charging him with gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty The parties were married on Nov 12 1945 and have no children The plaintiff also asks to be restored to her former name of Alberta Dove Charging gross neglect of duty Odra Jones asks for a divorce from Georgia Jones The parties were married on Sept 2 1942 and have no children: 4) Appeal from Justice Court The case of Virgil Hamilton vs Alfred Baxla comes on appeal from the court of Allemang a justice of the peace of Madison Township The plaintiff says that the defendant is indebted tohlrii in the amount of 7056 for baby I chicks sold and delivered by the i for I comedy Cloyd and his double ct al It was purchased by Pete Alta breakaway unicycles and viraffn Adams and Westfall Loren Vance Joan cycle llie KTOUD nromkM tn Tt 1 oumn form nn on on ner Ellen El ptakLVAUi a nt muC WBS QCIG OXI InC i David Qmilk I oajuuwig at uic paLTAing uca and win work as a unit premises Iwn Joan ments for COOP3 No ney rab at 1 Picnic facilities are Scott Howard BaUem bits wlU be shown Kesler said available 1 Nature Hike Is Planned At ort Hill A nature hike will be conduc ted at ort Hill State Park 18 miles southeast of Hillsboro on Sunday September 22 by Dr Edward Thomas Curator of Natural His tory Ohio State Museum Colum bus The public is invited ort Hill is one of the state memorials administered by the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society and is consider ed to be one of the outstanding orum Theater Here to Open riday Night Harold aught local theater manager announced todav that the redecorated orum Theater would onen ridav Sontamh on at (5 Pi with two features on tap for the gala reopening Owned and' operated by the Chakeres Theater chain the orum has been repainted inside new ticket booths installed and a slanting entrance built Workmen have been busy all this week with other posts here in October include: John etters commander Ben Jamison first vice comman der Mack Sauer second vice commander Robert Cunningham adjutant Edsel Clark Ray Star rett and Charles Williams execu tive committee Herbert Davidson finance officer James Puckett chaplain Herbert Reese sergcant at arms Dick Priest Athletic di rector and Warren Patton as sistant athletic officer etters will succeed Jack Wil lis as commander pprlsri Joseph ichter To Appear October 2 Joseph ichtcr state master of the Ohio Grange will be the chief speaker at a special anni versary program to be held by the local Grange on Wednesday Oc tober 2 at the Grange Hall here The local Grange which was organized in September 1916 with 50 charter members will honor several charter members and other members who haife held contin udufTemberdiip fbr 2T Id 30 yearspt the anniversary meeting The three charter members of the original group who are still active include Clarence Pearce and Mr and Mrs Edwards Mrs Noftsger one of the first "class of candidates to be initiated in 1917 is also active These four as well as several others who have retained contin uous membership for 25 or more years will be awarded silver star pins These pins show a bundle of wheat the Grange symbol on a blue star with silver base Others who will receive the pins und the date they joined the Grange are as follows: Mr and Mrs Parshall September 1918 Mrs Edith Shoe maker 1917 Mrs Nellie Caldwell 1917 Mr and Mrs Lyle September 1918 Mrs Rae West Ya0 9 wtuwu rvirvi i a Hicks June21919 Mr ahT Mrs Russell Smith March 1920 Wendell Richards March 1920 Mr and Mrs Roads March 1920 Mrs Maude Lemon Sentem ber 1920 Mr "Mrs" Burch Hott March 1920 Mr and Mrs Charles Diven March 1920 rank Brouse March 1920 Clarence Hamilton June 1921 zMr and Mrs Losey June 1921 Mr and Mrs A Smith June 1921 The program will be the 30th anniversary program of the local organization Mr ichter will pre sent the pins The program start ing at 8 will be open to all county Granges and the general public A potluck supper will be served Harrison Troupe Is estival Attraction Three persons are featured in the trOUDe Of Clovd Warriwwv I which is one of the free acts which SHERI SELLS ARM win oe presentea as nart nf fall festival program during the townshiP was sold by Sheriff week of September 24 to 28 Gustin Monday afternoon at pub They include a duq straight auction The sale was mart novelty bicycle act the Billy Ir in Partition ease of Esther table rock and fall and Dooley vs Elizabeth Adams Highland Grand Jury Returns 16 Indictments Session Closes After Considering Heaviest Docket in Years The grand jury for the Septem ber term of the Common Pleas Court reported