The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1897
Page 2
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ta$si|il&. MMl !s~ feAgpttSed itos_ " ^ttfli &K£6£l&^S^9ft ^1tfW») Ji£t"4 wnO Ccl US ul(?S anil In* Si shdftty- after taking* due oijthe Fsnl«g/'<- flfe'townef's jury decided a ease «f suicide*, > fJtr AfWlrAtiM 'fmt, M M «* * i,tpt». Bfffe'i'VtfesitMMrtM 4 edrtlflg yttff, will total fcsdllt'des $2,833,829<08, of el ftt behlii& "far state will be ,lf 'tlie appropriation of $101,, ,the institution for feeble children is made, as is coo* |lehi plated, ntid if the special session of Mfte> ftwenty'fiixth general 'assembly ' as it is estimated it will, January l, 1898. will pfob- JUPE,OP A HUSBAND SAVED. tufrierotte < ' M.THtery 'Unraveling nt Jftt«. , postmlstci 1 at Module^ Was ¥&• eently' diseoted lo be shdrt Sn his ac* eoahts $2os, the bondsaie'ii fifced the iftttttey and Carey went OH a ptolt acted dfuuk. !thc officei's got after him and lia Wds brought before iComtaissioner Stcadman to answer to the,, charge df cmbezsslemeht. lie 'e'ntered a plea of gttil.ty, declaring that he used the money to buy medicine for his sick family when he had no money of his dtvn. I J^n, 17.—On the com; 'negro, Chief ',of Police rp[ arrested a'traveling fortune |ljer-bafted James Moody on suspicion Jpmving,intended ( to effect the death ^fJGeorge'Junes, \ colored plasterer of teiiriittgton; in' order, to .benefit' from ^heJS^OOO.'life inmirance which' Jones' ! colored man who makes -j»» • »^-w.. .*. i*u i»wiuic;ii juu/u Wliu iuu>rwa che;aUegation said that he had been jaiked to. take a ha'nd in 'the affair, and rjharges : Mbody with being the prime jj^njstigUtor,. 1'hp informer's story was |jp the .effect that Moody and Mrs. iTonies would profit by the death of the latterV husband, the insurance the Slatter'carried being in'favor of the |ffdrmer'. 'The informer says that the Jpnurd'er ,,was to have'been committed Swithln a;few days. If there was any f'sju'ch' intention it has been effectually Balked by the arrest of Moody, who Asserts his innocence.. r fKILLED HIS FATHER. P^'.i,;.,, ,'-, ! ~ ' 7 gHorrlblo Hunting: Accident Takes Place at *"" "' V ' ",• '\ Cliire. . . wfrV "*>••• PQ D( ^ E ' ^ at V *"•—A .horrible jpffair-is reported from Clare, by which iDanierO'Hearne; Sr., lost his life at sJtheshands'of his youngest spn, -purely Ib'y'accident,'but none the less horrible. pit se'ems that tho son was .preparing '<$$> had prepared to go rabbit hunting. jfHemnished loading his gun and started ^mt"to the fields. As he- passed fetjirough,the door the gun ( caught and iwas'^discharged. ' The-'entire load •*^ i -"^k his father in the breast,* tearing H ay,through his breast and killing «n" almost instantly. Medical aid, |b,eing.,su.mmoned at once, proved The son .and family OFFICER FATALLY STABBED. Knife Wounds Inflicted at ft Hock Rapids Iiituce. ROCK RAPIDS, Jan, 18,—Ex-Sheriff J. D, Wilson wag seriously stabbed by Jesse Whipkey'at a dance in Mr. Wilson's hall. Tho wound is pronounced a dangerous one, being near the heart, Charles Wellington, deputy marshal, in attempting to arrest Whipkey, was seriously cut on the arm. Whipkey escaped and is still at large. He was arrested 'a short time ago for raising a row at' a dance, and was allowed to go on promise of good behavior. ii' V Itobbed His, Employer. LYONS, Jan. 10.—Several months ago the residence of D. J. Batchelder, the wealthy retired lumberman, was entered and several hundred dollars in money, silverware and diamonds were taken. The robbery was committed in daylight and there was no clue. The coachman, Peter Nelson, has just been arrested, charged with the crime, and will be taken before the grand jury, now in session. Mrs. Turnoy Asks 81O.OOO. DES MOINES, Jan. 18.—It is said that Mrs. Turney, mother of Chester Turney. \Vill file a petition with the legislature asking indemnity amounting to $10,000 for the alleged unlawful ,conviction and wrongful imprisonment of her son in Anamosa penitentiary. She is said to be hard at work among the legislators seeking support for the claim. fct&fcTKtid Spiiti ,re~gaMinf ites terns i#te Urinted ta lha dtibim' " sutfre'nlg iif J»a«lfdaily eottdltidfcdi It' iieithg^ ii treaty' Uof a diplomatic •~ • •*--*'*&>' Ills 8 t56hipH<«fc M* .