The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1897
Page 2
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MQ2 trPPMR ME8 AL60KA IOWA WEDNESDAY. MAKOttK, 1907. S IK 101A AOAIK&t fHfe MILWAUKEE IMfcft* ffttfn SnfcS th* Cotftfiftny fa* ,\ OobJWai. SMJWS, tfeb. 35.—Trial . notidfe has been filed in the federal , feottrl ito the ease of Deere, Wells & Co- agaihstthe Chicago, Milwaukee & : fife J*aul railway company. The rail- '' rtafl company is bne of the defendants , hi a damage suit brought by Deere, 'Wells & Co. for destruction of their iCs by fire two years ago. ; implement company alleges that . the fire was started through the carelessness of some of the employes of ,• the railway company while burning a lot of Waste paper on their premises on ; the opposite side of the street. It was » vefry windy evening, and it is eon- lendad that the railway employes per- ihittad the .vmd to carry blazing paper across the street, lodge beneath the platform of the plaintiff's building und start a fire that destroyed nearly $150,00(1 worth of property. The suit against the company includes, nearly all of the losses paid by the insurance Companies. The eusc will be tried at the March term of court. CLAIMS A PART OF THE ESTATE At M\ Holme* Trying to llreak A> I,, t'ounablo'ft Wilt. . Feb. 'J','.— Cordelia M. .Holines, of Uatavia, has filed a claim in probate for 870.000, or one-fourth of j,he estate of the late Albert Lee Con- nablc, of Keokuk. Suit is brought against AVllliani Hallinger and A. J. Mathis as executors. She claims that Jri 1830, when she was 0 years old, Mr. !Conna,ble made a contract with her that if she would cuter his family as one of his children and would obey and serve him she would fare as one of them and that he would give her at his death a share in his estate equally with them. This agreement, she says, has been broken by his making a will •which ignores her. Deceased left three sons and she would be entitled under contract to one-fourth of the estate. She asks that the will be set aside and modified so as to give her an interest of one-fourth. Connable was one of Kcokuk's wealthiest citizen;--. fftrn frfttfttlj- Shot f>* i bbf, tJrtit fclifti*4fi«n. . Mafch 1,—At f»aybe, la., sfliall town on the banks of the" sonri river forty miles below Omaha, firnest ttefh, a nephew ef Millionaire Moses U. Payne, whose extensive ranch be was managing, was killed by a farmer named Don Chapman who'made a slighting remark concern ing n school teacher with \vhom HerT was keeping company. Hern demand cd an apology, but Chapman reiteratcc his statement. Hern reached for hi.- revolver, but Chapman shot first, kill Stig Hern immediately. Chnp mnn surrendered to tho authorities. A SEBtOUS FIRE AT GRAVITY ALL om THE WORLD NEW TRIAL ASKED. MoUou Viatic In the Case of Chris Kcl<«r- lebc. Convicted of Mardnr. CI.INTON, Feb. 20. — At the last moment possible a motion for a new trial for Chris Kelcerlehe, convicted of ,the murder of Miua Kiel and condemned to death, was filed. The motion is based upon the statement that the verdict is contrary to law and evidence, alleged errors in admission of evidence, misconduct on part of counsel for the state, and alleged misconduct on. the part of the jury. Judge Wolfe has deferred sentence, and the motion will be argued in a few SUES THE STATE. the Proprietor of Okonoji Mills Wants New Ouut Removed, Mn.KOitn, Feb. 28.— Dan Outhrie, •proprietor of the Okoboji mills, has commenced suit against the state to remove the dam that bus just been completed at the outlet of tho Okoboji lake, claiming that it stops the natural flow of water from the mills. More Than a Mile a Minute. WKDSTUU CITY;. Feb. a?.— -While out on his rim on the Lake City bran eh of ^hQ'JforthwoWtoru, Engineer Mates, of Lake Cjt^, received word by wire at Ouiiwa that his wife, who had been :iH, while in a fit of mental aberration ;had thrown herself into the cistern and was dead. The division superin- tendant, upon learning, of itfpromptly gave Bates tho pivilege of cutting his e'ngine loose from the freight train he was pulling and making the best possible/ time home. The distance is eighty-five miles and he made the trip an seventy-minutes. _ Indicted for JJ||;u>ny. DKS MOINKS, Feb, 28.