The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 17, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1897
Page 7
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Hwl fV l<'j: *ai tmpfik fi»»!p-* T? j >*H%i 7 " "vt* 1 W?*** "'-I r '???v?W>i Bfl MoilttSB! tit bt-ilLsftjMa-'ycga. H 'SStebte. aria lwtl» are -ssfssssfSs*? 'The Louisvilld & Nash- oad Company reaches the otsofthe South, and will it and third Tuesdays of i Anfil sell 1'ourtd-trip tickets % , points in Tennessee, ad West Florida, ttt about Write fpr advertising mat- Iff tMll A long Heeded So* Sta " -» ut * bavo aetttf b60tt *° it. Iwmt tt sea story ilskoy Hnd Gum. have ft terrible cold. Are Biotting f)ftper is made of cottdn rags boil&d with soda. In 1896 there were 022,000 cattle and calves butchered in Kansas City. Gray hair and wrinkles may come, but a happy heart is always ycniftg. frothing pleases a maa so mufch as to bo coaxed to do a thing he Wants to do, any%ay.—Atchison Globe. A thousand shingles, laid four Inches to the weather, are required to coter 100 superficial feet o£ roof. It has just been decided ih New York by a court ot justice that tobaccb Is an article of necessity rather than of luxury. Charleston (S. C.) has a commission on shade trees. In four years it has planted more than 1,000 • trees In the city streets. The priests oil Paris have been for* bidden to appear in a theater inecclesU aetical costume. They may, however, visit circuses. A three hundred and ten pounder of nineteen turned Up in this year's batch of French conscripts. He was active enough to be accepted. IS swasm MUMdft Af4t5 lN!AL ANfc A We hope "the Plows** Wjs frlncked 1ft — thygtfcal »fa Masque— ttfint Thl» Country. HJ3 Eifrftot Ifi we la jj'itKAK OJT NATURE. to sell 1,000,000 packages Watermelon, the most Srfui" freak of nature-smooth, linr yellow rind, crimson flesh, deli- inns! It's sensational. Took 500 first Z,, In 1896. You must have it to be I the swim. Melons go' like wild fire it 1100 apiece. We paid $300 for one melon! $100 prizes for earliest melon "ripened In 189C in 41 days. Lots of money made In earliest vegetables Salzer'a seeds produce them., Thirty flve earliest sorts, postpaid, $1.00. NiMid This Notice ami l« Cents for a Package o£ Golden Rind-'tad wonderful seed book, 146 big.pages, to John A Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wls. _..,. w.n. rnrlotta, Maximlllian ot Mexico's widow, vhow physical Iwftlth/luring her long insanity nas been good, is said to be no wrap- idly declining^ ^_ Hov'it This! , e the undersigned, have known *. J. Wesf & °°"S, Wholesale Druggists, To- •'WaMfiiB.' Rinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Kcata^h'cure is laWl.ntern.lly, acting /directly upo.n the blood and mu- raus surfaces of the system. Testimo- S sent free. Price 7Gc per bottle. Sold -gffi&-prilB are the best. plucked Childhood Possessed a per- ftime fare, With which none in the wlldwood Of the present can coMfeafe. " A Ruth's first sweetheart's Merit Wing. The invention of ulnbastine marked u new era in wall coatings, and from the standpoint o£ the building owner, was an important discovery. It has from a small beginning branched out into every country of the civili/ed World. Tho name "kalso' mine" has become BO offensive to property owners that manufacturers of cheap kal- sotnine preparations are now calling them' by some other name, and attempting to sell on the Alabastino company's reputation. Through extensive advertising and personal use, the merits of the durable Alabas- tine are BO thoroughly known that the peo' pie insist on getting these goods