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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 9
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 9

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1932 May Be Justice Behind the German Smoke Screen T. OAKLEY IS GiVENFRENCH ACADEMY PRIZE By H. R. KNICKERBOCKER- New Tork Bventng Post Foreign Service Copyright, 19SJ by N. I. Irenlnf Puat, lae. MUNICH. Feb. I. Adolph Hitler and pay our private obligations. "But the interest on these loans America am) that this finally ie amended Non-Signinc of the Ileal. "But America Old not aun i Versailles Treaty," 1 ventured "That does not make any difr ence," Hitler retorted. "Amenc. refusal to sign the Trei does not relieve her of the reopen blllty that is hers for the cone ins; of the war. I was a soldier in war. and it was my conviction without American participation the side of the Allies we would iu: ly have won. the war. But wheth we had won or not. It was a mls'a for America to have entere.1 war." DETAILS TOLD BY ROSE ALLEN IN CROSS QUIZ jrull Account Wrung Unwillingly From Sister's Lips. recurs TO THREATS against an attack that will jeopardize the entire American investments In Germany. For you can be sure of one thing, that if the French make any such attempt to obtain reparations by assaulting Germany. was established at a level determined by the circumstances under which the loans were made. This means that Germany took these loans in an attempt to fulfill Impossible terms of reparations. Under this pressure you will have to write three large "Palmes d' Officier d'Academie" Pinned On Illustrator. Br HARVEY GAfL. we contracted loans at interest rates that were exorbitant. It is plain to everybody now that these rates are would take not only theoretical but practical measures to protect these intertsta i should expect, on the one hand, that America, from purely economic reasons alone, would bring every pressure to bear to prevent a development that would destroy her capital Investments In Germany. On the other hand 1 should expect that from political reasons having to do with the balance of power. England and Italy would bring similar pressure to liear. "I should expect that the United States would finally realize that the continued existence of a treaty such as that of Versailles, which could permit auch a development to take place 15 years after the war, must be destructive to the Interest of no longer economically tolerable. entered the arena. Eight thousand men and women leaped erect, stretched their hands in the Fascist salute. The roar of "Heil Hitler" penetrated far beyond the walls of the Circus Krone and was echoed back by the multitude standing In the streets of Munich. Nine years ago in this same Circus I heard Hitler speak. The' crowd was drtimmed up b' every artifice, but half the seats were empty. Today no hall in Germany Is large enough to hold his audiences. Nine years ago I saw a spray of bullets dissolve the Hitler columns marching on the Odeons Plat to overthrow the government. Today a wave of ballots has carried Hitler within the grasp of power. Has Audience With Him. "Therefore, it is to the interest of SHERIFF GIVES OUT JOE creditor nations as much as to the crosses after your entire investment here. "The German economic system hangs by a silk thread. If you add a French saber to it. it will come down with a crash." "What would you expect America to do in case France were to make any such attempt?" I asked. "1 hold and expect that America would seek by every means at her disposal to protect her investments." Hitler talked rapidly. "I should expect that America interest of the debtor that some new Can't Remember" arrangement should be made by which interest rates and amortization cstioned in Behalf payments be reduced to a level we W1 W. F. Hump, member of the View borough council, was assistant to the cashier In sheriff's office by Sheriff Frank Gollmar yesterday. It was Oollmai first appointment Rince he assuun office on December R. can fulfill. Germany's position today, with Of s-other's Defense. i From Tage One.) twenty-eight to thirty billion marks of foreign commercial loans, reminds rr he was God, right me of her position during the war. The government Issued up to marks of inner war loans. These loans bore interest around vf-nt." examination she said extent of the con versa amined by William