The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1897
Page 7
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Mwtetfcd ts of ee W. ttfiiycy, editor of the .taahA World-Herald. Is a per- ttire o* health ahd Idoks more [Hervey of other days. To see one can hassdly believe that .en such a great stifferer. He K his falling health and i-e-re- Jn his characteristic way aa fol- ,c,everal years T was troubled ilgestton so severe as to make It sle to take more than two meals llthout intense suffering I grew fradually until, July, 1895, I was ly attacked with Increased pain eness over the pit of my atom- sharp pains in.hiy right side, ipldly Increased until I could „ get my breath. A physician lied for immediate relief ahd hy- c injections of morphine were to tor relief. I was able to be ihoiU a week,-but had a Second rtiie fcJllowttie August, mote in- lan before. 1 was reduced from 1S4 Ibs. In nine days and left tunable to take any nourishment. Ion llnie water and a Very little bf several days after. For one r carried morphine pellets in my 9 ready for an emergency. All tie mv stomach was sore and very |Ve. " I discovered that what •i agree with my stomach this would probably not next week, Sat I was getting nearer and near- 1 final collapse. I consulted three Miest physicians in. the .state and feed fully "as to tny ailment, but fto give me relief. .Having utterly Ito obtain relief, 1 finally made ar- tients to go to Chicago to be when tn'y little boy chanced to isample package ot Dr. Kay's Ren- r. which he brought to mo. 1 was Id to try it, not having the least n its virtues. I thought this sam- lileved me, aj|id I purchased a 25- Sox Before it was all used I had Sproved that I was taking three a day. which I had not done for I then \ised one package of the Pr Kay's Renovator and one of'the small size. It is eight tis since I commenced using Dr. «) Renovator and I now have no Btoms whatever of my old trouble. I 2 recommended It to many of my s for stomach trouble and I think Save reported relief." George W. ey, Omaha, Neb., Feb. 17, 1897. Dr. Renovator is sold by druggists or ! by mall for 20 cents and $1. Book- free. Dr. B. J. Kay Co., la. Neb. JESTS, IDLE JESTS. ittsburg News: Prlmpas—"Why, fdear, What's the matter with the wheel I got you? It is the highest the market." Mrs. Primpas— the mean thing is all iron, and ,'t get a taffeta trimming or a fur It.anywhere." £J4tanupoli8 Journal: Mr. Watts— idea of the pastor- getting up at '"close of the' Church' fair and 'saying fat he was deeply touched!" Mrs. fatts—"And why shouldn't lie say I?"' "Because he was the only man |ere who hadn't been; that's why." Circumstances. 3hi»—Tlioy caught that burglar nt.Bro\vn'» it night. Je—Yew, poor fellow, I suppose lio'll ge' pi years. Sh'o—Why am you so sympathetic? le—Ho poisoned the (log. Aclilrcsn. Jr. l)yer—Where is the bargain counters fho Floor Walker—Thorn iire 'nevonil. Biat lire you .locking for'? fl'm looking for my wife." •I'lm rr«liminari««. Uu—Is my hut. ou strait-lit? e—Yes. " Is my uooktio up behind? She-No. Ho.—Then I guess w«< may venturo out. WIT, MUMOft JNAL ANO SELECTED. ttc tiittn't 01*0 tbo Whisky Tttn* tt» Oct In lu Bfefttlty tVofrk -1*l<1i»t*fc Ml* Specialty—A SpMJMnde*— til* Jht-AH- nbtfi MEN t sit tlotth In the silence Of tny little, lonelv rooih, Then 1 tut away the fancies That crowd round me In the gloom; And I call tny shadow - chil» dren And I clasp them to my breast, ' And I give them mother-kisses, And 'I sing them songs of rest, Two wee things, with eyes like patisies, Wet with morning's dewy kiss; How I strain them to my bosom Whence all day their forms I mlssl And I touch their yellow ringlets, As a miser counts..his gold; I am.looking over treasures With a value all untold. I am never sad at twilight. With my babies on my breast, With my little shadow-children Safe in mother's arms at rest. You may call It idle fancy Of a weak and wearied brain. But tonight my arms will fold them To my mother-heart again. Disease*} 6f Mi8 Kidneys or siaa- def, Rh^iiBS&tiSffii fits.