and will take no ehauce of spoiling their walls fot u. possible saving of at the most but a few cents. Thus it is again demonstrated that merit wins, and that manufacturers ol flrst-closs articles will be supported by the people. A warmth of love possessed With which when she's his Mm, No kiss compares in zest. And though we gain'a million 'Twill bring but half the joys Of the dollar—Worth a billion— That we found when we were boys. •"" R.G.T. ThS tircAilai 1 ftime afbiind ft b&sftuei kfiowli aS ft Hp^ie 16 how out of fash- ten". All the lafefet waists have slioft jackets. (Sblbted umbf elta.8 have Vanished tike- H dfeafiL&nd tthlle.they may be tised again they are now conspicuous by theif absence, fhe paftt-coibred, wide-spreading silk umbrella lattp slmdo is declared out of date. It has been entirely su^ perseded by the spherical globe eH glass of decorated chlhu. The madonna style of coiffure, that is, patted and drawn down on oacli side, is quite passe. To be In style ybu must dress your hair n la pompadour, with a few soft, wavy locks on each •s1ut*heid by (1 8idec6mb8. <• • ~->• -* The smart set said soino time ago that to wear a corsage bouquet to the theater or & dance is In bad taste. If any flowers are taken they are tied with a bow and long ends of sixteen satin ribbon Into a loose bunch. Very useful black net waists are made to wear with odd skirts of satin, brocade or moire. Striping the net with narrow black satin ribbon gives a f btesnfenef . »f gs Jl do isot tWUft ofi, sir I A -A little otbttth, th&nfe tqtt; OUT OF Ofcfln It *ttt< 5<n*h , fine hlso (ippeal to ft ^ftfeo! feliof ht thd tof tni-o-if physicftl-whlch kt'd 006 .^ 1 "? gfortn. Rheumatism is tt pfftliflc soutte of hgonytn its acute, innftinnifttofy or dhroflic foritis. Butitrasy b<s anttihilated at its birth •with Hofttetter's Stdittftch BitterS which, ulilike tho poisoni in tulniiin doses oltgtt prescribed for it. IB perfectly safe, ttri* iarinl kidney, bilious, dyspeptic or nervous- ailrneflts, the Bitters is n certflln Soiiree of relief. ._ The Heat ihe tftll, Physical Phenomena. "Why didn't Johnny shovel off the walk'?" demanded Mr, Simpkins, as he brushed the snow off his trousers and dug some lumps of it out of his shoe- tops; ' "The poor boy's back was so lame, I hadn't the heart to make him do it," explained Mrs. Simpkins, apologetically. ' , "Huh! Where is he now?" demanded her lord and master. "I don't know, I'm sure. I guess- yes, that's him over there with the Williams boy, rolling those big balls to make a fort."—Cincinnati Tribune. prettr«ffect,esp«eikiiy ( 'for' i tti'e''sleeve8," while the bodice may be of plain net, with a stock and belt of some bright- colored velvet. The fashion of having a frieze to the wall covering is no more. The very newest is to have a dado running up six feet from the floor. The picture molding put up near the ceiling is also out of date. The molding is now put where the dado ends and the pictures are hung on the sight line. FOR MAIDS WHO DANCE. Started In Life. Mrs. G add— Your son is still at college, J presume. Mrs. Gabb— Mercy, no. He has graduated. "He has?" '•Yesindeed; and only last week'ho signed with the Brooklyns." Black as Indigo. Clara — I suppose the brightest moment of your life was when Jack proposed? Cora—Brightest? There wasn't a particle of light in the room. SPIJGJJDID OPPORTUNITY TO INVEST We are selllnK.lanrt In tho famous Big Horn Basin, Wyoming, for MO.W) per ncro. including u permanent Water right.. Those land! will soon advance to WOO pur acre.' ' Goort climate and good prices for I the. WK crops .you ralso, ; Address