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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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HARRISBfffcG STAR-INDEPENDENT, FRIDAY EVENING. APRIL 21, 1916. I7c3h Miscellaneous fled Estato Legal wionn TO II STUMP cmU ii BE PURE fOOL IAW YnelJa who Does Tte Wum Cactus SUNT Tvte 5TRT'CaR ftflWMWAl- in6 do VniH a Hat Pin jvs Tto voo VfRe RG. INSECT Art) 5E MtId MD YoO To Coiieclroiv DIRECTIONS lite' LiTRe Talgt 15 vasranted To keep "fou SPFcf amd aciwc to mnetL Uon STuftY CRovrao Tve OR mw ee. WWOREOC BUSINESS NOTICE Removal Notice Bretz "Everything in Hardware" From 109-111 Market Street to 15 X.

Second Street Both phones. MISCELLANEOUS B. J. CAMPBELL Feather Renovator Tenth and Paxton Sta. FIRE ESCAPES are Invaluable and arc safety first for all large buildings and dwellings.

Painting them preserve! them. Call ua to do it. HITE HITE, 135 Brady St- WANTED AX' ONE having canary birds for sale please communicate. Bell phone 555J, after p. m.

Also, birds cared for the summer. WANTED Portable steel fountain for carbonated water. Address 4444, care of Star-Independent, stating price. MONEY TO LOAN. MONEY TO LOAN on easy terms.

Room 12, Steelton, Trust Co. Bldg. ALL KINDS OF HAULING FURNITURE packing and moving by careful and competent workmen. All orders given prompt attention. Storage space at small terms.

L. ii. LACKEY i una it a. rurtti, teu pnone iUiiv. ALL KINDS of hauling; large two-ton truck; furniture, pianos, freight, la the cuy and Prices reasonable.

Picnic and pleasure trips, day or evening. WM. iL DAKE, 14o3 Veiuun iu Bell pnone 3517J. PACKING EXPERIENCED packer of furniture. china, glass and bric-a-brac, A.

H. SHRENK, 19u N. Sixth St, Bell phone 3iW. FINANCIAL MONEY TO LOAN upon real estate se-curiLien in anv amounts ajid uuon anv terms to suit the borrower. Address P.

O. box lil. ROOF FAINTING WE WILL PAINT any old leaky roof and guarantee a water-tight 300; rei-erence from hundreds of satisfied customers. Postal brings us. HITE HUE.

Harnsourg. Pa. STORAGE DERRY BLOCK Storage rooms for iiousehoid goods. Apply 1511 Vernon street. 11.

B. HAKHIS. Bell phone S26M. rlREPROOF STORAGE Private room for household goods. $2.00 per month and up.

invite inspection. Low insurance 437-445 South Second Street, BAZOB BLADES SHARPENED ALL KINDS of safety razor blades re- sharpened. 25c doz. except Star heavy. 15c; old style, 25c etch.

Mail orders given prompt attention. HENRY GILBERT AND SON'S. 219 Market St Sale and Exchange FOB SALE FOR SALE All the counters, shelving, mirrors, stools. National cash register and tables from Cook's Department Store. 30 Market street, bought by S.

MELTZER, 513 Walnut St. Bell phone 2S2.I. FOR SALE Cheap One 3o-H. P. 1912 panel body truck: just being thoroughly overhauled; ca nbe sen at FERRY GARAGE.

South Cameron or call Bell phone S2R3. Proposals For Election Ballots Supplies Sealed bids or proposals will be received bv the County Controller. Room 13. Dauphin County Court House. Har-ri'burg until 12 o'clock noon, ri-day Vpril 2Sth.

1916. for printing and furnishing ninety thousand 199.000). more or less, official, and specimen bal- lThe official ballots to be bound in books of one hundred tl00 each, for the ensuing Spring Primary to be held on Tuesdav. Mav ltRh. 1816.

