The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1897 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1897
Page 8
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tialis i« tite.Iifte . ted the sate, will g& tfll the ^fteaWtfft- offl five tythlflj and d?y> • We salldt afid. both Btfefiltt Btfteilaltt The fcednen ape gotof Of* "Kfetfo* affecting the eods, . 6l visitors from 1 Desv MolHes towns and ate sufe" attd hertdUatteBts. seetas'to be iflft fiardrcw of stiiinps. fi splendid titee just tHiftk of it: a I I bM, It will pay every fafhie^for SO miles " come and get a barrel while they last iCowles Block, James Patterson. - RAILWAY TIME CARDS. j MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TBAINS WJSST. *o. 1 departs at ...4. ,. JtoiB- departs at 4:01pm i V *> IBTelghts that carry passengers— , x " to.Uff departs at...... I2:06am mTl departs at 6:33 pra (fo. 66 departs at 8:20 pm ,--*7 •" WIA1NB EAST. f.No.2 departs at I0:37am No;4 departs at 0.33pm ^Freights thai carry passengers— • Wtoi'78 departs at.... 8:20 p.m 'No.84 departs at.:...'.v.'.' .-... S:05pm • • R. F. HBDRIGK, Agent. CHICAGO * NOBTHWESTEBN. South— North- Freight 7:10 am Mixed 7:10 am Pass 8:04 a in Freight. .'...11:25 a m Mixed l:12pmPass S:40pm Mixed.../....8:00pm Mixed 10:47 p m «w, P. H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. The military ball comes Jan. 29. Herman Schultz and Emma C. Meyer are licensed to wed. . The school board have accepted the * new school building. The Keene-Hanford company comes in four weeks, Feb. 6. .The farmers' institute comes in \three weeks, Jan. 20-21. , "'..Wilbur P. Latdley of the Bancroft Register was a visitor yesterday. The 1 normal school winter term ; opened",Monday. The attendance is • -large. The school board have adopted very stringent regulations as to contagious '•• diseases. The young people had the court room - decorated as never before for the ' .charity ball. *r, Belshazzar, Thursday and Friday evefiings, will be the musical eve'nt of the winter. "* The Koran boys got a telegram yes, terday announcing their father's dan- „ gerous illness. ~i,Wm. K. Fergusion sent a car of cattle ^to' Chicago last week that averaged • 'dyer 1,800 pounds. • ' The school board met last week and K\ elected Miss Grace Gilchrist to the •vacant room in the new school build- ing. She Is Prof. Gilchrtst's daughter and has taught here before, giving splendid satisfaction. The selection adds to the strength of the teaching corps. The public schools opened Monday, But not in the new building. The seats have not arrived. • The Congregatloualists met Monday and rented pews. They alsochose Rev. Sinclair pastor for another year. Fred. Paine and Miss Gertie Isenberger were married in Algona last week Tuesday by 'Squire Clarke. The, Capital and Register both re- E ublish Mr.' Smith's account of shoot- ig the last elk in Kossuth county. The Knights of Pythias were to have a big banquet tonight, but the absence of Dr. Sheetz has necessitated a week's postponement. W. J. Stewart of Bancroft saved the county a sensation by removing himself. It is rumored that two wives figure in the case. The firemen's dance was a big success. , The boys are using their money ,to pay for their new uniforms, which have coat about $120. > The new Brotherhood of American Yeomen includes the women—all the women in fact, for anyone under 60 years is entitled to join. ' One of the Garman boys of Prairie was before 'Squire, Clarke yesterday for malting threats against the physical well being of Mr. Pierce. C. H. Robblns of Spencer, who is to read a paper at the coming editorial meeting, is a brother of Marcus Robbins, Algona's pioneer lawyer. The third meeting of the county, teachers comes at Wesley Saturday of this week. No special program is arranged, but a live meeting is assured. The Gunsaulus lecture comes next week Thursday ."evening. It will be an eyent if for, no other reason than that an, aggregation,of editors will be on exhibition, Geo. E.,Boyle'has bought the Wiok- ler furniture and music store at Whittemore. We shall expect to see his honor over at the county fair talking 1 piano'to the people. The contract for Geo. W. Banna's' . _ bad? Lblf ;-bafi|tiet,,aHd ' 3J Wma speeeh, And evefybddy self! , Charlie propO^ chapi'pton It Guy Tftyloi* don't Overtake hltti. * •** '•» * '• ! ' • Ttfe genel'ttl public will be invited to hear Pros. Gates on Plutocracy at the opera house next week Friday, morning at 11 o'clock. «The' papers , east and west are devoting considerable space to his Ideas and it will 'pay everybody to hear him. The county agricultural society meeting comes next Saturday. Everybody is a member who shows interest enough to attend. This is the time to elect officers, plan for the fair, and talk up arrangements for-the farmers' institute. A. H. Langdon is now located in Milwaukee for the winter. He has been for a year at Manitowoo building 27 miles of railroad with expensive terminals. He had entire charge of the work. He and Mrs. Langdon will visit in Algona a few days longer. J. J. 