The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1897
Page 5
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TOE 'ut on a I'K" , Good Front. new, very new iti Fancy Colored Shirts. - as, tfa tfee citSr 6! iU UU^3 lasAiWJ*. • *•" •<•-** iTork, Jftttuftfy, I8S8< ftt the ot Mrs. Bottome, te~A women m6t to discuss ftnd arrange som6 plan which would unite ftll Christian women in one gtahd- sisterhood of service. Adopting the system of Edward Everett Sale's "ten times one" they constituted themselves a " central ten" around which should cluster other "tens of workers, they having no authority or responsibility, but merely to encourage, advise, and guide. Of the various names proposed " The Order of King's Daughters" was most favorably received and finally adopted. The little silver Maltese cross tied with the royal color was selected as the badge, and the simple '/In His Name" of the apostles of old, as the Watch word. The society as organized had^constitution and no code o! law, believing that if any reasonable request shoul • • " ''InHisName" it should b We want to §ay a' word about be asked ge should be of action selected were: The New England. O. of the order it has been deemed expedient to constitute the central ten as an executive and advisory board with Mrs. Bottomo as president, and to adopt a AUDITS. BARGAINS nr PEBBUMY. M«™^^^^^^^ to confer with the Iowa congressmen relative to a tariff law affecting the milling interests of Iowa. .4. .4. 4- John Greenshields, son of Rev. Greenshields of Burt, is attending school at Storm Lake. Last week he started to ride home on horseback. He made the 40 miles to Spencer one day and expected to get to Burt the day following, but his pony bolted and he had to take the train. SEE our new pattern in crockery. M. z. GROVE & SON. YOU can get a range now of Burns for less money than used to be paid for an ordinary cook stove. ^Go and see them. He has several kinds^ • LOOK over our large line of capes and jackets before you buy. We have some big +>•>*•<">*««- Tee as a good working force, but a circle may con- less than ten members. All flour might be good flour— 'but it isn't, always, The good flour that's always 4 good-do you know where to get that kind? We will give you the combination : It s the Daisy Mills Flour. You know it. Don't put off doing a wise thing. Try some right now. Leuette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson-estate. * „*•£ i -'ii new ol Don't Get Caught Best Cloth .Cape Oil ft or Jacket .... M?* W Regular prices $15, $18, $20, $25. Cloth Jackets and Capes, k ^^taf II^Hv Former prices $7.5° to $10—now $5 GOTO Peter Johnson and Sampson for a number one job of horse shoeing. All work warranted.—44t4 Notice of Dissolution. Notics is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing under the firm name of J. B. & C. J. Dutton, at Irvington, Iowa, is this day dissolved. All accounts due the firm are to be paid to C. J. Dutton, and all liabilities are less the sons of God, without rebuke in Ihe midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye .shine like liffhts in the world.' This is our nrayer for you as we greet you as the Stag" Sons-, your title is a royal one. Our prayer for you, it seems to me, tekes P in y allthat y will make you manly, useful Christian men." fnMT .- fl " ot adequate idea can be formed ol BUYING A HORSE. • G. J.DUTTON. the revere liuliB tryine » overcome make the world better. self jCottooBlanketS; B ' WoolBlankets, -— — ScarleLlankefe \> close at from SOc to $3.50, worth 75c to $5.00; 30,000 yards wash goods at be per yard. ...Jas. Taylor. SEMI-LOOAI. NEWS NOTES, E xhe Emmetsburg Reporter hears a S W or that Algona is to have a fourth Iwspaper, Bro Mayne in this con- lotion suggests: There is such a con- tion as having too much of a good Sing, the Algona attorney, is to succeed James Wilson as director of the experiment station at the agricultural college. Prof. Wilson is given an indefinite leave of absence to enter the cabinet, but holds bis place. _!