The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1897
Page 7
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THE MJAfiS. VVI? ANO Wi&tJOMi la the matter oi the the state tii *ln* ft *ltt«r»i*ltk tfc* Aid Itfcttiitffeftttte Altjr. (from thfe Gate CH*. KeoHuk, tto IH»IMMUI Obj6tife.l to of thfe the Sheld »t*nctlonl n* t« tnsson to reduce the rate from three (3) cents to cents per mile, the commission is of Y DARLl has a merry eye, And voice like silver bells: How shall 1 win her. prithee, say- By what magic spells? be most seriously i€ifgJ^;frS^gftw^^%F'. ; s||]fj HE Astrolos;: 1 gain insists that all persons writing him with a view of obtaining free readings in this column, must fiehd full name and ad* dress. The name Will not be pwb 1 * lished. The data are often megre, in |ase it becomes necessary to Ik Personal letter to the appU* It will therefore be seen tnat Ite necessary to give name, and ftce address. These / eading * I and will be published In ordei ^ed. Persons wishing the same Beading by mail can obtain it King twelve two cent stamps, lame and address, year of birth, fmonth and hour of day, whether for p. m. Also state place of fThese are important points and It them an accurate reading of lanetary indications cannot be 1 Persons who are not sxire as I should write the Astrologer -tor ft instructions by mall. In doing Id four cents in stamps for reply. IBS: Prof. G. W. Cunningham, 4, 194 So. Clinton street, Chi- ettce, ^Such action on our part ply incfease the heavy burdens which they are staggering now. It is a well-known fact to those y wh ° nav the trouble to - ofbu.!.... the low 01 &rm Bfoducts and th« Si?pS^--™ s to ooui uie ijuui , thfi Bam e K M1B8 Meg, Mendotn, Mo. fcf'r°toS' u ;s ea M- I was rising at your birth, there- tors is your ruling planet or sig- fc-e medium .height, with a well Igure, and will grbW stouter as you w older. Your complexion, hair feyes, medium; the eyes have rath- I sharp, piercing sight. You are I energetic and ambitious do not ! opposition, and will display quite lirited temper at times; you are a [er, and have the ability to execute la in a creditable manner; you are 1 of soldiers, fireman, surgeons, all Ler of military parades, news etc I war would come you would like to land be right at the front of the [tie; you would make a good sur|n. You have: far better command language than this sign usua Ijnde- L 3 Your husband is, or will be, a Liar temperament, and rather hard funderstand, and marriage will only la trifle over average fortunate: You 1 under both a good transit of Juplte. |a an ev.ll transit of Saturn. K. U., Occoln, Ohio. SouuTb"made at this *me. If the country was prosperous our conclu- for the past three years by the fraction above two , maximum allowed them was. Ce For the reasons above stated we do not feel that this reduction should be time We are also asked jf i frown she shakes her head, If 1 weep she ' . smiles; Time woUUl fall me to recoutt* All her wilful wiles. . She floute me so-*he stings me so- Yet will not let me stir In vain I try to pass her uy, My little chestnut bur, When I yield to every whim She straight Begins to pout. Teach me how to read my love, How to find her out! For flowers she gives me thistle blooms— Her turtle doves are crows I am the groaning weather-vane, And she the wind that blows. Mv little love! My teasing love! Was woman made for man- • A rose that blossomed from his side? Believe It-those who can. r went to sleep-I'm sure of it- Some luckless summer morn, \ rib was taken from my side, And of it made a thorn. But still I seek by some fond art To link it to my life, Come, solve my problem, married men. Teach me to win my wife. k iioW attd I owe it largely iw » '"-• that is the medical mat-vel of the age. ;:YwlVle^ aP ^ n sl Bitter my usual ice Mvvifc has taken them and pronounced them y thc best regulator for the system .he hesitate to recommend the PHILOSOPHY. | According to the data thfe zodiacal rn Aauarius, which Uranus rules, was fin*-at your birth, therefore Uranus lyo^r ruling planet or significator. sign Pisces, which Jupiter rules, -intercepted on