The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1897
Page 5
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w. " -ft ''* ~* ~, .'?.$ r^...iJL- J ^A^a^-^^L^^uilaiI«ah>utojJ^riJi SS^^^ COMMB. have no objection 1 to my taking K front of Donaldson's Hospital, John counted good fortune it to perceive a cab a great way off, and by much shouting and waving of his arm to catch the notice ot the driver. He counted it good fortune, for the Is .long to him till he should forlver with the Lodge-, and ir he must go to find a cab, t the chance that the Inevit- And then he remembered the porter, who stood suggestively attentive, words of gratitude hanging on his "&*« .Tohn hunted right and left; he found a coin—prayed God that it was a sovereign—drew it out, beheld a liali- penny, ami ottered it to the porter. The man'e jaw dropped. "It's only a half-penny!" he said, startled 6ut of railway decency. ' "t know that,*' said John plteously. And here the porter recovered the dignity of a man. "Thank you, sir," said he, and would have returned the base gratuity. But John, too. would none of it; and as they struggled, who must join in. but the mysel 1 ?" «Yeft-no-do what you like," fetuffi- cd John; and then, as life watched hi* tormentor mount the stairs and enter the whisky shop, there floated into his mind ft sense as of something long ago familiar. At that he started fully awake, and stared at the" shop-front. Yes, he knew them, but when? and 'how? Long since, he thought; and then, casting his eye through the front glass, which had been recently occluded by the figure of the jarvey, he beheld the tree-tops of the rookery in Randolph Crescent. He was ciose to home—homCj where he had thought, at that hour, to be sitting in the well-remembered drawing-room iu friendly converse; and, instead!— It was his first impulse to drop into the bottom of the cab) Ills next, to cover his face With' his hands. So he sat, while the cabman toasted tho publican, and the publican toasted the cab- wit Asm life fuued -— A now— A WAI- Ifiotsurfi nncl .ffctlftttt »* h«*df _W * 'should return to I of angry neighbors. Yet when licledrew up he was sensibly led to recognise the port-wine " of the night before. 'Here, d not but reflect, "here is an- M n* in the Judicial Error, rdrlver, on the other hand was to drop again upon so liberal a ..d as he was a man-the reader already have percelved-of easy, o say familiar, manners, he id. at once into a vein pf friendly lommehting on the weather on which struck him 'you fwgefc it lfi ,,, I tell you I have no change," cried said the .driver, "and what John. "Well," then? I would rather give a man a shillln' on a day like this than put him off with a derision like a bawbee. I'm surprised at the like of you, Mr. Baig- rey!" name is not Baigrey!" broke out , man, and both reviewed the affairs of the nation; so he still sat, when his master condescended to return, and drive off at last down hill, along the curve of Lynedoch Place; but even ao sitting, as he passed the end of ma father's street, he took one glance from between shielding fingers, and beheld a doctor's carriage at the door. "Well, lust so," thought he; "I'll have killed my father! And this is Christmas-day!" If Mr. Nicholson died, it was down jyiy itu-iiit; -"3 *«.«». •*-»*»•»»%••' • • **. *!*.-• -.-- Tohu in mere childish temper and dis- th j s sam e road he must journey to tress. Ye told me It was yoursel'," said .the season cabman. crea Huunuii, ,.«.—. — . a in the light of a day of liberal Sties, on the chance which had re- 1 him to a pleasing customer, and * fact that John had been (as he Ceased to call it visibly "on tie In" the night before. ft ye look dreldful bad to-day, ..must say that," he continued. Ire's nothing like a dram for y,e^•11 take my advice of It; and bein fs Christmas, I'm no saying, he , with a fatherly smile, "but what iroid Join ye mysel'." "hn had listened with a sick heart. P give you a dram when we've got igh " said he, affecting a sprlghtll- Iwhich eat on him moat unhand';y, "and not a drop till then. Busl- krst, and pleasure afterward." this promise the jarvey was ,.d upon to clamber to his place live with hideous deliberation, door of the Lodge. There was is as yet of any public emotion; men stood not far off in talk, 'I know I did; and what the devil right had you to ask?" cried the unhappy one. "Oh, very well," said the driver. 