The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1897
Page 7
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'^m^T^ -*'• ' '-JL.' _'i- -,lr t><. A tat ¥>^. c ;j ., • • A; v^i,-j,<r.*).*' J ~vf~\ *"WK,. - -,'r i»*, A Vu ' I 5 I" 1 *"- FV" * > *~ ' ?','-&- Mtt tJtgM&jMJ ient for amending 6f f» is sheading in t journal says that Queen been ft total abstainer fof . k arraigned it suncosk, N. |ek, bore the famous nafcse 6f Ina, |t (Me.) judge has ruled that See for cigars Is toot gambling, g them tor money is, (50,066 trees are annually I Swedish school Children tin- uidafiee at their teachefs. old soldiers have thus fat nseiveB of the privileges of I initiates of the home at St. Rov narried woman has made & m in Gage county, Nebraska, In-husker, doing aeventy-flve "i day. elghton's house in London has red by his sisters to the Brit* In on condition that it be pre- "ii-.B's.' Ff,'>V ? ?fe- :^<S 8 i DAIRY. ANfi M - feEAD&RS- fid* iratmett Opiate *hi* of tfae tfttm— A ft* to the lot ftd&pt fcft, 1 M lltor of this paper advises his (that a package of Peruvian*, f-kldnev cure on earth i will be 1 FREE to any sufferer, if for promptly. PEBUVIAKA BKMBDV Co., 286 E. 5th bt., Iti O. {Thte offer appears but once.' A Reflection. i! think Mr. Rymer felt hurt at are- |u made the other night. one Shake- Practical Charity. Bor-I called, madam, to give your r lessons on vocal culture, n—But I didn't engage you. ssor—Ikuow, but the neighbors did. " ttE NAMES "Poul try Yard" is given to that patt of rural estate wtter rural estate Wlier ( fowls are reared! frequently it also cbtttaitts rabbit hutches. The poultry yard is a Valuable «^ u — -- resource for a far*- merTfatfllly, bUt to derive all the profit obtainable, a certain number of principles must be followed Which may be epitomized as follows: The first is to utilize for the fowls the .resources of the locality or farm itself without going to any great special expense. Fowls should be fed on the least valuable substances or aliments which could not be, otherwise utilized. Grain, etc., being of some commercial value, should be added in small quantity as a complement, and particularly for fattening. The poultry yard should be daily onened so that the fowls may wander about in the vicinity in search of insects and waste seed; these substances, of no value, should play an important part in their maintenance. This principle, however, should be applied, reckoning the neighborhood of crops, which fowls might injure. In Ifrlntet Eggs are too valuable »*£"£*« used tot hatching purpose! tinies6tt« is confident of securing good hatches and of raising the chicks, saysi afii exchange. To use a dozeft eggs ftort which only six Chicks come and then lose three of them, means an eXpen* diture of four eggs for one chick, ana no one can afford the cost in that respect. The heaviest loss o! chicks is with nehs-not with incubators and brobdefs-^and this fact should not be overlooked, it is admitted that in the spring and summer, when the hett nas everything in her favor she •*»» ™ mdre serviceable ttfan the brooder, but in the winter, when cold winds, ice, snow aiid raitts prevail, the hen has a difficult undertaking to care for herself instead of attempting to raise a brood, and as a rule the hens are fortunate if they raise one-half of the chicks hatched. When a hen becomes broody and makes her nest In a warm place, and when she brings off her brood have a place prepared for her, under shelter and where the sunl ght can come. Be careful that the chicks are not exposed or become chilled, and aim to raise every one of them, in that case the chicks will pay, because the expense of the eggs will be, reduced by reason of the larger number of chicks marketed. . i ' te « B he-WftB there atty particular thing abo'nt the to-rth thftt atrttcfc yort. He— ?es : a bicycle. ^ f life S«<Jhte»t t<J*ilft«ktlott Against disease, On6 which enables US to nndergoungcathefl risks from hurtful <|i- wiitticlnnuences, eScjp&smf e, ore ifwork and fatigue, is the vigor Umt is '«>{$"«* *S, * debnttatbd physique by *•£«*%££!