The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1897
Page 7
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kidney trouble itt tfaeif paitts itt iny inefl and back; ctffild hafdly r myself afotind; had the 'blties' all the time, Was cross to every one ; but Lydia 13. Pitikiram's v Vegetable Compound has entirely pains. .., V( .y yitidt praise it enough, ( tt&d' cry unnecessary! go to yotir df/Ug- id get a bottle that you may try jrway. Vou owe this chance oJ |efy to yourself."—Mfcs. J. ST &218 Amber 1 St., Kensingston, Pa. PICS AND THISTLES. ft 6 i* tt tat *« «*•** «•«»• , If yott tieWe ttt hmkfi tt ftbange afad i alii you can find to do for the Lord .me, and .you will soon- believe in. Ign missions. l& has declaied that the man who ijs wicked devices to pass, will soon §ut of that business, .-./good man is a lamp which [spares from heaven for awhile, to i give light to the world. lie man has a hard place who has so _ religious work on hand, he never f time to pray In secret. |p matter what happens, the Chris- should insist on believing that is doing all things well, you are poor, It may be that the wants to show you how rich he make you without money, the devil has never been able to Ike any man dissatisfied with his I who had perfect trust In Christ, the time is flying this way on rapid when the only thing that can ETper in this'world Is righteousness. -One ' reason why the • world • gains |>wledge°BOi slowly,'is'tha't every'child, list find out for itself that fire is The man of faith will not be cast vn because there are some people I Boem to be making the devil's serv- B Uhftnite, say§ Iilpplheott's. &<§ is knbwfi as fatty at» Slofi. Onfe moffaing Taffy heard a bird ftlnglfig on a tree close by his path. Allured by the melody, he sat down until the tousle ceased; wheh 'he rose, what was his surprise at observing that the tree under which he had taken seat had now become dead and withered. In the doorway of his home, Which to his. amazement had also suddenly grown older, ,he asked of a strange old plan for'his parents, whom he had left there,' as he Bald, a few minutes AoJigr^.^.^on, ..learning his natfte th'e "old' man said! '"Ala's! Taffy, .jr-have -bfWh< heard my 1 grandfather, your father, speak of you, and It Was said you were under the power of the fairies and would not be released until the last sap of that sycamore had dried up. Embrace me, my dear uncle, for you are my uncle—embrace your nephew." Welshmen do not always perceive the humor of this ''somewnat novel situation of a youth— fpr .Taffy, was ;stlll merely a boy—being ''failed as uncle by a gentleman perhaps forty years his senior. T.he ob'je-ct of this letter is lo call your ntte'htibn to a true piclui'e of tho sttnny south lahd: the advahttiges possessed by 5t to-day over all othc* portions of the fruited States. Accord- ibg to the United States cctisils rept>rt for 1890 the south had 3 : 183,000.000 dollars invested iu farms, and tho total productions wcr« f^OOO.OOO dollars, or a gross revctono of 34 pec cent. All other sections ot the United States combined hod 13,797.000,000 dollars ih farms, and their products werri It087r 1100,000 dollars, or 13 pet cent* a fraction fejctro than . one-half as much by percentage as thf productions of tbu south. H is impossible to get. the exact profits, but theso figures show that for every dollar received by northern farmers on the capita Invested* the sou thorn farmer received nearly two dollars to the northern one* besides, hi th« south, the e.xpcttso of living, fuel, clothing, «te.« will not cost you one-half :is much. 'if. you want to bettor your condition go tc South«rii.Alabama, the land of ( i,m ' poar, peach, fpihice, plntn, «g, •vmo cotton and MI gar cane. Is I no linos An 'HONEYED MEDICINE. Device fruits and vegetables jjrown on oi™ nr« successfull rais.ul. • The climate did Sot fexlst a htifldfed years ago." ifofttty! "te."—tjondoti Ahsflrefs. ftef' gtahce teU confusedly under his fcfdent look. "t>afltngY',he fthlspeffcd, yours is the first mother 1 efei 1 really hated." Svit Men are such de- elvers.