The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1897
Page 1
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1STABLISHED 1805, ALGOISTA, IOWA, MABOH 10.189?. YOL. XXXl-NO, SL ;ow is the Season RESTS WITH THE SENATE, 10 < 000 **.*<*««***** 15 < 000 ' the the Manufacturing Bill Mas Reached D jjilljll iniuvj m»* *-+*n *^-— that Body and Wilt Likely Be Radically Changed, salary shall be $i<200. In counties having a , population of Speaker Byets Wants the House to Htmy tip—General Resume of the Legislative Doings. : r e have a good assortment of both. M. Z. Grove & Son. 102 E. State St. TBI/BFHONB 18. CEO. L. CALBRAITH •& CO. CARRY A FULL LINE OF DBS MOINES, March 9.—The "manufacturing bill" rests in the hands of the senate committee on the suppression of intemperance. The bill will be radically changed in that committee and its fate is a matter of doubt. The situation has quieted.down very much tvs to this bill and it is difficult to predict the outcome. The number of senators tire in condition to do as they please. Their constituents are divided and they are unlnstructed. -f- -f- -f- Speaker Byers is growing impatient and has been Urging the members of the house to use renewed energy in pushing the work. •4- -T- -4- The house has amended the laws so that the entire cost of the jury, to-wit, $24 per day, shall be taxed as part of the costs to be paid by the losing litigant. At present the losing party is taxed $6 per day for the cost of the jury. Iowa had this law once before arid it was not popular. The house has also passed the amendment which was defeated in the senate before, limiting the arguments by lawyers in the courts. The limit was fixed within certain bounds, leaving some discretion with the judge. It is not believed this amendment can pass the senate, having already been defeated there. -r- -t- -T- The senate has passed a bill reducing the salaries of physicians in charge of the insane hospitals from $4,000 to $2,500 per year. A vigorous campaign is being made against this reduction, on the ground that these physicians 1 are men of the highest ability and that _ i „ _ „_,, n V. t\ o 4-.Vvaw TlfMAT in counwsa iio.»iug ™ H"K""- V *"~ <16.000 and not, exceeding 20,000, the salary shall be $1,300. , In counties haying a population x>f 20,000 and hot exceeding 26,000, the salary shall be $L400. , In counties having a population of 25,000 and hot exceeding 30,000, • the salary shall be $1,500. , In counties having a Population of 30,000 and not exceeding 35,000, tne salary shall be $1,000. , , In counties having a- population of 35,000 and not exceeding 40,000, the salary shall be $1,800. _ . having a population of 40,000 and not exceeding 45,000, , the, salary shall be $2,000. . . In counties having a population of 45,000 and over, the salary shall be £2 200 • " ' i In counties having a population of 40,000 or over, the board of supervisors taay, in addition to the salary fixed loi clei'Us in such counties, allow them out of the probate fees lis additional compensation an amount not exceeding -— L. YOUNG. The Latest Things Out AMONG THE ADVERTISERS. James Patterson for lamps. Grove has some nice fresh vegetables. Anderson quotes groat grocery prices. Read J. W. Robinson on the steel range question. Don't buy a steel range until you see the prices at the home stores. Durdall has added a very bright- eyed darkey to his store force. Falkenhainer advertises ranges and stoves this week. He has a full line of the best makes'. The Gilt Edge Cafe is a full fledged city restaurant. It will pay all our readers to notice its "ad." and pay it a TBL/BFHONB NO. IS. C. J..DUTTON, they can make as much earn in private practice. - -- -!- as they now Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods, ; Wall Paper, Window Shades, Hats, Caps, Gloves, Mittens Under- L r ---.', 1 • t.