shortly noon on Wednesday returning 16 in dictments against 12 persons It ignored ten cases three against one person considering in all 26 cases It has been years since as many cases were presented at One session of a grand jury Two of the Indictments are for second manslaughter which charge the unintentional killing of a person while committine an unlawful nrf One indictment was kept secret as ine offender is not under ar rest The indictments returned are as follows: Albert Pearl 2nd degree manslaughter He is charg ed with the unlawful killing of Mrs (Helena) Redkey on July 30 This is the automobile ac cident which attracted so much attention Mrs Redkey was killed when the automobile in which she was riding with her husband col lided with the automobile of Whit aker about one half mile east of Allensburg Whitaker is charged with driving his car on the wrong side of the road at a high rate of speed Roy 2nd deeren manslaughter He is charged with unlawfully killing Charles Tidd on September 1 1946 Tidd tunc killed when his automobile and the automobile of Hamilton col lided about six miles east of Hills boro Hamilton is charged with driving his automobile on the wrong side of the road and of driving while intoxicated HennSeaman Breaking and entering and burglary larceny He is charged'with break ing and entering the Sunnyside Inn at Allensburg on July 10 and stealing beer wine and $300 in money He is charged" with bur glary and larceny at the home of Nellie McGrath on July 8 Ijvin Ausman (2 indictments) same offenses as charged against Seaman Harold Lawwill (3 indictments) Two arefor the same offenses charged against Seaman and Aus man The other indictment is for carrying concealed weapons This Offense occurred on August 17 when Lawwill was airested by Sheriff Gustin Kenneth (Jake) Dorman Bur glary and larceny He is charged with breaking into Daniels Ciear Store in Greenfield and stealing $344 in money Phillip Andrew Jones Bur glary 'and larceny Same offense as Dorman David Grand larceny He is charged with stealing $187 from John (Sug) Stanforth in Hillsboro on April 26 1946 Herman Rise Grand lar ceny He'is charged with stealing $57 from Hotel Parker in Hills boro on May 17 1946 Wilma Mary Southern Carry ing concealed weapons The al leged offense occurred in Paint Township on April 30 1946 Gerald Kinnison Aiding pris oner in attempt to escape county jail He is charged aiding Herman Hise in attempt to escape from county jail on June 25 1946 The following cases were ignbr ed and the defendants will be dis Charged James McDermott Jr Three charges of assault and battery Persons filing charges refused to prosecute Noble Berry Assault and battery ailure to prosecute James Assault and battery ailure prosecute Walter Mattox Assault and battery ailure to prosecute Garline Perry Assault ailure to prosecute Ora "Matthews and Clarence Matthews Arson They were charged with setting fire to and burning their home in liiggina ville a suburb of Greenfield on July 27 Ignored by jury Joe: Stroup Illegally removing parts from automobile Ignored by jury Russell Sloan Same charge os against Stroup Ignored by jury Two Injured In Aufo Crash County Schools Plan Repairs American Legion post who will wilderness areas in the Middle be installed ata joint meeting West according to Dr Thomas In addition it has considerable ar chaeological interest There is a wide variety of plant and animal life which may be accounted for by the great range of rock outcrops It would be ne cessary to travel a distance of 20 miles bf mote in central Ohio to find a comparable section of out cropping rocks such as are found a single slope at ort Hill Dr Thomas explained The picturesque limestone cliffs are the home of many rare plants such as Canadian yews wild co lumbine fem bulblet fem and the rare SuUivantia nam ed for internationally known Wil uikcmauuuduy ju I own WU who expect to enter animals In i liam Sullivant pioneer botan the show at the fall festival are 1st of Columbus These and many urged to contact enton Kesler more rare specimens will be Seen eJHler phone or in person in on the nature walk The group order that he may make arrange will assemble at the nankins (Continued on Page 2) ANSWER IRE CALL Damage estimated at $25 result ed from a roof fire at the Verlin Clark residence on East South Street early Tuesday morning firemen reported It was believed to have started from chimney soot or spark The shingle roof was damaged The call came at 9:45 A Tuesday 'boro Rt 6 wills of the late John Roads of Hillsboro: William Mason of Leesburg and Robert ulton Huff