The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 31, 1897 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1897
Page 3
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OTPM MAfiOHStj iMtfeRMAtlONAL P^EfeS ® fMWAY. e rted "T for this" he ain't paid to be beaten by ber's to do my work, not an, B said Carriston. "Go to the who has overbrlbed you and sent your lies. Go to him. more he has failed. aigus hostile operations, ar as the doorway , 1 ' ocorn ' ho man There, be- said; in comparative safety, he turned fith a malignant look. ' 1 ,-11 smart for this," he VUC u they lock you up as a raving Mtle I'll try and get a post as keep- waD glad to see that Carriston paid o attention to this parting shaft He .Led his back scornfully, and the , lo w left the room and the'house. '•Now are you convinced i asked arriston, turning to me. -Convinced of what? That his tale j untrue, or that he has been misled, "am quite certain." ••Tush! That Is not worth consideration. Don't you sec that Ralph has all this? I set that man to watch Besides, after all that had occurred, it was as milch as I could do to believe that Carriston. waa not inad. Any doc tor who kn-3w what t knew would have given the verdict against him. After dismissing his visions and hal- lucinatons wth the contempt which they deserved, the fact of a man who was madly, passionately in love with a wonintl. and who bt?l!eVed that she had been entrapped. and was still kept ih restraint, sitting down quietly, and lot- ting day after day pass without making an effort toward finding her, wits in Itself priftm facie evidence of Insanity. A sane man would at once have set all the engines of detection at work. I felt Hint if once Kalph Carriston obtained possession of him he could mako out a, strong case in his own favor. First of all, the proposed marriage out of the defendant's own sphere act with the torn of his *«*«. ever. now that the fi&arch had b«en .la- trusted to thfe Proper persons. his ewn iction ia the matter was not trottn THE NATIONAL StfME NOtfeS AND COMMfeNf He .,_; he found out the espionage; sub- lorned my agent, or your agent I should Cy; sent him here with a trumped-up , Hale Oh, year I was to believe ttuu Madeline had deserted me-that was to ilrive me out of my sense*. My cousin is a fool after all!" ' -without further proof I cannot bellow that your'suspicions are correct I said; but 1 must own 1 spoke with •jome hesitation. "Proof! A clever man like you ought t 0 sec ample proof In the fact of that wretch having twice called me n madman 1 have seen him but once beloro -you know if I then gave him any -rounds for making such an assertion. Tell me, fgrom whom could he have learnt the word except from Ralph Carriston?" 1 was bound, If only to savo my own , reputation for sagacity, to confess thol tho point noted by Carriston had raised ocrtain doubts in my mind. But if Ralph Carriston really was trying by -some finely-wrought scheme to brim; about what he desired, there was all the more reason for great caution to be exercised. "I am sorry you beat the fellow, I said "Ho will now swear right and left that you were not In your sens™ " "Of course he will? What do I care?' "Only remember this. It is easier to , ?et nut into an asylum than to get out of V "It is not so very easy for a sane man like me to be put In, especially when ho is on his guard. I have looked up the law. There must be a certificate signed by two doctors, surgeonB- or, I believe, apothecaries will do— who have seen the supposed lunatic alone and together. I'll take pretty- good care I speak to no doctor savo of life; the, passing under a false name; the ridiculous, or apparently ridiculous, accusation made against h's kinsman; the murderous threats; the chastisement of his own paid agent who brought him a report which might not seem at al luutntc to anyone who knew not Madeline Rowan. Leaving out, of the question what might be wrung from me in cross-examination, Ralph Carriston had a strong case, and 1 knew troubling ftbout. I gave hint cautions. He was to be quiet guarded In words and manner wfia not to converse with" strangers. If he found himself dogged or watched by anyone, he was to communicate at ones with me. But, above all. I begged him not to yield again to his mental infirmity. The folly of a man who could avoid it. throwing hittiself Into such it stale ought lo be apparent tfl him. "Not oftener than 1 can help,' wtts all the promise 1 could get from him. "But see her t must sometimes, or I shall die." I had now