Hornellsville Weekly Tribune from Hornellsville, New York on June 3, 1887 · Page 5
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Hornellsville Weekly Tribune from Hornellsville, New York · Page 5

Hornellsville, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1887
Page 5
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Hit Mm Ion, Idlow tori Con, FOR SOWING AT STEPHEN HOLLANDS, 179 Mam Street. .'.HUTGHINSON;, Jeweler and Fngtaver. OPERAHOTJSE BLOOK, BKOAD STREET HOBSBLLSTILLE, K, T. BATCHES, CLUIS, BRONZES, + 4 + -t 4- + + * "Diamonds" I make this l)ra»c!i of my business a specialty. aud have e'nisiJintlv SB etock a large of =FINE GEMS Always willing to sell at ^xirnorriinary Ynti will winitilv In- }i,crt? low A TERRIBLE FALL- Iujiired l»y Fit 11 like I»tu M The new hotel which it building at Gibson's, on Lake Keuka · is to tc built with a two story piazza, ten foot wide arouad the three sides. This will accommodate a greater number of couples on a moonlight night than any other hotel oti the- lake. Tbe mortality of tlio globe, as given by a continental journalist who has made the computation, is as follows: Per minute, 5~; per diem, 1(7,790; and per annum, birth ar« 3(i,73!f,00y per :inmrn, 100,- 'coming to this place on the late even- V# Durable Wrung** L«.t The minister of the interion, (Mr Lamar) in going to do what sim Mr. Joseph Archambaulta respect-! Justice and fair plnj require shall be ed resident ofCaiiisteo w«s severely I (!olie - He wooing to caneal all orders m . . * * I .·» . . . . . ' * 1 - . . _ _ I I . l l l ' . . . T . . . - - . * 1 - - withdrawing the so-called "indemnity lands" from the liberty of private purchase and occupation under the land laws. This action will open to lie"sa7d"thaVii".rimd "ofto'ii i^tttemout- or rather, will restore to injured last night about midnight by falling into a culvert situated just this side ot Beiknapspurk. In a conversation with the injured man this morning U . 1H ,.TM. « - ,, 3MM..W5; wbereni the walked to his home in Canisbeo after | ^e "«Jt of Mttlcment-a very lar K e Jewelry and silverware Latest Styles and Lowest Prices. Doa't mite a edition until you have seec nsv stock. -REPAIRING In *li its -o O. HUBBAKD, M. D. nelhrltiii.N.Y. ·n, Mtti-iitioiijuiiit to Oiseuec oflie Sye and £»r tad TicrvonP*TKtotn, TH PRICE OF THIS PAPER IS ONE DOLLAR A YEAR, PAYABLE IN JL.OCA.LS IN" books acain. The Brooklyn bridge is four years old Mrs. Jacob APtor ips-ad to be worih Nunda complaitis of not having a soda fountain. A splendid, time was had at the ball game on Monday. Milca^R book^ enn now !e bought on tbo Erie for $20, Sunday excursions are soon to bo resumed on Lake Keuka. A voic* from over in Bath calleth out. No liquor ou Sunday, The Binftnamton Democrat praises God because the )S87 legislature is dead. An exchange remarks: It is said that, a sn^kfi will wripgle and show signs of vitality a long time without any head. The dude will do the same thing without any brains. The throe who wore injured at Fremont Center by a runaway are doing as well as can be expected. None of them were seri'Jiisiy injured, as has beea stated, hut thoy were quite badly shaken up. A cnbloprrjii!! lias been recuived from Queenglown to the dt'cct that the Pride of Horneifsviiio :ind hh com- pjiniori htid larniviil ^rid had a piCasunl yoyaee. It referred to Geo. Grannis and Hon, John McDougall, Rev: J. K. Libhy, oC Cameron, will give a temperance lecture at Hanson's 000 per diem, and 70 per minute, Green's patent on the driven well was issued for fourteen years from January 14th, 18(58. It wa-^ re-issued bin. under the existing patent laws the re-issue could not extend the life ot the patent. The patent was extended by tbe commissioner of Patents for eevon years. (Consequently the patent will expire January 14th, 1S89 If all roads would take the precautions that the manager of the electric street railway in Binghamton does. there would be fewer coroners' m · quests into the deaths resulting from railroad accidents, tie has issued an order for no car to cross tho railway, until a man has gone ahead and examined to s*te if there is any train coming Hon. C S. HaU, recently deceased, of Almond, N. VT., left a valuable book for Alfred University, entitled. Public Services of the State of New York. The book is profusely illus trabed and originally cost $40 It has a history of the commonwealth of this scat.