The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1897
Page 7
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fat WfflBftS TO COME take Cafe of the! Meeting Is Broifiised, t ddd fellows* and the Opera —Banquet at tidufi House —The Pull Pfografn, Igoua will entertain the editors Brrow and Friday. The present "pect is that she will entertain the _est and most representative body |has yet met in a local association, of exercises, is open to jjUblic throughout, pmorrow evening the visitors will Jregate at Odd Fellows hall, which peett tendered by the society for [meetings, and Will adjourn at 8 to the ope~ra house for. the Isaulus lecture, where they will be Iguests of the lecture course com- ftee. They will take "pot luck" peats, the regular subscribers to [course having reserved their places ~,dvance. , , , .. s riday morning at 9 o'clock they It gather again at Odd Fellows hall, h the following program: he Business Conduct of the Paper— Jl. Stouffer, Sac Sun. Jointers on Advertising-F. T. Piper, jeldon Mail. ,. T . The Store That Don't Advertise—J. A. ,gan, Armstrong Journal, .he Local Page—L. B. Raymond, Hamp- L Recorder. j 10:30 o'clock they will again go to pera house, by courtesy of the opera BUBO company, to hear President ites of Iowa college, who will give much discussed address on the .inspects of democracy. At this meet- Bg the dress circle will be reserved for jbe editors,. The remainder of the louse will be open to all comers and Everybody ought to plan to attend. All who come will be cared for. The program is as follows: Music, Piano. Solo Otto Falkenhainer Address of Welcome. .-E. B. Butler Response..... :..: ...W.H. Gallup irnpnl Rnln ' '. .A. ll. KIBs KlationAddress .Dr. Geo. A. Gates STocalSolo Prof> Forde ; Report of committee on resolutions. I Friday afternoon the meeting will bpen at Odd Fellows hall at 1:30 o'clock yith the following program: I What Shall the Editorial Be?-J. Fred fcommoneBt Editorial plunders—W. O. l^ha't Not to Print in a Country Weekly B Funk he Local Paper in Local Politics—L. H. The Country Town Daily—S. A. .Marine, bounty Correspondence—C. H. KoDDins. JJlection of officers. Fixing place of next eeting. I At 6 o'clock the editors will adjourn j the banquet, which will be spread in »ourt house hall. Covers will be laid Bor 200 guests and the general public is Invited to attend. Music will be iirnished during the serving of the apast, by the Algona Harp orchestra. 'ollowing will come a program of [pasts and responses, to occupy the jvening. I Altogether this makes a program of fniversal interest. Nothing but in- lement weather can interfere with a [elightful meeting of the Upper Des Toines Editorial association. Notes of the Meeting. IAl. Adams says: A fine. program gas been arranged and our editor will Be there to hear it, "bust" or no jpust." iRoekwell City Advocate: With this |rray of ideas arid practical talkers, in Connection with the entertainment out- I'ned, there seems to be no reason why the Algona meeting should not be one pf the very best ever held in the state. if Frank W, Bicknell says in the Sapital: Senator Funk is going to tell Ijie Upper Des Moines Editorial tssooiation next week "What Not to .Print in a Country Weekly." He <will Reed to write' a long paper, if the Vriter's memory is not at fault. I'Lafe Young will not be able to attend as-expected: He writes: "I im going away and. will be gone 10 lays. I cannot be with you at Algona. I am compelled to get away from here for a brief vacation before the legislature convenes. Please explain to 'any enquiring friends why I am not jHth you, I hope you will have a good |ime fit your meeting. ,, J. Fred, Meyers, the veteran Iowa editor, says: We hope to be present at Vlgona at the editorial convention, sifife . expect to meet many valued Sfriends, and the theme assigned to us, I'Wbat the Editorial Should Be," is yprthy of consideration. We believe iat the editorial page—if carefully inducted—will not merely give stand- to the local press, but will do much " in sowing seeds of thought, |1 REMEMBER the Sunday dinners at |$h,e Gilt Eage-Oafe. THE dog tax for this year was due Ijjan, 1, AU pwnera of dogs please call fp,n.