- 1 —. to Our f eadfrrB will be fe the new bottftkal discWefy, ftont tnft Wdfiderful Wtierevef train is belftg Wftde God is speaking. Be ft hapi>y CMlstlafi and (Jod ftake you a ufeefnl one. Cultivate the habit of casUifg you? care tip'oh all A horseshoe nail of gold witti t jeweled head fUfflisfies % popular Scart acid Ifa the bleed, ot bv disordered action of tbe Kidnfeys d* ytJfganl; The KftVft Shttib, or M bbtflnSsls call it, Piter MethVi* ttcim, grows pit the bankfeof the Gjkttttes Hvef, ^ast India, aild . . Mobablr was used Hot cenlttties by the natives before its .extraordinary properties became known to Civilisation through .Christian snissiohariea. I« this respect it resembles the discovery of quinine from the Peruvian bark, made kuowtt by the Jtidiansto the early Jesuit missionaries in South America, and by them brought to civilized man. It is a wonderful discovery, with a record of iaco hospital cures in 30 days. It acts directly upon the blood and kidneys, and is a true.Bpeciflc, jnst as.'quinine is ill malaria. We have the strongest testimony of many ministers of the eospel, well-known doctors and business men cured by Alkavis, when all other remedies had failed. » •Hi the New York Weekly Weftd o. Sept. 10th, tlic testimony of Rev. W. B. Moore. JJ. D., ol Washington, D. C.. was given, describing his vears oT suffering from Kidney disease ami RheumaliBra. and.hls, rapid. cU« by AtkavU Rev. ThomnsStuith; tile Methodist tinnlKter at Didn't Give It Time. . Cobden, Illinois, passed near y one hundred gravel stones after two weeksluae of Alknvls. K ty by . After hovering between life and death for two months, and oil his doctors having f^.be took Alkavis, and was po»'P 1 f, t , eI y. r . es j o ';f d ^° health andstrength.andlsruiUllinKhlsdutlesns mlnisterofthegospel. Mr. R.C. Wood, a prominent attorney of Lowell. Indiana, was cured o Hheumntisin. Kidney and Bladder dlfica_se of ten It is hard tb trtafefe a cold prayer In & Warm pfayef tiieetlng. The tnercles of God. like grapes, nfo always found In dusters. Christ is not Well received where bis servant is Imftfofeerly treated. It was the belief oT Mvhigstou that nciaiiy all Hons ate "left-handed." He \vatched them closely, and when they desired to strike n fierce blow they always used the left paw. A,female highwayman described as "ot hefetilean^rbpoftlons and of extraordinary bravado," Is holding the roads between. Brussels aud Antwerp and attacking solitary houses. "General" Booth thinks Lot's wife must have hid some Scottish blood In her Veins, judging from her reluctance to pack Up and 1 leave her native city without thinking over the matter. Another JSHHIC. for It. He—Did yon kuow CnllcAvay's pnronts lived in Philadelphia'! • She—No, I thought they were dona. ' Be-Not dead, but. sleeping. STATE Frank J. Cheney muken onth that he la the senior partner of the nrm of 1-. •». Cheney & Co., doing business in tlie Ctty of Toledo, County, and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum ot ONK HUNDRED DOLLARS for oacll and everv case of catarrh that cannot be cured b/tho USC o'jH^Tffi'kSr- Sworn to before me and subRoHbed In my*presencc, tlifn Slh day of December, A> (Sonio' A. W. GI.EASON. v Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Curo la taken Internally, A jeweled watch degeftdlng ?FdM & BOW of dlatfioftds fepreeeiits a pleasttig style. Silver candelabra in Louis XtV. design show ft triangular basfe