** dnwn to a recent date The work ha* iis-^c'i received M* Pr- aifl^n 1 Allen:--Alfred firtu, At a special term of tho supreme court yesterday morning a judgment of (om-rosure of a #250,000 mortgage given by tVu; Nickel Plate railroad company to Henry B, JJolIins wag granted. Th« amount of the mortgage, principal and interest, ot the present time is $282,583.33. Albert J. Meyer was appointed a committee to PI; II. The office in O. W. Koby's mill at Alfred was burglarized Monday night. The thief procured an entrance by ing train and that he knew the eul vert was there but his eyesight was poor and he was walking fast and did not think of any such obstructions. He said that he fell in head fir^t onJ struck his hen(S agamst the side of the culvert thus inflicting a sevcro wound, fl« must have lain, he said, in the culvert for sonic time as he remembered nothing of his falling. After he recovered consciousness h^ walked from the culvert up to tin; hall 8t th* 1 tower end of UK* yard ;i of over half a mile and from ht' was brought to the depot on a switch engine and then taken to tlu 1 St. Oiout-1 hotel where be was comfortably cared for. Dr. Green was summoned who dressed the wound aud oidde the injured man as easy as possible, Mr, Archambault is a shooimkcr by trade and has been workinsr in Rochester for some time bet ended his labor there yesterday. He has a large family and a large circle of friends who deeply sympathize with him in his severe affliction. body of th« best landsthe government still has power to convey to individuals. The minister is convinced be ways that tbe railway companies have not, and n*ver hnvcr have had, any more rights in relation to lands be- tho bouudanes of their grants have private individuals. Tbe S withdrawal o£ those lands, BUB|)cnd- in^ tho rights of individti'its* with re- l«t!"n to them diirint; fif^it-n or twenty Vf;ir« : in order to twaurt- to the Mi(x«»«liKf i d railway companies a first i-hnii 1 * 1 , tliereforfi was nothing ." If se thnn ii mons troll* outran by uo»Grn- mrut. ;ipen t[:c liberty of citizens. \vhile the miiiiblor is thus occupied in undoioR a groat wrong that was done by his predecessor fifteen or twenty years ago ; i t is a cause for regret thai the praiseworthy enterprise can not bt extended sulUciently to undo the Tho Xew Itnntl. IT, i* s^id that trork on the Geneva removing a light of glass and with drawing the fafttoiiings. Noihiiis was taken of value, fts the miscreants overlookod *i35 in one of the pigeon holes of the desk. Mr. Roby has his suspicions who the trinity parties are, and they may yet be brought to justice. Miss Mary Harfien. the finnce of John Howard Payne, and tin* lady for whom he wrote "Home, Sweet. Home," died in Athens, Ga., the other night and wjis buried there Sunday. It is said the original copy of "Home, Home" v-;is buried with her. She had Iveu offered lurge sums for the manuscript but declined to part with it. Hiss Harden w«n ?S Tears Of ag*i. A Japanese gentleman, bearing ihe simple n;ime of Azurizaws. fiyochi Ntchome Sanjukanboz Kiobaslii-ku, dificovered tho secret of photo- tC ii nat'inil colors. It i^ th.'it he wi'l not iuiitfite Daby christctiing the pro^ss.with his own. iifune. Think o£ (jninj; 10 ;i photograph;r and tolling hnn you want a dozen. Azurizawaryocbitii iKi(..rn which is the tis Rvcii^t-T, Horr^Us-rilleand Lack- awanc? unJor Ji Ji/T^retti. name ,in account of the charier, «--ill be as soon as soon as the right of w between Bloods and Perkinsville secured- The company has already given the Brooke Locomotive Works weft^f ileliberato fraud by which certain laud speculators, with tbe help of congress, tooicto themselve: about all the land that they regarded as worth stealing in New Mexico. Tins mmns the great "iiaiwelJ grunt'' steal-- one of the moat persistent of all ttie stark-nuked schemes of chicanery and fraud that nave