The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 31, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1897
Page 1
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- rw.-ry.^.^^ TO-DAY LOBBY HAS NO • So Says the Legislature *ith Befer»j etice to the Work of the Third Hotise at Des Moines* time and that ad-l Sth'dMay. -*--*--*• The house after a long debate, decided by a vote of 52 to 86, not to re- Investigating Committees &ight*of*wa5f Lately-': of the Week. the house also '^tl that savings * and Green Vegetables at M. Z. Grove & Son's. „„„ MoiNES, March 80,—the in vestigating business is drawing to a close. The committee appointed to in* vestlgate and ascertain whether or not the loan and building lobby had anything to do with the nomination of Speaker Byers a year ago, reported, saying that such lobby had had no influence in the matter whatever, and the report was unanimously adopted, The committee criticised Oce B. Jackman for his extraordinary claims as to his ability as a promoter of legislation. So that Investigation is ended. However, there is a joint committee to investigate the loan and building lobby and commercial aeposmn "" u»i«»» »«u _-. eight per cent, of their w^SM*. posits, Both state and savings banks are required now to keep 15 per cent, of their deposits on band and state banks will continue to be so requited. Li. YOUNG, tl ^ m j ti ^m^m ^^^.^MHAMMBM DiafBlOT OOPBt NOTES, Judge Quarton opened court Monday. There are a great many foreclosure cases, Richardson vs. Ferris is a case for trial, and Stephens vs. Williams. Attorney Miles of Llvermore and McHugh of Emmetsburg are here. The school district case between Corwith and LuVerne is on the docket. Miller of Wesley, McEnroe of Whittemore, Barney Kolley of Emmetsburg i In attendance. 102 E. State St. 19. CEO. 1. GALBRAITH & 00. CARRY A FULL LINE OF o Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods, Wall Paper, Window Shades, Hats, Caps, Gloves, Mittens, Underwear, Gents' Furnishings, and in fact everything to be, had «t a first- class store. Our prices are the lowest. WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD. reported. In fact, two reports have been filed, one by the majority, composed of Lambert, Smith and Jay, and one by the minority, composed of Temple and Brant. The majority reports that the prices paid for state job printing, such as the bar docket, etc., have been too high. The committee also finds that the state binder has been binding the-"half sheep" binding In "skiver." The minority, In an extended report, charges unfairness on the part of the majority In the investigation, saying that Mr. Lambert evidently desired evidence on one side only The minority also alleges that the state binder has used as good leather as any former state binder, and of exactly the same name and quality. The minority report that ''skiver" has been used for so-called "half sheep" binding for thirty years and that the code of 1873 was bound in It It Is expected that these two reports will come up for consideration today. Just what will be the tactics ol both sides remains to be seen. The minority report was not presented until Saturday noon, and no action was taken because Mr. Lambert had gone home. The minority say in their report that Mr. Lambert exaggerated the amount paid the printer and binder for the year 1895 more than $46,000. The fight will evidently be a warm one. The senate bill, which has already passed, regulates everything complained of in both the house reports, and as it is in the house committee on nrinting it may receive consideration In connection with the reports herein referred to. The Lambert committee does not recommend the contract system, though citing the low prices paid N. J. Skinner's family Is sick and the uase against him was to be continued, but will now come on next week. Geo. W. Pangburn is down from Buffalo Center -----—«•''"•««»«»•'•"«« . JraUgUUlll ID WUITM ,»w~- 3V.' He appears for the parties arrested at Germania for stealing wheat. Judge Thomas or Judge Sher win will be here next week. Judge Quarton Is plaintlfE in a suit against W. B. Boyer, the cattle feeder who Is to be tried. Judge Ayers came from Des Moines Monday to defend the Bankers' Life Insurance company against a $2,03b claim on the death of young Stephenson, who shot himself after^ returning from Independence. E. V. Swotting is Mrs. Stephenson's attorney. Mrs. Lllllbrldge got a divorce from her husband Monday, S. S. Sessions appearing for her. This is a Whittemore sinsation. She charged adultery, which her husband practically admitted. They bad already .divided their property and children. One of the first cases was Blalne vs. Reed. This was where Blalne borrowed Reed's buggy and_ let it get smashed and Reed . Blair* In conse- quenoe> G. L. Galbraith & Co. -—;—i : **&% Special l^Carcli Sale Chamber Suits, Sideboards, em, ou In other states under that plan. The other side claim that the low prices in Michigan and Wisconsin and other contract states are made possible by the verv poorest quality and class of work. •••*•••*• - Don't fail to see Me new Acme Sygienio CoucH. m . BUY HARDWARE AT HOBAR I Of THORN & JONES. ••••••• , The school book law has now passed both houses. The custody of school books in counties having county uniformity is given to the county superintendent as being more in his line than the county auditor, who now bandies them, A great deal of local disturbance in school work will be avoided by the removal of all doubt .as to the length of time a re-adoption is for. When a book is adopted by the .school board in the first place there is no doubt but that it is adopted for a term of five years, but the law was not clear as to how long the re-adoption should be for, and Attorney General Remley held that it might be for one year, or such time as the board saw lit. Intention of the legislature was i un| doubtedly that all contracts should be for five years, and the law has been made clear to that effect. Complaint has been made that many smaller publishers were unable to compete for book contracts because they were re- ouired to give a local bond for the I UU L4W*->*^**> —-•- — .