^. l*« 1in*4 i« n nrcf"- JL d L/11 i »™ **»*•***»« »^—••—•• i . • f Gents' Furnishings, and in fact everything to be had in a first- -lass'store. Our prices are the lowest. WE WILL NOT BE i UNDERSOLD. G. L. Galbraith & Co. ———————— e^ Special IMIarcla. Sale Chamber Suits, Sideboards, • • : and CoucHes. Don't fail to see the new Acme Hygienic Court. BUY HARDWARE ftT HOBART n Of THORN & JONES. 3 ^^-__UP-TQ-D/VTE MERCHANTS ' -vyoucan buy moreior one dollar with us than any other place. , HEAPQUABTEBS FOB COAL. ;.; tliswiffl Don't Forget -•AND LUNCH'COUNTER, that we always have on hand The senate has passed an amendment to the statute in regard to wills, so that if a husband leaves a specific bequest to his wife that it shall be in lieu of dower, whether specified or not. At the present time the wife gets her dower no matter what she is given in the general bequest. T- -r- -f- ' Under the present law when a street car or gas franchise or any other franchise of a similar nature expires the company that held it becomes a trespasser and is subject to all manner of harassment. The joint sub-committee on cities and towns decided to recommend a provision allowing the company and the city to go into the district court and have the matter judicially arranged pending the vote on the franchise. ~t ~i » The fever for investigation has subsided and much of the gossip that was floating around in the air in the corridors and everywhere has disappeared. The committees are getting down to facts. A committee to investigate That big car of machinery at the Wigwam is already going. Spring is here, and the Wigwam is on deck as usual. Jos. Misbach is in $.lgona again in Kraft's clothing store. He has spent the past year with a Des Moines fur house. Will Potter has rented the building hauled from Algona to Hobart by Thorn & Jones and will put in a meat market. How is that for Hobart? The steam laundry has a new man, Bert Miller, who is an expert. It has also a lot of new machinery. Mr. Jones who has been with it, goes to Hobart to join his brother in the store. J. S. Gallagher has assigned at Wesley, S. X. Way assignee. Mr. Gallagher is an old resident and has been in the machine business. He says bad collections have done him up. The Northern Pacific railway lands are advertised in THE UPPER DBS MOINES again. All who are looking for cheap farms should investigate the offers made. It is a rare opportunity for all who want a farm at a reasonable figure. F W. Dingley and Alex. White took up an offer made by Frank Hume on his Wesley lumber yard. Hume promptly backed out. It is said he has been making the offer for some time as a bluff. He caught the wrong men this time. Fancy Patent Flour, per sack, Red Rose Flour, per sack, . . . • Family Flour, per sack, . . - • One hundred pounds granulated sugar C. J. DUTTON, IRVINGTON, IOWA. IF YOB ARE are always found at our store, We make a specialty of white ware for decorating. Langdon & Hudson. $1.10 1.05 .95 5.00 Corner o V W* v posite KosButb County bank, gt-plass weals or lunches. for : jleftls an* luBcbes served at all liours that we always have on hand all kinds of grain and' ground feed, bran, shorts, and oil meal at reasonable prices; also IctUuD* £*. V/UIJ-n-w-iuwf^ vv *», printing and binding intimate that they find things to correct, but find nothing illegal. At least these are the reports that get out, whether reliable OI> The'Funk committee charged with investigating the state officers as to their expenditures and with the especial duty of investigating the compiling of the state census, is still at work and the members have become so careful 1 in their expressions that nothing can' be learned. *•«•* *$" .T£". . - • The committee appointed , under the Carney, resolution to investigate the state institutions has not yet departed from the capitol, and it is not likely that it will. The house is holding frequent after- sessions, but so far the senate has •• •' n f. _ /._ —.