The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1897
Page 5
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THE ES MCHMMi-' AtGONA, IOWA, Wlfel^i^liE^^ >cm f t Get aught with advertisements of cheap stoves in foreign papers. You will pay dearly for it in the end if you do. If you will take the pains to inVesti* sate you will find that no first-class stove house ever sells its goods to " mail order" stores. "First-class" stoves are sold only through regular dealers in the various towns and cities throughout the country—not sold by fflail of peddled by wagons. Buying a stove is a good deal like iUYING A HORSE. I You depend not only upon the looks, but largely upon the pedigree and the " word" of the party from whom you purchase. If you should send $25 bv tnail for a horse that is "guaranteed to be as good us any $100 horse on the market" twelve chances out of every dozen you will find that vou have "paid too much for your whistle." So if is with stoves. We have CHEAP stoves if that is what you want. Then again we have stoves and ranges that we guarantee to be the equal of the best made. Nothing but the best of iron used; extra heavy castings to withstand the severe strain of soft coal: white enameled oven doors and racks', fire backs guaranteed for 15 years. The "Buck's" stoves have a pedigree extending back nearly a quarter of a century, and no stove is allowed to remain where it does not give satisfaction. Did you ever see one? If not let us show vou one at our store, or better still give you the names of some two dozen of our best families in town who have used them the past year. O. M. DOXSEE, Heurd.' A narrow escape from a serious explosion occurred at F. Mi Taylot's home Sunday morning. The kerosene used for kindling the fire did not ignite until gas had formed. When it did ignite the top of the stove came off and coal soot was distributed in every nook and corner of the house up stairs and down, C. B. abd Mrs. Hutchins were called to Dubuque Saturday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Hutchins' sister, who died of consumption. She visited in Algona a year ago ahd made many acquaintances. Mrs. Hutchins remains m Dubuque. Her brother, Mr. Wilson of Hull, returned With Mr. Hutchins and is visiting at the farm, ft. Johnson* Sobart; PV.W. Je«Be«, SenSca: Wffi. Galbfatth' 4 fiebart* 0. E. Campbell, If vington; E. S. SaHstrttfy? Algonai Win. Bfummondi Luveftte', EHaaCufU6,Led>afd; 0. P. Mc&otJatd, Burt; A. N< Leonard^ JBancf-oftsJr. A. Coleman, LttVefne; M. R'. Wftltefj Algona. , ______ ._, _____ ., .... matt-pa The five years since Algona's matrimonial club was organized will be up in June, and as yet only half the boys have "stepped off." TSE UPPER DES MOINES will not mention the names of those who are left, but anyone who is interested should Inquire of Pearl Pugh, H. E. Rist, Leo Puegnet, 0. B. Matson or Will Haggard. Marriage licenses have been issued to Goo. E. ButterBeld and Ida Countryman. A. E. Fales and Lutie B. Thomas, F. C. Tubbs and Delile Bouchie, Peter Erpeldlngand Mary Redding, Peter Redding and Elizabeth Erpelding, Frank Hogarth and Mary Olson, Albert Behl and Clara Schallen, John P. Thllges and Anna M. Eryelding SEMI-LOOAL NEWS NOTES. Jlear Lake has been having a sensa- jfn, in which L. Carter, father of our p. Carter, has been a central Jrure. Mr. Carter is an active mem- |r of the Methodist church, and has an tried for resorting to bad busi- .bss methods. It seems that a jury of. Iven men sat on the case and that Mr. Barter was defended by Mr. J. J. llark of Mason City. The jurymen We well known citizens of Clear Lake fnd vicinity—Jas. Pester, J. L. Hare, lhas. Shattuck, Darwin Culver, C. fimonson, Wesley Benner and W. H. lhanafelt, and they brought in a unanimous verdict of guilty. The affair Iroseover a business deal, in which Mr Carter and others traded a stock •61 general merchandise at Clear Lake Ito a Mr. Moore of Eagan, S. D., for his 1220 acres of land. The claim is made fthat the stock of goods was invoiced to fhim at a greatly inflated value. Since fthen Mr. Moore's stock has been sold |bv the