The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1897
Page 5
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,ape acket Sale '^ffrr^;f^ff>^5p]fjt7^ AiffMft and Its fceopie do»6 Ifl-- 1 Law Somber of Gfotfd Thliigs pentad About Thetn. the Baptist cnuL«u°r»' * TaS^*^* ^noticed th^t taSte " - : cheered heartily Shea t * » TAYLORS V«dict is they ttevtt xtra fine wool beaver black a Betttt Algona the visiting editors of last week said I nice things of Atgona. attd o the Editorial meeting, The* «**"«£ unstinted. Several columns could Algona getting a state hands of the legislature. We want to say a * about '•*:%; - "" : 3 i fVi FLOU ' t' 4^ ftetit,^ Tffi condenses the editorial sweet* was, ... •*• -^i" 4 " « W OnAluti in the Boone i.vo F «« All flotif might be good flour but it isn't, always, Iness. a. _t- .** Geo. E. Roberts in the I Messenger: The Upper 'Editorial association had one of its most successful meetings Fort Dodge ,Moines at Algona most SUCCBHBIUI in- ^this week. The attendance was large the discussions profitable and the social features very enjoyable. A1 £°" a I"» been ^ k a a£"S±t -3 healthy: business condi; 1101 . J _j !„ tV.n nni1t« The good flour that's always _good..-do you BSBfaft^^SFJK know where to get that'kind? We will itt Iowa It possesses a gouu ** * . « > i/ : ** • If- c ^nf* J__,...A * W>an».lfii1 ooera house, nne « ,, rti ., 4-U<& r»rimn1tiaT1fm . It o tut- no gooa uuui tua^o cv,, v ^- <0 know where to get that'kind? We give you the combination: It s the Daisy Mills Flour. _- in n._ £„*.«? c.i»o nnfl well eaitea aim city &£ «3Wa^=Sss house by the ladies Sal church of Sale price Black wool beavet double capes ti ' . - _Ji ...1*1* fill* .11 I high storm collar trim | Wrnnd^jaUw^f i rows of braid; Sale 5 IBIack wool beaver- Black beaver cape- Fine navy, blue jackets $1.62 riffhti " •*•'""'* * ~~ immense in his position. for cnlldren, 'UUA l i,"""',""i Buttons, storm collar, wor $2.60. Sale price ----••• of the Congrega' ine of the finest tionaicnuvuu "<*? 2™ Ol spreads ever laid in Iowa. C D Hellen in^wtbster City Tribune: ifes-ss&s ssaasss*® You know it. Don't some right now. put off doing a wise thing, Try 1 cultured class of people, who VAUUUI." rrnnnrOUS tO the! YOU enter a mi-go »»o»> i ^^«tl»h^^£ Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. ——• prl,.t. | S7.5U. ON-" 5 yti^D Very-fine Hillsdale Beaver Jackets— box fronts, large sleeves, a $3.85 leader at 85.50. «^»——•» Sale price - • Navy blue boucle jackets— We'iw-tb^KtOTel* could produce Senator Bailey it t"he Decorah Re' ^I aSies^Kh^ral Siafand tbeli^l^nboidlnglts own .in the isTn Ideal western city in every A Share in a Colorado Gold Mine oa/io j^fc^wv , j Fine black Kefsey double cape-h^- finest black jackets star couar, velvet. lnlald,_ nine rows of | ^ ,_.^.^, &b(*L UV/4»«--1 stitching; a real gem, Sale price. Black Beaver Cape HBHass I by the Algona orchestra. W O Payne If the' Nevada ReP™' 1-^.^sassasa VB * ID . .. has more than p??»^.-^5v±4 .^i! 1 ^ three able n L. H. 1 Reporter: sented an house at All our•,•.*.! 5 fur ca ? £ avne in the Emmetsburg The tables certainly pre' appearance, decor- .ouldnotgiveyourwif^ new cook stove would. The one »J^ Drawer; while the other is a liv- wor thless to *™w*^*£%^* to the entire household ing, breathing thing, Ringing ™ flrB in Dakota who will pay 365 days in the year. ^^1% U8e not to excee d ten days during to were of consignment of Blankets to close at 50c a pair and upwards. 'kindred The UO Ul **W* ""—- luccessful part l" u ^Tr rB il th o e n»»''^ ON HOG CHOLERA. Frank Baumgartner of JtD -.'hinks It is Not Contagious Disease. | ays It is tto^e^rfteegatar Feeding, "and Gives His Own Experience to Prove His Theory. 1 The farmers heard Mr. Frank Baum- feartJeTot- Peotone, 111., on hog cholera •IridaV Agenf Hedrlok telegraphed IBM. Calkins of Mason City, div |?o? freight agent, Thursday mght, Ind although Mr. Baumgartner was ^ lue at Perry to conduct an experiment, He^aoni y B«SL ln % °ftl y . Iheylhanged their.plans and oame. to "4° ' fl . heathy. The tot i^ ftbelng an extra ^=.385^^^ ^ A-J -D , Tnnflis the toastmaster, was HUH r^itnUtv and pronouncing her the nospii'tvii u j « rt __ tvmnBiind and fairest among ten tnousanu altogether lovely. ^ ^ S. M. Stouffer 'in' the Sac Sun: daystlfthe wS and^fty-two weeks in the year on The Same Old Stove were married. Such men - „ baked potatoes. Good stoves are not UCllU*? Wv *u,w f — n pend upon good cooking, can take it in exchange t year will buy a GOOD stove, you. 