The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1897
Page 7
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THtt 'tttttttt MS ftOUffiHi IOWA, WBPJCTfflMg, MABOH...M, Mg EErWTER'S CHIPS. From ttie Aavertiser, Clinton, «Jt E 12&. d t? g 6 tst i n Clintcto.towa wi«m., o or(! o<r ' Willtiifns'pink Pills and not one of them had other than good mints to report of those tyho had used therri. Onfe ot the druggists - *P<«ntoent mercliant in then thrusting his then back. w D the animal I dlscov- w the object of his playful as- was a bunch dr ball of snakes, or fouf year old Mother and year's-brood' bf-young. fhe ras very warm, the sUtt shining tmr and bright, and these creatures SWged from their den or neat n JJKSiJ "•*"»» «•« i* prominent rnercuanli In ChfiWi, Whose \vlfo'ttvd'for the-last five ye&ra been badly crippled and a* times nearly helpless from the effects of rheiima- t,^,\ I?* 8 Personally acquainted With the fflrnllv. (Mb AnA «.» .t TT T%-il~—\ J THIS KITIOKAL &AM& SOME fcdtfeS AI4B ON Sot Mncli *tcO«BHlgl« «. »••« • -1'S. (T. TT. xiniioyi anu woucu uj; them tins afternoon and found Mrs. Bftiley very much improved since I Was last thefe, and corigratulated them on her improved Condition, and inquired as to what means had been used to bring about the happy results. Mr. Bailey said that for yeats they had tried one 'thing after another but had found nothing thab afforded any relief, but they continued trying and filially a few months since some one spoke good words for the Pink Pills as a safe and reliable remedy for rheumatic troubles, and they concluded to try once L inore. The 1 Pink Fills weto -purchased and although'in hei»-uriso thevc'was'rfo riipid re- • covery of health, there was a derided change for the better and a continual steady improvement from Week to Week Which has given them confidence in tho remedy, and a lt£*1in-f fViaf. Vt*r fVinti* .nAMtt^.tin.l «...._. ^t.« ».J1I thft Jfatlohftl tioatct— Pfbtfilnent Mn*c- ball WHtfi* Ijults— Scdortd COr.not — JJlrtlnond OllntS. i emerged irom u» .* -»- ------- • ivetl them coufidenee ln th o u . s ground, a foot or so away from tno belief that by thelr conttntie(1 use s - h ' e /»f where they Were lying, and were I B00n bo restored to complete health. I " ,!.* Hiomanlves When they ob- f Mr. Bailey told mo of another case with gunning themselves. WIT«" l ' which he Avas ,, er8ono |iy acquainted, that me they-made an attempt to o{ M r. George Brenlzer. one of the cltv of- *erved me they-maue »n ntkcmpb i« Lain their nest; I killed two of them, however, before they could enter. 1 S»d read somewhere that If a snake's voting *ere taken and their bodies = dragged along the ground, bhe mother 1 So would follow the trail, and, If ahe found them alive, would conduct them back to the nest. I took the two which I had killed and, after dragging them along the turf, deposited them on the pavement some fifty feet from the den; I then resumed my seat on the porch and awaited developments. In a short while the mother snake emerged from the nest and, after crawl- Ing about for a second or two, struck tho trail and at once followed it to the pavement and her dead young. Fortunately I had a witness In the person of my Iceman, who,was delivering Ice at the time, and who was dumb- founded'at beholding such high intelligence in a creature so low in the scale of animal life. I killed the old snake (for these snakes—garden moccasins—become harmful after the third year, eating young birds, etc.) and ten of her progeny, leaving two palru to carry on and perpetuate tho race.— Home Magazine. His Philosophy. The Nabob—"Selfish? Uncharitable? Why, my immense fortune keeps me so •busy that I haven't time to think of other people."