— J. E. Colgan Ijas been indicted on a charge of ' bigamy. He came to Des Moines a little over a month ago and, brought with him his wife. Shortly after his arrival he commenced calling on May Anderson, a, girl who resided, on Elm street, and in the latter part of January he was married to her, When J>e discovered Jus wife knew the facts a-nd was after him, lie made his escape for the time being, but was finally located in Omaha, and returned to Des Mpines to stand trial. i Iowa Orators. , Feb. iJ5,—The Iowa In- Oratorical contest was Miss Alice gtarbuck of Ve»n college, wpn the first place; Thos, of Wesleyan college, second, and Sydney Ifeald, of Cornell, third. Fob, 30.— The hpuse lor the suppression of , l?y a ypte of JO to S, tQ Fecomniend for passage a pg the manitf«otrvre of Uquors in. Iowa. y pQJs.ouea at thp UoWt by eating 'o^e affectefl or of Kmir HIISIHMK IrotiRt!* ttBgt.fro.fcrt nt ft 1n»i at 820,000, VAN WfcRT, Feb. 37.—The town of Gravity, on the Humestoti & SUennn- doah railway', was visited by fire ul 2:15 a. m., and 1)eforc the flames cotilt! be subdued, four store buildings, aggregating a value of S:20,000, were totally destroyed. T. ,T. McColm's drug store and J. Baldwin's grocery store were completely destroyed, Tho fire is said to have originated in a back room. Fully thrce-fourths of the loss is covered by insurance. Swapped riirtiit-rs. OSKAI.OONA, Feb. 38.—-Mr. tuul Mrs. J. W. Stafford and Mr. and Mrs. David liarnes, who lived near Carbondale, came to Oskaloosa in one wagon and by default secured divorces on the ground of adultery. Immediately afterwards Mr. Uarncs and Mrs. Stafford were married, Stafford sxvcaring to the affidavit. It is understood that Mr. Stafford and Mrs. liarnes are also to be married. Vcrello.t for SIl.OOO. ATLANTIC, Feb. 27,—In the malpractice case of Richard Hcuder&oii vs. Dr. Rope, of Anita, in which the plaintiff asked for 82.000 damages, tho jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff, allowing him $1,000. The Case will no doubt be carried to the .supreme court. Judge Cole Guilty. DKS MOINKB, Feb. ^5.—Judge C. C. Cole has been found guilty in- police court Of Cruelty to animals in cheeking his horse too high. He'will appeal. IOWA CONDENSED. Des Moines will bring suit against several ex-city officials to recover money alleged to have been misappropriated by them. Gov. Drake has appointed a commission to take charge of the work of soliciting relief for the starving and plague stricken poor of India. At Ft. Madison recently James Scott, who fired four loads of shot into the person of Frank Milmeier, had a preliminary examination and was bound over to the grand jury in the sum of $1,000. Milmoicr is still in a dangcr- OUH condition. At Newton recently J. H. Jordan, who was cashier of the Jordan bank of Baxter, which made an assignment last spring, and who was indicted on three charges, two of fraudulent banking and one of. obtaining money under false pretenses, changed his pica of not guilty to guilty of fraudulent banking before Judge A. R. Dewoy. Jordan wns sentenced to six months in jail. Des Moines dispatch: It is quietly given out that one of the most sensational features of the legislative session can bo looked for soon. It is the introduction of an amendment to the penal statutes, by which it will be made a crime for any state officer, supreme or district judge, member of .the legislature, or attache of the legislature to usk, solicit, or receive any railway mileage, pass, ticket or other free transportation; or any telegraph or express franks or other favors at the hands of corporations of public character. This is ip suVstanoe the New York law. On .both sides of the nit a good deal of sentiment has been worked up in favor of it, in a quiet way, and members of both houses have agreed to support it. Judge Thomas, of Huniboldt county, has decided tho famous Owl Lake ease in favor of George K. Pearsons, who