The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1897
Page 7
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VARIOUS **«**»*"* fc**" itlea ** ** ltl1 *" in Sat: oft the la&i!«*—This Wheel 6* fetifctand and ftftiM. -jtffjaftffifaifcj^. ^B^^jgar.d^^t^jg^Mgusfl^ i*f tewiwyirf'WBwi 1 M&ffif fasate will be foiiHd ffi the tables that a&fea* in the tfltMJtf Atttffla! far lift* Me stated before leaviflg this eefflstfy, which was iieee«sltated fet soiffle legal business, that he wttutd return id die states In* the igftef, sad wtttitdJftftiel pate in the 18"**" " * --"•»—» > • •• -•» ing events of >con- living ftt No. 3360 Olive ft \ due* 8 ?; SS^aas live di New Yorkstate, r* en tfi* m«fc» si ttttr CnfM Stttf ft**!* Oni of the latest boiftftieal iei «t ifiteflBt to seekers for h»itli li trailed Afkavls* fffiffi tfcs Mata-Kafa sfcfuib tsi lfto% H is being tepofted fey tort»« JKg% . $H%S n the vain cndiwvor to?s, and had ^bottt given tip hare low records. tevett the fof« filer ways of doing tragedy aunt be changed, .else -the audience titters. One of the chief . Her record had been ItOf U. so she could start ih 2! 08 classes, it Would p have Wade $1,600 difference. Assocla- ^ lu iBS tlon8 fl * ure classes and kfc that there "was no help for many more entries will ever be had [the would have td spend the in the 2:08 than in the 2:07 Class, thus ig days as an invalid, ^burden neceB8lta ung. starting Lottie In free- !lT3 f.. \ ^AWcV»i1« **+i4M«« •. -* n * An «1 >t M** 40 nnViaA^. 0" B ^3 fhftt he WOUKi uj»vu yv "H<=""- hWi* ttd l?.(.rtaVsas an invalid, a biir SKSlfe«» o .MiH. or r *j, e mBhd urged to give the hlm.nwu,* Riiccess with eminent i urged to give them a ci^ris with eminent phy- gkeptical and he bad no , called proprietary med' n not, listen to this advice | ia ^K"s" k The friend being persistent, W^'^luS^^^ M 1 ',^ nnM; the sufferer to send for a prtvaliw h "ff iginctantiy did', and after re- IMV. WnCU W *..^±A^A tn rf\Vt\ t.hpm A f All* dedSed Sto |'for''alls where no 2 ( .<)7 class Is ached Uled. While she would be good -In 2:08 classes it Is not at all certain she would race well enough to pay a profit, after figuring railroading her, sufficient to warrant campaigning her out in the | deep-water free-for-alls. I had in mind that the dowu-easters would l>e attract| ed to her, but J. D. Creighton, Omaha, secured her. Lottie Lorine i) the fast- C-tot ib^x relieved him in a Burl secured her, Lottie Lorine U tiie faat- J««frtner: yet he wtis not convinced | est mare ever sold at auction. I know AHx was sold under the hammer, but •manner; y»» •'? wtt . 8 - n °t. convinced Cs the medicine ain about as bad as be-. Then he concluded of la grippe. It to state he cannot say too much Byelet,.2:ll, a shareholder in the three- year-oldv ; paclng filly record, was very "fhe development In tires from the bid iton-rlmmed 'bone shaker* 'wheel to the pneumatic tire," gays the Irish Wheelman, "might well form the sub* ject of an Interesting and instructive treatise on wheel locomotion. A great stride was made when solid rubber fixed ott the spider wheel replaced the metal tire. The cushion, or hollow rub her tire, Introduced,by a ' firm, soon followed, and I _. inflated tire made cycling justly pdpu* lar, and, consequently, cycle making a very Important Industry. Now It Is our pleasant duty to notice In the