and- flitted sterna. A novelty likely to please holiday patrons is the silver flask which represents a bicycle wheel in form and deco- ra tiohi It-thfe wdfSl i e'vef «ot ftfeal havifig Ml twh way. W« all b¥ «s !uv fo B6 l«*fl thihk tht«e who fleser^* U the rtpi>reciale,it the mtfat. * Tfie enthttKiaats and faMtiefcs tlifive dii what they kntt i»f^e.' what tttiiora adniit they kWB*l pr6ve. that form of govei-rtmehtt* th« ahd will lust the longest, the Ift^S 0? HIT- admihist.6red ' 'fliO iTiify lliniR. "Can't toll niiythtiJg about, tho citse y(>t," said the In wyef. The jury is liMng." •'JerusHlei'n," shouted the prisoliev, "tlint. does bent nil. But 1 knowotl tny trleilds 'ud lynch 'cili if they got A uh.tilco itt.oiii." Op unit IJolllK. Bnbooity—Look here, I'm tired ot txiitig dunned l>v you. Tailor—Mny be; but I'm tired of being 'done 1 by veil" Cllve Wrtj- to Although you have sitlTereil for a long time from malarlii, (Irsnepsin, kidney trouble, nervousness or bilitiiiRness. Know that Hontotler'R Stomach Hitlers -has cured worse eases,than yours, and is potent to '.inbrp'you as'itihas Jiblpisd-'-hosts-'tit -othmts. 'But itlways romtmiher' that trite saying, "Delays n'rc tlaiigerotts." Mole hills grow into mountains in consequence of dlsre- tvt, tho outset Colonel Bluegrass—"Have criticism to make on our sah?" Stranger—"It seems to me age." Colonel Bluegrass—"You mus member this is Kaintucky, sah." you any whislty, it lacks l)!d 11 IB I tent. "It does prevent a. man's having regular hours to 'be away from home," remarked the prominent citizen. "But I did my best to eat as usual while I was lu New York. I managed to get along with breakfast, lunch and a light supper." "No dinner?" "Young man, I read the papers. I have a reputation to sustain and I concluded that a stranger like myself had better not take any chances- on a. dinner."—Washington Star. ASKING QUESTIONS. Is a Woman's Prerogative , and She Uses It. iHly Oucstloin and l*ronipt Answers JIavu 'JlfHiiltiiit in Urtiut Sutinfaiil.ioii ti» Mnny Women, Sensitive women hate to Jtslc then uiariK those delicate quest/ions Unit ttlv a woman nnrtorstands, anil there- »- •» f ' -^~^ it AVt'ile to Mv.s. 1111, at Lynn, as she has cr proved cir most ac- iriite adviser, ad knowing Jis,t their / Bttcrs will ue read fid answered by one : their own sex. Thousands of such i'have l>een received within a thK from those afflicted with ^. v|l>iov)S for-JHS of feinalo diseases, id it is licediesa to say the answers ive livouglit comfort und relief. |-That sense of dragging in the groin, pains in .small of back, retention, Oppression of menses, bearing-down jifins, headaehe, nervousness, blues, •,, arc symptoms that require prompt "You recall the trader with the chin whiskers? Yes? Well, it turns out that he was a swindler." The other benighted savage shrugged his shoulders. "I imagined as much," he rejoined. "Indeed, I remarked to my wife when we had finished him that I didn't feel as if I had eaten a square meal. There are instincts that can't be deceived, you know."—Omaha Tribune. A Spcll-Bliuler. "When that lawyer of yours cried while he was talkin' to UB we knowed yer was innercent," said the foreman of the jury to the man who had just been acquitted. "Wonderful," said the he'd talked two minutes have offered to restore money." latter. "If longer I'd the stolen Kffootlve. Maud—"What do you do when a man persists in asking for a dance and you don't care to dance with him?" Marie—"Tell him my card is full," Maud—"But supposing it isn't and he,still persists 1 ?" Kheumntisin, Kidney anu _...—-.—.