The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1897
Page 5
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••M^ME idwt^ tZBKS It All Theif Own Way in the Election Against the Re* tmhltean Ticket. did Story of a Landslide in aft » off i" — Good Men, tlowevfef, ttftve Been Chosen. line the daily work afcd ex&mine' all punfls? Should promotions depend tifi daily standings or examination standings? These questions were ffeely discussed until time came for adjournment and a very pleasant meeting was closed. •*-•*••*- j. T. oMftlSOHlLtiES "' *' ator S. E. MoMAHON ie turn-over In city politics Mon- was complete. The republicans flopped with the neatness and a good cook shows when she .dtsto fry an egg on both sides Ie republicans will fry from the out awhile. A hundred reasons arb n for the result, some good, some and some indifferent. The bes ison seems to be that the republican $ket lacked votes. Last year the ly gave exactly 260 republican ma- flty. Mayor Chrischilles, our first nocratic mayor since J. J. Wilson, jin with 52 majority. . Phe library tax was defeated again , 27 majority. More than 27 forgot imark their ballots, who intended to te for the . tax. And twice the ;mber could easily have been secured a little effort. The women did not ,e in any numbers. They could jllv have carried the tax if they had [tended the polls. [Following is the vote by wards: First. Sec. Thd, Sere is the Emmetsburg f ributte for t: " James J. Ryan of Algona, who may possibly be the next democratic candidate for governor." •4* •*• 4- Geo/DUryea of Garner has signed with the Atlanta, Ga., ball team. He is a masher—With the bat. •*--«-•*• In Palo Alto the doctors won't bid on the county doctoring and the board threatens to import a medical student. Palo Alto should try cutting up into small districts. faithful and efUcteti sefvlc'e Ifl the legislative halls and all his Mends ftfe glad to ndte" the sucdess with which he is presiding, •4- 4- •*• The Lake Pane News has been sizing up Judge Quarton: The senior editor attended the first term of court held itt this county by Judge Quatton, fend at that time we, somehow, formed the Idea that the district had made a mistake in electing the present Incumbent td succeed Judge Carf, hut the more we see of the m&n the better we like him. He is at all times approachable by litigants and jurors, as well as attorneys. He Is energetic in the the 40.000 Pounds Of Farm Machinery and Buggies in one car just Wigwam from the John Deere Plow works and the , • S. •• aj. *#••»« I'll • . . -. M. Carriage Co, at Moline, 111 -4- -i- -f- Col. Raymond has a good item in the Hampton Recorder about the L. Cartel- Lake! As Josh "A boss trade church trial at Clear Billings used to say, between two Christians isn't always a Christian hoss trade." -5- -4- -4- , The Ledyard teachers' round table was a.success. The Leader says: Kossuth county can'surely feel proud of its superintendent, and teachers both in te For mayor- guson •fsohllles For treasurer— Spxsee.... eek IFor assessor— Pellter Brammond leary por solicitor— Ipslyn...... ™ onar • <"/ For library tax. 5* gainst library tax 43 ,.07 .03 .70 .B7 ,. 8 87 82 07 97 03 09 3 63 99 72 54 51 98 B2 75 50 77 3 55 73 30 04 F'th. 70 02 57 108 59 101 73 91 51 50 with the lodge here. In the First ward the vote on alder- |70. (There Is to be a recount in this - several ballots were thrown public and district schools. Mr. Reed paid the local teachers a very high compliment on the program they had prepared for the afternoon meeting. Let the good work go on. -4- -4- -> Bailey: Our old friend, Jack Graham of Bancroft, is working a fraternal insurance called the Brotherhood of American Yeoman view of establishing a The insurance seems to bo cheaper than any other that we have and many of our best citizens are disposed to take out policies. We think the scheme a good one. It has the backing of some of the best men in Kossuth county as a home endorsement and takes well where introduced. It is formulated somewhat on the