&*: inalsaf egnard t ttostetter's Btomach Bittet-s. Voumay po»«JB this vigor »i a higher degree thnn the trained athlete, although voiir muscular development may be far in- Lribr tb his. Vigor implies sound, good digestion and Sound repose, two blOTsihfca conferred by the Bittevfi, Which |emedies maiftrial, rheumatic, nerVous and kidney trouble. _ . __ ^_ tnfe fanning 6f and In VM. f he legisiati^ tlfiiott bt &reat andifel&nd took place 6n Jan. 1, 1801* .fan i was made Nenc tear's day ih trance by toyal edict itt the yeaf 1664. on New Yeaf*e day in ancient there were processions in every temple. M? i^i iL ia ifr jStt'lL me ft few oi iuo IMWOI./, •« litoffig ie^af 1^W»->, *'tJB. w —ItSftddft Hef- "glance fell c"6ft!ttst— 166k. ''fiatting, 1 'JiB , . ere were processions in eVet-y temple. I youi . s ig the first «B6lnef I e*8F. „ , The month of January is said td have rea itf hated." But men afe sucfe d&» T been named by Nuffi& Pomplllus in 6?S | ce iVefS.—Detroit Tribune. B.C. Tuttle— The his . fitods it imoossiblfe Weaning the Dairy Calf. One of the reasons why dairying is a failure in some localities is that the calf is desired for beef making, and to give him a good start it is allowed to ^..•, , M w -•"a^^ SINGLE COMB WHITE LEGHORNS. posed to be Incurable. For a great ears doctors pronounced It a local lnd prescribed local remedies, and stantTy falllnK to cure with local nt,pronouncea it incurable. Science ven catarrh to be a constltutlonBl and therefore requires constitu- Hall's Catarrh Cure, F'^J "cKeriey &•.Co.,;.To-- •the"oWconsflfutlotial cure on farket It IB taken internally in Rfrom 10 drops to a tea.spoonf.ul. It lirectly on the Wood and mucous sur- of the system. They offer One Hun- DollarVlor any casl It falls to euro, [for circulars and testimonials. Ad- '. J. CHENEY^ft CO., Toledo, O. ! the best. tribute of H IT try a 10o box o f Cascarets, candy cathartic, |est liver and bowel regulator made. jturns. Graphic Description of tna Dreadful Feeling. fceant T>y This 'Form of Acute —Where ^Doctois Malto Mistakes. Bboerful, brave, light-hearted Suddenly plunged into that of misery, the BLUES, it is a to. Tuttie—xesvne WBU.. to the seashore and the first thitog he struck was a school or fish. New tine to TVa*hington» The popular Monon Route has established a new Sleeping Car line to Washington, D. C., via Ciucinnati and Parkersburg, by the 0. H. & p., fi. & O a W. and B. & O. Railways, ihe sleeper is ready for occupancy in Dearborn Station anytime after » p. m., and leaves at 2:45 a. ffl. daily, arriving at Washington at 0:47 the following morning. This schedule will be in effect on January 24th, and thereafter. As the sleeper goes through without change, and the hours of leaving and arriving are most convenient, this will prove altogether the most comfortable as well as the most picturesque route to the national capital. City Ticket Office 232 Clark street. Depot, Dearborn Station. A Judicious Combine. Life insurance people should go into the undertnkir g business also. w«d* What is lost in the policy can -be maa« up in the funeral^ The Facts In the Case. A careful perusal of the map of Wisconsin will convince you that the \VisconBinCentrallines running fro* Chicago and Milwaukee to St. iaul, Minneapolis. Ashland, Hurley, Ironwood. Bessemer, and Dnluth, touch a greater number of important cities than any line running through Wisconsin. Elegantly equipped trams, leaving at convenient hours, make these cities easy of access. Any ticket agent can give'you full information and ticket you through. - JAB. C. 1 OND. Gen: Pass. Agt., Milwaukee, Wis. Of 878 members of the Connecticut legislature, 100 are farmers. The lawyers number only 23. Good LuiidH In Minnesota. The best tana lands to be found in tt£ *,»« ,„>, ^ I *o CCKB A eottt ilr DMA »**» & i-ttA* sPtfcNtoiB co*MA. tefcei«BttT»fl*oiii8CtatotoB^M«tar-Aj| Mr, Goodman, Williams County, 111., bA,ggiBtsre{unnlhbflirinevitit{atlstodu!!i8.»i; writes us: "From one package Saizei-'B ,, Whatl8 ^ om - nspliew doing »«w?''"|o| Oermaft Coffee Serry 1 grew .800 Jstfi?/yaw h V ehM"been bnotslng ft pouhds of better coffee than I ^cati buy pro teB8ion." „„„-- im in stores at 30 cents a pound." | "' r ' n '" 1 A package of this and big seed cata-> logue is sent you by John A. Salzef Seed Co., La Cfosse, Wis lt tlpott receipt of 15 cents stamps and thisjiouce. w.n. Our hopes, like towering falcons, aim At objects in on airy height; The little pleasure of the game Is from afar to view theflgnt. NO-TO.BAC FOR FIFTY CENTS. There are still 20,000,000 square uitleg of the earth's surf ace that have not been explored. ..