of airfield Township have been filed in the Probate Court Mr Roads left all of his property both real and personal to his wife Carrie Roads absolutely He named his sons Hardin and Mil lard executors of the estate The will was executed on March 16 1938 Mason Wl(l his tools includ ing power tools and equipment to his son William Jr All of the rest and residue of his estate he left his daughter Mildred Mason in trust for his wife Ida Mason income 'from' the trust is to be paid to his wife as long as she lives The trustee is authorized to use any or all of theprincipal for the sup port of his wife if necessary for her support and comfort After the death of his wife the trust fund is to be divided equally among Mr three children William Jr Mildred and Rosetta A Ockerman Mr Mason made a bequest ot $500 to "his sister Anna McKin ney to be paid to her after the death of his wife Mrs Mason was nampd execu trix of the estate The will was executed on May 31 19457 Mr Mason executed a codicil Two Injured in Auto New Vienna Mishap Mr and Mrs Greene New Vienna were in jured Saturday about 9:15 when the car driven by Mr Greene struck the rear of an auto mobile of Delbert Clay Lees burg Rt 2 when Clay stopped tp pick up a hitchhiker Greene received bruises of his knees and lees and Mrs rtrMna was treated by Dr ullerton with a of fellows and that New Vienna for lacerations and theyhad returned to the cafe that bruises of her face suffered when evening she struck the windshield The According to reports the fight accident occurred on Route 73 developed in the alley about 11 miles south of New "Vienna the urther investigation will State Highway Patrol said be conducted by Police Chief I Wagner Patrolmen Lawrence Doyle and Harlan Cooper ar rested Barney There was no re ported damage from the shots Barney was unable to identify his assailants Wednesday night This country should not neces sarily assume the savior role of the world but certainly the Unit mnririwklw I vs tf 1 wunii unuirs ana order to do so Americans should Know something of the conditions that exist in Europe today par ticularly in regard to the current Russian situation With this view in mind Roy Battles tall personable farm pro gram director of radio station WLW presented a brief but illu minating report oL his summer visit to five European countries before an open meeting of the Hillsboro Lions Club Monday night Speaking rather informally Battles told highlights of his six weeks tour of rance Greece Italy Poland and Great Britain He was accompanied by three other persons a groceryman farm er and homemaker The trip was sponsored by W'LW and the Unit ed Nations Rehabilitation and Re lief Administration In making the flying trip to London Battles said first of all he was impressed with just how small the world really is these days "Europeahs are our next door neighbors" he declared all the more reason why we Albert ling arm House A frame house on the Albert ling farm between olsom and Ied should show jHnt Berrysville was destroyed by fire I Monday afternoon Estimated loss on the house alone was to $6000 partially covered by in surance Loss of household goods some of which were saved was unestimated The blaze cause of which was undetermined started at approxi mately 2 Neighbors pitched in to help save some downstairs furniture and clothing Although the Hillsboro fire department was called It was discovered there was not a sufficient water supply at the farm so the truck wa? not sent However Hugh Collins city drove to the dwelling in his car with some fire pumps By throwing water on nearby buildings including a granary barn poultry house and garage the firefighters were able to save them However a smoke house was destroyed Mr ling who was not home at the time said his wife and chil dren were there and discovered the blaze on the roof of the seven room structure with two screened in porches He said the house had been wired for electricity about five years ago but he was uncer tain as to whether defective wir ing may have started the blaze urniture and other goods from the home were removed to neigh boring residences Mr ling and his family wish to thank all those who helped during the blaze Insurance on the building was held by the Central Mutual ire Insurance Company of Hillsboro Gooding Rides Here Next Week Units of the Gooding Shows will compose the midway for the festival on the streets of Hills boro next week Stevenson concessions chief reports: avorites of both'young and old will crowd the midway for the big five day and night exposition Listed among these are those