principle of the M. W. A., but has a benefit fund with accident in- Cfcuwji«ojo« **« ° i j i,i patch of business and Is very set in his ideas against piling up expenses for the tax payers to pay, & point that should commend him to the farmers, especially these hard times. In addition to this his decisions appear to stand the scrutiny of the supreme court. We believe that he will "polish" all right. The Spirit Lake Beacon reporter, referring to the Emmetsburg teachers' I meeting, says: The second topic was thTthVd, by Supt. A. B. Carroll of Algona. To say which was the better would be impossible. Both were treated in a masterly manner. The preparation for such discussions could be made of earnest careful and The Wigwam is agam at the front with * big stock of the latest improved farm machinery. Everything is Disc Harrows, and in fact ever warn, The latest and best, Be sure and see me before you buy. Wilfrid P. Jones. out, which may change the result.) In the Fourth Dr. Sayers had the ^T^newdV officers elected are some of Alffona's best and most enterprising younf men. They will grve the town a live administration. That they are hustlers no one will, believe after noticing their paces m this con , test. Good luck to Mayor Chrisohilles, and his associates. IN OTHER TOWNS. At Wesley. • WESLEY, March 2,—Our city election yesterday was one of the quietest of i any held since our town was incorporat- ied. ' There were two tickets in the tfieid, the citizens' ticket headed by !J H. Ward, and the peoples' ticket Iheaded by Frank Heal. There was a llight vote Y poled. Mr. Ward was elect- led receiving five majority. Welt Milber was.elected for ~™^™ *£ surance, as well as a reserve fund from the start. This is the proper plan for fraternal insurance and the plan that all will have to adopt soooner or later. Al Adams Independent: says in the Humboldt THE UPPER DBS MOINES Chronicle are good reading this winter. They are both publishing incidents in the history of northwestern Iowa that will be very important in the days to come, only by years successful experience. The younger members present are especially grateful to these men for such encouragement and help. -i- 4- ->Daniel Pierce is building a barn 260x 40 feet, with 28 foot posts, and three wings 80x40 feet, on his orphan's .home farm in Dickinson county. Ho is also building a house 80x40 feet. -f- -f- -S- The Pally Capital also praises our senator: Senator Funk, president pro tern, is counted one of the very hardest the general assembly. He gets up early and stays late. It is a matter of comment among the employees in the senate that he beats most of them getting there in the morning and is usually the last to leave at night. He is the senior senator, president pro tern, and chairman of the most important committee, that of the ways and means, and not only works long but to a purpose. ^ TRY Stough & Foster, commission merchants, on your butter and eggs- Ill First Ave. North, Minneapolis, Minn. WE'RE SHORT ON WOMEN The Census Report Reveals a State of Affairs in Kosauth that Calls for a Remedy. Seneca Township and Germania the Only Two Localities that Have Ladies . Enough to Go Around. closed hero last Friday evening, were 63 united with the church Goo. R. Ocke as an evangelist is a success. The church has been powerfully revived and 81 have been converted from natures darkness to the marvelous Heht of God. Rev. Ocke went from here to Br t^ whore he will assist Rev. O? K. Mavnard In his revival efforts. Quite a'number of our young Popple will go to Britt this evening to attend the revival meetings. WHAT IT COSTS, The Iowa census reveals a state of IF you have anything to consign let us know and we will watch the markets and will write you when we are higher ticket by a majority of eight forbve. F. Hume as councilman on the loitizens' ticket was elected by eight naiority over A. Engstrom. E. E. Thomas was elected assessor. • • At Bancroft. BANCROFT, March l.