-... years Blumling, by. Alkavis. Mr Wood describes himself as befiigr »n constant misery, often compelled to rise leu times during the i»E"tJ3» account of weakness of the bladder. He wan ireated by all his home physicians without tli« least benefit aud finally completely cured in o few weeks by Alkavis. .The testimony U undoubted and really wonderful. Mrs. James Younsr, of Kent, Ohio, writes that she had tried six doctors in vain, that Khe was about to givt uo in despair, wheii she found Alknvls and was promptly cured of kidney disease and restored to health. Many other ladies also testify to the wonderful curative powers of Alkavis in the various disorders peculiar to womanhood. So far the Church Kidney Cure Company, No. 422 Fourth Avenud New York, are the only importers of thia new remedy, and they are so anxious to prove its value that for thesake of introduction they will send a free treatment of Alkavis prepaid by inail to every reader of this paper who is a Sufferer from any form of Kidney or Bladder disorder, Bright's Disease, Rheumatism, Dropsy, Gravel, Pain in Back, Female Complaints, or other affliction idue to improper action.of the Kidneys tor Urinary Organs. We advise all Suf- erers to send their names and address to the company, and receive the Alkavis free. It is sent to you entirely free, to prove its wonderful curative cowers. ALL SORTS. About 100 iron mines are at present In operation in the Lake Superior districts. The average Englishman'lives twenty years longer in England than in Africa. Five years' penal servitude was the sentence Imposed recently on a bicycle thief in England. The highest waterfall in the world is Cholock cascade, at Yosemite, Cal., which is 2,634 feet high, or just half a mile. It will be known as the "Diamond Jubilee" of Queen Victoria. The Prince of Wales hac settled it by using the phrase in a public speech. Penn Yan, N. Y., was settled by Pennsylvania^ and Yankees, and its name is a combination of the names of those two classes of settlers. Great Britain can not find enough tall men for the Foot Guards, so the standard of height has been reduced half an inch, to 5 feet 8% inches. The difficulty of registering the temperature at the bottom of the ocean is duo to the fact that at a great depth the therraometey is crushed by the pressure. Australia had last year 9,760 miles of railway open, Tho capital expended and acts directly on tlic blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for lestl- Sold by druRBlstB. 760. Hall's Family Pills a>'° the best. 1'urlty In fiction. "This ruan'B story in pure Hctlon." "In that event, >ye won't print it. JNo- bcdy would road it." Moreover, it was more, prudery to nvoiil tbo real. ______ THAT SPI'KNDID COIi'FEK. Mr. Goodman, Williams County, 111., writes us: "From one package Salzer'a German Coffee Berry I grew 300 pounds of better coffee than I can buy in stores at 30 cents a pound." A package of this and, big seed catalogue is sent you' by John A. SaliSer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., upon receipt of 15 cents stamps and this notice, w.n. Womtnrg. "What, umltos you so quiet, Ferry'? Art you wondering what you will suy to youi wifo when you get liomei" "No, I was wondering what she will say to me." _______ I.ano'B Flimlly Hlocllclno Moves the bowels each day. In order to be healthy, this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick 'headache. Price 25 and 50c. Tho silver production of tbe United States amounts in value to loss tbnn « per cent of tho mineral production of tlie country. ___ _ ____ "STAB TOBACCO." As you chew tobacco for pleasure use Star It, Is not. only the best but the most lasting, and, thurelorc, ' ararding it. Chock withthlslnconiparalilt) (lafBtisive mctllcme. About one-third ol: tbo laurt iu Great. Britain is owned by members oC tho house of lords. During the recc'nt holidays every singls girl in ttte town of Urookstowu, Ky., WHO married, 1607 «US. 1'OTATOKS 1'BU ACHK. Don't believe it, nor did the oditoi until he saw Salzei-'s great farm seed catalogue. It's wonderful what an array of facts and figures and new things and big yields and great test! monlals it contains. Send TJils Notion and 1O C«nU SUiups to John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse Wis., for catalogue and 12 rare farm seed samples, worth $10, to get a start w.n Returns nhow 10 poraonH in 1.000 lunntic asylums have been made insane' by love affairs. 