The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1897
Page 5
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THE Seed Wheat are prepared to furnish Hue Stem Wheat seed, m such quantities as may be desired, fe us before you buy. Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate, MMMWMMM^VM SE OFFICIAL SALARY DEBATE, A GOOD assortment fish at Grove & Son's. |nge Hall Has a Bed Hot Discus- lion On Wliat Officers Ought to Be Paid. frange hall was well filled Saturday Irnoon for the official salary. discus- _ _ The county officers were out and -ty, and will He speeches, and the grangers made station.—51 ' ches. It was a good natured but aated running flre. Some wanted |nty salaries cut to $50 a month, jae said $1,000 a year was big pay, lie said the present salaries are all Int. A' resolution was adopted which ill he put in the form of a petition to Jhator Funk and Representative Pyne and be circulated In every town- lip in the county. PRESIDENT PARSONS', REPORT. |Ata meeting of taxpayers held in Algona Saturday, March 6, the follow- Jjg resolutions were passed: i Resolved by the tax payers of Kossuth lounty in meeting assembled, that we de- oand a readjustment of official salaries to atorrespond with the salaries of other working people employed in like lines of busi- MResolved, That we suggest that petitions embodying these views be circulated in Ivery-township iu.the county, and the same a forwarded at, otice to Representative Resolved S That 0 a r s F a Un means of reaching Kx payers the ^airman of this meet- ao wx. em o{ theg(? resolut ions to me-cnairman of the board .of trustees of lach township with request to circulate. I Now,' Mr. Editor, not knowing who be chairmen of the various township joards are, I thought the best way to lach them was through the medium f the press. The importance and need ' retrenchment must be apparent to reryone; Two years ago the state jard of equalization raised the as- jssed value of our land about one half, ur taxes were correspondingly raised > about that extent. And yet the ate of Iowa is some $600,000 in debt, --ils means that our taxesi must he 11 more increased to meet this deficit !• that a reduction In the expenses fust be made. These are the ques- ons that face the tax payers of Iowa. I would suggest that, the chairman each township board at once see to mis and if he cannot give the - time Seoessary to circulate the.petition, that Se sees to it that some other party does i. Every citizen ought to feel interest nough in this matter to push the jirork, and when the petitions are Sgne'd they should be promptly tor- ' Vto Des Moines as stated in the Dodge Post, I seen an itlm taking from the your Paper, saying that there was some (260) homesteads to be taken up in Kossuth County yet.if you- would please ana this giving me Particulars about I would be obliged to you Inclosed you will find stamp for reply. I remain yours etc. I AM able to give hottom prices on the finest line of agricultural Implements ever brought into Kossuth coun- •ty, and will lay the goods down .at your '• •• -* G. M. JOHNSON. FOR A FOUR DAYS' FAIR, the kosstoth fcotttiiy Socifet* 1 So elded at tt Meeting of ti>6 *ecl6fs Two new features will mark the Kossuth county faif of 1891 it will last four days instead of three 6.S heretofore^ and there Will be a big competitive ex- .hibitioti by the creameries of the couh- ,ty, with an expert from one of the Chicago commission houses to act as judge. With this fair the Kbsstith association steps into the ranks with the big county fairs of Iowa and Illinois. They all have four days' fairs. It is impossible to judge the stock property and show it otf in three days. Besides one rainy day has nearly ruined several fairs lately. Under the new arrangement the judges will have plenty of time, the stock'can be properly exhibited, and one rainy day will not bring everything to a standstill. A full program of races and amusements will be arranged for the three days, $300 extra being appropriated to that end. The creamery exhibit ought to bring out the finest lot of butter ever shown in Iowa. The county has 17 or 18 creameries, and the judging will be done by a Chicago expert. Ten dollars is offered for the best one-gallon jar of creamery butter, ahd $5 for the second. The society will provide a refrigerator to hold the exhibits. Every creamery will compete. '.."