'health and happiness de- Seven cents a day saved for DOXSEE, iO UOl. BUUbu, «*uu « = y m owuiiu'. ... --- Tnwa's here was not a poor speech. A f' the capital of Kossuth, Iowa s VY » w «^**"*~ . good things was carried come again. ^ _^ _^ Ralph Robinson in Journal: Algona is a grs^K^^ar^» luiieiiov; rpViofA are no B the average. SOAP, SOAP. the ne of tne cny w »w- There are no saloons ana. for them is limited. In nred hogs ate corn mi". —-and appeared to Mve none of and enjoyable. _ _,_ ^ a success. some smaller Dairy brand Buttermilk (toilet) Soapjfcree bars for.... 5 Come early if.J 0 ^^^ sfap, seven bars for 25 cts. Come early We have received two barrels of places; How- ""—<rc „« ova two excellent school KSeffl somejredHablechurches. in the Armstrong is Vve nave rci.civ\.»* ....— — Sorghum and m^ Syrup, _ it^aTa most successful and valua- ^Ba"mgartnev is being backed by • r 'S*™,* .««fl. That is what tfmation he had hat W«I»B »« Brannigan in the Bmme sDurg ^•', ?k™!,sr rt l? l tf i?ft re'SW-'4^ n rs M ± ***v»- *»people. and the business the same class of The'iadTes-we hardly know for their are none better_to some „ his home, r?'' Sov,?J=eTSi &i h i* t9 th6 -\he shoatB. The veterinary pro- "business houses — and ~+A cinV\r\nls unQ. tin lli.wD»**ta^' M "1 T . B,Ud SCJjOOlOi ««" **** *^»!tlrtft'na Tt r l9ln f a r public 1 brl °y f SS*Sli has a large P« bllo A°l t ^ «nWfn every feK«S^v^' ?»«»»,;»? KIM £ «»,, „ , t d to givo '""*" AiAd—those upon which the ai Bea || "jjsAfsa Sfefei^^^^ few* s £r.^ ftT 51?^?^^v.s Kls P open toCTepubl clvery afternoon and every evening." um erouscivicsocief i ej l an4nealy M. towns the size of IY.AWI vunfl f\nQ LQ8V Win iuuf^ *«»*-— i SFifeHHS esteemed friends. _^ T, Piper to "the Sheldon Mail: South of court Journal: Journal: Algona has three of the best nowscaners, owned and edited by some n ?^? u p _;,V i«fl ^Pio'htfist young meu o£ !^KlS«S B.N. Bailey in the Britt Tribunej room ISSS«1 of the city is Iowa. the pride of _ UliW W **M«J,-»— "_" T SS8fWS^r?St.2S6!? ^•a^K-ffesisr- it_ _ i — 4-^r.flnoa (ylVB OUU. 4- 1 - 0 **O\T _ tnOlV ttlgt» w * 1(W M»rr"'- ; the inteltines give out. *- -'^^ «»?^!bis.t sorn irreguittt-ijr *v«. --the cholera spreads in • because as -soon as sick. all those T -Rpnrflon in"" the Emmetsburg Tribu?e? At 6:30 o'clock the citmns o/Algona^BhowedJheir ha^i^a bad pre^ vwitoi-B, and ^•sSSis^^rK W 5r_xi.r_~ DQQ mori wantinerhere u SSSSs^ and cordial hospitality -r- -T- •*• EC, Annett in the ** V * P J vmev's hogs are BIOIV > «*" » E"«ki«»L€ ? h m0 IsH If-iisls-l afes A larSa ^efs 1 —-- — ^ ^ weu by - ve - g " .ShogWosJlaffdaySn moist oats QV other feed. Bawngartney Fl'Oi **V"« y*ww *'**i ^~ T an tVlft .•IflfflflSS"* ing. --- , the way ot the way o 11H K* 0 " 1 " &»""" •.wanting here w to nlease tne News: s nfra amid the Iragratice thl'Smonious^stvains the freedom of the ci L B. Raymond il the Hampton it alone will insure its growth, in the t * ,«1 mv -° trvivn nlwaVS Stl'UC mture. ,lliilwwiv>'^~ ~^ other town we ^ _^ ^ w T. Heacock in 'the EstherviUe> Vindicator: The meeting will godovya in the history of the association as one. of the best evev held. G L Welbemlyerin the Bvitt News; Aiponahasthe best opera bouse and fhf finest Odd Fellows'W it hw bee» our pKsure to visit in any northern Iowa town. ..._,_' Elmer E. Johnston in the -RooUwU w» ....... The opeva house is » s=^^«s^ .?*.-_,o™r,<finpinnB and success 01 The A-lgon a on beautiful and postotflces. Harp orohe 8 tra stvuou t eve S „..«., how meeting, to SrlniTProf. Kent e»aovseu»n * Y *VuTwoTu He offers to put ft oariwn v* "~"r ;"\;i B 1^0^°treated tne pencil pushers with ;ifhffi a ^^d d s^and- ^'^5l£^WSVS?r and we have ^eotrlo lights and two hoteJ witi woderw conveniences, but _ WE have all kinds of vubbev ; wear, arctics, wool boot overs, fine and heavy rubbers, alaskas, etc., in 8U grades. GEQ. L. !K ML IfiP W 6 W* et T, V VW ** wrta & s H.!»UJ-WJ»J-" ll r llJ ^ JJJ! ' ul1 • t"««™ '»*—«»--• S.BJS Thorn & Jones at Eobart 9pal, all VH S? V*? 1 ? ***^*r SSsa-aa^iTrSKSS S^^S^r^M'fe ffiSi°£« «rSSi«p«;:if s people of oa , Eight full-blood Poland China hows r wile/ Apply to A. J. MpBaiB, Jpy for wle ington. THE dog tax fov tWe yew Jan. 1. All owners of dogs please Qewan heatersioW they are all goae, and Bwns thef In the-Wepiey

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