T. per cent. This meant a yearly service on these loans of around Every once in a blue moon a Penns Ivanian gets an honor, a croix de guerre, a Carnegie medal or something, and as such citations sre rare, we rush to mention one in the arts who has just been rewarded. That man is Thornton Oakley, Philadelphia painter and illustrator, and a man known to hundreds of fittsburghers. Thornton Oakley has just received the decoration of Talmes d'Officier Academic (about the highest award a man can get for work In the arts) from Rene Welller, French consul. M. Weiller bestowed the palms on behalf of the French minister of fine arts. Recipient Praised. In presenting the decoration, M. Weiller 6aid: 'This distinction is given to those who have honored French literature or art by making them better known abroad. No one could deserve it better than Mr. Oakley, who, with Mrs. Oakley, goes yearly to France. They have issued books which make better known the irfense counsel, she ad- there might have been 000,000 marks at a time when the her whether she a statement to police whole budget of the Reich was only 5.000,000,000. Imagine what that meant. It meant either that the had to be raised by a perfectly Impossible burden of taxation or that debts had to be wiped out by Inflation. The latter is what -r the shooting that "Ed- Associated 1'resa Photo. ORIE L. PHlLLirS. I'nited States Circuit Court Judge OH Ij. Thillips has been chosen to fill the vacancy on the supreme court bench caused by the resignation of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, according to recent reports. Judge Phillips is a resident of New Mexico. SIX DELEGATES In the Circus Krone, Hitler spoke. He was an evangelist speaking to a camp meeting, the Billy Sunday of German- politics. His converts moved with him, laughed with him, felt with him. They booed with him the French. They hissed with him the Republic. The 8,000 were an instrument on which Hitler played a symphony of national passion. Ten, twelve, fifteen, twenty million Germans make up the Hitler orchestra throughout the Reich. Nobody can number them precisely today, but the threatening tones of their mass defiance have moved a continent to panic. Hitler, the evangelist could found a new religion. Hitler, the actor, could sway packed 'theaters. Hitler, the orator. want to have any SKinny' because he 1-me as much chance i him as 'Skinny' would with Eddie." ember," Miss Allen some hesitat ion. brother make that In Step With Today's Trend Toward More Health fid Living, We Announce the Opening of a New Depart' mcnt Featuring BATTLE CREEK or pursued. in K( member." Pryreuees and 'Enchanted i while another will deal with our A. W. Mellon. Reed tci! the jury all could make a revolution. In the Hitler era our American investment of $3,000,000,000 in Germany has ceased to be a mere financial problem. It has become a time factor in the politics of Europe. The American business men rrif-m her." great deal more, Head List for National Convention. HARRISBURG, Feb. S. The i 'I rr. 1 3 a. happened. It Is, however, not possible for us to wipe out our present foreign debt, even if we wished to do so, by inflation. It Is also not possible for us to meet interest payments at rates fixed when we were under duress. The only course left is to reach an agreement with our creditors to reduce interest, and the more reasonable this agreement is, the more secure will be your investments here." Judicially Bound to Pay. "As it Is now." Hitler continued, "you can take over the books and show us that we owe so and so much, and Juridically we are bound to pay. This Is theoretical. But when the leading textile manufacturer of Saxony shoots himself because he cannot pay his debts, as one did shoot himself, you may be assured that the question was a very practical one for him. No creditor has an Interest in having his debtor shoot himself. Nor can a nation commit suicide. The new Germany under National Socialism is going to stand there as an absolute man of honor determined to Mk: "What will happen if Hitler state Republican has comes into power?" Our state department is no less interested. Until selected six of the seven persons whose candidacies will be supported mber." cross examination of v--nse counsel referred to her "association" c- ar.d the defense vr he had told her relations" with the association and 1 not come out In today Hitler has never