The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1897
Page 2
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THE SEWS IN IttWA UPPER ™» I! ALQOfrAiJQWA WEDNESDAY MiBtttTAttY 10. 180?. RUINS. of tfhtnk ftovftk, fit Wnlifonl, Set. Oft frit*. C^tlAft lUt-ifiS, Feb. 4.—The store of iTratik ftovak, at Wallford, Linn eotiiJty, Was burtted. The proprietor (slept in the room above and on the hight of the fire had tidwartl Murray let* a companion. The bodies of both were found in the ruins. It is suspected it is the work of robbers. \vho burned the building to cover a crime, ns it is known that Novak bad ' $500 \vith him the previous night, CEnAit lUi'ti).", Feb. '•.—The fire at Walford has caused a very mystifying Condition of affairs. Both Grocer .Novak and Fanner Murray are missing fttid it was certain their, bodies were in the ruins. The day before the fire a load of charcoal was placed in the cellar beneath where Novak slept, nnd this continues to burn despite efforts to quench the fire. One body has been Recovered and while the ruins have been completely overhauled this other is missing-. It is possible the oilier was completely destroyed. The body is claimed by the relatives of both Ntitak and Murray. Novak carried »!t3,000 life insurance nnd tbe companies decline to pajj. There is emphasized talk of foul play. CKDAK RAi-tns, Feb. (!.—The coro- . ner's jury has decided that the body found in the ruins of the fire at Walford is that of Frank Murray and bus ordered it turned over to his father. The belief is unavoidable Unit be was murdered and that 1111 axe was used to * crush his skull. Suspicion surrounds Novak, who was known to be in a bad way financially, and it was certain that he would be compelled to default on part of his-lift 1 , insurance tit the Wine of the next payment. ODD FELLOWS' ORPHANS. Jiiilinnolii Miln Wants to Knjoln Construction of the Homo lit JelTprffon. BBS MOI.MJS, Feb. 0.—,T. Ti! Henderson, of Indianolu, filed a petition in tbe district court asking 1 for an injunction against the grand officers of the Odd Fellows in tho state, restraining them from paying-out lodge money to erect tbe orphans 1 borne at Jefferson. It is an effort to tie up the funds and prevent the erection of the home, in .the hope that the sovereign grand .lodge, to which the ease has been , appealed, will decide in favor of Indianola. CURTISS SUCCEEDS WILSON. Present ABsiKtiint Trofcssor Becomes Acting Professor of Agriculture. AMES, Feb. 0.—A meeting of the board of trustees of the State Agricultural college was held here. Professor .lames Wilson, who has. been appointed secretary of agriculture in Major McKinley's cabinet, was granted an indefinite leave of absence, and Prof. C. F. Curtiss, at present assistant professor, was made acting professor of agriculture. Queer Place ror a Kernel _of Corn.. \VKBSTEII CITV, Feb. 7.—A sprouting kernel of corn was removed from the nostril of the little li-year-old daughter 'of Mr. and Mrs, Abe Woods, living nearPocahontas. The child, unknown to its parents, got the kernal into its nose. Trouble was 'soon noticed in breathing, and the mutter gradually became worse. Finally the trouble pot so bad the father made an examination and with great difficulty removed the obstacle with a hairpin. It bad quite.a«spr'bift protruding from it. Relieved at u. Charge of Murder. BUIU.INGTON. Feb. .1.—For six months Henry Krekel has been lying in jail With tlie charge of murder opposite his name on the prison calendar. He Was bound over to the grand jury on '• this charge, and the grand jury found » true bill against him. Now comes the surprising news that there is no evidence against him upon which a conviction could be. secured, and Judge , Hmytho has discharged the prisoner from custody. Mott Watson Cage Duoiilcd. DAVKNi'oiiT, Feb. 0.—Judge Waterman delivered a lengthy opinion on the Mott Watson will ease from Wtiquoket;), deciding r against the alleged illegitimate son of Watson, who claimed the large estate. The estate was estimated to be worth 8300,000, and the plaintiff laid claim to it as the illegitimate son of Watson. Sfiot AVit»» flntraprous Intent, OSKAI.OOSA, . Feb. s.