—Le Hire. RAM'S HORrTS: ,, 'Anybody can say prayers, but only a jrorshiper of God can pray. ,Tne man who tries to hide his sin, forgets that God is everywhere. /No man can do God's will until God's tfin'has first been done in him. When the devil cornea to an empty Bind, he at once begins to fill it. Idolatry is a plan of salvation that )he sinful man makes for himself. Many who are born in sight of ^eayen, appear to do all their traveling toward the pit, "Look unto me and be ye saved," thaws-how easy God has made man's >art in being saved. Posers for, Pa and Bin. "There's BO doubt about it; these foroigr. troubles are educational," "In what way?" "They give children a chance to picl their parents up on geography." Refreshing Candor. "I fear your wedded happiness will be of short duration." "Ilhope so," candidly confessed theyoum woman' who was going to marry the mum Bged multi-millionaire. Susan B. Anthony began to nmk< speeches for abolition as early as 1858, wmi.,11 110 wus iiersoimnj acquainted, limb of Mr. George Brenlzer, one of the city Officials for many years, and that for the lost two years he had been nearly helpless f rom rheumatism, but has of late been using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and had been wonderfully helped by nsing : them. As I was also personally acquainted with him 1 went out to his residence to get his personal testimony as to what had wrought the happy change in his system; but he had just moved to Chicago, but I have every reason to believe that what Mr. Bailey told me were the fnets of the case us they were intimate friends. Every druggist reports good sales of the pills but have few but facts outside of the demand for them, but the money in the money drawer and that is in most cases all they know or care about. 1 have called on quite a number of people who have used them for nervous prostration and general debility and the universal testimony is that tho Pink Pills accomplished all they .arc recommended for. I am personally acquainted with all the persons referred to in this letter and the fao.ts have been stated in each case. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a condensed form, all tho elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are also a specific for troubles peculiar to f emales.such as suppressions, irregularities and all forms of weakness. They build up tho blood, and restore tho glow of health lo pale and sallow cheeks. In men they effect a radical euro in all cases arising from mental worry,overwork or excesses of whatever nature. Pink Pills are sold in boxes (never in loose bulk) at flO cents it box or six boxes for $3.60, ana may be had of all druggists, or direct by mail fromDr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schcneetady, N. Y. Force of Habit. She—Why in it that you never will come home till 13 or 1 o'clock? He—Because I flndit impossible to change the hubit formed when wo were courting. MARCH AND APRIL Are tho JIoBt Disagreeable Mouths of the fear in tlio .North. In the south they are tho pleasantest and most agreeable. The trees and shrubs put forth their buds and flowers; early vegetables and fruits are ready for eating, and in fact all nature scorn's to have awakened from its winter sleep. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company reaches the Garden Spots of the South, and will on the first and third Tuesdays of March and April sell round-trip tickets to all principal points in Tennessee, Alabama, and West Florida, at about half rates. Write for advertising matter and particulars of excursions to C. P Atmore, General Passenger Agent, Louisville. Ky., or Oeo. B. Homer, D. P. A., St. Louis, Mo. A Kosy Future. '•Young mau," said tho evangelist, "do von ever give any thought toyour futuref" "You bet I do." replied the young man. "And it's all right. The girl I'm going to luurry has a million." ILLY gle promises to take his- case to Baltimore nhd lay it before Ihe national board. If he 'does 1 am willing to go ott record as a prophet, and-here is. the p'iffapliecy; Mnc will tell all he knows and the board will show him. that he has no