drained tho lake nud received title from the county. Attorney General Rowley intervened in a private suit to assert the claim of the state to the land or the lake as it was. The court holds that inasmuch as the state applied to the secretary of the interior, submitted proofs and had the land patented to the state as a swamp, it cannot now deny that it was swamp and claim it in its sovereign capacity, as it seeks to do. The land Svfcs patented to the state and by it to th'c county, which made » contract with Pearsons, by which lie drained it and received several thousand acres ot land in payment. Tho object of the state s intervention is to protect tho lakes of tbq state for the use of the people, Judge Thomas intimates io his opimon that there may be au appeal from the decision of the secretary of tho interior iu the federu! courts. Attorney General Komlej WAR 1M CRETE. GASEA, Feb. -i2.— The powers have o#ain tnkcn notion against the (Jreciatt policy. Yesterday morningr the Cretan insurgents began n gallinp. 1 fire npon the Turkish fortfi. The latter r<;- turtied the compliment ami the fighting became fast find furious. Tlii' representatives of the powers \vhosc vessels lay in the harbor warned the in- sui'gchts Unit unless they ceascrt firing the gtins of the combined /loots would be turned upon them. Thu iiistirjronts only Increased, their iietivity. ,Soon thereafter a. shot came from ail Austrian gunboat. Tin; firing 1 from the boats of the; otliur powers followed sliorlly. The effect u-ns wilhcritig and the insurgents took flight. Later the nditiirnls issued a warning' to Colo- hoi Vassos, Avho leads tbc Oreeian invaders, that if ho should attempt to advance to the interior of tho. island the powers will :tt:tficlc his troops. ItKiil.rtf, Feb. Si',.— Thu Lolotl Alix.isi- gcr is authofity lor the statouiout, that thc'king'bf Greece lisis sent n telcgruin to Christian IX, king of DctnnnrW, to the effect that hc^ had decided to sail for Crete to lake command of the Urcclc forces there. LONDON, Fob. 2.X— A dispatch to the Chronicle says. "ft is believed it has been decided to call out thrco more classes of the reserves. It is impossible for the Mug of Greece to draw buek. If he should do so, there would be neither crown nor government within twenty- four hours." I'Aitis. 'Feb. ;i;i. -A tHswitoh from Athens .says that Greece has declared that if tho bombard incut of insurgents' positions in tho island of Crete is repeated, she will break oft* diplomatic relations with the powers: It is also stated that the Turkish minister at Athens threatens that Turkey will break ofl' her relations unless the Grcolc troops are withdrawn from Crete. CANKA, Fob. !3">. — The governor's palace, with all the archives, has been burned. The. fire is believed to have started from an accident. The burning of .tho puhieo. destroys the last vestige of the machinery of the Turkish government. Whatever may be the future of the government a process akin to the sponging of a slate and starting 1 ufresh must be resorted to. LONDON, Feb. ;.!;">. — Discontent is rapidly growing among- the masses in respect to tho policy of the government toward Crete. T he 1 iburals a re I virion s and their newspapers ure making violent appeals to the passions of the people. The Daily Chronicle strongly urges the masses to agitate at alt lengths against tho government, and Jerome. 1C. Jerome's paper, To-day, says that the Marquis of Salisbury is no Englishman. LONDON, Feb. 20.— In the house of lords Lord Salisbury announced that ,a telegram had been sent to the British rcpvvwnUitwc at the capital of each of the combined European powers, the phraseology of which was as follows: Inform tlio government to whieliyou nre ticcreditetl Unit, lior majesty's government propose tfi make the following declaration of the poliey they intend to pursue, wbieh tlioy believe to be in accordance with Unit of their ftllies: Virst, the establishment o£ administrative Autonomy in Crete is necessary to tho termination of international occupation of that island. Second, that Hubjeit to .such system of administrative autonomy, Crete ought to remain a portion oC the Turkifih empire. Third, that the government of Greece ought to be informed of this resolution, fourth, that if either Turkey pr Greece should persist in a refusal when required to withdraw her iiavnl ami military forces from the island, the powers should impose their decision liy force. HALONtCA, Feb. 37.