ascendant,^.there- i Jupiter is co-signlncator. You are nedium height;, medium to light plexion, hair and eyes; when young hair was flaXen; you will grow ,wr. :as>ypu. adyahce in; years; you reserved In your manners, yet quite by'talker; you are Inclined to. ln- figate any of the occult and mys- lus forcr/i in nature; you are a ter after, truth nq;matter where you lit- you'are naturally an advanced her and was born with a kind of vledge which • you- never had to "to. learn-;-you just know many i without ever having had to iy them, and if asked to explain lyou knew this or that you .could lell where it came from; you feel iknow things in advance. It you i thoroughly understand this- It I be made valuable to you. Saturn nake an evil transit for you soon. R J«lBS S. S,'.M»rton?IH«, B»o. Eofding to the data furnished acal sign Sagittarius, which foes was rising at your Wrtb ^ net or j'4 u P« el 0 _ D -foiv ivu.h slender, THOS. GAHAN. Attest- J. W. YANT1S, Secretary. Jan. 12, 1897. JOSH \n infidel is either a.lunatik or a phool he kan take hlz choice. Men ov real merit are the fust ones to see merit and praize it In others Don't pla with the devil's tale. Yu nmy eskftpe unhurt, but it tea.doubtful UIIB uv the gratest viktorys ov good breeding la, it very often makes a phool endurable. . Billy, ml boy, thare iz no surer way to put yure kandle out than trying to shiae on. all occashuns. . UtMlRiiecl to It;_Sny, old man, yon nvo looking per cent bettor.than you were n :—Yes, I was worrying about' my '""No" mdebd, •<! can heartily recommend *.„ *iii whn wilt cull on me., j * . to ^; wminmi' PiiikPilte contain, in a.con- . t-v _ 11T1 tltnvviat -St. John (K*fl.),NeWS. ' 'Wnat an aggfe'gaflbft; *nftt a pfef. It has befen, disproved ft sand 1 limes; it is ft cleaa case 61 fancy. 11 dbesfe't take money ft newspaper, it can Kin wttjoutmon- ey. It is a charitable insUt""™- a begging concern, a highway B'Gbdfrey the newspaper is the of the air, a creature 6f a dr^att. it can go on and on and on, whett any other concern wduld be ih the lianas of a receiver and wound ut> *"*«** webs in the window, it takes wind to run a newspaper-, it takes gall to run a newspaper. It takes a sclntlllat ng, acrobatic imagination, and a half floa- en white s'h'frts, and a railroad pass to tun ft newspaper. But ffidttey—Heav- ens to fietsy and six hands found, Who newspaper! Kind words are the Medium of exchange that do the business for the editor-kind Words and church social tickets. When ytn see arted- itor with money, watch him. . He u be paying bills and disgracing his profession: Never >giVe-;money to att Sfli- tor. Make him trade it out. He likes to swap. Then when you die, after having stood around for years and sneered at the editor and his little J m crow paper, be sure and have your wife send in for three extra copies by one of your weeping children, and when she reads the generous and touching notice about you, forewarn her to neglect to send fifteen cents to the editor. It would overwhelm him. Money Is a corrupting thin*. The editor knows t and what he wants Is your heartfelt 1* ^Ctfltt *~ f -. ^ - • iim ol Solomon. ' - .* -r fj * Before you flat in & crop- bl^lW date feroettibef tfiat ybtl will nftvS reap what yori 6ow. r ', ; The light shifting Sflt 6f S tftiS Christian life is the best anSwer can be given to xtnbelief. "fto you expect to ,.- ~ —-- Wked the teacher, who had Jttfrt^ "Do you?" he inquired by wa* of "Why, yes, 1 bone to," ftlie answei-e.l. "Weil, he s&id. after a moment thought, "then 1 guess you ca« count out of It." _. „, , r ._.... > ttroet Out at M»e When trouble Is COraing. is •""' of common settse. ..$*££»£ drastic" purgative. Dyspepsia, Mali '^^^f^SS^^ • • • .- — No matter how yotir pulse** stir, No mtater what the ntre<«, Your stomach is the arbiter 'Twixt failure aud Buecesa. . CottgllltlR *'«a u » to x>«..