The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1897 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1897
Page 8
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r Kv> . ( •jHKi._ XV ' •' *M I . r"' > v 'Kfbf^i *••, »»»-,y. vm -•. -• MOBflW: AMONA, IOWA* WEDNESDAY,- MAKOS 24, !a?; j GAINS IN ALL KINDS Ofr * n *fl'** S,' / f ..33'*;* l 9 "V *••• V * LAMPS i pJ|ntil ; April"lst I will give : : : ; i'''"' 4 ^ '','•' ' * ' 20 per cent. Discount Now is the time to buy your lamps, NO. s co»ie s mock. James Patterson. Will stop Your , $1.00. LOCAL W. S. Nycunl is quite sick. H. C. Parsons is visiting his son In Michigan. Our old-time dry seasons wern't so bad after all. Court taeets Monday, Judge Quartoh on the bench. Bert Edmonds is in Des Motnes with a big hardware company. Pay your taxes before April i. That means during the coming week. Judge Quarton's home has one of the handsomest Steinway pianos in Iowa. The Tuesday club meets next week at the residence of Wm, K. Ferguson, An approach bridge east of Bur fc and two on Lindner's creek are reported out of sorts, Phil. Chandler is very sick with acute rheumatism. At times he cannot move a finger. Dr. Birkhofer of Lu Verne was a graduate at Iowa City last week. He locates at Primghar. Gardner Cowies has fitted up bis new offices very handsomely and is now located in his own building. Company F went down and wired its riflepit house to the trees on the river to keep it from floating away. A report Friday was that Mrs. John Ostrum had drowned in the river by the mill. It was without foundation. J. 0. Southard has sold his farm near Whittemore and will go to Brookings, S. D. South Dakota gains a good citizen. A small blaze in W. L. Joslyn's office Friday threatened mischief, -but was promptly squelched. No damage was done. The eight-cent corn argument won't last for the fall campaign if we have a late wet spring. Corn will be 30 cents a bushel yet. Now that we see that we can have high water again, what of it? This country always had a pretty good crop in a dry year. The late M. L. Clarke was found to have a $5,000 life insurance policy at his death. -Mrs. Clarke and son will remain in Pasadena. E. & F. Drug Store EHLERS & FALKENHAINER, ..*,. Deutsche Apotheker. • J, H, FINGER, Prop'r, Best of service at all hours. Private dining room if desired. Fine Cigars and , © Confectionery Our Specialty: SUNDAY'DINNERS, 250. 5&~AU kinds of lunches on short notice. Call and see me. Motto: "Tp Please." J. H. FINGER, RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TBAINS WEST. ........ -- o. 71 departs at NO. 65 • o ., 4. BAST. . 2 departs at.... ............ 10- o.4 departs at ......... ' R. F. HB'DBIOK, Agent. South- CHICAGO & NOBTHWESTEBN. North— l» t "-"t-M».5jSr...,7:lOa-, J n PEESONAL MOVEMENTS, Boston Block, Proprietor, Miss Lennie Bright went to St. Paul after closing her school at Ledyard. Chas. E. Cohenour started yesterda for northern Wisconsin on legal U68B« Mr. and Mrs. D. A. O. I 1 , PEEK IS*,'' 11 , M, P. HAGGARD. |/' Haggard & Peek, lUi .<' ' , [Successors to Jones $ Smith.] ^; Abstracts, ^"' T» Y* |K Real Estate,-£S£^ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA, /iii;— —• " ww "' .j-vo mu uos eo to Chicago as,was reported. Mrs. A. t). Clarke will not be home from Wisconsin for several weeks yet? Her brother is very poorly. Presiding Elder Yetter went to Sioux Ity yesterday, on business connected with the Mornltjgside college. Mr. and. Mrs. Rev. Southwell went *°,;5% le £ ro V e yesterday for a visit with Mr. Southwell's brother., is visit!no- in In spite of various rumors the only bridge near town that is unsafe is the Call bridge. Supervisor Smith says that has the piling injured. The harp orchestra plays at Eagle Grove April 19 for a big ball to be given by the Red Men. The Gazette says it will be a great social event. The many friends of J. E. Stacy will be glad to know that he is gaining in health again. For some time he has been feeling under the weather. J. O. Paxson has a couple of cows that have some discretion. They both took advantage of the present market to present him with twin calves. The Northwestern train Friday morning had five Pullman cars from the Omaha line. The high water over west forced them to come around; > Lieut. Daugherty was not up Monday. He tells the Livermore Gazette, ••however, that he has not sold out and is not going into the regular army. The'public schools close next Friday for a week's vacation. The spring term will open on Monday, April 6, and will continue 10 weeks, closing June 11; Sexton is to have a new doctor and druggist. He is a recent graduate from Iowa City, and cp'mes highly recommended. His card appears elsewhere, The city council meets Saturday night to elect street commissioner, marshal, water works superintendent, city clerk, etc. It will be an interesting session. The Tribune says the new Yeoman order has organized in Britt with 20 members. Members wore present from Buffalo Center, Thompson, and neighboring