The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1897 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1897
Page 3
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m& tawHhe -HoIiieS, the WWW lt^*athsWfaer^fa'4^diwigfat »'nigh, conventual-Walla, the ja - * »., Vfes the ddof Bhut ? shut ib- tahi* iyr »« escape, his future ike-shut iffa 'these hands, and none could *Sn Itt, 'He h'eard the snap of the ^Ibck like something bursting in lift, and sat as stunned. „. then he>'woke again, terror jar- <tfcr6ugh Ms, vitals; This was no tnen '<rose' agaiufujuiu waui™. •»;»«•"-•<,) theHite'dil'to | ttki ft.ttegjwftft TmtotftofltfTd MWinHteJWto^Ww •'J/IHSr6 W&SfUUts^ tefctif graCelul ^-*r- * Skating llan«Hn' ihthd .Vritfi/a y6U& K bn Whom ste ,bkl*>w.ed '.bet bHght 'eyes perhaps tdY 'patently; ,-,and J It was strange that with anger John beheld her. He could have'broken forth in ctti'sesj he fcould have stood there, like a mortified tramp, and shaken this flat and Vented,his gall upon her, by the •hour—or so he thought; and the'next moment his heart bled for the girl, "Poor creature, it's little she knowsl" he sighed. "Let her enjoy herself itnrougn inis viwus. A"«O n«™ •»- ue eigunu. .um. **~* —»-» —- aeCSbeidlejhe muBt be up and doing, w uile she can!" But was it possible, iti'uijt think. Once'at the end of .this w hen Flora used to smile at him on the \loUs crUlsel once at the Lodge Braid ponds,'she could have looked so * J _ „ - . . i«.i u -A *..*. <4-( ..."* *_ ^ _*_.•*. t.«fe**J-/t*1 > litta+Cltldat*? ' «r;' ri ttiere should be nothing for if ijto turn t!he cab and trundle back ifn,: Why, then/ go so far? why I|Mother feature of suspicion to a . (nlBome-toasick-heartedtbystander? The thought of one quarry, in his tisftfifed *lhe, ^». »w—»—o—- v -.-: •/ ,. It' came thlbfely,'*»#* ...„ -Stftnuj". and ^'"- "*>^ " bTinkitif, at tile, ._ 7 -^, •were bui-IM,' H6' rfefheffilset'ed tiling like, if in Ae, ft A croWhed and caked upott'thft 1 side 'with snow ( the Winfl- uttst-ing •!» mournful boat, himself looking'on.eVeii as nowj but the cold hkd etrufck' too sharply on Merits, and mintory failed him as to the date and" sequel of the reminiscence. • His next conscious moment was on the Dean Bridge; but whether .-he Wa's John Nicholson of a bank- in a California street, or some former,John, a clerk in his father's office, he had v now clean forgotten.' 'Another blank, and a ,gt Aft , to say> turn, , He had nowhere now to ro; MIB could never—he saw It in J?s>:bf 'blood—he could. never pay Icabhh'e'.waa saddled with that cab ^tirvV Oh, that cab! his soul "tied- and- burned, and his bowels ide'd'-to be rid of It.' He forgot all "***'JIBS/ He "must first quit himself , LUIB ih-smelling vehicle and of the fmW beast that guided it—first do EtVdo that, at-least;'do that at once. .And °just then the cab suddenly I'pped, and there was his persecutor Vping on the front glass. 'John let jftown, and beheld tho port-wine |untenance inflamed with intellectual Humph. | J I.ken!wha ye are!"'cried the husky [ mind ye now. Ye're a Nuch„ ,_ drove ye to Hermiston to a Jiristinas party, and ye came back on lej'bqx, and I let ye! drive." -fftMs 'a 'fact. John knew the man ine$yhad been, even friends. His en- %^'iie'"now remembered/was a fellow ^great good nature—endless good na- It^liwitb. a boy; why not with iy not,'appeal to his better side? He yp'ed at the neAV hope, "^reat- Scott! and so you did;" he id,* as if-in'a'transport of delight, Ivoice' sq'uncjing f'als^i , in ' his own E'^ i<s We'fi,"il! 