—Detroit Tribune. Let Us bind love with duty, tot duty Is the love of law, and law Is the nature of the eternal.—George Eliot. Things divine al'e not attainable by mortals who understand sei.^ual things, but only the light-armed arrive at the summit.—Zoroaster. Every mah"fe^l8iitt&t!fletively that,-ali the beautiful sentiments in the world •weigh less than a single lovely action. —James Russell Lowell. Liberty Is the right and tho duty ot the human soul; he who prefcm'dp to enslave the conscience must dealra to enchain thp body.—Mazzinl. , ef £6<J6 %a*fc ta the. WafacJMf-WakelMdr la England, for ecclesiftsii6al purpbses m the did* eese.- A fioUfce has been placed at the *ft* tfahce to the 16hg walk at Windsor pafk, ih Letidoh, prohibitlhg m6t6f cafe from passing either xijp or fhe royal aVeftne. OP FUN, ' f aegifftittes fits Me -. is Atttaawtt, tfaftffisfij aa fcfiltuh in ftitefedftftee tifrett t fhfe latest fidfetW is m - f a sitting frmtttSft, stJ thift"tf» thus -Hewed by ffle tttttfttfi* A lady in Mh (M6,^^ her sto-eking, dfi^wa tfttts While running fflf a street Cftf ter fetoke, aM she lost the ffie*6y je first actual work oh the con- tctlpn of the new East river bridge |be commenced in about ten days, inow hypnotic has probably been _ in the Jamaica dogwood. Tho ^extract has been found efficacious itistry. ias been found that nearly all lyers in West Africa, within one and miles east and west of ftee, yield gold. felers in the Arctic regions have fully found that the moisture Sir breath drops to the earth in firm of snowflalces. Clothes Make tJUe Ingenious l'renclnnnn'8 Mako DruR» Valatftble. Though modern medicine has done much to rob its drugs of their nauseous tastes, there are many in frequent use which nothing has been found to more than thinly disguise. That Is why a Frenchman has recently been trying to cause bees to make medicated honey. According to a Paris paper, he has been successful in producing many different kinds of honey, each of which contains, effectually hidden, a standard remedy against some particular disease. He has managed it in this way: The bees are, of course, divided into many swarms. These are not allowed to roam,,but each swarm is kept/under glass and given only flowers that have been duly medicated; and contain the desired properties. The result is that when the bees transmute their labor *nto honey, the honey contains all the necessary principles of the drug to be administered. In this way this Frenchman has obtained different kinds of honey by which influenza, coughs and colds, indigestion, asthma and many other ills are said *o be readily, if indirectly, reached. (From Omalitv Christian Advocate.) There-is no <ffi#iti"Ofnaha' or Vicinity who has not heard of Mr. N. J. Smith,' founder df Rescue Home. Ho has for a number of years devoted a large share of his time to llio work of rescuing the fallen, furnishing aid to those in distress and helping in every in tin mi..-»•-> '••" - , • . , vi • «.-i,\r tinanihln thoso In trouble. Hcnasooou do not have to irrigate;- llio nun fall is *^Kli fS"wU»lyon», butall will be {.leased to learn that Ills ^health Is now much better and he is able to take-active charge of the mission work, to which he now devotes his entire ttmo. On January 1st, 1897, he.writes as follows: _ youi- sister Is matt-led. ivfow It's your turti. She—Oh, George! isk papa.—tiew Yofk Journal. Tourist—Are we near the falls?" Bulde—Yes, sir. As soon as the ladles 3tep*itaUUng ydti can.heaf the roar.-* f own Topics. "1 don't see your mistletoe," said he, glancing up at the chandellef. "Is It really necessary?" replied she archly. "Is your picture in the academy a success?" "That's what 1 am,wondering. Someone, said it was worth the price of admission."—Punch. "1 see yoii af e yonf owti w6shef-wwS id Mrs. Hbitely, who Was lertding vlAx&. SndplV, '-fattt ' P! said os. ot nurse-girl for ft dog." "font luhrlfe to nr« successfully is as fine Us that, of California, nud you .. ....»