points. Attorney C. C. Thompson of Bancroft has been sick for some time and Monday showed signs of mental derangement. His friends hope that he will soon recover. and finds them all fight, while the Chicago weighing on the railway scales agreed with the commission house report. As Mr. Schirmer did his own weighing at Hobafi it is thought he must have been mistaken ib the figures. , A year ago a brutal thug at Swea City, John Carlson, podnded an old man named Pierson so that even now he cannot raise his arm. A week ago he was arrested and is bound over to meet the grand jury with a good prospect of going to the penetentiary. J. W. Wadsworth bought a full-blood shorthorn-heifer at the Smart sale in Htimboldt last week, and Daniel Rice and R,. M. Gardner bought a bull in partnership. They got a yearling past that is probably as welt bred and as fine an animal as was ever brought to the county. And now it seetfls that Addispn Fisher has 16 great grandchildren instead oMhe one that We credited to him. THE UPPER DBS MOINES insists all the more that he looks too young. Atnan with 16 great grandchildren should begin to look old, and this our Riverdale pioneer refuses to do. Eagle Grove had a company of 26 ready to come up for Shore Acres, when a young doctor, who was active in the enterpnise, was drowned In the river. He attempted to drive- across and the grade had washed out or his horse was swept off and he and his companion were both unable to get out. The committee, appointed to get up the amusement program for the coming county fair, met Saturday and discussed matters and adjourned until next Saturday. They have under consideration several new features and if the expense is not too great will make the extra day one long to be remembered. State Dairy Commissioner -Boardman is at LuVerne today talking creamery matters over with the farmers who are organizing a new co-operative. He also was at Ltvermore on a like errand. A preliminary meeting at LuVerne showed 200 cows in sight to boffin with. LuVerne will be in the procession. ' Marriage licenses are issued to W. H. Kohlstedt and Mary Weisbrod, Michael Lars and Maggie Stewart, Amos Dennis and Sarah Hewitt, Geo. Nichol and Nellie Kassner, John Bush and Margaret Kruger, Frank Me- Chesney and Nettie M. Taylor, G. W Brown and Bertha Stocks, Willie Tede and Alyine Strieker. E. P. Keith of Plum Creek has had a close call. Some years ago he had an attack of appendicitis and two weeks ago he was again taken. Dr. Kenefick assisted Drs. Beane and Peters of Bur t in a surgical operation which has proved successful and Mr. Keith is now gaining. Many friends all over Kossuth will be glad to know that it is no worse. Capt. Olmstead of the 9th U. S cavalry, Lieut. J. T. Davidson of Muscatine, Major J. R. Kirk of Mason City, and Capt. P. O. Refsell of Emmetsburg were present Monday evening to inspect Company F. The court room was full of spectators who enjoyed the drill. The company was in better shape than a year ago, and Capt. Foster was complimented. Dr. Morse has applied for a patent on a new door look that works without a key. It'is a regular bank combination lock. All a man has to do when he gets home late is to remember the number of pushes, and he is inside. All his wife has to do to catch him is to change the combination. The look is simple, small, and easily regulated. The doctor has a bonanza. Are You Busy? WE WILL DETAIN Yott ONLY A MOMENT. FOOTWEAR. •.-—Brownell & Alfred's Greatest variety for all people. Little feet or Big feet- Come and see—at the BOSTON BLOCK, ALGONA, 1A. Repairing promptly done, Kossuth County State Bank, j. , Ax&otttTA. j^ffia^S^v? 1 ^^^^^^ gsgssgf ?;- ch ??s° *mHht ' WBI. H. INGHAM, President; J. B. JONES, Vice President; LEWIS H. SMITH D First National Bank of Algona. CAPITAL .......150,000 ^•S^Nffft:W^^:V/:.:::::::^-|Bft Vfflcers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, 0. 0. Ohubb, Vice Prest!, Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, rafth, > rates to parties furnishing first-class security. . . . —————. Algona State Bank. Geo. L. .Galbra., Fred. M. Miller. Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Cooke. CASH CAPITAL, «50,000. , General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT ^""interest paid on time deposits. GKESCL CL Six per cent Interest on Time Deposits for money left three months or more. Money always on hand to loan on first mortgages, second mortgages, and good collaterals. Notes-Bought. ALGONA/ IOWA. The Algona Deposit & Loan Assn. will Offices over Algona State Bank na Deposit & Loan Assn. ^ Offices over Algo, GUARANTEE X PER GENT. Bees for particulars. . \*J oar TOMB =• Call at offices for particulars. interest NSURANDE. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, ' Hanover of New York, Tailor Buttings for spring »nd summer pd. come $md take your !fP»<f s W ' ' - . >' • ! #h&5:Jtt'f,fXn>~ft f i XV ^Lifc gJ liMiiay'^ J^*»«M Chester Call is home from Des Moines, looking a little the worse for wear. He is entirely recovered, however, from his long run of fever. Archie Hutchison is baoH fronj New Orleans. He brings home some of the flesh he lost the other time he was down, haying gained 80 pounds, " S?n*?