given up as hopeless the combat with bis peculiar idiosyncrasy. So, with many expressions ot gratitude on his part, we bade each other farewell* During ills absence he wrote to mo nearly every day, so that I might know his whereabouts ih case I had any news to communicate. But t had none. The pollc e failed to find the slightest clew. I had been called upon by them once or twice In order that they might Ofc tfcfc titt by Other ImsMirtli Kot*-* 1878," observed Nick Young the other day, "a newspaper editor ifl Philadelphia named intzgerald, advocated an increase in the ber of men on but tfie-y ftf« tlsfetese if not believe 1 that & ftile should be the major league i players obey tho f d'eTYVenaity. The trouble past has been a tendency on the t»art of certain club officials to rta** ^ their plants 1ft violation ot the of the rules, fined or o fending player ottt of the game, ait ita mediate howl for the rttnoVa of the judge of the play has been invariably £nt to Mr. Young by the magnate whoso player was made to rafter. Thto proved to be the heaviest kind ol handicap fdr the umpire, who gradu* ally allowed himself to be ridden ovw rough shod. If the. major '""*"* h* MtttM«« W fet m "The old-fashioned ai y disappearing ft« ah att ball team, claimed that tte ten g s, . could force the clubs to sustain the umpires and «ot their own !}»*'«»•» great deal of trouble would be avert* that, once in his might 1 jpossihly be power, my friend doomed • to pasV have every grain of information I could give. I took the liberty of advising them not to waste their time in looking for the man, as his very existence mon were necessary to pay a game oTbairand beUeved the tenth man should be located between first ana second base and called a left Mr. Hulbert knocked this a by comparing a ten-men ball team to a four-ball game of billiards between such cue experts as Jake Sclmcfei a t d Slosson. You often hear odd theoiles advanced about Improvements in tne game. When a change in the pitching rules was being agitated four years ago, John aaffney suggested that the batting would bo increased if the out- cd." nc.mUU*co«"!«'» ot » lUchnrd J. Pearce, the vctav&u ox* professional shortstop, while, In a reminiscent mood, recently, related a number of interesting stories. Among, oth or things ho imld: "Eddy Cuthbert .»* ~ ..... - ..... - , was problematical. It was but a fancy flolders werc confined behind a line of my friend's, and not worth thinking t() bo localet i so mftn y feet from the seriously about. I am not sure but K lomc pm te. Gaffney probably over......... -' ' ed." years, if not his whole life, under restraint. So I. was anxious, very anx- el »ort. ions. ver. And I felt an anxiety, scarcely second to that which prevailed on Carriston's account, as to the fate of Madeline. Granting for sake of argument that. Carriston's absurd conviction that no bodily harm had as yet been done •her, was true, I felt sure that she with her scarcely loss sensitive nature must feel the separation from her lover.HP imich UK he himself Celt the separation from IHM-. Once or twice I tried to comfort myself with cynicism—tried to persuade myself that a young womai could not in oiu 1 days be spirited awaj —-that she had gone by her own freo will—that, there was a man who had a the eleventh hour alienated her afi'ec tiona from Cariston. But I could no bring myself to believe this. So I wa placed between the horns of a dtlcni what after hearing this they did not think tho whole affair was an imagined one, and so relaxed their efforts. Once or twice, Carriston, happening to be in the neighborhood oE Ixmdon, camo to see me, and slept-the night at ny house. He. also had no news to Still, he seemed hopeful as lo . looked the fact that such a rule would cripple one of the fielding features of he suggestion of Mr. the game Hurst to tho and base-runners to is" now were on a visit to Brooklyn, and play ed several games before they mot U» Atlantlcs on a Saturday, a ; ljo CapUo line Grounds. I was catching and Tommy Pratt was pitching for the At- lantics. Cuthbort had reached first base, and started to Bteal second when I threw to Crane to head off Cuthbert, !