_ _i- .4— -f •*" Lome one poisoned Jim Scott's big Newfoundland dog at Emmetsburg, [e tells the Reporter that if he knew L fellow who gave the dog the poison ") would try whether Judge Quarton's j decision would hold good ov not, I James Kenefick, Dr,"Kenefiok'sbroth- Ir isloading 400 tons of ice at Gold- pd and shipping to Clarion. rp r . Gunsaulus^gave his Savonarola ijtureat Washinlton, this state, last week. The house was cold and the 724ffW?wif ^ l^Hsss % fi "J*4 fere Burreli reports it and Bays; behind the scenes said n.ot or less a Judge Quarton's dog decision is still the sensation. The Clarion Monitor gets about as far from the point m the case as it could in the tallowing. Judge Quarton of the Algona district, a few days since rendered a "dogpned" queTr decision by holding that a dog IB not personal property, but a wild animal, from which it follows that if a ** u r . . * -i __A_ ~i. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Geo. C. Call goes to Des Moines to day on a business trip. E. V. Swotting is expected home this week from Wisconsin. A. J. and Mrs, Robinson were noticed from Britt Saturday evening. Chas. and Mrs. Stinson came from Sheldon for Keene and a visit at tne Stacy home. ' del. and Grace Gilohrist visited in Algona Saturday and saw Keene. They came from Laurens. Orma Vesper spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Capt. Foster at the McCarthy home at Ames. Miss Margarett Rutherford and El- bertTuttlegoto Ames this week for the opening of the college year. Mrs A. C. Johns is in Spencer taking an electric treatment for rheumatism, from which she is a great sufferer. H. J. Wilson stopped in Algona on his way from Chicago, where he attended a bicycle show in an official capacity, Wm. K. Ferguson started for Malone, N, Y., Monday evening called by a telegram announcing that his mother is not expected to live. Mrs. Doxsee is visiting her sons in Algona. Her daughter, Gwennie, is with her. She goes from Algona to Ames for college opening. Mr. and Mrs, S, C, Spear go south this week, then to Washington for the inauguration, and then east, They will be away several months. it does not give the names ot some tiro then, the P»t yea, O. M. DOXSEE, Ten'"'and for a motto "Improve the Minutes.'' The name has since been changed to "The Algona Circle of Kine's Daughters." There was no definite plan of work but a resolution Jo do whenever a worthy and need^ cause was presented, inese B lllB childhood stretched back to the time when each mother took pride »teMb- inff her child to sew, thus the greater pa g rt of the work has been done with the needle. Boxes of ready made clothing and bedding have been sent to rer P a?rnav W e h a t SS d d H limrTrnU aV at b h^f y e not been neglected, but care has been token to give where it is really needed and not foster idleness. Of the origm- a°circle there are but three in Algona. Five have gone out into the world still wearing the cross and I. H. N. lending Thand when possible. Two,have lett " cross here and gone to be in tne This Week for Cash We will sell Tar Soap at 5 cents a bar Lion and Arbuckle fee at 20 cents a pound or six pounds for $i. Full Cream Cheese 12i cents per pound. For a limited time we will continue to sell Sorghum and Sy,*u fl > at 25 cents per gallon. Cal dried Peaches at 8 cents a pound, >Cll O *W* **J ww •• "—" J. C. ANDERSON & South of court house.^ Hortense Smith, wxlll THE WEEK'S ANNOUNCEMENTS, on the Opium TJmffl»?, MssFranos Yeomans, a teacher in the Fisk univerBity, succeeded in interesting our circle in the school 101 colored people, and a scholarship of $50 ledged for one year. There was animal, irom wmuu ic *w*"«o »" neighbor shoots, steals or poisons your "thoroughbred" you have no legal recoursef So long as dogs are bought and sold the same as other domesticated animals the holding of Judge Quarton doesn't have the appearance of being founded on either law or justice, -- -T" "»" Spirit Lake has risen 14 inches and the la e snows and spring rains will probably wake it two feet higher than last fall Arrangements are under way for making that popular resort greater than evev the cowing summer, The Spencer News' says: Thos, P, In^ham of Algona and