One official ballot of each district must be on nle in the Commissioners' office on or before Tuesdav, Mav 9th, 1916, and all ballots must' be delivered at the Commissioners' office by 12 o'clock noon, Wednesday. May 10th, 1916. Mill information as to the number of official and specimen ballots required for each voting district can be had from the undersigned. A certified check of two hundred dollars drawn to the order of the Dauphin County must eh bid. The euevessful bidder will have live1 days after the award of the contract to hie his bond for the full bid price.

Also, at the same time and place, sealed' bids or proposals will be received for one hundred and twenty-nine (li9 complete sets-of Primary Election supplies, including Penalty Cards and cards of Instructions. Also Computation Books for each party and for Non-Partisan. Certified check for one hundred dollars drawn to the order of the Dauphin County Commissioners, must aeconipan yeach bid. The successful bidder will have five days after the award of the contract to file his bond for the full bid price. HENRY County Controller.

NOTICE The following rules and regulations were passed" by the City Council at its meeting held Tuesday morning, April ISth, are published as directed bv Article 6. Section S. of the Act of Assembly approved June 27th. 1913: RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE PARKS. PLAYGROUNDS AND RECREATION PLACES UNDER JURISDICTION OF DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AX.

DPUBLIC PROPERTY. Section 1. The term "Parks" used herein shall be construed to include all lands and waters under tse control of the Department of Parks and Public Property, or that may come under its control, while these regulat.cns are in force. The term "Department" shall reter to the Department of Parks and Public Propertv. Section 2.

The Parks of the City of Harrisburg are for the benefit and nleasure of the whole public, and all persons who use said parks shall be subject to the rules of the Department of Parks and public Property. The roadways in the parks shall not be used by any vehicles except those employed for tr.e purposes of pleasure or recreation and by pleasure-seekers on horseback. The walks and foot-bridges shall be used exclusively by pedestrians, except that baby carriages, invalid chairs and children's cans may pass thereon, but loafing or prolonged standing shall not be-allowed on the same. This section shall not apply to vehicles used by order of the Department. Automobiles may be forbidden to run in all or part of any park or parkway at the option of the Department, which shall in that case post legible notices at the entrances of said park or parkway.

The parks may be closed from twelve o'clock midnight till sunrise, and ail persons found lounging between these hours may be arrested for trespass. Section 3. No person shall commit any of the following acts within the parks or parkways: 1. Commit any disorderly or immoral aets. 2.

Be intoxicated. 3. Throw stones or missiles. 4. Utter loud, profane, offensive or in decent language.

5. Play any game of cardj or chance. 6. Tell fortunes. 7- Beg.

8 Publicly solicit subscriptions. 9. Drive or lead a horse not well-broken. 10. Allow any dog or horse to run at large.

11. Throw, deposit or drain any offen sive substance of any kind on or into any park, parkway, fountain, spring or other park waterway, or deposit waste paper, fruit re- fuse, lunch baskets or other refuse i i any place save the recep- tacies tnereior. 7 able covering. 14. Damage or deface any part of the concrete steps or wall alone the River Front, or any steps leading Rivpr Hall nr liirht standard or any part of any light standard upon the River Wall, or in any Park.

15. Sleeping on the ground or elsewhere is forbidden except in such places and times as may be designated. Section 4. No person shall commit any of the following acts within said parks or parkways, without the previously obtained consent of the Department: 1. In any manner pull, injure or break any flower, fruit plant, tree, grass, turf, pump or water fixtures, or other structure.

2. Write, paint or carve on any tree, bench or structure. 3. Climb any tree or tie any horse to a tree. 4.

Carry or discharge any fire-arm or fireworks, or send up any balloons. 5. Ride or drive any animal or ve hicle at a speed exceeding io miles per hour. TJiis shall not apply to the vehicles of the Fire or Police Department, ambulances EEAL ESTATE FOB SALE OK FOB BENT FOR RENT 129 13th. papered painted, 1S33 Heagy (apartment) $13.00 Store room, suitable for fish market. room, ixlli. suitable for light manufacturing or garage; toilet; light anil convenient $25.00 3-story building, suitable for light manufacturing $15.00 FOR SALE 253 North, 3-story brick. 1S57 Spencer, 2-story brick. 351 s. Eighteenth J-stony brick.