'I know my place, it you know yours—if you know yours!" he repeated, as one w . n , who should Imply grave doubt; and t 0 ? muttered inarticulate thxmders, in which the grand old name of gentleman was taken seemingly in vain. Oh, to have been able to discharge this monster, whom John now perceived with, tardy clear-sightedness, to have begun betimes the festivities of Christmas.! But far from any such ray of consolation visiting the lost, he stood bare of help and helpers, his portmanteau sequestered in one place, his money deserted in another and guarded by a corpse; himself, so sedulous of privacy, the cynosure ot all men's eyes about the station; and, as If these were not enough mischances, he was now fallen in ill-blood with the beast to whom his poverty had linked grave; and down this road, on the aarae errand, his wife had preceded him years before; and many other leading citizens, with the proper trappings am) attendance of the end. And, now, in that frosty, Ill-smelling, straw-carpeted, and ragged-cushioned cab, with his breath congealing on the glasses, where else wae John himself advancing 1TH1N the quiet park they sat— The light was growing dlmj HL He idly'dallied with **^ his hat, She fondly gassed at him. so you failed in love," she sighed', "Your manner tells me so." "Alas, I did," the youth replied, " 'Twas many years ago. "1 loved a maid of virtues rare . 4 And features fair to see; 1 loved her tenderly, I swear, And she was fond of me. "Our perfect courtship rippled past Like melody, but oh! That dream of Heaven could not last- It never does, you know." "But why." she softly asked of him "Why were you never wed?" He turned away—his eyes grew dim: "We were," he sadly said. "tniklng fttfbnt qfl^t n Wort<*» "itw saw tvftS on view fof ft few Milmil . An itrfist rrtciut of i« Dinting h Itt {Ion. Mil nwMrtWl' rtn trWth to dttipo the ihe fliottirt*. 1 know o S.ChlkSn-ot, to lie thofc womnttkhi-lft «ttf r i, < Iron-owed It untl hntl it iho ,, Ite £ lii to uis no TUB W m>t uve over the two or v\.ulu« bctwcoit the the owner's homo. tnotntted u mtoi , ' utlo a hd HE in- ii JSll S frtoiid i)cgnt» the strange jour- "^rho entrance of this tlon \\\ion uninitiated pedestrians u shock. Young men find plXUi dies plleant fbf ft Reading la coiUtaiia fiiUst fUH tiahife and ad* di-ess. "The will be by unless some means ot identlfU, catloh is adoBted by applicant, It you do not know the ekftpt'date of hour of birth send ™& t*°-«^ stamps for special Ittsttucstlons. ss-.sswr^K" 1 —; fe sr^^«r«*?s old gentlemen ttlbuod their eyes.and «i«piii«i1 themselves W nsc( i uni , u ..,.. pinched themselves A War Cloiul In the Huiokn. "The Canadian authorities arrested three Americans last week for fishing in Canadian waters. But we are even with them now," "How?" "Why, a party of Canadians went bunting the other day up in their old dominion, crossed the line Into this ^&&s^8& &^*^&^ whichhe so thoughtlessly. caUBed."- Com'ior. Mliioltlitory ft'. 1 ' 1 M " n> ., nn 1840 machinery has on . nn ,ous mile Hupplanted numunl 1 The knottcr of • the;_ J^WudxT ielr presence, seen from afar, eet I pulses buzzing. He might have E: himself his. fright, for the pair lost In some dispute of a theplogi- Kmplexlon, and with lengthened I lip and enumerating: -fingers, >d the matter of their difference, ,aid no heed to John. Itlie cabman proved a thorn in him! In ill-blood, as he reflected dismally, with the witness who perhaps might hang or save him! There was no time to be lost; he durst not linger any longer in that public spot; and Whether -he had recourse to dignity or to