^ , TUat is the short of it. Both parties deny the statement .Blalne sued for damages for assault, but dismissed the case Monday. AMOM THE ADVEBTISEB8. Hogs are $3.50. John Goeders went to Chicago last week for his spring stock. Durdall got 1,000 boy's suits yesterday. He is doing a wholesale business these days. Read Joslah Allen's experience with the steel range peddlers as told in DoxseeVad." Jo. Mlsbaoh has been visiting the neighboring towns with samples for tailor-made clothing, representing the Kraft company. Hamilton is making a specialty of the El wood -fencing atjihe hardwood lumber yard. It holds everything from a chicken up. Jo. Steil has a fine stock of clothing The Latest Things Out ^ * i, J ' Haviland Chinas are always found at our store. We make a specialty of white ware for decorating. Langdon & Hudson. TBI/BPHONB NO. 16. LOWER THAN EVER. c. J.WTTON Sells all package coffees at i so per pound, or 7 pounds for $1.00. C. J. DUTTON, IRVINGTON, IOWA. NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO Move to Central North Dakota. -THE Northern Pacific Railway Go, UP-TO-DATE MERCHANTS You can W more for one dollar with us than any other place. HEADQUARTERS FOR COAL. n A*pjgj AND LUNCH COUNTER, Corner opposite Kossutli County tank, Bret-class jneals or Vunobes. Meals and luuehes served at all hours. OYSTERS lor Don't Forgot that we always have on hand all kinds of grain and ground feed, bran, aborts, and oil meal at reasonable prices; also ARB YOU ©OIK© TO HAVB Your Horses Clipped? of all kinds and grades. Goods delivered to any part of the qity. IF NOT, WHY FOT? It is the easiest way in the world to keep'them C. & N. W. Elevator. _—P————-«—i- • • PR. PRESTON, Eve, Ear, Nose and Throat w&M ^f """" * * dBU ^.^^ *P**L*t '• 1"^ - auirea to give a. iu«<" uu~- «,. —faithful performance of their contract. The giving of a local bond is always a stumbling block to any outside bidder, especially so to one not well known in the locality. The law has been changed so that school boards are compelled to accept bonds of an authorized surety company, that is, one that has made the required deposit of securities with the auditor of state and is authorized by him to do business in the state. The house has passed the election bill with the anti-fusion feature. So hereafter, no matter haw many nomlna- Sons a man may get, his name will be on the ticket but once, the theory being that the intelligent voter could ask nothing more than to have the name of 1 his candidate printed in large type on the ballot in one place to enable him to vote as he pleases. •i- -5" -H Both houses have Agreed; fixing the salaries of railway commissioners at $2 300, The salary has formerly been $3^000. . Occasionally a member or senator is «em-d to predict that the general assembly will adjourn about April 16. In this connection it is interesting to potethe situation as to the work as it was on Saturday. The following will show the condition: Up to Saturday morning, the condition of work in the legislature, 9* shown by the report of the JdnJ committee, was as follows; Passed both Kes-senate files, 16 bills, 877 pages; house files, 87 bills, 187 pages; total, 63 bills, m pages. Passed senate ooly Senate files 7,119 pages; passed bOU houee files all, 805 Wes_ tptal v JO. OUOU IlaB tt UUO OUVUn. w» -o in for the spring trade_and Is going to dispose of It. There is money in reading his advertisement. . J. P. Keneftok,. whose fine^horses were exhibited last fall on the fair grounds, will have them here this season. His announcement appears this week. Jacob Falkenhalner, father- of Algona's popular young business men, will come here from Dubuque in, a _if w weeks and make his home with Otto. He has been all his life a hardware man and will assist in the store. J. R. Jones is spending, most of ,. S _ „ A. **4. nimanltV $2.50 - St. Paul to Carmitot JSK =sm 52 • COLONIST SLEEPERS will be left on tne tracK at yamu&w^ Odr COLONIST SLEEPERS will be left on the tracK at yamngww untU such time as those who go up in them have an opportunity to until sucn time a ^^manpnt accomodations. J R. Jones is spending. uiu»c u* his time these days at Burt superintending the new Wigwam there. At bothAl- gona and Burt the Wigwam is doing a big business, which looks as though the farmers were preparing for a big crop. A GOOD assortment of dry and salt fish at Grove & Son's, Minnesota Seed Wweat. A carload of choice blue-stem Minnesota seed wheat, for sale by itf '.'•' H, L. llTltll SUC11 Lllilw t* 3 *+***+?** *' "f." o - * j , « "ff^SliiiF^^^^ 1 and space in colonist sleepers, write to at Grove A FORETASTE Grove & Son's, goofls, all sorts and prices, Northern Pacific Ky. of spring today WHAT Grove & you have been asking for at Son's today. Is offered to any persou who can *upUcate tbe Medical and Surgical ' AND CITY HOSPITAL The Standard Bred Tro Sired by Axtell, 6183, record 8:18, CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE, J. 8TEBBIN8... PiAiLO 26150, *-»— Paintin * ****** _«.«.nt.fiiiiv nates that

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