The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1897 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1897
Page 3
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,V-,.-v*S -' -i ffc CHAPTER N spite of the horrors of the day and the tea-drinking of the bight, John slept the sleep of infancy. He was awakened by the maid, as it might have been ten years ago, tapping at the door. The winter sunrise was •KS5S! •It's most extraordinary," eftid Mr. Nicholson. "Do you mean to say tnat you have been out all night?' "All night, as you say, sir. I have been to the telegraph and the police cue. She slid into technicality, asking - - , his old inordinate 'atfiSu&t of Thence it was hut a step to the burn ing question of the dayr*»J J* J'JJ a little shaken, she commeftted ofa tne interval since she had last «^d6jea for the prodigal, and office, and Mr. Macewen's. Oh, I my hands full," said Alexander. "Very irregular," said the father. "You think of no one but yourself "1 do not see that I have mtich^to gain in bringing back my elder brother," returned Alexander, shrewdly. The answer pleased the old man, he smiled. "Well, well, 1 will go into this after breakfaCt," said he. "I'm sorry about the table," eaid the The table is a small matter; I think son. without Gradually Alexander .1 them, whether he would forced a word or two from these fell tremulously, and spoke «o eloquently of a mind oppressed with dread, that M*- Nicholson relented. At COUNTRt farme wrote this text- Amos of Tekoa. II plowed the earth threshed the by a hew threshing machine just invented, as formerly the cattle trod out the grain Irit and tifii grain coming — — • A in tnanus&ftpt that to*? ~~ --- ,, holed, tmt wlln the hfthd of thj AU mighty on the dome tt the sky, sa that all nations may read it- f^J^L ststent order, Sublime order. Omnipotent order. ^ ^ 0 What a sedative to you attd to whoih communities atod sbmetitfles seem going Pf";* el ! hafli the world ruled by some fiend at bap haaard, and in all directions malad- ministration! the God Who keeps seven worlds in fight circuit for «J thousand years can certainly kee& all the affairs of Individuals Ahd nations tint it makes the «rt»« dwi it makes the Sole* U9 fttKJflt But the ground have the" «* B % fl AS ttrtW ar* We had nnd before the was at an end all Yet strange as that t the Ecademy, twas'the old chest [were the chairs-one land Is of drawers; two, three nothing of that," said the father "It's another example," continued W i° son, "of the awkwardness of a man having no money of his own. If i had a proper allowance, like other-fellows of my age, this would have been quite unnecessary." "A proper allowance!" repeated his father, in tones of blighting sarcasm, for the expression was not new to aim. "I have never grudged you money for I cac* any proper purpose." "No doubt, no doubt," n four were talking even freely. prayers followed, with the servants gaping at this newcomer whom no one Sd admitted; and after prayers there He gathered f tUtt of . vhe the . toore tree, and scarified it with aft iron comb just before it was getUng ripe, as it was necessary and continents in adjustment hot better fret much, for the argument of. the text was rlpht God can of came that moment on the clock which wS the signal for Mr. Nicholson's departure. "John," said he, stay here. Be very , Iria, if Mlse Mackenzie thinks It de- ary that way to take from It . , terness. tte was the son of a. of course you will careful not to excite t»ic»."» , sirable that you should see her. ander, 1 wish to speak with Alex a one. A d «d , when they were both in the "You need not come bo the think i the "eyes) appeared hanging it between said Alexander "but"then you see you ar'n't always on the spot to have the thing explained to you. Last night, for instance—— "You could have wakened me last night," interrupted hia father. "Was it not some similar affair that first got John .Into a mess?" asked the son,' skillfully evading the point. But the father was not less adroit. "And pray, sir, how did you come and go out of the house?" he asked. "I forgot to lock the door, it seems, replied Alexander. "I have had cause to complain of that too often," said Mr. Nicholson. ««* omce today," said he; and amuse your brother, and it would be reepectful to call on Jnete And by the bye" (this spoken certain-dare we say ''.-bash- I agreeto concede the prin- Greig. with a fulness), ciple of and Israelites trembled. Moses was a Iaw-giv6r, Daniel was a prince, Isaiah a courtier and David a king; but Amos, the author of my text was a peasant, and, aa might be supposed, nearly all his P«?