-The citizens' picket made a clean sweep over the Iregular republican nominees with the lexception of street commissioner, in H W Smith beats B.H.Ander- close vote. Full returns when tbe'early actors in the early drama of this state have passed away. Bailey, being classed as the champion liar of Kossutb, says: Such is fame! After all those Algona editors lying; their buttermilk well, and their blue sky business, to have the credit go to another name. The credit for lying is given to the right county, but Bro. Jaqua has made a mistake in names. -i- -f- -t- A movement is on foot to organize a county editorial association in Hamilton county to better do the honors on the occasion of the meeting of the Upper Des Moines Editorial association, which is to be held in Webster City the 1st of September. THE Congregational church sale this week Thursday at Taylor's. WE have all kinds of rubber footwear, arctics, wool boot overs, heavy rubbers, alaskas, etc. grades. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co. fine and etc., in all Kossuth county is short of _ Scarcity in the volume of money is | nothing compared to this scarcity. Our social economists have n problem right here at home. Germania is the only town in the county that has as many ladles as the situation calls for, and Seneca the only township. Two wards in Algona, the Second and Fourth, are supplied, but the town as a whole is short. Here is the county record: 9,/96 males to 8,648 females; 6,500 marriageable men to 5,288 marriageable women. Even in married people there is a dis- cremncy that is hard to'account for, 3 297 married men to only 3,260 married 6 ^ The widows exceed the wld- WE will use prompt returns you right and make Stough & Foster, 111 FOR rent: My 340-acre farm in Ir vington. Terms, $1.62* per acre women Ss?299 A J. Mathers, . first-class farm. Address Elmore, Minn.— 49t3 _ A CHOICE lot of clover seed, grown on bottom land, 'for sale at $4 a bushel Apply at the Kossuth County State bank on Saturday afternoons to Mr. J. A. Vipond or Wm. H. Ingham.-49 , Money to Loan. An unlimited amount of money to loan on good improved farms. Kates sto204, and intheranksof the divorced they are 16 to 18. But the score Is on the wrong side all the way th ° the townships Buffalo has 69 59, Gari, Spring- S men, the only one with the -balance -on the siae. tow as the to ten years. lowest. Time from five Optional pymts, right Seneca has 145 fair unmarried daugh- tfirs and only 125 sons to match them with Seneca IB bound to have a big new settlement when these facts are urompu rouuruo. ««««.(,— - — First Ave. No., Minneapolis. Minn CANNED goods, all sorts and prices, at Grove & Son's. _ _____ FOR time loans on rear estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. PUN WITH THE MATOE. The Boys Have Mayor CnlJanan Arrested at Bancroft for Fast Driv- May'or Callanan owns Eva T., the Algona mare that went in 2:18. She still strikes a speedy clip, and the mayor was making the snow fly in Bancroft when some of the boys got up a bogus arrest for fast driving. The mayor appeared in court to defend but no one prosecuted. When he came out the word had gone round and he received a iivelv reception. The Register reports his remarks as follows: Turning to those In hearing he Bald— THE WEEK'S AHSOTOOBMBNTB, n by a ver; i follows: mayor J.B. Johnson ; 4* UL i**wj «• i •- • —- _ • T Sheridan 121; clerk, G. L. Ike Sweigard, our old-time Wesley ite, was democratic candidate for mayor at Garner. ' •4- •-*-•*- . ".• Llndley, the defaulting treasurer in Humboldt, was sentenced to five years, the limit set by law. This means three '' Adams WE'RE right in line question. M. Z. ( ittemore 11. Ger- 8 Whittemore Supper at Congregational church to- mor , alone, than Oermanta has See lAnderson 103; "councilmen, W. S. Sstahl 92 Nick Arend 121, J. B. iMouselandC. J. Lenandar were on S tickets; The vote was large and Sontest animated, but the best of feel- prevailed. years and two months and Al. figures out. what he gets a month by his embezzlement. It is $520 a month, Lindley stole $19,904. .4- -s- . Barnum & Bailey's circus have ar- H. O. BUELL has a farm to rent, him. 1_ HAPPILY MABBIED. A Hobart Young Couple Start Out Under BrlRbt Prospects, On Wednesday evening, Feb. 24, at i the "Alffona has a fair record in two ,ards The Second has a surplus of raras. J- v>» ^ ^ Fourtb o! three. morrow evening. Special meeting of Prudence lodge tomorrow evening. S D Drake and Harvey Ingham hold forth at the Union lyceum tomorrow evening in the Herman school house. rf\ I V;"trt W( *fc4&»*•**» —" 1^™«™™^™& At WMttemore, March 2.