£ Crane had the tall in pl-g '« iu an «•» «*•• »••*»-•— — ^ < -p *J#TJ a prominent groWj* * ,rf| tfewa reifflrteiv "ana ln : y« >^ ••»«»•""••• " — - * ). ji± * *2tiii »l iff ', * Vf Its place have come costly means satisfactory, subsi peciftiiy td the little ones, wti6 as we- did wtsefl we wefts yOuftB, ing 'lasses on their bread, molasses goes into thfe dj •where it Is ftiade Inttt rUffi, I notwithstanding the ettdfts tempetahce workers, the de cosstantly on the Increase^ 1ft the New England States ai export trade. The Mgmat- « rUtti will tako no other HtH place if he can help It. It reach the spot wore dtfeetix thftfc. Mg other dram, the darker brawflijgg 'have also disappeared, atid.they we never likely to return, **»* * £? methods of boiling and the mar ttire. Granulated sugar U of the composition, as far as saccharine ties are concerned, as loaf, exit cube and crushed, and differs them only In that Its crystals do cohere. Thla Is because It is constant-, > ly stirred during the process of crystallization. Tho lighter brown sugar* taste sweeter than the white, tor tj« reason that there is some moiawie* left in them. Housekeepers have flip flculty in these days In finding coarse, dark sugars which are always preferred for use In putting up hinlV The weeks went by until Christniafl was over and the New Year had begun; ut no sign, word, or trace of Madeline -towan. "I seen her," wrote Carleton, "several times. She is i.. the amc place,— unhappy, but not ill-treat- him yourself, aud keep out of ^the way of surgeons and apothecaries." , It quite cheered me to hear speaking HO sensibly and collectedly about himself, but I again impressed upon him the need for great caution. Although I could not believe that his cousin had taken Madeline away, 1 was inclined to think, after the affair with the spy, that, as Carriston averred, he aimed at getting him, sane or insane, Into a mad-house. But after all these days we were not a step nearer to the discovery of Madeline's whereabouts. Carriston made no sign of doing anything to facilitate that iljecovery. Again I urged him'to "in- trust the whole affair to the police. Again he refused to do 3,0, adding that he was not 'quite ready, what, I wondered! ma. If Madeline had not Hod of her ow free will, someone must have taken hi away, and if so oiu- agent's report, wi a coined one, and, if a coined one, issued at Ralph's instauce; therefore- Ralph must bo the prime actor in tho mystery. But in sober moments such a deduction seemed an utter absurdity. Although I have said that Carriston was doing nothing towards clearing up the mystery, 1 wronged him In so saying. After his own erratic way he was at work. At such work too! 1 really lost all patienco with him. Ho shut himself up in his room, ouJ: of which ho scarcely stirred for three days. By that time he had completed a large and beautiful drawing of hia imaginary man. This he took to a well-known photographer's, and ordered several hundred small /photographs of It to be prepared ,os soon as possible. The minute description which he had given me of his' fanclfu creation was printed at tho foot of eacl Evidently his hallucinations wero still in full force. At first I intended that the whole of this tale should be told by myself; but upon getting so fur It struck me that the evidence of another actor who played an important part in the drama would give certain occurrences to tho reader at first instead of a second hand, so I wrote, to my friend Kick Fenton, of Frc-nchay, Gloucestershire, and begged him,'if he felt himself capable of so doing, to put In simple narrative form his impressions of certain events, which happened in January, 1866; events lu which we tv/o were concerned. (TO Bl! COXTlNOBO.i U V"l I liU CH3VfW£*»* i*«w »•- - ^ „ ** ***^ r j . . rtirtrt 1 under discussion, though It is by no ment CutM) eirl made a gieat means' d new suggestion. If Mr. J for the baso . This woe the Hurst's idea were adopted by the play- Ing rules committee the base-running feature of the game would'bo almost destroyed. Another suggestion made by John Morrlll, is not dulte practical. Mr. Morrlll believes the pitcher should be removed from his present position In order to give the base-runners chance to steal more bases. I h studied tho pitching rule carefully, and find that the present distance about equalizes the attack and defense; that Is, the aggressor, which is tho pitcher, and the defense, who is the batsman. Base-running would be enlivened if Tom Brown's 36x10 rubber frame were adopted aud the pitcher was compelled to move from his slab every time he threw to the bases." time If a -small rod of iron--!) straight iece of wire, for instance—be grreased, t can be made to float on water. The rease apparently prevents the break- rig of the surface of the water and the ron lies cradled in a. slight depression «• trough. Recently Dr. A. M. Mayor snerlmenttng wlBh rods and rings of. 1 !.