•'.'/ The directors of the fair society met Saturday and nearly all were present. They made a lot of new premiums, elected superintendents, provided for getting out the.premium list, appoint^ ed a committee of five to arrange a racing and amusement program, and decided to make this the best fair ever held in northern Iowa, The fair will be held' the last week In September. , Disc Harrows, Seeders, Cultivators, •UM Steel Lever Harrows, Plows, Corn Planters—everything in the line of Farm Machinery at wain I have the best goods and the lowest prices, Call and see me before you buy.' Wilfrid P. Jones. of dry and salt I'IN another column will be found an Qteresting.auggestion. from the, ^PW- «rn Pacific land department. ; ine Spirit of unrest seems to be Influencing She destiny of many a V°™S < .™ m , JHff now, and if he cannot be satisfied with £is present location he should not at pasVbe led astray by distorted pictures ol 'unhealtbful localities, The great northwest offers wonderful opportunities and abundant health, and a perusal 'f the Northern Pacific company s ad, re you a clue to them, ine ^^^../bas 36,000,000 aores : of prairie, irmherT grazing and fruit lands which ftlsseuingatlow prices and on long |ime, __ do MONEY to loan on town property and farms. Thos. F. Cooke.-Sltjanl THE Congregational church sale this week Thursday at Taylor's. ' DANSON & BUTLER have moved over Galbraith's store.-50t2 FOR rent: My 340-acre farm in Ir- vlngton. Terms, $1.62i per acre. A first-class farm. Address J. Mathers, Eimore, Minn.—49t3 A CHOICE lot of clover seed, grown on bottom land, for sale at $4 a bushel. Apply at the Kossuth County State bank on Saturday afternoons to Mr. J. A. Vipond or Wm. H. Ingham.—49 DEATH OF MSB. HENBY WALSTON. Heart Disease the Cause—TUe End WUolly Unexpected. Last Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Henry Walston drove over to Sexton, Mrs. W. stopping at the Pine home for a visit. After a hearty dinner and a pleasant afternoon they returned to their Algona home arriving about 4 o'clock. On getting out of the cutter Mrs. Walston complained a little of feeling rheumatic. On entering the house she said something about feeling better with her cloak off, and removed it. Then she stretched her hands towards the fire saying something more about "that rheumatism," and wondering where she would feel It next. Those were her last words. She fell forward into a chair dead. The girl gave an alarm and everything was done but not a flutter of the heart was ever felt. The funeral was held at the Congregational church Friday, Rev. Sinclair officiating, and many friends gathered to give expression to feelings of esteem and sorrow. 1 Mrs. Walston's maiden name was Julia A. Lathanii She was married to Mr.: Walston .11 years ago in Essex, Vt., and,came at once to Algona. She had been a school teacher for • many years, having a record of 60 terms taught. She.,wasian,active;member,of: the Congregational church and at once took a place in church work here, where she was esteemed by all. She was a woman of v.ery many admirable qualities, and one whose sudden death is a loss to. the community, She was 59 years . of age, i PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. - Pete.r J. Walker was visited last week by Mr. Peddlety of Mason City. Roe Nebergall has gone to Eagle Grove to live." His brother and sister are already there. Mrs. Alex. White has gone to Sao City to visit her parents. Alex, accompanied her to Eagle Grove. W. C. Danson went to Chicago Saturday evening. Chas. Walker was taking in some stock and ho went along. W. S. Wilcox is home from a trip of several weeks. While gone he attended the big Owatonna, Minn,, convention of butter makers. He says it was a splendid meeting. W H Koran's father is not expected AI/GOKA. IOWA. board it would be difficult to select. The new men are a splendid addition. Both are men who are interested In good public schools, and who will give time and attention to securing them. THINGS WOBTH BEMEMBEBINQ. A span is nine inches. • A hand is four inches. A size in collars Is one inch. A nautical knot is 6,100 feat. A size in cuffs Is half an Inch. A size in stockings is three-quarters ° Assize in finger rings is 1-16 of an is equal to 