The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1897
Page 7
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^•,?.ift^'i.lZ'.. a i^-^I-il. rtifiriii7-ig-'--"^ 1 '" > -^- ' ~?-gjS.ff"£fa3i!gIt- GUffllTfitt SBW tOEIC, if8 cirMed ffee od the IllMads wheh passengers ac- AN fthfcisa. A sou, hbwevef, is Jf the check. |rmed lafttt 1ft St. JdSeph, Mo., fed fof hugglfig young women iet. The gifts thought it very" lit lot a in&n to attpmbt to iich a deed with only one arm. fe cortibosed of 300 elk-horns PS the house and grounds of Btes at Mainmoth Springs, Yel,. Park. All the horns were ptafch, 1896, and gathered Ifl frlng Juhe by Mr. Haynes. , stomach of a cow recently Jfed by George DaUtt, a "butcher imouth, Ohio,, were found six Tif iron nails, hinges, holts, etc. ghboi-s declare that the cow had that Iron was good fdr tho EfcA IM THE THE Completion oi tlte Jret* Srarit taifcic iJra»*ttrldRte Over th« kite*, And e* the 83,000,060 stcet Viadai't froth iiOth to 149th Street B Jjas Hansard and Lewis Lynn lain county, Ky., were returning |fom church, when they began to labout a hog belonging to Han* |ilch had trespassed upon Lynn's Iy. Some rude words were ex- id, and then Lynn shot hie neigh* Bough the ;heart. piestnut was given to a Newark J : who was advised to carry It fjpocket, as a protection against Rjatism. The grocer had never had pease, but after the chestnut had Win his pocket two weeks, the By attacked his ankle, and he was tiled to call in a doctor, les Welton, of Double Springs, iwas assisting to lower the coffin § friend, Junlus Roberts, into the |, when the strap broke. The low- rt of the coffin dropped, and -the ' part, sprang upward striking on on the head, causing a wound Iwhich he died In two hours. J-eporter In describing the murder man named Jorkin said: "The Jierer was evidently in quest of py, but luckily Mr. Jorkin had de- Jed all his funds in the bank the I'before, so that he lost nothing but fife." English lecturer on chemistry "One drop of this poison placed Jie tongue of a cat is sufficient to ji the strongest man," and an Eng| lieutenant said that the Royal Ni- jlpompany wished to kill him to pre- fft his 'going up the rj»^i- until next New Yorfe, Feb. 5, 1897.—One of the tnost remarkable feats of engineering oh record Is nearing completion, and, beginning Thursday Feb. li, the passenger entering New York from the north will ride over one of the grandest examples of steel railway construe* tlon yet accomplished in this age of marvelous results in that direction. Going south at 149th street, the tracks of the New York Central begin to rise gradually, and at 135th street they cross the Harlem river on the new four-track steel draw-bridge, at an ele- vat-iOn of 24 feet above high tide. This massive structure is remarka ble in being the first four-track draw bridge ever constructed, and is the largest bridge of the kind in the world. It is 400 .feet long and weighs 2,500 tons. The draw-bridge is '58 feet 6 Inches wide, from center to center of num 138th sttfeet south the lent tracks rtin t>vet the steel vlaflUcl t6 iioih street, aftd theHce by the sttma viaduct to 106th street, tfhef% the* strike the leve! of the Kreseiit tout- rack line. The Work ot building this massif* structure, which Is here llhtstfated, be gan Sept. 1, 18'93, and has continued without cessation until h6W, and will cost When completed considerably rnore than $3,000,000. The completion of the new work Will permit the opening of all cross streets under the railway and so admit a perfectly free passage for street traffic. One hundred and thirty-eighth street, which has become a great thoroughfare, Will be entirely free, as the trains which heretofore crossed it'at grade wilt pass over it at aft elevation that will' allow street cars and- all' traffid perfect freedom. At 125th street, the tracks will irosa the street fourteen feet above the level of the street, and at tins point a magnificent passenger station is to be built, extending from 125th to 126th street, under the four-track viaduct. This improvement will be Of im* mehse value to the entire state—in fact, to the whole country—as