'that's''s6, I've'some- Ig to say to you. I'll just get out I p?'.' '-Where are we, anyway?" *ie -driver had fluttered his ticket in |yes ,6f the branch-toll keeper, and fere no,w brought to on the high- pwd'most solitary part of the by|<?-' Oh' the left, a row of fieldside ffbeshaded it; on the right it was Ired, by naked fallows,, undulating Fhill'to the Queensferry'road; in KCorstprphine Hill raised its f-bedabled, darkling wpods against Iky.' "John looked all about him, king'the clear'air like, wine; then res returned to the cabman's face 4. 11O LiA*Jl*6"" v w»»\> i v i UltJClll tUl gULLOlli **.»»***.»»«•» — - — * frozen Wits, suggested another;,and he ne waa thrusting his pass-key irto the, plodded , off toward Craig Lelth. A tl0 pi..i 00 k' of his father's house, wind ih'ad "sprung'.up out of the north-f westj-4^ was cruel keen, it dried him like flre; and racked his finger-joints. It brought clouds, too; pale, swift, hurry- Ing clouds; that blotted heaven and shed gloom upon tho earth. He scram- jled up among the hazeled rubbish leaps tliat surrounded the cauldron of !he quarry, and lay flat Upon the stories. The wind searched close along- the earth, the'stones were cutting and 3ul Ulii L1*O Dl\/**V*w iw v~ -~ — u icy, the bare hazels wailed about him; ihd soon the air of the afternoon began to be vocal with those strange anil dismal 'harpings that herald snow. Pain and misery turned in Jo'hn's limbs to a harrowing impatience and blind desire of change; now he would roll in his harsh lair, and Avhen the flints abraded him, Avas almost pleased; now he would crawl to the edge of the huge pit and look dizzily down. He sa\v the spiral of the descending roadway, the steep crags,.the'clinging bushes, the peppering of snow-Avreaths, and far down in the bottom, 'the diminished crane. Here, no doubt, was a. way to end .it. But it'somehow did not take his fancy. And suddenly he was aware that he was hungry; ay, even through the tortures of the cold, even through the frosts of despair; a gross, desperate longing-after'food, no matter what, no' matter -bow,,, began to a\rake and spur him. Supp'ose he pawned his watch? But no, on Christmas day— this was Christmas day—the > pawnshop would be closed. Suppose" ha went to the public house close by at Blackball, and offered the watch, which was Avorth ten pounds, in payment for a meal of bread and cheese?' The .incongruity was remarkable; the good folks would»either put him to the door, or only let him in to send for the police. He 'turned his pockets out • one after another; some San Francisco tram-car checks, one cigar, no lights, the pass-key to his father's house, a pocket-'bandkerchief, with just a touch y must have"-p'as'sed. . crouched on ,the cold stones or wandering in the flelda among the snow, was more than he could tell; but hours had passed. The finger of, the hall clock was close on twelve; a narrow peep of gas in the hall-lamp shed shad- 1 ows; and tlie door v of the back room- bis father's room—was open , and emitted a Warm light. At so late-an, hour,, all this was strange; the llghta should have been out, Jhe doors locked, the good folk safe In bed. He marveled • at the Irregularity, leaning on,the hall- table; and marveled to himself there; and thaAved and grew once more hungry, in the warmer air of the house. The clock uttered its premonitory catch; in five minutes,Christmas day Avould be among the days of the past— Christmas!—what a Christmas! Well, there was no' use Availing; he had come into that; house, he scarce know how; if they were to thrust him forth again, it had best be done and at, once; and he moved to the door of tho back room and entered. 