The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1897
Page 1
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flpfppp^lff •* ' l4 ' :; ^'-"" • ave You Everything You ant? We haven't, We want more of your trade in groceries. We have what you want, and we want you to have it. V M. Z. Grove & Son. The State t^alatttte Got testefflay to finish the Work of Revising the Code, « Cfaatew tf Chewy Sisiets ift ChWftgo ef the Northwest, drug The extra session of the legislature convened yesterday. It IB going to be a lively session. At first It was thought that there would be a squabble over the introduction of new bills, but the sentiment seems to be nearly unanimous against taking up anything but code work. How much fighting there will be over the code remains to be seen. It is certain that the proposals of assessment and taxation changes .-,, UOK AfcNiCA i. Special Sale" Day: «« Mote Keen Than Kind. . Hostess-Well, there ifl one very creditable thing I can say •*"« ^ husband. We have lived togetiuv over 20 years now, and during all that time I have never heard him swear once. What do you think of that? Guest-l think tt the most remarkable case of self control I 'ever heard of. —Boston Courier. ___ More tftm Now. the session will last 100 J^'nuTs'the sentatlve Mayne of Kossuth puts tne limit at 60 days. All depends. 102 E. State St. BED. L CM.BRMTH & CO. a...— .Will Welcome.Him. It appears that a remedy has been found for hog cholera. At the farmers institute at Bock well Frank Baumgartner of Peotone, III,, offered proof that the disease was not infectious or contagious,and WM produced ^ taj iudicious feeding. a.o « "» -. McGregor, . av: ni<l , ofl ^ m . He has •*£$£*& aunty dea* you cog* to see my wheel spint-Detroit Free Press. MASCULINE MEDICINE CHESTS. Every Man Carries His Favorite Always Wltu film. It CARRY A FULL LINE OF W omen would surprised could they know tha modioinal remedy the rank s of their mas- - We have decided to give otif BARGAINS on one or two day ' this comer you may find sow money. Friday and Saturday, Jan. 22 and 23, we will sell 100 pails of Jelly at 25o. ;| THATCH THIS OORKBR. Langdon & Hudson. | TBL/EPHOKB KO. IS- Foundry and Machine Shop. _ - »_ ,-si~ ~* M+oi-si •*•„ !PrOTOS. C Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods, [wall Paper, Window Shades, ^^^^"Uin^ .class .store. Our prices are the lowest. WE WILL UNDERSOLD. G. L. Galbraith & Co. _ • f^ ceh °^Chamber Suits knows Honiiesey is BoUlgerant. One J C. Heunessy of Wesley is a fighter. -HepummeledA. J. Sprague once and wasn't satisfied. So catching him in front of the .postoffice he put best face wash on earth and to part with her secret only on compulsion, but will try anything else suggested by a friend. But men are ?he most obstinate believers in sovereign remedies. Every man carries at leas one remedy in his inside po^andis willing to unload it on anybody who •-- Hsten or dare to test its tatallital. I have known four or five healthy u mm ee Hm SS. Sprague is not as young get a pulling. . _ Onel-armev Made Money ln 180 f' George Maze, living north of Carroll, last week sold 55 head of steers which averaged him in Chicago $65.2$ each, feed, freight and use of Ms tonishingly worded prescriptions from their confidential hiding places and to course most learnedly upon their miracu- that "under 'favorable" circumstances farming in Iowa still pays. The Cherry* In Chicago. Saturday's Chicago Becord; The famous Cherry sisters, fresh from Cincinnati triumphs, will be at the Tivoli next .week in their choice « VCJ ,. v«,~ of this kind there has at some time, more or less remote, an apparent justification of merit claimed from which time and thenceforth forever that particular individual contentedly and even boastanglyb to that medicinal chariot wheel.