The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1897
Page 7
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•T-w-^V^i/W J * ••*! , , JL a T HI JORffln ifie friil! SJfHtftemfitt mtian is nert otis and Ifrt- ttS-baefe aches i feels tired e, loses sleep and appetite, ; ifa groins^ •feear'ing-dowtt sensation < whites and* ties, fetie is Hot ; "vv-orii ottt," i to tit feels His if Bh.8 •Were. Such ANO the tiieiitefr >* the ahd tttt Hal— BffaMhM tomS tell he* «•*«*** that a, womb lis* imminent, ami she cannot fpromptly it she values he* tomfort and happiness. Experience, and testimony of the most noted women of ., go to prove beyond a ques- .t'LydlaE. Pinlthaui's Vegetable |nd will correct all such trouble by removing the cause and |g the organs to a healthy and I condition. If, in doubt, write fnklmtn, at Lynn, Mass.,- as Ids of women do. fis r, lady who says:— ime add my name to your list jmonlals. For years I suffered |ich a weakness qf the back I Jot stand straight. I had terri- ffis in my womb. The doctor said Iteration must'be performed, as |vas no other way to be cured, iifraid to have the operation peril, and kept rthcmedi->y<j- _ ;sawV %,_*/ lised. At yfc'^8, Ktried yours. tak- Ihrce |ike a Iwo- ^ I.-rcc- c. Bend it . |ery woman, and cannot praise it airfi, for it saved me from the sur- knife."—MBS. MABK BUCH, leville, N. Y.; . Political Economy. OLLY, I'ftt ter meet you how air the children all? I I've been away, sence the fust o May, clean up te* the gates o' fair, But I'm done with 'lectloneeMH* no matter how .times-may go; So, you look after the house. Molly •and' I'll take Ueer o' the hoe! pay you jest made half a crap, ah' things Is lookln* slim; That the 'squire closed out the mortgage We've been a'owltt' of hint! An 1 thar's mighty little ter keep UB warm in the winter's cold an snow, . ' 4 But you look after the house, Molly, art' I'll take keer 0' the hoe! I've been half-rouhd the country, work- in' from sun ter sun; Bet all I had on Jinking, an' Johnson It wuz that won! . An' I've come home like the prodigal an' the vpal won't have no show; But If you'll take keer o' the house, Molly, I'll take keer o' the hoe! HtH Trunk. I. Farmer Sloughgraas (a little near- sighted)—Johosaphat! a 'tarnal snake. II. • \. Surprised Elephant (behind the fence)—Great Scott! Ouch! Murder III. 3gU* I If wher—"Are you opposed to the . d er _"No! biit |:"--Up-to-Date, I want tlvem tc "There, it now?" you old flail, whose turn -i GUARANTEED. Ikpow there is no. case of dyspepsia pistipatlon or derangement ot • the wb liver, kidneys or ho wels so had but Dr Kay's Renovator will cure it. be •GUARANTEE IT. Never has there Imcb unqualified .success in treating "h'. cases with any other remedy. You | *•'••" it now. There is no better spring You will be more than pleased iff 1 try it, The followhig-is a sample of ibousands of letters received by us. Edward Wood of Primghar, Iowa, "I have taken Dr Kay's Reiiovatoi , has cured me of dyspepsia of about ars standing. I was so bad off tnat Jibing I ate soured on my stomach. I Sow eat most anything, I am now Tl s old." nd at once for free booklet with treat- K 0 f all,diseases, recipes, testimonials, " Special booklet oil female diseases » Pr'ceof Dr. Kay's Renovator 2Rc. SI, and is sold by druggist or sent by Eon receipt of price. Address Dr. U, fcv • Medical Co., Omaha. Neb. ; railway's have ladies' buioking The Kni>Icl Transit Cur. It has one inconsistency, mournfull great, ' And it's useless to ask them to drop it. It's too slow when we're riding and : fear we'll be .late, And too swift when we're trying to stop-it- . • —Washington Star. Unreasonable. "There are three dead flies in the soup," said a stranger to the waiter in a Dallas restaurant. •'Fur de Lawd sakes! After flies is biled in de soup fur half an hour, yer don't specs 'em ter be erlive yit, does yer?"