«eltams are pastoral, his prophecy full of the od.or of new mown hay, and the rattle of £ custs. and the rumble Pf carts jrjth sheaves, and the roar ; of wild beastei de vourmg the flock while the shepherd came out in their defense. lie watched L Ul tllO LC4XW '• , ... L cun take care of the seven worlds or the . Pleiades and the tour^ chief worlds of Orion, he can probably take care of the one World we itthabit,:. So 1 feel very much as my tauter felt one day when we were going to the country mill to get a grist g routt °' and I, a boy of seven years, sat : n t back part of the wagon, and otti yoke of oxen ran away with us and; along.a labyrinthine road through the woods, 80 that I thought every moment we would be dashed to pieces, and I maae a terrible outcry of fright, and myRaft- er turned to me with a face »ertectty calm, and said: "De Witt, what are you crying about? „„..„ and OriOn,- hdtf Cfttt . transport, the ecstasy, of such a .--I must obey my text attd wekjittu t. will seek him, I seek him nowvtof i call to mind that it is not . the m« 6 «ai , Universe that is Most valuable, but d each of us has a • than alt the worlds I guess we can fast as the oxen can run." And, my hearers, why should we be_ a and lose our allowance; and I will con- WJI.I1 i/UVI.W» F - . . man of the world and has sonsof Ms own as to the amount. And, my fine Snow"you may consider yourself IP luck!"' he added, smiling. "Thank you," said Alexander, the herds by day, and by n ffht In habited a booth made out of bushes so that through these branches he coiim see the stars all night long, and was m ore fammar with them than g we w^o an os .equilibrium in the, .BW| t movements of worldly events, especial ly when we are assured that it Is not a voke of unbroken steers that are d ••tag us on, but that order and wise ernment are in the yoke? Again, Amos saw, as we must see, that the God who made these two un- |ty words of answer paid. to the cab office and paid yom even saw the old gentleman him>and properly apologized. He was " placable, and indicated h» be- si ill I do not understand, the servants up?" "I propose to go into But Did you Keep all that at . detective had restored u his money, and brought 9 ad enough in truth, but have tight hardly ever roofs to our the stars except among Alan j. yi UJJWPJV, *-v o— - i A i length after breakfast," returned Alexander. "There ie the half hour go- must not keep Miss Mackenzie ~~ that- T had been w w —o- *^K^?M idea that you dreamed it. atch me!" said. John the police never do know and a ing; we W And greatly daring, he opened the °Even Alexander, who It must have been perceived, was on terms of comparative freedom with his parent; even Alexander had never before dared to cut short an interview in this hlgh- .banded fashion. But the truth is the very mass of his son's delinquencies daunted the -old gentleman Before noon a to John news, 3'— .,,„ perhaps the least ead possible. Si bin found in his own house in Regent's Terrace, under care of the ter S?ed butler. He was quite mad and instead of going to prison had gone o MorningsTde Asylum. The murdered man, it appeared, was ari evic ed tenant who had for nearly a year pui- hls late landlord with threats and • and beyond this, the cause and the tall brick chimneys of , towns. But at seasons of great yeai . when 'the herds were In special dange , he would stay out in the open field all archipelagoes of stars must be an changing G°d. There had been no change in the stellar appearance in this-herdsman's life-time, and his father, a shepherd, reported to him that there had been no change In-hls lite wortn more umu. »" """ *T,,*u tt\» the inspired herdsman S&W f«m his , t booth on the hills of £ eiioa, , . . ;, 1 ; had studied it bftfore, but the , Cathedral of Cologne, Germatty, ttevW impressed me as it did one summer, it is admittedly the grandest °°™ t ^f"; iure in the world, Its foundation laid in 1248, only a few years ago co ™*-^ pleted. Mow, than six hundred yeart in building. All Europe taxed for Us f construction. Its chapel ot the Magi with precious stones enough to purchase a kingdom. Its chapel of St. Agnes With masterpieces of painting. Its spire springing five hundred and eleven feet Into the heavens. Its stained glass the chorus of all rich colors. Statues encircling the pillars and encircling all. Statues above statues, until sculpture can do no more, but faints and falls back against carved stalls ana down on pavements over which tne kings and queens of the earth have walked to confessional. Nave and aisles and transept and portals combining the splendors of sunrise and sunset. Interlaced, interfollated, intercolumned grandeur. As I stood outside, looking at the double range of flying buttresses and the forest of pinnacles, higher ana higher and higher, until I almost reeled , ... , T. .«^ n 1ntwiar1 • ' OffiftL sued ts; through the darkness the curtain of the night-heaven the stellar embroideries ana si tassels of lunar light. What a life of solitude, all ^ alone with his herds! Poor Amos! And at twelve o'clock at night, hark to the wolf's bark, and the lion's roar-, and the bear's growl, and the owl's; te-whlt te-who,' and the serpents his as he time. And these two over the celestial arbor ?hey were " clusters hang just as kuo , ..... 