^—- CoughliiB ^«-«'»» to Consumption. Kemp's balsam will stoji the cough at once Goto your druggist to-da> and get a sample bottle free. Large bottles 25 and 50 cents. Go at once, delays are dangerous^ a girl gets there." _ Half Fare, Washington, D. C., and Return A rate of one fare for the round tr\r A Little Child With a Little Cold. That's all! What,of Little colds when neglected grow to large diseases and Ayer's Cherry Pectoral CURES COLDS. Chicago. • — The most honest man in the world will He about what he pays for his cigars. A man never knows B^eTyThat he is in love till he thinks that she Isn't, but Pi«o's HALL'S Vegetable Sicilian HAIR RENEWER Will restore gray hair to its youthful color and beauty—will thicken the growth of the h?ir—will prevent baldness, cure dandruff, and all scalp diseases. A fine dressing. The best hair restorer made. M y ocoro CurefoV Consumrtlon cured Reiner. Cherry Valley. lU^Ko Some women won't be bappv in Heaven because theycan^tgojo_churcb. uf. B. J. '..'rmVadciphim Fa. <&?% Iheii that bearing-down feeling, goctor says, "cheer up-, you have Ipsia; you'll be all right soon, t she doesn't get " all right." blie s worse day by day, till all at once Realizes that a. distressing femalo plaint is established. Jr doctor has made a naistake. |e has lost faith in him; hope va» u then comes the brooding, inor- ». Melancholy, everlasting BLUMS. ^doctor, if he knew, should^have Iher and cured her, but Ijie did pot, |.she was allowed to sufjer/ • By she came across one of Mrs, imam's books, aotl in-jt she found Ivery symptoms described ynd an fonation of what they meant. Then I wrote to Mrs. Pipkham, at Lynu, s , for advice, feeling that she was fine her troubles to a woman. %dy relief followed, and v*3<proua ItU returned, ' ,, _ vdia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Coro- y instantly asserts its curative s in all those peculiar ailments - has bwn the standby American women for smty yews, ana the story recited lye 18 the true experience of Jww- of wpmen, whose letters of " are to. be found p» flle ffl. i library. The illustration of an ideal Single Comb White Leghorn, male, is. by Sewell the well-known .poultry artist. It is an excellent illustration of the grand carriage and beauty of this variety Some writers claim they are the original variety o£ the Leghorn family, and others give tbat honor to the Browns. But it matters little about their history. It is sufficient that we know they are the most popular of the Leghorn family, and that comes from the fact that they are larger and lay larger eggs than any of their race. They are very popular in the Bast on large egg farms. If given a warm house, with scratching shed combined, they will prove to be good winter lay- ers But it will not do to confine (Bern much in the house without the privilege of scratching among a lot of loose litter. They are very active, and the only way to make them profitable is to keep them busy. They greatly resemble the Black Minorca in .every way but color of plumage, and lay an egg very much the size of that of the Minorca It was owing to this fact that the White Minorca never gained mucb favor in this country. "Our folks •want clean, yellow legs, and as the White Minorca did not have that, and as they toad no other claims for superiority, the Leghorns came right to the front, and are to this day close rivals of the black variety of Minorcas. KSrSB2Si« Minneapolis. Minn. _ The theft of a S2.GO -wagon seat recentlj cost Midland county, Mich., Slou. Lane's Family Medicine Moves'the bowels each day. In or der to be healthy, this is ^eccBsary. Acts cently on the liver and kidneyo. &reB b LkWdache. Price 25 and oOc, Maude-Mirium is trying to keep her en- Kagement a secret. Murtba-Htnv do you know?" "She told me BO. " __ Cut J'rlces on Planet Jr. Goods. , are the willy seedsmen daring Jo cuj i the Planet Jr. tools. WB f,eu Somehow «^e~^tie7tg1ruTn-t the one a man picks out to marry. A man never knows what he can do until he dosen't get the chance. __ WHEN bilious or costive, eat a Cascaret, candy cathanc^cm^guaranteed, lOe, -ot, Tt is recorded of DrTlohiTwilHaros of Pntr cSrg Ind., that for twenty-four years he haf'guessed correctly the outcome J „ . \. ..j^nnttnl fllopt.lOU. |ENSIONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS. ;m ^ llJl-•l•. v. ,., v ,*RIS,nflSHINUIUN, U.U. &ti"rtoljal BxYminw S's. reunion Bureau. 3j rs.ltilaw wur,15 adjudicating clairas,a«y Blnoe. __ niTPMTP SUyears' experience, scnrt sKetoli rorod. PATENTSi vice (L Ueanc, into m In. cMiinlnern.8, p"t.OIUco) Deane & Weavur.ttcdm l)ldg..WaaU.D.O. rt WHISKY Dr7l«; "tret. Houk »n< . MlASti. 