so amply disgraced the public lar.d ad- ininiHriit.io:i of the republic, -- M'lntl tln-v an order tor five nd s the give mi- coaches are in course of construction The United States Express company claims tbe now- lino *?ili \w -a conyenicnce to them as it will them !in office »t HbrneK'villo a!po lot them irtt*» the Nni)l-s coiintrj'. It IB sUiterf n f^o tliority, that when uonipletoc!, known railway man of this city will have ch«rge of tho line between Way- Isind «nd Geneva, It is also stated tlint Supcriuteno'i'-iit Badger o£ the Lnckawanna mtd l j tti«hurg railway, u-ill be the genernt superintendent of ft entire line. -and Chronicle. Dviacmrat Chttpel tSiis and after the lecture will organze a Good Templar's All are cordially invited. Lecture at eight o'clock. T. J". 0. Thatcher "MAS enlarged his T. J. O, Mills and by so doing has nearly doubled their capacity, Mr. Thatcher is an eaterprisin^ man and is deserving of the great success with which he is meeting: in his business. Can yoii tell me how poon a train leaves for HorDellsville, asked a man who was leading a small lad by the hand yesterday? You arc in Hor- ncltsvillo now, replied the R. It. offi · cial. Well, I'll be gosh darned tf I knew it, replied the man, who had evidently been imbibing a little too much of Loder street's favorite bevor age. Tea of the most intimate Mends of Phil Saffc who started for Germany Sunday -night, accompanied him to dinner at the Osborne House at noon. A pleasant time wag had an t the boys presented Phil with a handsome pillow of flowers on which was the motto "The Boy a." Phil has the good wishes of his many Hornellsvilte friends for a pleasant ^ oyage and safe return. Skin Success i* a positive speedy cure, for all eruptions of face, scalp or body. For all cutaneous affections of ohil- dren and adulta, Skin Success Soap IB nn unfailing remedy, fcor Bale by A, a Van Winkle and H. G. Pierton, taken. -- Norrifstoien It hap been proposed that there be a lawn tennis association formed this place. This is indeed a very suggestion nnd. it would be well if it was followed up and the association formed. There are iarge numoers of people h?reat:nng wbomlhH favorite Kri* Kallwiiy Kn turprise, An import'inc announcement is made in connection wiih the" Erie nulwny system. For many years the *ke Shore has been working to extend aline to Cliautauqua lake. The new Chautauqua Lake railway, nearly completed, will connect with the Lake tlhore fit WesltieM. The Erie road, tu counteract tlis I;ike Shore movement have dosed contracts for the building of two tnrgti iron steam boats to cost 3H;Ji(.jW. They will have a speed of l\vpmy-two miles per hour. Thn contractor!? arts to forfeit $10,000 if boi,h steamers str« not completed by August I. Tho boats will connect with the Eric road at Lakmvood find convny passengers to the (Jhantauqua Gruadin of the Commodore T. is r-scot'iiizcd and all of them would be pleased to have such an organization to further introduce the game- It is one of the best thre is and a, most enjoyable one, Constitution m j Rftd Stnck steamboat his position and will take charge of tlie new steasntrs July 1, The iron work on the boats wil I le urne tit the 0!c:volr\iid ffoiling Mill company's liYiHri. A new §200,001} hotel at Lnko wood is nlso proposed. This IK,".? of tlie Erin will benefit Ohautati(|ua lake and the Erie propose to the hike and make it the leading summer resort, in America. -- E,c And kidney and liver ills, depending on a weak or inactive condition of the kidneys, liver and bowels, are successfully and permanently cured only by the use of the fcentle yet effeetivft laxative and diuretic, Syrup of Figs. Its advantages are evident; it is easily taken, pleasing to tbe taste acceptable to the stomach, harmless to the most delicate system and truly beneficial in its effect. For sale in 50 cents and $1.00 bottles by Reed Young. Stop that cough or it will terminate in consumption. After suffering for months from a cough which, after using many remedies without any relief, threatened to terminate seriously, we were entirely cured by the use of Wistar's llalaam ot Wild Cherry. J. G. Waatafer, editor