'the first "night that .they shone on the Edenic bowers, the same Egyptians built the Pyra- exclaimed: "Great Frozen prayer of as when mids them, thtop watch details of the tragedy .were lost. When Mr. Nichloson returned from . He wae unwittingly steps ing through the thickets! like other herdsmen; got the habit ot studying the map of the heavens, because it was so much of the time spread out before him. He some stars advancing and others ,.„«„, the same as when the Chaldeans calculated the eclipses, the same as when Elihu, acordlng to the Book of Job, went out to study the aurora borealis, the same under Ptolemaic system and Copernican system, tne same from Callsthenes to Pythagoras, and from Pythagoras to Hersohe.Sure- re- Susers it one Uon in your path-the gov- Tll'be turned out again, you'll see," returned the Tyoudo'what Flora and lid. John, dismally. "I don't imagine so ier; "not business t« your , quarter of an hour. By five e, in your •juthie's picture old seat, under Flora will be and you countenance; wont we shall see." _ It be wiser for me to stay , „ manage your own can do precisely what „ '"replied Alexander; but If Lt in your place five minutes ha?f hour I wash my hands UttUULCU mc «-— o Wl««3 like the man with the cart of apples -this was beyond him! .That Alexander should have spoiled his table taken his money, stayed out all night, and then coolly acknowledged all was something undreamed of in the Nlch- olsonian philosophy, and transcended I comment. The return of the change which the old gentleman still carried in his hand, had been a feature o im-posing impudence; it had dealt him a staggering blow. Then there was the reference to John's original flight-a subject which he alwaya kept resolutely 'curtained'in his own, mind; for he was a man who loved to have made no mistakes, and when he feared he might have made one kept the papers sealed. In view of all these surprises and reminders, and of his eon's composed for him. All understood. Keep auite easy.-Austin." Having haft thte Greig dined there that day, and co-«i« Sobfna, and, by an odd_ chance ceding. what and cousin Mr. the. a somewhat strained EreTthey departed, the fam- welded once more Into a fair Macewen; and the strangers relieved been otherwise relation, lly.was semblance of unity. In the end of April John led Flora-I the altar, if altar that may be | which was indeed the drawing- mantel-piece in Mr. ILO «ll* »«•"*-***O <, «.u.« B . He associated their dawn and setting with certain seasons of the year He had a poetic nature and he iead night by night, and month by month, and vear by year, the poem of the con- sSllaUons 'divinely rhythmic. But two rosettes of stars especially attracted his attention while seated on the ground, or lying on his back under the open scrol of the midnight neavens- the Pleiades, or Seven Stars, and Orion The former group this rustic, prophet •^S^AT^^^S ted with the water, as it.opines meridian in January. The.Pie- Stars,.connected with all LLIIU. i-l vn* *• J v»»»»o — - —— -- . ly a changeless God must have fashioned the Pleiades and Orion! Ob what an anodyne amid the ups and downs of life, and the flux and reflux of the tides of prosperity, to know that we have a changeless God, "the name yesterday, to-day, and forever. Xerxes garlanded and knighted the steersman of his boat in the morning and hanged him In bhe evening of the same day. Fifty thousand people stood around the columns of the na- capltal, shouting themselves at the presidential inaugural, from dizziness, doxology in stone! many nations!" But while standing there I saw a poor man enter and put down his pack. and kneel beside his burden on the hard floor of that cathedral. And tears o-f deep emotion came into my eyes as I said to myself, "There is'a soul worth, more than all the material surroundings That man will live after the last pinnacle has fallen, and not one stone of all that cathedral glory shall remain uncrumbled. He is now a Lazarus in rags and poverty and weariness, but immortal, and a son of the Lord God Almighty; and the prayer he now offers though amid many superstitions, I believe God will hear; and among the Apostles whose sculptured forms stand in the surrounding niches he will at last be lifted, and'into.the presence of that Christ whose sufferings are represented by the crucifix before which he bows; and be raised in due time out of all his poverties into the glorious home built for him and built for us by''Hlm who maketh the Seven Stars and Orion.'" tional ii.uu.mt7 cvu n»*« *-- — ,, and in four months so great were the antipathies that a ruffian', pistol n Washington depot expressed the sentiment of many a disappointed offlce- The world sits