-a-TJjerc came near being a tragedy in the' Bon Ton bakery here. William Frame, a baker, fchot twice at Thomas Barr, the pro- ^'prjetor, but neither bullet hit the mark. The parties recently , to Oskaloosa froin. Fort Dodge, , the bakery is one uf the largest in • i,he city, An Overdose of \ OrruitAVA, Feb. 0,—John T. Lander, ^f Qskalopsa, patentee and manufac- F 4 of'patent trusses, look ten grains wl>ile intoxicated, lie recover. »S A JT*»ld*nt Spend! ltt» Tlmt in the i'tttoti ttewfrtf*!. ATLANTIC, Feb. 7.— .toseph Yetzcr* president of the broken Atlantic bank, Who is doinf a five years' sentence at Fort Madison, has been declared to be a helpless cripple from rheumatism. Tie tvas in such a frail condition when taken from the Cass county jail last summer that grave fears were entertained that he would die before he could be placed in the prison. He has lingered at the point of death for a long time. The prison official gives but little hope that the bank president will be able to spend any great portion of time, outiide of the hospital. He has lost the use entirely of one arm. GRISWOLD BANK FAILS. First National B»tik C'loseil by Order of tlie Comptroller. ATLANTIC. .Feb. *>.— The First National Hank of Griswold has closed its doors. Tlie cash on hand had run bt'low the k-gnl reserve and the advice from the comptroller of the treasury was to close and await the coming- of a national b;mk examiner. The deposits wore reduced to 840,000 at the time of the failure. The capital stock was S'lO.OdO, and the bank will pay out in full. Thomas H. Hrown is president of the bank. Several firms in (iris- wold may be forced to an assignmrnt us a result of the closing. MlbSING MAN REAPPEARS. ALL OVER THE tORLD Claim* <o of Have Keen Itobliccl Orn'MWA, .Ian. 0.—13. 13. 1-Iarned, the merchant and real estate dealer, who disappeared a weak ago, leaving behind many heavy creditors, has as suddenly reappeared in the city. lie says he has "returned to face the music, and that he will try and straighten out his affairs and start in business again. ilnrncd claims that lie left Ottumwa with SI2,000, but was robbed of it all in Chicago. Wealthy Farmer's Suicide. MASON CITY, Feb. 8.—"W. A. Lichtenwalter, a wealthy farmer of Cerro tiordo county, committed suicide by hanging. Neighbors found him dang- ing from a rope, in the loft of his barn. He was a stockholder in the City Batik of Nora Springs, which failed some weeks ago. Fearing that he would be- financially ruined, he preferred to meet death in this way. He owned 200 acres of land'in Cerro Uordo county and 400 in Minnesota. Cascade SnIooiilcc«]iurH Fined. AXA.MOSA, Feb. S.—The Jones county school fund has had SliiO added thereto again by the Cascade saloonkeepers in fines. John, Gcery and T. "V. Williams, who were arrested a short time iigo, were arraigned in Justice Kicker's court and both pleaded guilty, whereupon the justice fined eacli $7;") and costs, which they promptly paid. Ilend C'Icrk Disappears. OTTUMWA, Feb. 7.—Victor Johnson, Swedish-American, for years head clerk for Allmayer's clothing house, disappeared recently. He started home from up town about noon, and has not been seen since. He was not well, and it is believed that he wandered off in a fit of temporary aberration of mind. Serious Fire at Shell Koi'k. SIIKI.I. ROCK, Feb. «8.—Fire was discovered in II. D. Wilson's dental oftice and before it could be put out four buildings were totally destroyed and two others damaged, all occupied by by business men. The origin of the fire is unknown. The loss will probably reach Sli.OOO, Henry Wexton 1'ariloued. ANAMOSA, Feb. 5.