1 Oh, 'Avell, then he was insane, as he had long'believed. * • - > ;TO ua bif'f emettbef ed, i«d r ,thnt eafatalti' &h<i fflahftg'erfit jthe I team'it made the best'.feccM l-khow 1 .there, has'ilways'bfee_ _ deaf of,feeling against'Mm, on, the of 'fidme of the clttclnnatliplayer's, ,,.... a'saint from, heaven w'buld havtf his hands' full with the idiosyncrasies of that cr^wd, Perhaps they would not be so bad' if the Cinciunatl newspapers could be called' off, but as long as softie of the men can go and tattle to reporters and see it get into print, just BO long there will be anything but' a sincere desire to get the pennant. A ball player says things-in the heat Of a championship race that are, absurdly silly, and the reporter Who cannot dis- crlminate.enough to know what is vai- -uable.'fn 'remltrkB-b'fttKat 'ktri'd : fs l aS silly as the ball player v Fair criticism is all right, but attempted management is all wrong, especially when the would-be .manager knows so little kbout ithe game that he cannot, discriminate well enough'to know the I faro'per'play to make at a critical,juncture,; ' ' ' ' 'Jtttt&,>wdii* a; i«*«^«8SOTBr ioW¥ft¥T4»le *MM**; jMjtad *««»^ : 8^^ < ^Sffifcfi^ .ilagieVeentracU, •;;f w;. ne$^^I^Brea'ni MaV cii&oWf IfeAgtf* 'centra^ «WMil^«Ai$i*. Jlfsffi sif r .by Iresidettt^attder-blck, :e6$&Ws<& :IH»,^»^2S similar cla'u- ••' J --- : -»- *—»«««••*• wuch legal .,_ -leagUe contract^ uu« »o •" -• ---, way '«• binding,' the elder body inserted the clause because maw piay« ers objected to being "farmed" out? without notice, and raised' rows whett- ever they were sent' to 'a/mlnor .leagtie to 'h&ve the-finishing-touches, put OH. 'To keep themea>lh lino the elause was inserted. The attention of players is called to it, -and- they, know .when they ^signsothat irtbiey^do hot * H -•» . Jn .«. 'l*, i, i i il^*j _ j.»J «4jtM I AM Qulncj" In It • y I*lllU J -•••* •• « ^ Quincy,has>been formally awarded a franchise in tho Western Base Ball As-; sociation by a Vote of the other seven ^that> thje. ,cori venlent/' 'yawning to receive *them» - iT-*«/ ,.* — 'ern'League was "the National-League B, 'favorite- "farm." Now, ,tne' W,estern •League will'try UB hand; at ,the game. The* 1 Interstate, ^esteru^ Association,, Southern League arid''kindred organi- sations Will profit by the system.;Wl^t iB good lor, the' big bugs,is;certainly good enough for^their next-door ,nelgh r bors. This promises to be a .banner, 'year for, f'farming." WhoVdb'vnet! 'date; of birth'.should _-_-, stamps^ for/, ttarticular|.j> .scopes.can be'made 1 '""* i ' .system' 1 of cateUtati— ,. . - Our private'r'e^dlhgs^b ,'becotBing very jfoptiiaf, ;:.* iBrtvate'reV—^ '-•"•^** 1 in titampBt * u» ..«. »»--*• at, once and* forwarded: 1 cant's• wish of scent; no, money could be raised on none of these. There was nothing for it-but to starve; and after all, what That also was a door of |g 'eat. not ungl'eefully, awaiting I'communication, with the air of oking to be tipped, a* features of that face were hard mattered it? k^lrjnk had'so swollen them, exit. H,U«U*'SO painted them, in tints He crept close among the buslies, the liried from brick red to mulberry, wind playing round him like a lash; nail- gray eyes blinked, the lips his clothes seemed thin as paper, his Cider a« a Medicine. With' the autumn apple season in ', it may be worth while to note'Dr. Mortimor Gfanville's communication to the»London Times, in which he recommends cider as a useful