The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1897
Page 5
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MS uw Iowa's legislature is Gettiflfftt the Wotk of Revising the Code Hathef Slowly. We want to say a word about ffaete is Said to Bfe Little to Indicate that the Solons Ate Theie—Genetal Review of the Week, •or Best Cloth Cape <P1 (\ or Jacket ^pAV Regular prices $15. *t8, |2o, $25. Cloth Jackets and Capes, Former prices #7- 5° to J 1 ^ J^ $10—now M-^ ^^ There is very little about the capital building, the hotels, or the city to indicate that the legislature is in session. There are no crowds at the state house; no crowds about the hotels, though last i week the county auditors of the state and a large number of the boards of supervisors were here holding separate conventions. The number of lobbyists is notably smaller than is generally here when a regular session is in progress. This'is due to the belief that legislative work will he confined to making the. code without radical changes. A few politicians on their way to Canton pass through this way and hold whispered conversations with their friends. This reminds me of one of the bright things said by George E. Roberta at Algona, when he observed 'that he went there to see the people as he had already se'en all the editors at Fort Dodge, intimating that the boys had been there to see Dolllver. This fefds to another bright thing we are told was said at that meet|nff by AL ^rdrngTthe" XStohTof *• «Aintf I auditor. • ^ ^_ The election committee ^Jf °°£g exptoln 1900, should be extended Ijo years in order that all the district te^^pi^S3fl» a^^^"^ Judge ?F 6lydeo y f the Twelfth, Judge W I Winthrow of the Twentieth, and Judge Henry Banks Jr. of the First. TheHatter's term expires Dec. 31,1899, and the others Dec^3l^l900. The heated controversy between the Register and the Capital about the state printing is resulting in S^w^ is believed there will be no change in the law. FLOl] s^"^^^2?issy- , i'orm by asking be good In the 3penlng to hold ' LAFE YOUNG. .All flout might be good flotir- Phut it isn't, always, The good flour that's always .g°° d ":J° ^ know where to get that kind? We will give you the combination : It s the Daisy Mills Flour. You know it. Don't put off doing a wise thing. Try some right now. 1 since the crime 01 io'o. hundred brilliant women of the United States were in Des Molnes nearlv all of last week attending tne wS^r^^entton^A^g Money to Loan. lo ten years. Optional ^gg*^ Tfwr- A pair of gold rltn eye glasses Leave at P this office and get reward. Leuette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. >o close at from SOc to $3.50, worth 75c to $5.00; 30,000 yards wash goods at be per yard. ...Jas. Taylor. ladies were received by tne state SHU™, where Miss Anthony presided and in- Srptrou ££. 'KSfhl fes':^ ? " a s,s er officers were re-elected, Misa An thony for president^ ^ The senate and house are working fjmen 8 t e iie5y different plans in manu- the code. The senate re its regular committees. The five code, committees, each Public Sale. The undersigned will sell at auction, a farm on Four-mi e creek « miles Don't Get Caught „<. The'«» I. '« ioNES . W. Whittiam, Auctioneer^ SEMI-LOCAL NEWS NOTES. t JN A. Pine is sawing the logs of his Lid cabin near Sexton into stove wood. The cabin was built 31 years ago, and ma a landmark on the east road. Mr. *Pine tells Editor McMullen about it. |The logs he hauled from near Algona Iwhich was the only timber in Kossuth I'county large enough for the purpose. He got it up and ready for plastering on Christmas day. The plaster was ' composed of earth, water and chopped • hay, which Mr. Pine put on with his ' hands, and as the weather