—Governor Drake has pardoned Henry Weston from the- Anamosa penitentiary. Weston was city marshal of Bellevue, and in arresting a man he shot and killed him, He got 18 months and has served about half the time. IOWA CONDENSED. Ottumwa dispatch: Bradlcy's Bank at Eldon was entered by burglars at an early hour in the morning, the safe blown open with nitre-glycerine, and from five to seven thousand dollars in cash, all on hand, taken. The burglars escaped. One of the robbers was hurt by the explosion, as an amount of blood on the walls of the bank indicates. A team of horses and a vehicle were stolen from Rich Bros,, grocers, by which the thieves, in all probability, made their escape from the city. The entranco to the bank was made through a side window on DISLODGES BY OYNAMltE. VtctoHM for Hie Cnhan lnMir«cnts—the troriin fcrbheri. KRV WEST. Fla., Feb. 2.—A daring attack was made on the trocha west of Artimisa. A strong force of insurgents under Col. Pedro Nodars attacked Fort No, 10, and after two hours fighting, dislodged the garrison. After summoning the fort to surrender, which was refused, he ordered the dynamite gun to open on it. The first shell flew wide, but the second and third made big gaps in the sides, killing several in the garrison, A furiou s infantry fire was maintained and soon the garrison flew the white flag. Fifteen of the garrison were killed, whilfc but one* Cuban was hurt. Proceeding on to the next fort, the garrison came over to his forces at the first demand and stated that that they wished to fight for Cuba. They were sick at heart of the. murderous work they had to do. There were 100 men and three officers, with a troodly supplyof ammunition, These forts, with No. 7, were destroyed. In all the three forts much valuable anmnition, guns, etc.. were secured. This leaves the trocha open for any Cuban band that may desire to pass through. KKV WKST, Fla., Feb. r.,—Havana advices say a pilot engine, with an armored car, and steering a passenger train, left San Cristobal. Arriving at a culvert at Haeungua. near Fu-co Taco, two dynamite bombs exploded, wrecking the engine and car completely. Four civilians were killed and also the captain of the volunteers and five soldiers. The engineer, fireman and eight soldiers were wounded. The culvert was destroyed entirely. - KKV WKST, Fla., Feb. it.—It' is rumored in Havana that General Wcyler, who is in the province of Santa, Clara at the hea'd of his troops, will return to Havana soon, because the frequent raids made into Havana province have alarmed him. It is no secret in Havana that the Spanish officials arc uneasy over the appearance of General Rivera in that province, and the possibility of his striking a blow at the capital itself, has greatly alarmed them all. Marquis Ahnmada. has consequently been in close touch with Wcyler. General Rivera had a skirmish with a troop of cavalry fifty miles northwest of Havana and defeated the Spaniards. No details have been allowed tocscanc, and the censorship has been increased the past fortnight. CONFLICTS IN CRETE. Villugcg Destroyed and People MaNs:tcrcd by thu jHolmimucduns. LoN'iiox, Feb. f>.—A dispatch to the Times from Athens gives details of the troubles between Christians and Mohammedans on the island of Crete. It is announced that !!,000 Christians have surrounded the seaport town of Cariea, and that they have already burned the Mussulman village of Tarat/.i in revenge for the burning of the town of Galata. Altogether six villages are reported to have been destroyed by fire at the hands of the Mohammedans and Christians, and a rumor has been widely circulated to the effect that a massacre of Christians has occurred at Galata. The Moham- medans made an attempt to burn the telegraph station at Suda. Troops were landed from the English and Italian warships, who aided in extinguishing the flames. OMAHA EXPOSITION ASSURED. Ways and Jiloiuis Coimuittoo of the Ne- In-asku Houfii) Favors It. OMAHA, Nob., Feb. 7, — The ways and means committee of the Nebraska house of representatives unanimously reported the Trans-Mississippi Exposition bill appropriating $130,000 for the exposition. This practically ends all doubt as to the exposition and insures the rapid development of the enterprise. M'KENNA FOR THE CABINET, Doesn't Know Whether It Is Attorney Goncriil or Secretary of Interior. SAN FitANcisco, Cal., Feb. (i. — Judge AIcKenna, of the United States court, has authori/.ed the statement that he has been