—Texas Sittings. Overcoming Obstacles. I, Tfce lartst tHlfiiuef'g o! tact of feto-pe wfto ~i«K_ _ are ttife Princes Ailgttst js of Seurbofl, says the Yoi-k Herald, f he? hav6 opened plate of business in the sputa of * fat ahd have announced 'to theif friends and the public tnat they are h 6 * 0 "^" 1 prepared to furnish all kinds of W ne *; They have also published a circuit in Which they explain why they nave disregarded the traditions of their class and hate come down to the level ot every-day, hardworking humanity, "When our ancestress, Queen Marie Antoinette," they say in this circular, "was in the temple she , dal " neil , u1 ", 6 '.stockhiis 'of'the Da«£hfoW ; ^ r ™"*f* triotts grandfather, and the wofld did not think that in doing BO She had de* scended in the slightest degree from her lofty position. When Louis XVII became a watchmaker in order to pro- Vide bread for his children and worked late in the night at making fireworks he acted in a manner that deserved the approbation of every one. Our father has also worked for his.HVelihood, attd on Jtily 22,18?7> he wrote'as'follows to our aunt Ametle: 'You know that, having numerous children and no property, I was obliged to work a good deal. This is true, but I worked with courage and contentment ahd in the evening when I came home, weary after my day's Work,,I was the happiest of men as I sat there and listened to my wife while she told me how the children had amused themselves during the day. Charles XI, our uncle and the head of our house, being the heir of Louis XVII, earned his livelihood by manual labor and by trading, and the comfort which he now enjoys is the result of this labor. We, too, are resolved to work and earn our bread. But, alas! our name closes every career to us. Since the court of appeals In Paris has not given us our rights, we, though the children of France, are legally not Frenchmen. We cannot. become soldiers, though we are the descendants of so many brave soldiers—of Philip Augustus, of Saint Louis, of Francis I and of Henry IV. If we, want to become soldiers we must either become naturalized here or go into service in the foreign legion. In other words, we cannot become soldiers unless we are willing to admit that pur whole life-has been a lie! No! A thousand times no!:' Only* one career is open to us— that of.-the, merchant or tradesman. For several'years we have lived in the south of France, and there we propose to remain. The wine business is prospering now in the south of France and we propose to engage in it. We will have no secrets from you since we, who offer you our services, are your princes and friends." Those who know these Bourbons are not surprised that they have taken this step. Though princes by courtesy and descent, these two gentlemen have no recognized position in France. Indeed, Holland is the only country .in which they have any real status. There they are recognized as real Bourbons and are honored accordingly. To their claims for recognition no other government in Europe seems to have given much heed. And yet they are amply provided with documents which apparently prove that they are Bourbons beyond the shadow of a doubt; tW , MftsTftaflfc*, !«*& J haft had a ag& last M*«* »»» and many fHesd& «»MjJll chntipe Its her. She was tot «»« wide-awake glH 6! bid. H6? tt . hot aWrtaed sit firs*, ihltMngthftlftfte* the March winds and Afivil BtmhiS wcteover the color we ild return to her cheeks. But May. June anfl .Inly pa**™ 1 and Mho's clu-eks %erc only growing tnore thin and nalcevefj, daV< One part o* her work after another was gitcti «i>. • He* Howcr KfttclotK in whlel takfrn great delight, wa { 4 er IB usual and I Uitt ^ inqulrfrd o Mae*s proKrcss, when tu his great astonish went titaftmiM teld him that .Ufa had ho been able to take a My*"^#fjY! This seemed to awaken Mr. QMten to real state of affairs, ami he hastily sent for te Mfl A, WIS., fdf Slfaiotu^ aid seed samples, wart* |tt,'W .'v,, r 1 1 , .. , t)o you lov^flte fbf ifrtyellt condition of the K-e one llundml ollars to? mother ftbbtit ill the O, the truly great are those who of antumn Mae gt*wto«ch worse. The doctor prohounced ft bronchial trouble, with serious female weakness. During the following- w inter tl.eyy.haupeddoctors.and as heir beloved Oooel J.nnd* In the best lafttt lands to be found in tfcfe afe along the line of the Minneapolis Louis R? R. Purfehdfte a tieket to or Dawoa, in Lac Qui Parle Co, t'otigiilHK .Kemp's balsam will slap \«« at mice, dd td ^af df«-*- Ui and ftfel a satttplfe boltlB i.... 'bottles 28 unit ?