was very cold it froze stiff almost as soon as it '.touched the logs, but it stuck: with ' such a tenacity that it lasted until the building was taken down. Mr. Pine : says those were the days we could talk lSd times and tell the truth. He +rn«nfa little pig of the razor-back pounds svcamore and oak, all finely varnished. The vestibule will have a fine perquette floor and there will be fine waxed floors of maple and^yellpw. A number drove out from Ledyard to Supervisor Burton's to attend a bir th- dav party given for Miss Jennie Thompson of Algona. A mishap going home is graphically described by the Leader. One sleiffh load when returning home Sfero»r/= ktfe r A'^trS S^«s%?£?eUo°J.±°ed'r t to run the the horses down. ^r^fcW-HH 'ssrtiMSss ««' as coldinaboUonthe took ol hi. neck and blood poisoning Bet in. -*- -7~ *T* The Bancroft Register has a note of XWD , -KT i.. «n mi* nftonle re- nnniiot linnd in t,hl9 WtlY UUO y»wt»». L»U."««" o VM T. „ «* ,11 •* w T. r»f fAn.niTlff TC are to look after the progress o the work is at present engaged in trying To find a way to do it without so much reading Yet no member is willing to vote fo? a chapter of the code simply because other members certify that it ? 8 correct. Members disagree as to the length of the session as much now tne fengu" u _ member THE TJEXT BI& ATTBAOTIOH. SUoro Acres is the Most Successful Drama on tlio Stage-A Picture of The m Atianta,.Ga., Journal says of Jas A Herne's "Shore Acres:" Mr. JamesHerne's beautiful play, "Shore Acres" was the attraction at the Grand last night. It was greeted by a-very large audience, despite the unpleasantness of the weather. . . If there were more plays on the stage like "Shore Acres," the number of bad men and women in this world would be materially decreased; there would be less bickerings and estrangements and Hs^rs'CTiT- sSs-^w^Aff^ B and makes it beat more in sym- a story of New • with advertisements of cheap, stovee, in ^° ^gf ^ to tlleffi BUYING A HORSE. You depend not only upon the looks, ^ where it does not give s to withstand the severe you the names of some two J|_ tW > t**- *-*- IVJ *• n, with a full tudffe Quarton held court at Esther- villa list week. The Republican says he wore an unusually Peasant smile and hummed in court not an old love tune, but a lullabye^ ^ . , • Q,, n t Reed was in Germania for the 1 * (•= TT« does not believe in sitting Biaro. jo-o_ w1 _-.. t ,•„ t^nTTniHno- over the wins ihrpTarherTVev'erai ylkV ago. A SSrftiie afterward he was miled for abducting a young girl in Illinois, in Yesterday's papers was ^ accourtt of his arrest and imprisonment at^May villa Kv for the same offense, iie leem'sTo^e a veritable girl stealer. J-^siS r «^« man^r them are candidates for rejection this very year and they want their records to be£00d. The senate judiciary committee has S^wSflSKl^S^ SjSSlSIS^*"^^^ •Fff^s-s-aE*-^ [shed its work on civil practice. ' -i~ ^T— "T* aulll<m» HA uu»v« " « v "" • O. M. DOXSEE, WE SELL GEOGERIES FOR CASH. ±S?JSM W « C| -5ST5' H Wffl T 6 he Capital is alargeeight- r ^ 0 --~- . r t af^ooiSrpW« 7 si %SSP&&'&?£?%7 St^sAjaffifj^was F is The district judge and court reporters are required at the Delusion of a nnse to perfect a record so that is Wiu nonsist of a true bill of acceptance. The code commissioners proposed that ?he court Reporters should take, down thl arguments of the lawyers in full. T?MH if changed so that only such por- of little oun"i<3" (*!.