manufacture of pneumatic tires an Import* ant tire making machine wfolch goes a long way toward bringing pneumatic tires within the reach of all. This machine makes more than 3,000 tires per day, and '.they are of the highest quality—It does, In a word, the work of 150 qualified men. The tires It now makes are known as the single tube tire, though why called single tube, when it Is really two rubber 'tubes, with two large layers of canvas between, made into one compound tube, we cannot understand. The machine,. Which is a marvel of Ingenuity and 1 yet of simplicity, Is equally adapted to make hose pipes and all kinds of flexible tubes, and all at such remunerative prices that the owners of the machine must be happy." • tise 6fcuM KldttSSy New UtefKaafi Ira eertaia isvefal tnjoiijr rfisdraers* the Kfcva' shrub, of, al botanists call !t« -.„... MeihysVictrrn," grows on the bahkS of the Ganges river, and probably was uaed for centuries by the natives before its ettraordihary properties became known to civilisation through dhristlan missionaries. In this re' sped H fesetnbtes the discovery of nut* nine from the Peruvian bark, wade known by the Indian^ tt» the early lerlca, a?id by, .^patt. ,lt-l8:4i thirty days, it t tTtatt aodto The direct line to RCCueryj xne uirouu HMO w <-"'rr;~i Cfvek, Me *»**$** Sold eami» rtrt earth. **..„_( f_4 = ii_i its- i,«s*.It4 h&M%Vtt*Bi 1 ft if. It T'rt 1 Ik , Double (Uiiy ifftltt service willi Pml* Mian sleepers and tottrlfcW jmt-s Wt tween Denver <thd San frrtMeisco (ma ,.. Cd1., for ilhtslfated A InilliOtt dollar/! JU , weM l,zoo hospital 6ures mn io v.., 60,081 tecttnds,-ttr",ttlmo8t twenty-eiRHt ntw ' sold at ?2,000. The 2:10 classes will be warm spots on the circuit all season and the horse winning a ma- Tho Amateur Champion Skater. J. K. McCulloch, the amateur cbam- ». Iowa, and he will cheer- i .irfwmmmeuu the medicine, and state If Sfon before and after using. ^Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a JLiiedform, all the elements necessary m - nnwlifoand riclmess to the blood and shattered nerves. They are an un- ronectflo for such diseases as locomotor f Dartial paralysis. St. Vitus' dance, 'r neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous !l " - alter effects of la grippe, pal- u e heart, palo and sallow corn- forms of weakness either in female, P.Vnk Pills are soleUby all or will he sent post paid on receipt , DO cents a box, or six boxes for iev are never sold in bulk or by the Tofl6v ! udaressing Dr. Williams' Medicine jHua'ny. Sohonectady, N. Y. fehetrend"orinventive thought is fihown ft 1,7(H electric patents .granted m the JU«1 States, and 1,180 m England, i«<* |j«S^; _ P 1 , • MARCH AND APRIL 1 fjt're tho Most Disagreeable Months of the ?', ' Year in the .North. I' In the south they are the pleasantest land most agreeable. The trees and -shrubs put forth their buds and flow- ,ers; early vegetables and fruits are I ready,for eating, and in fact all nature ', seems to have awakened from its ' winter sleep. The Louisville & Nash ville Railroad Company reaches the ; Garden Spots of the South, and wil. 