1 Coughing J.midn to Conmimptlou. Kemp's balsam will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and-get a sam ph? bottle free. Large "Mend it or End it," has bectt tile rallying cry of, reform, directed against abuses tnttiiieipal or social. l<*or the man who lets tilm- self be abused by a dough the cry should be modified t6 4 . Mend it, or it'll end you. You can Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. There is a Waldoboro (Me.) wotiinu carrying on a farm of 100 acres and making mouey when most men are- complaining of mouey hard times. ______ Coivn duiigh Culiiim It the oldest and best. It will Uivalt «|i a cold quitkei than any thing ulw. It in nlwajfB reliable. Try It. homo 'Hie woman who marries for a often glud to run away from it. IMso's Cure for Consumption is the best of all cough cures.— Georgs W. Lot/, Fa- bucher, La.., August 20, 18W5. _ A Venetian iirm its making bouuets of spun glass, which ore as soft and pliable as bottles 2ii and 50 cents. Go at once; delays are dangerous. At tho point where tho Mississippi river Rows out of Lake Itnska it is only ton loot wide and 18 inches deop. flood J.niidR in Minnesota. 1 Tho best 1 arm lauds to be found hi 'Urn state are along tho lino of tho Minneapolis & St. Louis It. K. Purchase a ticket, to Madison or Daweon, in Lac Qui 1'arlo Co.. Minn., at the cheap, hoincseekers rates, in effect, on Tuesdays, February '3 and 10, March 8 and 1(5, April li ami '20, Ma)' 4 and IS, and convince yourself that loss than .«) bushels of wheat, per is a small crop, Other cereals, including corn, in proportion. Crop failures unknown. For rates and particulars cull on nearest agent of the M. & St. L. R. K. or address A. B. Cutts, G. P. & T. A.. M. &St. UK. R., Minneapolis, Mliin. Any of us can think up almost nr bearable personal troubles it wo devote out- tittoti- tioii to it. NO-TO-BAC FOR FIFTY CENTS. Over404,OUO<!Vtred. Why notlotNo-To-Hao regulate or remove your desire for tobacco. Saves nionuy, makes health aud manhood. Cure guaranteed, f>()ii and *l, all druggists, There is such a tiling p.s having groat influence without having great talent. FITS stopped fro» mm permanently cured. No (fter nrm day 1 * HOT of »r. Itllnu's <ii«at Nei' lle«tor«r. Troo *2 trial liott la und ireatlmi. • •Head to UK. Ku«K,IKU Arch St.. I'liiludelphia, 1'a. The more a mau kuows, the more he i.« inclined to be modest.—Fielding, Marie—"Then I insist that it is and let him, see Weekly. that it•/ isn't."~Pearson's is, iii most cases, rapid, ijdia 13. Pinkhaui's Vegetable Com"should IK* promptly taken, and f('»8i Piiikhiwi will furnish any advieu J, free. Following is another thanks;— |;.H Please accept nay thanks for. tho ^little book which you have sent me. It. 1ms opened jny eyes, a'nd told me that there Is 11 ' romcdy for suffering women, There, js no need for women to suffer, if they will only take Lydia E, Pinkham's A Quality «f Frankness. "There's one thing I like about the Camel," observed the Tiger to the feeding time. "What Is that?" asked the king of beasts, "He always comes out flat-footed," His SpeoiiiUy. pound. J Buffered for years with painful menstruation, thinking there jsvas no remedy foy it,; but after reading pipuphlet, I thought I ypwr medicine ji trial, and Jiow qwickly it vellovca ima it for all wom^ou ^suffer iv,lVh painl'iU menstruation." , CrUteudon, Bell— "My cousin tells »pe he nevey made love to a givl in his life," Nell—'No, Widows are his cialty." ape* pipe. Miss Towney (in search of tbe idyl» lie, at last meets a veal, live shepherd) —Pray, tell me, gentle shepherd, where is thy pipe? The Gentle Shepherd— I left on them has been ?537,q()9,C|QQ; revenue oyer, \yor^^ p|*»,|^ 1? ?