case, and advise him to call It all off. Who ever heard of a board of this kind giving themselves all the worst of it? If the manager has a good case, and first-class lawyers have said he has, why then tho proper place is a court o'f law, unless the Louisville club can fix up the wrongs they have done the Brockton boy without going into the law business. McGnnnlgle has faith in Messrs. Soden and Byrne doing him Justice, especially as the latter Is a per^ sonal friend", and Mr. Soden has the reputation of dealing fairly in baseball matters. The Louisville club Will claim that the board has no jurisdiction in the matter, as there was no signed contract to show. The" manager can prove a contract before a judge, but not before a national board. Unfortunately for the game Louisville has given the national sport more unwholesome notoriety than any other city that ever held a league franchise. Not the least of these unsportsmanlike proceedings was the Collins matter last season, when they broke faith with the Boston club and received a severe censure from even the modest A. H. Soden of Boston. The Boston directors fully believe that Collins received pay while he lay off at his home In Buffalo, as the southern men thought Boston would weaken and they would get the man for a few dollars. sistant, Mr. Jacob Morse, to the frdsl- tlon made Vacant by his retirement. Mr. Stevens, who is aft ardent pf ohlhi- tlonlst, and several years ago was Ills party's candidate for congress, will de- Vote most of his time henceforth to lecturing for the temperance cause, and has. already Joined Francis Murphy, who Is at present conducting ft cold Water campaign in the city of Boston. —Sporting Life. the AustrftUnn* Ate Cotnlnjr. James A. Mart has received a cablegram from Australia announcing that a team of Australian ball players will sail from Sidney, N. S. W., in March for San Francisco, Cal., and that Manager Harry Musgrove, who successfully managed the Australian cricketers oh the trip which carried them around .the, gldbe-last. year, had-sailed, ott the Alameda, wkhlch Is due to arrive at San Francisco this month. Manager Mttsgreve comes in advance to complete arrangements for the coming of the players. It Is their desire to play games with clubs throughout the United States. Their intention is to make the tour of the world. The game ot baseball has made wonderful advancement In Australia since the visit there of'the A. G.-Spaldlng tourists,during the fall of 1888, and that the players selected to visit this country are the •stars" of that part of the world. (3I6LE TERMS, A gerah was one cent, A cab was three pints. An omef was slX pints. * A shekel 6f gold was $S. ' A farthing ttas three cents. A talent of, gold was $15,800, "A talent of silver was $538.50, A bin was one gallon and two pints. A mite was less than a quarter ot & eentj On tltuo. And very parly too. Tlmf« what, oliy onto should lib in tv'enUng one's self for iunctitm of tho kidneys nhd bladder. The dini-otid which experience indicnte<? flfc mipplyiiig tliel-eqnimostihiulatloiitothe orgnns without exciting them, is Hoitettor'H Stomach Hitters. Uott'tdelay; kidney iiiftntion nud diseases ure not fnr apart IV fever ntid ngtte, dyspctisin. constipation, rheumatism alid nerve debility also, Use the Bitters. ».***»* s the trowels eaeh Mf id b% healthy, this is Aetfi gently oh tho live* Cures sick heatfoche. i ft Mr Mrs. 1'rnnClR WICK nns rreeu .><Ji si*teeft rests cashier o! the First Bank of ftmitlrifctott, Ind. .tc.. Ihc flftfeU iltfet arid bftfhSl In Asia tire ftterags *n«J*"* tnnf« to the squnre n.lie is 48 f itt in ArnerieftSj hi Australia 1. ' itinit breweflp* tiiitil after ithaS three months. A Orcnt Second Baseman. James M. Connor, the second baseman drafted by the Chicago club from Minneapolis, was born May 11. 