2,159.42 cubic hundred spoonfuls make one qU One hundred drops from a medicine dropper make one spoonful. • A box 22 inches by 12i and eight inches deep will hold a bushel. A size in bracelets is about one inch A No. 7, that is, seven inches In cir- Don't Buy Steel Range to live. He went to Chicago Saturday. MissClemmer, his sister-in-law, continues to improve in. the hospital there, but will be unable to come home for some weeks. J. W. Sullivan was in Iowa City over Sunday attending to business matters connected with settling his family estate. He says his brother is now in San Antonio, Texas, and is gaining. His permanent recovery is hoped for. Mrs. A. C. Johns is back from Spencer where she has been for some weeks taking a new treatment for rheumatism and other ailments. She comes back in better health than for 'years and speaks in high terms of her stay in Spencer. Dougal Wallace is back from Denver. He leaves Mrs. Wallace and Howard till spring opens, He says his son has gained while there and is. getting strong gradually. The winter has been o. , , cumference, is taken as the standard. A thousand shingles, laid four inches to the weather, are required to cover 100 suoerfloial feet of roof. •in'Tperfectly proportioned human form the entire figure is seven times inch high. ^ A size in thimbles is about 0, » an * , inch. A No. 12 shoe, made on portioned mouth is perfectly pro- three-quarters of quarter to half an inh. The sizes of gloves ftnlsh little indication fj^^. dlametercon- every foot of contains until you know what a Steel Range is and about what you ought to pay for a good one. Within the past year we have placed a great many steel ranges in some of the best houses in this town and surrounding country, every one carrying with it the written guaranty of the maker, besides our own personal guaranty that every range will give satisfaction, and they have' been sold at reasonable prices, too. It is not necessary to pay one-half more than a range is worth simply because it is sold From a Wagon. We can sell you a steel range, deliver it in any part of the county, guarantee it to be the equal of, if not superior to, any range you may buy from a wagon, and save you in price from 6 to 8 years' interest on your .investment. Our'ranges are not SOLD FROM WAGONS. They are sold at our store, delivered to any part of the county if you desire, and you may always know where to find us if they do not work to your satisfaction. M-'We are going to give awry a toy range to the little girl under 18 years of age who brings to our store the largest number of English common words made from "Buck's Stoves and Ranges." Contest to close April 15. C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. talns _i>—A' competent girl to jfoyt'sework. Mrs. Gardner Cowles. FOUND—A ooonskio mitten. Call at ^ Wanted a yapm Hand, Ap- By the year to work in Seneca ply to Thos, MoArthur Jr. in Seneca or r fa, H. Conner, Algona. •A Snajpjfor Somebody. House and two lots for sale in west part of Algona. Good cellar, cistern, well, and a lot of nice shrubbery. A small payment only is required down. Inquire at this offlqe,—23 , THE newest novelties, jn ladies' and ,en's fine shoes at the very lowest prices, GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co, THE best place in town to get canned goods is at Grove & Son's. our new pattern in crockery, M,, 2,'GROVE & SON. OUl U1*K o •*** v*i*»* j • ' — --— " mild there and all the days bright and clear. He will at once attend to his farm, which has been in B. K. Stacy's hands while he has been gone. . Mrs A. D. Clarke was called to Fond du Lac, .Wis., Thursday, by the death of her father, C. B. Phejps, 84 years of ago, ..a frequent visitor in Algona some years ago. Mrs. J. C. Heckart of Eagle Grove would have gone, but is sick. Mrs. Clarke -Avill remain some, time, as her brother, B. W.Phelps, attorney for the Northwestern railway, is very sick. Prof, Frank H. Slagle, principal of Strawberry Point, Iowa, schools for three years past, has had the honor bestowed upon him of receiving a teacher's life diploma from the state board of examiners at Des Moines. _ As an instructor Mr. Slagle holds high rank, being thorough, conscientious and painstaking, and One who belieyes that school work, like that-of any other profession, must keep step