conciliation, the remedy must be applied at once. Some happily surviving element of manhood moved him to the former. The thought stirred his imagination, l untry by a mistake, and were which began to manufacture many pl . omptly arrested by the Chicago ppllce thousand pictures, bright and fleeting, J {m . flrlng guns wlthln the city "- 1 *- llke the shapes In a.kaleidoscope; and now he saw himself, ruddy- and com- fortered, sliding in the gutter; and, again, a little, woe-bcgone, bored urchin tricked forth in crape and weepers, descending this? same hill .at the foot's-pace of mourning coaches, his mother's body just preceding him; and yet again, his fancy, running far in front, showed him his destination— now standing solitary In the low sunshine, with the sparrows hopping on the threshold arid the dead man within staring at the roof—and .now,.with a sudden change, thronged about with white-faced, hand-uplifting neighbors, and doctor bursting through their midst and fixing his stethoscope as he •went, the policeman shaking, a sagacious head beside the body. It was to this he feared that he was driving; in the midst of. this he saw himself arrive to the sSH^i'SS Hwn^ssss-v s,,;r,.ip ! t i a»»;»°< r;,'£ tc ?™ u Btriu of paper, the pin-holes, IILC uteei 1 ot compressed air which actu- k-to the machine. Initiation, :h. Nothing'would keep him on ., Let ' ua have no more of this," said Ifch; he must clamber down, com- ^ hlg f(jot ouce m ore upon the s Inpon the pebble in the _door j (1 ^ ^^ io where we came from." | he regarded as an ingenious Isafe device), help John with the inteau, and enliven matters with |f speech, and especially of ques- yhich I thus condense: I no be here himser, will he? Jell,' he's an eccentric man—a IBlty—if ye ken the expression. •rouble with his tenants, they I've driven the family for I1 drove a cab at his father's | What'll your name be?—I ien your face. Baigrey, ye say? fere Balgreys about Gilmerton; fone of that lot? Then thls'll fend's portmantle, like? Why? Uhe name upon It's Nucholson! 'e're In a hurry, that's another •averley Brig'? Are ye for | station his spirits rose again; ' stage of his escape was fortun- ded—he began to spy blue 4e called a railway porter, and fnv carry the portmanteau to .the lorn; not that he had any notion r flight, instant flight, was hie io matter whithor; but he had ed to dismiss the cabman ere ,d' or even chose, his destina- 8 possibly balking the Judicial af another link. This was his f aim and now with one foot on adway, and one still on the lop, he made haste "to put the & practice, and plunged his hand trousers pocket, .j was nothing there! yes; this time he was to blame, W have remembered, and when irted his bloodstained panta- e,should not have deserted Jth them Ws purse. Make the \his error, and then compare H He had avoided the name o£ any destination, for there was now quite a little band of railway folk about the cab, and he still kept an eye upon the court of justice, and labored to avoid concentric evidence. B.ift here again the fatal jarvey otitmanoeuvered him. "Back to the Lodge?" cried he, in shrill tones of protest. "Drive on at once!" roared John, and slammed the door behind him, so that the crazy chariot rocked and jingled. Forth trundled the cab into the Christmas streets, the fare within plungpd in the blackness of a despair that neighbored on unconsciousness, the driver on the box digesting his rebuke and his customer's duplicity. I tions, and felt the hand of the constable upon his shoulder. Heavens! how he wished he had played the manlier part; how he despised himself that he had fled that fatal neighborhood when all was quiet, and should now be tamely traveling back when it was thronging with avengers! (TO BE COXTINOEU.) Every request for a horoscope wm be answered in Its turn. B« V ®W. hundred have already been filed. FCT eons wishing private readingsJ»y man,, at once, must inclose TWE cent stamps. Address all Prof. 0. W. Cunningham, Dept. South Clinton