„„ — between the united .States and Spain ttpon the terms that Spain is williag to grant the insurgents. It provides far the" capitiilatibtt ftfad par* 'dott dMiie testirg'ents.vfot ,whdm, ttett* Brtd Gomea is expected to sign the treaty. Some mitldf details ate to be arranged and the-measure will then be laid before congress. The pfbvls« ittfiat draft-of the Hew terms Was embodied in> a lengthy communication addressed to SeHor t)e Lome from Premier CanoVas, and brought from Mad* rid ( by special messengers. It is believed Secretary Olhey has been, taken at his Word in his offer to compel the insurgents to accept autonomy," HAVANA, Jan, is.—The town of Arroyo Naranjo, seven miles from Havana," was captured by insurgents. The garrison and authorities made no resistance. NBW YORK, Jan. 10.—The Press claims to have received news through private channels that General Gomez stormed and captured the important City of Santa Clara on January 9, and is now moving on Havana with 18,000 men. The losses were: Spanish 4 —estimated killed and Wounded, 900; prisoners, 700; cannon captured, 18; battle standards. 4; rifles in Spanish arsenal, 5,000, with plenty of ammunition! Cubans killed and wounded, 1,500, which is 600 more than the Spanish loss. Gomez gave his men only a night's rest. Then leaving a garrison of 1,500 men he pus'h'ed' on to' the westi Those of his men who had no weapons were armed 'from the Spanish arsenal, so that in fighting men ho was nearly as strong as before. No sooner had the news of the fall of Santa Clara reached the planters round about than they began to flock to Gomez's standard. Every mile he went he got new recruits. He now has an army of 18,000 well equipped men and is undoubtedly marching on' Havana, slowly but surely, and his advance guard is laying in waste the country as tjiey proceed. CROWDING OUT THE DEAD. ,. J, laid thn ; ,tn0 quesliott might /be" &fiBWered yfis and Ho, .^ifat ,ifl ttedfy fl'trd dipidffsatie" aeue^taHee It was hot aft aJii.1ttce< but that it is* art alltaticd in support of the tledtflne* which, England ru by the" terms of the Venezuelan .,. "If the arbitration treaty is ratified," Mr. Olney says, ",ifc practically Wakes Great Britain out ally for the maitt^ "tenant and • eftfor'eeteent ef -Ihb Monroe doctrine,'* fhe correspondent of the London Chrdnlcle, commenting 1 upon the above, says! "Mr, Olney recognizes that England is the -more natural ally of America thttn Russia, whose hitherto professed friendship for the United States is merely hatred of England, It is probable that Russia will do her best to persuade the senate not to ratify the treaty." Tho Chronicle, in an editorial, regards the foregoing matter as of the deepesl importance and says that it desires nothing better than that Russia should take the .course indicated. "The scales will then fall from American eyes," it concludes. FIFTEEM ORPHANS BURNED. Horrible Fate of a Number of Children In a Texas Fire. DALLAS, Texas, Jan. 18.—Fifteen little girls and boys are dead asaresult of a fire at the Buckner Orphan Home, and nine others are seriously burned and crushed. Three of the injured, it is thought, cannot recover. The fire completely destroyed the boys' dormitory: At first it was thpught that only five children had .been burned to death. When the ashes had cooled enough to admit of search, scores of sympathizing jj'friends and neighbors began the task of finding the bodies of the five whom it was known had perished. The search had hardly been instituted when the five bodies in the ashes appeared. Tho search was continued until dawn, when fifteen bodies had been found. ACCEPTED BY SHERMAN. Ifif tfie^fltfgfic^/wftS called un- are 5iv» \ —O •*•**** ****** i M-44S4 i UifUl^ V tH C ^roftrated over the terrible accident. ^JAMES WILSON IS IT. ove'd^Jn, AVasliIngton He Will Bo , Jan. 15.—It is gen- as true he,re* that Iowa,, has been de- fo'v sepretary of agriculture. '5AJlisopt igays he recommepded 'wjjen r 'asked to suggest a syn' .'farmer for ' the place. i and Major McKinley se^-ve'd fjss'and the fact that . ,, ('descent is nothing njji t tba Jovyft' roan, v Jjliulloy Gets Ball. HUMBOLDT, Jan. 15.—Scott Lindley, defaulting treasurer of Ilumboldt county, has furnished bonds in the sum of 815.000 and has been released ,from jail. The bpard of supervisors is investigating the shortage, and it has been given out that $00,000 will lie nearer the amount than $30,000. Tried to Commit Suicide. COUNCIL BMJFFS, Jan. 15.