—To the Editor: The election held yesterday -s- -t- sircus hav ranged to be in Emmetsburg in July. They evidently will not stop at Algona. KZ^JSfJfl&SStfii •+••*- I was the quietest in the history of The entire caucus ticket G, town the was March l.-Bepublicans Wehad\hot fight. For , Konarskft 64, Stepfce»son 55; Arnold's Park at Okobojl is trying to incorporate so as to get a legal beer dispensary. Judge Quarton fined W. B. Arnold $300 and costs last week for illegal'sales, ^ ^ ' Referring to Senator- Funk as presiding officer in Weut. Gov. Parrott's absence the State Register says; Senator Funk is one of the oldest and state senators, He is a man chair and the chair who becomes becomes the home of Mr. and Mrs. A, D. Clark of Hobart occurred the marriage of their daughter, Ethel M. Clark, to Howard E, Morgan of the same place, Lillie L. Clark and Roy Wilbur acting in capacity of bridesmaid and best man, Bev, Cook of Hobart officiating. Only the immediate friends and near neighbors were present at the ceremony, it not being convenient to entertain all of the large circle of friends of the yoSngSle. The> and favorably known having lived nere since childhood. The groom is an energetic young farmer, who some-three years ago from Newburg, J ThYSt n b y e'ing tied and confatula- tions over partook of a *"• wedding supper, to which women. women, divorced men to seven but the balance is payer within reach-should attend Bev J. W. Southwell will occupy the pSsbyterianpulpitnextSabbathmorn- im? and evening. He is, the popular paltor of one of the largest ohurohes in this part of the state. He will preach at Irvington in the afternoon. The program at the Woman's Library Aid society Friday afternoon, March 5, at 3 oloi will be a paper^on English Sonio County Taxes and \VHo Pays Tliem—AlgoiiaSpontla $l,OOpa Year for Bridges. Now that everybody from the state legislature down is discussing taxes, it >'^ is curious to note how the burden of the $195,496.72 raised in Kossuth is distributed. Algona comes in for a heavy • share, $20,473.44. This is more than . one tenth of the total tax of the county. Algona's,taxes are distributed as follows: One mill county road tax S 365 0* Polltax 30000 DOgtaX 2027B1 ' Olty tax s'Ssnao Water tax i'%%%%% State tax • ToRnra County tax ^SSKOA poortax imwR* Bridge tax '"IDSB Insane tax.... "is 2V County school tax OH KQ Soldiers'relief tax dH ° v City schools— n nn Teachers O'MI R7 ' Contingent 2,50167 NOT A HIGH LEVY. Algona's tax levy, however, is not high comparatively. It is 55 mills. Burt levieS-53 mills, Bancroft 62 mills, Germania 45 6-10 mills, LuVerne 38 mills, Wesley 59 mills, Whittemore 57 6-10 mills, and Swea City 53 mills. THE BIGGEST TOWNSHIP. TAX. Harrison leads with the biggest ' • $7,938.71. Lin- 6,252.29. Hamfollows: Teach- avst.4 *»-. » *WM — — * w "*•* " o erslS, contingent 4, school house 8, library 6-10, cemetery 4-10, general levy 13. Lincoln's levy is 35 4-10 mills as follows: Teachers 12, contingent 4, school house 6 4-10. THE SMALLEST TOWNSHIP TAX. Eagle has the smallest total tax, $2 554. Hebron comes next with $2,900. Eagle levies only 216-10 mills as follows: Teachers', 4 6-10-, contingent, 2; school house, 2; general levy, 13. Hebron levies 9 mills for teachers' and 2 for contingent. WHAT WE ALL PAY. The total tax paid by each township is as follows: Algona incorporation • • -820,473 44 Algona independent 3,404 00 Burt'incbrp'qratipn '.',',','.'.',',','.'.'.