invited, by McKinley to take a position in his cabinet and that ho has accepted. ."Whether he is to be attorney general or secretary of the interior is not known. the main street. The brick vault was opened with tools, which tho robbers left behind. The teani and buggy taken by the robbers were found about noon, near Sugar Creek, between Kldon and Ottumwa, Three strangers were seen in Eldon the previoub night. T\vp were tftll and one short. One wore a light overcoat. It is now believed that they came to Ottunuya and took a train from here, or ure still in the vicinity, Five children, from 10 to J4 years old, were drowned while skating 1 wear "•"•"-'- '—-•"- They be- CJine Pacific Junction recently, Ipnged to tye families, of J. M, and Ueorge Gibson, farmers, They were re^rping fram school at noon were not Pissed, njntjj school CQP- e»Pd. When search was m,ad? te were. foun.d in a ppn4 qf ?r Oomly Qcw the I'tiris I.SD1ANAPOI4S, Feb. 7.— Chairman John K. Gowdy, of the republican state committee, has been tendered and has accepted the position of consul- general to Fciince. War in Sliim. 1'Aiiis, Fob: 0.— The statement is published that fighting has occurred on the frontier of Siam between the French and, Js!»n<! MAUHUJ, Feb. 8.— A dispatch has been received 'from Manilla stating thivt ejgl»t ministers pf the insurgent government_have been shot, Long 1 , the wife of ex-Governor Pong, of Massachusetts, bays that Mrs. McKinley must be a good woman to let her husband be president when she been filed, with the H aw k. county ye ftu a ' j« ' the tbe u,is care so much herself, account; of Jier in validity. Pr, Herbert, Ev4ms, £j ie principal fl f Utjngov College, Wajes, who has just <Ued, >vgs & typical wpjsh B o«eon- PURSUED TO GATES OF _,___,_ j§ Severe fprm/p,!, and. was pno of the Administered bj- Cuban! to .Spanish Volunteers. KKV Wi:ST, Fla.. Feb. S.—One of Colonel Hernandez's bands met 300 Havana volunteers ten niiles from Havana and defeated them badly. The Cubans feigned a retreat and drew the volunteers into ah ambush ,,n the sides of the road, from which they delivered a terrible fire. The volunteers fled and the Cubans pursued thein almost to the gates of Havana. A part of the blockhouse garrison there attempted to stem the torrent of Cubans, but were driven into, their fort. Tlie loss of the volunteers was over fifty men wounded, killed and missing, while half the force returned to Havana unarmed. The Spanish officials have ordered all officers of the corps to be tried by court martini for cowardice. BREVITIES, Arthur Uuestrow^ the St. Louis millionaire who killed his wife and child, will hang, the. supreme court having denied him a new trial. I'rinci! DeChimay has been granted a (livorc'efrom the princess on account of her misconduct with the gypsy musician, Rigo, with whom she eloped. The princess was formerly .Miss Wart!, of Michigan. The .supreme court of the state of Michigan hits declined to take up the petition for mandamus to compel the ousting of Governor Ving-ree as mayor of Detroit except as an appeal from the county court. ' A serious strike, accompanied by bread riots, occurred in Madrid recently. Many arrests have been made The. .municipal authorities 'resigned, owing to their inability to suppress the disturbances. Marshal law was proclaimed. Photographs received by Sheriff Lewis, of Carrolton, Mo.,, of the man captured several days ago at Hunfortl, Cal., bear no resemblance to George Taylor, the. Alecks family murderer, and the sheriff has been wired to turn the man loose. KawlinsS:. 1 . Tluitcher:.'