sheriff and bid in by the holder |bf a chattel mortgage and Mr. Moore [is now out his land, goods and money, land stranded financially. -5- -5- Ht Wesley is still experimenting with gfancy lights. Those who used acety- Iline gas are now putting in the Swem gas, a combination of air and gasoline. It costs>one-fourth of a cent an hour a ilight, 1 / '*•••' -j- H- -t- emore is going to have a Oath- It and Father Nicholls, who I'ofore attended, will now have ae for his Algona parish. A i will be built soon. -»-•*•-*• _amby, whose name will go |the pages of local history i with the famous dog case, ifrom Wesley. He and his returned to the south, to jfe,-we believe, -i- •*- -t- tain the rights given them by law it is high time for them to resent the action of the political caucus at Ames. So far as Company K Is concerned there is not a private that desires Foster for colonel, and all would express themselves as opposed to him if they had the opportunity. We believe in every man being equal and If the present method of selecting the officers is kept up it will drive every self- respecting man from the ranks and leave only those who think that at some time they will get to be an officer and those who don't care a continental for the appearance or military discipline of the guard and only join to have a big time the six days they are in camp. Charley Smith is evidently cutting a wide swath up at Blue Earth City with his horses. The Post says he has 17 in hand. It gives a half column description of the four new ones brought from St. Louis, and concludes by saying: We congratulate Mr. Smith not only upon the many fine thoroughbreds and standard-bred animals owned by himself, but the many promising horses now under his careful and intelligent training. has had the Algona i meeting in mind a long time. yi: It is not that we have for- the many kindnesses of our na friends in the past or are un- ^'ful for the present feeling that we •lure exists among our many friends pe toward the editor of this paper, at our columns have not overflown th words of praise and commendation £ the attitude of Algona's good men d fair women toward all the editors general and our editor in particular £b the late gathering of the Upper Des oines Editorial association at that mace. The fact is that we have been IQ busy working for 'others that we bave been obliged to hold our editorial vanity and personality in the back- round for a season— until perhaps too ate to have any point except to remind Bur friends that were words as plentiful i thoughts, our columns would be full overflowing of the .best wishes and ynizons of our editor towards the progressive and liberal hearted people of Algona. The treatment awarded Ihe editors on their visit to Algona has ieen but the usual exhibition of friendliness of the always friendly and appreciative Algonians, so we pass that. The entertainment and attractions provided have never been excelled any- bere, Wherever the association may p in future these acts will always be Femembeved and the recipients will "iways watch for opportunities to re* tjprocate. -7- *-H -f* J. H, Quick, JCossuth's old-time school , discussed taxation JR an ad- Sioux City, Friday. He • ad- yooated the Henry George idea that "a.n4 values should alpne be taxed. •*•*••*' Capt, 5. 1, Smith of Mason City, a (yell known early settler, is in Cal- iQpnia being treated fov consumption »u.ght from his cattle. About a year This herd was afflicted and several e killed by the state veterinary The Fort Dodge Post says a kindhearted Hibernian friend got J. J. Ryan to buy cattle to feed: Jim found that he had a large stock of soft corn on his hands. He couldn't dispose of it for eight cents a bushel, and he didn't want to let it rot. He asked his old farmer friend what he should do, and was promptly advised to buy young cattle and feed it to them. Jim said he thought he could invest the money better in some other way. '' Arrah, now Jimmie," urged his advisor, "shure I know ye won't be after makin' a gradle out of it, but think how the poor crathers'll be injyin themselves all winter atin that earn." So Jim put his money into "feeders" and now every time a chance turns up where he might have invested it to better advantage he drives out to the farm and gets some satisfaction out of watching the "crathers injyin" themselves. FEB. 20 and 22 Mr. B. Benedict will be with us with his spring capes, jackets, suits, and skirts. JAS. TAYLOR. A Snap for Somebody, House and two lots for sale in west part of Algona. Good cellar, cistern, well, and a lot of nice shrubbery. A small payment only is required down. Inquire at this office.