\.',,.. ^,J05 00 Burt independent, n nQ * R1 BuBalo. township taxes, paylnj coin is second with ? son levies 44 mills as '& .... Bancroft incorporation Bancroft Independent Oreseo Corwith independent Eagle Fenton Greenwood German 2n 40 other Btates, where the said to "lag superfluous." words of a Nebraska poet: d trains that run o\ : late And add to the sex is In the freight, Germania tnaependettt .............. 'on Hebron Harrison He 49, Bliss 46. never lets, matter? northern Iowa wjrwTirr Senator Funk haVrendered the state many years of WESLEY, March }.-Mr, Barney Casler and Miss Phoebe Presnell were united in the holy bonds of matrimony bounteous JJEW8 NOTES tin" The Ewmetsburg Democrat in the QQurse of a full report of the meeting Ipals a week ago, com' Carroll's papers 'K>ur Grade Teacher," was Supt, Carroll- For ft 1, ft is absolutely teaQher Awarded Highest Honors-WorW'a Fair, oune , all did ample justice, after which the people adjourned to an upper ? eames and music, leaving the room for games „„ -, older people to discuss the pro cause of the present hard tiroes. The voung couple will make home on We their Sunday, Feb. 28, Bev. 0,E.Plummer officiating, None but near ?$fo*x M ^yci u ° Southwell. Quotations from Milton. First Church of Christ, Scientist, Sunday service at Odd Fellows' .parlors, 10:45 a, m. Subject; Guidance." Sunday Testimonial meeting to week on Thursday afternoon, o'clock, instead of on Friday as usual. "The Worth of a Man," will be the Seats will be on sale at ' drug store Irvlngton ............................. Ledyard ........... ,.•• ............. oaa? Ledyard Incorporated ............... 8l 757 52 oviUllrlHllBnilGnt ............ .... .. £«( O» - „ at 3 Lotfs OreelJ lnde P endent Creek relative? n,nd a few intimate friends being pres* « ««> gprggfleU "T;::::;; a'. *--" 1 " et On their return sojiage where the from the was VOUng COUpie W«i Wfl-iw YVV n the Lew Millen farm, which has rented for the coming year- e Mondaylorenoon at 8 o'clock, There will be no registering- The doors will be opened at 8 o'clock and each one roust take his turn CEEAM BAKING Ir« opportunity, h«t of TUP People Bo« B e foy pjay pvey m AJ«o»»» ^ Wesley Reporter; F- W, and Alex, White were down froo i business deal BOIWK 0 W«*w»" ."^ <Iv,k KnMA»a hrn* siw^aSy bl ^|e way to the door paved with a collection of old shoes which a number of their weU wishers had placed there and on their meandering their way through th?m they were caught in a shower of SSronVthe hands of the same parties. The newly married couple are well and '"Wnlp *«• Kijy'S Wbittemore incorporation &,uai gu Wesley v >• ?>*« "" Wesley incorporation, Wesley independent.,, West Bend independent. Next Sunday morning the Methodst urob of Algona will celebrate the churob curo 40th anniversary of its organization, m with appropriate services. Good muso will be prepared /or the occasion, 'SSSSSj® : '"4W!P!!:«S P, White says Shore Acres will be he greatest event IP the shqw llw o county, Mr. uasier aw o«»w v *}r v , * our successfuUarmers here to within ?£? past year when he moved on a farm near Wept Bend, H« f « e *» Ww daugbtev of Thos. PresneU and, was ptiwAU,. Kossuth Qouutyand "Algona^Methodism,'' an 'original poem by the pastor, will be, a fea ure. Bev; P, M. Yetter, presiding elder, will preaQh the anniversary sermon, An oWring suitable for the occasion will then, be takeo. A cordial invita- SonKtendedtoaU to attend tfeis service. _... , , - and Winter ReeorW, On apoount of the Mavdl Grtw at Orleans and Mobile the Nprth western will, on Feb. 32 to 28 inclusive, excursion tickets a* very low r_atej, limited for veturr? passage until M.areh also on sa\e y is , esteemed by all who to their farm near bto '• "" 4. si«*3» to; House and two lots for sale in west n avt of Afgona- G <>o4 cellar, oisf"-" well, and a lot of ajoe shrubbery Sail py»e P t pnly is retired, down Inquire atj this offloe.-^g3 TBSneweelf .pevelUea in winter resorts in the United For full tofoimtlaa.apply o & Hortb.wwtew

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