„». „„ nlfif f rilllll » 111- copy. their surfaces are A perfectly -clean for As ooii as the first batch o these precarious photographs was sen home, to my great joy he did what h should have done days ago: yielded t my wishes, and put the matter into the hands of the police. I was glad to find that in giving details of What had happened ho said nothing about the advisability of keeping a watch on ttalph aCrrJston's proceedings 'He did indeed offer an absurdly large reward for the discovery of the mtesiim- girl, and, moreover, «ave the officer in charge of the case a packet of photographs of his phantom man telling him In the gravest manner that he knew the original of that likeness hail something to do with the clis- , appearance of Miss Rowan. The om- bel against the * * whQ thoug ht the portrait was that ron, tin, copper, brass, platinum alu nlnum, German sliver, etc., found that all metals, even tho densest^wm float on water when " "" chemically clean. piece of copper or 'platinum wire Instance, forms a trough for itself on the surface of water just as if it were greased. The same is true of a small rod of glass. Doctor Mayer belloves the floating Is due to a film of air condensed on the surface of the glass or metal, bemuse if the rod be heated to redness, and as soon as It ««*».»» placed on water, It will sink but if It be exposed to the air for » short time it -will float. Oulti- » Graft. Brooklyn's determination to play Sunday ball on its home grounds makes a nice little "sunfluh hole" for the Orioles and the Senators. The three other Eastern teams—Bostons, Phlladelphlus and New Yorks—do not play on the first day of the week. This of a necessity will give all the Eastern Sunday dates at President Byrnes park to Baltimore and -Washington. Perhaps Ned Hanlon and Gus Schmelz are not "smacking their chops" in anticipation of the fat Sunday gates at Brooklyn next summer. Instead of | "laying up" on Sunday and playing to washday crowds on Monday, they will gather in enough at a Sunday matinee at Brooklyn to make a big dent In the serai-monthly pay rolls of their clubs. WUut KoblKou AVoul<l ««. President Kobieon has a wonderful scheme for strengthening tho St. Louis DICK PEARC13. we had over seen the play, and it fooled us no little, but we laid for him and caught him after that. After Ferguson Joined the Atlantlcs in 1866 he became clever at sliding to any of thft pickles, making cakes and similar As they cannot get brown sugar any . more it may be well for them to remember that they can simulate brown sugar by adding a tablespoonful or molasses to each quarter of a pound or, the white granulated sugars. Thin com- blnatlon does as well in all household recipes that call for brown sugar u| tho article itself, and besides, it saves , them a great deal of bunting for brown sugar, which, as said before, has dU-J . appeared from the market." . ^ ABOUT GLOVES.; MTIiy ii French, Woman's Gloves Are AI- , A French woman's gloves are provor- - bial. They always fit well, are never to be seen soiled and keep that shape as long as they laat. The secret of nil this lies in tho fact that the Irench woman knows how to buy gloves ana knows how to take care of them, too; The well-dressed American woman will spend twice as much ovory year upon, her gloves as the French woman will and still not always look as neat. But' the American woman is fast learning the art of glove-buying and glove- very bases." Now Vork'B J*ate»t SurprUr. From the New York Herald: Tho I 1 iUiu mw A^«J !• • --- New York Baseball Club has prepared a limited number of handsome B Iyer souvenir complimentary cards entitling the holders of to all the privileges of tho Polo Ground during the season or 1897 They are very artistically designed and engraved, and arc altogether the prettiest souvenirs ever made by a ball club. The silver cards will be presented to the most prominent XIV. M -i MUST confess, in I spite of my affec 1 tion for Carriston I I felt inclined to re- course which matters were taking, I was a prosaic, matter-of-fact medical man, doing my work to the best of my ability, and anxious when that work was done that my hours of leisure would be as free from worry and care ae possible, With Carriston's advent several disturbing elements^ entered Into my quiet life. ket Ralph Carriston be guilty or'in- nocept jot the extraordinary crime which hie cousin laid at his door, I felt certain th&t he was anxious to obtain possession of the supposed lunatic's person, It