0*. years he a guess of each presidential election. T a!ffSySS.*ag £ Thompson's Eye Watar^ W. N. U. Des Molnes. ,No. 6.—1897. \Vhon Anbwcving Advertisements Kindly Mcntlou the for W.OO. Big catalogue, send age. AHI. A. BM«K Did vou know that sage tea sweetened with honey and a bit of alum dissolved m it is good to use as a gargle for sore throat? AKWTS stimulate liver, kidneys and . Never sicken, weokenor gripe, lOc. The Vermont legislature passed a bill . .. ... CN J.._v .nv>il11<c<1rtTl ri'fllllfi- THE ADVANCE AQEMT OF HEALTH PQR * such a case the yard must be closed at certain times. The .extent of the poultry yard should be in PWPWjlon with the demand available. From this 'bolnt of view the neighborhood oi large towns is a reason for giving great importance to the poultry yard, be cause the sale is abundant and lucia- tivo, and rearing is just as cheap as in strictly rural districts. To reea fowls cheaply Jfr is good to place heaps within their reach m seeds and insects abound, In ft try yard are reared hens, tuikeys, guinea-fowls,, pheasants, peaopcks, pig' eons, ducks, geese, and swans; spme for flesh, others for feathers or down. The establishment expenses of a, poultry yard should always be as small as possible. It must be separated from the other part of the farm by a wall, wire-work or very thick Hedge. A few trees are useful to give shade afld at night shelter to the heas, turkeys and peacocks wHloh ao not always care to ?eturn to the house. There must be a ben house; one or two pools ot water for the geese a»d ducks, wleijs there is some pond pr stream in the ueigUborhooa; tubs of pure water coy- for the hens to dri^k, wWcb pw U«A4» through openings J» nfl *»*» Ito lOo }0o j»r.j .„ themselves of verroln, w» »tt«* ^ the pa*JT P» WQWise jTie payst caj] teg veUriM»riai tax^ftfeiy, «te<attend' J9 Ifi 6 ® f r,-,-"o——* - fc^^^S"* suck for from three weeks to three months, says Rural Life. This will spoil a cow for the dairy, as a rule, and at any rate it takes the tjme out of her period of buttermaking, which will reduce the butter yield for the year below profit, If the calf sucks three months and is then weaned the cow may he expected to go dry in a few weeks, or half dry at least, and she will not pay for the feed and the trouble. To get a paying mess olmVK it' is absolutely necessary to milk tne 'cow from the flwt. The "first" means to some dairymen when the calf is first seen " is removed immediately and not allowed to suck even once, but the milk is drawn and fed to the calf. By this practice, the cow knows no other way to have the milk drawn and does not worry for the calf, so everything goes smoothly. Other «a»ryjnen think the first time the cow should be m»ked is when the milk is first good for use The first secretion is not true milk, bus- loostrum, and is designed to phys c the calf. Ml agree that the ca f must have this flrst »»*• ™ MW V e l£5' help himself ana others da not. Many nt the most advanced dairymen strong" 2 lavSe never letting the erif euck- QthSi? a»a the greater number, prefep Si let it puck imW *Jg tt * **J5Jji"" After the milk is gQPfl t 01 ? u8 ^ ^ e at puce iacrease^ \t in quantity, goodPUtter fat is tP.9 Br90|pu» tjy «M i ? 00 /i Tb^re Js HQ ^iflJowlty }B taKJBg ' calf tbW witftQWt W, £« mptner, if you wae gopa tact. If she is „ tie tbe calf by bey siae whj]e yo Discontent is the want of self-reliance ; it UlGCOIlvol 11 ' *r> fiiw »***«« — is infirmity of will.—Emerson. &SSS&* St. Jacobs Oil Is a test that proves a He—T kissing you? your father object to my She e (Sgnantly)-My father! Why he wouldn't hear of such a thing.— up to Date, A coal mine in New Straitsville, 'Ohio, was set oflre by strikers twelve years ago. and was after wards abandoned. It is still burning. Miss Helen—Are those cowlets, Haiv ry? Harry—I don't know whether they are cowlets or bullets.—Up to Date, Learned women are ridiculed, saidGeorg Baud, because they put to shame unlearned men. Richter asserted that uo man could liy« piously or die righteously without a wife. CURtXDJlSflPATJOH »_ _^rtti tmwwwtMMmt* FJI.SQ'S CURE FOR t i;O^NSUMP T 10 N ! JPf-i^f^WVi-T*^ * >*•» WT^WJT.-^- falter Baker & Co.'a M Breakfast Cocoa. bean? of $» VpsA qwWftr W it Is mute by »JJM*Pd ' i-a^3^

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