_n la abundant mid siiftlciunt to mature nil crops and fruits in their greatest , perfection. . | Land iu Southern Alabama, along the line of 1 ho Mobile A. Ohio B. K., can be hail at 85 tin ncre. on the most, favorable terms in n, country sottlea by Northern people, and it is rnucli cheaper to purc.hasis .n. homo, m Alabama than to toko up'-a homestead in the West, whew, yon go without, fruit, live in a. sod house, burn hay for fuel, and free/,0 to death. Hard pine lumber can be had at the mills at .the. follow-. The Httc*!*»ft\ of Anton WetirV settled in Waif • .Af»t6.of one has been made via tho Bltf , - A4 . and picturesque Chesapeake and Ohjo Hallway to VtashlngtOn t accoutttof tHe inauguration of Mr, McKlrileyr Mfttdh. 4th. For particulars address % u. Lr Trultt, N. W. t». A., 334 Clark St.*, Cliicagb. •_' •• • r.:'__ ; J have always thought that what was good was only what wan beautiful put'ltt action.—llousseau. '$ B even brothel^ whose a . thousand , , "I have been troubled for several years with a bad cough. I had lung chills and slight htcmorrhogo of tho lungs and was threatened with consumption. My mother 1 and two sisters havine died with consump- ' tlon, 1 expected the same fate; but I tried Dr. kay'sLunR Balm, prepared by Dr. B. J Kay Medical Co., Omaha, Nob., and two Bfic boxes have entirely cured mo of my cough and soreness of my lungs. I hat tired, sleepy and drowsy feeling is ill gone and my appetite is now good. I. feel well and full ofllf o. I can work night and day Bo Lord for t Sade bv "aiwers who have made a success Tbc "how that 'Nebraska is f ar s good "how in the Union. pople schools, fcets, soil and crops. , It explains why the i spite o£ Shingles and do not fool th«d. Praiso tfto Lord fo r %£££>. farmer niakes monoy to. spue or *^p«!^S!X™«JJ^^^^^ ie . SnE if any read it who are similarly afflicted and have been u.ablo to pet , help from ttmritnes •• '••• -••- t and have been u»aoio.TO Keu.iio»i'"""»»^j A \vord as to'health: Catarrh, asth- j ot her source.thnt they will try this excellent ,a bronchial and pulmoua ry troubles ome dv, which I believe to bo the best cough ro alSunknown;. and! if, you, u. ? mediome of which,! "ave.g.^n^gBO." This Spring Flows Copper. From the Morning Oregonian.—W. F. Carson of Ta^oma, traveling passenger agent of the Canadian Pacific, and G. McL. Brown, the company's district passenger agent at Vancouver, have just returned from extended trips through the famed mining districts of the Kootenai country, and report the greatest activity, notwithstanding the advent of winter. "The prospectors are sticking a little closer to the camps on account of the snow," said Mr. Carson, "but otherwise there is as much work going on as if there were not from two to three •feet of snow on the ground. The Kootenai is such a wonderful country that if half the truth were told of its min- • eral wealth it would not be credited. A ' recent find that has excited a great : deal of attention is the discovery of an actual copper spring, now known as the j Red Blanket,' in the Lilloeet District, ma afflicte'd'witii any of these diseases you arc sure to be greatly benefited, and in the end you can look forward to a perfect cure. No fevers, no ague, and no malaria, but plenty of good pincy wood air. ., Statistics taken from the United States census of 1890 show the amount of rainfall, tho maximum and minimum temperature, and health as compared with other states, what they "•row and how they grow it. l< or information as to the expenses ot a trip to investigate for yourself, as to excursion rates, together with much other valuable information m regard lo the sunny South land, send for a_ pamphlet showing the advantage of locating in the south over other por- i'tionsftfthe United States. Address A. S. Wilcoxeii. DCS Moines, Iowa. 2540 S. Ulth Pt.. Omaha. Neb. A Bootblack's Novel Scheme. The most enterprising bootblack In New York is a young negro who has a stand on Columbus avenue, not far 'rom the Natural History Museum. His location is one which does not bring much "transient" trade, but he has a goodly number of regular customers. On days when the weather looks threatening this wise young man issues rain checks, good for twelve hours so that if it rains and a customer's shine is ruined he gets a new one free of charge. The rain checks are slips of paper with the date and hour written in pencil—New York Press. SST^^^'^-^IS^^g ri^^tK^Vt 0 o^V % state east of the Missouri river. . Every farm renter, whp wants to uecoino a f ttVh'Amner;' every farm-dWnerW^o is tired of trying to make money off blgu priced1 lanl; elery ^ther who wants to giv^ his sons a start on the high road » independence,' should •»"•<*« for 'i conv. 1 ree. Coughing Ji-««'l | ' *° Co»iBUttiptl«W1. Kemp's baisam will stop thd cbilgb. at once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Large jottles 2ft and DO cents. Go at once! delays are dangerous. The new niagoKlae rino adopted by the British Army throws a ball to a distance of 4,000 yards. WHEN bilious or costive, eat a Coscaret, candy catharlc, euro guaranteed, 10c, Joe. Thirty-two thousand varieties of goods are now manufactured from wool, Gen'l Pass'r Agt Barllngton 1 " Ue HINTS OF ALL SORTS. The woman with a list is very much iu evidence in shops, Brandied peaches served with Ice cream form a combination for dessert that frequently replaces the Christmas mince pie and plum pudding. Few men know how to choose flowers that will be acceptable to women. Nine out of every ten fair ones love violets. This is a suggestion that may help some puzzled masculine who had in mind a composite bouquet with wired carnations and ferns as its primary principle. '- °°%°K: rr,r s r zszzsss »™r They Dniw Interest. "A kiss," he said, after ]n«t having had one, "is the most precious thing world', and yet women give their, a> •'Vou are mistaken," »he Baiu never give them away. Wo merely invest them." Clump LumlH and Homes Are to be had on the 1-Vteco Line in Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas. Ihc best route from St. Louis to lexas an all points west and southwest. l<oi maps, time tables, pamphlets, That Pleasing Paralyzing Pie! How good it looks I How good it isl And how it h'urts. Why not look into the question of PHI after Pie? Eat your pie and take Ayer's Pills after, and pie will please and not paralyze. AYER'S Cathartic Pills CURE DYSPEPSIA. etc., bie—Say, mamma, you know little girl 'at lives down the Well, her mother has put on him!—Truth. CHAT A STUl'ENDOUS LIE! kar a farmer say when he reads fjohn Breider, Mlshlcott, Wis., | f 173 bushels of Salzer's Silver iBarley per acre In 1896, Don't Believe it? Just write him! YOU iUzer'o seeds are bred up to big And Oats 230 bushels, corn 260, 60 bushels, Potatoes 1,600 busb- jp^B^es 6 tons per acre, etc., etc, ((10.00 FOIl 1O CENTS. ,S«iHd fW» Notice WWi 10 Cent* . Wls., apd get 12 farm seed pies, 'worth $10. to get a start, w,n. I,c«raed ladies and gentlemen" ,_9?Sw»«n"s "stopTight iu and see uducated pig ndd and subtract." PehftW,' 1 tntirrupted Farmer BacHlots, 7 old hog at home has got away over to Bye root," New Line to \Vi*«Ul«St»»» Che p3pular Monon Route has estab, hed ft new Bleeping Car line to Wash- R»,..P, C,, via c CmchinaU^nd , „„„ _, „ '• Railways. The is" ready fo> occupancy in \ Station any time after "9 p. r and leaves at Sji.) a, m. daily, at Washington at 0:47 the mprping. This schedule Canadian tion runs 39.7 pqunds of copper to 200 gallons, and 10,000 gallons a day come tumbling down the mountain side. This is the only real copper spring that is known of, with the exception of one in Idaho, and that only flows two pounds of the metal to the 100 gallons of water. William Pritchard Morgan, a Welsh M. P., prominently known in Wales, Australia, and South Africa through his extensive mining interests, heard of the Red Blanket copper spring prior to his sailing from Vancouver with a party of mining experts for Japan and China, December 8. He was very much interested in the reports he received of tho spring, and not only left one of his experts :behind. to make investigation, but Is said' to have "offered ',$100,000 for 51 per cent of It.': Mr. Carson brought a bottle of copper water from the Red Blanket spring with him, , ll be in effect oi> January 34t-h, and . As the -sleeper goes vvithout change, and the and arriving are most " s route to th0 CHy Ticket Olflce, 333 Clark p ep ot, pearborn Statiop. 