of "Chronicle, 11 Elizabethtown, Pa. Bountifuul nature afford* no finer specific for ikin diseases than sulphur a fact which is proven by the action upon the cuticle afflicted with eruptions or ulcerous soree, of that supreme purifier and beautiner of the skin, Gleam's Sulphur Soap. HAIR AMD WHIUEXB DY«-- Black and Brown, (0 cent*. A new style of door |ud window ftcraena M Sheldon Bto*. i* Babcouk in making a half- mile race course on his farm. By having one of his own lie avoids the trouble of driving down u the fair pfroundflnd when there encountering a larger number of drivers. The scheme is a good one and is one of the latest to result from iir.-Uabcocks fruitful mind and such a track is of great value to any stock farm. A Curiosity* HoruelUville has something that is a real curiosity. It is in the person of a man and walks like a doctor, lie evidently has once been a mom bar of some military company as his actions go to show that he is trying to keep the different drills fresh in his memory, but the good people of Seneca St. are thinking that they wouli just as eoon have him practice on some other street. She don't care for you, Use Skin Success Soap, which is approved by physicians an pure, non- irritwlro and beating,! For sale by A. a VMWlnktoMtd I*,Q. Pieraon Tii« Oobocton Times has the following solid chunks ot wisdom; "The folly of people goinR to Rochester to buy just what can be bought just as cheap fff home merchants was fully demonstrate^ last Saturday by tbe Rochester excursion. Many went to Rochester, loaded themselves down with bulky bundle-*, brought them home in the terrible jam on'tho cars, only to find that l, hey could just as good en article for thtsparne money or less, But in our home stores. was a picnic for iho Roc stores. One etore we ' are au thorite tively informed, had a large stock of old got)ds that had lain for years on their shelves find sold every yard of it at good prices to the guileless crowd who thought, they wore getting some verv rare bargains. One poor woman in a neighboring town bought a silk dress, lugged it about all day in the and had it stolen before she home, and is tton minus her silk and money, "but possesses, some valuable experience, This case is but of many that might bo given , Homo merchants hiive no enormous rents, city taxes and a hundred other groat expenses that city dealers must moot, and, therefore, can and do, as Kootls jint asclvn-p ns city It is folly to go to Rochester when one e»n patronize home \ for » HIUHU fur KurunlUvU'c. CORRESPONDENCE. j ] n g e in a single day. Thia money should have been spent with our local tradesmen, and in ninety-nmo cases out of a hundred Wtiile the object of the Farmers' could liave beon » iv ^ted to as good Club Journal, flwt, last, and all tho ;a(lvan ^ e hcre « '" Rochester^or time,- is to advance the interests of the organization by which it was founded, a hope qu lie as near its heart, indeed, other city m the land, undesirable division of trade from our doors who is to blame t Wore the one which iscognato with its dosire 'people reminded that our own trndtw Club, is for the growth and devdop inont of Horndlfivilto. It in n .source o£ getiuino plontum to its editors that :«°° (li * for an(l for the propriety of the work of t h e m e t » aro «»rryinK lar^e stocks of their spwcml convcnionco »t as close margins as re- l " lWo Htll1Irf eai1 bc aflordod ; that every effort maUt) by the Jourtutl to | w t o n - "·» u 't ulork's wagw, ore., in ihe world with Uni designs ', cities are higlier than in villager and of tlieCiub, tidvcrtisos the town iu that each purchaser has to p^vy his which l!i« Club L" located and of j proportion uf Lhf-su pxpcnsus o f l u j s i - wliiwh Iho Club is proud to be n part Llornellsvillc nmsi. - and if the Club contributes to this end, eithtjrhy l':iirs, ite pub!ic;inon«. its work so improve agriY'tilt urc, lifrtii'iiluirennd Rtock raMiuji, or ils i.