The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1897
Page 5
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. .... ^^«^*****umaauiaamimlim&*asHa**'* ll *^~~' m " "~| _ ; _ ^ , (1 ,,, ,_ s^^it^AMA \ _ We want to say a . wof d about t _~ r _ and [jacket Sale at.. . .TAYLOR'S «•«•*• Extra fine woo! beaver Iblack Way fot- two bays. A Series of Entertainments from Start to 1 ttnfeh-Ail Agreed tt Was * Splendid. Meeting. I The editors have come and gone. They enjoyed the visit and Algonft en> ioyed seeing them, It was ati enjoyable occasion. The weather was fine. The programs were .carried but, The banquet was held at a seasonable hour, Everybody agreed that it was altogether one of the best meetings the* association has had, and the -Upper Des Moines association has a wide reputation for good meetings; ' The delegates present represented art extended territory. Senator Bailey for Decorah, Bernard Murphy for Vinton, Ralph Robinson for Newton, andJ Fred Meyers for Denison were Ktti the! limits. The lull roster was as follows: W H Gallup, Boono Republican. T FredL Movers, Donison Review. .- Ralph Robinson' and daughter, Newton |j l f fK"a^B^tN3WS. We believe that the city 01 -n-'B""" -r- populated as cither Saxony or Belgium kossuth county wonld contain IW>00 in habitants. The citizens otAlg 0 ",, 11 ^ laid the foundation of success well ana strong, in churches^ schools, a £oUego. a c^nte? of cVmmerco, but of learnin. We are also convinced that attendance at thesesstons of this association B calculated to enlarge the usefulness and influence 01 LU>M W*."**Sale price Biack wool beaver double capes itoi do SFwa"d" U Sale"pVice:.: Black wool beaver— 87766. Sale price ••••• -' _ . r Fine navy blue jackets TfffA^ssssfti-^- OefffS^W^JS, «««»•«• Black beaver cape— ' $2.50. 'Sale price Boucle jackets— box fronts, large black but- $y o^ $7.56. Saleprlce ** ' Very fine Hillsdale Beaver Jackets— ;-box fronts, large sleeves, a $3.85 leader at $5.50. „ Sale price Navy blue boucle jackets— W T. Eteaoook, Est F/S. Verbeck, Cedar Rapids. A B Funk, Spirit Lake Beacon. ceXinsworth, Onawa Ga very Sale price A B Funk. Spirit A^aite rieauuii. Mr? AHce Ainsworth, Onawa Gazette. V. H. Lovejoy and wile, Jefferson Sou ' V6 r l v' McMullen, Wesley Reporter. w i B°anmgan, Emmetsburg Democrat. AM Adams, Humboldt Independent, a A - M 4y Thompson and wife, Ogden Mes- we recommenu uiu publication of these resolutions in our respectiro PJMgg 8 ^ IULMI ROHINSON, L, B. RAfMOND. . A resolution of regret for the sudden death of Chas, Monger, of the A^amosa Journal Was adopted, and » "f^ 0 "* 1 paper ordered read at the next meeting. SEE Thorn & Jones at Hobarfc for' coal, all kinds. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. . SEE Burns for a range, withi or without reservoir, burn wood or hard coal, and makes the wife happy a whole life time. GOTO Peter Johnson and Sampson for a number one job of horse shoeing. All work warranted.—44M All flour might be good flour- but it isn't, always, » The good flour that's always good-do yofc ,| know where to get that kind? We will,"I give you the combination ; It s the -' Daisy Mills Flour. You know it, Don't put off doing a wise thing, ' Try some right now. Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J, Wilson estate, A Share iii a Colorado Gold Mine Fine black Kersey double cape— star collar, velvet inlaid, nine rows of stitching;'extra lull sweep, $5.5Q a real gem, cheap at »8.uu. T ^ Sale price.. Black Beaver Cape— collar,....» Sale price Very finest black jackets „ .