-% per cent. ''•" ''' •"" ''• ' "- '""''"'''' He—Have you heard my new song, "The Proposal?" She—No—what key is it written in? "Be mine-er." "I will," And now you can transpose it to the key of "A flat "—Life. Joae JSchegaray. Spain's great playwright, Is sixty-four years pW. He Is an engineer and a mathematician,. He was once a minister of state, He has written fifty-two plays. Cernuscbl's house on the Avenue Velasquez In Paris, which the bimetalJlst banker beflueathed .with Its .contents to the city of Paris as a.niugeum, .has been thrown open to the public. "While the nQpuljatlQn qf Pr&nce remains nearly stationary, the jap tlon of tobacco ihcreaa^ by V bounds. During J896 the French con* sinned over 20.(inn tons of tobacno. jn LUhunlan toik"iore a walnut plays the part of Npab'g ark. "Once the great god Pramalmss, while eating •walnuts, looked down front bis castle tn the sky and the two gtanta.Wlna and Water, w^ere having » bleb old time. Prarozimas saw that if the floods con* tinued the people would be drowned; BO he was kind enough to tbrpw the half of a walnut shell, which be ha<J __ Mrs. Wlimlow'B Hnotuiiij; Syrap KarclilMreii tuelliltiR, BOft«u8tlioi!iimB,rodiice»inll«Mi luatiou, allnyu pain, curea wlnil collu. !3 ueu U » tiotlle "Every eye forms its own lienuty." TbiB in especially so when a. wouiun looUs in the glass. _ ; _ __ . MAKE TKN THOU8ANU »(>l,I<AK8 by ohowlng ruBtsurlnO Gum. For • imrUoiilurs write JOUN'.r.MlM ) lKKN&CO..St. rx>uU, Mil. The daughters of "the Prince oof Wales could swim before they could read. for fame wheutl}»y cwu't get th'etr ' ' Kofllii -ve "YOUR RULING PLANET DISCOVERED «X ASTnOMMJV" i» lh« tllln or I'rof. O. W. „ Cunningham's lalost work oil ihli mioloitt «c!enc«. Written In plain,'1,'onitivnhenslTe lAii^uagfl, AMI*/ imue siiarklos with siaiuf of Information. F.ftry ivadei- will noqulm anm.i'.liiK and iinrlllnit kn»wledK« ul 1 tills myntleal wlenc-e. Hrlue, postpaid, «Bo, 50* and ttl.OO, itiiuiiiitlnK !" lil'idliiK, THE ASTROLOGER'S CORNER, . .Sninn sIlRlit elm linos neucsiUtatiHl nuliiK I«>H «pfto« for thl< departmnhl. IVof. tjiiiinlhifliaiii U dallr »• t citlvlnic nmifrlntf tcntlmoitl«l« oflils genlvin and mar- vnloiiH |iownr In rnrilug lliii ImiRuaito "f tliu stgnli anil lilanetn. lll« horoscope llfii ren.dliigs with chart are dally ooiivlno.lnic |wo\)le of« BITIU and VALUABTiB 1NFORUATION to bo had through 111" wond»rful knowledge ut astroloity. »lo rcuiilvon Icttera from rvei-.T stute nnd territory «.nd Ills faniu has extended lnt« torelirii lands. Under no tflruumstmici'* 1 will name!) ot «orr«niono> nrfu bn H"llll«)».'il, lint MIC rolliiwIHK are cxtraoU from iiiccntlaUerni "1 reclvud m,v horo»ooD«, «m mueli nlfascd with II. H. Is a* iifFU ilgbl an In pouitbls to make It." Anotlior willcs: "1 am surpi'isod at III 1'rof. Ounninithaiii now proposes to loll your ililliiK . planet and send a (BBI, i-cudlnit ABSOLUTELY KRKtvto Ilicappllciiut!! whosH letters li«()|«"ii to b« tho Unit, 'J'lilrd, Ninth and T»rnlfMi opciii-d from each-day'* mull. All asplrantii lor FREB IllJAMNaH must ncindt Bex,, moo or. nutloimtUyi'"place, j oar,, month, dutc, lionraild'iiilmiro'oriilitK-A.'M.