CUNNINGHAM! & CO., 216 So. 14th St.,- Omalm. Neb. At the Ball. --'f ':• OF BRIBHTS »v. "It ts my firm option," said i pointed luayr'.'Jbbttt I'fiball'rtMfflflijJ In a different form." . , , "Oh, how nice for yoti," exclaimed me Indy of average proportion^, NO«TO*BAd FOR PlFTY CBNf-n Over 404,000 cured. Why toot let No-To-Bao regulate or remove your desire for tobacco. Saves money; makes Health and manhood. Cure guaranteed, fiOc and $U all druggists. Their l»rttctioo. She—The Misses Brown usually sing together, do thev,npt?. > ••». ,.«!._,••• 8 He—Yes th'ey'divlde the rcBpottslbiUty. inue's Family MciHclit* Moves tho bowels each day. In order to bo henlthy, this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick headache. Price 35 and DOC. London has an area ot 088 square miles. Greater Nev? York will have an area ol ami square miles. MAK1C TEN THOUSAND nOIAAKB by chewlnn I'ASTMWINK «««• For jwft eulftw write JOHN T. MlLl.lKES.JtOO.,8t.Loul» > Mo. Export chicken thiovwTclutch a fowl by tho neck. Tho inexperienced seize It by the logs. In sueii a wuKtJrt b , the market , " There is o«ly one absolutely cunt for these troubles, and that fa "It has stood the test A resolution to code the Yosemite Valley to the United States has been overwhelmingly rejected by the California legislature. . ' ' -Tour* In the Kooky Mountains. The "Scenic Line of tho World," the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, offers to tourists in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico the choicest resorts, and to the transcontinental traveler the grandest scenery. The direct line to Cripple Creek, the greatest gold camp on earth. Bouble daily train service with Pullman sleepers and tourists' cars between* Denver and San Francisco and Los Angeles. Write S. K. Hooper, G. P. & T. A., Denver, Col., for illustrated descrip- _^__ Only six members of tho Arkansas senate voted in favor of a two cents per mile passenger railroad faro bill. Coughing Lends to Consumption. Kemp's balsam will stop the cough at 'once. Goto your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Large bottles 25 and 50 cents. Go at once: delays are dangerous. Leading foreign houses express the opin Ion that this country will not ship any gold abroad this spring, CASCAKETS stimulate liver, kidneys and bowels. Never sicken, -weaken or gripe, 10c Medical experts are of the opinion tlia tuyneBE is simply a form of insanity. During slippery' weather, pray put more ashes on your sidewalk. loss, Ills Abode. Blinks—Whore are you living now? Jinks (gloomily)— I don't live. Blinks— That so? AVhere are you bonrd- .Sir \ r ; "STAR TOBACCO." As you chew tobacco lor pleasure use Star It Is not only the best but the mostlasting, and •liereforc, the cheapest. Mrs. Charles Howard, of Jlaltinioro, «•! •ears old, is the only surviving child of Baucis Scott Key, the author of "The Star Spangled Banner." WHOLESAI.K MILLINERY. The wholesulo millinery houso of M. Biegelman & Co., U«s Moinos, announce that tliolr spring stock is now complete. They Invite Inspection and correspondence. Prices guaranteed. Dr Chuncoy M. Depew has a double in F. M. Murphy, of Phoenix, Ariz., who looks so much like Mr. Depew he is often takon.for him. TO C0BK A COLD IN ONE DAY. Talto Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Al' Druggists rotund tho monov It It fails to cure. J5( Efforts are being made to sell to the government (or 850,000, the farm_o£ 113 acres near Hodgenvillo, Ky., ou which Abraham Lincoln was born. She's _ Jenny Lind's daughter, Mrs. Raymond Maude, has written a memoir of her mother, — WHEN bilious or costive, eat a Cascaret candy catharic, cure guaranteed. lOc, AJC, Keep good~comtjauy and youTshall be of the number.