§ get tags at once. LAWBENOB HQBAN, Marshal. ,TJJE Milwaukee line will sell special •seekers' excursion tickets on Jan, „ 19, Feb. 8 and W, March 2 and 16, „,_ April 6 and 80, 1897. For tickets * U 'Milwaukee & St. Paul Bail' cWfief of the city paffe. T\s girl.Is aged only 16 yeafs and came here ffotn tfuVerne some time In the fail. She has been »6rking at different maces about town and has been respected and well thought of by those for whotfi she has worked. About 10 days ago she fell a Victim to the persuasive pdwers of Will Rossifl and Irving Johnson, two familiar characters about town. Lafrence's home is in Jlookwell City and he paid his fine of $16. The court allowed the girl to go without a fine and she has been sent to her home in Lu- Verne. On account of her youth she is deserving of sympathy. The two young men responsible for her downfall have made their escape and are wanted by the police. SAD DEATH AT MB MOMS A tofitig Son of 0. 3f, Olivet f ottief iy of fhis County, bles Aftef a at School. Disease is Attributed aS tti6 IrhrttS- —-the Parettts Etfoiierate the Teachet. Public Sale. The undersigned will sell at auction, at the Calkins fartn 24 miles southwest of Butt, commencing at 10 a. m,, on Friday, Jan> 16: Thirteen milch cows, most of theiU to be fresh soon, six heif^ era two years old, with calf, six yearling steers, one yearling heifer, a year* ling bull, two sucking calves, 20 hogs, 19 brood sows', also a Deering binder, mower, ten-foot rake, four-horse disc, j, I, C. riding plow, stubbie plow, disc cultivator, breaking plow, walking cultivator, seeder, two harrows, corn planter with check roWer and 100 rods of wire, two wagons, buggy, bob sleds, two sets harness, corn sheller, grind stone, six milk cans, two wire stretchers, hay knife, crow bar, shovels, seven acres corn fodder, 10 bushels seed corn, etc., etc. Free lunch at noon. Terms: Sums of $6 and under, t cash; over that amount, ten months' time at 8 percent, approved security. Five off for cash. All articles must be settled for before removed. CRAIG C. CALKINS. D. A. Haggard, Auctioneer. E. J. Murtagh, Clerk. Poland China Boars. Eight full-blood Poland China boars for sale. Apply to A. J. McBain, Irvington. . ' THE German heaters sold so well they are all gone, and Burns has in their place ranges for wood or coal. They are both cheap and good. KEENE AT GRAND RAHDS. The Keene-Hanford Company Arc Pralued Everywhere Along Their Route West. The Grand Rapids, Mich., Daily Herald devotes a column to Keene and Hanford in Louis XI. They played in Grand Rapids six weeks ago. The Herald says: In Keene we have an actor whose training and range of versatility is to be envied and ought to be emulated. He grasps with perfect art and the impersonation of reality, the age, the distemper and the superstition of the ambling tyrant. There is sway, influence, intensity and cold, precise exposition in this admirable creation of Mr. Keene's. The personality of the actor is entirely submerged in the part. Mr. Keene rose to the sublime pinnacles of tragedy without rant or force in the fourth act and the picture of groveling, cringing cowardice in the presence of the priest was most impressive. The death was also startlingly realistic. Mr. Hanford, ever an intelligent and vigorous player, was a manly and ideal Nemours and Mr Ahrendt a conscientious Paulo. Miss Hopkins was a graceful and winsome Marie and Miss Drofnah made a capital hit for her naturalness, naivette and sauciness as the peasant Jeanne. The production was superbly staged, correct in the minutest historic details and the company sufficient and capable. Mr. Keene and Mr. Hanford were recalled in an enthusiastic fashion at the end of every act. This afternoon "Richelieu" and tonight "Richard III." Little Harry Oliver, the 11-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Oliver, who are well remembered former residents of Whtttemore, died at school in Des Moines last Thursday morning of heart failure, just after a very slight switching administered by the teacher 1 , Miss Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver, the latter a daughter of Mrs. A, Sawvel of Algona, have lived in Des Moines now some years, but many acquaintances will be interested in the details of this sad happening. The Begtster gives them: It seems that the boy has been sub' ject to fainting spells ever since a bad fall on the ice four years ago. The teacher knew nothing of these spells, which were usually brought on by excitement or anger, and having received instructions from his parents to punish him if necessary to' make him obey, she switched him across the back of the legs with a