3t S. Eighteenth 2-story brick, lui'j Kerryiiill, 3-story frame. HIT Hummel, 3-story brick. 133 S. Fourteenth 3-story brick.

1511-13 Naudain Su. 2-story brick. Beriyhill, 2-story frame. S. 21st 2 -story brick.

1533 Berryhill, 3-story brick. 439 S. Fourteenth 3-story brick. 1141-16 Derry, 3-story frame. We have a number other very some would reach as high as 12 per cent.

For lurfier particulars inquire of HARVEY T. SMITH Bell phone 24SM 204 S. ISth St. SEAL ESTATE FOE SALE HE VOL'R OWN BOSS A corner grocery stoic and a cigar store, well located, on 1 1 1 11. Investigate.

ii. U. i'LDLOW 110 S. Thirteenth St. 433 S.

FIFTEENTH ST. Corner Hunter street; brick, ail improvements. In good condition. Price. J2.650.

II. U. i'KJL'LO W. 110 S. Thirteenth St.

S. THIRTEENTH ST. 10 rooms, bath, all improvements. It 152 feet doep; paved urive alley in rear. Price, St.l'O'V 11.

O. I'L'L'LOW, 110 S. Thirteenth St. WILL BUY a brick and frame iiouse. No.

2i'io Jefferson bath, furnace, porch. Also other cheap properly. BELL REALTY Bergner Building. FOR SALE 1T10 Derry Street; 3-story brick: 9 rooms, batn. gas, Ajso 1610 Derry; ail improvements; steam heat.

Particulars from BELL REALTY Bergner Building. 1213 DERRY" ST. Brick house; 'ten rooms: bath. gas. steam heal; con crete porch; lot 25x110; paved botn front and rear.

BELL REALTY Bergner Building. FOR SALE OK RENT Residence N. Third Riverside. Price, 3,100. Kent.

12L00. Appiy AUGUSTUS NYlLDiiAN. 2206 N. Tiura street. APASTMENTS FOE BENT WAL.NH si.

ivi An apartment witn eix rooms and bath room, balcony in the rear with dumb waiter and clothes crier. Terms reasonable, city steam, E. MATHER. BOOMS FOB BENT ROOMS FOR RENT, with running water, fust ciass board, by meai, 1 liay or week. Second St.

Use of phone. 1001 N. FOB BENT FOR RENT Large room. "6x26 feet, over ViXF'S Baker, at 516 Forrest Call or phone. 1 FOR RENT 7 -room house at West Fair view, along river front; front and rear porches electric lishts: $10 1 m.inrh Itiiilijre of CEO.

t. AI. I.E 245 Thirteenth' Harrisi'i'i g. Beil pi. one 2304.

ONE large furnished front room, on the Hill, in private family: suitable for 1 men or man wife. Must be s.iber. Boarding house near. Address fp-e Star-! nrtependent. SEAL ESTATE FOB KENT FOR KENT Store room, Hamilton near Third, business bloek; rout $12.

C1IAS. ADLEK, 1002 X. Third St. FUBNISHXD BOOMS FOB BENT FOR RENT Furnished rooms for men only: $1.50 and $2.00 per week. ANT- HOTEL 212 Strawberry St.

i Lost aad Found LOST LVST-turday. April 13th. a 16-foot motor boat with Ferro motor. i ii ur i rt ft i rr a ri oirr nf tpplhntiun fnr hnrlrr Xuiice is civn rja 1:1 application will be made to the Honorable i'lc-s of the Court of fomiiun Picas of Dauphin County, on the first lav May. A.

I', at 20 a. or as thereafter ar tr.e said Court i i'i for th charr a corporation to he called "The Booker T. civic League of iUrrisuura; and the character and oar-i 1 oc, cx-iteriTK-nt. civic sne- ana irnineniaie care lor net-, with the! Juvenile Court and organized '-ha-ity. J.

KOBEIX BENXKTT. Boy Narrowly Escapes Death i Wenricb. 620 Xorth untie n.linz hicy. ie en itate street, al'out noon to-dav. collided with a Proves? trolley.