—Herbert. Tho biff stores in Paris use horseless delivery wagons almost exclusively. Doll—Have you seen Maude? disguised herself completely. Dick—How did she do it? Dolly—Oh, she left off her makeup. Example and Trecept. Friend—"How are you getting along these days, old fellow?" Author—"Very poorly. Living between the hand and the mouth." p,—"l thought so from your appear ance. Why don't you give up writing and go into some kind of business in which you can earn a comfortable living?" A.. "I've often thought of doing so but' the hope of one day making a strike, as you business men call It keeps me at the pen. However, my new book may bring me in somethin handsome." p,—"You are writing a book, then? A—"Yes." F._"What's its title?" A.—"How to Become Rich."—Boston Courier. Young girls in Paris are wearing little black net frocks, with huge sashes of rose-color or the favorite turquoise blue. An unusually simple frock of baby- blue net over satin is trimmed with nuffy mink-tails, set in full pluitings of chiffon. Violets and the new shade, known as jastllle, and the color of old ivory, is a aew and unusual combination, well worn by blondes of a certain type. , A gown of American beauty satin das a band of thickly embroidered ipangles round the skirt, the square bodice trimmed with creamy lace and >ands of dark fur. THETWORUD OVER. Municipal women suffrage rules In ew Zealand. In France the women teachers elect vomen members on all boards of edu- ation. Only one delinquent .postmaster in daine Is reported. He owes Uncle Sam 0 eents. Phoenix, tho capital of Arizona, has assed an ordinance imposing a fine of 10 upon any one spitting on the sidewalk. • Mrs. Wliwlow'n Hoot lung Byrap Forchthlran t«elhln|{, BoCtonntli««iiin(, reduces Inflam mutlim, allays pain, ouroi wlmicolic. SB cent* ft Ixmlu One-half of nil tho quiDino~producod In tho world IB consumed in the United States. I know that iny life was saved by Plso's Cure for Consumption.—John A. Miller, Au Sable, Michigan, April 81, 1805. Nearly two-thirds of the population of Spain cannot rend or write. t'oe'H Cough JBulinm I« tho oldost mid best. It will break up a cold milcket Mian anything ulsc. It IH always i-clUbln. Try It. The Chinese prerervo eggs by coating them with mud. JUST try a 10o box o t Cnsnarets, candy outhartlo, the finest llvor and bowel rcgnlntorroaao. Over nine-teuths of the. railroad passen .gors in England travel third class. REWARD IN GOLD! _, vr*n .Worth Trying Vottf [ r^hiTword MMAtJTl*TJIj are nine iQtWM. Tott «1» «i ffi SIASSS, sivry ton you to send wltujro.....— -.- _,y_.i«»5'-ihl«1i TKto2-contHtmui)B or 25 cents |« .M}y*'-_JS_J!a iiii null tin vou to ithalf-yen.i' ssuDBonpuon to i»'j iVAnHinnoi i> COMPANION. In ttdultlou to *Vm uboVe prlioVwoXriU Klvo lo ovoryone sending nB 1, llKtof ftmrtoun 01-raoro words a hanilBOTue sU\ W souvenir spoon. IJst* nbould bo nont ha soott U ' i, and not later than April Hd. »D7, .Wfttngi '''"'l^ -.., ,^, n t 08 tants may St.. York City. W. N. U. DesMoines. No. 12.