— -The massing of Turkish troops and munitions of war ou the frontier is prououding with feverish haste. All soldiers on a furlough have been recalled. Eleven batteries of n rtlllovy, a regiment of cavalry and two bnttaliojis of infantry have gone to Eiassono, TWO additional battalions of • infantry -have reached Katerimi. itedifs from Smyrna, Hrnsa, Trebfeonde. and elsewhere in Anatolia are on the way here and to the frontier, whore a total of six divisions will be formed, with headquarters at Ellassouu, LojfDON, Fob. a7.— Tho Athens correspondent of the Times telegraphs that Prime Minister Delyunnis has informed him tlmt Greece's decision to maintain 1 )01 ' winy in Crete is irrevocable, but. that tho troops will abstain from the offensive. They will only protect tl\o Christians. Greece will not declare war against Turkey unless SPAIN BROUGHT tO ttME. Sufficient J'fi-*Sflr« JUJ-ttmftlit oh the I)i-. tinlr. f«K«. If.tvAXA. Feb. S5. — General Lcc referred the Unix, case to Secretary Olney, with his suggestions, and what- he luul learned. It is reported that Secretary Olncy told him that he was right, and to go nliertd% This he did with .1. persistence that won him the day. Spanish officials allowed the body to be tnken lip, the remains were taken to Guanabacoa, and it is understood the post-mortem was performed in the ofllce of Major Frondeveilla, Weylers "as.sisUi.nt butcher," ns he is called by the Cubans. General Lee (itul several others connected with the consulate were present, and a dozen Spanish oaluers. An American physician was in attendance, but he was not permitted to do any of the work. The post-mortein did not show oir prove any murder, but it did. not prove that Dr. Unix committed suicide; in fact, all the suppositions were against it. lint the Spanish officers hurried it through and thought that Lee would he satisfied, ft is stated that the conversation between Lee and the Spanish officers was not at all times up to the "polite" limit, as General Lee was greatly vexed over their indifference. He told them what he thought of the matter, and they parted not on the best of terms. When he arrived at Havana it is said that Gen. Lee wired Secretary Olliey that there are many Americans in Cuban prisons who can- riot secure a fair trial and that the United States should act promptly in demanding their release.. It is said that lie politely informed the secretary tbat unless his ideas could receive endorsement he would resign. WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.— Secretary OJney received, a cable -from Consul (Jcneral Lee saying that Sanguilly has been released. OfeNUJfcE IWiPROVfefoEfoT tM AtL LINES. of th<- Sfctfel tftierfeu* Mas Maft » (looit fcftprt on Boslnees—Thouftftndft of Men Jtnve. 8eenr«*d Employment— AVooli-n Mills M'COOK DECLINES. Will JSof Accept it I'lnce In MiiKInlv.v'ii Cabinet. NKW YOIIK, Feb. 28.—A dispatch from Canton, (.)., says: "There is no longer any question that Col. J. J. MeCook, of. New York, has absolutely declined to accept any position in the cabinet except attorney general. It was tho impression that New York would not be represented in the cabinet, but influential republicans have been telegraphing recommending A. It. Hepburn for secretary of the interior." Mr. Hepburn was formerly comptroller of tho currency nndis now president of the Third National bank. MEXICAN MINING HORROR. Nutti'ly Two Hundred "Men Thought t«, Have I'crlRlinil. CITV 01.-M'uxiro, March!.—A terrible mining catastrophe occurred at Soni- brerete mine at Xacecas, occasioned by the breaking out of fire in the working of the company's mines, in which ITS mineis wore employer! at tho time of the fire. Every effort has been made to save the men, and fresh air is being forced into all the workings by great stcnm ventilators and water has been turned down the mine shaft in torrents, but it is believed that every miner is dead. CUBA ANSWERS. Will Kol, Accept. Autonomy, J{ u t 'Would New York. March 1.