The whe snia-hed, out Lie bov escaped few 1 was ivitn a IT PAYS TO USE STAE- IXDEPEXDEXT WAXT ADS. Suburban Houses For Sale Old OrrhnrH J7th sr-er. of Derry '-j -story Nrk and st and (ur-nae ifmntH cellar with not and cold wat-r front aid tack porches bay windows on first and second floois. Property is in aood condition and is on the market for a qul- sie. lerry M.

frame house ineie i and 9ttean hear. for two Lot ft. a.tlM miLLER BROTHERS CO. REAL ESTATE lasarsare Saretr floras Left mm4 Cewrt Streets TV Legal i i i i I HELP WANTED MALE WANTED Gooil able-bodied nieu. Apply Master Mechanic's Office, Central Iron and Steel Co.

WANTED A good tailor. Apply at once to MARKO MARICIO. 1S1 North Front street, Steelton, Pa. WANTED Young man wanted to learn baking: one with experience preferred. Apply HOFFMAN 420 Reily street.

BOY WANTED About IT or 18 years of age, to work in a jewelry store. Apply iui3 Third street. WANTED Laborers. Apply Seven teenth and Naudain streets, or Room lo, Harnsburg Trust Co. Building.

WANTED 40 able-bodied men, between 21 and 40 years, for piece work white or colored. Apply in person to Agent Harrisburg Transier, Pennsylvania Railroad, Division street, Harrisburg, Pa. SITUATIONS WANTED MALE YOUNG MAX wishes work as butcher, has seven years' experience. Apply 1011 Cumberland St. WANTED Work of any kind.

1109 N. Cameron St Apply EXPERIENCED PAINTER wishes position; can furnish best of references. Apply llos X. Cameron St. AGENTS WANTED WANTED Solicitors and collectors.

If you wish to increase your income in' vestigate company doing a large busi ness in Harrisburg and nearby towns. Address 443,. care Star-Independent. MALE AND FEMALE WANTED HELP WANTED Man and woman for garden and domestic work on a small coun try place during the summer. Dwell ing, board and salary provided.

Splen did environment. Apply to fourth floor of BOWMAN CO. HELP WANTED FEMALE WANTEDA woman for general house work and kitchen work. Apply Penn sylvania Hotel, 313 Broad St. WANTED Middle-aged woman for general housework; German pre ferred: no washing or ironing.

Call MRS. S. FINKELSTEIX, 1322 X. Sixth City. WANTED A girl for dining room.

Apply 116 Chestnut St. DINING ROOM GIRL WANTED at the HERSHEY HOUSE. WANTED A young white girl for general housework in a hotel: good home and good wages to right party. Apply Walbash Hotel, Gettysburg, Pa. WANTED A middle-aged white woman for cooking: good chance to right person.

Apply Walbash Hotel, Gettysburg. Pa. WANTED We have openings for 12 more bright girls and boys. Also work given out to do at homfe we teach you how and furnish frame. Apply Silk Mill, corner North and Second streets.

WANTED Girls over 16 years of age to strip tobacco; also experienced rollers, bunehmakers, packers, filler and binder strippers. Welfare looked after by a trained nurse. Apply Harrisburg Cigar No. 500 Race street SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALE WAXTED Position as waitress in an ice cream parlor. Applv o23 Sixth street.

WAXTED Young white lady wants work as chambermaid. Apply 2028 Kensington street. WANTED White lady wants house-cleaning: experienced. Apply 210 Chestnut street. Room 8.

WAXTED A middle-aped lady desires a position as maternity nurse, mi ernon street. PAROLED FORCER ADMITS GUILTINEICHTNEWCRIMES CDllnurd From Flrnt -Tage so that nine cases actually are pending against him. Another defendant who will appear in court on Monday morning for sentence is Janiet K. Blair, an Indian and otiidnt at- Corliola Tn.tian a.vltnnl The rohherv was comniiltp.l i i n. morning auu me in.iian was arrcffici wiiiim a.

itn uyuin aiirr me alleged crime. Blair also is charged with having robbed the Fort Hunter postolliee. which is located in Weaver's store building but he will have to an swer to that charge in the Federal courts, Other defendants to be sentenced on Mondav include three brass thieves. Marto Laten. Daniel Gates and Peter Lewis.