expressed himself fully and specifically on the for election as delepates-at-laree to Health Food: precise theme of "what have Ameri the Republican national convention at Chicagt) next June. can interests in Germany to ex pect if I take over the government." Yesterday for an hour and a half beautiful Provence. "Filled with love of the subject, Mr. Oakley's technical mastery of presentation has enabled him to portray the most picturesque aspects of the beauty of France." Thornton Oakley is the son of Imogen Brashear, a cousin of the revered Allegheny county astronomer, the late Dr. John Brashear. His mother before her marriage to John Oakley, of the old Pittsburgh Oakleys, taught school for a few years at the Bishop Bowman Institute (there was a time whjn your grandmother wasn't considered educated unless she- had thumbed the pages of McGuffey's Reader) in this institute and she now resides in Philadelphia. Author and Artist. The arttst's wife. Amy Oakley, is his collaborateur. She has written many books on the highways and byways of France. She and her husband have done for Provence what Jan and Ida Gordon did for Spain, with typewriter and brush Hitler harangued the 8,000 in the Circus Krone. He was addressing Germany. Today for another hour and a half Hitler, in an interview with the New York "Evening Post, analyzed his attitude toward Amer ica and toward American investments in this country. He was ad dressing the United States. American Capital Safer. They are Secretary of the Treasury Andrew W. Mellon, Pittsburgh; United States Senator David A. Reed, Pittsburga; Mrs. Margery Scranton, Scranton, national committeewoman; William S. Vare, Philadelphia; General Edward Martin, Washington, state treasurer and chairman of the Republican state committee, and Jay Cooke, Philadelphia, national com-rniteeman. The seventh candidate for dele-jrate-at-large will be selected soon, General Martin said. The seven candidates for election as alternate delegates-at-large will be selected soon from the ranks of th women members. General Martin said today that the state organization this year will take a hand in the primary' election because of its desire to obtain the election of candidates pledged to the strictest economy consistent with sound government- Under the death mask of the Great, whom Oswald meet every private obligation to the utmost limit of his ability. "I consider that it would have been far better if France had sent 10,000 gendarmes into Germany to try to collect reparations than that the Ger- mans should have borrowed money in an attempt 'to pay What would France have got by i such an attempt to collect by force? She would have got nothing. And if she makes such an attempt again Spenpler called "the first National Socialist," Herr Hitler sat and de veloped a program that may give our business men and our state de partment food for reflection. The This new section, adjacent to the Hostess Buffet, on the Main Floor, features a complete line of these nationally known, corrective and body-building foods. Included among these health products arc diabetic, slenderizing, blood-building, weight-building, and laxative foods all scientifically prepared and used at this world-famous Battle Creek Sanitarium. Miss Anne Hammerand, food expert, will be here to suggest corrective diets for specific needs and to offer authoritative information regarding correct eating and exercising. JOSEPH HORNE CO she will get precisely the same i nothing. Let France occupy what territory she will she will soon get out. And such an attempt at the occupation of Germany would mean they have picturized the country so that thousands of travelers have treked there. Mrs. Oakley has made a wide reputation through her travel books. Thornton Oakley was educated in the School of Fine Arts of the University of Pennsylvania and has exhibited in this country and in Europe. He is known from the high Pyrenees to Cherbourg and his sensitive illustrations are much admired. So there you have the man who was honored by the French Acad-emiee, one of the few Pennsylva-nians to receive the coveted award. ICE COMPANY LOSES APPEAL took her many liients she made to en -r ss to what she said h'ment the day after a i. si: what she testified -r To many of -t. answer was that s- ri-d 1 er. IVsiic Many Things, i i many things about 5p tcunsel asked her. that he wanted a with you about he refer