= r Kemp's balsam-will stop the coutfh at once Go to your driiff&isb to-day and get a sample bottle free. ""IT 6 , bottles sn and r,0 cents. .Go at once, delays are dangerous. ^ Mr. McKiuley~wiii"be 54 years old at tho time of his inauguration^ •Vrl Sal/.er Seed Co; Ahead. ^ «, . linn** t-llCt riRVtl or by the 100), by addressiiiK JJr. «i Medicine Company. Schonectndy, W. Thare iz lots ov humility in this world thfct is more snllenleas. Thare iz sutch a thing az a wize phool; he i/- the phellow who knows how to hide hiz pholly. Whenever you kan make a dependant, yure equal, yu kan make a servant yure friend, and not till then. Adventurers in literature most generally begin hi writing poor poetry, and end up by writing worse proze. The grate error that, menny make iz, they think to praze others iz to diminish themselfs, when exactly the re- vnrse iz the fakt. •'Do not loolc for wrong or evil, You will find it if you do; As vou measure to you noighboi, He will measure back to you." Tl ••All paid up now, eh'(" . "No. They have grown BO. that I know there is no nse.trying to pay. It is a &*.<" load off my miiia/'___ Hi formed i»o"f~i '— Llexion and eyes; the hair, auburn, Igeneral appearance you are com- Bdlng, you are jovial, cheerful, temperament, you are very am- s and will be a leader in any- fcg you are Interested In; ,you are Kd to animals and,especially fond of Korse. You are very courageous even YvUless degree at times. You will looked up to by your neighbors; will expect you to take the lead they will follow, You should n education in art for you are 181.00 VOll 14 CJ5NTS. Millions now plant Salzor'a seeds, but million^ more should; hence offer. 1 pkg. Bismarck Cucumber i-> c 1 pkg. Round Globe Beet, l«« 1 pkg. Earliesc Carrot ;{» 1 pkg. Kaiser WiMielm .Lettuce We 1 pkg, Earliest Melon ^ rc 1'pkg. Giant Yellow Onion !•* 1 pkg. 14-Day Radish "°3 pkgs. Brilliant Flower Seeds i»<- No-w all of above 10 packages, including our mammoth plant and seed catalogue; are mailed you free upon receipt of only 14 cents' postage. 25 pkgs. Earliest Vegetable Beed.Jl.OO 21 Brilliant Blooming Plants.,. .,?l,w jqhn A. Salmi Seed Co., La Crowe, Wis. '_!_ ._ • ' w>n ' Miss Tvuat—You are always gating, I never know how to take you. Mr. Mood—Take me in earnest. Moclgc.1 Her Chief Aversion. Miss Cayenne has a decided aversion to the obtrusive raconteur-especial^ the one who is fond of reminiscence "I don't see," said a rather shallow acquaintance, "how you can enjoy the society of that very old gentleman lo -vhonVyou talked the other evening "I enjoy the reflections oi a mature mind." „,, -But isn't he in his dotage? "No clear. And if he were I shouldn t mind so long as it wasn't his anecdot- age."—Washington Star. en The popular Monon Route has established a new Sleeping' Car line to Wash- hshea a n e, u and ''S.^,^: .V. ?s^ s ^, ; ^r 1 m ., and leaves at 2:4a a, m. daiij, arriviug at Washington at b:47 the foV?o\vtn- ' morning. ' This' schedule wllWn effect on January 84th, and moiiiiutj. j...." — effect on .January J*tn, ana the'reafter. As the sleeper goes through witbont «han 5f ^and the the most comfortable as street DeDearborn '4'ii"ro»B»>,' v u< * • — . , Mrs. Foddor-Wlmt is your profehhionl Fuller Boosce-rm a i.«-n, k t. met in bread A THoriHOuacter KI*°P» W»ruer«aftfa Cure Co, of Itoobester, v'Y -ire sending °ut iv liipitua miin- ber of .awnrate spirit thermometers irrartuated l froro 80 degrees below -/ero to ]»0 ddffreob above and mounted B^^br^^^^ %° f ars«^o>K IrrSoper education In }t unless R make special effort and overcpwe obstaelepHhet vHU be in ypwr path, | vt;rly i B ipg atre otherwise qvUtfe' fortunate, •TUose who have sent fei [J^AVP^ *-V*$ • »-^r-TTTTS|^ ' r «vm»y " e promptly answered, where there is an apparent de- e astrologer should be notified at ^nd the mistake will be rectified. e. pelebjtated 4 , WY« C«o ns t and pxpeuse of st fbecavvselt was^ nan nQi't of K Spectator—Wfrlch horse w' Bpeoutotiv. Spectator -t 4Q&'t fenqw fte name pt tliat VPU, but J Jwv ttw »Q«t ot the Jiovveft U»t orX WMW7- of the map of * writ- 'e.'iVs only a little note to " Aunt Susan-"Why, Haw only left vou five minutes ago." rarrle—"Yes; but there is something I forgot to ask him, and it's very important," isked him if a na ne s*.u yes but 1 '«rgot to ••» him if he would love me always. Boston Transcript. ^ More Thuti Kstimsited. Prver—"I