— 23 ON account of sickness in my family I desire to sell my interest in the Algona brick yard, cheap for cash or will exchange for good land, 18m6 JOHNOSTBUM, An alleged agent for the Marshalltown Press solicited subscriptions in Algona last week. All he wanted was ten cents down, and it now appears that the ten cents went down. No one has seen his paper yet and it Is said that the agent took a hundred or more dimes. He was making about $10 a day at that rate, not bad for these times. The cemetery association has taken a wise step. It has set aside nearly $500 in a permanent fund to be kept intact, the income to be used in maintaining the grounds. Hereafter each year half the net income will be added to this fund and gradually a reserve will be built up which will keep the grounds permanently in excellent repair. THE UPPER DES MOINES stands squarely with J. J. Bynn when he talks as a farmer and not as a politician. It refers the Courier to his testimony on the butter business. When the Courier can show that he is not right we will bring in new evidence. But until then we rest the case wholly on his testimony. The butter business will make any farmer rich at the prices during 1896. Mrs. Quincy Hudson, who lives at San Jacinto, Cal., sent some relics of a Chinaman, who was murdered because he became converted, to Dr. Hudson. They were on exhibition at the Congregational church Friday evening, and an interesting program was given concerning the history of Chinese mission work, as well as the story of this Chinaman. A good audience was present. S. H! McNutt is going to bring a rooster to the county fair next fall with a history. Last season a lady with an eye to business sold a lot of eggs at a store, which is not mentioned. The eggs had not been left long before one of them began to crack open and shortly a chicken made its appearance. Mr. MoNutt was present at the time and the merchant gave the youngster to him. He took it home and cared for it and now he has as lusty a chanticleer as there is in the county. He ought to win a premium. Company F may get a new kind of vacation this summer. Gov. Drake is in receipt of an invitation to send the entire state guard to the celebration of the anniversary of the battle of Wilson's creek, Missouri, in August. The executive committee for the occasion includes the governors of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas and Texas, the states that had troops in the battle 36 years ago. It is proposed to have each state send the same number of regiments that it had in the original battle, and to give a sham battle on the original field, under commanders who served at the battle. Gov. Drake, who served in Missouri two years, is impressed with the plan, and wants to send the Iowa guard to this celebration instead of holding the regular summer encampments. It. is possible this will be* done if members of the guard desire it. Wtti. fe« f e*-ett86tl fof del-men Nomlilnted aftd Sleeted. Four big caucuses were held in Algona last evening. The votes for mayor stood in the First ward 4 Ferguson 43, Clarke 27; Second, Ferguson 34, Clarke 33; Third, not instructed; Fourth, Ferguson 49, Clarke 39, The First ward named J. W. Wadsworth by acclamation for alderman; the Second named M. Starr and Albert Reed; Third ward, A, H. Paine', Fourth ward, Dr. Sayefs. The First ward instructed for W. L. Jos\yn for solicitor and E. Tellier for assessor; Second ward, J. L. Donahoo for assessor; Fourth ward, E. N. Weaver for assessor. The convention will be held tomorrow at 2 o'clock at the court room. AMOM THE ADVERTISEBS. Brownell for shoes. Foss 1 spring announcement appears. Agent Hedrick has a letter from a man In Dakota who has feeding cattle to sell. want to say ward about •>»*£ FLOUl All flour might be good flour- but it is'n't, always* The good flour that's always ^good— Ao you know where to get that kind? We give you the combination : It's the Daisy Mills Flour. will You know it. Don't some right now, put off doing a wise thing, Try FOR RENTr-200-acre farm, well improved. - E. E. SAVERS. WE have all kinds of rubber footwear, arctics, wool boot overs, fine and heavy rubbers, alaskas, etc., in all grades. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. Public Sale. Fifty head of cattle, also horses and farm implements, Wednesday, Feb. 24, at the Thompson place, lit m, southwest of Algona. EMMA ELAINE. I HAVE bought the hard ware stock of J, D. Burns, and will have a tinner and will be glad to see those who want goods or work in my line, The Burns book accounts and notes are payable to me, and would like to have them paid as soon as convenient, * W. B. BOSSINGHAM, PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Miss Cornelia Ingham goes to Omaha tomorrow for a visit. Mrs, A, E. Wheelock will be in Algona in a few weeks to make her home again. The Fo«rtl» regiment of . s is having a little ruction of its Qol, Fopter 91 Blow Qity goes office, in April and wants Jo Succeed WmgeU, At Ames tbe Fourth ?Www wiUrtted w .«»? agrees upon, the colonel. o,ftavedhQt protest ?gy ft te Mayue' of Btauwtebw CM. Fwfrr. einee where, i Awarded Highest Honors-World's Fair, P^S^-«^?*^;*^ ^'>f^ :„ - ,4$ ; $f^!,^ Frank Nicoulin went to Waterloo Monday to investigate the gasolene engine business, Word has been received from Wm. K. Ferguson that he found his mother better on his arrival- Archie Hutchison is in Louisiana fora montfi to dispose of the rice crop for Ambrose A. Call, John Bennett, for 80 years the Reporter business man at Emmetsburg, was an Algona visitor Monday, Chester C. and Roscoe Call went to Des Mollies last week. The former is suffering a slight set hack from his attack of fever. Geo. E. Hamilton will be on the road for the hardwood lumber company and will land in Algona occasionally. He spent Sunday hove, Misa Margaret Rutherford has been chosen postmistress at the college at Ames forthecomlPg year. This is a PQsiUon filled from the senior class and she was chosen out of the number fpiMt. It is quite an honor and a responsibility at the same time. She goes to Ames Monday- THE MABOH JW MB?' jurors for the Oomjpg Term of Court Were geleptea fcast Dr. Sheetz has a handsome set of Torsion scales. They weigh anything down to a speck of dust. The county doctoring notice appears this week. It Is expected the board will get plenty of bids. Tavlor's Chicago cloak man will be with him Feb. 20-22 again. He will carry a big lino of spring goods. Madson & Hanson make a new announcement this week. They are the new tailors and are having a good trade. George Lunn of Algona interviewed the Britt city dads regarding the purchase of road graders the coming spring. E. P. Keith went with n- ear load of steers from Burt to Chicago Sunday morning. Nino car loads of cattle wore taken from the Burt station. John Oleson has bought the Peck livery stock at Burt and has gone up to take charge of the business. He is an experienced liveryman and will be well liked by Burt people. W B Bossingham has bought the Burns store and tin shop of the Des Moines house which secured it. and will engage in. business. Mr. Bossingham will make a first class merchant. The railways refuse to ship -hay to Chicago. The tracks are full and cars cannot be unloaded. Cars have been refused in Algona the past week. Hay is as bad as potatoes were a few years ago. Baumgartner, the hog cholera man who was in Algona, will make a tour of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, and Chicago & Northwestern roads in Iowa, the officials of tno roads having invited him to try his remedy for hog cholera along their roads. HEDLEY MABOH 10. The Most Entertaining Feature of the Lecture Course. The