beverage for invalids generally and especially for the gouty. Says he: "No inconsiderable part'of .the service performed by, good cider in the cure of disease and the. preservatio- of health is clue to, the same, elements which combine to form the phlbrld- zin obtainable from the bark of the siem and root of'the apple, the pear, and certain other trees, This phlorid- zin—a glucoside—wap some fifty years ago submitted to criticism as a probable substitute for ojairiine, it was not found to answer the purpose assigned to it, but experiment then and subsequently proved that it possessed two remarkable properties—the one BO acting on the digestive functions that, after two or three weeks' use of this phloridzin, persons who could pot appropriate certain elements of food ne« r pearance in geiieral ( »'Yottf*.ate ' , jjinj Triiflloy's , Manager Traffley, of Quincy, has been for some time figuring on some plan by which the 'diamond can be' kept dry In case of rains at night or in the fore-, noons of days to AVhich games are scheduled. .His plan is,to have to oiled canvas 150 feet square, which will be la"ge enough to cover the diamond, keepmg 'it dry back to tho grand stand, and also outside of the base'lines. The canvas will be high enough in the cen- •ter of the diamond to throw the water, miuuj.j,, BUUU uwi"«« «* .,?•-«>-• r~--;/j 'off into the field, .and will be so- ar- wlll lmve a ; very even«ur'll^'|| ranged that it can be placed in position ' a great( traveler, i You" are ;,not^ronB| 'in five minutes. The expense, will be, lged an ear iy'marrlage,.but;yo^r,;^us|| about $1,50. •' This Amount, Miv'Traf- ba n d w m be a,model,"mani 4 and^ma,r^ fley says, a club would make up on. one i Sunday .'game, if the weather should clear up two or three hours before time to call the game. He says'he'will apply for a-patent on his invention, , penrunce m seiioian" *"«» i""-ir'.-,7,;?, » cheerful, jovldl, ,,youth'fu^aM f'hajjpy^ fond r of the fine'arts,, aS mushv,palnt-,| Ing, drawing, sketching, etcj^.you^takes delight in going to > theaters.; par. tie*'/dances,-and any place, where'a'jgood, jolly,time will bo.had.V Y6u"are/quJW/ yielding iifyour nature 'and'-very much dislike to see.bloodshed.-;Youvlove f fttf see justice 1 rendered to all and'-,would| make-a good teacher -*•-««*««"• +vmri |l(t 11 i ft* M-J V J "** MH*»*WV») V*- M '»- J *"£* *™ I -H*»3 »rf* W V**»^W «.,-_.-—,- „ _, T -T- f —* r i j.*» VJ«K «»^ T -. _ T . . , ., , ! , l Wlth greed; greed was the rul- j 0 in*s burned, his skin curdled on his essary for their »utrltion were ab> to *< -. } ,1 ii „!. iu-,.^ tirno i « •• ti« Vtnf\ n vfjalnn nf n Tilir^-lv- I ilrv ant tVin ntlifti* itl fictlnff 111 BUCQ ft . ^ tyi^y^ j BfW*+ »»»•« ».-•—• - —TT i j vf *»» VK» « ••- —— — r i - - - imai»uuj and though there was bones. 'He had a vision of a high-ly- Igpoa nature, pome genuine kind- i ng cattle-drive in California, ,and the " >>human tough, in the old bed of a dried, stream with one muddy ed was now so set afire,by pool, by, which,'the'.vaqueros had en-. 11 pJhprteUs, of character' 'gamped: sp}en4Jd^un 'over all,,the big ' "" ' a monu- I bonfire - blazing, the' strips of cpw jsymast' '% ?»