— R. O. Dim & Co.'s Weekly Review of Trade says: "Genuine improvement In business does hot come with a rush, like the breaking of a great dam. The growth for some weeks past has been more encouraging, because in nearly all lines it has been gradual and moderate. The rupture of the steel rail pool and otner combinations in the iron business has brought out a vast quantity of trade which had been held back and set many thousands of men at work, while the slow, but steady gain in other great industries has given employment to many thousands more. But the full effects will not appear until increased purchases by all these swell the distribution . of goods. "Meanwhile, it is substantial ground for confidence that months which were regarded by many in the money market with serious apprehensions have passed without disturbance and with steady gain in the position of the country and of the treasury. "The breaking of. the bonds that have restricted many branches of the iron industry has been followed by an enormous increase in demand, and in orders booked, and by the starting of many works." "With less rapidity, yet steadily, the other industries are gaining. Although brown four-yard sheetings are an eighth lower, and print cloths a sixteenth lower, it is found that several cotton mills have started, "The increasing demand has started several woolen mills, also including many making dress goods and hosiery. The demand for men's woolens is also somewhat better, especially lor heavyweights, and there are improving sales of better qualities. The sales of wool have been 38,317,200 pounds in four weeks, against 22,366,800 in the largest previous year, 1892, and the great establishments are believed to have supplied tlicir possible wants for months ahead. A single purchase of 3,300,000 'pounds of South American cross-bred is the most important noted this week. "Wheat enjoyed a brief droped over 3 cents, and cents lower for the week. Western receipts are cent. smaller than for the past four rise, then closed 2% While the 40 per last year, weeks, At- OX, Feb. 20.— Advices from Cuba are to the offect that the Cubans in arms have in reply tri Spain's offer of autonomy, declined positively to accept anything else than absolute independence. Kef using this, they are still willing to enter upon negotiations for the purchase of the island and suggest tlmt the United States intervene as arbitrator or extend their friendly offices toward the proposed negotiations. These statements are signed by Uomey. and bear the seal of the republic of Cuba, GOMEZ IS ADVANCING. the the a«c! rs fJI' ft PP eul *o tl^ state United (states supreme courts. Two ea^es of $J0,OOQ each the C., St. P., M, & 0, raili-oat' company were seWed. and dismissed m the district court of Wymouw county. The r&ilroad company uaiC $1,000 i w ea«.U 9s| 6 e to compromise. The pages were brought by the estate* of Ernest and CJz>Pa j} Mebr( and wife, yvbo were killed, at m Wio »SgJ4 ot May go, jsuo. bv»nde a,ji<J hjs wife \yere tho Turfes, invade Thessaly or pqwws rxmdpr \\\e position of Greek troops in Crete unbearable, PAWS, '"Mui-oli j.~-Tho following semi'pfttoial btatoment has been issued; "All the .powers have instructed-' thoii- representatives at Constantinople and ttt Athens to ngrois upon tho terms of n note to be scut to the two governments, bused upon Itussia's and the marquis of Salisbury's proposals " here ami elsewhere in Europe that if the powers insist on Greece evacuating Crete, ipug- George will abdicate in favor of ^w^iJ^ It is very wicked to gwblo-unlcss you win, There is no champion Hur; so mauv run «v dead heat. J A curiosity is exhibited by a man «*HB Kttpias, Kansas. It is the of a. rabbit which has eight iuehes. Que of tho horns spwuttTfj-om iJS. 11 ** 0 othcrs * rear °«» ci w» There Maroljlng Juto Mutants AVlth Vl«w to Wlvloff »uttl« to' the Spanish.' HA.VANA, Feb. 37.