±* ^ *^ '/"\/"% sold by us this season, nne UI1 I I I 111 all silk lined and large ^^j^^^^^i buttons. Saleprlce. ' Plush sacques just rec'd— sizes 30, 38, 42 and 44, 0> 1 Q KQ worth $25 to »18-choice 2iS^iii of the lot for <• Children's lonff coats ati 75e to $5- •vvorth^l.BOto? 81 '' I-arm Loans at 0 por COiit. ;: „„,,„ »a w, Ie , W8 « r ^Mr^SKptiotria^ Sffste BBSi ™»r'S in whole or in-^ntanv interest date. PA Smith and wife, Scran ton Journal. Pbas K Meyers, Mason City Republican. LH.'Mayne and wife, Emmetsburg Re- 0> Henry, Charles City Herald ' and wife, Decorah Repub- \i iri*K'- 1 - 1 *3 |Ulu Wi f**t"*" ' — IT i-- - ! -£. ^sMo^e fcld-aWin the bureau drawer; while the other is a liv- , | :, bringing cheer and warmth to ^e entir^household ,g cate. Eugene Sohamer and wU^Bagle Grove. une Blankets to close at SQc'a pair and upwards. itnin us _ — encampment ana °P™ n V*™ within its Fittins Memorial Services for One oiWand ^ A^^? igrj the Most Ancient Odd FellQWS | more than. years^^ At that n^ flrgt Erand in the United States. , Old Settlers Join with Algona.Lodge in Paying Tribute to the Memory of a Good Man. • 1 W. H. Annett, Spencer News. F T Piper, Sheldon Mail. B. N. Bailey, Brltt Tribune .T H Wolf, Sanborn Pioneer. WO Payne, Nevada Representative. Bernard Murphy, Vinton Eagle. The opening attraction was the 'Gunsaulus lecture. Part of the visitors were in the real boxes and part of them took "Bailey's box." Both Sointo ol view were equally advantageous for listening to the matchless orator from Chicago. w eUo ws' Friday morning the Odd L'euows hall 3 well filled. Three very able and interesting papers were read by S. M ' ^touffer F. T. Piper, and L. a. • HOUSE to rent near the Milwaukee depot. Inquire of Mrs. Lenette Butler. A Snap for Somebody. House and two lots for sale i? west part of Algona. Good cellar, cistern, well, and a lot of nice shrubbery. A small payment only is required down. Inquire at this office.—23 BUTTER AVERAGED 16 OBHTB. Secretary Angus' Report Sl»o^8 tliat tlie Burt Creamery Has Been »o- ln K Blg Business. Secretary Angus' figures show that butter at the Burt creamery has averaged, a fraction over 15 cents a pound the .past year. The average price paid for milk has been 67 cents a hundred pounds, the cost of making has been H cents a pound of tqttoi. Mr. Angus^shows^the g^^Jg , - days'in the week and fifty-two weeks in the year on The Same Old Stove Good stoves are not you should not heal- 1 ***• f i»ft nf tnda,V No 6ttC£inipnx6Ilu *0 I teach other and loft i er ' le ? BO ?^ n t h e° S ame De A large audience was present at Odd Fellows' hall Sunday afternoon for the memorial services of the late J. K, Fill. C T Chubb acted as noble grand and . read' the ritual service in an impressive manner. Lewis H. Smith paid a feeling tribute to one of Kossuth's pioneers, and S, Reed recalled many incidents of early times in- Irvington.T. H,. Conner spoke briefly, and ...appropriate music was rendered by the choir. . suffering o-with their social meetings ender Ufe more pleasant and = enjoy ab£ the closest attention «, wova. ol encouragement, iR .B1MW9V a tbe Jqrmal , memorial, addres . 1 In it he gives a sketch of Mr. Fill's ' life which will interest all who knew ived 4 267,981-, pounas butter made, l&ll; 1896, pis milk received, 5,609,885; pounds butter made, 253,608. The Burt creamery is all right, us record is a sample of Kossuth's record as a dairy county. _ _ COAL is cheap at Hobart. Thorn & Jones handle all kinds. WE are prepared to meet your wants in groceries and f e ^ OVE & SoN . about the shortcomings of v^I i«fj- nnoutrh in to clearly indicate Oofc 7 1873 almost a quarter of a centuxy aso What change he has seen, how many S^lSffi^'K^ now I think I have the answer, "all is well. You can get a range now ol Burns for less money than used to be paid foi an ordinary cook stove. Go and see them, He has several kinds. WE have spme nice things in crockery left that we will sell you cheap for the next few days v ^ n _ ramm& a has nevr been condensed into the same ±ce than was by these speakers Following the general debate officers were™ ted as follows: President, Ralph Robinson; vice president ^Furman ^Tuttle; secretary and treasurer, A* Atoms. Webste/City was selected as the next meeting place, and Chas TJ Hellen appointed chairman of the S^ogram committee. Al. Adams was Ileoted member of the executive oom- THE newest novelties in ladies' and men™ fine shoes at the .very lowest prices. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co. WE have all kinds of rubber footwear, arctics, wool boot overs, fine and heavv rubbers, alaskas, etc., in au grades. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co. Poland China Boars. C. M. Dp^XSEE, Groceries.for Cash. 3W on we will sell groceries 'for cash. On this plan vou simply pay for what you get and not part of youi: neigh- E? ^ounUs on the Vdit system. We can afford to and will sell you groceries cheaper than ever before. Can you use a gallon of sorghum and a syrup, jug for 30C OrVyou prefer a gal. nice table syrup and the jug for |0c Seven bars of Lenox soap for • ^ oc Seven bars of Favorite soap for '.•';" Try our Cal. canned goods, peaches, apricots, gages, J, C, ANDERSON & CO, ington. _ AMONG THE ADVERTISERS. Jas. Patterson has the best New York apples at $1.75 a barrel. ladies Awarded Highest Honors-WorW's Pair, •PR; court room, where the had spread a banquet for 200 B«--••" The tables were soon filled, the haip irohestra furnishing some entrancing music while the young ladies attendee: to the more material wants. After an hour Toastraaster Landis arose and in a manner which entitled him to rank as a past master in after dinner fes- UvUles, he introduced the speakers of the evening. It is safe to say that no banqueters in Iowa have ever listened to wittier or more enjoyable responses. The program w&s as follows: 9™: a^??* s ••::•:::::::::.'::'. :kf Faitinlon ness over at ttooiM.ii. j nouncement this week, are worth consideration. The statement of tnc Btate banlc shows that tu^ its usual thrifty condition, Mrs. R. B. Warren is home from her Wisconsin visit. Arch Russell of Omaha is visiting at W. H Ingham's. Clark Peck is home from a holiday visit at his old home in Wisconsin. Sullivan & MeMahon were in Fort Dodge, trying a land title case Monday. Senator Funk went from Algona to Des Moines for the legislative session. ^fffiWajl! 1 3?SS B& Daugherty attended, Alex White went to Minneapolis yester- dat to attend the big lumbermen's convention. He will be back Friday, muivokp v*»wv 11^" money in buying chocolates won *e prize at the i, B. S. Doals of Webster City visited at K'.ri. Vesper's last week. Mr. Doak is station agent at the City. Representative Wayne was in townL Monday on his way to Pes Moines. He expects a sixty-day session of the legislature. W, L. Joslyn went to Sycamore, 111.,J.ast wnoir called bv the illness of his mother, who is aloSin years and in 'failinghealth. remaining obildren of J, K. Fill I »«^^—1 Luoksinger at LuVerne was burglar' ized There was a suspicion then that some one at Eagle Grove was running a "fence" for supplies from such, sallies and a watch was kept, ate goods were tracked and last week suit • was brought, and they were recovered. The firm holding them were innocent: purchasers and the loss is quite serious for them, But hereafter they will look out when they are offered. "bargains." • THE dog tax for this year Was due Jan, 1. All owners of dogs please call 1 and eet tags at once. , LAWRENCE HOBAN, Marshal. THE German heaters sold so well they are all gone, and Burns haata their place ranges fov wood or coftl, They are both cheap and good, full stock of them. ea The closing feature was the report of the committee on resolutions, read by J. Fred Meyers; Your committee appointed to voice the BentimentTof this aUoolattpn reportsi the |u»exed resolutions and recommends theli '""$ yppw Des Moines. Editorial assogta %ini«&, ^rt! es to w a «SfeJfeflR?ffel5R e?t ^ 4 *°- m -i Snencer, niiuwoiouMie " i>vt - Fm-iQ Uity.belides from our county towns, The ticket sale opens Monday. The, annual statement of the Algonft Be- up, selling at iMo'Batariay. . STATEMENT OS 1 Kossuth Co, State Bank IOWA, ^>ws and Algonfl, public expressed, Dr. Sayers stopped at Dos Moines on his Irs Nothing was done by the vetevtawiw of importance, although a possible oweKW higcpSSrwSs presented w& ably *I»° U J. W. Wadsworth was n* Des Moln,e8 tw the weetJug of the state agrSwlf - ^^^»«a!2SJ%f . i;QQQS . wA NatU 8iS^^^'»%

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