would suit his purposes for MB couslu to be proved mad. i aid not believe that; even if the cap tm-e was legally effected, CarHston'a liberation would be a. matter of great ,10 long; as he remained in his plate o£ Wind; so long us I, a I,lttle hut Strong;, \ young-lady -who is well known m society circles is now being given the •grand lavish" on account of a remark obe made some'time ago. She was prep. St at a small gathering of friends and after the discussion of several topics the conversation turned upon tho size of the average person's hand. After a time some one said: "Don t >ou think Mr. A. has a very small hand? Mr ^ is «- gentleman who has been paying considerable attention to the young lady under consideration. Without stopping to think, the young lady replied- "Yes, but he can squeeze so hard- why, he squeezed my hand until ..' Bu t here she realized what s'he was saying and stopped, crimson with confusion, to be overwhelmed in a gale of laughter which threatened to take team. He is willing to give up five of his Cleveland players, providing he can pick five as good men, if not better from the other major league teams At the same time ho exempts Cincinnati and Baltimore. Why not lei each club Jn the major league contribute a player if St. IxniiB must be, made stronger? Baltimore and Cincinnati should do their share toward strengthening tho Mound City team as well as the-others. ( ThiSiJs.,ei8pe<jiaHy»- true in the case of Cincinnati/as that club has done more than any other in weakening St. Louis by purchasing its the 1 major league clubs'have that the players would not be sold after the friends of the club. Gllntn. dAicert terms. Shortstop of a natural being, took his instructions in "ood faith, although he seemed e-eatly surprised when be heard that Parriston knew neither the name noi the occupation, in fact know nothing concerning the man who was to be I for However, as Carriston ae!- bim'that finding this man would iusuro the reward as much as If Iw found Madeline, the officer readllj „,„«„»„. promised to combine the two task.*, B0 uthern planter was dying, ™« ^--'it^rtu 0 : m e st a bi FoV«S years 1 J6 had riddsn over his rpaf off the •-Journal. attempt to perform the latter must be, Two days after this Cariston came to 1 shall <?nve you to-morrow, he mo. said, The players of the Cincinnati team are practicing at New Orleans. U Is announced that all the Brooklyn players who have signed for the coming season have done so at re- Hulen and Outfielder Mertw'Vho were last season with the Philadelphia Club, have been transferred to the Columbus Club of th* Western League. President Von dor Abe had a great team when he was a member o£ the old American A«soclation, but he has no had much of a one since the demise of that organization. Gus Weyhing, the veteran profos- IB no longer manager L1113 «*4 *» ••*»• O»"" * " ' * ~ " _ _ i wearing, says the Chattanooga News. It used to be that she would order a ; • half-dozen pairs sent her in a fancy box > , and fit them on herself. Now she goes, , to the glove shop or to the glove coun- ter'"0f some big dry goods house and has tho.professional fitter there try them, on for there Is much in the first put-, ting on of a glove. If It is stretched' and twisted in the fitting it will never look elegant again. Loose, thick gloves are the only ones that aVe considered fashionable for street wear.- The most popular shade Just new is a,, reddish brown stitched with heavy black silk. None of the seams is finished. That is, the kid is merely cut and stitched down. Such gloves are very durable and if of the best kid will clean over and over again without appearing any, the worse for it. Of courue, for real dressy wear the glove fits closer, Is thinner and finely finished. Undressed kid is not nearly ao fashionable as for- f^e Forfwa>-ne team. He says that he has resigned, but does not give hia reasons for doing so. Illinois is now tailing in line with Missouri and other Western states A bill is to be introduced into the 1111- legislature to abolish Sunday ball Ohio and Kentucky are yet j?" I asked. ^RESIDENT ROBIBON, are you going?" Why do you leave?" "I am going to travel about. I have no, intention of lotting Ralph get holdl of me. So I mean to go from place to place until I find Madeline." "Be careful," I urged. plantation and directed the men at ir work and In all that time not ti sprig of 'cotton had been known to grow upon his land. Corn alone the old man had raised. Corn and mint, teara lmd been strengthened? HOW° m - — '—" S on made a rather funny break, if he is correctly quoted, when he said that Baltimore would hardly consent to *-f*«"»T»*^-^" _ _ _ • i ,,.,,.