ton notch rides the ferris wheel the biggest novelty for the children the merry go round the hair raising whip and many others marriage licenses Robert Smallev and Dnrnthv Nourse both of Greenfield Lincoln Pitzer and Mildred Aber both of Hillsboro Robert A Gamble of Hillsboro and Imo Jean Garrison of Hills I 10 New Actions I iled in Court During Week I ive Seek Divorces I Auto Accident Suit I Brought for $1267 I Ten new cases were filed In the I Common Pleas Court during the life past week I Hobart Baker asks that Noah I Goux be required to make an ac I counting of their partnership busl I ness and also prays for a judg I ment for $625 against Goux dam ages he claims to havg sustained because of the failure to carry out his prt of their con tract The plaintiff says that he and the defendant entered into a partnership for farming on a 50 1 50 basis to operate the 56 acre farm of the defendant in Clay Township He says the defendant failed and refused to carry out hjs part of the contract that he i has refused to allow the plaintiff access to the farm and refuses to make an accounting Wherefore the plaintiff prays that the part nership be dissolved that a re ceiver be appointed for an ac A counting and a judgment for $625 ive Want Divorces Leona ossett asks for a divorce from George ossett charging him with wilful absencefor more than three years The parties were married on May 18 1937 and have no childremThe plaintiff asks to be restored to her maiden name of Leona Hyde Mary Dorothy Pearl and Ken neth A Pearl were married on April 28 1943 and have one child i aged two years Mrs Pearl says that her husband has been guilty of grtwTnegiect of duty Where I fore she prays for a divorce for the custody of their child and that the defendant be required to sup I port their child Eleanor Smith asks for di or all kinds and the usual games Special events during the week include a food yevue on Thursday nigt at the Armory a homecom ing parade on Thursday afternoon style revue on riday night in the Armory'' sill of which will beciim axed by 'the giving away of a free car and a pony and buggy on the public square Saturday night Other Items' to be given away include a genuine rigidhire re frigerator or electric stove by the Legion Auxiliary and a Bendix washer and sweeper by the Aux iliary of the Veterans of oreign Wars Tents to house the exhibits ar rived late Tuesday and erection of them will begin immediately Rus sell Gleadle in charge of arrange ments said Crews of the Colum bus Southern Ohio Electric Company have been busy early this week erecting light and unes to handle wiring for the Opens Tuesday Big Show to Run Here ive Days Hillsboro and Highland Coun ty's first fall festival since 1939 opens here Tuesday and continues through Wednesday Thursday riday and Saturday with day and night attractions expected to attract thousands of riersons from the county as well as nearby counties Each day attractions will be lectured throughout the afternoon and evening Legion officials promise some high class entertain ment for the five days of the street fair our free acts are on tap These include trained dogs Charles Lindalr trapeze performer Rita and Dunn king and queen of the high wire and' the Cloyd Harrison attractions which feature bicycle riding and balancing acts On thft vrUrlum ill 1A Stale Grange Jhree Wills II Ji I jiiuw rrupt ncda io jpedK Disposition Pre ette QNE OHIO'S OLDEST ESTABLISHED IN 1818 and col ap mile south of day night Patrolman Mark Van Trees of the Wilmington State Highway Patrol who investigated thg mishap reported persons fivoiveq In Injured were James Robert Earl 16 face lacerations and an un determined chest injury and George Lafferty 67 face lacera tions Other person involved was Roger Albert Barker 28 who es caped injuries Earl driver of the car in which Lafferty was a passenger was proceeding south on Route 134 the patrolman reported Barken driving alone was proceeding north 5 Van Trees said that Earl was driving over the center line ap proximately I two feet when the crash occurred and as a result he was cited to Mayor Wilt's court In Lynchburg on a charge of reckless operation Given first aid treatment at the scene of the mishap Lafferty was later removed to the office of Dr John Anderson in Lynchburg andEarl was taken to DrC Cropper for treatment Resulting property damage to the cars was estimated at $250 The left front wheel and fender i or eacn vehicle was smashed Pa trolmen Van Trees said the col lision occurred at 8:10 Mon day EDITION.

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