—John Huntington, Sr,, tried to kill himself with ammonia at the house of his son' in Oakland, condition.' Ho is in a precarious •lfl.U,Twp' boys a^the k 'track of MadiBQn.j^ 'pes .<?£ town, away, offense by 'jjngpJsonnjpRt 'for 'five will IOWA CONDENSED. O'Brien Bros., owners of a big furniture store In Webster City, have turned their property over to the Hamilton County State Bank. ' The bank holds a mortgage of $8,500, Other secured claims are in the neighborhood of $0,000, while the total liabilities will reach about $15,000. A sad accident occurred one mile north of WoPdward, a few days ago, causing a young man to lose his life, Tlios, Darner, returning home on horseback frpm a" hunting trip accidently shpt bimsel^Jn the leg. •The limb was amputated, but the pbysicians^were unable to save his life,, the patient dying within a* few hours, v , At Iowa City recently in broad da\'.! light two; men robbed J, 'J. Barboka of six jhundred dollar^ worth of diamond- Iflncrc ' WMlA * « * . •. ' Bodies Being Disinterred to Make Koom , for Bloro. LONDON, Jan. 15.—Lord George Hamilton, secretary of state for the Indian department, has just sent to the lord mayor the statement upon which the appeal for subscriptions for the relief of the famine sufferers in India will be based. He says that districts with a population of 37,000,000 will be sufferers from famine until the end of March, and that it may continue in some parts until the end of June. In other districts having 44.000,000 of people the distress may deepen with famine for a'shorter or longer period, while 0,000,000 people in the native states may be victims of famine. It is estimated that the famine Avill cost the Indian treasury at least from £4,000,000 to ' =fiO,000,000. The Daily Mail's Bombay correspondent reports that in all quarters the famine is "daily becoming more severe and widespread. Heartrending scenes are reported from the interior. At Jubbulporo men and women reduced to living bkeletons are lying at tho road sides. There are terrible scenes at the burial grounds of the Mohammedans, which are much overcrowded, and where the bodies of the plague-stricken victims recently interred are dug up to make room for fresh arrivals. M'KINUKY'S NEW CARRIAGES. » nd ^ u .^..l Clint Wto* am^^fi^.^¥^^^r RS vet; W n. a^MW* f t: 4pw'«' fcpfce wSSW''4ws» : :^* fc *° t&w ft i nin**hiif,,«roes iit-KiioA «'n^ •*• * rings, rings. ,Whil9 - one man held the attention wltli » watch- that iring the 'other stealthily' a showcase find ^bsljrft'ctgd ttje 'The merchant detected the , »pd hp'locked'the first wan VTJje confederate ^ caped with V,'Thomas'to custody '" H^npy BlaqJc ' - ' - : for ft ' ".Wi They Will Have Silver WIU Cost 95,000, CANNON, o,, Jan. 10—For weeks the country "have 'beep ' endeavoring 'to' pbtaln an order from Major McKinley for a carriage to be used during his mcumbepcy at the national capital. It remained for a Chicago house to get the order. Major MoKinley decided oa three carriages, » landau, a cab. l riolet and a brougham. The carriages are to be finished inside'jo green morocco, the exterior panels are to be darkgreen'and su-lped with mounting? to be in jr- - - — — -•SIT.J **4V uvityU *J* these carriages is said to be about W,ooo, They are to'bo delivered in Washington and be at the depot f q p r MpKinley and family when' the Ohio Scnatqr Announces His. Intention to Knter tho Cabinet. CANTON, 0.,'Jan. 7.—President-elect McKinley has Chosen United States Senator John Sherman for the office of secretary of state. The venerable but vigorous statesman who was in the cabinet of President Hayes as secretary of the treasury and' has been a distinguished senator since 1801, except for his term in the cabinet, made a special trip from Washington to Canton to formally accept tho tender of the first portfolio. After his conference with Major McKinley, Senator Sherman announced that 'he had accepted the state portfolio. Hanna for Senator. •, CLEVELAND, Jan. 18.—A local paper says: Mark Hanna will announce himself as a candidate for United States senator. He made this admission to ex-Congressman Henry L. Morey, of Hamilton, who came to Cleveland as the accredited representative of Senator Poraker. "I will announce my candidacy," said the national chairman, "and I believe I am capable of winning the fight alone. We believe that we are entitled to the place." Five Boys Burned to Death, DALLAS, Texas, Jan. 16.