The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 31, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1897
Page 5
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TS1 BPPSSK DEBttOlNSS! AiSONAj IOWA, You will want Grass Seeds Before you do coal. We have Blue Grass, White Clover, Medium Red Clover, Alfalfa, and Alsyke Clover, WILL Ml m OLD WELL City Will Set Men at Work to the Old 112-foot ttole-^-A Good Witter Supply Expected. titittM fcS-apfrolttted fis Will. CatloU the Street Commissioned. and We want to sell them. See our seeds betore you buy. Leuette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. Special Spring Sale. For a mayor^.nd council elected in a cyclone the present city officials are getting on in a quiet and calm that Is astonishing, They elected a street commissioner by unanimous vote Sat-, urday evening. The city marshal went in with like unanimity, and" the clerk required only one ballot, The election of a water works superintendent goes over a month, and the board meets Monday to equalize taxes. If these duties are attended to with equal neatness and despatch, a public reception should be tendered. The council has decided to deepen the old original well. It is worthless now and $300 will put it down where a big vein of water is expected. It will be money well invested. With a sup* ply there to be drawn from the city will be free from the danger of a pump jiving out. THE ROUTINE REPORT. ALGONA, March 27.—The city council met in regular session at the city hall, Mayor Chrlschilles in the chair, members present, White, Dingley, Me- Mahon, Slagle, Paine, Ohapin, and Sayers. Absent, Vesper. Minutes of the last special session read and approved. Moved and seconded that the council proceed to the election of city clerk. Carried. J. L. Donahoo and Frank Chandler were placed in nomination, On roll call White, Dingley, Slagle, and Chapin voted for Mr. Donahoo and MoMah- on, Paine, and Sayers cast their votes for "Mr. Chandler. Mr. Donahoo hav ing received a majority was declared elected to the office of city the ensuing year. The A our loud oi the celebrated Cooper Wagons* just received at '<? <-«« s _-<•]« If you are in need of a wagon be sure and see the Cooper before you buy. To-day, to-morrow and Every day for two weeks. clerk for council then Men's Suits, good quality, well made and stylish, re- d>p gQ tailed in a regular way at $4.00—our sale price.. *+"**• Boys' Suits, regular sale price is $3.00— & J^ gQ Our sale price '• • • ' Men's Outing Flannel Shirts, regular price $1.00— 50C Our sale price Fedora Hats, regular price $1.00— 50C Our sale price These goods are best for wear, best for looks, best for comfort, and were never ^tailed for so little money. You are invited to call and examine them. C. 0. D; CLOTHING HOUSE, ; JO. STEIL. JR.. Proprietor. Opposite Courier office, Algona. •' proceeded to the nomination of stree commissioner. Wm. Carlon was the only nominee and upon motion made seconded, and carried he was unanim ously elected. The mayor then appointed L. Horan as city marshal for the ensuing year It was then moved and seconded tha the council approve the appointment o L. Horan as city marshal. Carried, It was moved and seconded that the following approved bills and election judges and clerks claims be allowed and warrants drawn on the treasury for the Wilfrid P, Jones. AIX30NA AND BURTV PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Gardner Cowles goes to Des Molnes today for a visit. • Sheriff Samson's mother is visiting him from Amboy, Minn. Mrs. C. P. Borland will visit Algona friends in the near future. Prof. Frank Slagle is home from Strawberry Point for a vacation of a Clarke has gone to take a course The Steel Range Peddlers Visit Samantha Allen. 385 THE BEST PLAGE TO BUY FENCING -IS AT- J. A. Hamilton & Co.'s. <u 13 rt S 1) '<(0> O o C en <u I 13 9. o •a ts u <u t •»* • M o en <L> fi I same: F. S. Norton, mdse E. Flanders, labor ....... Mulllca & Oonstedt, mdse ,. W.H. Horan. salary.., *« "" A. Mlldrom, labor * *° Wm. Miller, lighting lamps .... SO 00 Shraderfc Dugan, rndse..... 70 W. 0. Henderson; street worlc 3| 00 E. J. Gllmore, mdse.-. « *" J. Caughlin, use ol building 300 D. Hofin, labor 3°° Courier, printing £»o Norton &Wlndon, coal 5700 j. W: Robinson, mdse •••• * d 40. M. Doxsee, mdse •• L. Horan, salary, etc • • • Laage & Campbell, blacksmith work. Judges and clerks of election— F. H. Vesper ,. g-'° J. O. Patterson * 7.9 S. P. Christiansen G n TpnafOV < . Q, S Uoto* T - o f«e T. H. Wadsworth • §75 L. J.Rice • 300 G.W. Platt.. ...