The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1897
Page 1
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riW/^fj^W^f-n^^Tv, r-yi«.tw .•/W-ijW He'u J*» •*: fe^4^*S ? 1805, itill Here- OTWB, fott i*i-llctiee Ifc Bttitcf Items. lit THB, Grocery "".."' V bur stock is completer than ever, and prices .and qualities equal to any, 1 * M. Z. Grove & Son. Some Port Dodge housekeepers econ omlzed last w6ek bjr btiyittg nloei golden butter pats at 16 flents a pound of an ingenious peddled the btittet was~a beautiful color, and was in nicely molded pound forma. One woman took four of them for 60 cents, saving 12 cents as she figured. She learned hor mistake when the butter was brought into a warm room, for as soon as it thawed it floated in a dish of buttermilk. After she worked the milk out of her four pounds, she^had less ihan two pounds of butter and over a quart of good buttermilk. The pedd er sold a lot of his butter before his trick was discovered. . . - t Consumption From a I>og» »„- Ltllie Hare; aged 18 years, died at Clear Lake from consumption cOnr tracted from her pet dog, A .Mason and wnat iney wuuiw ««.'". i*"* had there been no delay in ttw The duestidn naturally, arises, would the stibpVs have 1*1* J*« «£«*} *|jg difference if prides had come Utt in* stead of golttg down? W. L. Joslyn is home from Sycataore, #. L. Williams arrived at the A. JJ. Clarke home last Saturday from Erie, Clarke was in t>es Molnes Kee 102 E. State St. City physician and all the . of Clear Lake were in consultat ion. The dog also died and a post .mortem held on Its body revealed the fact that tuberculosis had developed into c O n- sumption " of the lungs. There is another and somewhat similar case at Mason City* _ _ _ : Must Not Illuminate Witli «a8oHne. The oil inspector has compelled A- Smith to take the gasoline lamps out of his store at Emmetsburg, in compliance with a statutory provision 5rev P enting gasoline from being u used as an illuminator where other huildlngs ,__ji ...:iui n Kn -fnAt. of the one so Pa. GeO. 12. Uianto YYO.D ^ Y"" "SMi:"" before the supreme court last Thurs- dciv MlssMame Spencer is here from Wupaca, Wis., visiting her uncle, the colonel. Vesta Call Miller s expected tomorrow from Cedar Falls for a visit at Geo. C. Call's. E. Y, Swettlng has not returned from Berlin, Wls., where he went to attend his father's funeral. H. B. Mason went Monday night to Des Molnes as a delegate to the state meeting of Modern Woodmen. Mrs. Harvey Ingham' went. to Des Moines yesterday. Her mother Is confined to her home with qulnzy. Chester C. Call is home from Des Moines, where he has been enjoying a siege of typhoid. He has had a very serious illness. John G.'Smith was in Des Moines , for a long time: Two full gallons of hold it, all for the Syrup and a nice pail t6 hold it, small sum of ........... • t j Friday and Saturday, Feb. 5 and 6, For two days only. You can't afford to miss this. Langdon &> Hudsbij ° • . ' l '*£; TBL/BFHOHB KO. Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods, M Paper, Window Shades, Hats, Caps, Gloves, Mit ' e " s '^- r, Gents'Furnishings, and in fact everything to be: a ma rs bJ store, bur prices are the lowest. WE WILL NOT BE JNDERSOLD. stand within illuminated. .' A Good Beulnning. County Attorney Chantland of Fort Dodge has shown his mettle in the first term of court. Eight convictions and pleTs of' guilty out of eight cases cannot well be excelled. DQQTOBIN6 COUNTY POOB. Supervisors Have Adopted a New Scheme-It Operates Well lu Other Counties. '•.•'•. The county fathers will advertise for bids for county doctoring on a new plan, said to be successful .where tried. Jon . m last week attending the state meeting of county supervisors. It was a pleasant and profitable session. 'Pearl Pugh returned from a visit with his parents' in. Fullertpn, Neb., Saturday. He also visited in Omaha and in Nevada, Iowa. His brother is a newspaper man in St. Louis and he was also at home. Pearl had not been back in eight years. Judge Quarton went to Des Moines Yesterday While there he will hear an argument in the -Snow case from Whittemore. A WOO judgment was Des and Whittemore. A taken against .' Moines for wrongful attachment they want it opened up. THE UPPER DES MOINES neglected . i . . ___ i~ *v>« ^onorhm-n of GfiO. -.. last week to note last weeK to noio uuo uoycv.. -v... —E. Hamilton, who has gone south to take charge of that end of the lumber business. Several social receptions said TO oo ouu«o= ni — -•- -- i were tendered him by his friends, ana They have divided the county into L U the young people regret that Ai•*• •> ... .- , .,, u«j n t n ~ „„„„„.! 11 BAA Vint little 01 mm ior Six pounds of XXXX coffee for _ Six pounds of Arbuckle coffee for Six pounds of Lyons' coffee for . . Six pounds of Capital coffee for . • . One pound of Spearhead tobacco for One pound 'of Climax tobacco for . . One pound of Starr tobacco for^ . . One Sound of Battle Axe tobacco for . oil pou"nd of Even Change tobacco for _ *^ ____ i _x« r\ r\ •frt'Ha.rMvi TnT . * $1.00 i.op 1.00 1.00 .40 .40 .40, .255 :26$$! G.L. ^—^——— Fine Oak Birch - . & CO. ± LLOV tat*»w «,*«—— — — . — eight districts, and wiir open bids for each district at the April meeting. The districts are as follows: 1. Eagle, Grant, Swea, Harrison. 2. Springfield, Hebron, Ledyard, Lin- C °3?'Seneca, Greenwood, Ramsay, Ger- "T'Fenton, Burt, Portland, north half Union and Plum Creek. . 