The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1897
Page 5
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ARE fflfi TICKETS, roiaW, K. fefgusoti Heads the Rtfolicati and J- Ti Chtiscbiiies the Citizens' Ticket, hding Towns Also Have Municipal atests on Hand—Lively Elections Expected. E. TELLIER ( miVacancy)...ALBERT :::.v.-:::::::E- E. SAVERS a delegates to the republican city Intion met Thursday at 2 o'clock fort house hall and named a city It A. A. Brutison .was chosen iman and Geo. Hamilton secretary. iflrst hftllot was on mayor, Wm.'K. >son getting every vote. The ,Bd ballot was on treasurer, O. J. lee getting every vote. The third Dtwas on assessor. Three candi- , were up, E. Telller, J. L. Dona- ind E. N, Weaver. The balloting i nearly an hour each candidate Fn ,rious times getting nearly enough. $Mr Tellier had 11 he could count Ind 12 nominated. The first ballot llted in the choice o£ W. L. Joslyn fclty solicitor. E. V. Swotting was Kin chosen . city chairman, and the Imitteemen Were named for the va- Es wards, t Tbe Citizens' Ticket ni* t • • . •»•«t • J * ^- m.v*j v* .••••• B Treasurer • er; treasurer, E. A. E. Kobs; stfreeu^iy-v"" fieiaer; councllffien, J. W. A. g. tDunlap. liitB. Burt has one ticket: For mayor, S. tficholsoh; recorder, S. N. Harris; treasurer, Lincoln Hall-, street commissioner, J. M. Stewart; trustees, O. H. BAchards, Fred Dehnert; assessor, M. H. Stoddard. Getttiania. One ticket is in the field. Mayor, F. T. Miller; treasurer, Geo. Wheelock; counciimeh, W. W. Clement, F. B. Smith; Clerk, Fred. Wheeler; assessor, A. S. Steinburg. FOB rent: My 340-acre farm in Ir vington. Terms, $1.62$ per acre. A first-class farm. Address J. Mathers, Elmore, Minn.—49t3 eh Can Vote «m Qufefcttbtt of A CHOICE lot of clover seed, grown on bottom land, for sale at $4 a hushel. Apply at the Kossuth County State bank on Saturday afternoons to Mr. J. A. Vipond or Wm. H. Ingham.—49 THE Congregational church sale this week Thursday at Taylor's. ^ FOR RENT—200-acre farm, well im proved. E. E. SAVERS. WE have all kinds of rubber footwear, arctics, wool boot overs, fine ana heavy rubbers, alaskas, etc., in all grades. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & CO. AMONG THE ADVEETI8EBB. for Aldermen— ALEX. WHITE lit ward... B. MOMAHON - W. .ifter the result of -the republican Invention was known a citizens' con- Intion was called Thursday evening, fbout 60 attended divided between re- •ublicans and democrats. F. W. Ding|y was chosen chairman and C. 1. Ihubb secretary. Upon motion of J. * "Rvan J T. Chrischilles was nomi- LSfo'r mayor by acclamation The Sther candidates were named in like oanner except assessor for whom a rilot was taken resulting as follows: 7 J Crammond 32, J. M. Cowan 9, '"'•""*-- "---members present rConsTderable discussion arose about fhow this ticket should get on the offl Icial ballot. Petitions were finally de- 1 on and secured. ft Tbe Democratic Ticket. ll-or Alderman TWrd ward.. .T. HENDERSON The only democratic caucus held in own was in the Third ward Thursday ivening. Thos. Henderson was named succeed himself, Hisi name will ap- ,ear on the official ballot under the iemooratic heading. | Some weeks ago Mr. Cleary an- lounced himself as an independent t^&ffi-swsws OTHER TOWNS. K whlttemore. ITWO tickets are in the field. The failed caucus named G. E. Boyle, layor; E. C. Merrill, recorder; A. f ale, assessor; T. A. Swanson, treas- Eer; Robt. Finnell, street commission> R A. Hinton, councilman to suc- JedLCarmody, and C. F. Latbrop to icoeed H. J. Thompson. ^ flied The spring style for shoes is on display at Brownell's. James Patterson has a scheme for saving 50 cents. That is quite an Object these days. Sullivan & McMahon have put in a brand new Remington type writer, No. 1. It is a beauty. Dr. Keneflck's brother is going to bring a string of horses to Algona this summer. He has already secured the use of the fair grounds. O. B. Durdall is off to Chicago. That big stock of spring clothing will begin to arrive soon. Doxaee is going to give away a little Buck's range to the girls. He tells about it this week. Jas. Taylor's sale days have been very successful this spring. Keep an eye on the dates still to be filled. Nothing has been beard of J. D. Burns, the absconding tinner. It is reported &** the Buckeye company will hunt him up. Hogs show a slight gain in the local market, $8@8.10; corn remains at 80; oats, 10® lie; flax, 56c; wheat is a little off, 56o. J. F. Lacy is in Missouri selling his rope harness. He also represents a hardware firm which makes an asbestos sad iron. They want a machine shop at Forest City. The Summit says: Albert Lea, Algona, and Mason City now get that sort of trade, and it costs. Now that china