to his r.c vdioom the Friday shoot ma at 2 o'clock rri and remonstrate s'arpinsr old Vrr tntn be found Donaldson to that trouble -ur father?" v-" that yout on in your ir, st the morn- 'r o'clock." it?" utes past 1." F--f bejewelled society, rf t. Allen and Donaldson O'-c ijpyir. all available seata hung tense- words. wfj under direct f-r half an hour and unit. T.ination for .55 min-? as calm and she was beinp ques--'; hy commonwealth, but when she was rv- tn the defense. i to ghow her friend-" -r brother as she took br-A in passing him said said it again as "ft ct her seat after the first course was palatable. "American capital investment in Germany will be safer under a National Socialist regime than under any other government' Hitler declared. "For four reasons: First, because only under a National Socialist government will Germany be freed from political debts which today make it impossible for us to meet our private obligations. Second, because only under a National Socialist government will it be possible to reach a stable relationship with France. Third, because under a National Socialist government Germany will refuse to enter into any agreements that she cannot fulfill. Fourth, because only under a National Socialist government can Communism in Ger In the complete annulment of the sailles treaty." 1 "In view of thee circumstances, do you not consider that from the standpoint of America's national self-interest, it was a mistake fnr i her to have made these loans to Germany?" I asked. Hitler paused and reflected. His answer, clearly his real opinion, was i deliberate. Fortunate for Germany. "I can only say," he declared, Court Rules Against Plant Rrackenridge on Plea To Resume Making Alcohol. Floor. LIFE INSURANCE RECORD BROKEN Edward A. Woods Company Reports Greatest January Sales In History of Concern. that from our German point of view it is extremely fortunate that I America now has a most direct in- terest in preserving Germany Judge W. Heber Dithrich. In a decision handed down yesterday in common pleas court, dismissed the appeal of the Labor Products and Ice Company, Brackenridge, from an order of the Pennsylvania alcohol permit board of last September 30, revoking a permit to the company of last April 7, to manufacture, reuse, store or aell at wholesale, alcohol produced in the process of operating its cereal beverage plant. The permit had been revoked on the alleged ground that last June a number of barrels of unlabeled beer containing more than half of 1 per cent alcohol were loaded on trucks at the plant and that a large quantity of the beer was on the premises. The board also ordered forfeiture of the company's bond to the state. The greatest January In its history was reported by the Edward A. Woods Company, with sales of regular life insurance totaling $5,038,408 and additional sales cf $1,226,312 of employes' group life Insurance to concerns. The record month had beeq predicted by William M. Duff, president Fur Coats of the company, general agent of the Equitable Life Insurance Society, after the company showed a 7. per cent increase in the last quarter ot 1 himself appeared 'j-T-Ti testimony ss a many avoided. "We are determined," he exclaimed, "to repay the last cent of capital we have borrowed from you. The will to pay our private debts is equally strong and unshakable among all Germans, with the sole exception of our Bolsheviks. "But in considering the question of repayment of our debt to America we must make sharp differentiation between the capital of that debt, the interest on it and the amortization of It. I assure you that nobody shall touch the capital. Every pfennig of it will be repaid. But the question of how it will be repaid is one that depend upon our capacity to pay. These loans were forced upon Germany by the existence of reparations. The necessity of paying our political debts forced us to assume these private obligations. We borrowed money to pay reparations. Thus it is true that at least 75 per cent of the loans are in the form of postponed reparations. That was the great danger that lay in our taking these foreign loans. The transaction amounted to commercialization of reparations." Maintain Relationships. "If you repudiate reparations and 1931. The first few days of February also are showing an increase, the report said. Allen regarded his face expressing did not return the sister said "hello" 