—. York Herald. ._ {jgefal Gum Chewing. Even so disagreeable a habit as gum chewing may once in a great while serve a useful purpose, as witness an serve a usei v v ^ j£mr _ SSSS^fe£l§ Collection agent, of redemption will expire ana » tn {rom _ __ s£ ^^fisSSr days fromtue DANSON completed service of this notice. Dat6 A D!OLAR&E,HoWe?ofCertificate. TAX SALE NOTICE. TO V. H. StougU, Jennie, Woor and attun- known claimants' YouareJbeieDJ n {oUow . on the 4th Aw °'J^SSS «Uuated In the coinv Ing described real estate, BIWAW h west tyofKoBBUtli and state oripwa^ ±1^1 a T\rv.4 > TflA. . ' « f\f\IH *i>i \3 ' ; l I X^ •*-i9 •'>! was washing his ring inn wa, when the diamond came cm* and stai-ted for the sewer. It could ba aeeuTt the turn in the pipe, but was OU Thecler 0 kof the Auditorium annex, the accident occurred, «. B . TAX SALE NOTICE. •' «. ti '*" T *** n* 4-4-1 a n.l To Herman Scnell, known claimants: 'QTEIDT, ALOONA., IOWA. — PROFESSIONAL. __^^- ~—~~^—~~~^ CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National banlij _ — • E. M. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW.' Boston block. _ ~ & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Oowles' new buudlng._ — ————^—~—~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^ SULLIVAN- & MoMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, — • E. V. SWETTINO, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. J.O. RAYMOND. BUNBSSC.BAYMOOT ' U$ RAYMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. one''witnessing the performance will remember it forever afterward. To Beat Gov. Drake. A sensational story is given out by the Chicago Eecord that a movement is on foot to defeat Gov. Drake's re- Jf ' J.lA.g KJK/v^»rf»~—— ju .. L Bolstered goods. P' . • Complete stock of p.;l)ndertaking Goods, TRADE ftT •With THOEN & JONES, ^ iiR.Tn.DATE MERCHANTS You can buy more for one dollw with W than any other plaoe. l^^TT^jmTCRR T?OR COAL. PBHl ,u«—v predicts that a new man will be chosen trustful' He Didn't Prosecute, A land owner down at Rolfe wanted his tenant pulled for consuming five That ended bis complaint. Will Get Mostly Foam Spirit Labels going to ta* $1,800 a year. The Esthervi publican suggests that the Lakers may expect to pay a e? for foam when they open. i it was brought, tne boy as he never had before. Then putting the soft, plastic quid on the end of £ long lead pencil, he reached to the diamond. His aim was true. The diamond stnok in the gum and brought out safely. Obliged to Give Up HU Elephant "We used to have elephant chops Sot breakfast regularly in Africa,'' said a s^sstr^-s ^s^w^ags S!teSWaBSSv B ^Sr?^S"^?|^ 'venieiit way of cooking $ pose we'll have to give' York Sun. ____ BU JGscww, charged with Studs, Have you FREDERICK M. CURTISS, t ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over Koasutli County State PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, -iSSassa'o's-.'.- . • —^^_—^^^» o««= M «a*'>f.£,3£J?* n moefc TAX SALE NOTICE, PHYSICIAN AND '8VRGEON, Office at residence, McOregor street, ____ IJ " TAX SALE NOTICE,. P. L. SLAGLE, jflanntaotuv 6 ? ft^ft dealer in 111 K Harness, Saddles, WWpv u> *' ; — ——* x tne treasurer of saia couprar *^ tue law f ul 1880 to A,p, °M^ e0 Vte of purcbase tfrerepf ; certificate 01 V"* " Sunday dinners at • I • .1.11 . M. J. KENEFJPK, PHYSICIAN AND SVR&EON. Office and residence over Taylor'a, _ E, S. GLASIER, D. P. S,, ^ SUR&EON DENTIST, Omoe ovev the ^tate Bank., DENTIST, lelartSfl m? iAJ O»e«>. do you feel, BiU?" &>*«* «» WfarsaS&K&S&a V o on town property ThoB. ?. CooUe.--3lt)anl THE S6VIRAI. DpPARTMINTS COUNTER, has been nanjed ft* *• ' * sel1 OR, J081PH HAAS' ana ^nobea swved «t »U hows. r*",, v: ___ ^,,,«ooUh o* youeBtft»»"~M»wt»w >™ I»T™—!-•-• » •-j -"/jf. fWuify, imi o»y.,_,_ T - . QuoWM MS . «"4£.»'W«»?W» m 'I 1 . -T9 A. T r TP*NT t9»rM31?. Until „ ,«V *^I^W»»W»^T-w -P- < Uy.^'HL. ... r ^i" i-n ™~>— ttV^^u^^S w«S«iraf» • *»«*«* . «.»»/»»•

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