— It is reported that Gomez, after successfully crossing Weyler's lines n ear Sancti Spiritus, was last heard from passing near Manicaraqun, south of Santa Clara city, with 4,000 men marching west. It is presumed that he will gather more force in that province previous to invading, After attack- jug ail the bugar estates which have been grinding against his will, it is expected that lie will force the Spaniards to an attack on his chosen ground. BREVITIES! Washington dispatch; President Cleveland has, issued thirteen e^cu live proclamations, establishing thirteen additional forest reservations, containing an aggregate area of 21,379,840 ttcrcf.. l he proclamations except lands which may have been, prior to their date, embraced in any legal entry, or coe -' lantic exports (flour included) in the some weeks have been, 6,340,415 bushels, against ^,043,577 last year, and the exports of ,-orn have been 8,435,552 bushels, against 4,190,282 last year. The increase in corn more than makes up in foreign consumption for the decrease jn wheat. Cotton rose 3-16c, though without material change in movement. Better reports of manufacturing in England and the starting of some mills here give hope of better demand. "The failures for the week have been 296 in the United States, against 278 last year, and fifty in Canada, against fifty-eight last year." covered by i awfl ,i mioff the or upon which any valid settlement has been made pursuant to Jaw. J he reservations are 'n,»«i«,i ,-,, j a South Uttih. reservations are located Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, California and Oovernor Asa. JJuulwoJl, of Ohio, } m •recently issued a statement that .upon tho retirement of Senator Sherman to enter McKialey's cabinet he w)ll .appoint Marcus A. until LIB successor is legislature. Jnd»annp,ol 1 s M'COOK DECLINES. WU1 Not JJe New York's Representative in the Cabinet. New York, March !.—The Commercial Advertiser says: "Colonel John J. MeCook will not. be New York's representative Jn the next president's cabinet." Colonel MeCook, it is announced has been considering an offer to enter the cabinet as secretary of the interior and has declined the honor. The'de- of justice alone had attractions for Colonel MeCook, and when Mr..MeK3nley decided to make Judge McKenna his attorney general Colonel MeCook thankfully declined preferment in any other capacity in the cabinet. Colonel McOook was asked as to the truth of the foregoing paragraph. He absolutely refused to talk on the subject or to make any statement regarding it. Will Cut Coal Miners' Wage*. Brazil, Ind., March I,— The block coa) operators in this district met in secret session here to discuss the mining sit' uation, and is was reported that a cut of probably ten cents would be made in the block coal miners' scale for the coming year, beginning May 1, Some operators claimed that a cut was inevitable, as a result of the big reduction recently made Jn. the bituminous miners' scale, Other operators claim they know nothing of a proposed reduction, Strife* Is n Failure. Pittsburg, Pa., March 1.—The river miners' strike is a failure; not more than 1,000 men are out. With but few exceptions, alj miners were idle Thursday, but when it was seen tb,at the demand for au advance would not be general nearly all the diggers returned tc work. ,*EW RtDEfrS JUEPt tO CAtritr Sfrilth *fid iiffttUft Slx-ttafr Contest. Chicago, fob. 2fs—following j scores in thft six-day bicycle ft TattersaM's at 2:06 ft, m. todays Miles, i •Sehlnneer ...1,59$ Miller .....1,668 A.shinger «.»,... 1,646 Lawson *.... s .. 1,622' Hansen 1,366 Hannant 4 1,322 It is certain that Sale's .. 1,910 mileo and 8 laps made in; Square Garden will hot be <_ The Irish champion was favorea'hl faster track in New York and < helped by his fellows to Make th$ | tance by competent pacing-by _ entries. Schlntteer has had to shot] way to the others nearly all the i while he has been on the track, L_ good showing in mileage can be i outed to his own individual efi When it became evident that Bradis nor "Letter Carrier" .iould reach the 1,600-mile mark, cnade them eligible for a prize, West withdrew both riders early ii morning. Smith had covered • miles/ while Bradis pedaled 1,096. LEE IS STILL CONSUL. Secretary Olucy Categorically ben'4 Various llumorg. Washington, March 1.