'Ryan was one of the faithful who gathered at Des Moines last week and assisted in electing M. F. Healey state chairman of the democracy. He says the cause of free coinage p.t 16 to 1 is alive and that Mr. 1 Healey is more radical than the last chairman was. E. G. Bowyer's family is again quarantined on account of diphtheria, the oldest daughter, Edith, being sioliu, She is not having a very serious attack but diphtheria is always dangerous. Little Gwendolin is getting over her attack slowly, but is still far from well. Hugh Maurice Davenport came to Algona as a stranger Saturday, and received so cordial a welcome at the Davenport home that hi.s'father. is still smiling over 1 the arrivals The young man is well and his mother also, and all are the recipients of cordial congratulations. . • Lem Stockwell says they can't make him feel blue over hogs at present prices. Back in 1870 he hauled hogs to Algona and sold them* at $1.60 a hundred. He killed what-he -had left and then sold smoked * hams at ,four cents a pound. -He says the farmers have sepn worse times 'than these here in Kossuth county. The census gives Kossuth county only, 3,860 church members out of a population of over 18.000. This is less than an average of one to' a family. There are 40 church societies and they pay $18,675 in salaries to°the preachers. The seating capacity of the churches is 11.171, which would indicate that we are not in pressing need of new edifices. The churches are valued at $104,'980, parsonages at $20,200, and the Sunday schools have 2,121 members. The showing is not very big, and probably the 1 census figures are not as complete as they should be. In fact we know qf many failures *of the assessors to rep'ort church 'statistics. ' J. M. Cowan was before the school board Monday evening presenting claims to some $600 over the amount awarded him by the architect for Wa§ m Great Remnant Sale For Fifteen Days. On January 1st, 1897, pq sale all Remnants, odd pieces, etc,, in every department in our store, Rem>§|5 Goodg,,Wash Goods, Ginghams, Outing Flannels, Prints, Embroideries, Laces, Shawls, Blankets,, all odd'pieces of Underwear, Wool Rose, and our entire line of ;; ^loafcs, Jackets, and Capes at Cost,; |tfiys' an^ ChfWreo's, Suits, Qjfflrc9fH»,' ghirts, AlodeNj Woddtaeii oafnp that lfifaed here' a shbi-t^ifte ago is with gtfod sued&st?,, At their tfteetibf laet'Wedhesday ^VfehiBf tbei'd wefe IS ne* appHc'atiob&.pi'ese^ted fof ttehih&fshlp, ahd it is 'fexpeoted that the 13bat- catofe' here will Have a meinhership of 160 by the 1st of May, tfhe ladies of the Congregational church will get up the banquet for the editors. It will he in the court house hall Friday evening of next week at 6:30 o'clock and covers will bo laid for all who can be seated. We understand the charge Mil be 60 cents a plate, Some of the brightest men in Iowa will respond to toasts. There will be a special meeting of the W. L. A. S. Friday afternoon, Jan. 8, with the following program: A paper, "From Glasgow to Edin* burgh by Way " of Loch Lomotid," by Mrs. Minnie Drake; %l Thomas Campbell and His Poetry," paper by Mrs. M. A, Vincent; "Short Discussion," Mrs. A, L. S. Garfield. Sutton says there is nothing to that Corwith case, all ho did was to sell a man over there a township right to handle "Farmers Supply company" goods. He says he is head of the Farmers' Supply company. The man went into court to show that there is no such company, but Sutton says he convinced the" judge on that point without a lawyer, and that ended the suit. Weathe'r "Clerk Pettibone's records show that November was colder than any November for three years and that December was warmer than proceeding Decembers. Last November's average temperature was 221 degrees, while in 1895 it was 31i, in 1894, 23, and In 1893 was 32 degress. December on the contrary averaged 29 degrees, as