Henry Johnson will be called on a eharge of neglecting to support his faniilv and Christ C. Kutz will be haled into court on a charge of re fusing to support his grandchildren. STATE RUSHING ORDERSFOR SUPPLIES TO CONTRACTORS Continued From First Pave holds them down to the contract i price, no matter what -the contractor has to pay. Mr. Kambo has made requisitions for large amounts of standard supplies which must be furnished under the present contract, and the State will a j.

u. fore contracts for next year are let. Contractors are beginning to git up and look at the heavv requisitions are being made on them for sup- plies for delivery before June 1. when the new, schedules go into effect, and tbey have been asking all sorts of questions regarding the demand, but are fully aware that it is to meet the high prices that will surely accompany the bids. In some eases prices for State supplies have advanced over one I hundred per cent, from what they were a year ago, and the contractors are not making very much, as in at majornty of instances bidders eager for contracts put in the minimum prices.

not expecting the very large advance, i Itinerary of Trip Which Starts From Huntingdon is Com plete, Says Brown PICKS HIS HOME COUNTY FIRST Senator McNichol Endeavoring to Have Charles A. Ambler Drop Out of the Race For Auditor General Since He Promises Support Despite the fact that he has beon ill in Washington for the past week, Governor Brumbaugh will begin a cam paign next week to enlist support for his Presidential boom. Reports from Washington are that the Governor is' so far improved that he will leave for Harrisburg to morrow, and will be at the Executive Mansioij on Attorney General Brown, in announcing that Governor Brumbaugh would take the stump next week, said that the itinerary of the speechmaking tour was practically complete. Governor Brumbaugh will start about the middle of next week from Huntingdon, his native county, and move westward. Pittsburgh and the Erie-Crawford district will be invaded.

From there the party will shift to the northern tier. Continuing down through the coal re gion, the Governor will spend the final days tof the campaign in the eastern counties. Complete Ticket In Field "We have a complete ticket in the field," Attorney General Brown announced last night. "Instead of ex periencing difliculty in getting candidates to run we found difiieulty in se lecting the candidates from the large body of men who volunteered to run. All over the State there is a prepon derance of sentiment for Governor Brumbaugh.

Senator McXichol, of Philadelphia, has had several conferences with Mayor Smith over the candidate for Auditor General, ilavor Smith wants Speaker Charles A. Ambler, of Montgomery, and Senator McXichol, who previously pledged himself to Ambler, now wants the latter to get out of the race and make way for Senator Charles A. Snyder, of Schuylkill. As Ambler was brought out bv Mavor Smith, ac cording to Governor Brumbaugh, naturally the Mayor is loth to give up his pet candidate, and there the matter rests at present until more conferences can held, when it is said that Ambler may quit the game. The Democratic Situation With ex-Demoeratie State Chairman Walter E.

Bitter in charge, headquarters were opened yesterday in Boom 404, finance Building, South Penn square, Philadelphia, bv the Liebel Campaign Committee. From there active work in the interest of Congressman Michael Liebel, for Demo cratic Xatioual committeeman, will be directed until the primaries, on May- lb. That the Palmer Reorganizers are afraid, of Liebel is evidenced bv the way they are using their factional newspapers against his e-andidaey. NINE-HOUR DAY DEMANDED Silk Manufacturers in Pennsylvania to Be Visited by Organizers Bti Associated Press. Patersin, X.

April 21. Announcement of a campaign for a universal nine-hour day in the silk manufacturing centers in Pennsylvania and Xew York was made here to-day by representatives of the American Federation of Labor. It was stated tlmt organizers have left for Kaston. and Brooklyn, and that they will visit cities wherever silk is made in those tw0 States. A nine-hour day was granted recently by most of the silk employers in Paterson.