—Friday Olney sent to one importunate sen who "ould claim a recognition fromt secretary of state the following tel gram (n reply to direct questions* "Consul-General Lee has not sign d; he has not asked for warship! and he has not asked for his passport "R. OLNEY." This may be accepted as the ol statement from the department comes as a surprise in view of the w from the Havana correspondents have seen and talked with Leee. Iowa Kdllor* Elect Officers. Independence, Iowa., March 1.—Tii Northeastern Iowa Editorial Assocln-I tion closed its two days' session Frl day. S. G. Sloane of the Charles Cltfi Citizen was elected president for tlwj ensuing year; J. F. Grawe of the Wavl erly Independent, vice-president; Robl ert Cajmpbell of the Hopkintpn er, secretary-treasurer. 'Resolutlqnsl were adopted condemning the action'otl the senate in reducing legal advertls-j ing rates. Confesses Heavy Forgeries, Caro, Mich., March 1.—B. Duraad,! alias Piske. alias Dickinson and Wilson, was arrested Thursday night at Vassar as he stepped out of church. He •is accused of forgery and embezzlement! In Oregon. He admitted his guilt, and said he would go back without a requi-1 sltion. Three years ago Durand organized an organ company in Portland, borrowed lavishly, and left forged' notes, overdue paper and debts amount. | ing to $200,000. to Save Blackburn. Lexington, Ky,,,ch Johnson of the state central and executive Democratic committee held a I long conference with State Senator Goebel, one of. Senator Blackburn's most powerful lieutenants, here last night. It is generally believed that they are davising means whereby-Senator Blackburn can be re-elected all the special session of the Legislature j within the next three weeks. Indiana Pnshlug a Mlj- Claim. Indianapolis, Ind,, March 1.—The house Friday called up the bill authorizing the attorney-general to bring suit against the Vandalia Railway '. Com' pany on the claim of the state for ?!,000,000 due the school fund, and it was passed by a unanimous vote and hurried back to the senate, the members of which promised to call it up at th« first opportune time. W, H, TO Close a Milwaukee JUaf»b. Milwaukee, Wis., March l> have been 1 taken to wind up fairs of the Commercial Bank. Timlin, for himself and other stock holders of the company, filed an appli* cation with the Circuit Court asking for the appointment of a receiver, The assets of the bank, it is said, are $5,000, while the deposits are ?86,000. Michigan Sngar liouuty, Lansing, Micb.,March 1,—-The bill for a bounty on beet sugar manufacture! in the state passed the house Friday by a vote of 57 to 7, and a majority claimed it for the senate, • It provides for a bpunj;y of 1 ce.nt a ppund for & period of seven years, there 'beii»g PS limit to tto aggregaw bounty that r ,nw Germany's Currency Berlin, March 1.—The weefciy state-, ment of the Imperial Bank of GerfflW shows the following changes as com* pared, with the previous acwjuwt; to serve chosen by the is tho proud father of a baby girl, which weighs eight and three- Mrs, Harrison formerly Mr* biwwiofe, an4 to Qw, Mwtem tooj V wk «Q the dfe of Ajfftt, afarines 4re Havana, M&rch L-The Spaniah gun, boat Contram^eatre has landea forces at GalJina and Santa Teresa They were received With a hot flre, but ^ ceeded in repulsing the ipsuygents, as' by the guwboats,' without loss to the marinea, Ji» hand increased ?9,9gO,OQQ ro arW; '< treasury notes increased. 900,OQO other securities d.ecvea.sea 4 l marks, notes in circulation decrease ?4,660,000 marks. Berlin, March J. the banquet Des Moines, Iowa, March I —The bouee Friday passed the bill to permjt the wamjfacture of liquor J a Tb,e se of subversion, seeking to, u^aei'ffitBe the of the nation." ' fo«a4i|tt<Ml3 ' J 91 'As j

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