The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1897
Page 1
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l ( ' , '-** f ' * , **, "^ "* *,, - ~ ' '-$^ ,^ % v " : *i \.-~ r y t' *"^ i </ - 5" j^"-^ * jT '~\ ^ _ * "~ ' , ->.' V •""* * 11 T T ill Here- HOT SESSION, That is the Situation iti DesMoittes, the Le^isifttnte is Hat-d Btlt Code ftevisioii Goes MetHly OH, and the taw Makers Will Be Glad to See the fend t>f It. that the laws on those subjeBts Will fre- main practically as they W6 today, * -4- '4-. The senate has passed a treasure requiring county superintendents to hold a first class eerllndate< a state certificate of diplbmii and ta be of good inoral character, and it is predicted the house f the senate. IK THB-, Grocery Line ^ stock is completer than ever, and prices [and qualities equal to any. M. Z. Grove & Son. 102 E. State St. 19. CEO. L CALBRWTH & CO. DBS MoiNES, Feb. 16.—Your readers have probably discovered that it is hot possible to make these letters interesting. The proceedings of the general assembly are not of an exciting nature. The code makers are proceeding with their work with a reasonable degree of energy. Now and then changes are .made by one house or the other, but few radical changes have passed the gauntlet of both houses. . The committees of both houses are BO far along with their work that within a few days both will be holding two sessions a day; then the work will be pushed more rapidly. -There is but little use of holding two sessions at the. present time, as there would not be work enough to do. Senator Carney has a motion pending in the senate requiring two senate sessions. Action is expected soon.. -f -f- 4- The senate has amended the election law prohibiting the name of any candidate going on the ticket more than once. This will prevent fusion. How- CARRY A FULL LINE OF ets Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods, [wall Paper, Window Shades, Hats, Caps, Gloves, Mittens, Under Lear, Gents' Furnishings, and in fact everything tote ha ma re Lass store. Our prices are the lowest. WE WILL NOT B! {UNDERSOLD. G. L. Galbraith &. Co. — ^ h ^Chamber Suits Lt rema^ablylowprices. We are also making special prices on odd pieces of upholstered goods. Complete stock of i T» lUndertaking Goods, A, U, on. ever, the amendment was not proposed for that purpose, but simply in the interest of simplifying the election tickets and reducing their cost. The senate believes that when a man gets his name on the Australian ballot in one spot he is before the voter, or where the voter can reach him, and that is enough. There has been much quiet talk about this measure and it will undoubtedly pass the house. Three republican senators, viz: Ellis, Garst and Lothrop, voted against the amendment, along with the six democrats. These senators did not vote that way to antagonize their political associate, but they thought the opposition might claim that republicans were legislating for their own advantage. However, Iowa is following the lead of other states in this matter. -4- 4- 4- Governor Drake, .assisted by bis daughter, whose elopement and marriage was chronicled not long ago, will hold a reception this week for members of the general assembly and other state officers and their wives at the Savory house. The governor always entertains delightfully. 4- -*••*•" It is not believed there will be any change in the railway mileage books as asked for by the traveling men. Such a proposition is regarded as too radical in a general assembly called together for a specific purpose. The same may be said of the bill seeking to authorize the manufacture of liquors. -$- 4- -4- A resolution by Senator Carney of Marshall county providing for a thorough Investigation of the expenditures and management of all state institutions has unanimously passed the senate and been referred to a cbmmlttee in the house. It allows the committee to be composed of three from each house to sit during the session or after it has adjourned and to employ a stenographer and an expert bookkeeper and be m* * _j.l«*«4-ls*n ad The Latest Things Out are always found at our store, We make a specialty of white ware for decorating. Langdon & Hudson. TBL>BFHONB NO. IS. er aim uu GA^OI. u wv/«««— t — allowed mileage. The investigation as proposed will take several months. The senate voted last Friday to do away with the publication of the official ballot In the county papers. It was claimed that it was a useless expense, because the voters could see the sample ballots when they, were posted up Tf C. J. DUTTON, ___.*. -w—i f-i-i/—siv-r Tf**i*V^7* A__ , It was argued, on the other hand, that it was a decided advantage to give the voters an opportunity to examine the ballot in their homes before the election. The objection of expense was met with an offer to limit it to $50 or $75 to each paper. The vote was very close, 21 to 20, and Senator Mitchell voted for the amendment a'nd filed a motion to reconsider It. It is likely that the publication of the ballot may be continued with the price limited. LAFE YOUNG. Six pounds of XXXX coffeefor Six pounds of Arbuckle coffee for Six pounds of Lyons' coffee for . . Six pounds of Capital coffee for . . One pound of Spearhead tobacco for One pound of Climax tobacco for . . One pound of Starr tobacco for . . One pound of Battle Axe tobacco for . One pound of Even Change tobacco for One pound of Q, Q, tobacco for . . One hundred pounds granulated sugar $1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 .40 .40 .40 .25 .25 .20 4.90 Representative Funk's resolution reciting' the financial condition of the state and calling for an