The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1897
Page 7
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•ftii%ftiM5! jl^r tm*mf*ir (Mn ' <r )|i« l rtfrdMlBlllriB^^M l MBBIIIIrT T RAVEL £**«««**• . Biifbf leffig Smouttl o! ffils- amohg the JfcopW regard- of carrying g^p^yeaFf^ e ' " ijflj nil inniBITIIfniiinriii Kidney Disease . r40ft§ Afctt (3N CUfcftfeN? feVENTS, tes, wc ugh bills lor sweeping i-e the legislature of many oi the ItftWy WMglit ttei,t>tts i**og*es*— Clb*slft««t Will Mftli-r-Ahdtlter Vctei-AH fit 1 ! legion**'**-~ tot hill gave sotos *~»—-,- Shg hformation about the ffihess in the west. His were based upon the ie- i^Srsra^ESl a Commission of Missouri therefore be >nd question. ^JiS&SH D 11 CUlCD *H V* I" ***•*• * A t-tri fllSstratlng the theory of his lllowing table showing the rrt- Rpulatlon and rates is inteiest •his connection; Passenger Population revenue per square per mile S lle> f 077.00 g| 2075.00 90 1951-00 ' too 4513.00 ie named rate in most of the states was three cent per actual . amount received is of US Harry Wright Memorial association held a meeting recently in the tJttlted Press room at Philadelphia. The subject of erecting a monument to the memory of the veteran base ball manager was talked over. Bids for the bronze^ statue which will cost something over , , will be kept open until the-first of we year, whin the contract will be awara ed to the bidder offering the most sat Isfactory bid. Treasurer 3. H. of the association, made his n port. The returns from the nan played for the Harry Wrlgnt ial fund aggregated **> 6 ™' ' llpell games and the proceeds that have been received are as follows: Philadelphia vs. Athletic, at dalphla, $1,220.30-, New York vs MeUo politan, at New York, $322 Chicago vs. Kansas City, at Kansas City, W»™ Indianapolis vs. Plttsburg, at Indianapolis, $246.24; Harvard vs. Moirell s team, at Bostcn, $238.80; Boston VB Springfield, at Derby, Conn., ?69.62 Washington vs. Departmental plckec team, a? Washington, $127.2G; 0 nc n natl '96 vs. Cincinnati '82, at Clncln nati, $365.20; J.oulsvllle vs. Unknown 18ftMint *«*««*to the More speedy pitehlhg that into vogue. After *• «tirwn«Jt remained in Boston. Oeorg*''^tl was a member o the team with Bftvs of him: "Me was always coclenUouB and faithful and hard to w'm. We could always oh him." The deceased was a of the Boston lodge of Elks, and the funeral, which took place ffotn the residence January 1 at 2 p tr,, wa under the auspices of the lodge. The interment was at Elks' Rest, Mt. Hope cemetery, ASMY , of John- ftoti UOTini-j-i T6tP(t. (from the-rimes, Wt*t BfAnch. lowtv.) ttorace Robcrttort is ft prosperous faf*er f West Branch, .Tohiison County, lowiv L YI 6 ! 1 veteran of the late war, hnyliip for three yeal* and twehty-one il«y» reduce the I'ltclieJ- BclirtvcN William Schrlver, one of the catchers of the champion Minneapolis team, oi the Western league, Is well fttown in the professional ranks frort his many years' connection with Philadelphia Chicago and New York teams, of the major league. He was born June 00, 866, at Brooklyn, N. Y., and learned o play ball with amateur teams in his native city. He played with a number of semi-professional teams at Brooklyn, and gained considerable local renown before he was engaged by the Brooklyn club, of the American association, for the season of 1886. »» record since that time Is well known. rrnftlfo Vs. Treadling. William Mercer, talking probably from ' !s own experience, says that a young pitcher can get more valuable tips on how to pitch effective ball by watching the work of a seasoned pitcher in a game of ball than he can by throwing his arm out of joint in an effort to perfect himself through Sa medium of practice. The theory may wort <r/ell enough in Mercer's case, TOitifi ifcC i* w* «** »s*u »•* -- eiS loWin «W,ttft volumes. MaSsftetivteettS dnntlaiiy Imports ffSitt beyorfd'ber bbfdef 'eggs id the val«6 of $5,000,00(5, it is said that no cotthtry in the world shows so great a variety of platit life as Mexico. The average yield of wheat in Great Bfitain this year was 83 2-3 bushels aft acre, nearly five bushels above the average. A Modern Way td Stop A Cough * lvlouei .. .prfAtftMttmtttntitoh hlhe ft »*lt« , «Sh6 treats he? Baby ftslhoflgl time. Husband-fou are tow sensitive. animals. ftiri ivOUcI uoun ratt".