5. Algona, Cresco, south^ half Plum Creek and Union, west half of Irving- t0 6.' Buffalo, Wesley, Prairie, east half 0! 7 Ir Lufe°rne, Sherman, Biverdale. 8. Lotts Creek, Whittemore, Garfield. • mi uuo juu"B r--r— ,,,,f gona will see but little awhile. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Caulkms left for New Whatcom last evening. Last Wednesday .evening the Christian Endeavor society gave them a surprise at Mrs. Hunt's home, which was filled to overflowing with young friends of the happy bride, giving her a Gods-speed as she leaves for her new home. As Miss Hunt she has enjoyed the esteem and friendship of all. As Mrs. Caulkins she has very many good^ wishes for a happy and prosperous and useful life. WE have all kinds of rubber footwear, arctics, wool boot overs, fine and heavy rubbers, alaskas, etc., in all grades. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co. n.i'o aiw.iivi.i v^~~ j~~ ------- ** __ __^ ^ • Foundry and Machine Shop, «S5 OUaastedt, IFrope. sSopeastof Kutherford o on abort notice* j'af e¥ere to stay. Mall orders promptly attended, po^n^le^peclalg^^^^^. • : .Chamber Suits prices. We are also mak- . Tng special prices on odd pieces of up- TRADE AT HOBART «*»*»|>^ •— f ~ — bolstered goods. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. With THORN & JONES. -UP-TO.PATE MERCHANTS for one dollar with «s than any other place. p, L, SLAGLB, Manufacturer aaa dealer in I II V Harness, Saddles, Whips, 1 Ui *• •—. ^—-* ^I B », B "f^lH"' DR, JOSEPH HAA8 1 mm m HOB CHOLIBA, 'AND LUNCH COUNTEE, Corner opppstfe ifossutix County banki for I Meals and lunches served at all hours. o y STEPS ' Taylor is making prices that will- clean his store for spring goods. W Whitham, the new auctioneer, has a number of big sales on hand. Wm K. Ferguson was offered $15 Monday for an ordinary two-weeks-old Jas Taylor is giving the church .ladies some sale days again this spring. [The dates appear in his ad. W. W. Jones is going into_the mail route business this season and will rent his farm. He advertises a big sale. H. L. Kimball keeps all kinds of coal at the Northwestern depot besides ground feed and everything in that line. *' . • , Galbraithh'as ordered the biggest line of spring dress goods he has ever brought to Algona. They will be here the middle of the month. The firemen are going to have some » warm" posters for their big masquerade dance. They have ordered some outs expressly for the job. Mr. Kimball says this year's corn is a drug at eight cents, and that lots of wetfllxis not worth over « cents. Oats are at 11 cents, and wheat at 60. Ehlers & Falkenhalner sell as low as the lowest, but not quite so low as THE UPPER DES-MOINES said last week. Their cream balm is 25 and not 15 cents a bottle. O j Duttonhasbought out his fathers interest in the Irvington store and his new advertisement bears bis name. It Sains a lot of prices on poperies our south of town readers will do well to ° Auditor Calkins has H. E. McCoy of EsthervUle engaged for a lumber yard Plover. The Democrat says: H. E. is not a novice in the l»mber business and we congratulate the Algona. firm in securing his services. Poland China Boars. Eight full-blood Poland China boars for sale. Apply to A. J. MoBain, Irvington. _ __ _ THE newest novelties in ladies' and Medical and Surgical INSTITUTE AND CITY HOSPITAL. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. OfBce over First National bank, Algona, la. •;. WHIPPING'. HIS WEIGHT. The Champion Jigger Overestimated His Flstlo AbUltj'. In the logging camps of Michigan might makes right and t^ manj?ho has whipped all comers in fair fights is noftsaid a logger to a re- trorter, was very boastful of his exploits. Kad bSn the victor in a dozen fights and no one oared to enter the lists with him, but every man in the camp hated the champion. Going into a saloon one he -nounced; rm tired of E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT Oollectlou agent. Boaton. block. DANSON & BUTLER, , LAW. LOANS, LAND, OoUeotlons a specialty, ' Office In Qardner Qowlea' dayhTaanounced; "retiredof these babies in camp. I ain'thada good fight or anything that breathes ° A $ me°e'k looking mfui took the bet aod arrangements for the flgbt were made. to take place in a closed room from the time the bet was Tenant House, fn Algona, oixe day meaon month. Date of next visit, FRIDAY, FEB. 19- No charge for consultation and examination. SULLIVAN & ATTORNEYS Office in goxle-Ferguaon W-jQk. E, V. SWETTINO, ATTONEY AT Algona, J. 0, RAYMONP. RAYMOND & ATTORNEYS AT Algona, low**- day came and called, "Bring on your aniroi. man who had bet against the tang o* amp brought bis antagonist tea sact, which had been deposited d the stove in «», *«*•**" the match had been entered into, the weather just beginning to getcold. The gladiator entered the room, the sack waVemptied and the people crowded a the window to see the contest, Out oi the X came three large hornet seato, occupants of which had been rniYefl Chas. J, Doxsee, M. ATTORNEY 0»ce The State Uniyersity Miss Mame Spencer will organize a class in china palatine tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock at opera house block, &"?*£* **' &^^^^^ ? ^^ City Globe; We M, tt»e nests the Tnft^t r ~- — or two, ttiejiTvi - oai?y

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