investigation of all the state offices attracted considerable attention in the early part of the week. The resolution authorized the committee to inquire into the receipts and expenditures of the various departments of the state government, with power to send for papers and persons and directing the committee to report to the house. It is understood that the Funk investigation was originated mainly to inquire into the expense of compiling the census in the secretary of state's office. A man by the name of W. T. Diller, who was a clerk for a time on the census and who is at present out of employment, has been gossip- _. . Hfl'rt'filn »*1 onri Fl TIM Tho Darky and His Tbreo Wishes. The following anecdote well il tratesthe spirit of contentment pre™ lent with the negro in the south before the war: Jack was once asked by his young master to make three wishes. He was told to take plenty of time and think well before he spoke. . After deliberating several minutes he said, "Weil, Marse Joe, I want a par ° f "Jaok,» said his master, "when you consider all the number of good things in this world, can't you think of something better? Try again. Be careful." ''Well, Marse Joe, I always want to have a plenty of fat meat.'' Jack, you have only one more Special RACE AT HOBART With THOBN & JONES. -UP-TO-DATE MERCHANTS ing about Secretary McFarland and alleging a good many things. But when Diller was put on the witness stand he testified that he had borrowed money from McFarland, as. the result of his necessities, and had repaid the same after he had secured employment on the census. It is not anticipated that any great scandals will he un< earthed by any of these investigating committees. There has been a great deal of talk with little foundation. The state is in debt because the general assembly appropriated too liberally last year and also made too many of the appropriations available during the year 1896. The state auditor, in a recent published statement, estimated that at the beginning of next year the deficit would be something over $502,000, The prudent legislators understand that this deficit cannot be wiped out by reducing the salaries of persons in the ' . ., _i..i~ mv,o nQirt;' troneral "Now, Jack, you have oniy one muio wish. Can't you think of something bet- A«_ «,„« o r^nir of boots and fat meatr Days wish, uan'i you ILUUH. u* a ~~*~~ — 0 ter than a pair of boots and fat meat? After thinking awhile he gave it up, saying: "Marse Joe, if Ihad apft'rof boots and a plenty of fat meat, I doan' want nuthin mo'." This happy negro I knew personally. He was horn a slave and boa always lived "in Virginia.-0, 0. Page, M. P., in New York Bun. Patriotism In the Hub. Apropos of the proverbial reigning in the breast of every ; _ . . true rmErumc iu mo «*«"*•»» — . • , .1 Bosnian, a friend of mine of a phil- tthropio turn of mind noticed for sev- - mornings that the children of the Baptist Ladies, r Thursday,'FEB.. i M. E. Ladies, Monday, FEE. Swedish Ladies, Monday, FEB. King's Daughters, CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la- E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNSY AT LAW. Collection agent. . Boston block. DANSON & BUTLER, ' LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles' new building. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-Ferguson bljolt. E. V. SWETTXNG, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa, 8 J. 0. RAYMOND. ERNEST 0. BAYMOND RAYMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. mornngs garbage man accompanied their father onhis rounds and greedily »te certain choice morsels which they extracted from the garbage, This so weighed up' Monday, FEB... 32 FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. ;, WHITHAM ' down so that the half million 4efloit will 'be wiped out in the year 1899, Meantime the state's credit is good and state warrants are in demand every* • IWVn COUNTER, <or The senate committee has cut down the waes of p*rt, all te em o, on WM> e'""" 1 " +**"** " •»-*""• -~— - - • ful thought he approached the ,,.,-,-, talked kindly withhim and said, ''Now, Why don't you take your family west, Juy a little farm and give them a conv fortable home and living? . R "Whatl" said the astonished pan. "Bring up wy children out of Boston! —Philadelphia Inquirer. A tyireU wwl W» SocUs, A certain titled young Englishman^is eaid to order his silk ^.^.^ dozen installments, which last about a month. Many rich and fastidious men object t» •wearing thejr socks a sepond rsf£ t sr«pi«S|» Cong'l Ladies, 0 Thursday, FEB.,.25 Episcopal Church, • 'Monday, MARCH ! Presbyterian Church, Monday, MARCH 8 Jas. Taylor. F, L, TRI3OJST, M. D,, Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office and residence in the Boston B)oefc (In the aew bloofc.) | H, C, MeCOY, M. D., PffYSIOIAN AND SURQSQN* Office at residence, MeGfregor »(»«»*. PHYSICIAN AN? SURGEON Grass Leases, I •*• *t* ""• "" S%9fTV!"MW> **W*wt »** WT* IL Meona Witt also buy rubber and. copper. Meal8 anft inches served at all hows, ' OYSTERS OoBteotjweyy, A. H. AJ-M3W, os so fAY, ISHEUY & pinieoNE, Head Stones, IPIJtVVv *•*•** »--w •"— the veporaoiendations mittee will be adgpted, •*- -»- -t- Representative St. Jobd rallied to the defense of co'operative Creameries the other day »?d defeated sltiqn to tax thenj as. porpprations •J* "^ *P Tfeegveatest intemt is in regard to tb e ti»§ vevenv^e Ift^ ditiQuspf go Press. TUe Reason. Boy—The preacher says there 3 ,«7 87 27 37 M. a, PffYSIOIAN Office ana residence over s, P. P. S» 9©oe ovej the gtete &»ate> t b<j enough W«n to go Arguj. PR, PRESTON.

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