little stick scarcely as big as a man's little finger and not two feet long. The class in the fifth reader was being heard and Harry was called upon to read. He rose, turned his back to the teacher, and began to read in mumbling tones. She told him to turn around and read properly. After a second or third warning, and repeated refusals to obey she called him to the front and switched him across the legs. She then turned to take him to his seat when he began to sink. She held him dp and dashed water in his face and placed him in his seat. She then turned to get anpther cup of water and he fell over in a swoon, from which he never recovered. • Coroner Ankeny was sent for. He made a thorough investigation of the affair and in talking to a Keglster reporter in the evening said: "Miss Mills is a teacher of extraordinary ability and one who is loved by all of her pupils. In my mind she is not at all to blame for the death of the boy. Hia physical condition was such that any excitement or anger was liable to cause his death at any time. She feels terribly about the matter, but I am sure that when the public understands the case she will be blamed by no one." The body of the unfortunate lad was taken in charge by Wells, the undertaker and prepared for burial. Not a single mark was found on his body and one could not tell by even the closest inspection where the switching had been administered. The funeral will be held from the residence on Capitol avenue this afternoon at 2 o'clock. STATEMENT OF THE TEACHER. DES MOINES, Jan. 7.—To R. V. Ankeny, Coroner Polk County, Iowa: Harry Oliver came into my school room as usual when school was called at 9 o'clock, At about 9:30 the fifth reader class was called and Harry was asked about the third or fourth one in the class. He turned in a disorderly way with his back toward me and began reading in a mumbling voice. I told him to turn around facing me and read louder. He did not improve his manner of standing nor did he raise his voice so that I could hear what he was reading. After the second or third time without receiving ftotv Tie la* hag teett levied fn Algonfc two yearsj hut .the 'faitway coffipafSieS have fieVef- $&l& it atfd fe- fus'e t6 B6#. The question what to d<J ab-otit it this yeafr will come before the city council at its next meeting. A ofie mill tax means about $400 to Algona. The cbuhty board does not expend any money in flxifag toWft streets, ftnd the whole attount goes away from homei This one mill tax is what is permitted to be levied for a public library arid if the tewb should get out of paying it as rdad tax, it could be changed about without adding anything to the taxes paid the past two years. THE~newest novelties in ladies' and men's fine shoes at the very lowest prices. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co. ON account of sickness in my family I desire lo sell my interest in the Algona brick yard, cheap for cash or will exchange for good land. 18m6 JOHN OSTEUM. WE have all kinds of rubber footwear, arctics, wool boot overs, fine and heavy rubbers, alaskas, etc., in all grades. GEO, L. GALBBAITH & Co, WE have some nice things in crockery left that we will sell you cheap for the next few days. M. Z. GBOVE & SON, Gets After Dr, Lacey. Bancroft Register: Dr. Lacey of Lu- Verne again appeared before the county board this week with a bill for treating "paupers" aggregating $220, As evidence that he rates his services a trifle high, two Algona doctors recently attended a young man in the south part of the county who had a broken limb, and rendered a bill of $38, Dr. Lacy was first called in the, case, and after seeing the extent of the injury and temporarily bandaging it, demanded $150, or a guarantee for that amount before he would take the case, As the boy's parents could not possibly raise such a sum the trustees were appealed to and after an unavoidable delay of twenty-four hours assistance was se? cured from Algona. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, Dr, Preston, Jan. 18. _^ obedience, I said: " I will have to punish you if you do not read it .better." He began, as I remember it, with a slight smile on his face, and mumbled in the same tone. I then said: "Well, Harry, I guess you better come up here." He came without resistance. As he was coming to the front I reached for a stick which I had kept behind the picture above the board for some time, and I took hold of his arm and struck him across the back or legs four or five times. I then talked to him, asking if he could do it better now. He answered, "Well. I can't," once or twice, and I turned with him to go toward bis seat, As we came near my desk he began to sink and I held him up and put water on his face and then set him up in his seat. As I turned to get the cup of water he fell from hia seat and I lifted him up and put water on his face and head, I sent immediately for Mr. Turner, the principal, who. came and carried him to the hall and laid him down. Harry's brother, Eoy, was sent for, and he said to lay him down and he would soon be all right. We all worked with him constantly until the doctor said: "He is dead," FLOBENOE A. Miw-s, Teacher. G. A, TURNER (Witness). STATEMENT OF THE PARENTS. GRANT PARK, DBS MOINES, Jan. 1.— To the Coroner of Polk County, Iowa; I am fully satisfied that Harry's death was from heart failure, as he has on several occasions fainted away. The first time was four years ago, when be fell on the ice. He was born in Kossjuth county, Iowa, on Aug. 36, 1885, He has been strong and apparently healthy, but of a nervous and irritable temperment and hard to govern. We do not censure the teacher for punishing him, as I had told her to punish, him in school if it was necessary to make him mind, we can not think any punishment he got from the teacher was the cause of his death. C. N, OUVER, ' M. E. Cash Business After .Tntt. 15. After Jan. 15, 1.80?, we give no premiums or prizes. Our only inducement will be one price to all and that the lowest possible cash price—for cash. Try Us and you will be "surprised at the difference it makes to you whether you pay a part of your neighbor's bill (by the credit system) or only pay for what you get as the lowest living margin. J. C. ANDERSON & Co. You can get a range now of Burns for less money than used to be paid for an ordinary cook stove, Go and see them. He has several kinds. FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. TOR THE FABMER8' INSTITUTE, A Suggestion as to the Value of I'oultry on the Farm.. The State Register says editorially: The Algona UPPEB DBS MOINES has an interesting lot of statistics affecting the poultry business in that city and county. In Algona three establishments have been kept busy handling and preparing for the markets the surplus poultry in and about that community. In one of these houses 80 and more men were employed. This item of employment is in itself a consideration. One of the houses bought 10,000 turkeys, 19,000 chickens, and 2,000 geese. The biggest turkey of the season weighed 33 pounds alive arid 20 pounds dressed. That bird brought considerable over $2. The average price paid for turkeys has been about $1, which is said to "beat hogs." Chickens have brought about 20 cents apiece. THE UPPER DBS MOINES estimates that the turkeys of Kossuth county brought $20,000 into circulation this season. The farmers of that county who have tried the profits of all kinds of farming seem to be unanimous in the belief that the poultry business is the most profitable. Of course, even the poultry business can be overdone. In a general sense, poultry pays best when there is just enough of it to pick up what would otherwise go to waste. These are good times for the people of Iowa to study all sorts and conditions of life. Poultry, the dairy, beet sugar and other lines of farming, or side farming, are to play a more important part than they have in the past. The great west can not go on forever increasing the corn crop and turning it into hogs and cattle. The staples are good, but there must be minor sources of profit devised if prosperity is to be something certain and permanent. SEE Burns for a range, with or without reservoir, burn wood or hard coal, and makes the wife happy a whole lifetime. Farm Loans at 0 per Cent. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at option of the borrower. Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred. The loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BRUNSON. We want ta say a word about All flbur might be good flour— but it isn't, always, •'••'•'••••' ' -& The good floui 4 that's always good—do you • | know where to get that kind? We will| give you the combination : It's the Daisy Mills Flour. Vn£ You know it, Don't put off doing a wise thing. Try ' •*$ some right now, Lenette W. Butler, 1 Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. '/P Read our advertisement last week and no doubt told you that your old stove needed some repairs; that she could not bake without them. You told her you would come in and order them, but when you got to town you ran across an old acquaintance and got to talking and forgot all about the repairs until you got within about half a mile of home, when it suddenly flashed across your mind that you had forgotten those repairs. You remember how you promised her that you would not forget again if she would say nothing. See to it that you do not break your promise the second time, and go immediately before you lay this paper aside, get the NAME, NUMBER, and NAME OF MAKE of your stove; put it down in your memo, book, and the next time you come to town come straight to our store, give us this data and we will do the rest. Repairs for any stove made. O. M. DOXSEE, Hsurd/ware. Clearing Sale PEBBQNAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Graves of Ledyard visited at John G, Smith's last week. Col. Thos. F. Cooke attends the military meeting at Port Dodge this week. J, W. Wadsworth went to Des Moines for the meeting of the state agricultural society. A. E. Daugherty and Mr, Phillips were up from Livermore, Monday. Our lieutenant was looking up his uniform to go to the Fort Dodge meeting with, Mrs, F. D, Calkins went to Blue Earth, Monday, to visit. F. D. has been spending a few days south, and Mrs. Mart Weaver has been an efficient assistant in the office. Fred Ingham has gone to Pipestone and other Minpnesota towns, He and Area Russell of Omaha are about to locate in the law practice and are looking up a likely young town, Representative Mayne is getting ready to go to Des Moines. The session opens next Tuesday, and he is arranging his business to be absent two months. But for this he would have been a speaker at the ban. quet Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Sullivan are back from Iowa City. When they arrived they found his brother very low from the effects of several hemorrhages of the lungs, but he was gaining a little and continued to get better until they left, I, ,uw«. over our large line of gapes tana jackets before you buy. We have is ^-- cs ~" bargains. - 3. L. GALBBAITH fc Co, taw.n.prppei'ty l ' ' Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, A snap for somebody, House and tvyp lots for sale in west part of Algona. Goo^. cellar, cistern, well, and a lot of nice shrubbery, A small payment only is required down, Inquire at this pffloe.-^3 LOST; A spall, sleek, black dog, with a white spot on throat, Any in* formation regarding'same will be grate* fully received by 1ST. M, .Mann, Irvjng? ton, Iowa. GO TO the "Gilt Edge Cafe" for youv bonie-made cream o&ndy of all flavors, and for a- good oup of opffee and a nice, clean Iwoh, Oysters sewed in any Those who have used Dr, King's New Discovery know its value, and those who have not nave now the opportunity to try it free, CallontUe advertised druggist and get a trial bottle, free. Send your name and address to H..E, Bucklen & Co,, Chicago, and get a sample box of Dr. Ring's New Life Pills, free, as well as a copy of Guide to Health, and Household Instructor, free, All of which is guaranteed to.doyougQod and cost you nothing, Sold »t k- A- Sheet? 1 drugstore. t * I will offer all my clothing and furnishings at One-Half Price * for the next ten days, We have some rare bargains. Do not complain of 8 cent corn when you can buy a good Men's Suit for $2.50. Come quick. These snaps will not last long, JOE STEIL Jr., Qpp, Courier olfice, Algona, are prepared $o meet your The best salve iu the world for bruises, outs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, cUUbl&ins, poms and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles , or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect Satisfaction or money refunded. price !$Q a bp*. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. COAL HA§ TAKEN A BIG TUMBUi. Now $8 a good tlnie to buy, while i$ is cheap. It may be higher, »m\i w<tw**¥**^^*m w»\%* J)B, fc A. SHBETZ, Prki,,aad Medicine!, , ;"- . Y^p ff «j^ ^, ^*?< t t ,s , ' ~ f l ,i', tf. P. HAGGARD. G. F. PJBBK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & i Abstracts, Real Estate,-^ Collections, stftftsaaHH wrr 4 ®*.,* 1 ' .rerrsg.i 4 *'?* *** •*? ^j^pityJ^'ft AJmwwiu

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