painting is in vogue with the ladles, Langdon & Hudson's display of Haviland china is of special interest. The Haviland is the best ware there is. Why don't about twenty farmers adjoining Algona buy the Wilson mill and elevator and try co-operation? It is the chance of a lifetime, and there are twenty farmers who could invest the capital without noticing it. Esthervllle will pass on the question of a free public library Monday. C. W. Crimtn of that place writes to the attorney general and asks him three questions: , "Cah the matter of voting on the question of a public library be submitted at a special election, or must the same be submitted at the municipal election?" • "If submitted at the regular spring election, are women entitled to Vote on the question? If they are entitled to vote, haw are they to be supplied with ballots?" Mr. Remley answers at length. His conclusions only are of interest. He says to the first question: "I would not like to say that the proposition could not be submitted at a special election, but have no doubt that at. any annual municipal election the proposition may be submitted." * In answer to the second he says. 1 think the women have the right to vote upon the question of establishing a free Ub ms y th'ird answer is of local interest as it will require an additional lot of ballots for the Algona election. He says: "Ifthe proposition is printed upon the ballot with the list of candidates for city officers, and these ballots are given to the women voters and put in the same box, it would be impossible to tell whether the women voted for the officers of the city or not. !«•«>« women are entitled to vote, as I • think they are, then it becomes the duty of the election officer to provide a means whereby such vote may be made effective I will suggest that the best way. out of the dilemma is to have> a number of ballots struck upon which there is nothing but the proposition to the voters. These ballots can be given to the women who vote. They can be put in the same ballot box. There Is no unfairness in this to .any person. The riffhts of the women who vote are protected, effect is given tathelr vote^and I think such a method is in harmony with the spirit of the law, although there is no direct provision upon it." head oft the ater'agje. -— 5 — gest prise ever paid for a like » calves in the County. At Spencer W calves warti sold urday. The calves, both steefS »"heifers, ranged from eight to 12 montbs old, and were an average lot. The lowest price brought was Si8 and the highest, $19.95, while the entire lot averaged something over $14. FOB, the inauguration oeremonles at Washington, D. 0., March 4, 1897, the Chicago: Milwaukee & St. Pau rail- way•Willsell special round-trip tickets Feb. 22 to 28 inclusive, at one lowest first-class regular fare for the round • ' ,, final limit March 10, 1887.—It Money to Loan. An unlimited amount of money to loan on good improved farms. Kates aslowas the lowest. Time from five to ten years. Option S. Mt BMOfi Of The Cotitt ttdoitt 19 Crowded tot the ttettn Sttt>t»6i—«en. QlVett ftfcdtte*. Lntidls Fill the Bill. From 6 o'clock.till 8:30 last evening the five long tables in the court room were crowded with possessors of healthy appetites, met in honor of the annual beau supper. At 8:30 the tables were cleared away and Commander Slagle called to order. Geh. Given of t>es Moines, commander of the grand army of the state and judge of the supreme court, was present, and after a song by the glee club gave an eloquent and patriotic address on Washington. The general was in the Mexican war, and the day marked the 60th anniversary of his entrance into the service making it doubly interesting to him. Miss Bertha Hancock's recitation was encored, and songs by the mole Octette consisting of Prof. Forde, Fred. Woods, G. E, Williams, and Garry Clarke Were received with great enthusiasm. In conclusion Rev. Landis gave a splendid oration. It was a program worthy of the occasion, and the occasion one long to be remembered. BIG. MAIL BOTTTE LETTIMB. Ambrose A. Call is Sending Out AtcentB Who Will Dispose of 410 Routes. Some time ago F. M. Whitman started for Connecticut for Ambrose A. Call to let routes in that state. G. G. Wright followed, going to New York. Monday W. W. Jones started for West Virginia and C. H. Blossom went with him. They will work north into Pennsylvania. Geo. Simpkins also went Monday, his work to be in New Jersey. Yesterday Henry Hawkins and W. H. Clark started for Pennsylvania, and tonight Dexter Turner leaves for New York. S. C. Spear will attend to some routes in Maine. Mr.. Call has a big bunch of routes in the east, and Mr, Whitman will remain several months after the lettings are made to see that the routes are all cared for. We want to say a < word about All flour might be gcod flout ! btit it isn't, always, The good flour that's always good— do know where to get that kind? We will give you the combination : It's the 5J Daisy Mills Flour. You know it. Don't put off doing a wise thing. Try some right now. Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J, Wilson estate, Taylo r's. WE'RE right in line on the grocery question. M. Z. GROVE & SON. ONE ON DOLLIVER. .church sale Monday, H. O. BUELli has a farm to rent. See him. . MONEY to loan on town property and farms. Tbos. F. Cooke.-31tjanl THE best place in town to get canned goods is at Grove & Son's. THE WEEK'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. nd A. Sohm, eou 'pster, street commissioner. Tom Wesley, IWesley has two tickets. The oitt ^ s'ticket is comprised of John H, ard rd for mayor; Welt Miller, record- lr W. W. Finn, treasurer; E. E, feCtruE^hSe?S;^S |a P ^«& Tr ^m frise Frank Heal, major^J. B^GaUa gher, recorder; J. U !ugu'st Engstrom! trustee one year , The republican ticket is; Mayor, J, 3, Johnson; recorder, Geo. L, Hohn; ouncilmen, J, B. Mousel and W. S, tahl; treasurer,?.J-Lenander, street ommissioner, H. W. Smith, me i ticket is: Mayor, Jas. H Kasu/er,?), J, Sander; street' com BtssJoner, B, H. Anderson , Two tickets are in the field and a bely Contest is on. The republican liokeUs: FOP mayor, Chas, Konavska; 3, Wm. Brwmmund and Gep. Se SmMrtWokef Wi''.M^| B V: y^!SroK«'SSi e , The Rebekahs will give an entertainment at the lodge rooms Friday, March 5. Program next week. AH invited. The W C. T, U, will give a dime social at the home of Mrs. Dodge on Friday evening next. Entertainment and refreshments. All are invited. Ha'vvey lugham is booked to talk'at the Hermann .scnool house, in Union township, Thursday'evening, March 4, on the produc- on and accumulation of wealth, On March 7 the Methodist church of Algona will celebrate the fortieth anniversary of its organization. Rev, D. M. Yetter, our presiding elder, has consented to be with us and take pavt in the services. Look for program next week..' First Church of Christ, Scientist, Sun day service at Odd Fellows' parlors, 10;4S a m. Subject! "The Gospel Preached, Sick Healed, and Devils Cast Out Thereby in Despite of Persecution and Sorcery." Sunday school at noon. Friday afternoon meeting ftt 8. All invited. The mus.ical program to be given next Tuesday evening at the Congregational - • will be one of the finest ever beard in A'Kuna. The orchestra will play th selections; Miss Zoa Wartman, Irma Clarke, Qvete Godd&rd, and Prof. Forde will give vocal solos; Maggie H«»t and G. E •Williams,; Mrs. Vesper and Fred Fuller, May and Ruth Palmer will give vocal du^ etts; Otto FalkeftWner and Edith Bpwyer - • 'e piano solos, and Kate Smith a vio- The Alabama Qonpert company will vender a eeleetion, and a m ale quartette consisting of Messrs. Tellier,. Clarke, Sfflith, and Teliver will be a feature, Re- mjjmbef the date, Tuesday evening next. H. A. Burrell Finds a New Story of Dolllver's Tent Campaign. Congressman J. P. Dolliver, when he stumps his district, uses a big tent which he purchased from a stranded circus. He had an appointment to address his constituents in a little Iowa town, but owing to the frosty weather the meeting was adjourned to, a grocery store in the village. Prominent among the furnishings of this room were a barrel of sauerkraut and a big hot stove in close proximity. The stove filled the room with a genial warmth, and inspired by its comfortable glow Dolliver was more than usually felicitous. In dulcet tones he pictured the glorious reign of pros- enritv soon to dawn upon the country and was mounting still higher in his splendid oratory, when right in the midst of one of his finest flights a tall Irishman loomed up from the little audience and caught the speaker's eye. "If ye plase, Mr, Dolliver, Mr. Dolliver, I rise to a pint of order." . "The gentleman may s.tate it," saia Dolliver in his most affable congressional way, ... •" Oi move you, soir, that a committee be appointed to put a horse blanket on that barrel of kraut, if I can git a ^Unmistakable wafts of incense from the barrel had permeated the room, almost overpowering the eloquence oi the distinguished speaker/ and the watchful Hibernian took this method to prevent a hasty adjournment. The motion was enthusiastically seconded, the comrnitte appointed, the horse blanket secured from a neighboring stable and applied to the use designated, and then Mr, Dolliver proceeded amid great applause. Years Behind tUe Times. A report comes of the "newest" thing out in Indiana. It is called a wolf hunt, and as it was played near Knox Thursday it promises to become one of the