street. Chicago, 111 ^ week's horoscopes am as follows: X. V. /., Crete, Sob. You are a mixture of the signs Aries, which Mars rules, and Taurus, which. Venus rules, nnd therefore Mara anu Venus are your ruling planets. You are medium height or above; medium to light complexion; the eyes have a peculiar sparkle and sharp sight ana are of a medium to light color. You are very active and energetic and quite ambitious to push business; yet, if this time la correct, you have no constuu- tlon that will allow you to carry, out , -|| your ambitions, and your worst all- ^j ments will be In some way connected,* ,,^ with your head. You have a feat love .<« for the. beautiful in art and nature. , ^|| you are possessed with a great ability,, -•-» to talk, write and work flne embrold- ery and paint; you have natural ablK replaces the I u y in some ot the flne arts. However, " only those that know you well will fully appreciate you, and tho first ha f ol life will he uphill work, the last halt will be some better. Marriage Is unfortunate for you. which however, tne miasv-ui. LUIS "o ""••• »•.—~— — ,i,.,iv "Via mum- bird himself stammer faint explana- Mary _ Just imported>- TJ »mj; pretty near, he's just sharpenin' his n else Is committed : to txetuiited at a speed nnd w7th"a"fo«o denied' to nerve or -Self Culture. •tathe."— Truth. Sir. Asbury TRAINED ALLIGATOR, would not be thought to put the pair in competition; John's case was out of all parallel. But the cabman, too, is worth the sympathy of the judicious; for he was a fellow of genuine kindliness and a high sense of personal dignity incensed' by drink, and his advances had been cruelly and publicly rebuffed. As he drove, therefore, he counted his wrongs, and .thirsted for sympathy and drink. Now, It chanced he had a friend, a publican, in Queensferry street, from whom, in view of the sacredness of the occasion, he thought be might extract a dram. Queensferry street lies something oft the direct road Col. Ben Carson'Talks About nil Traln- ItiB at Vet AUl c »torj, "Do you know," said Col. Ben Carson, leaning back in his chair and talking to a New Orleans Times-Democrat man, "that alligators are the most affectionate creatures on earth ? It's, a fact. And the, sense they have! They're wonders. They've got more sense than a dog. How do I know? Haven't I educated, 'em? Ain't there an alligator 110 years old in Des Allemand bayou that would work his tail to the bone for me if I asked 'him to? Say—you make me tired. "What are you laughing af? You get a gallon of molasses and a long-necked bptlle and I', you how to tame alligators. It's the easiest thing on earth. They're so affectionate. "On June 23, 1885, I went to" Des Alleinand Bayou fishing, A negro named Baptiste Fortier had just caught an alligator 100 years old. I could tell by the rings around him. You can't train t a young alligator. That's funny, ain't it? I asked Bap- "Saw you coming out of the barber's this morning," said the sociable boarder. "I went In on business connected with purely personal ends," replied Asbury Peppers, with much dignity. "Oh, beg pardon,.! - " "That is to say, I got my hair cut and my shoes shined."— Cincinnati Enquirer. "Klux," Suiltliliorit. 111. Data proclaim you a mixture of the signs. Libra, which Venus rules and ft'l-o the mnemne. !»».»>.>—"> --»••-•- Scopio, which Mars rules, and, there- He es "is ttmil form In electrical dc- p y and Mara are your ruling - «! A clerk iu New York perforates "^ you ftrc medlum he ight; well-; .