^4-a Now through the dusk settling down i-' the great place his nose beamed shadows and cast a upon the remainder ^""countenance. "Put," said he, - - his time had doctor gt some standing, could go into the witness 'box iwd swear to his san* Uy, B^t ioy old dread was always with ie dreajj that any further shock overturn the balance of hi 8 se ^' Be careful," I urs^u. we akly as he realised WB time o»« I shall be careful enough. I U take ™" y {, " t upou my tombstone the .. . «~.nnvt£* /-»!» nVATI 1 IHJIUVi *' ** T ^* ^ _ . . . . *. _ i «„.» care that no doctors, surgeons, or even tool j the straw between say one , 80 it wjw that every hour that Oar' w&a' flM of niy elgUi. was fraught &uxjely. Jf Cari'iston was •Coru, but not for cottPP " York wnscrwpu,ious as my \t lie had real), as seewea O^ble, ayfeiomea our agent, ,tiy to»e cvafty trlclf Obtain sowo day cure iu»v "~ •» — — T . ,, warus— •— +*u ww»» »•*»• ••-- — •• T-T--apothecaries got on my track, I sha j«« < ' m togw> W bile the odpr go just as the fit seisseg me. It I can t «« £ * aaved wlth a u ence the » day where I shall be the nest, | <*_ »_«./ ,TTnm.,, hut not for cotton-'" be impossible for that villain to *Thte wa, not a bad argument. In I VorW. fact if Ue caviled out his resolve »•' pissiag quickly from -'-- *- - 1 -"" give up any of its players as it wants a champion team, so that it can again e ennant. Well, that la rich, win the pennant That is as much as saying that Boston New York, Philadelphia and other ma- lor league clubs didn't want champion teams so that they could win the pen- M WW *» J^ltimore- It is pretty betting thftt President RQbison would be doubjy benefited if bl« Seine went through, .wMeh ia harily playing to be 'h'eard from, At a special meeting of the partly organized Southeastern League at Macon Ga., President Bosche resigned. Little business-was transacted, and the league adjourned to meet a week' later, Cawey Flynn, who was on the New York Club's pay roll last spring, and who Inter figured with Farrell in a deal that took them to Washington and brought Joyce to New York, will play with thVvirgiwla team of the Atlantic, League during the cowing season. The Alameda Alerts defeated ttw yiute lnclla»s by « to 2 the other day at San Francisco, Cal, McKee who nltclied seven innings for the-victors, holding the losers down to two safe I hits and ^tiring eleven of them on trlkes, was relieved by Krug, whq itched the remaining innings and a> owed the losers only one safe bit, rom which they scored, a yun, Sjwing o? the Ci»cl«naU9 niU »fc» +mw "- — - v ^1*1 merly. The dressed kid of a fine, sort finish is worn exclusively by the modish woman in all but long evening gloves; in these undressed kid in black and all llgh't shades are approved by, ' fashion. Gloves that exactly match the gown have not been regarded as abflo-j lutely necessary for some years past.- This order of things still continues. A. Mynterlou* Number The number 142,857 does not atjlrsti sight appear to have anything odd about it, yet there are some strange things about it. Let us multiply it by the numbers a to 7 and see tho result: 142,857 by 2 is 285,714 143,857 by 8 is 428,571. 142,857 by 4 is 571,428, , -' 142,857 by 5 is 714.885. 142,857 by 6 is 857,142, ' 142,857 by 7 is 999,999. The first five products, you will oV serve are composed not only of same figures, but of the same "~ in the same order, though be •with a, different figure each time, A»<J the strangest part of it all i!» JW after that point the products lose the)j; oddity, it there is nP what Is the,, poor that I c«»W flrt the k 9 y to ywr to »rooklyn «ewiwe to worthy of dees not' agree with aomo others wwllus is a eoad tuln S *°>' * " u< 'MV reason for. thinking that $ U he U > a pHo^r/' -i- recently, "ia that the wotioB used used l» pitoWng, itevbaiitl motlQU, ej . B , i| any, SYS1' W»e tbftt leff' usa • W y»» very lew ritefe man to me, or I to him? fcet Wm W«* Sr on. Let him bear fcta anguj* to* day; to morrow he will bo gone, AM the, re is an end. W there is a Qoft the world rolls round every day er into the light, and He is having ay among the children ot men, can go with my message, S to the fullness of time all " TUP h.tntw|o P reed not ttlono true, but tb • • vud tee ude QiU p| this fail created tfee p tUi> HMM „, , , ,. ._, •;. / jf/ ^^ *

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