1868, at Port Jervis, N. Y., but learned to play ball at Danvers, Mass. His first pro- The SlOU Ilowui-u. o>i.0o, of (hl ? paper will be pJe«ed Against tlio Ingliot. In order to increase the batting in our national game more confidence must be inspired into the batter, especially as to his safety .while at the bat. Permit me to suggest'a way in which this can be accomplished, and at the game time eliminate the only^real danger that the game possesses.' My idea is to draft a rule that will prohibit the pitcher from using the inshoot, arid make the penalty for using it a severe one, say the forfeiture of a run to the opposing team. This would decrease the pitcher's effectiveness to a large extent, but the batting would be increased. The pitchers would object to such a rule to a certainty, therefore in order to offset their handicap I would suggest that a six-foot circle be made with the nearest line sixty feet from the home plate, allow the pitcher to go through any motions he pleases while in this circle, facing the batter, and that no balks be called, except when he steps out of tho circle while delivering the ball to the bat, or when he' makes a motion to deliver tho ball to the bat and does not. Let some of the teams give this a trial in the spring practice games. It. stands to reason that when a man goes to the plate, with the knowledge that the only ball from which an injury is feared is debarred, lie will take all chances to make a hit. "Sly task In life, 1 'isaid (.he pantor. com* iilnoeutly, "consists in sttvlne young meb.'j "Ah," said tho maiden with ft soulful Wngiiig, '-Save ft nice-looking one for me." (Coughing ticitd* to Vorinmnptton, Kemp's bnlsftm vrill stop the cough at. once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Large bottles 2S and »0 cents. Go at oncej delays tire dangerous. Men would'bo very wise if llioy could leorn ns much ns their boys think they could teach them. NO-TO-BAC FOR FIFTY CENT5. OVor 404,000 cured. Why not, let If o-To-Btto regulate or remove your desire for tobacco. Saves money, makes health aud manhood. Cure guaranteed, BOc <»td $1, all druggists. A joyful heart, which IB assured of the grace'of God. imparts its brightness to the face.—Stfirko. Piso's Cure for Consumption hns been a family medicine with us since 1805. J. 11. Madison, 2404 42ud Ave,, Chicago, 111. Itissaid that tho Carnegles have sold n),000 tons of steel rails to the Canadian Pacific road, at $17 per ton. Mrs. Wliiiloiv's MootUlng Syrup Porclilkl run teeIhliiK, nofleiwi tliRttumi), reduces Indnm million iillnys jmlii, c'liroH wind eulkv "B CBiita u liutllv. Eating uiatuhes are common among the villages of Alaska.' He who eiiln the most is considered the most accomplished mau, . FITS stopped t reo nnti permanently cured. Ko flu Itter tint day's use of Dr. JClli>«'« Great Nerve tteatorer. Free $2 trial liotllo aud ireatleo. ue * t!™a toDn. Arch St. I'lilhidelphta, Pa. Man never deceives himself so much as when he attempts to deceive God.—Carlyle. Hegcmun's Ciunphor Jc« with Glycerine GIUIM Chapped Hands unA Fitav. Tnndor or Horn Feet, Chilblains, Piles, Ac. C. O. Clark Co., Now Haven, Ct. It is said that William Waldorf Astor owns 4,000 houses in New Yorli City, and that'his annual income is nearly $(1,000,000. Lydia E, Pinkharn's Vegetable Comppufld \Vill cure the worst forms ol female complaints, all ovarian troubles, inflammation and nlceration, falling and displacements of tho womb, and conse- - quent spinal weakness, and is liarly adapted to tho change of me, Every time it will cure Batkache, | It hns eitrod more easel* of leucor- rhcca by removing tho cause, than any remedy the world has ever known; it is almost infallible in ouch cases. It dissolves and cxpcla tumors from tho uterus in an early stage of development, and checks any tendency, to cancerous humors. Lydia E. Pinkhaiti is Liver Pills work in unison with the Compound, and are a sure cure for constipation and sick headache. Mrs. 1'inkluim's Sanative Wash as of great .value for local application. V ', '^ - \ ^ "jr 1 JAMES M. CONNOR. fessional engagement was with the Portsmouth club, of the New England league, in 1888. He was with the Concord, N. H., club in 1889, and was engaged for the season of 1890 with the Buffalo club of the international league, but finished it with the London team, of the same league. He was with the Manchester, N. .H., team in 1891. He was engaged by the management of the Joliet, 111., club at the beginning of the season of 1892, and made such a brilliant showing that Manager 'Anson gave him a trial with the Chlcagos during the latter part of that.season; but a succession of accidents disheartened him, .arid he lost confidence in himself. In 1893 he joined the Atlanta club,' of the southern league, and, was very praiseworthy. In 1894-'95 he was a member of the Toledo team. Last year'his excellent work helped Minneapolis to the western league championship. He has shown steady improvement in all departments of the game year by year, and is likely to prove a valuable player for Chicago. ffnUJA f |IUnH T For Sale on crop payment. $1 \>ef ac re cash, balance '/, crop yc ------ laldfor. J. MuUiall.Waukegan.Jll i The nir is so clear and dry.iu.tho urctie regions that conversation win bo cnrriei on when tho speakers are two miles apart. CASCAKETS stimulate liver, kidneys nut bo.Yels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe, lOe. There will bo 1.003 churches within the boundaries of the greater New York. FARM B«W flulifr't S«eil« nra Wnrrnntod to Byjolm nrolclcr, Mloblcolt, Wlo., ostontehe Tf tho world with aytold 0 n781)U.of Snher'B- ISIlver KlnffBarloy per acre. Don't you »°»ovo^ (fit! .lust wrlto him. In ord«r to gain, 1" 1897,] 1100.000 new otwtoinora' we nuntl on trial |1O HOIil-AHS' WOTCTH ]rOH ^.wi lilt BlcK». of now anil rftro farm needs, liiclndlngi labovo Jlarley. Tconlnto, fllunt Bpnrry, Bond" iTetcli "lOc.Wlioat, 11 nnd other novelties, DOB-/ Itlvcly worth «10)to net astni t, all postpaid.! 1 Inoludlncc our Rrcat seed itiUloir, for lOo ,* Kort growers iif farm needs ana pota-^ 1 38 in tho T.-orld. 116 I>1<R«. carllcul^ 'O&otablo MaudMl. Oatalotf tt'llM^ all alxni- l(;.aindly nmllod • " Intendlnptbuyora. Send thlu notice, .^dfciv^ , nr» !*• VV. N. U. Des Moines. No. 13—1897. WUelTAnsworluii-'ArtverUsoHionto Kindly Mention, This 1'iiDor. ." IP 9 disease whish ftfiUct* over 75,P 6 ' "•"* of the Ajnericaw people, ft is s ..— ji—'__ , €__«,.. jjp^ pnly opprVa*"" """"" """ """"•" " bad sufferers from are spee4»y lhatit "failWto cure. Send for list tlmonlol^ Addrey^ & ca> Tole(JOi o , Ki^CTJ^tl..,^ • Too Mltny Spots. "Grigspu complains bitterly of spots b % e s h he e fo es t"heavily at seven-up Jast uight." .— \VIIAT A STUPENDOUS MB! We hear a farmer say when he reads that John Breider, Mlshicott, Wis., grew 173 bushels of Saber's Silver King Barley per acre Jn 1896, Don't you believe it? Just write him! You Bee galzer'a sfeds are bred up to big yields And Oats 230 bushels, corn 260, Wheat 60 bushels, Potatoes 1,600 bushels, Grasses 6 tons per acre, etc., etc, SIO.QO FOB 10 CENTS. Just Sena TM» Jf°t»«° 1WH V° / , C ?? nW stamps to John A. Salzer Seed Qo., La Crowe, Wla., and get 12 farm $ee4 samples, w^nb_|10,_to_get_a_start, w.n, $10 gold piece," Vale, Stevens. Expressions of regret are general in baseball circles over the announcement that Mr. Edward P. Stevens has retired from journalism and his able pen will no longer be wielded in behalf of baseball. For many years "Fatty" Stevens, as he is generally known, occupied the position of baseball editor of the Boston Herald, and during all this time has been recognized everywhere as one of the ablest baseball writers in the world. He was in love with his work, and consequently was painstaking, conservative and conscientious in every line he penned. He understood the game thoroughly, and was fearless, but always just in his criticisms, which made him exert a most powerful influ- ance