-ffurt to enuour- rule, ;i! irs traJf industry sincl savft money by it. Just romernbur this before goin ester next time." to Roch- A 1 t r m Sn i A!oiit t«c o'clock last night Thomas Martin, a resident of Mill street at t*-mptei to take his Jile by shooting himself with a revolver. Mr, Martin was a good respectable citizen, and quite well liked by his fe-low workmen. He, vrna head lrakcman (·m train six and twenty-nine, under Con itiotor KimbalL The news of the was brought to the police ah*ml two o'clock this morning, who i mined iufely instituted a search for the victim. They found him in a patch of trees near the hou~e of Murphy, up Crosby Creek. tie used a .'Ji calibre five shot revolver. The chambers of the revolver were loaded wiUi theexception of one .vhich liad been emptied into his brain. The unfortunate man was carried to city hall, as cfJiufirtable as possible, arnlDr.IIubbard summoned. J|on examination it was found timt hi ball had entered the [oreheiul and penetrated into th« brain, and that iis rjght sidp was para'i^ed Th^ man is about sixty years of age. nnd a a targe circlo of fiiemJa in this yi- j iity. Ho at one time was worth considerable property but h;is had a | :reat deal of trouble on account of it, j and the cause for his committing this i rash act is attributed to insanity, (13 the man was a hard drinker, and is cnown to have had spells when indications of ao unsound mind would crop out He will probably die. Mrs. D. Cummins, Ctu*o, Mich., tired of B dfstrettuoR cose of salt rheum by Skin Success. 25 choice improved farms in the heart of South Dakota to exchange for [arms or village property. Address D. F. 8witrun», . Okobojo, DftkoU. nso home industries, it accomplisho*; a good not unworthy of its pride. It is with peculiar pleasure, therefore, that tho Journal, as one of the mstrumen taliticB of the Club destined to bring in its wake untold blessings to Etor- nellsviUe, carries in each "ditiou the name and fame of the town of itt birth lo over 100,000 readers. It ad vertices the town as it wag never ad vertised before; aud we sincerely hope the place may be greatly bene- fitted thereby. The town, however, ought to a board of trade. With our busmen men organized for the purpose of in creasing and improving business, pood results would be quickly folt, To such a body a nianufa^turinp concern seekinp n location ^ould apply with a C'jrttxinty of obtaining there- from nn authoritative exprcsninn of Dublin ppntinient; antl, )f worthy, all ,he encijiirrt^onwint the eutjimnnity ·an ^ive. $u^h a body, also, cosnbin n(? the experience and sagacity of th« nost successful business men oC the place, would devise such means for he increase of manufacturing ontcr- jrises, the protection of home trade md the building up of home indus nes as would materially improve tbo rosperity of the city and preatly as- ist her to take the place tn the ranks f progress for which she is abim .antty capable. Few inland towns 1 th«fitatn have better natural ad at Ltio jutn:sii)fi of r n t i t r n l through wliw;h thrt**- divi-iinns "i ;t ^rcat railroad traverat 1 , it is a. «(ri- vetnent ceatre for the trade of a wi-Ie nnd prosperous territory. It is the largest and thnftiest viilage in a radius of 100 miles. It has the best lighted streets, and the finest water The city water Eorccd with a works in the union. is abundant; and, gravity pressure equal to to the square inch a stream for fire purposes is easily thrown, from a hose over the top of the highest building It is moreover soft, and thus most suitable to use in boilers or for other industrial requirements. As to fucil- itius for transportation, though we hfive but ono railroad, the old re Krio gives our manufacturers rat'-s which enrsbi^ them to compete with aimilir t's-'tiiblishmptits in other places for this tnwle of the world, and carries? the products of jur farras to eastvrn injirktts so reasooably that thf grower IK cnAblod (o realize cncuiiriiKing proiita. Our schools and school buildings rank with the best. Our tfi^fs ;UT- light The village is beau tiful for iocation, and healthful in climate; its population enterprising, its facilities for manufacturing unexcelled", and its desirability as a home for people ot njeaus ami a place Eor the profitable investment of capi tal unsurpassed. The village (Joes not lack in .idv«n in HidJuun t, the first c;-*t of ootls' Oid our local ti"ift*' K iil'Jii ndv*es OVRII iiuilcci jiny sj^Hj;ut of-- f ' v ' ;Q cm interact t,ht; ndv^t'tismg " .'