(•oHsive messages on a iwpf-i,,.,"^ get flgure . me dlum complexion; hazel eyes; hair was flaxen when young, but has been getting some darker as you liave grown older. It you had been born a. few minutes earlier there would ^•indications of a dimple in your chin. You are.endo'vml with the' Indications ot both the -gentle, confiding, modest Vemja; also the bold, aggressive, refractory, warlike Mars, and you will act in accordance with whichever one of these happens to be called forth. You are fond of anything that relates to chemistry and mystery, also the beautiful in art. such as music, painting, drawing, sketching, etc. You need some special instructions or you will -et rid of all the money you can make and have nothing left to show for IU Marriage fortunate. ' "Sirs, ll«leim," Cairo. According to data, the sign Sagitta- '41 needier ami HI" SUBCUNXOIT . llcv. Dr. Lymnn Abbott was sixTy- rs old lo-duy. He looks entire- m .3$ ono '" ono . '" uiukc ids' distinguished predecessor --i v, s to Murrayfleld, But then there is the hilly cross-road that passes by the valley of the Leith and the De;in Cemetery" and Queensferry street is on the way to that.' What was to hinder the cabman, since his horse wp.s dumb, from choosing the cross-road, and calling on his friend in passing? So, It was decided; and the ohavloleen, already somewhat mollined, turned aalae punishment! Conceive hi« hjs horge to t )ie right l, for I lack words to pip- r c9n«elve him condemned to re- j that house, from the very ft Of whlcti bjs soul revolted, and lore to expose himself to cap- J IJlje very scene of his mlsd^d; ti» WW «»k«l *» the moldy ca ^ "- -ar cabman, John cursed Rp _ Silently, and then it oc- SSfl WTO that he must stop the in; hie portmanteau i that, ftxiat keep close at ' ' tQ reoaU the.porter B, brief as they had lied him }p: theve.was the IX. OHN, eat coUapsed, his chin eunk upon hie cUe«t, his mind In abeyance. • T h. e smell of the oab was still faintly present t« his senses, and a certain leadew cblU about his feet; all ,e J 8 e i»a tlste to aell him to me. 1 paid him $4.95 and Jlm-that's the alligator's name— was mine, I put a clialn around his neck. Then I got me a long^necked bottle filled it with molasses and walked up to him. He opened h>s jaws to nab me, That was my chance. I shoved tho neck of t)ve bottle In his mouth '3" s t -back of bis e,arB,'where an alligafor nun no teeth, 1 VMed the bottle up .TlW tastetl tho molasses ana began wagging his tail. He broke Baptiste's leg, but that was an accident. He was as gentle as a setter dog from the minute be tasted the wqlasHOS. I taught him a lot of pretty tricks-how to catch flies, how to stand on bte tail, hpw to chew tobacco. Finally 1 hajv uessed him up to ft boat, He around at me to see what J wai reached over the side of the boat apd bun a mtle. Thou he under* Oft be went, Wneu I U oil of. "I tell you, nature never gives us more than we can stand. Look at Gild- by. Yesterday he was attended by two doctors and three trained nurses," "And then what happened?" "Death came and put an end to his sufferings."—Brooklyn Life. Ii'orowariuxl, A Western farmer wrote to UJs lawyer as follows: "Will you please tell me where you learne,d to, write? I have a boy I wif5h,to,send to.sqhool, and 1 am afraid I may hit upon the same school that you went to." — Yonkers Statesman. Strnne«- Yeast—"Some of the edible oysters of Port Lincoln, South Australia, are as big as a dinner plate." Crlmsonbeak—"Would't they look strange In a church fair Btew?"-Yon- kers Statesman. „ Plymouth pulpit, Itoocho.-WOK Vim-id in complexion nnd full-bodied. Dr AbbottteWnvordluurily thin ami his fnco is so pule as to give the lin- T vision of nlivslcal weakness. But lu other respects Dr. Abbott at sixty-one, yeark 1 oars a remarkable rese.n- ul'ince to Beceher. In theology 1 nv" d the saine path, nnd is even more ro-'resslve. Ho hieks the m« K nettc Knonco of Beeeher, but has^the same intellectual power. Like or he is un editor as well as preach- ok Like him, helms wrltton' *»°ve • Like him, he t-amu of n notable fainii>. K a. sou of John Abbott, the wol ffi sons^d'W^aughlers. «f tno sons one is a publisher, one a teacher, one a preacher and one is studyina mcdlcliv.—New York Letter. The YulctH. Huipoiw WliHaiu has ••Iwelve vulelH, ,h,.