pleasantest recreations out of doors. In the Knox pastime 300 men formed themselves into a great circle, beating tom-toms and getting covered' with sheep-burrs as they advanced toward a common center in the thick woods. Two square miles of territory was encircled, and -when every man, boy, horse and dog was at the geometrical middle of this territory it sudden y occurred to the captain that H would have been very much more exciting « there had been a real wolf in the game. Still, a little thing like a mangy wolf, with fleas on him, by his absence will not stand in the way of popularity for this new game. The opportunity for blowing horns, bursting pumpkins and overturning fodder shocks is too necessary to the country sportsman s outing for any lack of wolf hide to discourage it. So successful was It considered that already there is talk of indoor wolf hunts for the midwinter season. We still have a few left— I I I it $5, $1.50 and $10, Regular price #10 to $26 Jf\S. TfYYLOR. Every Girl in Kossuth VIA THE NOBTHWESTEEN. Excursion Bates to the Mardl Qras and Winter ResortH. On account of the Mardi Gras at New Orleans and Mobile the Northwestern line will, on Feb. 22 to 28 inclusive, sell excursion tickets at very low rates, limited for return passage until March 27 Excursion tickets are also on sale dally, at reduced rates, to the principal winter resorts in the United States and Mexico, For full information apply to ticket agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.— -48t2 __ _ FREE PIUS, Send your address to H. B. Bucklen & Co Chicago, and get a free sample box of Dr 'King's T New Life Pills. A trial will ?onS you of their merits. These mlto • are easy in action and are particularly ef- feotiveln the cure of constipation and sick headache. For malaria and liver trouble they have proved invaluable. They are Santeed to be perfectly free from every Serious substance and to be urel ve- County under 13 years of age can have a chance to get a little toy range free. We have decided to present another little nickel-plated Buck's Toy range to the girl who forms the most English words from the Buck's trade mark— 5) ularsizeSSo. per box. Sheetz, druggist. by Dr. Nothing but common English words will count, and the same letter can be used but once in the same word. The contest wjil close April 15, Buck's stoves and ranges are the best that skill and first-class material can make. Euery stove is warranted to give satisfaction. You take no chances on a Buck's. ' A BI0 QAIiF SALE, jTor 85 Spring and Sumw»v Calves j, A, Vipond Gets Eyen f 400-An Average of $IQ a Head, Monday S. Hooper tool? 25 steer calves, some'of them summer calves, from the Ingham farm west of town to ship to his farm near/Des Moines, pay ing for the lot an even $400, or $16a O. M. DOXSEE, Awarded Highest Honors—World'* Fsir» p AtlBe citizens.' oauo\js wbioh, ,was. Lett S&twJay «ight at the school house |j AJ Qroftbplm, waa wowip&ted to? l? 8a'Yfir5 0, H. Rosenberg fpr recorder; LlTknder&QWfopttewver, ««,«»»* ildand 0, J. Anderson fpr opunoilm W S«*3* «K^ 4 rf 1 tnn ot^ont, nnmmissionei 1 . located in the Black HlUaof Bow* Dakota, have wonderful medicinal properties for the cure of phe«ma|i§m, neu- ? Ta, and kindred ailments, and they , •? , - Y...._~*in.ntn^ V\tr nil onrrnmnflM Kid *&SSS$* bfali »ng 'S 9ucb troubles. TOHU«8joje] accommaiatiofts and baths, io«uo* tickets on sale daily and especially low rate! Mi fA flrrt a& third ^ue^daye oj i8l¥VO VWJfWX pjjlll nf~«™nt*r.r.*,mr>1ohRfl 1 ALL FREE. Those who have used Dr. King's.New Discovery know its value, and those who &"»£&'&»««» aiBSKtfHa'JSsE tro and get a sample box of Dr. iving s now Life Pills, free, as well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor, free. Allot which is guaranteed to d^yougood and cost you nothing. Sold at L. A- bueetz drug store. * BUOKLEN'S AUNIQA SALVE, The best salve in the world for bruises, ^sSratffflafss? ^l&HffSJSffl 1 _ _ '_ ». —« AW* *-»Y> ttafiin n ftrt . The Cash Grocery. The people are finding out k Tailor Shop. &srt9 qjg.UPlAw-g'' itings for 6prl»s and summer Come WW yow oUoice. SvUts a §pepialjty. That they can save money by paying cash for their We are selling laundry soap, all kinds, seven bars for 2$c. Tar soap 5c a cake. Six packages Arbuckle's or Lyon s coffee for Ii,o6, Our crushed Java, two pounds for ajc. Crackers, all kinds 7c a pound. Good dried apricots, ?c a pound. Goo4 • dried prunes, ??a pound, Good broom for i8c, Our 35 c broom now 33C We 7 have another lot of that canned salmon to M ll J. C ANDERSON & CO, South of court house, A. Drus and Chas, J, DoxseQ, . MOST PBRFBGT MAD|. A pure Qrape Cream of Tgrfw Pgwto RJI Em AwTwxw. «utt*w&

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