-or l'.M.'at»nearly an ponslklo. AiipllCTins onlltled' to FllBB RIOADIKaN will rucBlvo them by return mall with llielr 8* contu ri'fnndi'il less !! iients pnstagd. All upiiUnants mu»t »cnd S« unlit* tn pay for ttiolr readliitf In i-asu tliry do not win 1'llKK i-eadlnir. DO NOT IJRIAVj send al onoei you uro jtist an apt, to win an any body, ana It yon do not you will roeclv* n. rnlnalila nstrol- Wv fortheitiinill mini of i!t ircnta. 'Ihow not Unow- Ing- tlmlr time .it lilrtli should xend t I'unls for fuilhtr inslmctloin. Aildrnm PROF, G, W, CUNNINGHAM, Dopt. 4,194 S. Clinton-st. Chicago, IU. Tlic followiiiK aru some re«dln({» for tills week. Ulns Marl«, ornnd llapldn, Wis. ArcordlnK to data furnished the slifn Oanuer which the Moon ruloa, wa» rlatiiK at your lilrlh, therofore llm Moon Is your rut- IIIB planet or slgninaator. V*nu» IH uo-rulor. You an> medium hulirhti plump Ilicnre, tleur eom- plexloiii miHlliiin in dark Iwir and oyenj if yon wast born a few minuted parllor tho evo-i are >ory dart, wilh a peunllar apaiklu and nhaip slurlit. You are nnllo, cheerful, Jovial, kind and olillifin»i yon very iiiuoh dislike storm and blimtor about anythlnKi you are dmngnublo In your nature and like to ho on the KO; yon are very fond of amusements, parlies, dincn. Sic., ol»o art and art work. You ai-e \ory Intulllre and naturally know many tlilntni without ever.Imvlrw to study to loarii them. .You HI-O very popular wltli tho gmHIeiiiBH,. . Dllds M. K., Ottawa, Kansas. According to data furnltilied I he ulcn Sajflllarlns. which Jupiter rmoi, was rlsliiK at- your birth, thiMofoie Jupiter la your rnllnt? planet, or RlKnlllcutor. Venus and Mercury are L You ati liied'luni Imliflit or above-, plump Dgnrei medium ulcariiomploxloni the bah near a «lussrnu« rolor; the cy«8 medium to durk. You have •, happy, itliiwrfnl, KennroiiH and nharllable disposition, are itlfled lu tho line ii rU and a lover of everything con. nested with nrl, music, poetry, ate. You are also very fond of a lino drlvlnic horse, You will make an able writer on nlnmst any mibjort with which you ar» • fHmlllar. You have Hinnuino leotlmony an the ladjr with the olhM, reartlmc, thai l^i 5' 011 ftl 'e very popular JUST try ft lOc box o f OuKcaraUi, cmuljr oaiharitu, Hie flnest liver and bowel regulator made. Not nmqy people soy grace wheu tber» is only bread and cheese ou the table. ___.. A blight to winter comfort ts'=^=== •Soreness or Stiffness from cold in muscle, joint, or nerve. St. Jacobs Oil warms, relaxes, eiires- Jt at oome, mxirn, cy.— Chips. 'cause i got »o tov » There are sjx necessities, yo« hnovy, for 9. happy marriage." "What are tjiey?" "First, a good Uueband," "Ana tbe Qtjier "The yt^er SYJ? }R hl9 hftna, into the flpod ana It float- ea to the mountain peafe where tbe peo" pie ha<j gatherea Jor refuge. Now, tWs walnut shell waa large enswgto to hoia all the people ana to ftp^t thew gafely tUl the Deluge h«a During March' Colds a»4 cWJk aw prevalent, ,an4 unless tbe system fc ^oo to throw thwn bffr serious jl ending; In pn««monla ww awtb results and dangers fe found in the blood, poisoned acid, whicb. sbowld, i* f spelled y .AltDY CATHAIITI0 CURECOHSTIPATIOH Th^Effect Tal<e I<axp,vive Prp»>9 Q^Mp? IW'?^, $i rucuiBtBcof u£a the monev « U JftUs W WW ^W flww to. fb Proof Positiy^i FOR USING Walter Baker & Co.'s Breakfast Cocoa. Because it is absolutely pure, Because it is not made by the so-called Dutch Proccbb in which chemicals are used. Because beans of the finest quality are used. Because it is made by a method' which preserves unimpaired the exquisite natural flavor and odor of the beans..' Because it is the most economical, costing less than one cent a cup. Be »ure that you get the genuine article muUe by WAITER UAKKK & CO. Ud,, P«rthc»»er, Mans. lisUbllshcU I78Q,

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