The Johnson-Coddin mill, the largest ribbon manufacturing plant in this city, announced to-day a ten per cent, increase in wages. Fink's Wurzburger Beer. Just like Imported. Bich, creamv and heavv. Adv.

Wintered at St. Petersburg Mr. and Mrs. William M. Shoe maker, of Xorristown.

who have been spending the winter at St. Petersburg, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs! J. L. Paxson, 219 Emerald street.

Mrs. Mary Jones Mrs. Mary Jones, aged 65 years, died yesterday morning at the lioine of Mrs. Laura McCord. 200S Xorth Sixth street.

Funeral services will be held to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock from the undertaking establishment of C. H. Mauk, Sixth and Kelker streets. Interment will be made in the East Harrisburg cemetery. AMUSEMENTS To-day Oaly ''The Womaa's Law Featuring FLORENCE REED HITT An JEFK CARTOOXS PA THE NEWS To-morrow Oaly Tangled Hearts Featuring LOUISE LOVELY A gripping society drama.

BRAT CARTOOXS i FOR ALE-Eggs for hatching from 12' or'aoi'Tan? parkwal" my prize winning and heavy laying Buk 'wafers thoS of Barred Plymouth flocks and th bnriv hv TAKe SoOO SOCIAL ana PERSONAL WIDOW OF GREAT NEGRO POET WEDS R. J. NELSON Mrs. Paul Lawrence Dunbar and Attache of Department of Mines Were Quietly Married Yesterday in Wilmington, Del. A friendship which culminated in a visit to this city wJiile on a lecture tour, terminated in the wedding of Mrs.

Paul Lawrence Dunbar, widuw of the great negro poet and lecturer, to Kobert J. Xelson, of this city, an attache of the Department of Mines. The ceremony was performed yesterday at 11 o'clock at at home of the bride in'Wilmintgon, and was attended by the immediate members of the family. Following a week' honeymoon at Ocean City Mr. and Mrs.

Xelson will return to this city where they will take up their residence. Mr. Xelson is a native of Beading but cauie to Harrisburg when he was appointed to a clerical position in the Department of Mines by Governor Fehnypacker. Mrs. Dunbar was a leading educator of the country and was principal of the colored high school in Wilmington and has won a reputation as a lecturer and has lectured in this city on several occasions.

31 RS. M. H0RTIXG HOSTESS Entertained Members of Mystic Embroidery Club Yesterday Mrs. M. I Horting entertained the members of the Mystic Embroidery Mr.

Shoop is now arranging for the new yesterday afternoon. After sewing and chatting the guests enjoyed dainty refreshments. Those present were: Mrs. George W. Hauler, Mrs.

David Fisher, Mrs. Wil-mer Crow, Mrs. T. Miles Logan, Mrs. Sidney Geary, Mrs.

W. W. Stewart and Mrs. Walter Dolfman. MISS TATXAL ENTERTAINS Guests Spent a Pleasant Evening With Games and Dancing Miss Edith Tatnal, 238 Emerald street, entertained informally at her home last evening.

Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Karl Richards, Miss Grace Khoads, Miss Margaret Miller, Miss Martha Whited. Miss Mabel Krall, Miss Mary Roth, John Hallv Frank Roth, Ralph Krall. Charles Kramer, Raymond Kralk and Joseph Montgomery.

(U KSTS OF MRS. OLEWIXK Informal Little Party Held Last Even- i ing at Her Home Mrs. Koy E. Olewine entertained a i nuifber of friends at ber home, 317 Woodbine street, last evening. Those present were: Miss Ruth Long, Miss Anna Isabello Gamber, Miss Margaret Manning, John Swan, of Williamsport KlwooJ Mell, Joseph; Suisley, Mr.

and Mrs. Albert i Mr. and Mrs. A. Olewine and Mr.

and; Mrs. Kov K. Olewine. Woods to Deliver Address Secretary, of the Commonwealth Woods will deliver the opening ad- dress at the annual meeting of the i American Academy of Political and I Social Science, in Philadelphia, next Friday evening. This is one of the most important bodies in the country having as its object the study of po- litical-scientifie matters, and its selection of Secretary Woods to make the address was a signal honor.