. W;iri done ID . · iw Lliirt tnsdft away from theni? Printer's ink can he made a powerful levor to ke«j trade tit liomw if it is properly UHcd. It can be made as powerful a i^i-aus to induce p«;ople oii towns to come here to trade, as r.itor him *ua(Je it for her advun- tago. Lot our merchants advertise as extensively as do hers. Lot this village be advertised far and wide as tho centre of a large and enterprising business in dry good.s, milti uery clothing, boots and shoes. Let our newspapers be alert iu the defense of llornellflvillf/s interests and let excursions bo made to tlornellsville and not from her f\jr purposes of trade, and our prosperity is assured. If Rochester an Buffalo people find it desirable to boom their towns, is it not equally .desirable that Sornells- ville ehall be boomed? Appreciating tho work that other live places fi~ n doing, we should like to fii'i; our own to'vn doing more. In to the world the of Jabor of the Hornellsville Farmers Club, the Journal's immense editions carry more widely and more largely than any publication ever before sent Out from this city, the evidence of the enterprise of the town. L«t Hornellsville be boomed. !S OF THE CLCB. Ativtiy* tv«ti| (»! t~|I»;r of temprraTurt 1 nro apt t« dangerous sickness; in the full appoplesy is to be feared. "When you have a paiu in tho head, 'eel dizzy, fovcrish, rbcurnutuior sick .1 tho Pfi'im^ch tnk« at otico llirmi to u*ii of iirandreth's Pills. Such flight afl'ections tirf. only the liPirltiDtrs.-rrt o£ Ji^oase or sudden prostr;aion,and the hing to do is to m;iwti?r the tro\il)teat once. Never l^t a little eickncMs gyt ;hc better of you, Drivo it out of doors immediately. Let there be no :ompromi9c, always have with you a Loxuf Brandrcth's Pills, and you are renared to Dent i he worst form o£ aicknesaun its incipiency. IIoiv to Keal our doctor's pres;nri ptione. Send Jireo z cent Btumpq, to pay postage, md receive Dr. Kaufmann's great treatise on d iseases; ill ustrated in olors; it gives their signs and abbreviations. A-ddress A. P. Ordway \: ! o., J Jos ton, Mass. tages. Whiit it however, is that all the world slta!) know what it fa and has. The ppoplfi of Buffalo rc- cflntiy held agre;it pubhc meeting for the purpose of booming that city. Th^ key-note of the gathering, and the no to which rang out c'ftar in all j the speecht 1 *) and was struck at con-1 OTt pitili in the formal resolutions passed before the meeting broke up, ! advert so the town," "advrr-' Use, iidvertis-e, adverf.ise! 1 ' says the | ,--"that was the burden of POWDER Absolutely Pure. Ttii* o'jwder nevtr vnr.es, A murvfl of j ; y. =tr'-figt.ti ii»'J wWesomeness, .More (·I'tiuca) t l » n n ihe ordinary kictis, and ;· s t !;(· ;fil(! in ociiiipctitioa with tin- miil- t u d c ff low tcit, siiiirt weialit, muni or Iio «pttiite ])(wdiT3. ii')M only in cans. ItoTAi. H A K I N U PtiWDEit Co., 10G Walt at. New York. tbe cry, and nobody said nay." Such must be the- burden of the cry of ev cry town, great or small, that would keep up a healthy growth, that would avoid becoming hide-bound and ret-j Desire to cull the attention of Farmers to the regressive. Whatjistrueof the town is ilso true ot every organization or business enterprise, corporate or individual, which depends for its pros perity upon the patronage of the public, At this station 355 tickets wore sold to excursionists to Rochester on Saturday. Rochester has a reputation for large stores and jrroat bargains in goods. This fame it has gained through advertising. Many of our people availed themselves of the cheap rate Offered on ttiis excursion to go to that city to shop. It u estimated tu*t |t»0QO WM thua token out of this Til Tuttle Gilett fact their MAMMOTH GOLD STORAGE Building is uow^ready, aad that tlicw will from now on, p»y the highest market price for BUTTER, CHEESE, EGGS, AND VEAL, Office lo Cold Storage Building on North Street, NEAR TffACHEKS MtU, VSPA PERI

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