—1897. AVhcn you're doubled ip. with pain and feel like you'd snap" in two, you have When you feel strong, straight, without pain by using St. Jacobs O oil, you'll know you've used the best remedy. , i^ gc>C)CKX>0(>0>SC<X>CC<X>a(>JO<X>0^ WOMAN'S LONG HOURS. She Tolls After Man's Day's Work Is Done. What She Has to Cointena With—Work That Sooner ,or Iftt« r Mrieaks Down Her Delicate Organism. The great majority of women "work to live" and "live to work," and as the hands of the clock approach the hour of six, those em- , ployed in stores, offices, mills and factories, hail closing time with , "Jam fonly too.glad to tes- ftlly to tUo great value' lot Ayer's garsaparllla 1 ' /which bus been a household coinpaulon }n' pur /family for years, 1 take I from 3 tQ 5 bottles of It every \ Sprlngt goueraUy begipningl I about tUo flrst of 4prll, Alter / that I {00} .liite a, two year old,\ p-ltjtoues up iriy aystero, gives \ an pxqoiionV upiiotlte ami l sleep like»top, AS » blood »ic / olae it Jias jio superior, at least tliat' / is my opinion of it.MJ- »• | WEIGHTY Ayer's A Vicarious TranagreBslon. Pater—"Johnny, I don't want to seo this man. Run down and tell him I'm not at home." Johnny—"But, father—I thought you never told lies." I Pater (solemnly)—"I don't, my boy. It's you that's going to tell the lie."— Punch. ^-rm>rm~m-* »-»»••»-.--------- « Bakers Chocolate | MADE BY Walter Baker & Co. Ltd., Established in 178O, at Dorchester, Mass. Has the well-known Yellow Label on the front of every package, and the trade-mark, "La Belle Chocolatiere,", on the back. NONE OTHER GENUINE. Walter Baker & Co. Ltd., Dorchester, Mass. . "world-Herald of WUat AU Cactus BiU-^Wall, pardner, dig up yer dough, an* be quick about it! | Lord Wteweight—A-a-aw-weally, you Aroerwicans are always in such a dwreadful hurry, one can't have time to be prowperJy webbed, don'tcher- linow! n»nl Form. Energetic Citizen—"You great, lazy hulk; you ought to be in Jail." Perry PatetUc—"I know it Is tho cor-, rect thing in P™' se t t( > be ln ^ ail M* time of year but the winter is so mud that I ain't fe lt to »° burr y ftbout ^-" -ClnciftDaU inquirer. Not Hi*lf« Artist—I flatter J»y§elf this }aet picture of wise is an excellent oao. | Another Artist-JMy dear fellow, you, joy. They have won their day's bread, but some duties areyet ' to be' •-. ' • performed, and many personal matters to be attended to. They have mending to do, and dresses or bonnets to make, and long into the night they toil, for they must look neat, and tW have no time during the day to attend to personal matters. • "Women, therefore, notwithstanding their delicate organism, work lougei and jSore closely than men. They do not promptly heed SUOlV signs as headache, backache, blues, pains to'thp groins, bewring<4ownv' aU l feeUng, u^ryousneas, ep ancl,appe:tiite, -jvWte^. or painful monthly periods, loss of ^ and awo feet, etc., all symptoms at womb trouble, whici., it«ot quickly checked, will laiwch thorn iu a sea misery. There is but one absolute remedv for aU those ills. Any woman whofow , ^ me"niief. 'My rtomacU™ w sore ana seusitlve. I w«s inaucea to try ^ |Dr. K^s Re"^ovat2[»;| ° lo curifv i,?;; " i': "Your Ruling PlanetJisooveim gul u 0 ,,W& I S 1 |S|« riiiiii.rlnir tdMllnioiiiols of his BeulWS wiu umiitivuo ''T"," , " L ,. OB ]o ol tUo XTtM ftnd VAI<UABI(t( JNI>OBM*: of faliofogf H O mwlvw IpMws 'r«»" *»ywy l> l«t 8 BB » lf,& m»Uo puWlhbea, l»;t; tlw f«llo>vl»iK ».-a o«JJ_J» b g«W * r 48 «C»r JlgUt «» i? |MM»UIJ« V W don't ftaiter ypurse}f you flatter 'tbe ni,cture, ?ette. . p ai staff tf this AWe natt iidjg SVSF there RQsbury Ga- o» tbe •f ruce flatter as ^following from Miss^M. G. Ma- Nawee.ll^ Cathprm©£t,, Utica.N.Y,. »J5 ww*h» l liad ^ ow 8ffl .l" ted with that tired feeling, wo Ambition, no appetite, and » ^eavy be a npg ; dpw» yS oi the i»tw» I *mf to use S£: S, Pto Sol Sew away; J T?ega» to few '//'SKl * i . F n to! oBogi yw '« * ' A4UV>VJitV. YD»«*QW M! r " **?' , v ^\nwmT?ih* jm^-^y- •- — (*mr>wr.-.v^ Mil »l •t®f1* f •-/»

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