*-* *- disease. Stance. &ent of Eeredrth7eecrnW;TheTe B al Ireport of the later-state Com- lr rt »»« fters cents if not lower. was shown that lower rates do not |L increase traffic and instances I cited where reductions from lour and three and one-half cents to cents per mile did not result in as to wheth- wed that while the third class rate eaoTd and third class travel ^convenience. j His Woes. obby doesn't seem happy, even with f Unnoticed. What is the matter, l got new ice skates an' a Bled an' whether I want it to freeze or WILLIAM SCHRIVER. SsS=^?Sjff= ?>,,iJPonnlfi out un at Schenectady, JN. *•> bv Uie Srf ^ViniSms' Medicine Uompany. HH sl .?,A?.."i ' Mr. Robertson has now ' fl " t n " tMn * (jottd tdlid* In jiiiM"""""- • M<nneatooll8.Minn. _ v7t| 4 -it ^ •^ Muincs A nernon vThThnd been for twenty yearn a member of the lire department ot rroyes was discovered utter death to be a woman. TIIIB >s »»»»»*• . ,. "You are doing right well to-day," w»id th «0h? y«,« answered the "twol^ "J* VieudqUarteVB." Co«Jghi«B ^«»'t« to Consumption. Kemp's balsam will stop tho cough ntonce Goto your druggist to-day andget a sample" bottle free. Large bottles 25 and 50 cents. Go at oncei delays are dougerovis^ Last year's nn»Urd"crop in California; amounted to 10,000,OQO pouncta. "~ iToainly ottthnrtlo, : <& T ,, c 8)00 Ucwurit o,i S^IHSSSS quires a ^Wakon 1 nternaUy, acting Catarrh Cure is v "£"-", " d ml i CO UB Bur- directly upon the btootl ana m ^ w t r rri Q ^vT»^« >Ob, but bej the best. anov result, and to them hegivcs his grate any one Flat and UnllatterliiB. hat Miss Single is as straight as ». geo at Louisville, $128.95; New Haven vs. Victor, at Bridgeport, Conn., siu, Brockton vs. Harvard second nine at Brockton, Mass., ?33.75; Spalctag.and other veterans, at Rockford 111., ?*»»•17- game at St. Louis, $103.75; Chris Von der Ahe, donation, ?50; Syracuse Stars' contribution, ?25. Unoaou but her face is a decidedly plain surface." Har<l to Ti-ovel. wn-- Has Youngblood traveled muchl S-Bxtenelvely. He has seen all the rize fights. __ __ Ihe boy stood on the burning deck, To leave It he refused: spark fell on his haughty neck, , Ob I the words be used I ..!., ' for he is an observing and clever pitcher but in nine cases out o£ ten practice is'the only thing that will benefit a youngster. It is easy enough to sit bv and see how it is done, but it is decidedly another thing to do it yourself The stern reality knows a theory "for a twister,"-Detroit Tribune. Hums-Pink Pills contain all the WINTER VEGETABLES. 1 A little sugar added to turnips, beets and winter squash will be an improvement. The proportion of salt .in cooking vegetables is a teaspoonful to every gallon of water. Turnips carrots and onions should never be split, but sliced in rings cut across the fiber. Onions should be soaked in warm sail, water to remove their strong flavor before cooking. Sold i Hall's It's a queer suuiuuv ""•••••_ . That woman, at Swell tiffiUis, Because bhe is in tho swmi, The fewer the clothes jibe wears. NO.TO-BAC~FORl^FfY CENTS. Jj«MWMSr*« ffi don streets. . r PVi« taxftuie vtjuiti* wt v«~ ulationoTthe United States is over 000.000. ,_ 's CampUnv it *300,- Naked Pills are fit only, for naked savages. Clothes arc the marks of civilization—in pills as well as people. A good coat does not make a good pill, any more than good clothes make a good man. But as sure aa you'd look on a clothesless man a9 a mad one, you may look on a coatless pill as a bad one. After fifty years of test no pills stand higher than AVER'S Cathartic Pills | SUGAR COATED. | ^^^^%rt^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^ ~ "~" ~ KiuiiHiii iiiuoiii"-- • "'- jjnuif O v irort Wortn, TOIC. fnEirsjw;|i| •M Kxamlnatlon and Ail TWillon. Sonrtfor" 1 " W. N. U. Des Moines. ^Ato^f $f«W a «?VVTV i '^vTW—v TTT ^ 7 " ' ' [Whoever chooses to use St. Jacobs Oil for Hurts °*Bruises t """"""""' , tano'8 Family r bves the bowels each day. In, or- to be healthy, this is necessary, [gently on the liver and kidneys. U"sick headache. Price_85 and 50c, Lt not the world, for it Tever payetb fit pvomiseth.