Arch- O. Russell of Charley Kraft is home from a visit of several weeks with his brother at Osceola and other southern towns. He says business is very quiet everywhere he has been. Fred. Ingham spent Sunday at home. 1 He is now fully located at Spencev and speaks very highly of that place. He thinks it is the coming city of the northwest. Walter Jones, the Hobart merchant, was in Chicago last week a couple of days and came home by Des Moines. He says his uncle, J. B., is in Louis* iana on business. The Woman's Belief Corps meets tomorrow evening. The directors of the county agricultural society meet the first Saturday w The 'Algona Cemetery association meets Saturday. Everybody who is interested should be present. Thompson ou Chiaesa gie Hunt on the Life ngQ Ah Sing. Miss Berfcha, H five a recitation, and Mi^ erf ord a paper. AdmiSatWi ""• ....... " CUBE BOB '-,, ——.,, As a remedy for. all toi'fflft>' Earl Humlong, Lewis B, SmUh's dson, is in Algona for the spring nd is att'ending school with a vie« [ of graduating in June. His mother lives Everett, Wash, ' We doa't know the merits 'pf udoaee. The speaker was wprn out, Sj^^wt«V*?F»5S?JP^ nractloe Ol i»W- *'+*', *»•"•"••"•- .,,-' comes well recommended and these ,. 8 po« M vm^U.^™**"^*."™**™- jffl&L-wjsaMkiffi! s-^/^frsSsre pf « 4og, wd.there are Grant and Ed, Hawkins were up from the southeastern part of the state last week. Their mother is home in BancToft from a winter at Hot Springs. Their father is still in Oklahoma- Mr. and Mrs. Wads worth, who ha,ve been visiting their sons in Algona some monthfreturned to Wisconsin vested flav They have made many friends in llgona who will hope to see them again by *l»« wd pteotne and quiltlo anrona shalfere, etc. Kind frienas KlVer been ready to encourage and help. When we ask your help we ask Athe love * ( aggaa*y' THE newest novelties in ladies' and men's fine shoes at the very lowest prices. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co, CANNED goods, all sorts and prices, at Grove & Son's. _ FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. MONEY to loan on town property and farms Thos. F. Oooke.-31t;anl 0i8 jmcuuni' w*ww»'< •* „_ r (best. It effects a..i birthday comes on I most dreaded habiwimwwm mu^nV.Hn schools to its influence, WJTW|gaj £\\ft>fg\f\ ±n w»mmi'lt£& Cl. nflriTil RiF Lincoln's birthday will be celebrated .. »v!l v M O A rooms tomorrow eveninl' A'luU program^of music and addresses has been Arranged. Every body invited, At the Episcopal church the sacra- At *pe •^M««"r» ,,, ha adminis- long resist the use <$.Wa> mswap&^s* onoe Largo W^w^W.«^!M? Soeetz' drug BtQge.. l^V^ " • f ':'j->^6 t ' ; ,SH e ment of holy baptism will be wtainto t^-fld at 11 a ra., followed by a celebra tion of the HoHy Eucharist, Evening Service at 7;30^'clock. All are cordially invited. Rev W, B, Greenshields, pastor oJ pSsbySanohuvchatBuvt, will com, roencs revival meetings at the Mo roencs revva me Whorter school house on Monday, f eb, 14, beginning each evening at 7:30, All are invited, A- Snap for 8omebo4y» House and two lots for sale in west paVt Klgooa. Good cellar, cistern, well and aTlot of nice shrubbdeil ^ owA Inquire at this office,—?3 ON account of sickness in my tewlly y^.^r x- „!! my interest in the Ate 0 ,: ^ _ _ t — ««r,v» f)n \^m 14 QtlW *f#TfV*-«* At the next general teachers ins at the close of the school W«HW> Sfs Horton will lead the «wvww» f the queBtion of written e^minatiPW, and Miss Stephens will give, else in primary W 9 rk QH < An unlimited amount of money to r«S7S«To^ jgjjgwf »«• a^K S &WSIMTS4&4S fW«i»'«M**«!!-*»<; «S» tditwb|4i M 4?^ n( SSS? ft At the annual nrtUw'P ^^ D g, •* »meni |,BJ| SftQY>eJ to Mi&WWW' nei Moinee J, S. iQHft w 1 ? A^ifWiW* S^^fc M* Jasaa^jfa^*^ ««• i« line on THB best place in town to get canned gaols is at Grove & S.oa/9,- " Ba-^LUUi q.^Ui-U"'- J ->j ;il! ^'*' lJUljl ^ !Wgi? 8m Burns fov ft range, with, pr with .?*rS™:;,«i,, v«ii-n wood or- hav4 eoai . Olr, bl»W WOOd, W> fcaj*. <89*> fft Wife toff?* »M?SS ' ' •- , ; . nJ , , ,v" " ;tv A,^,'. 't^i''.^'^'

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