—A portion of the Buckner's Orphan Home, in the suburbs of Dallas, burned at midnight, live boys perishec and a <number of others were injured. BREVITIES, Attorney General Harmon was questioned q. few days ago as ' to the course the government would pursue in respect to the Pacific railroads, since tho .funding bill has failed. He •Declined to say-more than that some action' would probably be taken within thirty days. He believed the first step to be against the United Pacific, inasmuch as foreclosure prpceedings Against that rpad are now pending in court, p The English foreign office recently received private confirmation of the news from Jtonny, on the Guinea, coast, telling of the massacre of po flsu i Phillips and his companions while on ft peaceful mission to Benin City. The news hqs created a great sensation, as ft vj vx*jc*iA ^uiAA-t , J.JLUI31» j..ici>uun<ir JC/i v* StSfaafd «f St, LioHls wa§ tBade fcetttpSP' «£ chfemanv ' Mtt adv«datel,tlier6 s tifeinent of th"6 fcettsUPy fldt^S aM wanted the national bank law amended s6 as td permit tneM to isstttf ftoleS tip to the paf va ifle of the bonds Mie^ hold, fifc-SiJcifetafy of th0 Treasury tfalfchild addressed the convention, eotntnendiuf .its purpose, committee on credentials repeated 2fo presenV C. 'Sttaf t..p"fitterstofl,«uf : \ PenHsylvftUja, was made permanent chair'teati, j,~n! Walker, chairman of the house com' mittee on finance, responded to a Call He said tho question must be settled at once la order to avoid a cyclone' in 1900,' He said the legal tender, note'o could not be retired, but the current redemption., of any. form of paper money by the treasury must be stopped, Many, propositions for currency reform were submitted "and referred to the committee on resolutions. All plans submitted provide foi; the retirement of the greenbacks; increasing the national bank issue; allowing banks to issue to the par value of the bonds; reducing the tax on national bank circulation from 1 to M of 1 per cent, and lavoring a direct resolution from congress maintaining the gold standard. . INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 14.—The monetary conference, after a debate in which Congressmen Walker and Fowler seemed to be the only advocates of anything else than what was finally declared for, adopted resolutions i» which the members declare for the maintenance of the gold standard, the retirement of all classes of United States notes, and for a banking system "that will furnish credit facilities to eveVy portion of the country and an ela stic circulation." In order' that the conference's suggestions may be carried out, a committee is to be appointed to secure the, appointment at the coming special session of congress of a monetary commission to consider the entire question and to report to congress at the earliest possible moment. If the effort to secure this commission fails the committee is authorized to appoint a commission of Sleven members who will perform the work and report to a session of the conference to bo called for that purpose w«. v * uj a.u&*« *u^ VUtfcU HO 1 bis rendered "fMta this lB"tAS'41fe«tioli fore the'boats that stieceedld' the .belief df ftHl;ftJ$ta ice. fiie _ Je' from thfe »,„ ,„„.„ greatly feared that' the '&&$% Ice as soon 4tf ii'doifiea Itfi •that on the east, shore, Besfdes'l 'the', perilous vul » U uu '„ an probable .death of the men, the" H'reifi ing away of the ice will be atteHfl with heavy loss to thb ftehePmei large number of nets wer,e "set^ section of the Ice whifeh broke i • "~" 7," T 'V I To Reduce Railway ilfttii.. , tV ..,- v Topeka, Kan.; Jan. iS.-^Cliairmat Harris of the senate railroad comWtf* tee Friday introduced a copy ofH'tM Iowa railroad law, with' the addJtlo&'o! . a provision that .the railroad <3omm1S| sloners In fixing the tariffs,.,' their action on the earnings of the yi0 ceding year, shall make rates that^lf permit a railroad to earn no more'tal 6 per cent ot Its assessed vaiuatltmff< taxation, over and above operating penses, not Including dividends' -or Ifi terest on bonds. The Housie ^practllf ly killed-the resolution tq'resutiMit^l prohibitory-', amendment., to ^a ifybtel* the people, by"refiising >i) t6' > refer" ! iiid the committee of *!.-•=.~^i . CARRIED INTO LAKE. Telephone War Begins. » "4; ! s| Lansing,' Mich., Jan. 18.