Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 3, 1920 · Page 5
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1920
Page 5
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7 M 8 1 UECATUR HERALD TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3. 1920. DECATUR HERALD THE GREAT MARY GARDEN IN. "The Splendid Sinner" ALSO A Billy Parsons Comedy Tomofow Evelyn Greely "Bringing Up Eetty Always 10c and 15c Don't wait until it begins to sprinkle I A CCf 7MDTJOn7 fIDM before starting o ln .,inlnln. for a i ntJUS IT M A JVif M nillfl rainy day. It's a great pittjr that the average man cannot draw a, check as easuy as he can draw an Inference. v urn IS I It's Easy lfYou Know Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets HOME DESTROYED Matlnrr. 2:45. Tonlnlit. 5:13. 4,AT TWO TIMliS TOMOKROW ma nrr&ni ai BUSINESS MAN' A COMEDY SKETCH NORWOOD S HALL SE.SE AD XOXSEXSE The secret of keeping young is to feel young to dc this you must watch your fiver and bowels there's no need of having a sallow complerion dark rings under your eyes pimples a bilious look in your facedull eyes with no sparkle.- Your doctor will tell you ninety per cent of all sickness comes from inactive bowels and liver. Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician in Ohio, perfected a vegetable compound mixed with olive oil to act on the liver and towels, which he gave to his patients for years. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel, are gentle in their action vet always effective. They bring about that natural buoyancy which all should enjoy by toning up the liver and clearing the system of impurities. Dr. Edwards' OliveTabletsare known b their olive color. 10c and 25c ASSUMPTION, 111., Feb. 2. The farm residence or James Reimer burned to the ground about 2:30 this afternoon. Mrs. Reimer and the children were alone and she called the Mutual" central girl ashing her to call the people on that line for help but by the time they reached mere nothing could be done. It was a fine home having been remoaeieu am made modern last summer. Mrs. A. Burgner was in Pana Mon day. Miss Bessie Kuhle was unable to teach the last week on account of the "flu." " Mrs. John Adelhart who has been ill the past week is still seriously ill. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rowley left for California Saturday. Cvril Brule was able to resume nis Cuticura b Will Help Yon Clear 1 our skin THREE LQRGGHS JOMBS OP COMEDY THRILLS lRlfiDELL & ESTHER STUDY I.V TIIlOLOCY SELMA BRAATZ I s BXOV.ED UDV JUGGLER KNOGRAM5 COMEDY ft v V STARTING THURSDAY i "Century Serenaders" j THOSE FIVE MUSICAL MANIACS iS&tSSMmmmmrsm THE PICTURE PALACE OF CENTRAL ILLINOIS Production- Music- Presentation REGU PR fcUEsAR 16 Piece Symphony Orchestra- Matinee 2:00, 3:45 p. m. Evening 7:00, 8:45 p. m. Follow the Crowds. There's a Reason. LAST TIMES TODAY MARY PICKFORD AP3 IF THE HiU , Adapted From the Famous Novel By John Fox, Jr. The same beloved Mary, with her smiles and tears, her loves and hates, her whims and winning ways, in the new characterizations of a little mountain girl. PRIZMA NATURAL COLOR F1CTURE "JAPAN" PATHE NEWS TOPICS JOE MARTIN COMEDY duties at Adelhart's Monday after a week's illness. . Mrs. Sam Hallowell returned home Saturday after a week's "visit in Su Louis. Miss Marjorie Llovd. the music nnrt domestic science teacher of the grade school, is sick in the hnmp nf Mice Alice Brawyan. , Miss Eleanor Mohr of Pana spent Saturday and Sundav in the hnm of Walter Stein. Miss Myrtle Wolf spent the wPek end with -relatives in Pana. Mr. and Mrs. Orland Neal of Pana were guests at Eugene Shorts Saturday and Sunday. Rex Drum of Moweaqua SDent Run. day with Assumption friends. Miss Cecelia Hebert who is teach ing in Tower Hill, spent the week end visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hebert. Miss Marjorie Prestly spent Sun day in Decatur. Mrs. Conviile Is in .the country nursing her daughter and familv Mr and Mrs. Elsworth Gilleland and son who are ill with the flu. The funeral of Miss Mittie DerWolf was held Monday afternoon in the Methodist church. Ray Morton came back to High school Monday after a weeks absence caused by sickness. Calvin Wolf is seriously ill in the home of his daughter, Mrs. Tom Cole. Earl Mounts and little sister Lela, children of William Mounts east of