the bridge, being so .high • above the water, -.will never have to be opened, except when large steamers or vessels with masts aftd &fli,*Hhe city* IftS thrtfttgn tfaihs as welt as tSe r . suburban' tfalha WfWng afid tteftftrt- Ing duHng thosfc hbtifS, Tfets will avoid delays, which hftve beeto, U tithe*, vefry. antttfyWig, afitJ permit of much, faster service thaft could nftve beeh ttaintaifled tinder the old arrangements; and, as speed is one of the principal factors lit travel In this age. this feature wltl prove an important ohe. Qtiite a number of the great improvements which have recently been made in the northern part or the city cari be Seen from the trains as they pass over the new viaduct. Among there are Grant's tottib, St. Luke's hospital and the buildings of -Barnard college and Columbia college on Morningsld* Heights, and very soon the grand structure of the-Cathedral of .-St.. Johft. the Divine will be observed. Furthet north, and on the west side of the Harlem river, the now famous speed* way is under construction and art- proachtng completion: the magnificent High bridge, Washington bridge, Me' Comb's dam bridge and the viaduct leading to it, from the north, are works of art as well as of great Utility, under which the trains pass, and on tht Ifeafi address olfief «.' YOU* caft't leil thfe size af & ttifl t# the flelSe he fflakes. Unless you want to be* poof, dota't try to keep att yflu get. There are some ffleh who would not be happy if they could. Live to do good, and you will ttever lire of your ofnploymcht. A- ffi!«i !ft flit t»M6 !>ftrs 6f* sod. Hood lAnA* Jft The best farm lands to be fojwd Hi th« are along the libe of the Mihfteupotts ,we are aon & St. Lonlh ft R. Purchase tt ttcket to . . Mttdisort of Oftwson, ih LBC Qui tstie Co.. ' right may be seen the buildings oftht University of'ftie city 'of'N^w' York/ Webb's Sailor's Home, and hundred* the cheap, bbmeseeket'ft ., . „„„ „ ~~ Tuesdays. ,.Sebr,ijfl|y 3 fthd 16. March 2 and 10, April 6 fthtf M.1® 6 ***^. 18, and convince JroUrBelf that less than 80 inishelsof wheat per ftcre is ft sniall crop. Other cert nls. iticludittg corn* in proportion. Cf dp f ailureB unknown. ™fj'iit69 and particulars eftll on HMfwt sgettt of parti M. & the — Cutts, O. (..ULUIo 1;WIJ V" Mwiwt V .7M ~. e _. r - ~r- St.L. tt,..R, ot.ftddress A. B. L.-.JJ. , iv "• "•»»— r r<r » w tj P. .& T. A., M. & St. L. R. R., . Mibti. 3\lectli>(i Them Kv«n. "Sorry to hear of your misfortune, •ior " Yes, sir; they bent me." Wh&feoaused iy?? - , WbiBkv. sir : they used whisky to beat me. B. s But I'll get. even with 'em some day, MISSIONS. ports from various cities indicate |t the charitable work of,the order Deaconesses is reaping splendid re- for the Master. is estimated that Union Congre- lonal church, Boston, has given P',0'00 to foreign missions and $300,- jfto home missions and other chari- W during the seventy-four years of ^existence. Jfrs. Maud Ballington Booth, of the plunteers of America, has just com- |ted a week of excellent work among churches of Chicago in the inter; of that class of mission work which so ably represents, novel series of religious services employes of the Union Traction npany was inaugurated by the. Sun- .Breakfast association at the depot, toenth -and Cumberland streets, lladelphia. President Bean conduct- exercises and an address was |de by Rev. Leonard Weaver. Iphe Chicago Training School for ffsions, located at 4949 Indiana ave- has received the unconditional of deeds to property in that city lied at $8,000 to $10,000. The atten- Lof tho public is being more and hdrawn to this institution, which ijtting hundreds of workers into rtssion fields of this and other Jes, An endowment fund of DO is now greatly needed. We, Marvel, who. for fifty years has |the postmaster atRetaobotU, R, I, has prned. tilBLS IN STOEES, Jices, 01- factories, ,are peculiarly Ible to female diseases, espedilly |pse who are constantly on their ieet tten they are iiauble to perform their Btaes, their suffering is so intense. When the first symptoms present ' themselves, such r.s iDackache, pains iu gi'oins, head- t ache, clizziiiess, faintness, Tf