-•... •••••• 300 D. Gilmpre i ;* XX C.I>. Pettibone •> «" O.H. Lamspn •• ;{°" Thos. Henderson.. - j>ou P.L. Slagle 30° j. M.Brown 300 E. S.Kobinson |00 j.W.Bates 300 E.E. Sayers • * <°. M. B. Chapin • * <° J.F.Nicoulln.. 275 O. E. Mlnkler •• g f° A.R. Ohapin 876 Ayes—White, Dingley, 1 McMahon, Slagle, Paine, Chapin, and Sayers. Noes—none. Carried. ' ' There was a petition presented by Mrs Mary Winkle et al, asking that a sidewalk be laid from the southeast corner of block 228 to the southeast corner of block 227. On motion made, seconded, and carried, the petition was 1 referred to the committee on streets It was moved and seconded that the committee on ordinances be instructed to draft an ordinance covering the method of proceedure In contested elections. Carried. , Moved and seconded that the petition of Mary E, Goodner on file in the city hall be referred to the committee on streets and alleys. Carried, Moved and seconded that a committee be appointed to investigate the matter of putting in an electric light plant In Algona. Carried. The mayor appointed Dingley, Sayers, and White as such committee.. Moved and seconded that .the committee on waterworks be empowered to sink the old well to a necessary depth not to exceed 800 feet and to ne go_tiate with parties engaged in the well drill- ins business and contract with and let the job of drilling said well -to the low est responsible bidder, Carried. . Moved and seponded that the bpna of G, F. Peek " '" week. Miss Irma D. Bookford, 111,, study in music. Geo. 0. Call went to Sioux City last week to meet his brother, who is home from California. Miss Swisher of Iowa City comes Saturday for a visit with her school mate, Jessamine Jones. Miss Gertie Slade of Burt came down yesterday for a few days' visit with Eva Randall and Crete Goddard. A. R. Crammond of,Burt was called suddenly to Columbus Junction last week, owing to the dangerous of a sister. sickness Supt. A. B. Carroll has been selected as one of the judges in the oratorical contest to be held at Emmetsburg on Friday evening, April 2. .._,..,, : Mrs. Annie E. Hepburn returns to her home In Des Molnes tomorrow after a pleasant'week With her daughter, Mrs. Harvey Ingham. . While in Sioux City Presiding Elder Yetter assisted in electing a new president for the Morning Side college. They have a man of scholarly 'attainments. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Russell came from Omaha Thursday for a visit at the Ingham home. They went to Spencer Saturday for a day with Ingham & Russell. . •. •• • Mr. and Mrs- **•' H. Vesper returned from the south Monday. They had a pleasant trip from New Orleans, and he had a big tour in Mexico, In our next issue he will give a description of how Mexico looks to a northerner.. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Falkenhainer arrived from St. Louis Monday and went at once to their new home in the Ohas. Slagle hqiise, They have already been warmly welcomed by Mr.- Falkenhainer's many friends, who wish long life and happiness, Henry Mason started Saturday for Columbus,... Ohio, He goes, as . state deputy of the Woodmen and will organize the south half of the state. T "° present trip is to secure deputies, No, Josiah didn't buy a steel range. The peddlers cum to our house about 2 o'clock Friday afternoon. I had lust got my dinner dishes washed up, and went to the back door to throw out the dish water, when I see a feller standin' in a wagon with some mules hitched onto it, a hammerin' on a stove and Josiah a standin' right by a watchin' on him. It came to my mind quicker 'n lightnin' that that was one of them steel range peddlers what sells $45 steel ranges for $69, an" jest because Josiah hadn't had his hair out yet this spring the feller took him for a Jay. So I says, says I, " Josiah, you'd better cum and get the milk for the celf," (wantln 1 to get him away, you know). But the feller made snob a racket that he didn't hear me. When he looked around again to see if I was a stand in' there, I jest shook my fist and, gave him a look which was a " warnin' sign" thane understood better'n the one he learned when he jined the Masons. Josia haittt no fool, an 1 all the steel range {peddlers in th tiul county couldn't tv made him sign n note for $69 fur a $45 stove or anything else Then the feller tried to sell me me one; bu jest sed that he couldn't drive them mules' fE the premises fast enough; that when 'I;"' 1 wanted an anvil I'd buy one for $8, and' \i vhen I wanted a steel range I'd-buy a > Buck's at Doxsee's hardware store fur $45, )' v jne that couldn't warp all out of shape af- ., er it had been used a little while, and then ,' I'have $21 left besides. I says: "You 4 'ellers don't pay no