•* t hero of;glMttPno u s;de§ire,, nio'SiioniM-'Salnwlv,, felj. • He 'Stood there-and He flpundea the well ,.. and it was dry. He treasury'pf wprds, and it A devil of dumbness bad the ,devil of terror browning and'smoking on a skewer of had |,-wood; bow warni'it was, Jipw, savpry th£» steam of scorching 'meat! ' Arid then again 'he remembered his manifpld calamities, and burrowed and wa}- Ipwed in the sense of hie disgrace and shame. And next be was entering Frank's restaurant in Montgomery do so; tho other in acting in' such a fashion on the glycogen accumulated in muscular tissue for.'woi%' but AVhich,, -when over-accumulate^, causes at least pne form of the trouble, called ' MANAGER TRAFFLEY, ! clubs. Formal .notice to this effect was received from President T. J. Hickey the other day, and 'that removes the last element of uncertainty that may have existed regarding the make-up of the association. The circuit is composed of the cities of Peoria, Rockford, Quincy, Burlington, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and St. Joe. Manager Traffley has commenced signing men, and promises that the Quincy club AVlll be one of the best. He has Signed John Frisby, a catcher and fielder, and Thompson, as third baseman, They are youngsters, but he has }md his eye on them for some time, Mr, Traffley left for Des Moines to-night to move his family here, If McGreeyey can get away'from Columbus he, will be with Quincy next season. Ypung Wicb, of Quincy, would like to pitch for 'some team in this league, He der feated Peoria, Quincy and several other strong clubs'while,'a'member of the „ . 3,.,_ i loot {jetuon. Ho, prefers Siicrinco , The Cincinnati Times-Star is,in er ror wlien it says that Manager Selee is alone in his opposition to sacrifice, hitting. Joyce, Anson and other league 'managers are opposed to it, and oven so conspicuous a manager as Hanlon thinks it'should be stopped in deference to the wishes of the majority, of, the patrons, and in the interest 'of- base running, which sacrifice hitting has, very much curtailed. The hit-and-run game io the only scientific point of play worthy of attention and practice, Sac- 'iflce hitting is merely an imitation and libel on that style of play. 1 To all of which we say amen. pne form of the trouble, called 'i'heum,a» RusUyHlo teftm Jasf s,e^s,on, lift preiers tlsm,' as,to convert it ijito sugar and' j Ry ing away from hon>p, He is a thus get rid of it."'' ' - stayer,V ho pitched' 27 Innings in one Tho ordinary oldey does not, hw-', flay lost season. ears;, a^d . suddenly, street, San Franpisco; he bad- ordered ntteped, with np c'on« a pan»rt»w and venison chops, of whi?h in hjs will, John be was immoderately ,foi)d, aj»4 - Tho ordinary,Q<dev does npt, how-', 'ever, possess'the' medicinal 1 properties claimed by Dr, QranYille, t To quote hie own words; i"It is » fundamental condition of success in the manufacture of a cider for, medical purposes 'that only apples Qf a, single sort should be ijsed tn the produ,c,tio» of the roust, upd that the fermenteUo.n' should not be'.arr tumble^ ever the roM- began running Jor failowa, sat Bought Munroe, Is eminently J'rinit|cj«>. Tbe^Grand Rapids c)ub will *ot hav rtgbt fielder MpFariand, of the Louisr vilje c}ub, ftf-tev al), for ' M «°. together with shortstop Eustace, wa,s sold re- riage will be, far more,-tnan',;aifBru.Bn^ fortunate for'yo"'-' Spacers'to^Hm^ itedfor me to giye'you-hls'descriptlonj here. ' ,/ •"•'''"•• ' •'" '"I !",T|'f' 'S.' A. Ci.ClnrlcsvUlr,' Haifa. \; ^^- v According tp v data you are a'mlxttare y j> 'of the signs .Scorpio.which Mara "mi"*** and' Sagittarius which Jupiter Vri t therefore Mars,'and Jupiter"are',,yo»,F|| ruling' planets on ,slgnlficators,<' °«*«««* -*<* is co-6lgnlflcator because on, cendant. Yoa are medium; hei,, , ojp WJ4 ,, above; medium to'dark complexion.h jig ,| and eyes; full' face;', the' hair;;•• very'luxuriant. 