J ^^^^ swelled feet, blues, etc,, they \ should at once w r i t e Mrs. Pinkham, at , Mass,, stating symptoms; she |U t»U them exactly what to do, and ,ho meantime they will find prompt ef Jpl^yaift E. PipkUam's Vegetable npound, Avhjch can be obtained ptu &ny druggist. t Mr PPA« MRS. PINKHAM :—I am so j-teful to you for wh«t yp»r Cow- unsi h»s done for me. For four years |s,u$ered s«ch pains from ovarian p\)t4e, whiph eausod dreadful wo^k- > of the lipjbs, tenderness and burn- p.a^n In the groins, ] aijng PV walking, »nd n ''during inenstrwation, )u.eevrhQea, I >ye|ghQd only 93 s.,' an4 w&s aclv|sc*a to HSO your bgetftWe Caropo\iucl, wWcli J did. I ' •' > benefit before I Iwfl taken all Bottle. I gontlnued using it, I wlte , mi P^ W I '~^zea V*~^"*'".UT_r-^v^ "•' * *'^- njLMtAJLU <£!<f<&A -—=-_.—---—p| ,, ,,, . WhntUl you toket itive cnurcnes. • i • ,,^» t Military pBysiclafiS lit Ihdlft & 6t( ?Li :_ .itiluhl as ft harmless tbnlc tot SdldlSre^, •n fatiguing larches, '. 5'^5^-^ The value 6f. the gfmtfld^ Afid MIWJ^ ings devoted to sdiicttUdfl ,ltt tK8 UttlHhV^ t -d States is ^5,645.681! ' ' jija tlie^tlfS ttt Italy there flre proportion tb the pdpiilatiott thafi itt any othef eduntfy. ' • TWO wealthy Hebrews a! Batdaa owti alf'thar*feftialria 6f the aft*.' clent city of fiabylofc. The opal is the dttly getft that catt» <f not be counterfeited, Its delicate tints defy reproduction. • . ' , Insurance companies claim that bl» cycling is more dangerous thaft pHttg either, by rail or ship. NO.TO-BAC FOR FIFTY'CENTS. Over404,000cured. Why notletNo-To-Bac reeulate or remove your desire for tobacco. Saves rnoiiey. makes health and manhood. Cure guaranteed,^ and 81, all druggists. The deepest mine shaft m the world is the Red Jacket, of the Calumet aud Hecla, on Luke Superior. The depth is four thousand feet. _ • ' l.niie'u Family MeiUclttu Moves the bowels each day.'QIu order to be healthy, this Is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick headache. Price 2ti and 50c. use in It is made of eullulose paper soaked in asphalt. Paper gaspipes are coming into England for underground purpOBes. „,._„ „ IjenilB to Kemp's balsam will stop the cough at once. <3o to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle fre<*. , - Large bottles 2fi aad 50 ceiits. Go tit OftCej delays are dangerous. ~ x <;cnulitG Humor. Wiggles—What is the funniest thiug you Waggles—The New England idea of call- iug servants "help.' 1 JUST try a 10e boxorCiiioKn-tR, cnttdy catliattlo, Iho Hndst liver nlitl howol iUKtilHtar mHrto. According to the latest tritstwortliy uta. tistics, thei'e are 240,000,000 Catholics in tha world. ... Hnvry A. Uavflela, wm of the late president, is being boomed for mayor of Clove- cago. Mexican typesetters get from 62} _ cents to *1 a day. A new iiiggery in Chicago is the largest In the world. It offers accommodation for 200, 000 pigs. _ End View of the New York Central's new four-track steel draw-bridge over the Harlem Greater New York. The largest structure of its kind in the -world. River at 135th Street, C'oe'» Couuh l;u-.unm ' Is the oldest nml licist. It will break up a cold qulckoi than anytblntt Blue. It IB alwayii rcllabln. Iry It. A woman who owns a horse and buggy is a great autocrat with other women, aud she knows it. Pit-o'8 Cure for Consumption is the ouly cough medicine used in my .house.—D. C. Albright, MifBinburg, I J a., Dec. 11, 'Oo. It is Burprising what a case can lie made out by the gossips against a man who IB not guilty. , Mrs. Wlimlow'u SootUing Syrup million, ullnye piilu, cures wiml nolle, to OCUIB ft buttle o. woman does not consider a man a perfect geutleaiau unless he apologizes pretty often. . ] CASCAWITS stimulate liver, kidneys aud bo vels. Never sicken, weaken 01- gripe, lOc. An Atchison man who earns JO a week speaks of his "linen" instead of his suirts. In several of the farming district of Ne- jraska corn is used as fuel. England has 85 per cent of the wealth of ;he U'niied Kingdom. "It will go away after awhile." That's what people say when advised to take something to cure that cough. Have you ever noticed that the cough that goes away after awhile takes the cougher along ? And he doesift come back I Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Cures Coughs. W. N. U. Des Moines. .No. 8.