Boston Daily Globe says: Dr. James Hedley appeared for the second time in the Boston Star course at Tremont Temple last night. He delivered a most eloquent and enjoyable lecture. The doctor is endowed with a clear, musical voice, a remarkable gift of impersonation, and a power of expression which made every point, in his discourse intensely interesting, and kept his great audience thoroughly entertained till the close. THE ANNUAL BEAN SUPPER. Washington's Birthday to Bo Celebrated Next Tuesday Evening— Gen. Given Will Be Here. The annual bean supper will be served at court house hall next Tuesday evening, Feb. 23. Gen. Given will be up from Des Moines and talk to the visitors. Rev. Landis will give an address, and Miss Bertha Hancock will read. Mrs. Vincent will also speak. Music and a general good time are the program. It is needless to urge a large attendance. The hall will hardly hold the crowd. TOMORROW NlftHT'S MASQUERADE, The Firemen Will Brealt the Becord and Give an Old-Time Masque Ball, The firemen expect to out-do anything Algona has seen in late years in the way of a masque ball tomorrow evening. A qostumer will be at the Tennant house all day tomorrow, and fancy costumes galore have already been engaged. Visitors will be admitted in the evening for 25 cents, and it will be wortb/the money to see the parade. ____________ Leuette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. Taylor's. We still have a few left— i i i At $5, $7.50 and $10, Regular price $10 to #26 Jf\S. Tf\YLOR. At the Cash Grocery -YOU CAN BUY- A good broom for. 18 Ten Ibs rolled oats (the best) A can of salmon for Four cans best corn for... Three cans best tomatoes. .18 .08 •25 .25 A good Japan tea for 28 Our crushed Java coffee, two Ibs for...."" 25 Six Ibs Mocha and Java coffee for $1-00 J. C, ANDERSON & CO. South of court house.. Democratic Caucus. There will be a democratic caucus at the normal building tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clock, to nominate a candidate for alderman and choose delegates to attend the city convention. W. D, NUGENT, Com. VIA THE NORTHWESTERN. • Excursion Hates to the Mardi Gras , . . Following is the list of petit jurors for the Mftvoh term of oowrt; §hevman Stevens, Sexton; T- M- Qetrander, Bancroft 1 , Jawes Vipopd, Algoiyi; N. 0, Taylpr, fcotts Opeeki A. G« H- Jones, kedyar<J', EerVAngws, Bwpt? A- Sun ^" Strom, Bancroft; Fred. Steussy, £u* Schmidt, Germania; B. PBRFICT mm, „„„ Winter Resorts, On account of the Mardi Gras at New Orleans and Mobile the Northwestern line will, on Feb. 22 to 28 inclusive, sell excursion tickets at very low rates, limited for return passage until March 27 Excursion tickets are also on sale daily, at reduced rates, to the principal winter resorts in the United, States and Mexico. For full information apply to ticket agents Chicago & Northwestern' railwav.~-48t2 The not Springs, Located in the Black HUls of South Dakota, have wonderful medicinal prop* erties for the cure of rheumatism, n eu.* ralgla, and kindred ailments, and they should he investigated by all suffering, frow euoh troubles, FJrsfrolase hotel " ' anft bfttbB, Tourist New Sprinj and Summer Goods * Just Received. A WORD TO THE WISE-You that have to buy a spring and summer suit of clothes should buy it at once, You can save money and get the most desirable goods by so doing, as you will have a complete stock to select frorn. I have the latest fashions to refer you to, and every ga.r- ment turned out by me is cut and made up in the most artistic manner and guaranteed to be in CLASS No, j in tbe state, I have the agency for the largest tailoring houses m Chicago and I can sell you a good suit at a price that '" will surprise you, Remember I am also agent for all leading steamship crossing the Atlantic, ocean, FOSS. Bauman,, B»pwo"i *?••**•, Q. B, kuflwlg, Wesley, h. A- *•»*«& AigoW, Obw. il&niw, Bancrofts J. PW'JrwWiSA 1 W lBP B^Te?lS 8awu$ SlesiS, Algols W. B-, Wmi T |rpfl% ^ Chas, .J, Doxsee, . OB sale daily «w4 espe each month, on application to ticket & PR, & A, Drugs and

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