against 22i in 1895, 27 in 1894, and 18 in 1893. The total precipitation was very big in November and December as compared with late' years. It is 4.63 inches as against 1.77 in 1895, 1.14 in 1894, and 2.20 in' 1893. The ground ought to be well filled with water for next sprkig, for most of the snow and rain has soaked in. Algona's list of college students holds its own. At present there are 20 attending distant schools. The Minnesota university leads with seven: Mabel and'Ruby Smith, Alice Wadsworth, Lulu Clarke, Claude Nicoulin, Geo. Horton, and Geo. Patterson; the Iowa state university has Will Hinchon, Will Kain, Claud 'Stull, O. N. Bossingham, Lloyd Sarchett; the Woolstock, III., school has Fred. Clarke and Cyril Hay; Frank Tellier is at, Grinnel; Will Galbraith is in a Denver college; Will' Purvis is studying art in Chicago; Miss Josie Pettibbne Is studying in Brooklyn, N. Y,, Miss Margaret Rutherford is at the agricultural college. . -If there are others their names have 1 escaped at present, Money. , I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of pay- Ing interest. , J. J. RYAN. Office over tl\e postofflce, Algona, Iowa. LOOK over our large line of capes and' jackets before you buy. We have some big bargains. <l GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co, Repairing done neatly and shoes nsadfc to order* HOLIDAY GOODS. POCKET KNIVES, SCISSORS AND SHEARS, CARVING SETS, and SKATES A warranted Pocket Knife for IS CeUfSf! Call and get special low prices for the Holidays. ; K; r ; vi v ' i ^ r*-^ J. W. Robinson. <;! TRADE AT HQBARl With THORN & JONES. Ten'bars of Soap Laclleis' and Children's Shoes Pull line of Groceries ,. • ' 7 'VW •''•'% 25o | Wash boards for >}lOo| , per pair : ,. >60o V, rocertes, Dry Goods, and Hardware. A- fc ;"V',*.;V FINANCIAL. Kossuth County State Bank, $eo,ooo. ' Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold.' Collect; tlons made promptly, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to'or : ( from the old countries sold at lowest rates. , ;• • ( , T; f WM. H. IN«HAM, President; J. B. JONES, Vice President; LEWIS H. SUITE, OasniW.U Directors—Wm. H. Ingham, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Chrischllles, Lewis H. Smith'; 1 'J;4[" W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. First National Bank of Algona. ',(*'„<'are CAPITAL .' $60,000 V AMBROSE A. CALL President I WM. K. FERGUSON f ... D. H. HUTOHINS Vice President) 0. D. SMITH .VAAsst. Directors—D. H. Hutchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, F, H. VespV) Ambrose'A;» Call, K. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. V 1 / ..^ :,'"$£•; Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class seonrltyiv Special attention glyen to collections, ffiiija. TO •o _M Algona State Bank. Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, 0. 0. Ohubb, Vice Prest., Thos. H. Lantry, Oashler, Geo. L. Galbrafth, Fred, M. Miller. Myron Sohenck, Thos. F. Oooke. CASH CAPITAL, 850,000. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VA. {^"Interest paid on time deposits. • ; >u4 ,*VS^ :^1 •-5MJ GKESO.'CL IF-A/STS MONEY to'loan on town property and farms, Thos, P. Cooke.-Sltjanl Poland China Boars. Eight full-blood Poland China boars for sale, Apply to A. J, MoBain, Irvington. _ ' ttBATOBTO WILL 'DEBATE. TUo Public Invited to Come Out and Hear Tyb»t They JIftTe to Say On Some Live Questions. Mr. Editor,: It was 'resolved by Al- gqna grange at the last meeting to dis- .cusq the following resolutions at the next meeting which will be held on Saturday, Jag, 0, at 1 o'clopk p, m,, and to ,iavlte the people generally to pome in and participate }n ,the disowB- As these are q.u'esttoni of geaeral s t it Is hoped tha^ each one will oone^ep thweelyes especially invited to be present and take part, for in some mapper, pnly oa,n, the'wishe,B of the Six per cent Interest on Time Deposit! Money always on hand to loan on first mo . mortgages, and good collaterals, Notes for money left three months or more, second AJLGONA, The Algona Deposit & Loan Assn. ^tu GUARANTEE Oa\l at offlcgB tor pftrtioulaTs. 8 Offices over Algona Slate ] PER OENT:iafc INSURANCE AlPQ I*and, Loan and Collection Puatnegf Office oy§? Algona'State Bank. Phoenix o? Hartfoyd, Hanover of New York, Scientific American Agency far GEO. M. BAILEYS legal Blanks Real Estate Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim

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