— 1897. When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Paper. jLike£!^^ * 1 ., . * Blights and Crimps the Nervous System. * Like oil on rust ~~ Side view of the new four-track steel draw-bridge over the Harlem River. outside trusses, and is carried on three very heavy trusses. Between the central and each of the two side trusses is a clear space of 26 feet, which permits the passage of two sets of double tracks. The floor is corrugated and the rails are bolted to it on steel tie-plates. The trusses of the draw-bridge span are 64 feet high in the center and 25 feet high at each end. At the highest part of these trusses is situated the engine-house, which contains two oscillating double-cylinder engines, which turn the draw, and can be worked together or separately, so that if one should break down at any time the other can do the work. have to pass through; all tugs, canal boats, barges, etc., will have ample room to go unde rtlie bridge while it is closed. The Harlem river, having been declared by congress a ship canal, the secretary of war has issued orders that all tugs and barges shall joint their smoke-stacks and flag-poles, to enable them to pass under the bridge while it is closed. He has also ordered tha"t the bridge shall not be opened between the hours of seven and ten o'clock in the morning, and four 'and seven, in the afternoon, except for police, fire or government vessels, the hours named covering tlie great business traffic in of other new buildings of less importance. North of the Harlem river, on the Harlem division, is Bronx park, which is to contain the great botanical gardens and zoological gardens ol Greater New York, and within a few, years this portion of the city will offer attractions which will be unsurpassed in their character by any city in the world. Greater New York, which is 19 miles wide by 35 miles long, certainly offers the tourist and seeker after knowledge or pleasure more inducements than any other American city, and few cities in Europe can equal it. ADIRONDACK. removes the blight and cures the pain. * * * * j* THESE BE SONS OF ANAK. And Somo pf Thorn Were Horn Before Columbus Discovered Anuirlim. The great register of Alameda county, which is considered the true and official index to the age and height of the male residents, of this city, contains soma remarkable information concerning well-known citizens, says •the San Francisco Examiner. County Clerk Frank C. Jordan prepared the work, and he has been highly complimented for the excellent production that gives" full information about the electors. Since the register has b*n on the market circus freak managers and dime museum runners have been look' ing lovingly in this direction in the hope of securing profitable sideshow attractions. They have read the great register. It is shown by that document that prominent citizens attain a great height and live for centuries. The oldest man in Alameda county, accord- Ing to the register, is William Allen, a carpenter living In the Second Ward, who has attained the .age of 77§ years John W. Alexander, a traveling maw is 405 years old ana tt% feet W$», The* there is George H. Allen, \vho used to be deputy recorder, He is apparently a young m»n. hwjf- in this register he jg 3?6 years Ql4 and olll y ? feet w £* jflhn. Q. Oftaroan, the San 'Francisco Insurance man »n4 S»'eat gunshot would never be recognized, by hi ffiendp from Jj|g official description, |o be is reglsterea 355 years a.»