-Bt. Augustine, , Co»auct aiul Hoalth Oftt-n Their pung girls often ieel and conse- 'ntly act, very sti-angely. yaey shed tears'"without apparent L, ft re restless, nervous, and Ilfc |s almost crk-al. A Settled FttCt. Some weeks have, elapsed since anything 'has been said In regard to the Sunday ball grounds that'the Clave- lands are to play on next season, and in consequence the fans are becoming worried for fear that the P an will not be carried out, says a Cleveland dispatch. There is no question, However that Cleveland will play Sunday ball at hoone. The life of the game here depends upor, it, at least, such is the impression of tne management TUieie Se'several reaspns why no active steps are being taken at present. In the firs place, It is exceedingly desivable that the Sunday games be played at the me park as the week-day games. If a club can play on the Jexbjn venue grounds, so much the het ut this, can hardly be determined un- 1 after the mayoralty election In tne prjng! Wer* it definitely ascertained Sti L club cannot play Sunday baj t the Lexington avenue park, the a a atron? prohahlltty that this park •ill be abandoned entirely and a new ark erected in OlenvJlle. where bo h he Sunday and week-day games will be played. The electric cars on St. Sair street would take the crowd to G envllle even more quickly than he cable cars transport them to Lexington avenue, J>r«sl<lent Sodden. an4 heedless of tilings go Km arowd thftin, gopaetimes the »f aw »» >ww part* P 1ft givls ftro po Av free ft-pm i»cip philosophical his- tor'ian TaV Buckle. It is estimated thlt a single foot-note In his "History of ctvllSation" mnat have cost five veare' vesearcb. The first and, in most respects, the createst of all tragic poets was Aeschylus His delineation of the tragic elements of human conduct has never been surpassed. ^^ WHl«sWlio^^ortIv7ert"ft OM^S!? candy cut.h»ji^urej^aranteed, 10c, -oc. Borne people look happiest when they have bad nasvp to tell. r ». S yJFa-;;a- g e',sa«"; ALABASTINE. .<«. nutx^AII-i- ralBIS (OFIT WON'T RUB OFF. . . . . « M MPBIkll- ALABASTIHE FOP Sale l>y ff»Int Dealers EverywHoro. _ . ml _4. r..»/ D T, n «,int» 12 desirable tints, also Amba HAM j FOP Male uy ir»ii»«' •»»»»»"- — • — •• - -- t-l-u-. FREE wc™™"W°^—~*^ L ^<i !s s<iss^^ ai^:«WfflS^£*^WTaa I ?«H ,x & The above is a good likeness of President Arthur H. Sodden of the Boston club. He has made a million dollars out of the national game. noi David S. Birdsall, who was a »emher of the first professional base ball club that ever represented Bpston, died in Boston \t his residence, 222 Harrison avenue, on Pecember 30, from the ie- 0ult of an operation performed upon him a year ago. He had been, ailing for a long time, and his last hours were very pSnful, A daughter 16 years P( Iff SSJiw w*. ^ Bivd f } born m New York city on July 1839. He was first prominent with cjub, wi^ wb^oU . fce , catcher. He tfeew Jpi»e4 with I'lie I<att> Crussd Modern base ball without coaching would be very much like "All Bfiba" nvesented minus pretty girls and scenery The autumn crusade which was largely directed by Frank De Haas Robison has quieted down, and the merry Clovelander and his retinue of reformers hrfve left the stage of action. There has been much foolish legislation by the directors of the game—the trap- ball idiocy still stands as a monument to folly In the ranks-hut the prohibition of coaching is not likely to call for much discussion at the February meeting in Ha-timore. The personal Smw W is sometimes Celled out o» the coaob line should be suppressed, and can be suppressed by the exercise of the authority alreafly invested n the umpires. It would be decidedly foolish to abandon, an enlivening fca- SrS became -there w« ,a few a So preaj( over T. DEI ITT! TALIASE SI In on? o£ his wonderful sermons 1 ^-"t:.. 1 .»!,<•„n,, cniH."Mv brother, in one ot ms wo»»u«j.u» pv»...— vcr?mSfully said,'.', your trouble is not with the heart, 1 it is a gastric disorder. or a rebel* lious liver, It is not sm that Wots out your hope of heaven, but bile that not only yellows your eyeballs and furs your tongue and makes your head ache but swoops- "pon your sQulin dejection and forebodings,"—and Talmage »s right! AH this trouble can be removed'. You J ' you <?an P« <?urea; How? By using _BT soltcr'ii B««4» aro W»rr«»t«« <° I'roduw. , fe^fes*S^"®gT fW&. Hsvewija aa low "***&^ V^a»' ""^**^^L^5 ~ttse^Vi&^~®S&SS8S£ We can giv? y proQl ftol win w4 wgroen, SWgercrs, m.y ,.:v\t.l/^ S^llSli^ivl^

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