_"KA WV Sot of w bw passed her - a , Wrt graduate „,„„, Wd ttjen open w office in 2?l0«ete«Mr«'prMttae, $jWiP ftre *° a &mw Judge Cook was in town Monday on the Plumley homestead matter. The heirs of Plumley have been decreed the lawful owners but the other people hold the land. ; Cheever Hudson and family have moved to the Robt, Stephenson house, which he bought a year ago. They are now under their own vine and fig tree, figuratively speaking, A, N. Bushnell has traded for a hardware store at Perry and is now in charge. He expects to get rid of it again and will not become a merchant yet, But meanwhile he is attending to it, Rev. Bond, the Methodist circuit rider, was kept in Algona over Sunday by the flood and preached Sunday evening for Rev. Southwell. He is spoken of as a young map who has a future in the ministry. Miss Gertie'Covell has been teaching in the McLain school house in L.QUS Oreek, and closed her term with 'an excellent public program, She was so well liked that the school secured her for Bother term. * Lack of stage facilities and of electric lights interfered with as good a production of Shore Acres last night as might have been given, but the large audience present enjoyed the simple and life like story of an eastern farm in spite of these defects. Shore Acres is a beautiful play, and was well presented. The opera house company had been to an expense of $5 in rearranging the stage machinery to accommodate the special scenery which the advance man said could be put in But on the arrival of the company it was found that there was not room enough, for the, barn, lighthouse, and other parts. These accessories add wonderfully to such a play. But it was enjoyable without them. WE'RE right in line on the erocerv Question. M. Z. GROVE & SON! ' STRAWBERRIES, lettuce, onions, radishes, and celery today at Grove & e>0n s. MONEY to loan on town property and 'arms. Thos. F. Cooke.-Sltjanl . WE have what you want in dry and salt fish. M. Z. Groye & Son. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business- Office over Algona State Bank. ••"•"•"— < ^——^—^«^— Grass Leases. Sealed bids for the grass of 1897 will be received up to April 1, 1897, on the follSwlmr desorlbeS list of lands. No bids for IMS thai ent l r £,*, raot *? described will be oonslderedTas each bid must cover one description of land! All rents must be paid on delivery of the lease: Southeast quarter of ..... S6 3 T I& $ Southwest quarter of 3 97 07 North half southeast quarter of 7 97 27 Northwest quarter of e 97 07 Northwest quarter of. 9 97 07 East half southeast quarter of.. 10 97 27 Southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of 10 97 „_ Northeast quarter of 17 07 at, Northwest quarter of 17 97 07 North half southwest quarter of 17 97 27 Southeast quarter of is 97 27 Northeast quarter of. 19' 97 ,07 Northwest quarter of 19 97 07 Southwest quarter of ....19 97 27 Northwest quarter of... 34 97 27 Southwest quarter of.... 34 97 27 Northwest quarter of 9 95 07 Northwest quarter of.... 94 28 Southeast quarter of,..,...;..!! 14 100 29 sent to * **UQ WM, H. INGHAM, , 47t8 ALGONA, IOWA. GEO. M. BAILEY. 1 '.. PROFESSIONAL. o>^_—-^^^^^^^ & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. B. H, CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. 'Collection agent. Boston block. DANSOK & BUTLER, LAW: LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Oowles' new building. SULLIVAN &MOMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Offlceln Hoxle-Fertfuson block. The State Uniyersi OP E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, G. J. STEBBINS... 6 .^ 6 * Painting r^""«i,""*' vv r"i'' j a "k8 *kat - worryoH-hivtto 1 ^^ 6 * 08 ^ 6 ° n the THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS Will legtn the year 1896-97 . •—" — ,0n September 16. ' J.O.BAYMOND. BENEST O. RAYMOND RAYMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, _ .__ Algona, Iowa, fi bad planned to hpl4 their big comity meeting J n Ai f on ft in May, but the- Jooll eooie y another date as the win be Legal Blanks Real Estate Mortgages, Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Pepds, Leases,, OasborShajeJlent, fe l ?f, tate Contracts, Bill pf Sale, Chattel Mortgages, of .Mortgage, * * imfcd£^<tif&tii<S£f ""-• '» ?, • %5ls-§5** *?* AV ^ * •» ' "^ FREDERICK M. CURTISS, • ATTORNEY AT LAW, L, TRIBONJ M, D., Homeopathic, PHYSICIAN AND and Boston Block,, J « Boenier ' P *' 3- **» ™ magjtedu^;./; H - C. MoCOY, M, D., PHYSICIAN AND SURQJjON, Office at residence, MoGpegor street, PMY1 " 0 !.V.*-«'>*«'B«ON. i I9WR» . H, AND Q Yer Taylor's. AND n. j QWf>J p, p,^ JPJW *m '' % A *?Mi HWm&HbMwm /.ill "•'"'"' tJ " L1 ^|t,.WJ»^»WWfm»JtlMf{ ' ,«£*** ^^""UQ^^T' ,, _. • T"""^"?""..' 1 ",* $f,fvf T^'i',"l">&i^!

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