with advanced thought and methods, THE J.'L, Owens No. 3i fanning mill is a marvel, having advantages In capacity 'and quality of work over any other mill made, It is also simple in construction, easily operated, and will clean from 25 to 30 per cent, mores than other mills, It will take all foul seeds out of wheat, oats, barley and other grains, and Is especially adapted for Baking out mustard; ^ West of the court bouse. feet in 4.66 barrels for dptti. A six-foot ^c 6.61, a seven-foot contains 9.13, one of eight feet contains 11.93 barrels, one of nine feet 15.10, and one of ten feet 18.65 b Tstzein hats is one-eighth of an Inob. According to the English method, the smaller diameter of the head is ?aken as the starting P°, in \, ° De :^ of an inch increase in the shorter Buy your Groceries Cheap for Cash at the r/SSJ diameter makes a Uttle more three-eights in the circumference. than The tree-egs French and German hatmakers have a rule slightly different from this. time that the farmers stopped g mustard. A grain of mustard Is more exhaustive to the soil than a rnel of corn or a grain of wheat or We will warrant the Owens fan, Ring rnUUo thoroughly clean nil foul "g ^ ftUBeeag ^M. JOHNSON. have all kinds .of rubber foot- year, arctics, wool boot overs, fine and deary rubbers, alaskas, etc., in all Co ' 80 has been pub of 30 years ago, and among them . over pur large line of capes and jackets before yp« buy, We have some big bargains,,. , _ * GAW3RAJTR & CO. W. H.' Nycum Saw a Lot of Ex- Aleonlans, All DoJnet Well, ' W. H. Nyoum is back from his trip to California. He went by Denver to San Francisco, then south to Los Angeles, and home by the Santa Fe, He bad a pleasant time, but says climate Isn't everything, He saw a number of old timers hereabouts; , , At Denver he met H, S, Vaughn and Henry Wyman, Mr. Vaughn is still figuring on being mayor of the city. g At Salt Lake City he ran .onto Bey A. L. Hudson, who thinks he is in the Ten pounds best Rolled Oats for Best Canned Tomatoes, per can, . Best Canned Salmon, per can, Full-cream Cheese, per pound, . Crackers, the best, per pound, . Laundry Soap of all kinds, seven bars for Best Evaporated Apples, 22 pounds.for J. C. ANDERSON & CO. South of court house. 253 8 7 c 25 c $1.00 Highest Honors—World's •PR; Fair, A *» to Tftfce OABBAQE, rutabagas, Grove & Son's, and onions at I HAVE a few secondhand one and two-seated light wagons and top bug' gies to sell cheap 5i G, M. JOHNSON, CANNED goods, all sorts and prices, at Grove & Son's. WE'RE right in line on the grocery question. M. %. GBQYB & SON, WE have what you want in dry and 8 alt fish. M. Z. Grove & SOP. he met Frank Lawton, brotberoTttie druggist, and once a clerk for Theo. GhrischtUes, In Los Angeles he found J, H. Call in a fine home and doing well. Dv Barr is building a home there and is °A!t Passaden'a Thos. Earley andM, L.. Clarke enjoy life, Mr, Clarke was very well when he saw him. jas, McLaren is at Albambra but n poor health. He is going to camp in the mountains aU Butnmer. Dr. Forbush is growing old but }s_j» good health at Pomona. Barnet Devine is fat apd never in better health. Mrs. Devine does not like the country, IWI. H "I'W '!• J- ' l " L ' "' ''" " FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. I I I That vou are getting most awfully taken in by buying STEEL o he countr The school election „„_„, incident. Only one ticket was nut UP, Thos. F. Cxjoke and ^T, W, Su> P The vote was 179 lor tor Sullivan, one. Located }n the Black Hills of Dakota, have wo»devf Ml medioinal prop erties fov the owre of vheumatispa, neu ?aglaaVainndred ailments and they be inyestigated by all sufferipg such, troubles. FivBt-slaB.s botel aUons and bathe, Tpuilst sale daily and especially low and third T^daye of from range peddlers who are going through the country from wagons? A farmer told me he gave his note for range that he said looked very much like a range i emne tor $44- DO not be forced to buy a range until you nave m ne and arc convinced you are getting a better range for fc| Sly This amount is a good deal these times when corn is oniy^oc aWhel. Remember you will have to pay the notes when- they become due, for you are dealing with Strangers whom you will never see again MOST PiRFiGT MAD

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