!), Henderson J, Brown 1. This was the result of the fifty-third ballot of the Utah legislature which elected Joseph L. Rawlins to the United States senate and closed one of the most exciting political contests ever held in the state. Washington dispatch: (Senator-elect Wellington, of Maryland, has returned from Cleveland, where he talked with Harma. Ho says there is no doubt about the passage of a. tariff bill. The free silver republican senators and the new senator from Idaho will vote for it. The supreme court of the United States has decided the Ohio tax eases in favor of the state. These cases were brought up by the express companies to enjoin the collection of taxes under the Ohio laws of 189,') and and 1804 for the taxation of express, telegraph and telephone companies. Philadelphia dispatch: The Brooklyn, one of Uncle Sam's newest and finest war ships, lies in tlie Delaware river in a crippled condition. While being moved to a new anchorage to escape ice jams she struck a hidden ledge of rucks, Her lower double compartments forward were crushed in by the. terrific collision, and it was only favoring chance that saved the magnificent $4,000,000 creation of naval architecture from going to the bottom of the river. Her inner compartments withstood the shock and kept her afloat until humble tugs dragged the leviathan of the navy from the rocks to the protection of the ice breakers at Marcus Hook. Washington dispatch: As the representatives of their, respective governments, Sir Julian Pauncel'ote, the British ambassador, and Senor Jose xVndradc, the Venezuelan minister to Washington, at the state department, signed a treaty providing for the settlement by arbitration of the long standing dispute over the boundary between Venezuela and British Ciuinana. Tlie arbitrators named on the port of Great Britain aro Baron Herschell and Sir Richard Henn Collins, while those,named for Venezuela, are Chief Justice Fuller and Justice Brown of the supreme court. The king of Norway and Sweden is the fifth arbitrator. Fire was discovered in Lieutenant Governor Lyons' room on tlie second floor of the main building of the Pennsylvania state capitol recently while both houses of the legislature were in session, It was at first thought tho blaze was of a trivial' nature, but in a short time the solons were compelled to vacate and within an hour the main building of the capitol, including the senate and the house chambers and the headquarters of several of the executive departments, was in ruins. No one was seriously injured. The building- was over eighty years old and mobt of the libraries and valuable records and collections had been removed to the new library buijding- and two other buildings of the four which constituted the capitol, Charles C. Dawes, of Chicago, has confirmed the report of his appointment to the position of comp- trollor of the currency. He expressed the wish, however, that Eckles \ypuld retain the position until the expiration pf his commission in 1808. In ism Mr. Pawes published a book entitled ''The Bwkjng Hystem 9* the United States," and its relations to money and business of the country. H e js s, bank director, president of gas MAY D*SAW BLOOO. BwAlf AffAir In Oklniioftist—Whole trjr Stirred tip. Guthrie, 0. T., Feb. 8.—W. B. Lurton, B. Lurten and Charles Moore tfere surrounded near Stroud, sixty ihilea east of here, by George Graham, his three soils and four.other men Thursday and taken bodily into the Creek county. A feud of long standing has existed between .the men, and the abduction was doubtless made with the intention of murdering the Ltirtens and Moore in revenge for depredations committed against the captors. The citizens of Chandler, in the Sac and Fox agency, have organized a posse and gone in pursuit, Full particulars from Lincoln county show that the outlaws who terrorized the Sac and Fox agency did depredations at the town of Stroitd, fifteen miles northeast of Chandler, a few hours before. The reports brought in by deputy marshals to the effect that Gen, Thomas, agent at the Sac and Fox agency, was shot, and that three men had been killed, were incorrect. On Monday the Griffiths gang, composed of six members, gathered at the town of Stroud and terrorized the citizens. They ordered everybody inside the house and school closed and locked, declaring that a bloody battle would shortly take place, ' For two days Stroud was in a state of siege and few people , ventured out. "Wednesday, while Deputy Jim Furber, Henry Lurten, Everett Lurten and Charles Moore were entering Stroud they were ambushed by the Griffiths gang, eight