town, have been sick the past week. Mrs. Frank Oakes is suffering from the flu. Miss Isabelle Fogharty spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents in Springfield. - Russian Co-operatives Get Sanction of Soviets the Russian co-operatives of Central Europe." Advance New Theory of Wireless Disturbances LONDON, . Saturday. Jan. 31. Professor Albert Einstein, - the German astronomer, whose theory that gravitation deflects the rays of light recently has been the subject of considerable discussion, in an interview with the Daily Mail's Berlin correspondent asserted, that he believed the mysterious wireless signals referred to by Signor Marconi are due either to atmospheric disturbances or to experiments wltth other systems of wireless. Professor Einstein, who believes that Mars and other planets are inhabited added if Intelligent creatures on other planets tried) to communicate with the Eart hhe would expect them to use rays of light, which could be much more easily, controlled. Pimples and Skin Eruptions Danger Signs of Bad Blood Eats Like a Wood " Chopper. Avoid Suffering by These Warnings. Pimples, scaly, itching skin, rashes and burning sensations devote with unfailing certainty a debilitated, weakened, and impure state of the blood. The trouble is in your blood and no matter how"you were infected, you must treat it through the blood. It is al)lood disease. Tou must use S. S. S. if you expect certain reliel. For cleansing. the system, nothing is equal to it. The action of S. S. S. is Heeding! to cleanse the blood.'- It soaks through the system direct to tne seat of the trouble acting as an antidote to neutralize the blood poisons. It revitalizes the red blood corpuscles, increases the flow so that the blood can 'properly perform its physical work. The dull, sluggish feeling leaves you the complexion clears up. Even long standing cases respond promptly. But you must take S. S. S. Drugs and substitutes won't do. Get S. S. S. from your druggist. If yours is a special case and you need expert advice, write to Medical Adviser, 257 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. suffering from stomach trouble and bloating, in which I could cat only sparingly of the simplest food, I am now feeling entirely well. Thanks to Mayr's Wonderful Remedy which ' has done wonders for me. I can now eat like a woodchopper - and enjoy it '' It is a simple, harmless prepara-: 'tion that removes the catarrhal mu-' cus from the intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which cause '. practically all stomach, liver and Intestinal ailments, including appendicitis. One dose will convince or. money refunded. Decatur Drug Co. and druggists everywhere- ' : - T'ARIS. Feb. The Russian co- ' operative headquarters at Paris has ! received authorization from the So-; viet government to transact business iwith foreign countries. The announcement reads as follows: "The Soviet government permits ' the Central union of Russian co-oper-; atives -to enter in commercial rela-! tions with the co-operatives and i business firms of Western Europe, ! America and other countries. "The Soviet government has given :the Central union all guarantees j concerning the protection of goods ; exported and imported by the co-op-! eratives. j ."The Central union is ready to ; commence exchanges immediately. "The Soviet government will allow j to pass. safely delegates coming to I ana leaving .Knssia whose names are j furnished by the representatives of Tomorrow Nite Thursday Nite Bargain Matinee Thur. HAD TERRIBLE COUGH ENBED 3 YEARS En 3 Weeks, She Was Out on the Street Again, Feeling Fine. JOHN B. ROGERS PRODUCING CO., PRESENTS The PRICES I ENINGS 50 $1.50 Em Elk' Minstrel MATINEE 50c $1.00 SEATS NC; SELLING. BOX OFFICE OPEN 10 A. M. TO 9:30 P. M. - Sure Relief Decatur's Foremost Exclusive Picture House Showing Fox, Selznick and Select Feature Plays 8 Piece Avon Orchestra 8 ALL DECATUR MUSICIANS AVON ORGAN r ''iaM lIIS IHDiGESTIOMj) 6 Bell-ans Hot water Sure Relief REGULAR PRICES AVON ORGAN FOR INDIGESTION "In 1916, I had la grippe, followed by pneumonia which left me with a severe cough. I coughed constants from morning till night, and then would wake up in the night and cough and choke. I lost flesh and my appetite was very poor. I doctored with a specialist for over a year, and had several other