>0 fteHtB. -Ob at delays We" dafif^efotiSi Nothing tjleart«ftwan »o ffltieh as to be- coasted to iW ft thing he wants td do «««"_ _ 1'he devil changes his Voftt-jveryjlay. amB Pink 1'ills, an some With her. She was so enthusjnBtlc that Bho BOOH had Miss Gattcn trying them and. insisted ou her giving them a fiitr trial. She nniahod one box and said she felt, some better. Her father was pleased ; and . pu> ne™ , v and delight of that glad father and mot when tlTey found their daughter kept on Improving. Six boxes were used and Miss Gatten was able to walk aro-md, av^»u>t>. happy girl of eighteen summers. Two more boxes and she declared herself perfectly well, cured by Dr. Williama' Pink Pills for Pa D°n 'wSlfams' Pink Pills contain, In a condensed form, all the events necessary- to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They ,ure also a spcciflcfor troubles peculiar to females, such as suppressions, irregularities and nU«o™« of weakness. In men they effect a radical euro in all cases arising from mental worry, over-work or excesses of whatever nature. Pink Pills are sold lu boxes (never In loose bulk) at SO cents a box or six boxes for $2.50, and may be had of all druprglsts.or direct by nmil fromDr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenectady v N. V. What Ho Feared. He was watching his neighbor's troublesome boy climb a tree, and he had a look of painful nnxiety on his countenance. "Are you afraid, the [lad, will fall?" wan °^NoV' no replied; -I'm afraid he won't.'' KKV. MAIIY A. HILLIS. In a letter just received from the noted evangelist. Rev. Mary A. Hillis, she writes : "I irladlv give my testimony to the benlinp properties of l>r. Kay's Lung Balm. My sou has hnd a terrible cough every winter for five years and he took dozens of bottles of the leading cough medicines,.but nothing seemed to help him or quiet his cough. But two aCc. boxes of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm has cured him, and it has been a great relief to other members of my family when afflicted with colds." We know there never has been a medicine to equal it for the lungs, throat or catarrh. WE GUARANTEE IT to cure even if all othor remedies and doctors have failed. Why not try it now? It costs only 26c a box at druggists, or sent by mail by Dr B J Kay Medical Co., Omaha, Neb. Send for booklets. Valuable book on female diseases free. MnttlBOn or .LIBWHUU, in .u«v >«•" - ---- ~ ,•Minn., ftt the cheap, homeseelera i-Atert, In fffect on Tuesdays, February 2 and 16, March 3 and 10, April ti eind 20, May -4 > Slid 18, and convince yourself that less than flO bushels of wheat per acre is a • small crop. Other certals. including corn, in proMV- itiott. ' <JrbptfttttiH*s'Untaiomtt. -For (rates and particulars call on neftJ-est; agent of IheM. &Bt ; L. R. R. or address A. B. Cutts, O. 1'. & T. A., M. & St. L. R. R., Minneapolis. Minn. Let us hope that science, commerce and labor will nourish, for the shedding of blood Is a thankless busincss.-Bismarek. NO-TO.BAC FOR FIFTY CENTS. Over404,dOOcured. Why not let No-To-Bac regulate or remove your desire for tobacco. Saves money, makes health and manhood. Cunrguarauteed, 6Qc and >U all druggists. President KreURer has the Name number of grandchildren as Qneefl Victoria. to flu Seventeen per cent of doctors live In London. Great Britain's 1 believe mv prompt use of Piso's Cure prevented quick con8umption.-MrH.Lucy Wallace, Murquette, KBUB.. Dec. 13, 'UB. A fool will always find a bigger fool to admire him. __ t Mrs. Wliwlow'a HoolUiug Sy«'«p ForclilWrun leeUiJnu, »»f t«.nK tlinn lime, rtdilccn wn»m miitiou, ullayapain, uure»whnl ciilltf. isMIUBIJbottlu Self-righteousness never has any, mercy on itself or anybody else. Smouldering fires of old disease lurk in the blood of . man, who fancies, himself ~ifi", good health. Let a slight sickness seize him, and the old enemy breaks out anew'. The fault is the taking of medicines that suppress, Instead of curing disease. Yott can eradicate disease and purify your blood, if you use the standard remedy of the world, Ayer's Sarsaparilla. •3p , IPS V CumpHor :ce w:«H Glyferiiie. The original mid only Keimhic. «•'"•}"' .""iPfl?! ,.L'?",'V* andKttce,Oold Surer, tv. 0.0.OlurkCo.,N. Haven,ot. A Massachusetts minister has declined to receive|1,000,in.salary. . SMOKE YOUR MEAT WITH ^ UBOS LIQUID EXnW Cl\CULAR. E.KRflUSERSBRC TCVAC CADUO rn the black InmlurBlrle belt for I tAAo rAnmo snlo on easy terms. Uloh soil, Koad cllmato. abniidunt crops. 1> vors fled iiro- Hucllons; cotton, corn, wlieiit, oaUi cattle ami hou's. Also Ibroo ranobes with pat lie. Best Imr- unin>in ihn Rtnto Write for do'urlptlvo list. 0.If. §imman! J?und MorUM!?BwikSr. lArt Worth. Tox. CASCAIIETS stimulate liver, kidneys and bo wels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe, 30c. Oliver promwell had the largest brain on record. It weighed a little over sixty ounces, but was found to bo diseased. Dr, Kay's Lung Balm When Auswerlnt! Artvortlsomonts Kindly Mention This L'upor. Master. To master is to overpower. ST. JACOBS Is the Master Cure of SCIATICA. It overpowers, subdues, soothes, heals, cures it. WHERE MEXICO ENDS. Countenance Against Her. Frederick— That photographer is tainly chasing after the impossible. Willy— How is that? Freoeriok—He asked Miss de Millions look pleasant. -,,.'