«p wholo duty it is to.Uike cure o I whose Whole duty wliuse vnii»"> i»«v rf •• -- - ...linn his unlt'ornis and cofltnmeH, thoval e of which is estimated at W00,000. /,»« lopdon'correspondent says th« WB 5nlfonr,» of the German nrn.y nnd nivjv including helmets, eaps, shakos, rides, swords and t tibers, are kept in iiiuh. a« y oxt lo ti, cse come tho 'of Hessians and , others'. : other r ft ni Bu^i on, BwodJsh, Knglish and m forms, all ready to uccom- rluB, which Jupiter rules, was rising at •your birth, and, therefore, Jupiter Is your ruling planet or signlflcator. \ou are medium height or above, with a well-set figure. The complexion very clear and healthy; the hair medium to light; eyes light; you are noted tor being of a cheerful, happy disposition, you do not allow anything like the blues to come near you; you are also noted for being fully appreciated by all, ami you can secure and hold a good position at any time you wish; you have had a very eventful life nnd have been a great traveler, and the last half ot life has been the most fortunate; you can always command a good salary t wish and will make and handle of money during your life, vet win »' riet wlth many 108ses ' 7° U Ire a Ki-eat lover of horses. You hava neat ambition for a large business. You have a remarkably strong const!- Austrl- | tutlon. you large sums JloU'll, l>ul>i!<l«»N You have the zodiacal sign Libya rls- n . The young man had been asked t» " lie protested that he eowld not. Then he proceeded to prove it.— PhilacleinWa Ifor'th'American, Itai U" iiiMi" 1 *" 8 " "•'•• _ ,„ x_ I Vnii nave Ulo *iu«»»»-" 1 »»B« «.-.— -T- Sny tho kaiser In his ioarncys or to Yon ™™ VeuU8 is yow TuUQB i^n n«mi QU the occasion ot pnuceiy ing, anu u. m ., 1 i,, m hpieht or , s uuiforms und his private drew- os When ll >e emperor travels his uniforms uud costumes nil two or three par" uses. Ills wajwrty Is very tond par use. if jewelry and iwlo«. UP wears hull ' ' ' wtc-h and Mood, wntc-h and rlsht famtty aod Pbydcal Wnlow^ wwPluwed for ft minjjte on, IS« M & w'K'^^-^T 1 * I f,r7» w -"L™"!!*? , t .™°i,'°,% interval he had SUtf^Wfl tOVtUF^^ &®@ 5&^ ^Ht-jpl !»*» " W *fW^ •«»«« T'tB i « 1( |.l*r V»« WA] ' *it W* »«l>WlW*_tp «Wtt_ t W jgfajwt , t Jlra tor > in Kew arleft»e,." Thomas Jeffevts-'nVat yo' runnfu' Wagliless-~"Case J can't fly, rilggah''.''-!!? to Pftte, 1£ffi^s^\ttAVpze£ SJ dresses, his;yuShtluj« und lawn eomplexion, hair and eyes. U born w>uu mt-?. ;, ,.,., „,.,,.„ h, iirora. f".: m i UU tes earlier you have Uranus a a o foJ ruling planet, and that would .ft denote a little darker simile to the '**. eves You are cheerful, nnd happy moat of the time, yet will be subject to short spells of the blues, and If anyone does you PU injury you are not Tin- I.IHIMI *M.j»im««n. , ut to forget It very soon; y0t you •I'hte is H truo BiiBlMi Khost atoi-y «>J Jlj M ^ ^ ywy jugt tp an uneonventtonal kind. A young lady Y.UI u«6 lv . , ,_n,,» a w >th arrived Into at night on u visit to a Menl, She nwoko In Hie diU'Unvss to iiKl while figure ta the foot of tho bid AVhlle 8l»« watered It the bed So he! xVSro suddenly whisked off and the apirarltion vivnisihed, A tier aw iiixlous, not to wy obllly w«)U, tUe villior went down, with little aywe. tlte to l)rtiU.kl'HSl- Al llUt lilUJu ifiw was introduced to a gentleman, « very old m<md of the family, who hud, alio learned al so been sleeping in tno honw). 'lie complalued of the «Qlil. n l ** w * tit .. ..,.«. ^i^ji** lui LJ*1 U you' the aaaM ftnwt *U h« J hail said it could never a^t l» the parlor—also iu y««u wlU <«e\wo mo," hu suld to the rhoi ess, "but I found It so cold duvlws the nigUt thai, fcwwlHg tho vaom next lo mine WMS ' imoccuplod. i taok the liberty »f going |n JU>4 i«vry- off the VKH! elothpu to Mupiiloiuen It , for you we » lover of justice, S-o a great admiration lor the flna* «. Yon will have very strong u tuitlous at times, yet this will only nV wSodle in its actions. wlM* II move thuu average reultouea theiy ail theenrty as bOly p TJUW bthelr leads the list pf cauatrles, After' lone JwaroW»8 , ''p l«M»rt volw.-lh.eft, off the VKH! own," Tuo rouin, as It but h«

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