'on the first and third Tuesdays o , March and April sell round-trip ticket |< to all principal points in Tennessee I,-"Alabama, and West Florida, at abou |$ half rates. Write for. advertising mat wWand"particulars of excursion's to C \t P. Atmore, General Passenger Agenl <\ Louisville, Ky., or Geo. B. Homer, D T. A., St. Louis, Mo. E»ery bicyclist in France must have h name and address on his wheel, on a metal Ik! plate. _, Ou to the Kootenni. I'' ,The call of 1897 is "On to the Kpo- I' t$nai," the wonderfully rich mining 1C country of Montana, Idaho, and Brit- m};, isb Columbia, where so many mines of •3'gold, silver, copper, lead, iron, etc., f have been discovered during the last — ~~~ two and new towns and in- established, 'The town of it. wwmw grew from 800 people to 6,000 f ,|n twenty months. M»ps and descrip- l< " > Jive matter of the entire territory senl foe by.P, I, Whitney, Ci. P. & T. A., Great Northern Railway, St, Paul, acts directly upon the blood and kidneys, afld is a true specific, Just as quinine Is in malaria. We have the strongest testimony of many ministers of the gospel, well known doctors and business men cured by Alkavis. So far the Church company, No, 422 Fourth avenue, New York, are.the,pnly 1m*, .Porters of ,thls,new .remedy, and they are so anxious to prove Its value that for the sake of Introduction they will send a free treatment of Alkavls pre* paid by mall to every reader of this paper who Is a sufferer from any form of kidney or bladder disorder, Brlght'8 disease, rheumatism, dropsy, gravel, .pain liu back,, female complaints or oth- sr afflictions due to Improper action of ihe kidneys or urinary organs. We ad- rise all sufferers to send their names ind tho company, and receive the Alkavls free. It Is sent to rou entirely free, to prove Its wonderful curative powers. • The salaries of the queen'N household iniount to £UU,300ayear^ Catarrh Cannot Bn CnreA with IX3CAT. APPLICATIONS, as t'oey cannot roach the scat of _the d f^' ££ tarrh Is a blood or constitutional disease, andin order to cure It you must take Internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure to taken Internally and acts dlrec 'J^n?« f'of blood and inuc-ous surfaces. Ha" * oa tarrh Curo Is not a quack medicine was prescribed by one of tho »«»' slolanB In thin country for yeans, a regular prescription. It Is coinpc the beat tonics known, combined w.v.. .--best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucoua aurfaceH. The, perfect oomblna- JBttf Htm. POtAWKS Ffctt ACttM. Don't believe it, nor did the editof until he saw Salier's great farm seed catalogue, it's wonderful what ah array of facts and figures and new things ahd big yields and great test!, monlals It coutaina. * • Send ThU Police anil to C«nt» SW»«H>» to John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crdsse, •Wls., for catalogue and 12 raro farm seed samples, worth' $10, to get a start. w.n. large deposits of asbestos have been found In tho Fotrls MouwtalttH, Cftrbon county, \Vyornlng. Lends to Kemp's balsam will stop tho cough i at once. Roto your druggist to-day fund 1 tfel a sample bottle free. Large bottles aft and SO cents. Go at once; delays are daiigei-om _ To'learu how^uTlfve well we mnrit letirn how to live one dny at a. time. wtteri and womehvv* beeeme weak eried by,,, the weath kidneys, The urea is not hrown off, )liti is forced baek upon the weakness of avoid the g't upm'hft the kidneys, , at Hew »l tlio M*ig.;. Wrlle for d iMHrt MorWtitfO Banker. 