in number. Twenty shots were fired, but no one was killed. Four of tho Griffiths rode hurriedly away to Sac and Fox, where they caused the excitement already mentioned. The four remaining outlaws then captured the two Lurtens, Furber and Moore, bound them and hurried them away to the Creek country. Two posses of deputies have left Chandler to intercept the Griffiths. A report received says old man Henry Lurten has been lynched and Everett Lurten and Moore shot. At this writing the latter report cannot be confirmed. The whole eastern country is stirred up. HANNA LIKELY TO WIN. Ohio ScnutorHhip Thought to Ko in Store for 1(1 m. Washington, Feb. 8.—Notwithstanding the news from Ohio that Gov. Bushnell has determined to appoint Lieut.- Gov. Jones to the senatorship, the best-informed members of congress from the buckeye state are loath to believe the governor will refuse to appoint Mr. Hanna. There is naturally a great deal of anxiety about the matter among tho Ohio Republicans, for they scent the battle from afar. If it be true that the state organization in Ohio has. fully decided to deny the senatorship to Mr. Hanna the members from that state look for a bitter factional war. The understanding here is that Mr. Hanna could have the senatorship for two years, first by appointment, and afterward by' election, if he would pledge himself not to be a candidate for the long term beginning two years from next March. But Mr. HaiMia has so far declined to give any such pledge. He is willing to take his chances before the people and the legislature. Klpli Marl Deposits in Michigan. ' Decatur, Mich., Feb. 8.—For several months a party of Cleveland capitalists have been prospecting in southern Michigan and have discovered along Swan creek, in Branch county, large deposits of what is said to be the finest marl in the United States. Messrs. Stone, Fuller & Co. and others of Cleveland have purchased the land on which these deposits lie and will erect' iarge cement works at Bi-onson. I.edoc'Iunvski ] s Deponed. Locdon, Feb. 8.—A dispatch to the Chronicle from Rome asserts that ft is probable that Cardinal Ledochowski will be replaced by Cardinal Satolli as Prefect of the Propaganda, It is said that the Pope was annoyed because the former had persistently sustained the German influence at the Vatican, showing himself very hostile to the Influence of the French, Gen, Shelby Critically HI, Adrian, Mo., Feb. S,~The noted confederate genera), Joseph Shelby, who is United States marshal for the western district of Missouri, is very critically ill at his farm near here. He was stricken several days ago and a council of physicians was called, His malady is pronounced dipho-pneumonia, Cashier Leaves n Shortagf, Bethlehem, Pa., Feb. 8,~Coshier C. B. Breder of the First National Hank of this city has absconded, ' Experts have found a shortage of nearly $15,000. The amount was taken in small sums, showing systematic peculations, Breder has been cashier for twenty years. lo in Applicant)) Adclrefts, Dato antl Hour ot Blf t |,j portant HE free i fiow being these so popular that! tirlil take I time before on hahd swered. ter sent in answered hi regular order, Those who don •wish to wait their turn can get < readings by mall for twelve twin stamps, in all cases full name address of applicants must accom|i requests for free readings. Also ; date, hour and place of birth, jt'ij hour is not known send two two>( •stamps for special instructions. Addn all communications to Prof. G. Vf, Cd ningham, Dept. 4, 194 South Cllnlj street, Chicago, 111. Following are the readings for tkj week: Minnie W., JIaukato, Knn. According to the data you have I Zodiacal sign Virgo which Mercu! rules with a lingering indication i the sign Leo, which the Sun rules ilJ ing at your birth, therefore, Merair| and the Sun are your ruling planets« aigniflcators. You are medium height; medtui dark complexion; hair and eyes. You are rather of a studloi nature and take delight in unravel ing some mystery and are easily intf ested in chemistry and electrlclti! You are very intuitive at times, your