-«V* «Mns-maf31VI (TO /Vli iolding UV/WU HVW>J*W»"«J —— - *-abstained from such r ._. the committees, however, .are vigorous afternoon sessions. ~f" *T" "r* There was a notable scene in, the house at 11:80 on the 4th of March, Word bad been passed around among j the old soldiers in that body that Mc- Klnley was just about to be sworn in 1 president of the . United States. i 1")..A*tn fwt\notaf\ t n A n rlfl.11* GfLll** Arrangements have been whereby one poor but worthy man from each county will be made young given man rom ea free tuition at the state university. A recommendation by the board of supervisors is necessary in applying for admission. THE UPPBE DES MOINES last week had Mrs. Butler importing a violet chafE blue stem wheat for says that would be a _. °aeed. She too violent a con- one wheat. It is best wheat for trast in colors for velvet chaff, and the seed she can get. A big Marqh'furniture sale is on at McGregor's. He has a fine line of goods at the'lowest prices. As one item Thos. Sarchett tells us he got a casket here for $15 less than was asked for the same in Cedar Bapids. Algona is the place to buy furniture, P. Jones has secured WHY NOT MAKE A 9 9 CAREFUL SELECTION? / Why don't you stop Paying Rent? The Yearly Payment on Land bought from the Land Department of the Northern Pacific Railway Company would be less than your present RENT, and in ten years the farm WOULD BE YOUR OWN. Why don't you move where You can get low-pricef Land for Your Children? I X at once. His You may own your own term, but you cannot afford to settle your boys ami.girls near you at the price you would have to pay in your present locality. »6"- — . ,, to open a full For maps , prices, and terms of sale, write to * ing a member to pr, tative Crow of Wapellp county arose in his place and started the pr air " Marching Through Georgia very enthusiasiic tone. The me involuptarily rose to their feet and was a pa- eoon be TO Your Horses Clipped? of all kinds and grades, Goods delivered tP any part of the city, IF NOT, WHY $OT? C, & N, W, Elevator. HlVriiy lUOO VW W**V** 4VW*- ••?*»•"• nearly every body >ined in, democrats as well w repvibUoans, It —- " " R - triotio outburst and will r s ,. forgotten by those present- The house committee on elections, having that part of the code in obarge, has decided r to yeopmmend restoring the rate for printing legal notices just as it is now, fl per square of ten brevier lines for the first insertion and 50 cents per square for each subsequent insertion- Tbe eenate vpted some time ago to out the price down one-third. The geological survey law was reenacted by the house on Saturday with' III change *nd without a dissenting at once. *ii° »HHOMV»V" »= »- -TV - TT fledged machinery ware house for the spring trade, Burt is a good trading point and Mr. Jones will be a good addition to the town, in a business way, His trade in Algona this spring is all that he can attend to, Hobart business has had several changes the past week. First John Grove has sold his store building to W, B. Bossinghara, Then Thorn* Jones have sold their stock of goods to Mr, Bossingham, Then Mr. Boss ngbara has sold the Burns hardware stook to Thorn & Jones, and has rented them I the west half of the store, The net result is that Mr. Bossingham has a general store and Thorn & Jones have a hardware store, Mr, Bossingbam WM, S, PHIPP8, Land Commissioner, Northern Paotflo Hy, Go, Eastern JJan$ Agent, N, P. By>i 8T, PAUL, MINN, The State University w ,-.-, — takes possession at once Medical and Surgical AND CITY HOSPITAL J. BROWN, DB. PRE8TON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat T^ i ^I The WU fixing tbe »l»vl«8 <>{ county clerks has now passed both houses. ~ bill fixes the oowipeRS&tion ft? of ^»»9» 9H& s*^** j lees W iv,wv. *«» law " e rvpnk^bsdff fi£7 ' THE SIYIRAL PIPABTM6NTS Will teffln ve yeaps to the explus preparations." 1 Iowa, wrltw.s.' ~?£.£ilXsi\M»ff.7.> riruir store. o of laoultyi Iowa oiw, , T „ n4i«»,^c,k M. Try thtV Weal cough remedy w bo(ttesTvw ftt Soee??' qyug store. . Fred Miller of Irving, 111., writes that he ' ' MirpWY^ W ^egpt \m*

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