Miss Elizabeth Capp to Wed Mrs. Thomas H. L'app. Hathaway Park. Lebanon, has announced the engagement of her daughter, Miss M.

Klizabeth Capp. to John Fetty. of Lebanon. Miss Capp is the daughter of the late Judge Thomas H. Capp.

of the Dauphin county bench, and is well known in this city. Mr. Petty is a member of the J. Petty Boiler Works' firm. WINTERDALE Two orchestras Saturday evenings; dancing.

Six-piece orchesira Tuesday evenings Adv. Let Us Weld Your 1 BROKEN AUTO SPRING 1 Guaranteed for one year. B. C. MURRAY Practical Blacksmith and Toolmaker Bell Phone 1 Jonestown Road A Certain Cozy ami comfortable wnnnlh in the house healed bv I lai SUN-GLO COAL that prompts the guest's inquiry, "What kind of coal do you burn Hard SUN-GLO COAL is an ideal coal for household heating.

It burns slowly with a hot tire, and needs little attention. Burns Avell in Hot Air Furnaces. Steam Heat Boilers, Hot Water Stove and Kitchen Ranges. United Ice Coal Co. Main Office: Forater Cowden Also Steelton, Pa.

For Sale No. 206 Walnut Street Fronting 32 feet 9 inches, extending through the same width to Loctt3t street. Applications for renting first floor and basement may be considered. Floor area about 5272 square feet, including show windows. APPLY TO Commoajivstlifi Trust Company 222 Market Street PUBLIC SALE Saturday, April 22, 1916 40 Head of Horses at Our Stable, SI a Blackberry Stteet, rear of Central Hotel and one square from Fenna.

Station, Harrisburg, Pa. One express load, 28 head of Virginia Horses, consisting of general purpose, horses, farm chunks and driving horses; also some good, big draft horses weighing from fifteen to sixteen hundred pounds. Among these are some mated teams in bays and grays. They range in age from three to eight years old. We have bought these horses right from the farms where they have been bred and raised and all out of hard work and as tiey are about through with their spring plowing, we were fortunate in getting a good many single-line leaders.

As this will be the last of our Spring Sales we are going to have a general clean up sale, so don't fail be on, hand for bargains. Will also have some acclimated horses from a plug to a real pood horse. Sale at 1 o'clock P. M. for thirty, sixty or ninety days.

FARVER WITMER H. D. Koons, Anct. A. B.

Landis, Clerk. Chicago Live Stock Market Chicago, April 21. Hogs Receipts, slow. Bulk. 9.53a9.65; light, 9.15a9.70; mixed.

9.30a9.70; heavy, 9.1oa9.75; rouh, 9.15a9.30; pigs, 7.2oa8.90. Cattle Receipts, 1.000; steady. Native beef steers, 7.8."al0.00; stockers and feeders. r.85aS.50; cows and heifers. 4.00a9.20; calves.

7.00al0.0. Sheep Receipts, 7.000; steadv. Wethers, 6.859.10; lambs, 7.6011.65. fcinir Uhnra I 1 ii rl Sllltl' per setting; three settings. 12.50.

Ad dress IRA E. BIGLER, Camp Hill, Pa. niano- Sell piano, PARTY wants to store sell cheap for cash. HARRY' A. MY EKS.

iare Star-Independent FIVE-PASSENGER TOURING CAR 4 loots: first class mechanical condi- lion; nne appearance: one extra tire, new. Has not been in the jitney serv- ice. Inquire 3-6 S. Sixteenth St 1 FOR SALE $5.00 for a good rcfrigera-1 tor. Aiso one white bed with brass trimmings: will sell cheap.

Cail at 1724 Regma street IF IT EASTEK FLOWERS you J' A' MILLER, i i'2 Market street, near subway. Complete line of hya cinths, tulips, daffodils, hydranges, spireas, lilies. Hill Store, 12-3s Walnut street. FOR SALE Household furniture at private sale, including dining room and bed room furniture, davenport rugs, rockers, etc. Everything must be sold promptly.