•• \ cer 'BUS. OATS, 173 BUS. BA«J,KY. 1 M, Luther, East Vrqy, Pa., grew bushels Salzer's Silver M!r,e Oats, Jjohn JJreWer, Mishlcolt, WJs,, 173 I'eis Silver King Barley per acre. h vpu bellove'it? Write them! idier plants as rape, teosinte, J), epurry, clovers, grasses, etc., in Qess v'arJeties, potatoes at 11.50 a M, Salzer's seeds are bred to big MB, America's greatest seed cata- |e and J? farm seed samples are f you by 3<> h ^ A - Sal?er Seed Co., brosse, Wis., upon receipt of 10 r- stamps, worth ?10, to get a start. Cholly-r-Gosb! I can't see a thing for tHs inferna.l 'hat, ' U, } jn goad in us. it will bring out Missouri Viuntic railway and Route to points in the It and southwest. Tickets o» ftnd May 4th states, , address H. c. Agent, and such & bafl feat after aU, 11 hg «u.o«9BtfUl to fijttt Moiiuuicnts, • Kach WIHlin SlBht of the Othor, Mark "Boundary tines. Two hundred and fifty-eight stone and iron monuments now mark the boundary line between the United States and Mexico, from the Rio Grande to the Pacific, 700 miles. Most of the monuments are of cast iron, but the principal ones are of stone. They average about two and a half miles apart, but in no case is there on interval of as much as five miles between them, Stone was used wherever possible. Generally they are in the form of a simple tapering, four-side shaft, bearing suitable inscriptions in English and Spanish. The stone monuments are about eleven feet high a,nd, th,e iron •nionuments'about six and'a h.aU feet high. They are arranged so that they are within sight of one another from one end of the line to the other, The country traversed consists mainly of deserts and mountains, and in many instances the work was prosecuted with considerable difficulty. By the terms of the treaty the destruction or displacement of any of these monuments is made a misdemeanor, punishable according to the justice of the country of the offender's, nationality. An extensive report of the commission that did the work, covering 7QO pages of printed matter, a.nd accompanied by maps and photographic views, was cwbmifted to Secretary 01- ney recently by Colonel J. W. BarJey, cprps of. Engineers, U, S. A, The original treaty between the tw countries' in regard to this worK was concluded July 29, 1892. The line was formerly marked by aboyt fifty mowmeiHs, a,nd the remarking became necessary in prder to put an end to tb,e constant disputes aud. controversies over territorial rights which resulted from tijeir Destruction or displacement. Wher» ever pssible the prigtpal monuments \vere restored. Many of them B0 been displaced and, 9tfeere completely destroyed. The report ie eigoed, ,all tUe members Q| tfee cg^miesjQ its conclusions »re hjnaie WP.GD, two Post. The industrious workman's fingers fairly But what else could he tave expected! The saw was running at full' speed. "STAR TOBACCO." As you che\v tobacco for pleasure use Star It is not only the test but the most lasting, ana, therefore, the cheapest. We have doue too little done our prayerful best. when we have Some people look happiest when they have bad news to tell. Some people look happiest when they have bad pews to tell. IOWA FARMS for sale on crop payments, 10 per cent cash, balance k' crop yearly until paid for. J.MULHALL, Waukegan, III. For the last 20 years we have kept Piso's Cure for Consumption in stock, and would sooner think a groceryman could get along without sugar in his store than we could without Piso's Cure* It is a sure seller.—RAVEN & CO., Druggists, Ceresco, Michigan, September 2, 1896, ' . :.j Florida strawberries are being rushed market }n great . to JUST tu« flues ilwc csilurito, We will always 'flnd'good ivneu we look for it with a good' heart. A man has been discovered in Texas who has sixteen wives. _ ^^ lASDY CATHARTIC CURt CONSTIPATION 10* 25* SO* ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED &',_. rT ; pie and booklet free. Art. OTBgMKO BBMEnT (^IjiMwi ALE. DRUQGISTS (!(i8Q8ret8 «r« tlielilfnl Ifja sy natural malt* (?»m m^orKcirVorji, w Your Ruling Planet Discovered its U with you '( »re suffering from KIPNEY, MViff R URINARY TROUBI,E9 Have tried floctoni and PONT 61VI UP* lVt'h« title o; Vrpf, U. W. Wilttenin i*l»tii. eomii wt s»« swrt PROF. C. W. CUNNINGHAM, '

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