in baseball journalism. Mr. Stevens has not forsaken Journalism to go appeared. _ »«,oo tw North March 3lst and April 7th. te Great Northern BaUway . wU trirnoseeUers' excursions to Red R ver Valley, Pevil's Lake, s to d» to fo there and take UD free homesteads. ^.50 *o^ sySfri^ww^BiwK jpSPpi" "^5 irij MiijauWtf' 1 I'i'-iiVV^ 1 ' 'j AO+ 1 fL f^flJI(1S,l*flt^" EDWARP F jnto some other business, but he has lust been placed upon the Boston Hqr- aia's retired list. He has, in brief, been "pensionecV by his paper at tbe same salary be was drawing at tjie time of his retirement, last Monday, for the remainder of his lUe, Mr, Stevens is not yet an pW wan. beln s scarcely 50 years »f age, but lie has si'Q WA SQ corpulent ^ to Ixo almost helpless In mov Ins around, as rapUily as 40 active newspaper pian sUpulO, mp,ye and W<fc$ W B impaired b,y w years ago. The BpjJen 1 If eva,l(J frit (tylfc 94 >. wM Diamond Glints. The players of the Cleveland team will hegln their preliminary training In the C. A. C, gymnasium on March 20, The Brooklyn team does not appear to he as strong this year as it was last. This is certainly the case at shortstop. Umpire Hurst is quoted as saying: "I do not see how the suggestions of the committee will make things any better than they are at present." Negotiations are in progress for the Cincinnatis to open the preliminary season at Dayton, O., with the new Dayton team, of the Inter-State League. Manager Selee claims now that Second Baseman McGann has not been released by the Boston club, A man never knows how much he is valued until some one else wants him. Now that Cincinnati does not want Roger Connor, the veteran may be retired, as St. Louis thinks favorably of playing Catcher Douglass at first base during the coming season. Manager Hanlon, of the champion Baltimores, must Intend to drop some of his veteran pHchers, »s ho has just added another youngster to his list, The new man Is Cooean, formerly of the Paterson team, of th,e Atlantic league. Manager Tebe&u, of tb.o Cleveland earn, has at last discovered the cause of the poor' base running of his players, We says it wt(s the toult °* the Cleveland scorers, Probably it was the same cause that m^e Cleveland lose the pennant and afterwards the Terople cup last yea?. Chauneey Fisher, of the. and Amos Hpie, ol the New . will go to French L,iQk Springs to ,do their preliminary • training. Rua^ .„ be will he released from''the York club by the courts, a.B<J lie to fee Jn con4Ww |pr ttie com- y-^^-* ti l^r^j^~^g > S~1^r^frr-^B^*liV^ l ^ f ^**r^X» r ^*li r ^i>r'*t*r-'^^ ^V ^^V ALABASTINE IT WON'T RUB OFF. Wall Paper IB Unsanitary. KAS-SOBJINB IS TEMl'OKAllV, UOK8,JBUBS OFF AJSW SCAI^ES. Tan DOOTOB—"One layer ot paper Is bad enough, you have three here. Baby may recorer hut cannot thrive." is a pure, permanent and artistic wall-coutlug, ready for the brusli i? by mixing la cold water. For Sale by Paint Dealers Everywhere. ~ A Tint Card showing 19 desirable tints, also Alabastlne : cucc Anw uaro snowing «»uoBtrwjw num. ai»« *"J»»BW««W • • rnCC Souvenir Rock Hentf reo to any onementlontngiblflpaper. AJ.AI5A8TINB CO., «rand JRapIrts, BUcJi. I /^^^>^P^^^^ J ^^_<'^^w*^^^ J ^J^>^^y^^^^'^*^^^^'^i>'' '^fex'^^^-'^^fc^'^^^'^^S^^P^'' >««<!«»•. AHDV CATI1ARJI6 CURECflHSTIPATIOM 10* 25* $0* ABSOLUTELY GUARABTEED|S^^ pie and hqghjqt ft y L Ail. STBIU4NG UEMEpY (!0,, Ohfoyo, Mpiitreyl. Cnn t , £rNgwT?rt» • ,»i?, Pf When I Saw your advertisement I thought that it -WM probably meats of many other makers pt namsthwm —Wg blow ar»4 littte show; bat I'jn «a4y to, den go fthe^d, gentlemen; you're a]l right} I Harvester and BWer, strong tWais. That* ing tjbftt H P ee »s JsnprofraWe tljftt «o« fo^rt^ffttoteii ef tt»t «M» J»V| tuwfl owtt ajttwttfl» ^ mm, 9t tlw **w JAWM* I? $> ^TT» « T- «'i*t* .Ta tslipJ^ -mm WW «^'; p& - «fc>JI&« Tv^C:* jL-TSoftA^^^^I'^foo mif tTnfr£n.M '

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