's«nhftn enemy of yours, him for a speepb?" 'make » fool of the Lafee By, Copy *by sending sis cents in 1 to' Pfivpr postage, to A. J. r G, 3 i». A,, J A Considerate Dog, W. A, Halsey tells a neat dog story, which he says will be verified by Architect G, A. Staeblin, says the Newark Sunday Call. One breezy morning about ten days ago they were riding down Market street upon the rear of a trolley car when the car passed over a nice, light, soft hat, 'which had blown between the tracks, The hat was not injured, but the wind gave it a little flirt after the car had passed and dropped it fairly upon one of the rails, A big New York car was coming and ahead of it a big mongrel pointer dog was trotting along. The dog glanced at tne hat, looked back at the car, and then, picking up the hat in his teeth, ran over to tb.e curb and deposited it upon the sidewalk near a group of pavers who were working alongside the court nouse, Aftey putting tne bat jira safe place the dog loped after tne pig car snd took his place in front; of it, Mr. Halsey did nqt see the owner of the hat nor did Mr. Staehlin, put they passed several remaps about the sagacity o* the dog, and it is believed th|t they agreed that it better not to speak Qf tb,e incident except to. people who- knew them well. ng their recent- visit were of unusual beauty. The large chestnut trees that ine the boulevards were made to look as if in full bloom. This was accomplished by taking bunches of grapes and pulling off the fruit. Then upon little bare stem were fastened (small wax flowers made in imitation of the chestnut blossoms. Who would liave had this ingenious thought but a Frenchman? An excellent dinner sweet is stuffed ngs. To prepare them, cut an opening In the side of nice fresh figs and take out the inside with a spoon, To this add some salted almonds or salted.'pea nuts that have been chopped fine. Mix these thoroughly together and moisten them with a little bra'ndy;' Put 'this mixture into the flg shells and press the aides of the opening together. Roll the flgs in powdered sugar. FLYING CHIPS. Calendars and Coupons. So many beautiful calendars and entertaining novelties have been issued by tlie proprietor!, of Hood's Sarsnnarilla, that we rebnrdlv surprised to receive this season ot only one of the very prettiest designs i calendars, but with it coupons which en- tie the recipient to attractive uoveltin. Every one who K ets a Hood's Bai-Bapar lla alendur for 1807 secures something that will prove interesting and valuable as well s a beautiful specimen of the lithographer's rt The calendar is accorui anied this eason by on amusing little book on 'T.he Weather." Ask your druggist for Hood s Coupon Calendar, or send 0 cents m stamps "or one to G. I. Hood & Co.. ..Lowell, Mass. Tho "Roto of tho Waves." It is a favorite theory with the flaking and seafaring people on the northeast of Scotland, that In a storm tliree waves are strong and violent, while thn Eourth is comparatively weak and lens dangerous. This succession they call a "rote of waves." Fishermen returning from their fishing ground often prove by experience the truth of their theory and hang -back as they come near the shore to take advantage of the lull that follows, they say, pretty i-egularly after three big breakers. Oil* AND COAI* Farms for sale, 100 and 380, Allen County, Kansas; well improved, four oil wells on adjoining farm; price »35.00 per acre; 830 Bates, County, MO., elegant improvements, underlaid with coal price §35,00 per acre. Address: W. T - uiuue, unup u«v.