Apply N. Second tr.ird floor apartment after i.30 p. ni LEATHER traveling ba and suit cases (drummers samples) positively at th lowest prices in the city. Call and oe convinced, aiso su.ts of clothing. COHLX SOX, Keabie Pawnbrokers, tii Market au.

at subway. con su ninu 111-117 South i Second eis new sasn. zl per set. Aisu other sues. FOR 3 ALE Una ot the largest moos heaaa in the city; beautiful specimen; win sell at great sacrince; baigair to quick buyer; alao deer head to be sold cheap.

Fur information communicate wiui J. ii. tL. care star-independent. FOB SALE At GABLK'S, 11J.

115 and' 111 sou to second street, auuu gallons i I TJ a .1 qjality. Ail tuo f-U hue ot In Actta wane. kCW CIS 1U I UUU AVIU I I i i whn actually' ensa'ged in re- who haS confeJ3cd 10 rbbing the gen-spondinsr to emergency calls. eral store of Harrv A. Weaver.

Fort FOR SALE Re-Nu-iletal Polish for 20. Enter or leave except at the estab-sjold. silver, nickel, brass and aljiui- lished ways of entrance and exit, num. no acid; no dust; gives best re- 21. Place or propel any boat or other suits witn least laoor; trial can.

Ii craft upon park waters, cents: uostai brines it. Ke-Xu Chem 22. Land from any lJOat at a nlaco not Permit any animal except horses and led does to enter said Darks. Obstruct in any way anv roadway I or path S. Carry any flowers or shrubs, firearms, sline-shot, ax, saw, shovel, or soade witiiin anv Park.

Keep or offer anything for sale. 10. Post or display any sign, banner or 1 advertisement, Play any music. in. Deliver any public speech.

13. Hold any public meeting or engage in any marcning or driving as members of a military, political ur oiner organization, ill. Condnt any funeral procession or vehicles containing the bodv of a deceased person. 15. Solic.t or invite passengers for hire tor any boat or vehicle.

Take any ice from any park waters. '9 isn in any parx waters, except un, H.rk 19. Enter any place where the words "No Admittance" or "Keep Off" n. viiau up uiKpiayeti. designated by said Department I 23.

Injure or unnecessarily disturb any fish, water fowl, birds or animali Hold any picnic at a place not des- iejnated for that ournose. 15. Play baseball, tennis, nor anv other game or sport at a place not des ignated lor itit purpose. 26. Bathe In any place not designated i bv the TJepartment 27.

Violate the regulations relating to the use of any building or place, -3. ihjuic an posiea oy order of said Department. Section 5. Any person violating any of the foresoins; Rules and Regulations shali. upon conviction thereof h.fnr.

the Mayor or any Alderman of the i-uy. oe sentencea to pav a fine of not more than fifty (lou) dollars and the costs of prosecution: and in default of the payment thereof, be imprisoned in the jail cf Dauphin County for a period not exceeding thirty 3() days. Bv Order of the DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND PUBLIC PROPERTY. Passed the City Council April ISth, 1S1. E.

S. MEALS, Mayor. Attest: CHARLES A. MILLER. City Clerk.

Offie of the Citr Clerk. Harrisburg. April If, lilt. i it ical Co, Hi Brad dL, Harrisburg, FOR SALE Sure Death for bed hugs, i Roaches. Ants, Water Bugs.

Moths; does its work surely and quickly. Trial i can. 'ii cents. Postal brings it Chemical Co, 11 Brady Harrie burg. Pa.

The Harrisburg Hospital is open daily except Sunday, between 1 and 2 o'clock p. m. tor dispensing medical advice and prescriptions to those un-alile to rav for them. Prospect Hill Cemetery MARKET AD XfiTH STREETS This cemetery Is soon to be enlarged and beautified under plana prepared by Warren H. Manning, Lots will be sold with the per-petual-care provision.

Prospect Kill Cemetery Co. Hrniai Miller PreMeat LOt 1ST AU IOIRT STREETS bcll, I.

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