doctors, but got worse instead of better. Last winter I- was bed-ridden, had chills and fever and got so weak I could not sit up in bed 5 minutes without fainting. "In February, 1919, I started on Milks Emulsion. I was then in bed, but in 3 weeks, I was able to be up and on the 6treets. Just think of it! For 3 years I have been a physical wreck, in bed most of the time, and Milks Emulsion had brought me out in a wonderful shape. My friends all tell me ho"w well I'm looking, for they didn'i expect me to be living today." Miss M. Roussell, 1003 Ope-lousas St.; Algiers, La, In thousands of just such cases. Milks Emulsion had brought the same wonderful relief and improvement. It costs nothing to try. Milks Emulsion is a pleasant, nutritive food and a corrective medicine. It restores healthy, natural bowel action, promotes appetite and puts the digestive organs in shape to assimilate food. It helps build up flesh and strength, and is a powerful aid in resisting and repairing the effects of wasting diseases. Chronic stomach trouble and constipation are usually relieve in one day. This is the only solid emulsion made, and so palatable that it is eaten with a spoon like ice cream. No matter how severe your case, you are urged to try Milks Emulsion under this guarantee Take six bottles home with you, use it according to directions and if not satisfied with the results. . your money will be promptly refunded. Price 60c and $1.20 per bottle. The Milks Emulsion Co.. Terre Haute, Ind. Sold by druggists everywhere. Guaranteed by Decatur Drug Co. rRWW''wwww.ww- ,. fffl 1 I feSSptf-sS WM. FARNUM . IN Wings of the 'Mornin ALSO FOX NEWS i IB PILESj I WILL GUARANTEE IN WRITING TO TREAT ANY CASE OF PILES FREE OF CHARGE, IF THE DISEASE EVER RETURNS AFTER MY TREATMENTS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED. If your doctor has told you Rectal Diseases or Piles cannot be cured without a knife, he is not scientifically acquainted with the subject It you doctor has treated you for Rectal trouble or Piles and failed to effect a cure, it is no sign that your case is incurable, but is probable conclusive evidence hat he knows nothing atout the disease of the Rectum. I do cot use the knife, no injections, no burning, no chloroform. Tou do not lose a single day by the use of my method. My method is E3.f6 I'o'u can consult me and be examined FHEE OF CHARGE. It you are tired of using salves, ointments, uuppositories. etc. come and talk it over with me. It matters not where you live. I can probably furnish you with one or more names of patients who have completed my treatment, talk it over with them. That is better evidence than letters or testimonials. Come to my office and talk it over with patients I am now treating and see what they think " dr .marks - First Door South of Post's Jewelry Store. 156 Merchant Street, Decatur, ID. BBKsSffiSSHBBBBBSBHBBBBBEBBBBBBBBBBSBBBBBBKBBW Ergrargrgrgrgrerarareraj :: a SUd1 " 6?! "north wyiw I ' U BUILDS SUPPLIES i Our Equipment Is All New-Our Service The Best 621 11- NORTH MAIN ST. V. PARKE CLEAN XECAT0R, JUtNOS MOVING 4 STOftACE SERVICE General Merchandise Siora The 5OG.C& Telephone 54 and 55 Best in the City. 621 North Main Street iargrzrargrgrgrjarargraE ADMISSION Lower Floor' 33c Balcony 20c Children 11c Tax Included TODAY TOMORROW AND THURSDAY D 3 r jrtjw?mL sis 8 L, Vi : m Founded on J. M. Bams'j famous play "THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON" Adapted for the screen bj JEANIE McPHERSON A Picture that lets you look at three civilizations, playing, living, loving first, the luxurious civilization of the stateliest homes of modern England, with a sumptuous atmosphere of jewels and gowns and scented baths and the powdered hair of flunkeydom. econd, the scene changes to a South Sea Island whereon has been wrecked a palatial yacht whose aristocratic occupants have to struggle along under Swiss Family Robinson . conditions. - hird, you see the same characters set in the barbaric and exotic splendor of an ancient court Babylon when cruelty anc ! walked hand in hand. There are unprecedented thi "Male and Female," thrills from which have never before found sion on the screen. See this great paramount i Picture and you will understand 34 mi. m kings Llls in causes expres uAE&t It

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