in its chariot DYSPEPSIA PROOF. The KsUlmos Defy All laws of seeker. house with the Reverend house, wit ,. sweetness and joy; Orion, the herald t The ancients were tne horse horse Cob- hearth . rug in the guise "^ ^ gtudy the physl ognomy and you ie or one he departed. He had ;mTy" but the truth is his Tomewhat troubled. And the balusters, watch- and .masterful demeanor, there began to creep on Mr. Nicholson a sickly misgiving. He seemed beyond his depttt, if he did or said anything, he might come to regret it. The young man, besides, as he had pointed out himself was playing a generous part. And u wrong had been done-and done to one who was, after, and in sp te of all, a Nicholson-it ehould certainly be righted. All things considered, monstrous as It was to be cut short in his Inquiries the old gentleman submitted, pocketed the change, and followed hia son into the dining-room. During these few steps he once more mentally revolted, and once more, and this time finally, laid down bis arms; a still, small voice In his bosom having Informed him au- ^ « - 1 - _' «fl «ntMQ' Tnflt posted on of Hymen's priest. Thp last I saw of them, on iTffn tb« north was at a dinner-party c ial influence visit to the nortn.wa^a.^^ ^^HV I haps they were juxtaposition of the heavenly bodies, a recent because they thought they had a spe- « the earth; and per right. If the moon phrase, "rejodned and drives tandem, and the ahead is Huzza, and the behind is Anathema. Lord Jim in King James' time was aXuded, and had thlrty-flve thousand dollars a year, but was afterward execrated, and lived on scraps stolen from the royal kitchen. Alexander the Great after death remained unburled for thirty days because no one would do the honor of shoveling him under. The Duke of sia, and Thrive. Much is said about American dyspep- but there is one native race of sa, America .that is certainly not greatly troubled by the modern Popular Science News, little Eskimos defy all hygiene and thrive. curse, saya The sturdy the laws of The Eskimo, like the ordinary dweller in America, eats until he is satisfied, but there is this difference, that he never is satis- fled while a shred of the feast remans His capacity is limited and by that only. He unconsumed. by the supply storms in the n, by all sclen a day. times— and of moral likes with any Bravo!" thought I to'myself; "'this oy wie emjjyij, »»"» "* cannot make any mistake about the manner of cooking his food, for as a rule he does not cook it, nor so far as the blubber or fat of the arctic animal Is concerned, about, his method of eating it, for he simply does not eat it; he cuts it into long strips an inch wide --BU,. »» «—. - - • , thflt and an inch thick, and then lowers the everlasting to everlasting. to them that down hla throat as one might v Wellington refused to have his iron tenoe mended because it had been broken by an Infuriated populace in some hour of political excitement, and he toft It in ruins that men might learn what a flckle thing is human favor. S th» mercy of the Lord is from "But the mercy vanEelistlc errand on the first night, and designate the ^ t r a na a ge a door cpened below \^Z& of a piece of news; that l\certffempha 6 ls,andMr.Ntch-,; e was afraid of Alexander. The • U *!*„.„ Solemnly to descend atpaMfl , t hink was that he was seen solemnly but «»» steady lace, to and to he pointed UCZ >* 0^» *«.-•—..— -- _«-»J strange-thing was that he was pleased to be afraid of him. He was proud of his son; be might be proud of hlmj tb? boy had character and grit, knew what he was doing THE END. In Persia. The governorship of a state is held yearly by the man who gives the ehah [he argest present; during his period of office he collects from the people the present he has given ( the Sar hto. and hi, righteousness unto he children's children of such as *«" VUD *•"** . _ __ , , J-U*v«tt W.Vl« ana Ills reflections as lie turneTthe corner of the dining-room These were jjjciTu. * - i._ui i nnristmas ji»B" t i «*«*>•. —~—= is the wife for my friend John! jSoradle of our Lord? Did not the """' stars in their course fight against I Sisera' Was it merely coincidental that before'the destruction of Jerusalem the moon was hidden for twelve consecuUve niBhts? Did it merely happen so that "new star appeared in constellation Casseopela, and then disappear just before Charles IX. of France, who was responsible for St. Bartholomew massacre died? Was It without significance that in the days of,the Homan Emperor Justinian war and famine were 'preceded by the dimness of the sun. which the bargain for pitiless, his m*n will often the door. Mackenzie ' place p, last sticks of an old man, and « the J seems starvation staring hem • s}sti they.. are liable to * ' ' bis covenant, those who remember his commandnlents to do them" This moment "seek him that maketh the Seven Stars and Orion. . # » * And I am