'n Cam|«i . rlitliml nnd only wnuluc. /.3" r P" »o«!,«olil Horei, A.U. 0. «,<nar 1C men couitln't talk girls would kiss then: AS much an they do dogg. __ WHEN bilious or costive, eat a Ciwi;arei 10c, JflJC Within the last fifty years the rate o speed of ocean steamers has trebled, imc the usual horse power increased from iO( to 10,000. GAMES FRKJ^^^SSt : '<•'! '* l »«iS^S@^S' ', $ -*-a~f..h i(M t ,, gn_(_ ti'l^^l'J'JL'.L.'tatai. J^ 1 •&£ - :M W. N. U. -»*«j»*~«>t>»>~A f • i 'VpXe Kindly,Mention'.', ^-wj I l.SV! . Sold by druggists, Hall's _ 85 per cent ol the pedple~"who arc lame are att'ect cd on the left side. WlHit? That'* not this Tbe question in •why don't you Rheumatism WEHAVENOAEENTS ^ n i, , __ . A ., «_»' ^t u .^*>4_ it.A ^ wrlto A vocal solo by a woman 80 veai-H of ago was a feature at a recent social at Cheatei, N. H. TKN THOUSAND DOM.ABB so I'ABTKWIIINK ««»., Vor part culars JOHN T. HILUKEN & CO., SU Louis, Jio.- Sbe—Does the~baby take after its mother? Ho-Well, it hasn't begun to talk yet. Piso'B Curo for Cousuiuption has been a God-send to me.-Wm. B. McClellan, Chester, Florida, Sept, IVjjjjjj^ The life oTa bee dependB upon tho work it does. AVhen it labora its life is shortest. Mr«. Wlimlow'n Booming Hyrtip l' > orcliiUlreiiiBiilliliii;,»i)ftonstli(isumi!.redui!08lnnam mallou, iiltayn pain, curouwlii.l coUu. a> cents» Uottlu Not many peo])lo say grace when thera is only bread and cheese on tho table. JUST try » lOoboxof Onsoitrols, oanrty oittlitirtlo, Ibo Uucst llvur Mnd_bowel retjUlnior muuu. Do not despise the lowly. • The under jaw does all tho work. but liftve sold direct to the uontumer for M yeari, at wholesale urlcoe, saving lUem tUe,«enUr»' jito- T fit*. Slilri anywhere for ozamlnation before gale. Evory tulne warrauted. 100 styles of Car- H6Rt1« A I'H ^*i*H(k»VJBi»n iu *> 'antw. Wiuetona aa low — _ «w (»?• Spring Wmgorn He UK. Surrey n«rnMi-Pilii«»l6.00,' BOBrt WagpnB, etc. »em "•••"«• Aifoi)a»».eii.for»J2.op. tor large, free Catalogue. ,-, ELKHART CAKBIA«K AND IIARNICSH urn oo., w. B. PBATT, bbiMinn. <fMft HI| wUJ ttppeal . but oncn thlH month, i i, |w. A. good M«elli for f», ', ELKHART, IND. , 'Qf a\iga?: Bat^ro.t,ed yiith vinegar ' ^_, .- _lc Grass Seed Order. /|H? 'John A. Salzer Seed Co., LaCrosse, ' ' Wis., the largest grass, clover and W r M??d growers in America, recently Wived an order for twenty-five 'Jfto^nd' pounds different kinds' of Wpr n J*n thousand pounds Salzer's pri&r Timothy seed and ten thou- PQUflds of aifforent kinds of from a largq Montana stock .«»,"•"•• Salzev's seeds grow and pro* 'fn» end it pays to sow them, jority of his starts will be entitled to a great deal of credit. That longheaded Galesburg horseman, Charlie Williams, in my opinion secured a very great mare in Feliciana, 2:17%, by bis ibor«J Allerton, and It will not surprise me If I learn of her trotting right at 2:10 this season. She is bred all the way, as her dam Is by Baron Wllkes the very successful sire or stake winners. Emma Offut,'the big winner &, is-apt. to bring close to U £ I-and yet she-may sell Ipw. Last summer her owners refused $7,500 for her, just after she hftd landed the M. an,d M. at Detroit, and made _a_sad mistake. Macey's crack J ette, 2:15, IB quite apt to , tor her races read well and again she Is a grand-daughter of Jay Plro» The Wheel Champion •Jimmy" Michael, as he is familiarly known, mainly becftuse^of Ws^ *" ""- tive stature, Is a W'' " and during