't was followed on the MARRIAGE LICENSES MGROUPEDl Love. John Ptttaburfh Weberndortar. Bfrtha Pittaburgb Rothert, Charfea A Pittbura-h Weather Forecast Vnu; from the United Ma" Wither Bureau to the ft stand by Albert Gallatin H. Lucas, friend of Donaldson. He was the only eyewitness of the shooting and told the dramatic story of the killing which did not vary much from the detailed story he told at the coroner's inquest last November. Story of Shooting. As he and Donaldson went into the foyer on their way out, the witness said, they saw Allen standing nearby with a shotgun at the carry position. He raised the gun to the hip and fired. "Just as the gun went off," Lucas testified, "Eddie said 'you and that is all I heard." Lucas testified that as he leaned over Donaldson Allen pointed the gun at him and he fled from the foyer. Pitsch. Mara P. Millvale Goattmao, Irwin Pittsburgh Fohrant, Bertha Pittuburgh Cray, William I Pittsburgh Marshall, Hazel Pittsburgh PnraUr, John Pittsburgh Gaj-cers'cW, Catherina Pittsburgh Schumacker. Harry Pittabuigh Stazer. Vanda Pittsburgh Millar. Hnry Pittsburgh Eber. Katharine Pittsburgh you consider private debts to be a concealed and postponed form of payment of reparations, why do you recognize private debts?" "Wa recognize private debts de Becker. Pltuburgh Gom. H. Pittsburgh Adrian, Herbert Pittsburgh Zembrzycka. Helen Pittsburgh Turshan. Joseph W. Pittsburgh spite all these considerations because we intend in the future to continue Snow in or snow in south hat colder Thurs-l-'-udy. probably snow f'l6-r. Jt MPKKATCKKS. 4 DOOli 48 1 ro 41 4S 4" p. in 4o 4 43 -IT I. 41 4 p. 3 38 p. 3S 37 Troha. Olga 11 Shirey. Paul Bellevue to maintain international relationships. Unless we were ready to break Crawfnrd. Ramona A. Bellevua On cross-examination, Lucas said Shofk. Edward P.usaellton Husank. Veronica Russsllton off all contact with the outer world, unless we were ready to adopt the Bolshevik principles of repudiating private property, we are compelled and we are determined to recognize Stough, James Wilkineburg Ivison, Mary Wilkinsburg Ramirez, Carlos McKaewtiort Valensuela. Andres Clairton that Eddie's lip was cut when Donaldson struck him. Defense then asked: "Did Eddie say to the hotel employe 'I want these men put out. They're beating me and killing my father. 'Did you say this little-over here thinks he is God Al $200 mighty. He thinks Donaldson ruined A REMINDER his sister and we're going to settle it right here'?" "No. I said we are going to talk about Rose, that's all." "You were asked five times to get out and you didn't go?" "Yes." ft ''gical Record. Ti'r. gimlet 5:41 rr, nd Vr V. tber. ''v 14 t'iimdy fluudy ti'ni t'rei-ipiiction: 4.1. 66 i. 34 2 i 4 si, SS -r lie dyiiTix if for the Uj, 18; x. Kebruary 1, Janoary 1, feature tni dt inre iwt laiprtur thW in fw tb dj. e-tUn the diy, ioce J-ebrory 1, ic tthrumry 1, rlmr7 1, nmi, January 1, aite Jannary 1, aiora January Trnrirj-u- .20 CW) A drastic reduction on a large collection of fine fur coats, all this season's models, which a mild winter has caused to linger in our stocks too long. ALL of our Alaska Seal Coats. ALL of our Jap Mink Coats. ALL Persian Lamb and Black Caracul Coats which have already been reduced to $250. Women's and misses' regular sizes, and between-sizes for women of short stature. Just in case you have forgotten there's going to be a wonderful event in Pittsburgh very soon! If you like to hear secrets about cooking and home-management then, don't miss Jessie Marie DeBoth at the Post-Gazette Cooking and Homemakers' School in Soldiers Memorial Hall Feb. 9, 10, 11 and 12. You'll learn many priceless hints and how to make work easier. Miami Mlcneipi.ln. H. L. 7 71 73 4 ao 68 sw Orian tj 6 44 14 Education is spreading the knowledge that colds are caused by poisonous ultratirus (cold germs) breathed into the system. Now common sense tellt us that this internal infection must be destroyed and driven out from nit kin. For colds, there if nothing to equal the genn-deetroying tonic properties of Quinine combined with a gentle laxative, as in el (DJQJDRJDRIE iAah mm full iahoma, fKtiha l'rkrahnr 22 12 It 4 14 4 01 J'rry Xoutid 30 3n 4 ty JOSEPH HORNE CO f'h'nix, Pittahurf h. Slit I. City sn Atnlo rrrpa Sr WiKh.npOB, Ml 34 r.o 4i Hfi f.4 34 84 4 18 IS HZ 2 42 018 Falon, Serotul Floor nn

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