glad that so many texts , ls to look off to other worlds, ««-, of "them larger and grander and more resplendent, "^ok there," says job "at Mazaroth and Arcturus and nis Ws!" Look there," sa^St^hu, "at the moon under "Look there," says Jo standing still above call us many Christ's feet! , the Gibeon *4 -be; "I have been was served f afraid you would notice it, his son; "It m-a'de such a alrald I would notice it?", ed Sat Mr, Nicholson. "And that mean?" , thief, sir," returned in UUUi i ^T-*.f**v *j*r-«'-- ' , of honor, conjuring with a tea-pot ana a cozy; and, behold! there wae another person present, a large, Partly, whisker* man of a very comfortable and u ip the mouth of every one was true. , IP the old days It was neceseary' to make the old days a frShtful example of few carayan erty tg you have rd ypu will do I Save wSe foh»5'the the circupti- .,. jwsUce. The to believe there error about ,ier it can be ^U parties; It "respectable air, who now rpse from his seat and came forward, out his hand. "Gpod morning, 'father," eal< Of the cpntention of feeling high in Mr. Nicholson's starched bosom no outward sign was visible; »°» ^ he delay long to make a oho ice of conduct. Yet in that Interval ne had re Viewed a great field P* J bpth past and future; whether it possible be had npi been in his treatment of John; was ppsslble that John was whether, If he turned Joh» ° u * * »??: time, as bis PUtrage^ authority was possible to avpW ft a r Jobbers to keep the rpad through the __ . _..- T« o nnnntrv where It is wntaViB safe In a country where Sto^fio «™*« sulcwe in fanatical way, as, for wives throw themselves bands' funeral pyres In India, an out- Bry often Is made In England, and yet in a country full of Hurppeans men are taken out in -broad daylight and murdered by the roadside. for nearly a year gave no more than the mapn, although there were no clouds to obscure It? Astrology,'after all, may have been something more than a brilliant heathenism NP wonder that Amos of the text having heard these twe anthems of tiwTatars put dpwn the stout rough staff of th,e herdsman and took Into MB brown hand and cut and knotted fingers the pen of the prophet, :and advised the recreant people of his time S 8 return to God, 3 aylugj 'Seek him * w '838 V «£<-«!: whether, If ,_„. extremity, it wag Aiexaii4er mlgbt rebel. "Kum! 1 5^4 ^r- Nie-hP}9Q n » »W hlfi Jv&n4, llinp and. dead, Into a» that BashfunVev-I-l fear I mupt seem a very Sahara of dullness this evening, M 8elf?Po?8essed YPung Woman (tlrfd A f walting)~No, Mr. PsnklBB, yp« are not S aU Uke * ^ert; YPU teWt any that Orion » maketh the Seven Stars and This command, which ATOPS ou years B. 0., is just as for us 1897 A. D. there," says Moses, "at the ^ " "Look there," says Amos, >w *an. "at the.Seven'Stars and . DP not let us be SP sad abPUt WUD , w^bo shove off from this world under Ohrlstly pilotage. Do not let us be so agitated about our own goWB off this little barge or slPOp or <» na »" boat of a world to get on some Great Eastern" of the heavens, Po »°\'f us persist In wanting to stay In taw •barn, this shed, this outhouse of a world, when all the king's palaces aU ready occupied by many of our bes friends are swinging-wide open their gates to let us in. ,„„„, a rope into a well, And after that he does not suffer from ^^ses- tlon He can make a meal off the flesh and skin of the walrus, provision so hard and gritty that in cutting up the animal the knife must be continually, sharpened. The teeth of a little Eakl- child will meet in a bit of walrus mv,a as the teeth of an American child, would meet in the flesh of an apple, And that when the hide of the walrus is from one-half to one and one-half inches in thickness and bears cpnsld- eratole resemblance to the skin of an elephant. The Eskimo child will bltft. it and digest It, too, and never know, what dyspepsia means. mo skin as Oroumla tov A worthy vicar Jn a ruval parish who • had waxed eloquent in the Interest qf foreign missions one Sunday was surprised on entering the village sbflP during the week to be greeted with marked coldness by th« old dame wb» kept it. On askiug the cause thft o)d woman produced a bftlf-ct'QW» fraw a draweri apd, throwing It down beft»» him; said: "I marks* tftftt c«Jn and put It in the plate last Sunday, and_ ' It was not son that each world" Is a room, ana as many stellar windows, etellav here U la b aek knoVed well them. besthe B nevey get the mvw pew, vw*« vwv *•""•:••%.._• fi 0(1 O f haUwaye, Pleiades and QrtPR must fee the Qod or ^ HQW WU * ased th.«i li* mu8t plty UB 8 ^ U ^ " P - ^~ but seven ift 9°° Job tatt-pp never by b« la »pil« 1°^ M^- ( , , , A/v*« t*\* A ftl llftP e warnlai, &y && \nMm iw :.i..<Ui»«iitf nt fYia 1 ^w»*ww >",?,-. OT *VW4 H* w «> t« «w» VWT ™ j .„., V>io nn, all to«k theU' Pipes; a&4, *YW^gj U&ttwh

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