~«, j. f • . i-i,.. call upon or address any agent of the company, or D. Wishart Gen'l Passenger Agent. St. Louis. Mo. rcrhnpH. Brown-I wonder who originated.the iden that It was unlucky to begin anything "Coffin-Perhaps it was some la/y in- ! dividual who preferred to wait until bat- urday. .. . Pa. IM99M1 JOHN A. FOR 14 CENTS, t Wo •wish to twin 100,000 plvanod I customer* Iu 1807 ondlionoooftor i 1'ltg Biunurk Cucumber IBo I 1 1 leg Uouiul Olobo Boct , lOo i on t Carrot 10o KaiserWilliclm Loltuco, 16(d Earliest .Melon 10o (Hunt Yellow Onion IBo 14-Day lladlsh 10o lirllllant Flower Seeds 16o Worth $1.00, for It (vote. Abovu 10 pkgs. worth «l.OO wo will mall you free together wiU» our Kreat plant and Biscrt catalogue upon, receipt oC thin notice and Ho. post- ago. How can -we do itl Because wo want now. customers and know 1C y ou onoo try BalBer'Bseedj you'll never, never got along without tlieinl, ... Cataloguo alone Oo. poutaBO, N.:W- 8AIZEU SHED CO., IA CllOESB, WIS. Kid cloves, with hand painted flowers on the back are the latest fud in Paris. CASOAUBTS stimulate liver, MOneys and bowels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe, 10c. Over one-half of the arable land of Japan is devoted to the cultivation of rice. Mro. Wliislow'H HootUiitR Syrup KorcliiUruinceimnB,8orLensi.|io','mn8,reduccBinnnm raut lou, allayB pnln, curoB wlnil «oU<i. '^ «eot« a uo bThe Buddhist nuno i n Burmoh have their heads completely shaved. tioe'n Conu'ii Biilnnm Is the oldest, and best. It will break up. a. cold qi than anything else, " It Is always reliable. Try it. "The only enemies I have," explained the orodignl son to his father, "are the friends to whom I have loaned money," apply steam to house g Watt, the Scottish in- The first man to warming was Jomes ventor, m 1784. HALL'S Vegetable Sicilian Will restore gray hair tofes youthful color and beauty—will thicken the growth of the h?ir—wilT pre-. vent baldness, cure dandruff, and all scalp diseases. A fine dressing. The best hair restorer made. i R. P, Hall & Co., Props., Nashua, N. H. Sold by all Druggists. W. N, U. DesMoines. iNo. 4.—1897. When Answering AtlvurUeoments Kindly Mention This Paper. Me.n never like gloomy or cynical wo* men. Never offer a looking glass to a blind man. The sin of a moment may blight the whole life, Woman's most fascinating charm is naturalness, Falsehood may have its hour, but It has no future. Good adviccv is a poor thing for a hungry family. To give and grudge Is no better t»an not to give at all. Hen who strike m their anger usual-- ly miss the mark, All the world will beat the man whom fortune buffets, The little things overlooked rob our lives ol joyful strength. He that waits for dead men's shoes may long go barefoot. You can walk all over a woman |f you only wear patent leathers.' Lightning vavely strikes twice in tUe same place. It isn't necessary, Give your money to fools sooner tfcan let rogues wheedle you out of U. YsnHy makes w? 4o wore against indinatioo •When a Jean's coat (8 tbr.e ( a,ah.arfi ^ • ' •--*- in iti die' Louis A. Pettier, of Allen county, Ind., hnf- been au undertaker for sixty years, He has buried over 18,000 human' beings. Lane's Family Medicine Moves the bowels each day. In or* der to bo healthy, this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick headache, Pr]ce_35 and 50o, In adversity only the virtuous can entertain hope,—Bacon, • i sure as winter comes. STBFFNESS SORENESS As sure as St, Jacobs Oil comes, it comes'to CURE. The ailment goes. Not more than f?ve men or women In a thousand are free from sprne form of KWney» Mver or Bladder trouble, which is certain to run into serious disease unless cheeked. Slop and Think! that there Is hut one known CURECOnSriPATlOH AH DRUSGSSTS ?wf * v ., wl .«..|i. COBWEB we UuldnU Ijisn .„) or prine,but causo ewynutiirnlresulU}, beni "AiT/m'HUKa'tt»«WgQJja^ ! ^^ < H^?t«»»a»»<»<>g^ > t»*«*»»>**-»*'*'* l< '*** J> *^* *^ ry '. FOB ooe> known far these troubles I Ask My dranhgi phy*Ww or friend what it fe? go4 lie Walter Baker & Co.'s Breakfast Cocoa? ' Because t is • "Waiter; yqu rewewher the gave yw " '-'Yea. you, ftftve u " If./

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