intuition works uneven or sp modically. You will not generally I appreciated by people until they well acquainted -with you. Love affaic and marriage will not be more average fortunate. You are liable accidents and injuries 'to your feet! You will also be subject to some od| nervous ailment of the heart, this wll| not be organic or at all dangerous. E. A. I. X., Oweiisvlllc, Intl. According to data furnished you havel the zodiacal sign, Scorpio, which Marti rules, rising at birth, therefore, Man! is your ruling planet "or signiflcatorj Saturn is on the ascendant, and is cn-l aignificator. You are medium heighlj with a well-set, strong, plump figure;! medium to dark complexion; dark! eyes;, a luxuriant growth of dark hairl The face is rather full and broad! You are one of the stirring, energetic! kind of people, and have the desire! and ability to push your business, yell you do this in such a quiet way that! others will hardly know-any thing about! it until it is all over. You are secretive and deliberate in your actions, and ' lay your plans'first and work them-out afterward. You are fond of chemistry, •! soldiers, firemen, and all kinds of'mili- tary affairs. Love affairs never ran. smooth with you long at'a time. The last half of your .life has. been the moat fortunate. You are under evil transits now, especially for health, and should be careful. Miss Marie II., Detroit. According to data furnished the zodiacal sign Aquarius, which Uranus rules, was rising at your birth, there- Core Uranus is your ruling planet or dgniflcator. The sign Pisces, which Jupiter rules, was Intercepted, and Mars was on the ascendant, therefore Jupiter and Mars are co-signiflcators. ifou are of medium height, or slightly above; medium to light complexion, aair and eyes; when small your hair was flaxen, You are quite energetic ynd ambitious, and do not like to be imposed; anyone that undertakes to sontrol your independent actions will be likely to get the benefit of yoqr'opin- ion'of them. You are very independent In yo'ur ideas of dress, and will wear anything you think IB right and proper, ao matter if it suits the four hundred or not. you have a good intellept,, and should make a great effort to overcome the obstacles that are' hinr dering your education. Your husband will be one of th'ose bright, refined,' kind and obliging men, with darK eyes, that have a peculiar sparkle an4 sharp sight; marriage will be far more than average fortunate, Note,—Those who have sent in their stamps (26 cents) for readings by mail,,-] will usually fee promptly answered. In" cases where there is an apparent de<, lay the astrologer should be notified once and the mistake will ba rectified,-:! "Let thy Ktriviiig be with loving Let tiiy life consist in deed," very worst Senator HitiTiH A{wy «ot Washington, Fob. 8.—The condition of Senator Harris is more satisfactory and he is comparatively comfortable There is an absence of the intense pain and delirium. While still ill, the physicians believe the has passed. World's Fair Report in Congress, Wiwhlngton, Feb. 6,-The President iu-iday sent to congress the complete report of the World's Columbian Exposition commission. The report }s ex. timely voluminous, the typewritten pages filling five large boxes m:«, tKHWf A'JKH AOKK, It's marvelous how we progress! You" can make money at 10 cents a when you get 264 bushels corn, bushels oats,. 173 bushels barley, 1 bushels potatoes per acre! creations in farm seeds 810,00 WORTH FOR JO CJ3WS! to the John A. Salzer^Seed Co., J$ Crosse, wis., nud get 12 farm samples, wprth ?}0, t9 get a start, w Washington, ?* Senator i c , by it P* In October last a, sjnall asteroid, discovered by „ Berlin, was set down in the Jjs| pjt tiffjjj as NQ, 4?4, sjwce t&e appUT' of photography to, the stem ' discovery of aqterplds ftft? Ijeeji S rapid, uo less tjian p»o birred jj ing hew found between'February, |§ and/' Vtpber, IS?6. Up to — four ajterpjds were fe then apt a JW lias p,asge4 ajsepvwy ef me m I g|l.glJHHIH'l'ni JJ)|HMI|T«I11» Arttfl,

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