—Bills*pap s ing'the way for protracted conte&wj were Introduced in the legislature Fri-i day. The telephone bill will be 'flerceff ly fought by the Bell interests; .at*fi contemplates making the Bell'cdmpanjL exchange business with the numerous! Independent lines which 'have -sprUnkl up all over the state, and whose,b'usl-f ness Is seriously hampered by theiril&l ability to give satisfactory s'tate-linef , service because of the refusal of'-'ttiei j Bell company tp do business with'thei^f Horrible Fate of Nine Michigan Fisher- ermen Clinging to an Ice Block. i MENOSIINEE, Mich., Jan. 10. Nine men were clinging to a block of ice a few rods square driven out of Green Bay into Lake Michigan by a fierce southerly gale. The wind was blowing thirty miles an hour and carried a zero -temperature and an occasional, snow squall. The men were fishermen, clad only in the none too heavy garb worn while tending their nets, ; and there is little possibility that they will be rescued. i i New Scheme In Kentucky/ 1 Louisville, Ky., Jan. 18.—An ,,,^ T ,, portant senatorial caucus was held here? Friday by leading Republicans, and.tfiefl meeting resulted in an arrangemen"t\byS which St, John Bpyle, the caucus nonop*| inee for senator, and John W. Yeskes;l*i the Republican national committ'eemam! 1 * will pool their issues, and t^t-'Bor' will withdraw as soon as he can gekl forces in shape to turn them' - i -' i '-Yerkes., Boyle will th'en be ;a by i erkcs and tlio Brsidlsy 'crc place in McKJnley's cabinet'. FOR LIFE IN --CHAINS, Ward Fate of a Naturalized American In Cuba. HAVANA, Jan. 15.—Luis Someillan, the naturalized American citizen, has been found guilty of conspiring against the Spanish government. The sentence o± the tribunal before which he was tried is that he be imprisoned for life iu chains. Someillan's lawyer will appeal to the supreme court at Madrid against the decision of the Havana tribunal. Platt Now York's Senator, ALBANY, Jan. 15.—The republican legislative caucus nominated Thomas 0. Platt for senator to succeed D, B, Hill, The vote was 143 for Platt and 7 for Choate, with twp absent, Madejen Withdraws,. . ™ -^ WI f' Ill>1 Jan ' 15 --Martin ..Madden has withdrawn from'the race for senator, throwing his forces Spanish Legation Not „. Washington, Jan. 18,—The . legation has received no concerning the subjects n a London cable, which said.extepde'dfl Cuban reforms were to be announc^M on the coming fete day of the king?S May 17, the king's christening ;"daMl His birthday is Jan. 23. 04 this^c , Minister De Lome will give a , in honor of tho event. Measure aiuy Be Sidetracked, ~ •Washington, Jan. 18.-The supportS ers of the free hpmestead bill fear t the measure has been killed tf fcL.., , this congress is concerned by the ao*f , tion of Speaker Reed in referring itF 5 the house committee on public"*! 1 !-" for consideration'of. the senate fl ments. The house committee etrongjy lufavor pf the pl ^ PATENT UAW PRACTICE. MOJNKS, Jan. 13. — A corres, pondent at Laurens, Iowa, asks, "What , at aches to a n Jt the victims are well, known, stated in the foreign oftoe WMV «, th«t the party was unarmed when it left the consulate at Benin, They were surprised afl( j , roaS8B p vp( j pn t ,' frontier te^pry of Ji^njn City, The pbject of the murdej' js noVyot known 1> -" 1 - City is within the NJ*ey WQ , . - i^ftnd ig si^ty miles up the nlw? r ^ e ^* n: '^ P°PWl»t»0? 18 SQ.OQQ ajja js gpvev«ed by a, fetish priesthoocl wVo^zftS""*!! repent plied to patent is JRR, u Vi» the stpame^ Mpno jfe died. 4^2 -ITTi lJ^W3^,^&MmW $M ^mm&;ms^^m^W^ f S jiown*ohith« m.v,n,io,i;'» f ;s5jS?, :%?,.• *W$ ^'^^^TT^^S But at the Same time he would be name it prosecuted, for ' " ' and tlje gentn-a.1 rules J^fiSL 8 ^ "Pi%- «»t the by a of the tp )V}U pe- p th? jpfrin -^-^TSe, « n tho WSgM itverv iimJ*fTn*L,: if!Ti.!^V& - *A fencd nnmriritSa ' £* n«S> ,. ''.f „, , » -,, r , ~ r n Tlionipeon Raleigh, N:'C;/Jan. U.-*> w „ list senatorial caucus adjourned-a o'clock ^bis morning after" -' ! nominated. Dr, Cyrus B, " The nomination Js clajnjed Butler's friends to unite * ! Populists, part of the bplters '— Republicans against of a Day Philadelphia, Pa> , Opna'hue, who wag marred afternoon ftt I O'clock, SWW, ohiirgea with wife, .She wa« found Wftvks in a|l . u ^#, » ' W >;

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