'You are very , ener-^ getlc and ambitious; yqu naturally ,tako^ the'lead in anything you become; l$«fy terested4n. You dislike a subordinate-st position of any- kind and.>sbould^ftl ? f£ ways be at the liead of, your 'departjfia *, 11 v« n.iK-tA^f tn /*h rnn IO3R?t^ A Twlcu Tol«l The cat is out of the Ug at last. It had to get out'finally; such things will get into' print. Last week the Associated Press, copying from a local paper, gave the snap awfty^ and told the reason of the dissatisfaction with Mr, ,MoQun- nlgle of Louisville,- The .Colonels, ' has been his own enemy, Thero, mont. You will be.subject ^ r ,~ r » headaches in the early part of life. ^ have a fine intellect-and can^read,, learn almost anything.' You.'ftlso-hM , . * J A 1 __«.«.>* <VA J, Tftl Is no disputing tho right to take a, drink'When he Avants to, and possibly the'story-pf his-Mbita is exaggerated, but it has been comm° n ta'lk fpr a long tiroo'tiiRt hls'babits were not 'to spt a good example.IP fi-club of ball players. ' It is npt said of him that he should secure a>finished •make a salaried position ' 'which' to .secure,/,jft»»,.w YPU will not be very forturia,|ei ,}jj {S> A. Jii • .l't-V* 1/\«ra i *» %* *l ***" thing connected with Jove viagw. •-•;-'',,• |i» • tiwi»fl«yf a' «<»Vnn' have''vour r/»n '** r'iio I IT*'*¥***>'> "T» e ^f""rj 1 ' "*ji«^»f< r ^* f™fi t un- ana » e f&once 'WWV ; Qt 4$^ 'V9ft»P-4W*W«W Sb^ The Sr was UhicK abQH^ Ww, tb»»-«»)»» »* ^ 9»V< Atf° ^»*»Pt JTWP ii..,_l 1 „„* 4-t.ano lllra vn«a f\f TIB.-, . rested, but allowed, to project un,til whple pf, the f eminent, }s" exhausted the fermentable jn'aterlal broken }nt<? s elements," stfll'njte&t cpnaitioa^i Win -w<?fe)?9i,, - 1 i flv I T** yf- •»" r >\~r , I —,y vt • --I-™ .^ , • i r togejthev hy a Jflnd'ol/^U and spQgeW flrfi'p«iaUen,"which, hQw'ever; is o^pbje pf pnly lat?r^l <^r ,8idertQ«Pide jnptlopj.; 4 snaHe wovep by prppejung Wm^M, pn the ppints P? WH;BPRIW, which, ,t^ n. rg ^ e pyrpp^ea of ribR, A by cpillng, Moun^ it; jMi,r- 1 '—"'" . oontly to indian&poite for t ?800, It appears from this that George Kills did not buy MeFarl'anrt and Cassidy after all ftt that .Chicago mee^ng ftnd it lopks very much as 51 George played a "gold bytek" game right along. He made a WHlJ! fit huyjn^.tUem fW-the purnpse pf t jirtbwtept''W» 'chances, pf getting ft Io»P»jrp*r'.fw»PWw ; U' te w UP n to ^\M but what bo aid, wi}i ptey Jn the Newark-club of in the Grand ttaplfla c}ub, e ^rs. bMW «pa Qo»lilvto „ , vlW'tte UHU BVB»B Pf WS SCalPaii' ftljBBAlr^ —,,- oue'ettlMwr 9tUey m tyW'W$v& v SysW'rf WM« t«ffr*^ % ^Bt*i^tjy*^5%:-.- ! ;-u« ( J , \' s ,, W^-r-'-^ \M 'i^f -' \ -,' if^ "" •; '^JftiMffi^fa^iCvd ] '. ^w^^M^smM^' :4^M^^pr" lS - lhe Ereat - pt& «^>i^;«if»w"WW* TfSPJJ^T'f Mif - * r ? * ( /x' s •' * '*{. 'i ^ Mfi,^'.W . i About Mw-'much: wind *fill ' You have a , , opnfidlng nature'a^d | .,, t ... boisterpus jargon your nervo^s^ tern and has a 'tendency v to reduce'^ **Tf^^ __ _-tll ' _wk n Vk4 9 rt»4- A/\T1Cll Vital force, Ypu TJ enthusiasm a up fe£«.»,pT TfT *• ^t- . extent that y^'H v<ji» jv,«»».r™»r*,-^^ '•lury if anyone pby8es"ypu,'x'jou» ., Sve but C annorfor^f>hTO,^u| talent rune Iji »« «^W\»yW?Wi8!fe tja / i-- 1 -''**"*• «»v»oTioiTfti.^vnii^inftVft the, fine** e'gme pb^tftel§^ tn'^^r ?ft*MAi¥ f i^ ,a firm frlenft'on,every 'o^fpipn^i,^ jo&Ww*9^ J ^W^'iM[ 1: &?' .«*_:,» ^rtfeffil^ jn ejfaesj v^f^i^^i mmemm *jVX*S >*y$. v \n?mM*\ i*.''t»'v'fi ..1 Wi»l»h*..'i^ ^ ;*^ -mz»£j$* f * ^*$$S&3 '"«»»»»?** \ *wf M!W"?*"7 k ^fTFWSp'i 1 fw'KJrf;ra*v

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