taxes in the county,' an' you don't care after a range is sold whether ^ t works or not, but you jest run over the country swindlin' the farmers out of $24 or f25, when they can't sell their corn for ten cents a bushel." I was a goin 1 to tell him a lot more o' things, but he whipped up his mules and got out. I heerd him say when Josiah let him through the gate: "Did^ your wife ever buy one o' them pianos; Mr. '-_ Alien!" An' Josiah up an' told him that I 5 took one on trial about two years ago' an' ' that I was sellin' eggs yet to pay up the J note at the bank. '' 1 thought so,'' says he,""" an' then he'tells Josiah that" as long as his , wife is alive he will be allrlght." Yes, it's lucky fur him that he got out when he did. Josiah says we will buy a Buck's steel range when we get one, and buy it .of. C. M. DOXSE&, Groceries Cheap for Cash. We still want to sell you syrup or sorghum at 250 Best canned tomatoes at 8c a can, Canned corn 4 cans a gallon, for 350. His but with Buy your ._ - /•> n/», VIM 11 • .srfprt' l '"'--y] Package Coffee 6 Ibs. for 1 A nice dried apricot ;c a'pouhd: Best evaporated'raspberries 230 ** . *• • 1 n _ _ T*^.__ — .. 4. ***» lif. AM** 4n s*n*t«t AH vfi V» A'j a.pound. Nice canned salmon 8c a can. fruit at IDC a can. .Try our California canned, later he will devote his own time headquarters at Columbus, Representative Mayne came home for Sunday and to attend to some matters in court. He returns to Des .Molnes today. He says he looks for an adjournment in three: weeks, in any event before May 1, The code work is progressing rapidly, . .Craig Calkins and Ed. Haekraftn. returned from Chicago }ast week accompanied by their wives, both of whom are rapidly recovering from their dan- J. C. ANDERSON & CO, SOUTH OF COURT HOUSE. u there many 44MW «WWM «.. »—. — *tf -*•— -. - • • • , _ '' -_*_ _ ' ** friends will be glad to welcome them to home and good health, gerdus illness, The treatment has been entirely successful and HE WILL PAT HIS NOTE, A. Prominent Prairie Farmer Puli'trp #1OO for'-Medical Experience. One of Prairie township's best farm- To KODAK fiends: We We also have wire and picket fence at large, dry fence posts at only Jc each- 1 yard a full stock pf Hardwood Lumber, >ri£brick, iUe, sew'rpU felt roofing, and carpet Prices were never so low. council adjourned, _ A. HUTCHISON, City. Clerk, I pictures, card board I that purpose, solely Call at this offlpe, for THE newest novelties in ladles' and men's fine shoes at the very lowest j prices. GEO. L. GAI*BRAITH Co. PR. QUJNN wjll Where the first part of April. Glasses fitted. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair* NOTIOB: Those owing the' under* signed on account are requested to call and settle at once, op costs will surely be made. Jos. DUNWOOPIB, S}t8 Irvington, . MATSON & MC-CALP, fine mUUnery— that tells the wfcole story. The latei in fashionable trimming, and. all the I novelties In new goods. ers was in town last week to get, legal advice.' "He'wanted to find out if there was any loophole in, the statutes by which he could escape a $100 note he bad attached bis John Hancock to. He iias a little boy who suffers from some nervous trouble he will out grow in time, He consulted two Algona 300- tors and they told him to let the boy alone. Bui a travelling doctor came along and guaranteed a cure for $100, got the note, sold it, and the boy Is exactly where he was, The man. will pay the flOO. I SAW in the Courier last week that the Algona laundry had put In. some new machinery, among It a steam oon* denser, Fe,w people, perhaps, know what that meaos. To my patrons who havo 80 nobly stood by their laundry I wish to say; Steani as by forcing the water through with our' hydranUo n getting work, from., eeye and expect to make eur laundry second to no other in the country we ask the patronage of our home tojBfr.,, , t , Jk We are ' apft The Qw*Her Something new, novel, and be$e,a»/ cial, Cures rheumatism, \QOld3, etg, t ^ and prevents disease, Best thing,OR;., the njarket today. Algona people wbo ;, have used It are E, V, Swotting, K,-W- '"•• Rist, G, F. Peek, Auditor Q^Y 4 "" Sheriff Saweon, and • Clerk Croae, they willingly testify to its benifi _ t . results. Jas. A. Orr is agent in Algoija/y,, for:the Quaker Bath, Cabinet, ana OT '" £ give detailed information. HI cabinets on hand and for s,ata< ... Pierce of New York regomm.e,»d,B, THE tyest place in town to gf>t goods la. at & SOB'S. , ^ over puy large Une o| W$$M$ jackets before you* buy. m ' *- to - J. A. HAMILTON & CO.. Algoia SHiUY PiTTlBONI, Head Stones, Monuments POWDER

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