the few been before the public in both sides pion ice skater, was born near Perth, County of Lanark, Ontario, Canada, twenty-seven years • ago, and has resided in Manitoba since he was four years of age. He stands 5 feet v 6V4 inches in stature, without shoes, and in condition weighs 155 pounds. He commenced skating at eight years of age, and a year later began racing. He held four Canadian records'until the latter part of, last ,year, 'vl?:' Quarter mile, flying start, competition, 29 4-5 sejpj9n.6>;''quarter 'mile,- ,8^wiing<8tart, THE CHANaE Ofl LIFE. Intelligent Women Prepare for the Trying OrdeaL A Time Wlion Women Arc Susceptible t« Many UrciMl I>Ueoae». The anxiety felt by women as tho "change of life" draws near, is not •without reason. P^^fcrVTv, ' . s m , • •• ,., , J „'?'*'' For the last 20 years we have kept Piso'js Cure sumption in stock, and woulcisooner think a p et alone without sugar in his store^than we Cwre. It is a sure seller.-RAVEf, & CO,, 1V11UUU J.15«*OVA*. ^. lOW 0 Vi4ytA*r* ^» *•* " ^—,~~ " ^, . 4ft/>/ When her system is in a deranged rtfog^ ' Michigan. September 2, >8?6, js:. !„„ ^,. 0 Vi« 1<i rn'i>diRnnKf>,(l to ^*«»•»«*»"»j •• o ' «• ooncialon, or she is predisposed to apoplexy, or congestion of any or* gan, It is at this period likely to become active and with OClJUillfP f *4W'T* P*»*» —TTfTf ( r- yr,i-f; -j--- — • .competition, ,31 3-5'seconds; quarter mile, flying start, unpaced, 27 2-5 seconds; naif mile, flying start, unpaced, 1 minute 2 2-5 seconds. He also won the time prize In a twenty-two miles road race last summer, covering The distance In 1 hour 1 minute and 28 seconds, from scratch, McCullooh Is also an expert canoeist, won ft junior scull' Ing race, and won second prize Jn the r^J^w. ffirt^sy^s s IKS |f,vOTSW*BQWB ap the "cfttWe queen pf New gpee.d and §n<iwrancei W**»VH HV *^^^P^Ji* ,^ oy?aa 1^,OQO head of catUe, y e ) 0 ped in an ftBtonlsblnS 4egre|, AI» cj kWpeys. that cpuntry »»a l& 'e ' * 85 and 50c, JS» to America lapt season IP quest S^iTi^wT \ *»"""*ru, wfio onex* ftv *UH v* ** vi i^M™ tlJS ' 1 " 5 ' ** 5!= was for the producUo» ol rttfw*^ 11 Mr< l» the piece during tfce all around gymnasium competition Canada m the wluter ^f 1^2,3, Maurice 9arrywqre h»s bee» engaged new Can,' cer f: of ten shows itself, and does its destructive work. Such warning symptoms RS sepsq of suffocation, heaa&che, dr,ea4 of impe,n,a' Ipg evil, timidly, BQwd.8 in the eaps, palpitation of the heart, sparks, before the eyes, Irrfig^arities, constipatiop, variable appetite, weakness ivnu w quietude, airiness, etc,, are promptly heeded' by intelligent women >vho are approaching the period in life where woman's great change may be expected- Thousands at this critical time cposult Mrs.., and conduct thejr habits according to hov advice ~ and with the Vege1»- CURtCOHSTIPATIOM "Your Ruling Planet Pi __ %™Js^i®s^ 0 '£S83w** V*SM*> srt»t sffis^a.^. s*afflbfi 9 S Kgine Mi flivUevlfle . Hit horoscu ,;• •|or through, that dlls-1 tvess^ng ttoe with, perfect safety •• cpwfort. Mrfc.W, •h Pay, 9f B«tt§- Oht«, l»ys j— * 4*3 tw 4UBWH ihV»7pi^u'SSSw *<«*!» K«P{I C » ja,ay All fttpti»pt« for ti'ow./sp' 1 **? 1 ^ 39 , hwr *'«am»nut» ofVrtt», A.M.. X?.\ M.,! 10 j)U4Vi lU»rt»l flWHf* ^«*'* *Ail.Ti a \tt.f mutt nend; 6 o*. r*oe »r. «»U«B«l}J, y J

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