n° Uce tnat young Fmy " f «HH navinK his attentions to rM^h er'of old Senator Coffers." th D S S^"I believe he still persists IB lh jL d iJ!2?m'to»d he's a relative ol hcis—a cousin twice removed." nver-"Twlce! Say. the old wan told me himsc-U that he'd removed him levU UmeSalready, and if he has to do ?t again it will probably be to a ceme. , e r-_Boston Courier, e—Yes, lady; I wuz wid —swingin' back and forth in de your Know, almost ez if he had w| -Judge, , Half Fare, Washington, D. O., »"d Kcturn A rate oi one fare for the round tri£ hat been madtfvia the Big Four rovit and picturesque Chesapeake and Oh c Railway to Washington, account of the inauguration of Mr. * Ic K^ley,_ March 'rJuitt, 1 '^ W.'l^A^:^ Clark St., Chicago. A bal'ocn s,ent up recently from Paris A • • the height of 16.WO metres, or VA ore it came down nqar '' n mi,,-« eirs and they can thank their grocers. Take your job work to the job office and'then come and ask for half rates for church notices. Get your lodge letter heads and stationery printed out of town, and then flood the editor with beautiful thoughts la resolutions of respect and cards of thanks. They make such spicy reading, and when you pick it up filled vyith.those glowing and vivid' mortuary' articles, you are so proud of your little paper! But money-scorn the filthy thing. Dont let the pure, innocent editor know anything about it. Keep that for sordid tradespeople who charge for their wares/The editor gives his bounty away. The Lord loves a cheerful giver. He'll take care of all the editors. Don t worry about the editor. He has a charter from the state to act as a doormat for the community. He'll get the paper out somehow; and stand up for you when you run for office, and Ue about your pigeon-toed daughter a tackey wedding, and blow about your hig-footed sons when they get a $4 per week job, and weep over your shriveled soul when it is released from your grasping body, and smile at your giddy wife's second marriage. He'll get along. The Lord alone knows how—but the editor will get there somehow. Averice when it takes full posseshun of your harte, roots out all other things, good, bad and Indifferent. It iz quite possible to tell how mutch branes a man haz got, but to tell how mutch harte Sz another thing entirely. I have known men to be squealchcd ')i a single word, and even by a single look; but never knu a tirade oy 30. mln- nitts to do it. I luv a speshialty; it shows karackter ov sum kind. I k'no a man in Pordunk who kan beat the world sneezing, and I luv him for U...l_ NO-TO.BAC FOR FIFTY CENTS. Prince Btenwi* derivesinnlinnual income of smTOO from the various indubtnes, lu which he in interested. _ irvttT i w AlVMsTfor sale on crop payments, . southern cuBtomet's. For caulillower toltd the yegetuble must be Unit tlioroughly_cooked_____ , cauay catliartlo, trv * the truth which the soul appro- iili^HP s5 WliHioWu Hootumg Syrup « IT'S CURES I THAT COUNT. Many so-called remedies are pressed on the public attention En account of their clamed Urge sales. But sales cannot determine values. Sales simply areue good salesmen, shrewd puffery, or enormous advertis- ?n ° It's cures that count. It is cures that are counted on by Acer's Sarsaparilla. Ito-ata. might be boasted. It Has, tiie world for its market. »ut slWprbve nothing. We point only to the record of Aver s Sarsaparilla, as proof of its merit: M the 50 , YEARS OF CURES. w^ , Fwinlly , .•Moves'fho'bowels euch day. In or der to be healthy, this is necessary. Acts gently on tlie liver and kidneys. Cures sick headuehe. Price jr. and BOe. A new Btyleof oRt.baB ^ appwjrod «» PapP«ry, Conn. It IB a kitten, with two tails aud six legs. CASCAHBTS stimulate liver, ^mneyB and Tn Turkev red pair is counted as great beauty, a2S tbS women dye tboir hair that int. .. ' SVIL... ^^^ FOREBOWJfGS, arBiiSrS^i^ uttte do every ' r" fjoinpHwsa- jjtoMiHl*»R W®& ^jf^n^SJs ""^toK&lw Wtenpw ? '°^ a ?5i^ m w^ws *-,iwt..t*«u -mS^^rS^, a* aa HV«R after., him. y«»«e»>iMnn»^*'* ji '' < "'*'"* M '' 1 " ,.^.^-n,^,-. „ T , >ASDY CATJIATO 'V8 •v >

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