(J 9^ fee IB list. Wants to KJnU Her Brother. While unpacking.a sample order of jhinaware from Germany the other day, Frank C. Young, a Second street mporter, discovered a blue envelope ticked away in a vase. On opening it a letter written in German was dis- tijosed, Being an expert German scbol- tr, Mr. Young translated the missive, which read as follows: "To whom it may concern; My brother, William Bletzner, left Carlsbad, Germany, two years ago, for America, where he in' tepded to engage Ju the china business, After a short time his correspondence abruptly ended and after that all our letters were returned unclaimed. I am a packer in a china house and have been placing these notes in every order to America in hopes that they might be seen by my brother or some one that knows him. Trusting that the persou who» finds this will convey any information which would aid me, I remain, very truly Cora Bletzner, Carlsbad, Germany."Philadelphia Record. SOUTHWEST BREEgES. Sarcasm is a rhetorical flower eea,l|ng a bee. it aisgnets us tq see others doipj foolish things we 49- Every wft.B who &as g reat f.a]tfa Jjas great power for gQ93 ^ft investment Ju fcnowjedge always tfce peat interejt eyer CUREXOHSTIPATION ALL .-! 25*50* ^S*Sl3®$&Wa&**^ DRUGGISTS SRI AT TTTPT V fTTSRSMTflflft to euro any case of constipation. Oascarpts me tlie Ideal J-mn pUuuJJUluljl UUnltnliluLilj' tire, never grip or pripe. but cause easy natural result* Sam! plo and booklet free. Ad. STKBMK0 BE'lKl?'''' <-0«, Chfoiito, Montrenl, Can., or Ken York. sn.i A VANISHED CIVILIZATION. rt'orU Done by the Jesuits io South America, The pioneers of civilization in South America were the Jesuits, says Lippincott's. Although their influence in many respects may not always have >een what was most conducive to the prosperity of the new settlement, yet :he|r mode of treating the natives vas more humane and their plan for the development and progress of the coun- ;ry more advanced than any other attempts of that period. They sought to' establish a permanent home for their sect with a wealth and splendor that would equal that of the ojd world and their work was characterized by prudence, industry aud wisdom, Other settlers came only as fortune-bunting adventurers to enslave the natives, pillage the country and then return to their own land with ill-gotten gains. Monuments of the Jesuits still remain in churches; aqueducts, cities in ruins* and th« history of 100 prosperous missions; from the Amazon to Brazil's southern borders we see thejr signs, The aqueducts of Bio de Janeiro, the hundred churches of Baliia, the stone water dims on the rivers of Qoyag, the crumbling nilns of almost every state of vvajil tell of the Jesuit ,ocQW" patiop. Other settjers of that period left almost nothing behind them; t' ' to destroy, tear down » only element p,f gooj} I co.u.ntry ftafl, that they tt» ' I Walter Baker & Co.'s I ^~^-> • • .••'''.'"• * Breakfast Cocoa. REASONS FOR USING Because it is absolutely pure, Because it is not made by the so-called Dutch Process in which chemicals are used. Because beans of the finest quality are used. Because it is made by a niethod which preserves unimpaired the exquisite natural flavor antf odor of the beans. Because it is the most economical, costing less than one cent a cup, »ure thgt you get the genuine article m»de by V -" fffi' '• f.V 'r'v-—-•- _*.._ «*_ —- I7»*«kllat*a>4 *^Cft •> V H } ^+_m • r A\^A y iv^"r'B? B? r* ?° cure »UB Vorst COM/CS. We mean every vqrft ' S^5ftBI!*®K^ ^8^r^ayw^^x ta ^i^^ it Hnever WB fullea to o«re the worst coughs, even whew all physluiiws prtoUotUer remedies bova jniied._ We Buurantee iWg, _\Vliy_qo jou eoptlnue t9 t Wffer^witUou{ testing W * " " r sure cure" 1 roubles, i'ftvB ipfleS. Weguurantee iWs, Wliy Uo you coptlpue tt.WPft «»«» itv tA OKI7FB <*«() its utter effepts »rq speedily curpd to U- U i? i*M » e foi-Hosrsf nessTSove Tbroftt, OtJmvrli.OQnsuiqpiloa »nfl nl! L«ug »n4 Thvaat i whether ui'ute or chronto. Benft for testimonies »pft other pgsiwvpPWw; 1 * ... V!.\.* AM I wrm-nviv^ MA ^iTTIkV* lint 1t 1c uniitnnfani 1 ! tint In mnlfLlll UHV it so well as to pry tor \\ frequently IK QV n V* f *** *v,^t,l «w» fy »s»^».^"»-^Dr. Kay's Lung Balm* mi.« ««11 n . u l n n ID nn a^ntiot. frnrn fl. Inttfai* 4t1«t. rAnAtVf*d fl'Om & QrOUllaQnt XQWS The fpllowing is (in wriivt IrQ.pj n U >'mun: ' "Muny wliuevs Stive I covigti a to vest Irpm my niiuisterlol duties t letter Just 3$ October »»(} \vus sick wlt.l} 1} l<?v »S 9f epug^tng. MY vUe vAlleA tt>yjMI' pftl|«?inea|plpQ8, pp my pan lfe^»Mt/ AiOflO»»««liv»*»:9 ^

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