>* «-- —drove forth the demons of •»"-:--,- Acres like the beacon light upon the knoll that good Nathaniel Berry loved so well "Shore Acres" is a pastoral 3 Se most tender and beaut^f^.com- rged° n and T all ffig. .In connection witl it harmonize exquisitely. Evmy SSS.KllBiln t T f se±d an* Acres farm is shown, with the beaon s^g-^^^^n thehumofbees'andtheswishswash of the waves upon the sandy shore. « sy I groceries cheaper than you can buy • e OUM.. .» -nd let us convince you that we mean We are still selling those Cal Canned Goods at lOc per can; s: srA*ffS&% te C. ANDERSON & CO. VP AD .***. a—,«*.« fn pivnreBB nis 6X" talk \i\j ttii*-> i' . f" which the to the Jw , out. 1 j ^*» — —• This 1 Algona opera house feffi ? lio!ldi be made to answer for sniping that puvp. __ * ^*L l0n o w J ?f eene. Tn. T ShaUeegeare's ;tO go to Algona to see it- Notice of Dissolution. Notioa is hereby given that the part, nership heretofore existing under^the firm name of J, R. &. O. J. H 1 ^?' a Irvineton, Iowa, is this day QISBOIVOU. All Sounts due the firm arete-bepa d to 0, J, Button, and all liabilities are to be paid by him. d. j. PUTTON. left to the court. NINE-YEAB-OLD_BOY SHOT, TWO Boys Play WltU a One Has a Bullet in His At the Kessel home west of Bancroft R I Brayton'a 13-year-old and a Kessel nine-year-old were left alone Saturday They fished out a revolver from a bureau drawer, and took out all the catridgesas they thought. Then they played at shooting ,each other. It Same the Brayton : boy's turn to shoot andheputt.ha revolver at the other THE HEWSFAPEBS AND DB. GATES Wm. O, Payne in the Nevada Representative suras up the comment on Dr. Gates' address: One of the most interesting features of any editorial convention is likely to be in the after- clap. This is particularly true of the recent Algona meeting, and the after- clap comes in the editorial comments on the address of President Gates o! Iowa college at Grinnell. Some readers maTSave noted a mild disagreement in the Representative's observations last week; but a perusal of. our exchanges would convince the most ' id i *• v» 1 IYI iRnwn "Vfll*V President Gates, or another like him, might well draw effective consolation. Kis fears; for the very force that criticises and opposes him now will become his most effective ally whe» the danger which he now apprehend* shall become actual instead of theoretical, Both houses have' dis with Highest Honors-World's hand up. The D\mes wu»v yn.vv«5» }* e |ifeTS«gsS| }£^£S®S£$&£t GANGED goods, all sorts'and prices, at Grove & Son's. Tbe extreme f Geo, W ( B * " -}- -h house at r ~, t, with 23-foot red other P ar : V?r™ T-^«^| ;REAM Apy». MOST MADE. saving to the state, "JT *"f~ "T* , • . The wavs and means committee of evldenc?itiL regard to the proper basis of valuation for taxation, The senate election committee is iro* pSig the election laws very much, ?UB proposed that an amendment he liaeSSWgjU-pwWbW^^ l^lsSffii^iw^T flidate who was nominated Py • — premie taftv AIS namw _*T_ xi_.. Vollrtf. nnlU FOR time loans OR reaVestate apply at Kossutb, Comity State pante, MONEY to loan on town property and farms Thos. F. Cooke.-Sltjanl eovMnient it tart a.i'ilUnf! into P)»- %%offitfSSK 8 Ti r r ; f^r^ssrff^i ELKCTRIO BITTEES. 'Eleoteio Bitters is a medicine suited every season, but perhaps move gf the spring, when the fatal bilious levers. No w.~- more surely in counteracting t*»w. m-the system from t&e malarial pc Wnnflnrhe indigestion, conswEfttlOHi Kyiefdto 1&o Bitters. Only Srrw'At r h ^ Bheetz' drug stove. From a letter written by Bpv, J, G „?„ TOm-nnflftle, MlCh., WO ftPQ pOt • '- 1 -- "I have no &- s ten'upUonW it ieewed <W « *ft *&$*' survive them. A fvte»4. WMW».^*8& King's New PiwoYWY i J| W§ ^% fi ^ t M"work and higWy satlsjftptoi'y i» itgresup." 1 -'- • WatSttlSnSie«*p"P?BW *«<»»; , Reaulav slae &0c. wd f 1.Q9, * t . s«»p for down. ON account of sickness in my family the have Jenee at H«b a rt

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